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  1. Hi Everyone So my usage stats are totally wrong on my U3, can anyone help as I am currently passing this machine on to a new home and it has been raised. The printer has not been used much at all in the 2-3 years I have had it as a prototyping machine. I have attached a picture here of the report and it has me really puzzled. It has to be wrong as days hot at 4568 days would mean the machine has been on for over 12 years!! Any help on this would be much appreciated, or how I can correct or reset them. Many thanks Dave
  2. Hi, I have recently started to use a work flow of designing 3D objects that are prepared in such a way as to create multicolour prints using a single nozzle printer. The slicing technique to generate such objects requires that some parts be sliced in mid-air above the build plate and not in contact with it. I am having two difficulties: 1. Despite my NOT having 'Automatically Drop models to the build plate' tuned on, Cura slices all parts that are visually floating above the build plate as though they are sat flush with it anyway!!! I don't know why I can turn the setti
  3. im running a davinci pro 3in1, and yes i know thats my first problem. ive been running cura for a few months now and have had little to no problems until this. last week i clogged my nozzle to the point of needing to disassemble my entire hotend three times in one day. on closer inspection i noticed that instead of my usual 6.5mm retraction, it was pulling the filament out of the hotend and partially into the bowden tube before running it back in again. no bueno. i tried adjusting my retraction to 6mm on the off chance the decimal place wasnt registering, but to no avail. i also tried just t
  4. Hello, yesterday I changed the Filter of my Air Manager. Today I heard that the steppers are still enabled. (Motors warm and cant move head) So I testet it again.. and yes after the Filter change the printer homes but not disables the steppers.
  5. Cura generates some weird paths at layer 424 (0.2 layer size) Not present in the original model горшок балкон пол низ.STL
  6. I tried to change my material this morning because I have a 9 day print that's 2 days away from being done. But now it's stuck on 'paused' despite material being in the loading bay. I feel like I need to somehow 'reboot' it to wake it up, but obviously I don't want to mess up the print that's paused. Is there anything I can do?
  7. Ive tried downloading the Ultimaker S5 (2018 - early 2020) firmware version 6.2.0 as well as 6.3.0, but the website isnt actually downloading. Can anyone assist? Thank you
  8. I'm running Cura 4.8 on a Mac with Big Sur Ver 11.0.1. When I first start Cura, all is well. (Works as expected) Typically, the problem appears after I print a part and then load a new part to be printed. I cannot select any parts. If I close Cura and restart, I'm back to normal for a while. It happens as described but it has happened at other times too. Cura is not locked up because I can right click and the menu drops down. This is annoying! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello, I recently had to do a factory reset on our Ultimaker S3. And now when I open an stl in Cura there is a grey circle in the top left corner of the build plate. I read somewhere that the grey border on the build plate is because of the raft or brim settings. So i've been trying to find if this circle is there because some setting is checked, and I have been unable to determine if it is. If I just print the file with the grey circle there it will print it like it was a model, and you end up with a tube. The stl was made in Rhino I tried it with various files and they all have t
  10. Have been printing some basic objects for a new project without any issues. Now have an object that is basically a plate with a angled cylinder. Printing consistently causes a portion of the top of the cylinder to be fractured such that it readily breaks off or is only attached with a few threads of material. Photo shows the crescent shaped piece at the left of the top of the cylinder as the odd bit that gets cut off. The intent is that the cylinder is intact to the top. Model is created in Autodesk Fusion360 and exported as .OBJ file for use in driving Ultimaker S3 printer - also
  11. Hello! I need help. An error appeared on MacBook, in the same network on Windows there is no such error. Reinstalling Cura with deleting the folder does not help. Undeleteable program files remain in the system.
  12. I just bought a new Ultimaker 2+ Connect and I noticed that I hear a clear sand grinding noise when the bed is going up (either manually or automatically). What could this be and how can I fix this? Everything is lubricated correctly. Thanks for the help!
  13. I am running Kubuntu 20.04 and Cura 4.8.0, when I try to sign in to Ultimaker within Cura "Callibre book editor" starts so there is no way to access the marketplace. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so did they find a solution?
