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  1. I started a job from Cura on my Ultimaker S5. I directly noticed that my glass plate was not in place so I aborted the job. The printer asked if I'd like to retry the job, which I accepted. The print is running fine, but neither Cura nor Ultimaker Factory are receiving any progress information on the job. I'm on firmware The job was started from Cura 4.7.1 This seems like a bug.
  2. Uploaded a model from my laptop to an 8gb SD card, and when I start the print my printer will not start printing or even heat up the bed and nozzle. Not sure if this is a problem within Cura, but I've been having numerous problems lately and they were all from Cura that I was able to fix. I anyone else has had this problem please help. Thank you.
  3. Hi I'm new in the forums and hoping for help : ) I am using Cura as my go to slicer for a heavily modified Creality Ender 3 printer. When I swapped the original board for an MKS GEN V1.4 with the TFT35 touch screen I had the option to add wifi to the printer, which I did shortly after. I installed the hardware module, downloaded the plugin for Cura and at first everything seemed to work perfectly fine - I could send gcode commands, jog the printer and set temperatures, all through Cura as expected. However when sending a print over, Cura seems not to include the starti
  4. Hello! I'm facing a new issue with my UMO+ after years of good jobs: it stops randomly and I can't find why. The prints start normally and before the end of the job almost everytime the printhead suddenly stops moving, the screen becomes blue with nothing displayed for a few seconds, before going back to normal as if I just turned it on, and the build plate can go down. I can get very small prints to the end but when I relaunch it the second time this problem occurs. I've no idea of where it can come from. I wanted to update the firmware but I can't connect it to Cura v
  5. Good morning all. I am writing because I am trying to print a dual color item with my Creality CR-X. However, when I go to adjust the color of the extruder to print with it changes the color for both. I want 1 to extrude from left and 2 to extrude from the left but when I adjust it it adjust for both colors. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have added a screenshot of what it looks like. Thank you for any assistance.
  6. Hello, I am struggling to change filaments spool with the material station. At least the printer is struggling to recognize which filament I am inserting. (I am using Ultimaker filaments spool) (printer model S5 - September 2020 batch) Steps I take : open the material bay door press + sign on the chosen feeder (A,B, etc...) press "load" button insert the spool with the sticker on the left (filament going down) guide the filament tip into the chosen extruder. the screen show a yellow exclamation mark ==> the filament
  7. hello, I tried reading settings from a gcode file a few times but it does not wotk though in a forum thread i found a team member says the issue is fixed. I tried on cura 4.2 and the creality slicer 4.2. It types an error message:"print setup disabled. G-code cannot be modified" I'm using an ender 3 pro and trying to read the settings from the demo g-code files that came with the memory card. Specifically the cat file. cat-3.5H.gcode
  8. Hello folks, we purchased an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and started printing a few days ago. It is an late 2020 model (U on the sidewalls) running on the newest firmware. Problem description: When starting a print (or even XY calibration setup) the printhead moves to the front left corner. It loads the material and purges about 50cm of filament. I think up until this point everything is normal procedure. From here on out the printer continues to make strings of filament. It moves between front left corner to mid left corner and creates strings of filament until the pr
  9. The link Ultimaker.com/app takes you to a page 404. The UK iOS App Store doesn’t have an Ultimaker app available. If you google the app link it says it is not available in your country. Pretty disappointing start as a new Ultimaker user. Step 1 of the setup guide and something doesn’t work already. Anyone know why this is? Has it been discontinued?
  10. cagfran


    hi upgraded to 4.7.1 now it wont load saying error reset it now will not even go through set up can not uninstall ether help please
  11. Hi! When trying to print multiple meshes at the same time, it is not possible to select "Sharpest Corner" Z-Seam Alignment for some of them. How to reproduce: (Cura 4.7.1) add at least two meshes set Z Seam Aligment to User Specified select one of the meshes, go to per-object settings (normal mesh) and set Z Seam Alignment to Sharpest Corner for this mesh slice you will find that "z seam alignment" is "User Specified" for all meshes
  12. Cura was placing floating supports that were not rooted or crested in contact with my model. Where they were supposed to meet with the raft, they made contact fine. Where they were supposed to make contact with the model, there was a gap. By reducing Z bottom-distance and Z-top distance to 0, I've managed to get the support immediately adjacent to the part, but never quite connected to it. Tree supports do the same thing - not connected to the part. I've returned Cura to "factory settings", and I've even deleted and re-installed cura. Same problem. I'm not sure what else to try? I'
  13. Hey there, Just wanting to ask the wider community if anyone has a fix or found a fix for my problem that I am experiencing. I have been using cura for years and havent experienced any issues with it and really enjoy it, but when I updated my geforce gtx 1660 in my laptop that I use for my slicing i ran into issues with cura. I can open cura just fine but when I go to click the file dropped down menu tab or any of the other tabs, the software locks up and I cant use it. I have tried back to cura 4.5 and had the same issues. I uninstalled and reinstalled graphics drivers and that fixed it
  14. I'm getting an error every time I try to open or import any OBJ files into Cura 4.7.1. I've never experienced this issue before with any files. I know the files open perfectly in Cura 4.6.2. I use Windows 10. Is there a fix for this bug? Thanks!
