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  1. My ultimaker 3 extended is making a cracking sound right at the start of printing. I have a video of it in the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18QAjhxYC2Xy78odw2MmHF-RyHaRjvn3W/view?usp=sharing Any help would be really appreciated. Cheers, Ibnul.
  2. I noticed my tree supports during this print have lots of weird gaps in the walls etc. I checked in Cura 4.8 preview and noticed the slicer also shows these. Please see the attached screenshot. Didn't have this problem in earlier versions. Didn't change the settings at all. What can cause this or is it just a weird bug?
  3. Hi people! We recenttly bought an S5 Pro Bundel and we are facing seriuos problems. I am in a city that the humidity usually reaches 85% on the summer ( south Brazil ). The printer is installed in a room with air conditioning ( 65% humidity in the room) The Material station (MS) is never turned off, and I only use original Ultimaker materials. I only open the MS when some spool finish, and is very quickly. My PVA, Nylon, TPU printing are horrible, I need to keep dry in an external device and keep on MS when printing. I'm dealing with my local supplier since 1
  4. So I've been holding off writing this for 2 months or so as time is scarce these days but i cant take it anymore. Maybe someone where can help. Mac Version Cura 4.8.0 Mac OS 11.1 Router EPC3940L Problems: Cura / Ultimaker S5 do not stay connected to each other and cannot print over wifi network. No, i cant use a LAN cable. Reproduction - After turning on the UM5 it connects to the newwork fine. router shows its mac and IP addresses are active and connected. Cura will find the printer and be able to print via network. After printing for an undetermined amou
  5. I use my printer regularly, powered off 2 days ago with no issues. Today it doesn't work anymore. After powering it on it stays stuck at boot logo. Any chance to unblock it and how?
  6. What it says on the tin. When the S5 has a failed nozzle probe , which is 1/4 prints or so for me, it will perform one of two behaviours and ive no idea what they depend on. nozzle probe fails and after the cooldown cycle tries to probe again, almost always the 2nd time works with no interference from me nozzle probe fails and after the cooldown cycle pretends that it finished the print (you can see in cura that it thinks it finishes a multi hour print in a minute. Im of the opinion that after a failed probe the UM5 should ask if you wish to try again. Either way
  7. Cura 4.8 downloaded and installed. That is about all it did. Upon execution the program started did the welcome lets get started spiel and then promptly shut down. Thats all I got. I did catch a glimpse of the address bar saying cura was not responding just as the shutdown happens. Is this going to be fixed anytime soon or is there a working stable version I should be useing since 4.7 was kind of buggy as well. Which is the safest version to use? Bells and whistles are not important. The finished slice is whats important. Thank you for your time.
  8. Good day all, When I run Cura to slice models to print, I immediately experience network issues. This happens for Cura versions 4.6, 4.7 and 4.8. Upon launching Cura, I experience network issues. Issue are as listed: 1. Wifi disconnects immediately 2. Wifi connected has no connection (no internet) - youtube does not load, speed test does not work 3. Wifi network cannot search for wifi connections available 4. Wifi card deactivated and not running - needs to be manually restarted 5. Reconnecting to wifi when Cura is running results in constant
  9. Hi, usually I launch Cura. Then, File->Open File to open a 3mf file with the settings I use, make some modifications on the settings and/or STL and then save under a different filename. However, the top left of the Cura window still shows the original rather than the new name. Is this a bug? For example, I launch Cura. Open a file called filename1 and make some modifications. Then, I go to File->Save Project to save it as filename2. However, the top left of the Cura window still shows that it is under filename1 rather than filename2.
  10. Hi - I have read through a couple of posts on this topic, but as most of them are quite dated, I am not sure whether anything has changed. For the first time I tried printing with a 0.8mm nozzle and decided to fiddle with the printing temperature while printing to try and alleviate some of the "cotton candy" stringing I have been experiencing lately. To my surprise I noticed the Nozzle Temp was printing at a staggering 240C as apposed to the 205 set in Cura. After some reading, it seems the Printer G-Code setting needs to be changed to ReRap in Cura away from the Def
