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  1. I change out one of the print cores from a BB 0.4 mm to a AA 0.4 and it recognizes it as a BB core. Any ideas on how to solve this problem`?
  2. For some reason, my Ultimaker 2+ Connect starts to spit out some material before it starts the priming process (the little priming blob). So a strand of about 10 cm (sometimes even 20 cm) comes out and then the printer starts the priming. This is terribly annoying, as I need to manually remove that material before the blob. Is this normal behaviour, or does it have to do with some kind of over-pressure in the nozzle that makes it push out some material? Sometimes it doesn't happen, but most of the time it does unfortunately.
  3. I like to use "One at a Time" print sequence, when printing multiple objects in the same job. It reduces travel time and avoids "hairs" spanning between parts. There are a few issues. CURA does not automatically figure out where to place objects to avoid the gantry toppling them over. It only works if the objects are less than the gantry height. My usual workaround is to temporarily lie about the gantry height and then manually place the objects to avoid the gantry. This should be a simple thing for CURA to figure out, at least in the case of exactly two parts -- just place one part toward the front and the other part toward the back with a gantry-width amount of space between the parts (which is what I do manually). Likely an RFE here that the printer definition needs to capture the X/Y size of the gantry and/or print-head, not just the gantry Z-height. CURA 4.x blocks the use of "One at a Time" if extruder count is >1. I can't see the reason for this. I used to use "One at a Time" with great success with two extruders in CURA 3.x (caveat being #1 above). This restrictions means I can't print two color parts, nor can I print a bunch of different one-color parts, from two different extruders. I got a new IDEX printer and the two extruders are mounted on the front of the gantry, quite some distance forward. This leads to a preference to print parts at the front of bed first, then at the rear. I don't see a way to specify the print-order for the objects. My workaround is to see what CURA intends to do, then swap the parts if necessary. Any solutions to the above? Bugs / RFE's already documented somewhere?
  4. Using Cura 4.12 on my MBP 16" late 2019 model, Line Type Preview is really unusable, due to extraneous vectors blocking my ability to see what it is I'm trying to preview, such as travels and different line types for extruder 1 vs. extruder 2. Is there some setting I can tweak to bias the graphics capability to be more compatible? I already tried "Force layer view compatibility mode" but that is so dumbed down I that I cannot see the extruder 1 vs. extruder 2 lines. 😞 Example:
  5. Добрый день при добавлении других принтеров в них можно выбрать материал и затраты на печать при печати. На данной модели представлены различные возможности выбора материала, а также добавление нового в то время как на Tevo Black window нет выбора все заблокированно. Прошу решить проблему скрины пришли. А других моделей принтеров все в порядке. Как решить проблему?
  6. Cura 4.13 crashes on me. Running on Macbook Pro 13-inch Mid 2014 Mac OS Big Sur 11.16.2 ERROR TRACEBACK: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/site-packages/keyring/backends/macOS/__init__.py", line 49, in get_password File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/site-packages/keyring/backends/macOS/api.py", line 101, in find_generic_password File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/site-packages/keyring/backends/macOS/api.py", line 43, in raise_for_status keyring.backends.macOS.api.SecAuthFailure: (-25293, 'Security Auth Failure: make sure python is signed with codesign util') During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cx_Freeze/initscripts/__startup__.py", line 74, in run File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cx_Freeze/initscripts/Console.py", line 36, in run File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/bin/cura_app.py", line 236, in <module> File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cura/CuraApplication.py", line 844, in run File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cura/API/__init__.py", line 54, in initialize File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cura/API/Account.py", line 118, in initialize File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cura/OAuth2/AuthorizationService.py", line 282, in loadAuthDataFromPreferences File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cura/OAuth2/AuthorizationService.py", line 98, in getUserProfile File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cura/OAuth2/AuthorizationService.py", line 107, in _parseJWT File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cura/OAuth2/KeyringAttribute.py", line 42, in __get__ File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/site-packages/keyring/core.py", line 55, in get_password File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/site-packages/keyring/backends/macOS/__init__.py", line 55, in get_password keyring.errors.KeyringError: Can't get password from keychain: (-25293, 'Security Auth Failure: make sure python is signed with codesign util') LOGS: Thread 0x000070000dde6000 (most recent call first): File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/UM/Backend/Backend.py", line 165 in _storeStderrToLogThread File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 870 in run File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 932 in _bootstrap_inner File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 890 in _bootstrap Thread 0x000070000cde3000 (most recent call first): File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/UM/Backend/Backend.py", line 153 in _storeOutputToLogThread File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 870 in run File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 932 in _bootstrap_inner File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 890 in _bootstrap Thread 0x000070000b9c8000 (most recent call first): File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 302 in