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  1. We have been beginning our work creating American Made components, Its been a journey. We are just getting started. After PLA and ABS printing and looking for ways to get the best surfaces, I thought I would share some of it. https://imgur.com/z6X9wpk Matte Black looks great but the surface will require too much post-processing. Copper wire goes around the bobbin but the top surface obviously looks not great. After changing some settings and working with ABS, its maybe a bit soft or not resonant enough so we tried annealing it. Bad Idea! PLA anneals well but it is
  2. I've been struggling with print quality using a newly installed volcano with a 0.8 mm nozzle. The extrusion stops a couple mm before the end of a layer and leaves gaps in the prints. It's as if coasting were turned on and set too long. I tried turning on coasting and setting a negative value, but Cura won't slice when I do that. How do I get it to extrude right to the end of the line? There is also a small gap that occurs during printing (marked "?") that I'll tackle after I get the bigger problem solved. I had a similar gap at the start of each layer, after a relatively long travel mo
  3. Hallo zusammen, ich hab zur Zeit Probleme mit dem Druck von Teilen auf dem UMS5. Bei dem Material handelt es sich um ABS Black von Ultimaker. Nach den Bottom-Layers kommt es, wie im nachfolgenden Bild zu sehen, zu mehreren fehlerhaften Infill-Schichten. Das Infill besteht aus 100% Fülldichte mit Linien als Muster. Das Phänomen ist im Übergang vom Infill zu den Top-Layer deutlich weniger bis gar nicht ausgeprägt. Bricht man dieses Teil senkrecht der Schichten auf, kann man das Problem genauer erkennen.
  4. Hallo allerseits 😀 Ich habe folgendes Angebot: Große Menge Form Futura Easyfill ABS-Filament 750 Gramm. Verschiedene Farben Alles noch in einer versiegelten Box. Normaler Verkaufspreis 19,95 Euro pro Rolle. Jetzt das ganze Los für 1000 Euro (7,00 € pro Rolle) oder 8.95 € pro Rolle. Ohne Versandkosten. Kostenloser Versand über 75,00 € zzgl. MwSt. Eine Abholung ist ebenfalls möglich. Ich höre gerne von dir! Grüße Patrick Patrick@iopbv.com
  5. Hoi allemaal 😀 Ik heb de volgende aanbieding: Grote partij Form Futura Easyfill ABS filament 750 gram. Diversen kleuren Alles nog in gesealde doos. Nieuwprijs 19,95 euro per rol. Nu de gehele partij voor 1000 euro (€5.00 per rol) of per rol €6.67. Exclusief BTW en verzendkosten. Gratis verzending boven €75.00 ex BTW. Afhalen kan ook. Ik hoor graag van je! Groeten Patrick 06-21871570 patrick@iopbv.com
  6. Hola, soy usuario de una impresora Ultimaker 2 y le cuesta extruir un ABS+ el cual es un abs que necesita un poco más de temperatura para que fluya bien, lo sé porque el mismo filamento se imprime correctamente en una Zortrax M200 a 270°C, lo único que sé es que se debe cambiar la pieza de PTFE por otra igual de un material más resistente al calor, sobre lo demás no sé si deben cambiar más piezas, así como editar el software para que me permita elevar la temperatura, si alguien lo ha hecho, le estaré muy agradecido si comparte su experiencia, saludos.
