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  1. Introduction The 3.3 beta introduces new functionality that is intended to improve Cura's ability to print bridges and overhung areas. The current Cura code base has long had the ability to detect when a skin region spans across islands of support and those skins that Cura thinks are bridges will have the direction of the lines aligned with the detected bridge detection. But nothing was done to detect walls that spanned unsupported areas and no changes were made to the wall or skin print speeds, flows or fan speed. The new bridging functionality does now detect when walls cro
  2. I'm working on a small plugin that will let you configure custom printjob prefixes. A test-version can be downloaded here: Cura 3.5-3.6:http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/CustomJobPrefix-v5.0.0-2019-10-08T11_42_39Z.curapackage Cura 4.0-4.3:http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/CustomJobPrefix-v6.0.0-2019-10-08T11_42_39Z.curapackage To install, download the file, drop it into a Cura application window and restart Cura. The custom prefixes are set per printer via Extensions -> Custom Printjob Prefix -> Set prefix. For now there are a couple of replacement patterns you
  3. We're not only trying to always make Ultimaker Cura better with the usual new features and improvements we build, but we're also trying to make it more pleasant to operate. The interface was the focus for the upcoming release, from which we would already like to present you the first glance. Because we're still working towards the stable version we would really like to receive your feedback! Do realize it's an early beta version and we can't guarantee the same print reliability as our stable versions. So, what is new exactly with Ultimaker Cura's new inter
  4. Transparent support in Cura 4.6 THANK YOU to all Ultimaker Cura users helping in the fight against COVID-19 – with 3D printing, volunteering, or just by staying home. Want to get involved? Find out more. Get an early preview of Ultimaker Cura 4.6. The stable release is slated for late April. We've released on a Friday this time around because we noticed usage seems to spike over the weekend. As usual, a special mention goes out to smartavionics and fieldofview for their significant contributions. Last week we hit a milestone of 3 million slices per da
  5. I'm trying out 4.6 beta and noticed, while it was printing, that one of the Tree Supports for a model actually started in mid-air! Given the model, I assume it should have had the tree's trunk extend through an opening at the side which would have grounded it to the buildplate. Fortunately, as shown, it seems to have got away with trying to print on air! Is there a forum or somewhere for reporting issues? Unfortunately (or fortunately?), due to the slightly random nature of Tree Supports, re-slicing does not reproduce the problem.
  6. Hi everyone, Ultimaker Cura 4.5 beta just went out into the wild. Get a preview of new features and help us gather as much user feedback as possible. The stable release will go live two weeks from today. The focus of this release is integration with our brand-spanking-new web-based Marketplace. Use the web Marketplace to add plugins and print profiles (a.k.a packages) to your Ultimaker account, completely outside of Cura. When you log in to your account within Cura, you'll be prompted to synchronize packages if differences are detected in your installation.
  7. We’ve just released a beta of Ultimaker Cura 4.1, and we’ve added some improvements based on your feedback: - Collapsible panels introduced in the new interface are now completely draggable and can be positioned anywhere on the screen - Badge notifications have been added to the Ultimaker Marketplace so you know when your packages need to be updated - You can now add separate brims to prime towers - We’ve also made some stability fixes with the monitor page Find the update blog here: https://ultimaker.com/en/blog/52884-try-new-3d-printing-software-feature
  8. Hello, I think I have found a bug in the way Cura scales the models. When slicing one of these objects found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2753230 I wanted to do an EUR version and tried to "scale X and Y to 99.57% and Z to 101.3%" However whenever doing that it scales also other Axis or ...welll... hard to explain - generally scales incorrect values/axis. Try by yourself. Tested on Cura 4.0 x64 for Windows and Cura 4.1 x64 Beta - the result is the same. I worked it around by scaling with the size in mm instead of % even though it updates the
  9. We've just released the second beta of Ultimaker Cura 4.0 and we'd love your feedback. The more feedback we get from you now, the more we can implement into the stable release - coming soon! Some new additions you can expect in Ultimaker Cura 4.0 beta 2: Based on your feedback, the print core type in the configuration selector header is now visible and the custom mode settings panel is now adjustable to show more settings at once. With an Ultimaker account, you can also access an early preview of Ultimaker Cloud features. These
  10. Using the latest beta (4.0.0) there is no menu to access plugins. OctoPrint plugin is lost to me. I see plugins in the Configuration Folder, but do not see anyway to access then or their settings within Cura. Bravo on the direction of 4.0!
  11. Ultimaker Cura 3.6 beta is available and out in the wild! It comes with new features, bug fixes, and UX improvements. We would really like to have your feedback on it to make our stable release as good as it can be. As always, you can download the beta for free from our website, for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. A few new things that are new in Ultimaker Cura 3.6 beta: Settings refactor. We’ve been working on optimizing the software engine for more stable releases in the future. The CuraEngine has been refactored to create a more testable, future-proof way of storing and
  12. Ultimaker Cura 3.4 | Beta It’s time for the next step in the evolution of Ultimaker Cura. We’re excited to share Ultimaker Cura 3.4 Beta with you! This new version holds a lot of improvements for UX, new plugins and some very interesting upgrades to the slicing engine. Before we get started, I would like to remind you that even though we have tested this version internally for major bugs, we can’t yet guarantee the same reliability and quality as the stable version. Therefore, if you are working on an important or time-sensitive project, we recommend to continue and use
  13. After another period of continuous research and development, we're proud to share the latest Ultimaker Cura Beta with you. We're excited to hear what you think of the new and improved features. With your help, we can improve on it further and fix any bugs our testing may have missed. A few things that stand out for me in this Beta version are: A circular prime tower, for more reliable dual extrusion prints Bridging , a new experimental feature detects bridges, adjusting print speed and fan speed. Configuration/sync , when you use Cura Connect you can sync Cura to s
  14. Hello together Used cura version: 3.3.0-BETA on windows 7 64bit and windows 10 64bit Hopefully here is someone who can help me out, maybe this is even a bug, or e feature? I would like to save ChangeAtZ settings as Cura project (File --> Save project...). This would be very handy for temperature towers / heat towers. Setting 10 different temperatures takes a while (with selecting the correct layers), it would be very handy to save the values to the project, so you could just load up the project if you're in the need of a heat tower again, this happens wh
  15. A new Ultimaker Cura is just lurking around the corner and we can’t wait to share what new features it will hold. Through this forum post I would like to share my most favorite new features with you and I’m curious to hear what you think of them! For starters we have implemented Tree Support. Tree support is an experimental support structure which shares some resemblance with the shape and roots of a tree. It seems to grow organically and multiple ‘branches’ grow towards your model and offer the necessary support. The benefits of this is that you use less support mater
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