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  1. Thanks for that man. Just another reason to hate Google Chrome. Wouldn't give me the option to allow the download even though it wants to flag it. I had to turn off safe browsing to do it then go back in and turn it back off. Why cant the idiots just give us an option to allow a certain file if we trust the thing? What sucks is I am a C# developer and have a little bit of experience with Python but since the code was already written didn't want to take the time combining bits of both scripts together. So do the other two scripts need to be used since you said three? Or can I remove the original scripts I was using and only use this one?
  2. So currently I have two post processing scripts on. I have the Display Filename and Layer turned on and Display Time Remaining. I dont care as much about the Filename and mainly just want to see how long it says it has left and what layer its on. Am I able to add to the text box "On " so that it doesnt use the file name and shows "On Layer 1 of...." instead? Then if I reorder the scripts can I get it to show the Time remaining first then show the "On layer...."?
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