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  1. Hey guys Been having a MAJOR issue tonight, after printing a select number of files on my Ender 3 printer, the printer and ALL g-code files sent to it, are ignoring the first "slower layers", and seems to be printing the first layer at around 100mm/s. After re-installing Cura, checking all of the settings on the slicer (Nothing has changed from previous), nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. I have attached screenshots of Cura, and have attached a Gcode, if someone can decode what's going on, you'd be amazing. Eggy CE3E3V2_Medium-Flexy.gcode
  2. This is a new problem that started when I try to upgrade to any version above 4.13.1. When I slice my files with thinly sliced curves I'm getting a very rough edge. It looks like the engine in 5+ is attempting too much precision - is this a new setting? You can see how smooth 4.13 is and 5 (I've tried all the recent versions & alphas) is super jumbled up. Dark (bad) is v 5.2.2 Light is v 4.13.1. Anyone have ideas? I thought I would ask here before submitting a GitHub bug report. thanks Alex
  3. I am helping a friend print doll house furniture. Found a bookcase STL file on Thingiverse. It is bigger than desired so I want to scale it down. If I reduce to 50% all is well. But if I reduce to 40%, the desired size, part of the sides of the bookcase go away and some of the books. I see that in preview and it prints the defect as well. I can't figure out why it alters the print. So I tried 41 and 42%. Not till I get to 43% do the sides come back. Some of the books are still missing though. Any thoughts? Lee
  4. I've been very disappointed and frustrated with my Ultimaker S5. Every time I go to print there is always an error from bed level sensor, offset probe failure, to height of print cores. Can someone explain why I am experiencing all of these issues and how to fix it or is it better to throw this printer out and buy a different brand?
  5. Hallo zusammen, mein Ultimaler S5 macht neuerdings Probleme. Plötzlich verfahren die X und Y Achsen nicht mehr. Hab das Troubleshooting lt. Anleitung gemacht, Endschalter funktionieren, Riemen sind gespannt. Wollte den Druckkopf in Homeposition fahren, jedoch ohne Erfolg. Die Schrittmotoren machen kein Geräusch. Fehlermeldung ER33
  6. Printer: Ultimaker S5 Material: Ultimaker tough PLA Firmware: The first strand of a bridge always has very bad drooping, but the second strand is near perfect, lost on which setting to adjust. Using Cura slicer with experimental bridge settings enabled. Tried lower temps, lowering speed, and lowering flow rate. All seems to only apply to the strands after the first, leaving a single strand drooping from what is otherwise a very decent bridge.
  7. I am trying to make a multipass first layer mulicolor print.. which I have done before, but my models won't merge probably in line with one another... anyone know if this is a bug or why this may be happening?
  8. Dear community, I would like to get some help with Cura software. Recently, I downloaded last version (5.2.1), but I have found some bugs in my computer (Win10 64 bits): There is no button for selecting the surface to put on the plate (Image 1), some advanced options do not appear (Image 2), and some new features do not appear either (Image 3). I have tried uninstalling, installing again, trying older versions like 5.1, 4.11 or 4.13, deleting the "/AppData/Roaming/cura" folder, updating the graphics card controller... but nothing seems to work. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance. Image 1: Image 2: Image 3:
  9. I run Cura 5.2.2 last night, wanted to render another item this morning and when I run the app, all I get is a white screen... Uninstalled, installed again, same thing. Tried 5.2.3, same outcome... No change on my PC whatsoever since last night... Any idea what's going on...?
  10. I have been using Win10 & Win11 and started using Cura back in Ver's. 3.6 and use a few versions due to performance issues with specific files I have tried most newer versions including the 5.0ver. and am getting the below problems Loading a file takes forever I am getting "NOT RESPONDING" PROMPTS when adjusting settings, repositioning, scaling etc a file where all action is halted & many times it causes Cura to shut down. I have also had files in the process of settings being changed to disappear from the program & had to be reloaded.
  11. In the new Arachne Version i get an seam in outerwall, it correlats with the Wall Transitioning threshold angle, would be nice to set it to 0° lowest value is 1° Is there a way to get a clean outerwall as before arachne?
