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  1. @Torgeir @GregValiant I made a test model that has a few different wall widths to see how it reacts. What it seems like is Cura just doesn't like 2mm walls being hollow which is fine and ill fix it by changing to 3mm walls. Thanks for all the help and your time!
  2. @Torgeir @GregValiant Ill try to simplify whats happening, I'm kind of lost in what I'm doing and this lol. Issue. I want a thin wall that's big enough to need infill instead of being solid, whats happening is its either filling it in entirely with what appears to be Top/Bottom and mixing that with infill, even when infill is set low. Fix, Set "Fill Gaps Between Walls" to Nowhere. Second issue, Nowhere causes Gaps making for ugly prints, and on only some models there will be no roof in certain spots only. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for taking your time to help me!
  3. Sorry about that, also I'm using Cura 4.11 and I've tried going back to 4.10 and its doing it too and I've never seen that until 4.11, and I used the stock Cura settings and its doing it in both versions too.
  4. Hey, thank you so much for your help. However picture 3 and 4 are done with it set to nowhere and then have no roof at all.
  5. @Torgeir Here is the project file for the item from the first and second picture. Shelf Project.3mf
  6. These are my Profile and the STL for the model pictured. Picture 1 and 2 are a different model but with a glitch occurring, model 3 and 4 are another model with different settings and a similar glitch happening by only changing "Fill gaps between walls" to nowhere or anywhere. Picture 2 is only there to show an example of the top of the print and the Top/bottom settings Buck Converter Box.stl Reddley Profile.curaprofile
  7. The third and fourth picture down are using different settings but are still not right (defaulted back to when it was working but no luck)
  8. I've been trying to figure this out. after I updated to Cura 4.11 I set my infill to anything (currently 20%) and I get solid walls and the color code tells me its the top/bottom filling in the whole wall, It's not doing it to actual tops and bottoms just walls. I've tried using stock settings and going back to old versions and it's still doing it, I know its a bug because its mixing the infill and top/bottom in a way where it might hit the nozzle on it. The only thing that fixes it but would lower my overall quality would be to set wall fill gaps to nowhere instead of everywhere, but that would leave gaps.
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