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  1. Yeh the model is not consistent, when placing the "holes" i didnt think it would come down to 0,2mm. Sadly i am fixed on the inside diameter at 18,2mm and even though those holes had 18,4mm(with 0,2mm toleranze with the 0,4mm nozzle) in diameter in the cad when i print them i didnt get close to 18mm and i dont know why, so i had to increase it to 18,6 and a thinner nozzle and now i get a perfect fit for a 18650 liion cell what has 18,1-18,2mm in diameter.
  2. Once with nozzle set to 0.2 where it did slice the walls on the holes and on the other with 0.4 it didnt but still made the line with and printed as it would have an 0.2 nozzle (just saw it says that its a calculated value and you should change it when the nozzle size dosent match) still would be nice if this would work
  3. ok i will later post an update with pictures and the model so you can try to reproduce this
  4. Hello, I was struggeling getting Cura to slice holes with thin walls, when I set the Line Width under the Quality Settings. No matter what how thin i set the Wall Width, it would never create connections when the material width would be below 0,4mm (I installed a 0,2mm nozzle). It finally worked after i set the nozzle width in the printer settings to a lower value, maybe you shouldnt be able to set a lower value as your set nozle size or at least get a warning thrown. Still i think Cura should be able to slice thinner walls when I reduce the wall thickness and not just use the printer settings, for slicing, because it printed 0.2mm lines and sliced it for that but walls below 0,4mm where still ignored. So yeah. I hope you get what i mean.
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