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  1. Thanks for asking. I use Fusion 360 and from the tools menu post the model directly to Cura. Beautiful. Currently I am building models of Victorian machinery so dimensions on the original blueprints are in inches. Fusion handles this well but the dimensionless transfer to Cura means EVERY model needs scaling 2540! The automatic scaling future in Cura is 1000 and useless (to me). We can discuss this but my suggestion will be to add a setting "default scale" with a default value of 1. Those of us facing similar issues can set the default to 2540, or whatever. Thanks. I've tried other slicers and have had nothing but problems on small models (< 5 cm) where voids are introduced at odd places, but not in Cura. John
  2. Try printing with a brim to stop it falling over. Make the brim quite wide. You will also need to activate supports to give something for the overhang to print on. Since the hole does not go all the way through try printing with the rectangular end down. It will be much easier to print with 0.2 or maybe 0.3 nozzle and a small layer height 0.12 perhaps. Whenever I do something this small it takes me 3 or 4 tries to get the dimensions so it fits wherever it goes. If the hole goes over a rod I find the layer overhang binds so its best to clean the hole to size with a reamer or drill - just turn by hand as you're only cleaning off a few thou.
  3. This is way confusing. With scale small ON a 3" cube goes to 3mm and a 1" to 100mm! With scale small OFF 3" goes to 3mm and 1" goes to 1mm. If a change is made forget small and large settings. Just have autoscale with a default value of 1. We can use any units in the CAM and set whatever scale we need for the print. Simple and consistent. Someone may be working with different CAM units on different designs so one might argue that the auto scale value should be associated with the printer so choosing printer sets the scale. Personally I think that's really picky and just getting an autoscale setting would solve lots of immediate issues. Thanks
  4. The original is 3 inches which CURA thinks is 3mm - OK as STL is dimensionless. Settings to scale large or small have no effect when importing to CURA. In CURA I have to scale 2540 before every print. This used to work so either there was a change in 2.10 or I did something really dumb (quite possible!) Rescaling in CAM works but now all the dimensions are "wrong" Thanks
  5. Before version 2.10 a Fusion project in inches would Make/Print and open in Cura with no problems. It now auto scales and is too big to re-scale in Cura so I have to scale in Fusion before printing then rescale back after! Any way to turn this feature of? Don't all jump on me for using obsolete units. I'm making reproductions of 19th century devices from original plans. Thanks
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