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  1. I seem to have NO control over my Ender 5 Pro with Cura 4.9 scripts. I can't get pause to work, change temperature to even print a temp tower. Extruder variations, etc. I've tried everything - printing from SD, printing directly to the printer...nothing. Cura 4.9 beta I've got the Creality 4.2.2 board, running installed marlin firmware 1.1.1 (according to the about info on display), a BLTouch, everything is leveled correctly, I've tried turning off the printer, unplugging it, restarting - nothing changes. I've turned off start G-code completely so nothing but firmware is lo
  2. Cura 4.9 will freeze while loading on "initializing build volume", also reported on /topic/36785-cura-49-freezing-at-initializing-build-volume/ The problem is with ultimaker account sigh in Fix is to delete the row "ultimaker_auth_data = ..." from cura.cfg and re sing in on application launch
  3. The first used core on my S3 prints fine but the second one does not extrude any material. Switching back to 4.8 solves the problem.
  4. Hi Apologies if this has been answered a million times over but is anybody else finding annoying little bugs in 4.9 such as the zoom lock continually switching from zoom towards mouse direction? Constant crashing and freezing, aligning face to build plate only working once you've first rotated or interacted with the model? I am kinda new to 3D printing so don't fully understand or put too much time into scrolling thru all of the different changes with each update, but just cant imagine any of the many new annoying bugs would be a purposeful change. If I am missing someth
  5. so I installed cura, launched it and well, not only the text looks weird, when I rightclick or go over any topleft menus this is what I see. I don't know how to even type it in google. Could anyone please point me in the right direction? Drivers are updated, previously (half a year ago) there were no such issues with Cura. Examples: Some menus looks normally (namely file and edit, nothing else). As you can see some menus show properly, some menus have...mossaic on them. Thank you for any assistance.
  6. Hi ! I noticed when I installed Cura Arachne Beta that, there was the option variable line strategy, witch is pretty good to suppress weird lines ... However in this version I have a problem with the tab : walls ; first when I close it, a part of it stay open and can not be closed, There is also an other problem, the top/bottom lines style (zigzag ...) can not be changed (always line) because it is not show (I take all parameters in my custom selection), and also when I put the French language, not everything is in French as y
  7. I upgraded from 5.8 to 5.9, but 5.9 does not prime print core 1 before starting to print, hence prints fail as material is not extruding properly at the start of the print. I reverted back to V5.8 and the print core 1 prime works Ok and print is a success. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue with V5.9. Note if you let the print proceed the first part associated with print core 1 is missing but the material will start to extrude part way through and hence is OK until the next pass over the initial missing print portion and from there on the print is a mess.
  8. I recently switched from windows to ubuntu 20.10 from windows 10 and loving it. however after installing cura, and trying to get a print ready i discovered that if i use the file to try and open files cura closes. dragging and dropping parts onto the build area works to get them loaded; but cura closes when i try to save the gcode. what is going on? and how do i fix it?
  9. Dear community, Once the G-code, generated by Cura 4.8, sent to 3D-printer (Lerdge-based custom made), it ignores hotend temperature. What might be the problem?
  10. When i try to load Cura it freezes on the screen that says initializing build volume and wont go past that.
  11. All last night I accepted the 6.3.0 fw update from the screen of my 2018 UM S5. It appeared to have started the process as expected. This morning it is stuck on the UM splash screen with no menu access. Cura can send jobs to it as expected, I am printing one now. The display is still on the UM splash screen and unresponsive. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated? Also since this is the earlier model, if I need to perform the recovery procedure (with extra safety precaution) how do I go about getting the recover image for this machine and docs? than
  12. Cura generates some weird paths at layer 424 (0.2 layer size) Not present in the original model горшок балкон пол низ.STL
  13. I am having trouble for some time now with profile settings not being saved. I did a clean install of Cura 4.9, deleting all previous versions and profile folder. I chose a default profile and tweaked at least 50 settings, "Update profile with current settings", chose a name and saved it. In preference / profiles / global settings the profile shows only 7 saved settings. Any idea what's up?
