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Found 15 results

  1. Hi We are upgrading our office printer from an UP BOX and I am considering a UM3 or UM3E. Marketing and reviews have worked their magic on me but I'm just hoping for some general feedback on print times (...long print times are noted as cons on reviews) and some general thoughts on print quality and reliability from those who already own (...if I had my time again I would have...). UPStudio and UM Cura are showing similar build times for same print parameters and a random selection of my 3D models. But folk on this forum are saying actual print times are often running significantly longer than Cura estimates (UPStudio seems pretty bang on for our tired old UP BOX). I don't have any direct questions but am hoping for some general thoughts from those in the know to help make sure my expectations are realistic. Thanks very much!
  2. A few months back I bought a UM2+ with an uninstalled Mark 2 upgrade. I have most of the parts except for some odds and ends, mainly wiring. I figured I'd post here first instead of buying a lot of extra cables and connectors I won't use from Digikey/eBay/etc. Looking for: Stepper Motor Extension Cable Temp Sensor 2 Cable (from Mark 2 expansion board to main board) 24VDC cable (from Mark 2 expansion board to main board) 18 AWG wire for Heater 2 (from Mark 2 expansion board to main board)
  3. Hi,I am a product designer and have upgraded my 3D printer range, with too little space in my studio for four printers I am selling my Ultimaker Original. With a record of 1,500-2,000 print hours it is still in good operating condition and has a working dual extruder. About a year ago there was a problem with one of the motors skipping but it was easily repaired by adjusting the supply voltage on the motor driver's potmeter. Supplied with the 3D printer are the power and USB cable, an SD-card+controller, dual extruder kit installed, one roll of PLA filament, 10 spare nozzles in various sizes and many other spare parts.Price EUR 349 / US$ 399 excl. shipping. EU buyers preferred.A great starter set so let me know if you are interested! Regards, Ralph Zoontjens - Product Designer - www.id-z.one
  4. I am selling this second hand UMO+ which can be used for parts or for an experienced user who whats to fix and replace some parts. It comes complete with the power supply and cable. The heat bed sensor and the nozzle sensor wire are faulty. The printer is available for €300 for collection in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  5. I Have a brand new in the box never opened ultimaker 3 for sale. i have a taz 6 that will tide me over until i can get an s5. for now i need the money : ( asking $3000 shipped . i paid $3495 before the $287 tax (tax was including some other filaments i bought ) so im selling at a $750 discount from what i paid . open to all offers above $2500. need to sell asap. thank you.
  6. Hi all! Is anyone selling a used Ultimaker 2, 2+ and 3 in the UK? Looking to update my current printer. Cheers!
  7. Looking for a UM2 or UM2+ in the United States.
  8. Dear all, We are using Ultimaker 2+ Extended for several years with no problem at our office. Now we do need to buy a second 3d printer with the capability of water soluble support material for better quality prints. We were planning to buy Ultimaker 3 extended. Then my partner asked why not Ultimaker S5? So I could not decide what to do? is there any body using both 3 and S5. Is there a huge differance? Should I pay 20% more and buy S5? Thanks
  9. Hi all, I am looking to purchase a used Ultimaker 3 or 3 Extended located in the U.S. Preferably in Los Angeles or California, but I'll take what I can get. Only request is that machine works well and has no issues. I'm an artist and creative director and its time to finally invest in my own machine. If anyone has one for sale in the U.S. please let me know. Cheers, Jonathan www.polygonfuture.com mail@polygonfuture.com
  10. Hello there, I am from Mumbai, how to buy ultimaker printer in Mumbai?? Is there any dealer or store available in Mumbai?? please guide me about this!!
  11. After weeks of research and decisions, I’m ready to make the plunge and buy a UM3 or UM3E. Does it matter which vendor I buy it from? Ultimaker, Dynamism, MatterHackers, 3D Universe, Amazon, etc. Price seems to be same so wanted to ask what else might matter? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  12. Hi, I sell my UM2 with Olsson Block matchless, Bondtech feeder, Enclosure with particule filter. I am based in Paris, France. That's the reason why my ad is mainly in French. If you want more details, I can translate the ad. price: 2000 euros Pick up in Paris only. Ultimaker 2 optimisé avec capot filtrant, feeder Bondtech, extruder Olsson block Bonjour, je vends mon Ultimaker 2 première main que j’ai bichonné et amélioré avec le temps. Elle est en parfait état de marche. Je m’en sépare car j’ai acheté une Ultimaker 3 et je n’ai pas besoin de 2 imprimantes 3D. Ultimaker est dans le top des marques d’imprimante 3D de bureaux les plus populaire du monde. Cette imprimante est open source, donc elle est facilement modifiable. La communauté d’utilisateur Ultimaker est excellente et vous trouverez toujours réponse à vos questions. Le lot comprend: -L’Ultimaker 2 acheté en 2014 (2377 euros) -l’Olsson block v3 matchless avec buses (0,25mm; 0,4mm; 0,6mm; 1mm) -une nouvelle resistance de chauffage pour le heater 35 W acheté en 2016 (192 euros) -un capot en plexiglass avec porte et filtre à particule HEPA acheté en 2016 (369 euros) -un nouveau Feeder professionnel Bondtech acheté en 2017 (203 euros) Prix d’achat initial total: 3141 euros J’ai changé récemment des pièces d’usures que je ne compte pas dans le prix d’achat initial (le tube Bowden, les courroies, les ventilateurs latéraux et les pièces plastiques du bloc d’impression). Le firmware est également à jour. Cette imprimante est donc encore plus performante que quand je l’ai acheté. Prix de vente: 2000 euros. C’est un bon prix si on considère les améliorations (Olsson Block avec buses matchless v3, Feeder Bondtech, hotte filtrante, etc). Paiement en liquide ou Paypal . Vente en main propre sur Paris (Montmartre, metro Jules Joffrin). Si vous avez des questions, je suis à votre disposition. Je suis sérieux. Si vous l’êtes aussi, je vous donnerai mon numéro de portable pour pouvoir communiquer plus simplement. À bientôt, Nicolas
  13. Edit : I have find cheap from china. No need anymore. Hello, I have broke my hot end isolator into my peek isolator, so I search to by that in france or Europe for faster delivery. Also I prefere second hand for a low price. PEEK_Isolator Hot_End_Isolator_Tube Thank you.
  14. I'm looking for a used Ultimaker 2+. I would prefer to buy from inside the European Union, but I am also interested in all offers globally. Alternatively Ultimaker 2, which I will later upgrade to 2+. Any tips where to look for except for ebay? What are the main differences between 2 and 2+? Are there any observable differences? How close to a factory built 2+ is the 2 with upgrades? Thanks for your input!
  15. i want to buy a upgrade kit for my ultimaker 2 , i am in china mainland , the price here is ridiculous here , about 620 EUR ,so do you have a place to buy in Europe ?
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