  7. Hi everyone, We have been having a problem with ABS prints breaking our print plates using the recommended settings. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also do you know if there is a way to keep your print plate warm overnight after a print finishes? Best & thank you, John
  8. Ok so I was doing a bunch of work to my printer last weekend including an E3D V6 hot end upgrade. The printer is an ender 3 pro that has an SKR mini v2 board, octoprint, enclosure, and more printing with makerbot ABS. After every change I would always test print a standing tower as pictured below. Once I installed the e3d v6 hot end my prints started looking extremely over-extruded and or too high temperature. I am using the exact same gcode as the previous towers (except for the short once pictured where I tried changing setting to fix the issue). The towers on the left of the picture are bef
  9. Hi! a while ago I have made this 8mm film scanner. Since I printed the parts on my UM2+ I thought I post it here. You can find the files and a more detailed article here: https://hackaday.io/project/167426-8mm-film-scanner In case you wonder why I used (Ultimaker) ABS and PLA - I originally printed all parts in PLA, but after some time figured out that the stepper motor gets too warm for the nearby parts, especially the cogwheel, and they start to deform slightly. So I switched to ABS for some of the parts and the problem was solved. In this project I learned a lot a
  10. Hello All, I have two Airwolf3D AXIOM Dual Direct Drive printers that I’ve worked with for several years off and on for small/medium sized prints in ABS and Polycarb. But I’ve always had issues from day one to get good quality part finishes with my printers, to the point where I found myself spending literally hours reprinting parts again and again to optimize the print profile to come out *mostly* decent. In the past day or so, I determined to spend time to look into the problem and really tune the printer to work well with ABS prints (Polycarb and PLA prints generally
  11. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit der Qualität an den Ecken des Bauteiles. Es tritt jeweils dort auf, wo ein Wechsel des Layers stattfindet. Und am Abschluss des Drucks an den letzten Layer verschmilzt das Material förmlich. Testwürfel etc werden perfekt gedruckt. Drucker: Ultimaker 3 Extended Material: Original Ultimaker ABS Schwarz Slicer: Cura 4.6.1 Ich hoffe es hat mit dem Export des Profiles geklappt. Sollten doch alle enthalten sein, dann wäre das benutzte ABS-ULTIMAKER-SEITENTEILE Ich würde mich freuen, wenn ihr
  12. bonjour, J'ai un soucis d'impression en double extrusion avec une S5 : J'imprime un ABS formfutura avec les support en breakaway. Mon soucis est que le breakaway bave et fait des filaments qui se retrouve dans la piece en ABS. De plus le breakaway bouloche et les amas se font attraper par la 1ere buse. Le breakaway est extremement difficile a retirer de la plaque en verre. ayant ventilé le breakaway, cela a provoqué de warping et des decolement de couche de l'abs. Comment peut on imprimer l'abs avec le breakaway ? Sans ventiler, le b
  13. I'm interested in buying an S5 pro bundle for printing with ABS indoors without too much room ventilation. I'm concerned about volatile organic compounds (VOC), in addition to ultra fine particles (UFP). I have read that the S5 pro bundle includes a filter that removes up to 95% of UFPs. However, based on my understanding, VOCs are also emitted when printing with ABS. Is the filter system for the S5 pro bundle able to remove VOCs from air?
  14. I barely purchased my UM2 and am printing my first ABS print. I used default settings for ABS that were pre-set in the UM2 and the default settings via cura, except I customized the support settings, which should be non-related to the issue and I am printing with a raft. The layer height selected was FINE .1 default settings had the print speed at 50mm ABS used is IC3D. used glue on the glass and no warping so far, so that is not an issue at this time. bed has been leveled prior to print so that should not be an issue. Ive tried tweaking the settings mid print, and brought the nozzle te
  15. HI, I need a support, Well i am printing a device model which has a one pipe extension so when i importing my model in Cura 4.2.1 its default value fix at printing plate and the round part of my object touches the plate, in that case my print is getting lost its specifications, so please suggest how i can start my print 1 or 2 mm upward from the bed with supports so my print dimensions getting same. Please find the attached images for the reference. Thanks
  16. Hi everybody, We've just bought an Ultimaker 2 extended + and being new to the 3D printing world we are trying to print out simple objects with different filaments. I couldn't figure out the right settings to print out a micro catapult from Thingiverse with FormFutura TitanX filament (datasheet). Here are the settings of my last try : - Material : FormFutura TitanX White - Printing T° : 260°C - Build Plate T° : 85°C - Fan Speed : 20% - Regular fan speed : 5% - Max. fan speed : 20% - Nozzle Ø: 0.4 mm - Layer Height :
  17. Hi. This is the best stringing test result I've had so far in 2 years. I switched to BMG extruder, tried V6 and Chimera, ptfe lined, all metal, titanium polished bore, high temp PTFE, high rpm 40x40x20 heatsink fan and thermal paste on the heatbreak (it is ambient temp). Estep and Flow are calibrated. I tried all materials from different brands and also tried again drying them. I tried all retraction distance from 0 to 15mm and all speeds from 15mm/s to 80 mm/s and all temps, for PLA from 180 to 230. I even tried coasting and disabling part cooling fan. It di
  18. Hi, I have 3 printers Ultimaker 2+ Extended and with 2 of them I have a big problem with the materials- they are only printing from ABS if I am changing the material from ABS to PLA or TPU it is printing only few layers and it stops. With one printer I have the problem from almost 4-6 months but with the second printer the problem begun week ago. I do not know where is the problem - I already change the bowden tube, hot end isolator and PTFE coupler and the nozzle. Thanks for any help!