  14. I am a Cura user for many years now since I bought my very first Chinese Prusa I3. This is a great software with many interesting features. That is the only software I use for my FDM printers. But I have noticed some glitches and some things not optimal. I have photos and screen shots to explain each of them and I have ideas on how to solve problems introduced. Here is a first list: 1 – Minor, preview mode: A glitch I experienced a few times: one of the layers in preview mode to be displayed on the build plate and not at the right height. Thankfully the gcode is correct the laye
  15. During the double extruder printing, this happens in the last few days. Solutions?
  16. I installed and used Cura 4.9 yesterday with no problems but today when i try to open i get the attached error. I tried to uninstall and empty config files. Then reinstall and i am still getting the same issue. Anyone know what can be causing this error????
  17. I tried to change my material this morning because I have a 9 day print that's 2 days away from being done. But now it's stuck on 'paused' despite material being in the loading bay. I feel like I need to somehow 'reboot' it to wake it up, but obviously I don't want to mess up the print that's paused. Is there anything I can do?
  18. Morning Ultimaker developers , I was using Cura Slicer 4.8.0 and I downloaded the new Cura Slicer 4.9.0 and started having problems printing . I tried several different setting as I thought I had made some changes by mistake. After 5 or 6 attempts I started to reach out to Youtube video sites & Ultimaker (I sent you a email) to see what was going on. I was trying to print items like the "Flexi Pterodectyl & Dragon". The flexi parts seem they were bonded together with other parts and was not able to flex, could not understand what was going on as I had printed flexi butterflys no
  19. Hi all, I installed Cura 4.8 from a network drive. I recently upgraded to 4.9 which is probably a mute point. I believe that my problem is that I ran the executable installation from a network drive and Cura can't understand that. It installed to my local machine but it won't run without having access to my netowrk drive. I get the message of " Error in sys.excepthook Exception [WinError 53] the network path is not found x:\\4.9\\build\\inst\\bin\\cura_app.py ..." I have uninstalled cura multiple times with and without configuration files while being disco
  20. Bonjour je viens d'installer le nouveau cura 4.9, dés que je veux ouvrir un fichier ça bug le logiciel se ferme sans raison, la version 4.8 fonctionnais très bien.
  21. We just recently bought a S5 Pro bundle (w/the air manager and material station). It was working great until we updated to Cura 4.9.0 a couple days ago and it sent the 'new material profiles' to the printer. Now whenever we try to send the machine a print via network or usb, it aborts the print with the reason "Material 2: ? ? ? is not compatible with the AA 0.4 print core 2". We have tried both the breakaway and PVA we have loaded in the material station (and the material station registers both as the correct materials in digital factory/on the touchscreen), and both are genuine UM filaments.
  22. Hi, I've noticed possible bug related to printing multiple models in sequence. I'm printing models from 2015 3D Printer Shoot Out Test Models . With build plate adhesion configured to raft, top part of overhang test is printed with Z=0, see attached image . That would cause print printing head to crash against printed part. With different build plate adhesion settings, overhang test prints fine . I'm using latest cura 4.9
  23. I have a UM3E which I've installed some buildtak print sheets on. I've turned off automatic leveling, as the nozzle would melt the print surface. This was behaving correctly for a long time, but recently it's started to misbehave. At print starts it will drive the Z axis down past the end stop. Since it's lost its Z position it will then drive the nozzle into the bed. When I turn on autoleveling and switch to a different bed material the startup sequence is a little different and it behaves normally. I'd like to go back to buildtak sheets. They worked before
  24. Hello all, I've just ordered my first 3d printer (Ender 3) and wanted to familiarize myself with Cura before it arrives. After download, during set up, I wasn't able to click the link (nothing happened when clicked) to create an Ultimaker account, so I went directly to the website to do so. After the program was finished setting up, I tried again signing in, but every time I click the link, nothing happens. There's no prompt, no new window, nothing. I'm using an Asus i5 laptop with Windows 8.1 and Google Chrome is this helps at all.
  25. Hi, for a quite a while, I'm having an issue with Cura. It often crashes during startup, let's say 8 times out of 10. The issue is caused by some kind of incompatibility of display drivers from Intel. To work around this issue, I've to disable Intel 630 display adapter. I know this is most likely caused by bug in Intel drivers, not in Cura. Still, it would be nice, if Cura had at least an option, which would disable using buggy Intel opengl drivers to render Cura GUI. I'm using cura on MSI GL 63/Windows 10/Nvidia 1050/Intel UHD 630. Let me know, if you need
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