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  1. my printer is 8x6(150x200 approx) So i have 2 round shaped objects and when i start the print, it starts printing in the x axis (6in) but i need it to print in like portrait orientation(y axis/8 inch), hopefully i made some sense.
  2. hello gang, my printer head is hitting the plate before starting any job, does anyone know the setting to stop this from happening?
  3. at first i thought it was a design issue, but i have downloaded over 6 projects, they all give me the same issue. i saved one those, attached. MM_Talon_Body_Locking project.3mf
  4. so any stl file i open in Cura gives me the same tower position error, I have a malyan m320 machine. it does not matter how big or small the project is, always the same error, so i have not been able to print anything other than the preloaded design 😞 . Im new to this, im thinking the issue is somewhere in the settings.
  5. hello gang, i am new to 3d printing, just got a machine a week ago, it came with a sample gcode file, that prints without any issues, but i cannot print anything else because everything gives me a slicing error. Has anyone ran into this issue?
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