wait File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 433 in acquire File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/UM/JobQueue.py", line 98 in _nextJob File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/UM/JobQueue.py", line 124 in run File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 932 in _bootstrap_inner File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 890 in _bootstrap Thread 0x000070000a9c5000 (most recent call first): File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 302 in wait File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 433 in acquire File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/UM/JobQueue.py", line 98 in _nextJob File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/UM/JobQueue.py", line 124 in run File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 932 in _bootstrap_inner File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 890 in _bootstrap Thread 0x00007000099c2000 (most recent call first): File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 302 in wait File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 433 in acquire File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/UM/JobQueue.py", line 98 in _nextJob File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/UM/JobQueue.py", line 124 in run File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 932 in _bootstrap_inner File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 890 in _bootstrap Thread 0x00007000089bf000 (most recent call first): File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 302 in wait File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 433 in acquire File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/UM/JobQueue.py", line 98 in _nextJob File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/UM/JobQueue.py", line 124 in run File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 932 in _bootstrap_inner File "/Users/ultimaker/build/env/4.13/install/lib/python3.8/threading.py", line 890 in _bootstrap Current thread 0x0000000110c5ee00 (most recent call first): File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cura/CrashHandler.py", line 398 in _logInfoWidget File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cura/CrashHandler.py", line 184 in _createDialog File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/lib/python3.8/site-packages/cura/CrashHandler.py", line 88 in __init__ File "/Users/ultimaker/build/Cura/4.13/build/inst/bin/cura_app.py", line 162 in exceptHook 4.13.zip
  7. Please i need some help to understand whats going on. Today my printer started some print jobs that I did not sent to...its even more strange because the stl's sent to her i don't even recognize them...never worked on those print models dont even ever saw then...what's going on?? Some kind of poltergeist?? Many thanks! Primeiro
  8. The program clearly has compatibility issues with AMD graphics cards. I myself have an AMD RX580. Cura slicer crashes every time immediately after launching without any error message. All the drivers on my computer are up to date. All possible solutions to fix the problem have been tried.. I have already made several error reports about this. This has been going on for one full year. I haven't got responded to any error reports. Not from ultimaker or AMD. I think it would be great if you could catch your balls and fix the problem. Thank you.
  9. Multiplicated objects with custom support-blockers do not appear as exact copy - instead all support-blockers are ADDED as extra material, e.g. elevating the base layer in copied object, instead of being an exact copy (check the below picture - left: original, right: multiplied one) Plus: 7.6MB project file loads way too long (like a 700MB one). Anyone experienced such behaviour?
  10. Hi I just installed Cura 4.13 and I am trying to slice a mini but the tree supports are being placed through the models legs, I have changed a few support settings around but it doesnt seem to change the issue. please let me know if its a print settings issue or a problem with the slicer. the same model with the same print settings worked before I installed 4.13. I have attached a pic showing the issue. I am using tree supports as they are easier to remove from the model than other supports.
  11. Hi, We've been having this issue with one of our Ultimaker S3 during leveling where the printer senses the nozzle offset to be off. What happens (also seen in the video): -nozzle (clean) of print core 2 touches the glass bed (clean), as normal -Print core 2 gets lifted by the lift switch, as normal -nozzle (clean) of print core 1 slowly lowers to detect de glass bed, as normal -before even touching the build plate the leveling stops with the error "Nozzle offset failed. Please check the nozzle and bed and try again" This error most of the time a print is launched but not everytime. I would say we get the error 2 times every 3 print launch. when it fails we usually simply relaunch the print a couple of times until it it levels correctly. Ultimaker S3 Error.zip
  12. Hello, I have a weird bug occurring when printing with dual extrusion. I will describe the circumstances: I'm printing parts combined out of Ultimaker Nylon (Print Core 1) and Ultimaker TPU 95A (Print Core 2). The parts come out nicely, but when the print is finished, the Nylon always gets stuck in the print core. The core even gets pulled back into the print head. Then the wizard for stuck material appears. When i follow the instructions, print core 1 gets heated up again and clicks back down hard when the Nylon is hot enough. (It seems to be free at this point) I still have to remove the bowden tube and cut the material to finish the wizard. Then it gets unloaded. As if that wasn't enough, after finishing the process, the print bed violently falls down without much resistance from the Z-steppers. Long story short: I think the printers workflow when unloading the material has a bug. After printing the last layer with TPU, print core 1 doesn't heat up again and therefore fails to unload the Nylon properly. I would appreciate some help - maybe i'm doing something wrong. If not, maybe this could be looked over for future bug fixes. Thanks in advance.