  14. I have been trying to get the raster angles to work. I use the following settings: [0, 90, 180, 270]. It still prints at the normal 45 degree angle. I started with [0, 90] and kept adding an additional angle trying to get it to work. Randall Black
  15. I love Cura overall, great software, I have recently needed to upgrade to M1 Mac as my last laptop died. I seem to be having a bunch of issues previewing models if they are even a little complicated and if they are moderately complex or worse they will crash the entire application. I know there likely won't be many M1 users for Cura but if there is a beta program I could participate in that'd be awesome, otherwise I am excited for when there is eventually an ARM compatible version available. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get it to run better (Like using Crossover and t
  16. Just got a CR10S Pro. Pulled in about 6 parts that I don't believe should be taxing the slicer. I'm using standard extrusion settings (.2mm layer thickness), and a 3D-Fuel Pro PLA filament profile that is the same as PLA except for the bed and extrusion temps. Seems to slice fine. I also added a brim with its standard settings. But when I go to preview, Cura either hangs, or it literally displays strange disorganized graphics on the machine that are reminiscent of a 1990's video card freeze / hangup. I am running the absolute latest Mac OS on the latest M-chip Mac Mini. Cura 4.8.0 seems to hav
  17. My company semi-recently bought an Ultimaker S5 pro-bundle. We had planned on using it mostly for fixtures, and have since printed some rudimentary parts with success. We have taken on the assignment of 3D printing a furnace gasket. We bought some TPC to prototype the parts, yet when I went to print it, the print time registered 0 on the printer. I thought this was odd, but just let the printer go and obviously it did not print anything. When I looked back at my Cura (4.8) slice, it said 8 hours and 45 minutes. Does anyone have previous experience with an issue like this? I am stil
  18. My ender 3 is stopping mid print and im using cura on it via usb. when it stops the printer says waiting for user and idk why it keeps doing that. Im using low quality 0.28 for this zip file (attached) its done it with all print and i havent found a solution Ender+3+double+drawer+with+organizers.zip
  19. I recently installed Cura on my linux laptop, but whenever I start up Cura, I am greeted with this screen, and no way to progress past it as far as I can tell. Looking through the setup guide, it looks like there is supposed to be a button labelled "Get Started" Under the text, but as you can see in the screenshot, no such button exists. I'd really appreciate some information on how I can fix this so that I can use the software. System Info: Cura Version: 4.8.0 OS: Arch Linux DE: KDE Plasma 5.21 (X11)
  20. I have this simple tube with a chamfer on it: In Cura... prepare view looks fine. But when I slice it, Cura is adding a full skin in the opening on the first few layers (the model in question is on the right of the next picture). It seems the extra skin is on the layers up to the depth of the chamfer. Interestingly, another similar tube (on the left) also with a chamfer does NOT get the superfluous skin, so I think I can rule out slicer settings. If I use the same model but without the chamfer as seen here:
  21. Really at the end of my rope here. This POS continually fails when trying to autolevel. It fails at either the last or next-to-last detection (out of 3 total probes) for the 2nd extruder. I have done the following: Leveled/re-leveled many times Swapped nozzles as well as installed brand new nozzles Followed advice to check the connector at the back of the head (it was fine with firm connection and no wires pulled) Besides dropping it off a tall building, what advice does anyone have to solve this problem? We've had this problem since buying the machine
  22. Hi there, Yesterday my Cura (that has been working fine) started opening up with a blank screen. If you go to preferences, it is also blank. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Cura but have the same results. The only thing I can think of is I tried going directly from Fusion360 to Cura instead of exporting the STL file. I saw other posts that mentioned going to a single monitor, I tried that with no success. I am running Cura 4.8.0 on a Mac running Big Sur 11.2.3. Any advice on what to do? Thanks in advance
  23. Hi guys, I am having a problem: I recently started working at a school with a dusty old UMO. Most functions seem to work properly, but I am having trouble with the motors. When using Cura to move the X/Y, they are working just fine. But after I do a Z-home, they do not work and start producing electric noises. The problems: the motors start missing steps. When moving by 100mm for example, they move for 1 second, pause for 1 second, and move for 1 second. This means it doesn't complete the 100mm movement. Also, it starts making noises like a capacitor overcharges and discharges,
  24. Since upgrading to 6.1, then 6.2 and now 6.3, I cura can't connect to my printer. It worked fine before the firmware upgrade. I have 1 Ultimer printer, I have owned it since the S5 was released and have never owned another one. I get an error that says "This printer is not set up to host a group of printers" in Cura When I connect to the printer directly there is no indication of groups etc. I have the firewall off, switch between ethernet and WIFI. Still get the same error.
  25. I recently wrote the attached thread, and the advice given to me by support was to reboot the printer. I did, but now it turns on, shows the Ultimaker S5 logo and the material station lights up (notably not the load/unload buttons though), and doesn't progress. Can I somehow factory reset this? Note the web portal doesn't seem to load either. )
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