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Found 4 results

  1. I changed a broken pneumatic coupler and ptfe tubing and after that I started experiencing horrible prints on my printer. What should I do please help me.. I use a anet et4. And cura slicer.. I tried to calibrate my esteps but the printer wouldn't respond.. So I printed a test cube.. What should I do! In order to get back to printing my minis. If u have a anet et4 pls share ur cura profile.. Ps. Am a noob so pls help me..!
  2. Hey guys, I started experimenting with B.A.M. (+ ABS), but I was surprised to see that I can't go lower than 0.15 as layer height for standard profiles. What is the limiting factor here?
  3. Hello, I am trying to do different prints with ABS and HIPS and trying different configurations but I do not get these two material stuck together. They stick perfectly with the plate. Here I leave an example of a configuration I used that have not worked. Printer: Ultimaker 3 Extended Software: Cura v2.5.0 ABS printing temperature: 235 ºC ABS diameter: 2.85 mm ABS flow: 100% ABS retraction: enabled ABS filling density: 100% ABS fill layer thickness: 0.2 mm HIPS printing temperatura: 240 ºC HIPS diameter: 2.85 mm HIPS flow: 100% HIPS retraction: enabled HIPS filling density: 40%
  4. I am wanting to print with Dissolvable material has anyone any suggestions which is the best I have found the likes of Esun, Formfutura, and Verbatim, which they say is BVOH which is expensive, I don't mind the cost (within reason) but just don't want the Nozzle jams??? and is it ok to leave in the printer ??? I thought I read that it was bad practise and asking for problems... Any Advise welcome and appreciated???//
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