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  1. Since the print core is already damaged, I have already removed parts of it without breaking the printcore. I just need that part in the blue circle.
  2. I am aware that the device has a print core recognition system. I was talking about attaching an AA nozzle (just the gold colored piece at the end) to the BB print core.
  3. Thank you for your information. As far as I understand, I can manage with AA nozzle until I get a new BB nozzle. Of course, provided that it is cleaned as long as there is a clog.
  4. What is the differences between AA and BB nozzles. Can I use AA 0.4 mm nozzle with BB 0.4 mm print head?
  5. Thank you for your support. I'll try to fix the head flood, I'll let you know the result. Maybe it will help someone who has this rare problem. 🙂
  6. After starting the printing process, I waited for about 10 minutes. The process had begun with the piece adhered to the glass tray. The glass tray was also fixed with clamps. My guess is that because the print core was dragging the glass tray by pushing it open the glass door and threw it out. Will our reseller charge us a service fee to fix the head flood? I think the total fault is not mine.
  7. I found the device as in the figure below after leaving a printing process for about 9 hours. The glass mat had come out of the device and fell to the floor. The print core had pressed strongly on the heat table and deep scratches were formed. The filament was stuffed into the print core and clogged. Before starting the process, the device was calibrated. Even if it wasn't calibrated, shouldn't the print head be able to recognize the surface and stop? Couldn't the distance sensor have prevented such massive damage? The clogging problem could be solved somehow, but how to repair the damage to the device and the print core?
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