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  1. Hi Everyone! I have been using Cura to slice my part designs. Im printing with polycarbonate and hence want to disable cooling fans on my Ender 5 pro.When I unmark the cooling enabled setting in Cura, I still see the fans working on my printer. Does anyone have an idea on how can I disable the cooling fans? Thankyou very much!
  2. I have tried increasing the wall line count and the problem seems to be resolved. However, I don't want to print the walls and was wondering if there's an infill setting in Cura that could help resolve the issue as well.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm using a Creality Ender 5 Pro to print a rectangular part with ABS. The print settings I'm using in Cura are: Layer Height=0.2mm Wall Line count=0 Top/Bottom layers =1 Infill Density=100% Infill pattern =lines Connect Infill Lines= Enabled Print Temperature=220 C Bed Temperature = 105 C Print Speed=30mm/s The part looks pretty good after its printed. However, I'm noticing that the infill is protruding out the sample. Please see the markup in the picture attached. I have noticed if I print with walls, I don't see the problem, though I need to print my samples without walls. I know I can manually change the gcode too to change the extruder movement but I don't know what to change in the code. Can someone please help me out? I don't know which setting in Cura can resolve this issue. Thankyou very much!
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