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  1. @GregValiant I have minimum layer time set to 0 as this was an issue not long ago when printing in vase mode. I had to disable print recovery and set minimum layer time to 0 to get vase mode to work correctly. Minimum layer time is still set to 0. I can't think of anything that would affect the entered print speed vs g-code print speed. No matter what speed I set its always exactly reduced by 40% (or 60% of set speed). If I enter 500 mm/s I get 300. If I enter 100 I get 60. If I enter 224 I get 134.4 The only time it deviates from the 60% is if the set speed is really low. Sub 50 mm/s. Is this a bug or is there something else that's reducing the speed? Also. Downloaded "Printer Settings" last night. I will play around with that and report back.
  2. Dialing in speed settings for my printer and noticed that the speed shown in the g code file is only giving me 60% of the requested print speed. So if the speed settings are set to 200 mm/s. I slice and save the file. Open the g code file and the speeds will only be 120mm/s. Anyone have any ideas? Also how do I change the Z axis speed? It's at 3mm/s at the moment.
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