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  1. Thanks, I'll try the prime tower and upping the temperature, then I'll update with the results. It's definitely not a humidity issue, it's being pulled through a Polybox at 10% and the print environment is ~30%.
  2. The first print after performing a cold pull worked alright. It didn't seem to 'cut' the PVA cleanly when switching between print heads, but it was acceptable. The second print, it was doing the same, didn't think much of it, but I woke up to find the PVA support had broken off and there was strands of PVA throughout the rest of the print. What is the issue here, is the print head too hot, faulty print head, or possibly something else?
  3. Thanks, buying cleaning filament and then doing a cold pull seemed to fix the issue.
  4. Situation: I loaded Ultimaker PVA Natural through print core BB.4. It started flowing smoothly, but it never flowed straight from the nozzle, it always had a slight curl to it as soon as it extruded. I was a little concerned, but it was brand new straight from the box provided, so I didn't think too much of it. I started my first print with the PVA and noticed it was barely adhering to the bed (magigoo applied beforehand and a heated glass bed of 60C for the Tough PLA I was using through print core 1). Upon further examination, the PVA coming out of the print core was wrapping around the nozzle. I aborted the print. I had some issues getting the PVA to unload. After finally getting it out, I decided to re-load the PVA and run it through longer, thinking it might clean out the nozzle (if that was the issue). It never flowed straight and kept curling upwards (worse than before). I unloaded the material, it removed easier this time, however, it looked like the image below, long thin section near the tip and an area that seems to have been ground down by the knurled loading wheel. Note: The PVA has been in a dry box for 3 days, and sitting at a 10% humidity and 23 C. It was put in there as soon as I opened the bag it came in. It is also set up to pull from the box as it prints. I was using the pre-loaded settings in Cura for the PVA. Question: What is the issue, tension on the loading wheel, nozzle/print core needs to be cleaned, or something else? What's the best way to fix this?
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