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  1. So…another problem. Since the upgrade, there’s a fraction of a second pause between each command that it sends to the printer. It’s not hurting print quality, but it literally added 16 hours to a 9 hour estimated print. Everything is still working fine with Simplify3d on the same machine, so it’s not hardware.
  2. I just upgraded to 4.11 and now when I go to print, it literally hangs up for 10+ minutes with "Not responding" and maxes out one CPU. This isn't at slicing. Slicing is complete and I can even preview without a stall. But if I click "print to USB" it just spins for minutes before coming back. No other USB devices or drives are connected. Just the printer itself. 4.10 was working perfectly, but even if I go back, it's now locking up as well. Some shared DLL or driver has been replaced as part of the 4.11 install and it's not playing nicely. Any ideas?
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