  15. Hi - I'm using Cura to slice for printing on an Ender 3 Pro with a 0.2mm nozzle. For some reason in the last week or so, setting either 0.12mm or 0.08mm layer height means that retraction appears stuck on, regardless of settings applied on slicing. This does not affect prints on a larger layer height. I have tried reinstalling Cura and resetting my profile, to no avail. If someone would be able to help with this it'd be really appreciated, no idea what I'm doing wrong! Not sure what supporting info to upload for this... I'm using cura 4.7.1. Chee
  16. Hi all, I have updated to Cura 4.7.1 and the system is always crashes after the "Help us improve" screen. I have attached the PC specs. I get the following errors in the event logs Event 1001 Fault bucket 1962076889055889569, type 4 Event Name: APPCRASH Response: Not available Cab Id: 0 Problem signature: P1: Cura.exe P2: P3: 5f2c0247 P4: ig4icd64.dll P5: P6: 573dfb41 P7: c0000005 P8: 00000000000011b1 P9: P10: Attached files: \\?\C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\WER\Temp\WER184.tmp.dmp \\?
  17. I needed to reprint an STL I downloaded from Thingiverse last week (Hero Me Geb5 - Hero_Me_Gen5_Base_1.stl). It printed fine in 4.6.2.I had 4.7beta installed and it crashed, so I reloaded 4.6.2, which told me 4.7 was now released, so I downloaded that and installed it. It also crashes opening the same STL file. I've told CURA to send a report each time. I've currently got both 4.6.2 and 4.7 installed and 4.6.2 will load and slice this file, so the file itself is obviously not corrupted. Is anyone else having trouble with 4.7 or could it be something specific to my set
  18. Long time user. Updated to Cura 4.7 and when selected my Tevo Turantula Pro in the program, this is what happens. Is there a option or setting so I can lay the bed down to match the cube or rotate the cube to line up with the bed? Bed size is correct and I've never had this problem with any other versions.
  19. I have Ultimaker Cura 4.6 newly installed on my desktop that runs windows 10, and everytime I try to bring in a model to slice it just gets stuck loading. The longest I've waited for it was about 3 hours before shutting down for the day. I have only attempted with .stl and .obj files, and multiples different ones of each. They work in the lulzbot version of cura, so i know it's not the files. I have uninstalled, cleared all files, and reinstalled multiple times, tried it in a previous version of windows, no dice. Has anyone else experienced this? I have no idea what to do.
  20. whenever I click on the "save to removable drive" button, cura stops responding.
  21. hi everybody I'm using a geeetech I3 and cura 4.7 simply can't print right. the 0 of the XY axis has a lot of offset, so the printer acts like I sliced the object out of boundaries of my bed. Besides, everytime I open Cura, it asks me to add a new printer. If I add another printer in order to enter to the prepare section, then I realize that the printer previous installed is gone ¬¬. Not to mention that when you manually change the Z scale of an object it's the Y scale that changes....kkkkkkk this 4.7 version has far more bugs than any of the pri
  22. Hello, My print had elephant foot and I tried to figure it out. It seems the root cause is the generated gcode, when I open it with Cura the second layer is obviously larger than others. I'm using the default parameters for ender 3 pro printer, the following should affect only the first layer if Im right. Initial Layer Line width : 100% Initial Layer Horizontal Expansion : 0 Initial Layer Flow : 100% I tried 2 differents stl files https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1278865 or https://www.youmagine.com/designs/10mm-cube and two Cura version 4.7.0 and
  23. I updated to the latests Cura & the firmware from my S3 extended today & now Cura cant see the networked printer. I have been through the netwroking trouble shooting page twice now but no joy. The printer just doesnt show up even when its IP address is put directly into Cura. Any else seeing this problem with the latest updates?
  24. I've just installed Cura 4.7 and am having issues slicing a part that I designed using Fusion 360. In Fusion, I purposely made the part 219mm as the widest part (had already tried it at 220mm and got the same error) since I'm using a Creality Ender 3 Pro with a build plate of 220x220x250mm. I did already check and my settings do say 220mm x 220mm x 250mm for the build plate and I can get it to slice objects that significantly smaller than the 220mm limit. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. If there's some sort of tolerance that I'm pushing against and need to shrink my build
  25. Hi, I still use Cura 4.0 and 4.3. Higher versions aren't Slicing anymore. I deinstalled all versions completely and reinstalled different ones. Also 4.7. But if I press the Slicing button, nothing happens. I turn off all Firewalls and tested different PCs. Any hints? Regards maxpd
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