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  1. Wow, I didn't run past this information before. It seems, that it is actually the front fan, that is causing the problem. Thats a connection, I'd have never made on my own. Thank you so much. A replacement part is already on the way.
  2. Hello everyone, now I have read multiple forum entries on problems concerning active leveling, though none seem to cover the problem I am experiencing. When running the active leveling sequence, we experience three possible scenarios: a) In the beginning of the process, when both print cores are probing the build plate, one of them stops way before coming into contact with the build plate, we then are prompted with an error, stating that the height difference between the print cores exceeds realistic values. b) The active leveling process is aborted after a probing and an error is given, stating that active leveling couldn't be performed. c) The complete process runs successfully, but when running a print job, the nozzle comes too low, pressing into the build plate. The sensor cables are connected correctly and I have also run a sensor check, which stated, that the sensor is working fine. I would greatly appreciate it, if anybody in the community has experienced something similar and can point me to a solution. Thank you so much in advance, Jan Philipp
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