  19. Hello I am trying to print this model from thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2837894 When I print the arms I notice that one side (right one on picture) of the arm is twice thinner than it should be. This is seen only on printed object, in Cura GUI everything is correct and both sides of the fork are of the same thickness. Where is the problem? What settings could be used to fix it? I am using Cura 4.2.1, printing with ABS.
  20. I need help with making slots of 200 microns in a recangular block (10 X 5 or 10 X 10 mm2). i designed stuff with autodesk and started printing but the print that i got from machine has no slots on them. also i am using the material called ASA which is slightly differnet than ABS. I would be thankful any direction or help. Thank You, Siddharth
  21. Weiss nicht wirklich ob es jemanden Interessiert. Ich habe nun schon das zweite mal einen Bowden Clip am UM3 verloren. Schnipp und wech 😉 Nun reicht es. Habe mich hingesetzt und einen gebaut. Vielleicht kann ihn ja jemand gebrauchen ? Vielleicht gibt den auch schon hier irgendwo. Hier der Link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3769242/files Viele Grüße
  22. Hallo, ich brauche eine Hilfestellung zum ABS. Vorweg möchte ich sagen, das die Oberfläche der Bauteile perfekt ist. So wie ich es mir vorstelle. Das Problem ist der erste Layer des Bauteiles. Hier verschmilzt das ABS nicht richtig. Will sagen man sieht die einzelnen Fäden und kann sie unter Umständen auch lösen. Dies sieht natürlich nicht schön aus und schleifen kann es ja auch nicht sein. Ich habe mit PLA, Carbon, PETG den Gegencheck gemacht und da sind die Layer perfekt. Ich dachte zuerst es würde am Printafix liegen und bin dann auf RAFT gegang
  23. Bonjour à tous, Je n'arrive pas à imprimer de l'ABS sans déformation de ma pièce :( La surface positionnée sur le plateau finie par se décoller progressivement lors de l'impression en se déformant. Je me suis équipé depuis peu de l'extension de la machine permettant de fermer totalement l'air d'impression en ajoutant un porte + un volume supérieur avec ventilo. Je préchauffe le plateau à 90 ° pendant 40 mn avant de lancer l'impression . Malgré ces précautions l'impression est pas correcte. Je serais preneur d'une astuce :) merci d'avance
  24. printer: ultimaker 3 Material: Gray ABS Problem:Having problem detecting the material and have to physically enter the ABS generic instead for Gray ABS since the option does not exists. what do i need to do to change this option in the printer.
  25. I have a problem with my ABS prints. First layer looks like the one on the photo. I have a heated bed davinci pro printer and I use 240/90 degrees temperatures (nozzle/bed). What can I do to take care of the bubbles as well as the side "lift-ups" of the brim?
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