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  1. Looking for a broken Ultimaker, ideally UM2 but would consider others for a project I am wanting to do. I'm based in the UK so would be looking for something from someone local. Please DM me if you have anything along these lines. Thanks.
  2. Ok... sorry, but there is a bit of a preamble before I get to the meat of my questions. ME: I have been using an older generic 3d printer( QIUI II) with Simplify 3D, for a while. Still climbing the learning curve with CAD to do stuff. I was given a "Decommissioned" Ultimaker 3. I do not know how much it was used, but I am going to assume a fair amount. (school environment). Unfortunately, the way it was "decommissioned". it was replaced, and then someone put a sign on it that said "Still works, needs a little TLC". It then got put in a pile of other stuff, to be taken to the recycling center on campus. What sucks is that then the facility guys show up with be carts, and TOSS everything into the bins.. yes.. with stuff TOSSED in on top also. End result, by the time I got it, things I *know* are an issue, Missing one 6mm rod/rail for the head to travel on (I replaced), Missing Power supply, missing filament spool holders. I can also see that one of the wires for the heated bed cable has kind of burnt out/exposed wire. I think it might also be missing a cable that I do not know what it does.. called the "NFC" cable? maybe it goes to the filament roller thing that I do not have? The head has in it an AA .4 and a BB .4 nozzles, which look ok... but probably no big deal to replace. I did buy a power supply off ebay... when I turn it on, the control knob lights up, but the display screen is blank. So.. my long rambling question: Does it sound like this is worth saving? Do you have any suggestions that I should check, to see if it has other problems? I can put some money into it, but $3000 for a working used UM3 , or more for other models, is not really in my budget. I would LOVE to get this machine working , because it is way more advanced than my current printer.... but.... I need to decide if it is reasonable to rebuild it, if the parts are ultimately too expensive.
  3. Wanting an UO or UO+ and will take one that is either functional or non-functional and require some work. I am based in the UK so would ideally want one from the UK but if postage isn't too bad it could be posted from another country. I have a very low budget for this, ideally sub £75 ($90) excluding potential shipping costs. Please message me if you have anything. Thanks.
  4. Looking to buy a used Ultimaker printer in Mumbai, India. Sellers, please get in touch.
  5. Hardly used printer. Well taken care off. Comes with many extra goodies with hood for extraction system. With many nozzles and many different materials of 3D print material.
  6. Hi everyone, looking for an S5 for sale in the US. Preferably close to CA, but elsewhere is fine. Message me if you're selling one. Thanks. Purchased on Friday! I've been printing with it since I brought it home. Used to Ultimaker from different labs, but finally have one in my garage at home. 🙂 Can't wait to test the 0.8mm print core for my larger prints and the 0.25mm on the more detailed ones. Checking in Cura with some quick adjustments I was able to get one of my large prints down from 14.5 hrs to around 6 hours (more reliable settings look around 9 hours though).
  7. Hey folks! I would love you help deciding on buying this used Ultimaker. It is a first generation Ultimaker 3 Extended that has 2800 print hours on it and was owned as a demo unit for a 3D printing shop. It is priced at 1900$ USD. It is in working order. I am able to view in person and run a test print. Is there any other questions I should ask? All that said, is this a good purchase? Thanks for you help! Grant
  8. I'm willing to drive up to 50 miles from Seattle (Ballard) for pickup. Potentially okay with shipping if within the United States.
  9. As the title says, looking at buying another s5. I prefer to inspect it. So if you have one in EU I dont mind driving a day to have a look. I am located in CZ.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm looking for an Ultimaker 2+/3 extended edition to buy. The printer can be used, as long as the printing quality is sufficient. I'm able to pick up the machine in the Benelux, but shipping is no problem too. The price can be negotiated, but I'm trying to save some money by buying second hand 😉 Have a nice day! Thanks! Bryan
  11. Hello :), usually there are like only "selling" posts, but I’m trying my luck with a "looking for" one anyways :). Long story short, I’m looking for a Material Station for my S5. Since I can’t justify buying a new one, I’m looking for a used one. Maybe someone wants to get rid of his or hers. I’m located in Germany and would prefer to pick it up rather than having it shipped. Feel free to post your offer here :).
  12. SOLD For sale in Belgium, but will ship at buyer's expense; Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle Unlock easy, always-on 3D printing with automatic material handling, efficient air filtering, and filament humidity control. From 2020. Looking for 7500€ SOLD
  13. I am looking to buy a few Ultimakers. I am really wanting the 2+, but can upgrade the standard 2 if the price is right. Let me know if anyone is selling theirs or not.
  14. Hi Ultimaker community! I am selling my trusty Ultimaker S5. The printer has lived only in my home studio environment, with just one owner and carefully looked after. The printer has been carefully used and is in great condition. location - Cardiff, Wales. Price - £4,950 all in (or best offer). Preferably collection only due to bulk and value of the item, but this can be discussed. Please refer to the images for usage time specifics. There are no known mechanical issues with the printer and it is working perfectly. There are no cosmetic blemishes either and the printer is in ‘like new’ condition. The printer comes with filament (see images), 6x print cores (all used), a hood with HEPA filter and one unused filter. It also comes with the original accessory box, one used glass bed, along with one brand new unused glass bed. I can provide example prints if the buyer requests and sends a file over for proof of functionality!