  13. Since i upgraded from cura 4.12 to 4.13 i've been experiencing my prints stopping in the middle. No clogs, no jams, no issues with filament passing through. I've researched and saw that it may be the SD card and when i've switched SD card i still get a print that stops midway. When i look at my print information screen the file name disappears. I cannot resume or continue at this point and the only thing i can do is shut my printer off and start over. I'm on a back 2017 monteray 12.1 printer is anycubic chiron just recently purchased (all belts and nozzle housing is tight/taught as it should be, gears are solid feeding extruder) generic black PLA 200c nozzle and 60c bed (had it stop mid print) silk gold PLA by giantarm 200-205c nozzle/ 60-70c bed (stops midprint) i'm at a loss and when researching troubleshoots every one talks about jams and clogged nozzles but i've looked this over multiple times and no issues with extruder or filament coming through. any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. Have been having the same issue where cura 4.12 just gets stuck on slicing. couple days ago i fixed it by completely reinstalling cura, including the files in local and roaming. But now that did not do anything anymore. If i look at the logs it looks like it finishes slicing but my program just keeps showing the same slicing... message. am slicing for an ender 3V2 but it doesnt slice anymore on anything now. the model that might have caused this is attached. its a modified bendy rex. Windows 10, very new hardware(if specifics are needed let me know). cura.log Flexi-Rex-improved-Flexi-Rex-tweaked_1.stl
  15. The mandatory cooldown time forcing the bed to drop below 60C is really quite frustrating when trying to print higher temp materials which require enclosures and higher ambient temperatures. When I'm printing ABS with a 100C build plate I really need to let it warm for like 30-60 minutes to ensure that the ambient temp in the printer is high enough that I don't get warping and layer splitting. If I have a failed print due to something like I just did where the autolevel decided to ram my nozzle very far into the build plate at one spot I basically loose 2hrs of print time as I need to let the thing fully cool down. I then need to let it fully warm up and get the air back to the required 35C ambient before I can tell it my print has been removed and then restart my print. I get this is a safety feature to prevent people from trying to rip prints off a hot glass bed and either damage themselves or the printer but there needs to be an advanced options menu to skip this for these kind of scenarios. The skip cooldown option that comes up doesn't seem to do anything here when it isn't greyed out. I am missing something basic or is there a way to disable or change this safe cooldown temp with a variable or something? At this point I'm basically taking files home from my lab and printing them on my home printer (a Voron 2.4) as it does ABS better than this one. Users at some of our other sites ask me if they should replace their Prusa MK3s with S5s and honestly I'm having a hard time saying yes. At face value this printer will handle these higher temp materials better and hardware wise it's superior but then the limitations int he firmware for stuff like this make it very hard to recommend.
  16. I've Cura 4.12.1 in my macbook Osx 10.15.7 Catalina I've tryed to open the marketplace to install a plugin but it stays empty for a while then Cura crashes. So I've added it via browser marketplace, I started Cura and when it suggest to Sync I click that button but again it crashes 🤷‍♂️
  17. My Ultimaker 3 Extended is having trouble printing with printcore 2. I have auto leveled twice with the same result. The nozzle is so close to the build plate that filament won't extrude. It does not scratch the glass but the glue is wiped clean. I have verified the nozzle is not blocked - it extrudes when changing or loading filament and I have done a cold pull with a clean filament end coming out. Printcore 1 prints fine. How do I fix this?
  18. Cura generates some weird paths at layer 424 (0.2 layer size) Not present in the original model горшок балкон пол низ.STL
  19. Hallo ich bitte um Hilfe. Immer wenn ich Cura neu öffne muss ich es neu installieren. Hab keine Ahnung an was das Problem liegt. Würde mich sehr über Hilfe freuen. Meine Cura Version ist 4.12. Schonmal im Voraus danke für die Hilfe.
  20. When doing an XY calibration, if the filament for print core 2 has a feeding issue it will give the normal error message. However after clearing the message and trying to abort the calibration print, the print head moves to the front right corner and the printer hangs with the print bed showing 85 degrees. The temperature does not change and the printer hangs until the power is cycled.
  21. When using the latest Cura 4.13.0 and i have tried the revision before that, it resumes at the wrong Z level, like it's printing a layer above where it should be and doesn't touch the part just oozes out above it. Does this on every model. Using Ender 3 v2 and Voxelab aquila's
  22. I had problems with the Z-direction stepper motor and decided to replace my mainboard. I ordered a original Ultimaker board and swap them. (being very mindfull to connect the cables at the right positions. When I power up the printer this happens. It starts with the Ultimaker logo. Then bed goes up and down, the printhead also moves in the X and Y direction a bit. There are numbers on the display. and some settings in the a menu when pressing the button. I cannot flash new software on it, because it states there is nothing connected. Does anyone know what is going on?
  23. anyone have an idea whats up getting this error code on first startup after install .... Entry point not found ?? full error is as follows :- The procedure entry point_crt_atexit could not be located in the dynamic link Library C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.12.1\Cura.exe Help i cant seem to get around it.... Downloaded again even with AVG off still same error ?? Tried different PC same issue.........HELP
  24. Cura 4.12 won't let me associate the app with .stl files. If I dig into my PC settings I can find where Cura is associated with file type .stl.4.12, but not .stl. I'm running a PC laptop with Windows 11 home 64 bit. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Cura using a newly downloaded install file. I do see that Cura seems to automatically associate with file type .gcode though. Please help?
  25. I have been printing rc airplanes. The current one has locating holes for the wings and fuselages. I have found that I needed to open these up slightly to make them accept the specified pegs. I just noticed that Cura has an option called 'Hole Horizontal Expansion"' stating that a positive value would increase the size of the hole, while a negative value would decrease the size of the hole. I applied a figure of 0.05mm to this, thinking it would enlarge all holes by 0.05mm, however, it has had the opposite effect, and has actually made all the holes smaller. It is a bit hard to tell how much smaller, but it would even appear to be more than the specified 0.05mm. I will have to print the wing again, and this time I will try using -0.05, and see what happens. Could you please have a look at this, as these parts have a 9 hour print time ... thanks Dave.
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