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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I started experimenting with B.A.M. (+ ABS), but I was surprised to see that I can't go lower than 0.15 as layer height for standard profiles. What is the limiting factor here?
  2. Hello, I am trying to do different prints with ABS and HIPS and trying different configurations but I do not get these two material stuck together. They stick perfectly with the plate. Here I leave an example of a configuration I used that have not worked. Printer: Ultimaker 3 Extended Software: Cura v2.5.0 ABS printing temperature: 235 ºC ABS diameter: 2.85 mm ABS flow: 100% ABS retraction: enabled ABS filling density: 100% ABS fill layer thickness: 0.2 mm HIPS printing temperatura: 240 ºC HIPS diameter: 2.85 mm HIPS flow: 100% HIPS retraction: enabled HIPS filling density: 40% HIPS fill layer thickness: 0.2 mm Build plate temperature: 110 ºC Room temperature: 24.5 ºC ABS print speed: 55 mm/s ABS travel speed: 250 mm/s ABS print acceleration: 4000 mm/s2 ABS travel acceleration: 5000 mm/s2 HIPS print speed: 55 mm/s HIPS travel speed: 250 mm/s HIPS print acceleration: 4000 mm/s2 HIPS travel acceleration: 5000 mm/s2 Print refrigeration: enabled (I have also tried to disable refrigeration) I have tried to rise and lower the print temperature of both materials, I have tried to enable and disable print refrigeration, and these materials still do not want to stick together. Could it be an explanation for the problem the size of the piece I am trying to print? The size is 10 x 20 cm (X and Y).
  3. I am wanting to print with Dissolvable material has anyone any suggestions which is the best I have found the likes of Esun, Formfutura, and Verbatim, which they say is BVOH which is expensive, I don't mind the cost (within reason) but just don't want the Nozzle jams??? and is it ok to leave in the printer ??? I thought I read that it was bad practise and asking for problems... Any Advise welcome and appreciated???//
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