  12. All of a sudden I'M having a prints *always* fail at the same point about 10mm up, the print head then lifts up 5 inches or so, squirts out some filament then says its finished all OK (many many hours short of the expected time). This has just happened after a year or more of never seeing this issue with Cura/Ender3v2, same on every slice/print now I'm pretty new to this but... I loaded the Gcode file into https://gcode.ws/ and yes I can see a weird artefact at layer 50 (image 1 attached), re-sliced multiple models multiple times with multiple different settings and I now always see that artefact. I analysed an old Gcode file that I know works and it DID NOT have that artefact at layer 50 That could be a 'red herring' but I don't have any other ideas, help please I attached a gcode file from the print that Im trying to do and has failed 5 times at the same place Trouble shooting steps on top of what's listed above: I upgraded Cura to the latest version and it didn't make any difference Installed Cura on another fresh PC same thing, still the weird artefact at layer 50 Ender 3V2 Cura latest version H2FF_V3_Mirror.gcode
  13. Cure 5.3.0 (assuming also in 5.2.x) 'creates' a defect when the largest 100% flat face is on the build plate (it is Layer 1) When that face is layer 152 (top most layer), that defect is not there. Looked at the model in X-Ray & Wireframe (using Microsoft 3D Builder, Meshmixer, and Cura)... there is NO mesh facet where Cura is putting it after slicing. AND Prusa doesnt have the same defect no matter what orientation I slice the model in (attached photo) STL & Photos attached. UnderMountCase_defect.stl
  14. Hi, I'm new to 3D printing but I have been playing around for about 3 months. I have an Ender-3 V2 with bltouch and using prusa, everything I print comes out fine. However, when I try to print with Cura, the print doesn't print correctly. The test print strip looks great but any other brim or print doesn't stick to the bed. So I leveled the bed and bltouch confirms this and also created a bed mesh and stored it. Again, prusa works great, Cura just doesn't. I tried using prusa start gcode in cura but that just doesn't work (I don't know why, I don't read gcode all that well). Has anyone run into something like this? Forgot to say, I am running Marlin firmware 2.1 on the printer. Thanks.
  15. Hello, in older Versions (4.2.) it was possbile to get 2 euqual lines inbetween outershells. Since Arachne its not possible to force a linewidth. Or to set min and max values for the line. Maybe you can help me to get two lines in the innerwalls as it was before arachne.
  16. I'm not entirely sure why the brim seems to be sliced to print in a random order instead of from the outside inwards.
  17. Hello, Please help After finishing printing the build plate goes up and then down again knocking over the top of the part. Any idea why this is happening? I am using an Ultimaker3 printer and the latest version of CURA. The firmware has been reset but it is still it. See Video I have posted on a Ultimaker support Facebook group: See what happens at the end of the print. The build plate goes up and then down. This was only a small test file and been shorter it is not knocking the top of the part. When printing taller files it seams to be more of a problem https://www.facebook.com/groups/2207556406016768/posts/5365308780241499/?comment_id=5366822856756758&reply_comment_id=5372935906145453&notif_id=1674547822493510&notif_t=group_comment_mention Please I need help if you can think of what causing it. Kind regards Fulvio
  18. I have my heated chamber setup in cura, but it does not start heating the chamber until right before the print starts. is there a command that I can add to my start gcode to set the temp when it sets the temp for the build plate and hot end? if I could do that or just have the chamber set to 35c less then the build plate would be perfect.
  19. Is there a way of fixing this behavior? It gets worse the finer profile you chose. Took screenshot of Cura 5.2 vs creality slicer 254
  20. Dear community, I am observing the following issue: in vase (spiral) mode with 1.6 mm width Cura 5.1.1 tries to print the isolated paths (first issue) while extruding during the travelling (second issue). The hope was that Cura will take advantage of variable width feature and "narrow" the path to the island (0.8 mm in my case) so when it is passed twice it finally gets the needed width (1.6 mm). If that is not possible, then Cura should better avoid printing such places (show error / warning), as it contradicts the vase mode. Similar issue: Project is attached. CE3_Vase_Dominik_Cisar.zip
  21. Since I upgraded to windows 11 the preview graphics of the print looks hella ugly.. its like i dont own a graphics card.. i cant find any settings to improve it. I cant see the layer hight properly on this setting.
  22. I have a CoreXY printer using a Duet3D Wifi. I enabled firmware retraction in Cura 5.2.1, but when I slice, the gcode generated does not have any G10/G11 codes present. I found an earlier post about this but I do not believe this is the same issue. Am I missing something?
  23. Hi all, I wonder if it is possible to connect finder3 to cura via wife using the ip and port? So far I could not find a way to configure the port in cura and without it the software won't find the printer while other software does. Any suggestions?
  24. Hello everyone. So I have spent an entire day trying to get this to work. I have a model that i want to print. The 2 requirements are, the model has to have fuzzy skin on the outside (and only outside), and it has to have very specific and very slow bridging parameters since i use a 0.8 nozzle with PETG. I want the model to have fuzzy skin on outer walls, however since the model has holes, if i click fuzzy skin on outer walls only i still get the texture on the inside. Simple solution, i make a modifier mesh, reduce X/Y size just a bit and i turn off fuzzy skin on it. And boom! Great! Now all that's left to do is set the general bridging parameters. And this is the result... If i try to use bridge settings, for some reason, it treats all the walls that are inside the modifier mesh as bridges. My normal bridge speed is like 5mm/s meaning this model takes YEARS to print. Ive tried using the same settings on only the modifier mesh, and the result is the same. I tried making another modifier mesh with just bridging parameters, and it doesn't work. I tried everything i could think off and it still detects everything inside the modifier as a bridge. Could someone please help, Im losing my mind :). Thank you.
  25. Hello, As seen below my object is within the printer's size, however, when I insert the USB and try to print it, I get the following: " The dimensions of the selected UFP file are too big for this printer. Please resize using Ultimaker Cura" I have tried slicing the object again in Cura but still the same error. Your assistance is appreciated.
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