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  1. In case anyone else starting runs into the same problem. I had an issue with a generic configuration still trying to print and I filled up my print queue by sending a bunch after that. If you have the same issue check in the monitor in cura to see what is happening.
  2. I have just setup my S5 Pro Bundle and gotten my IT department to help me get it into the digital factory. I am using a wired network connection and I can see the printer in Cura. When I try to print I get the message "The print job was successfully sent to the printer" but nothing happens on the printer it still says "ready to print" I am not sure what to do to get off the ground here with my first print. Daniel
  3. I just bought an S5 Pro Bundle and while it hasn't arrived yet I am trying to learn as much of the software as I can. My organization will almost certainly buy the upgraded plan but I was a little confused what this "5 private projects" "20 files per project" meant. We currently have a Markforged Printer and the slicer and management software are all one (called Eiger) which has folders and uploaded parts with seemingly no limit. Does this mean to upload a 21st part I would have to delete a previous one out of the digital library? Can it be exported so I could just re-upload it with all the slicer settings still in place later? I am just confused in general about what it actually entails. Thanks
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