  15. Selling my ultimaker 2+ extended for 2k. Nearly new, bought last year and haven't used it in 6 months. Comes in original box and ultimaker repair box. I can ship or meet somewhere close to Williamsburg!!
  16. Hello everybody, I'm interested in buying an Ultimaker 2 GO, in any condition, even with missing parts must be in Europe to keep shipping cost reasonable. I'm in Italy please make offers Diego
  17. Hi I´ am going abroad and therefore I´´ am looking for UM2+ and um 2go to take along Price < 1000 € for Um2+ and < 500 € for UM 2go regards
  18. gently used comes with original A/B nozzles and filament. Excellent Condition for home use asking $3,000 OBO
  19. Ultimaker 2 Extended Modded With Extra's! £1,400 This printer includes the following:1. Olsson Block kit 0.2 to 0.8mm nozzle sizes Kit £1102. Bond Tech Feeder Mod £1303. 12 ABS Filament Sample Packs plus Copperfill, Woodfill & Ninjaflex Filaments4. Spare PT100 Temperature Sensor (£40-60)5. Has been fitted with a much quieter cooling fan and has a Spare fan too (the smaller one at the back of the housing (quite hard to get a hold of. Also lots of spare pressure clips and collars! & all the allen keys it came with.Done Only (6547) Hours and prints phenomenal prints. I'm selling due to wanting a another printer.The power cable hood has came off see pic (6) but does not affect it in any way.Sad to see it go but I need to try new things whoever it goes to will have endless hours of printing if they know how to service it properly.Also comes with noise reduction felt bottomed bulldog feet (Printed with this printer)Open to sensible offers Please plus this listing has NO reserve!Collection in Longbridge B31 Birmingham I could courier but buyer would have to quote and pay for the service.Happy Bidding!
  20. Im selling my Ultimaker 2 3D printer and filaments and accessories. Its in EXCELLENT shape. I just dont use it enough and am downsizing my life... (wife's idea) ***$1,380 OBO!!!!*** We are currently in Dover Florida (Near Tampa). Would love to show you the printer and do a test print when you come to see it. I have a few different filaments that come with the printer. PLA, ABS, Flex, Translucent... typically $45+ ea. This allows you to get your toe wet in the 3D printing world without having to spend a ton of money. Its fast, reliable, and fun. i have made toys for my niece and nephew, i have made items for around the house that we couldnt have bought. PLUS, i will give you lessons on how to successfully print, maintain and troubleshoot the printer. I also have some videos of the printer in action. Thanks and happy printing!
  21. Not looking for an "extended" version just the standard 2 or 2+ working or not. If not working or needs work please PM me and explain whats wrong with the printer and the price your asking. Looking for a reasonable price, willing to buy right away. Will only pay thru paypal. EDIT: If this thread is still up, i am still looking so please PM me regardless.
  22. Hi We are upgrading our office printer from an UP BOX and I am considering a UM3 or UM3E. Marketing and reviews have worked their magic on me but I'm just hoping for some general feedback on print times (...long print times are noted as cons on reviews) and some general thoughts on print quality and reliability from those who already own (...if I had my time again I would have...). UPStudio and UM Cura are showing similar build times for same print parameters and a random selection of my 3D models. But folk on this forum are saying actual print times are often running significantly longer than Cura estimates (UPStudio seems pretty bang on for our tired old UP BOX). I don't have any direct questions but am hoping for some general thoughts from those in the know to help make sure my expectations are realistic. Thanks very much!
  23. A few months back I bought a UM2+ with an uninstalled Mark 2 upgrade. I have most of the parts except for some odds and ends, mainly wiring. I figured I'd post here first instead of buying a lot of extra cables and connectors I won't use from Digikey/eBay/etc. Looking for: Stepper Motor Extension Cable Temp Sensor 2 Cable (from Mark 2 expansion board to main board) 24VDC cable (from Mark 2 expansion board to main board) 18 AWG wire for Heater 2 (from Mark 2 expansion board to main board)
  24. Hi,I am a product designer and have upgraded my 3D printer range, with too little space in my studio for four printers I am selling my Ultimaker Original. With a record of 1,500-2,000 print hours it is still in good operating condition and has a working dual extruder. About a year ago there was a problem with one of the motors skipping but it was easily repaired by adjusting the supply voltage on the motor driver's potmeter. Supplied with the 3D printer are the power and USB cable, an SD-card+controller, dual extruder kit installed, one roll of PLA filament, 10 spare nozzles in various sizes and many other spare parts.Price EUR 349 / US$ 399 excl. shipping. EU buyers preferred.A great starter set so let me know if you are interested! Regards, Ralph Zoontjens - Product Designer - www.id-z.one
  25. I am selling this second hand UMO+ which can be used for parts or for an experienced user who whats to fix and replace some parts. It comes complete with the power supply and cable. The heat bed sensor and the nozzle sensor wire are faulty. The printer is available for €300 for collection in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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