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  1. GregValiant, I did a test print following your instructions and it worked perfectly. You also helped me out with paussing and changing colors a while back. I'm also realizing that G-code isn't that difficult except for remembering what each command does what.
  2. Thanks, a couple of ways to try it. Something new to try to master.
  3. Sorry if this is obvious but I'm still learning about this stuff. I want to print a base with raised lettering and a logo on the top in a different color. I need to print the lettering at a high resolution but printing the base takes forever if I do the whole thing like that. Is it possible to split a model in Cura, save each as a separate STL then print the second one on the first with different settings? I've tried splitting it and It looks like it would work but I don't want to trash my printer to find out that it doesn't. Thanks
  4. 🤣🤣 Well it seems to have printed fine but I wasn't able to hover over it to see if the weird stuff actually printed or not.
  5. Project attached. It's a Thingiverse STL so I don't have the original model. I found a few other anomalies, extra interior walls that aren't attached to each other. I've tried running it through MeshLab following a tutorial and while it found and fixed several problems it still shows up the same in Cura. Strange thing is I tried slicing it with PursaSlicer and none of those show up and there's no message of it not being watertight. Fan_Mount_Bottom_v2.3mf
  6. I've noticed these odd square structures in a few models. They pop up randomly usually in or near corners and are only in one or two layers then disappear. I don't think they affect the printing quality but I'm just curious.
  7. Yeah the firmware upgrade was just a flash in the pan along with all the other cool stuff I "have to have" like motherboard, glass bed, dual Z conversion, all metal hot end .......... Every so often I have to slap myself and get back to reality. I did easily get the pause to work by putting it in with Cura then editing the gcode by substituting in the G4 command for M0. That lets Cura handle all the stuff needed to properly get everything back what it needs to be to resume properly. Then do your manual retract and feed. Works like a charm. Also added a couple of annoying beeps. 😁
  8. I swore I wouldn't do any major mods to this thing until I had it tweaked and learned more about the whole process but now this has me thinking of different firmware. The only mods aside from some printed stuff like filament guides the only thing I've replaced is the bed springs and the plastic extruder. After reading the problems people had I replaced them before I even turned it on for the first time. As far as your rant 🙂 I worked in engineering for several years dealing with both our Chinese plant and vendors. Great, intelligent, polite people and I loved working with them but sometimes they would make changes that had us shaking our heads in wonder.
  9. Thanks GregValiant, I ran the gcode and the printer auto homed twice, paused for 30 sec., beeped annoyingly and said all done. So you were right obviously M0 doesn't work. I'll try your technique on some test prints.
  10. Greetings, I'm pretty new to the 3D printing world and have an Ender 3 Pro. I want to print with another filament at a certain layer. I tried the "filament change" which didn't work but some research showed the firmware doesn't support that command. I've been trying the "pause at layer" command and it works but does some strange, to me anyway, things. It will reach the layer, moves off and parks at the the X and Y coordinates and retracts the filament and pauses but only for about 15 seconds. It then moves back to the print, loads the filament, retracts the filament, reloads the filament and starts printing. This usually leaves a blob on the print. I've attache the portion of the Gcode and the Cura settings. TIA (Edit) One more thing, how can I purge the first filament before resuming the print?
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