  11. Have an ERO7 message; X or Y switch broken; said to to ultimaker.com/ERO7 - but got a 404 code. Any comments?
  12. Hi, i'm currently tuning my part cooling settings, and i think i found a bug. i got a pretty good cooling setup where i'm able to get away with only 20% cooling on 8 sec layer times up to 45deg overhangs. and i like to print with somewhat okay minimum speed at around 20mms. So i adjusted my regular/maximum fan speed threshold to 8 sec. and my minimum layer time to 10 sec and min speed 20mms On my test tuning model i get around 10-11 sec layer times and i would assume to fan speed would be at 20%, but thats not the case.. cura adjust my cooling speed to max set speed at 65 and stay
  13. trying to print an object and when it gets to the second layer the curra code sends the machine to the x and y offsets for the nozzles and then continues to print at some random offset point from this. I have doubled checked every thing i can however it is just not working. Any time i do a job with dual extruders it jus falls over. Any help would be appreciated. I have loaded the Gcode and the current Profile if any one wants to have a look. CFFFP_3D Printed Arm Rev a.gcode PETG8.4.curaprofile
  14. I've been having issues with my S5 for a while, and decided that perhaps the Bowden tubes were the problem. Yesterday I received new ones, replaced them, cleaned both extruders, cleaned and lubricated the feeders and reset the tension. Tried a test print on the job I was working on, and it failed. I was using toughpla in extruder 1 and PVA in 2, with the correct extruders. After the printer cooled down, I went to unload and store the PVA. The process went as usual, except instead of waiting for the extruder to heat, the printer tried to remove the filament immediately, and failed. There
  15. I don't know if it's me being a dumbass but despite having selected option 1, 2, 3, 4 only option 1 is showing, Is it my fault? Other youtube videos I've seen you can see the options and change values.
  16. I'm having trouble with the new Pause at height script in Cura. I like to use it to stop a print to change filaments. I typically accomplish this by using my printer's firmware to retract old filament, I had some initial issues with it due to me not realizing that it was going to drop out the heater, causing my printer firmware to disable the extruder which would prevent me from changing filament, I have solved that with settings. Now I'm stuck on this issue where the extruder goes the wrong direction when the print resumes. It retracts instead of extruding. Further manual pausing
  17. Hey Guys, I have been using cura for more than 3 years now and recently ran into a really strange behavior after slicing one of my model. Infills are generated outside the model and also at specific layers in mid air. I am using the latest Cura version of 4.8 and I have sliced this exact same model on older versions without any issues. What makes it weirder is that the locations of these floating infills randomly shifts as I tweak the slicer settings such as infill%, infill pattern, line width, Number of wall lines etc. I even tried slicing with the Cura preset profile
  18. Hi there, I have recently added a second Nvidia GTX 970 to my computer. After i enabled SLI cura crashed during application loading. I see the splash screen and when it gets to loading UI it crashes and the program doesn't complete its load cycle. are there any settings or things i need to apply to make this work with SLI when i disable SLI the program loads as expected I am running windows 10 intel i7 4GHZ 32GB ram 2x Nvidia GTX 970 SSD hard drives Any help would be amazing
  19. *Sigh* here we go again; just updated from 5.2.11 to 5.2.16 and guess what... the corrupted display bug (see this topic) re-appeared. Just like it did when I originally upgraded to 5.2.11 from the versions before that. As the title states, I'm on a UM3. The corrupted display is not the worst of it, though, just like last time, the printer randomly stalls while printing (but keeps extruding), leaving me with a failed print. @ultimaker: something in your upgrade process seems to break my printer (and by the looks of it other people's printers too). Last time t
  20. Hi Folks, 1. UM3+ connected to LAN via Wifi. Works great. Printing many jobs over network. 2. Cura app on both Mac and PC connect to printer just fine. I can manage printer and see camera stream via Cura AND web browser. 3. Apps on both iphone and iPad find the printer just fine. Clicking on the printer in the list on either device produces error: Can't connect to *my printer name* Your iPhone is connected to "Wi-Fi". 4. Verified the IP address of printer is within local device DHCP range of IP's. 5. Verified the iPhone and iPad are also within DHCP range of IP's.
  21. Hello, I've just bought a brand new UM2C, coming from UM2GO. I'm very happy with the print quality, it's a real gap. But I'm quite disapointed by the software : there are way less options that on my previous printer, and it's heavily slow. Some details : 1. I've added a Ziflex on the plate, but unfortunately I can't use my printer anymore because the calibration is only physical (using screws) and I've reach the end before teh right settings. On the Ultimaker 2 Go there is a 'software' calibration first where you can move the plate up and done, which woul
  22. Before the printer starts the calibration and rising the bed, an error shows up and the print job is cancelled This error appears as well when going to: System > Maintenance > Diagnostics > Bed level sensor I have tried to replace it for a new sensor but still the same issue Fmwr vs: 5.2.1620200331 cap_hUMmy_1970-01-01_00.21.20_X180.0Y155.0_sensor_reset.log
  23. When I slice my model in a certain orientation the logo on the outside wall partially dissappears. I don't know why this happens. The strange part of it does print the smallest detail of logo. The dot on the I. Can I fix the with a certain slicer setting or is this bug? Have had this problem with 4.6 so updated to 4.8 but that unfortunately did not fix it. This image illustrates the problem.
  24. After opening Cura my PC guaranteed to crash, it might be in 10 minutes, it might be 2 hours but it will happen. A complete crash too, can't even reboot without turning the power off and on at the PSU, it's quite impressive. Have read that others with AMD CPU's have had this same problem in other forum posts so I assume this is a known issue? Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Six-Core Processor, 3600 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s) Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB BaseBoard Product ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING GPU: Aorus GTX 1080 OS Name Microsof
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