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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I can't run Cura 4.6.1 after updating MacOS Catalina to beta MacOS Big Sur. Could you help me, please? Best regards dmiba
  2. Have owned S3 for about 7 months, reliable until now. The past few days I have ran into extrusion issues where part of the first layer prints nicely, but at some point on the first layer it stops extruding or just extrudes a tiny amount which doesn't even stick to the plate. Its a weird issue, because the for the first 10 minutes, the first layer (the brim) looks great.. However, extrusion usually fails during the first layer. Things I have tried: 1) Swapped out print cores and cleaned print cores several times. 2) Cleaned feeder mechanism thoroughly. Tried various tension levels. Cleaned bowden tubes. 3) New filament roles. (PLA) 4) Reset Cura settings. changed speeds/temperatures. 5) Re-leveled my table. 6) changed out the silicone cover that protects the print heads as it was slightly damaged. 7) Cleaned the fan on the print head cover. It had some fine straw in it. although I dont see this fan turn on during the first layer, should it? Things I haven't tried but am considering: 1) building a filament holder and putting filament on the floor. I use the stock filament holders. 2) More investigating into the fans? i read on another thread that a faulty fan can cause this. 3) ??? Input appreciated.
  3. I'm working with suluble support interface. Due to this I want to have zero "Support Z Distance". But when using... "Support Z Distance" = 0 "Layer Hight" = 0.1 ... some support is missing (See picture). Missing Support WHen Support Z Distance Is Zero.zip
  4. Hi, after calibrating the axle the printer is not able to change the Printcore. In front of the calibrating the Head with the printcores is going to the right side of the printer and could change the printcore. One of them is going up and the other one was in use. Now, the Head is not going to the correct position with the plastic part to switch the core. The head is about a few cm behind the correct position. I'm not sure why and I don't have any idea to solve the issue. I am grateful for any hint. Thanks, Heribert
  5. I have set my Cura 4.5 to create support lines, when looking in the preview it clearly shows only creating lines as supports. I have done this becouse the lines are easier to remove from some prints. Now when i start printing the lines they turn into zig-zags. (See pictures) I have tried messing around with the temperature (maybe it pulls to much from line to line) but this does not make a difference. However with previous versions this worked perfectly however since upgrading to 4.5 this problem occurs. It is not pulling extra feed from the previous line to string to the next line, it is just not retracting the fillament at the end and it acutally keeps feeding to create a zig zag pattern. I am using these settings: Support placement: Everywhere Overhead angle: 20 Pattern: Lines Support wall line count: 0 (i want just lines without any walls going around) Density: 40% Line distance: 1.05 mm (auto calculated) Travel speed: 120 mm/s Support speed: 20 mm/s It seems like it is generating a zig zag pattern altho the settings are set to lines. It is not over extruding or stringing to the next line. The foto's attached are recent supports of my latest print, altho they were not the hardest to remove, i would still prefer lines to be lines for future, more advanced, prints. Is this a bug with the current version of Cura or is this something on my end, and if so what can i do to fix this? The prints are comming out just fine, i has a little X axis problem earlier but that has been fixed. No layer shifts or any problems at the moment.
  6. Hi folks I've been printing now for approx 8years+ creating my own drawings in Sketchup and fusion 360, ive updated Cura over the years as and when needed, however i've encountered a problem. I have damaged 2 nozzle my recent software update to 4.2.1 has changed the travel position upon starting the print. On the earlier version of cura 15.04.3 the nozzle was raised slightly above the print bed (start point lower left corner) it then lowered and travelled diagonally to centre of bed starting the print process. The problem i have now is that the print head is virtually at print bed height then travels approx 50-60mm along x axis then travels straight up to centre, it comes into contact with my bulldog clip front left and scrapes the bed glass slightly as the glass is slightly smaller than print bed, however this is not the issue. Is there anyway i can modify the start up Gcode to have it perform like the earlier version mentioned, ie travelling diagonally from start after lowering as it travels. Sorry for sounding long winded, i prefer not to go back to earlier version. The machine i'm using is a Prusa i3, thanks in advance.
  7. I have a new Ultimaker S5 that keeps rebooting on it's own. It will reboot at random times when I am trying to start a print or navigating through the menus to check or change settings. I have sent it in for service, but they were not able to repeat the issue. Today it gave me an "Unrecognized error, which it says could be mismatch between the installed electronics and the firmware." Is anyone else having this type of problem with the S5?
  8. I updated firmware this morning on UM2= and UM2+Ext. The UM2+ extended crashed into nozzle after upgrade. I calibrated table and problem went away. I started UM2+ and crashed into nozzle, also. I calibrated table and keeps crashing. The heater core on my 2+ext is out and have ordered a new one, but now my 2+ is down, also. NEED FIX to FIRMWARE ASAP!!! Thank you, James
  9. I tried searching for "cura AND connect" which didn't work too well. The suggestion under the search box was The phrase "cura AND connect" cura AND AND AND connect Newest results first cura AND connect in content titles only which suggests to me that the AND didn't work because it suggested "... AND AND AND ..." which is ridiculous.
  10. Hi! Today I updated From Cura 3.0.4 to Cura 3.1. Using the new version unfortunately the build plate levelling does not work correctly. The plate stops with z-axis about 10 mm before nozzle. After reinstalling Cura 3.0.4 everything works fine. I'm working with an Ultimaker Original+. What could be wrong with 3.1? Or do I need to change anything.
  11. When I click the link in the notification email from UM, the target forum page opens with: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S136/C This happens persistently in Firefox, Opera and Chrome.
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