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  1. So, the printer has been going for a few days now. Decided to disconnect from Cura Connect (again). Decided to do a manual connect and found this information. The disconnection seems to be during long prints...give it a dy or two and it will bail in most cases. Once in a while, within a few hours. But this is the first time I have seen it just completely drop out like this.
  2. Hello I would like to know if there is a way to clear the print job history. More specific one or more jobs or clear the the whole list altogether. The reason for this is I printed a part a few times with different settings and i would like to remove the ones that are not correct. This so that one of my colleagues can not accidentally reprint the wrong one.
  3. We really enjoy the mobile app notifications for started/completed/aborted print jobs in Cura. I recently noticed that there is even a notification for an improperly configured print job (wrong core/material). What we would REALLY like is a notification for a print job that has been paused for whatever reason - particularly jobs that have run out of material. This would be so helpful and it seems, to my naive mind, would be very simple to implement. Can this be done via 3rd party plugin now?
  4. Hi, just found another bug that I would like to share with you. Reproduction steps with Ultimaker 3 Extended connected via WIFI): - Start print via Cura over Network - While printing, pause print via Cura - Abort print via Cura - Clear build plate and select "NO" retry on printer panel - Start another print via Cura over Network Problem: The printer makes a way too big prime blob that will cover the hole nozzle in filmament (about 4 times the size of a normal prime blob). The extruder will mill into the filmament. Would be great to get a fast fix for this issue. This is the 8th bug that we have seen on our Ultimaker 3 Extended within 3 month in occasionally usage.
  5. Is it possible to disable the automatic com port connection in Cura? An alternative - can I close the port connection from within Cura? I have my own program I use for printer communication and I have to close Cura to make the port available for my program and then re-start cura and reload the model. It's a bit annoying.
  6. Hey, We have just upgraded our Ultimaker 3 to 5.2.11 Firmware and we are using Cura 4.1. When we try to connect to the Cloud through Cura connect it stays on the 'trying to connect' screen for ages and does nothing else until we cancel (I have waited for over 30 mins). We have a port ope so we can view the camera stream from offsite over a VPN and so was wondering if anyone else has had issues or know of any reason why this or our Firewall could cause a problem. I'm happy to provide further details if you want or need them. Thanks Adam
  7. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your feedback during the 3.6 beta period. Today the stable release of Cura 3.6 will become available on Ultimaker.com at approximately 11am (GMT+1) Below are some of the highlights of this release: Print core CC Red profile. You can now select our new wear-resistant print core CC Red 0.6 when the Ultimaker S5 profile is active. This print core is optimized for use with abrasive materials and composites, and opens up a range of industrial applications. Use it in combination with... The Marketplace. If you haven’t used it before, the Marketplace (formerly the Toolbox) is a platform to add plugins and download material profiles configured and optimized by leading manufacturers. Download profiles for third-party materials, and profiles will sync to your Ultimaker S5 through Wi-Fi in the background when connected to that printer (note that your printer will need firmware 5.1 for this to work). This feature will also work for the UM3 when 5.1 is available (soon!) Gyroid infill. @smartavionics has contributed this fascinating new infill pattern. Gyroid infill alternates with every layer to distribute strength equally in every direction, while keeping print duration and material use to a minimum. You can find a more detailed overview of 3.6 in my blog and in the release notes. Download Ultimaker Cura 3.6 here. All feedback is welcome! Put it all in this thread. We are attending Formnext in Frankfurt this week (booth C20 Hall 3.1), so if anyone is in the area please come and say hi!
  8. Last week, I updated the firmware on my S5 (with material station and air manager) to 5.5.12. I also updated Cura to 4.5. Since then, I have not been able to get any print jobs to start thru Cura Connect on my 3E (with 5.2.11 firmware) that is hosted by the S5. Cura Connect says "Unexpected Printer Status: The selected 3D printer reports an unexpected status. Ensure that your printers have the latest version of the firmware, or delete and resubmit this print job to try again." Also, I just noticed the Cura Connect window says "This printer is currently unable to accept new print jobs" for the 3E (in the Print Jobs window). This all worked great before the firmware / Cura update. Any suggestions?
  9. Is it possible to import/export my Custom profiles all at once? And how about the idea to manage Profiles in the Utimaker Cloud? So every PC with Cura and my printer are able to use the same custom profiles. Its very annoying to update every File on every Pc when something changes...
  10. Guest

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.2 stable

    Greetings! We’ve just released a new stable firmware for the Ultimaker S5 and the Ultimaker 3 (Extended). Use your Ultimaker printer with Ultimaker Cura 4.0 and an Ultimaker account, and you can make use of the remote ‘cloud’ printing feature. This lets you print from outside the realms of your local network with an Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker S5 via your Ultimaker account. There are also some other features detailed in the blog. This release also introduces unified firmware, which makes it easier for our embedded team to support releases for the Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker S5 together. Because of this, the installation process is a little different this time around. First, install the ‘stepping stone firmware’. When this is installed, update your firmware again to get to the latest version. For our S5 beta testers, you will also need to follow this process. Update instructions and release notes can be found here . When your printer is running firmware 5.2.8, you will be able to use the same .swu package for the UM3 and UMS5 to update firmware in future, reducing the risk of bricking your printer. Feel free to offer any feedback or comments in this thread.
  11. CuraConnect Bugs: Bug1: Shows only PLA at the X-Axis of the diagramm. When you "touch" the tower it shows the right filament.
  12. Hi, I have an Ultimaker S5 with the latest firmware (5.2). I am using Cura 4.2.1 and added the printer to the Ultimaker Cloud. Now on another Cura 4.2.1 installation I am signed in with the same Ultimaker account and upon selecting my networked printer it shows up as an Ultimaker 3. Is there a way to change the type or is there another way to fix it? Thanks.
  13. Guest

    Ultimaker Firmware 5.2 beta

    Hi everyone, Today we launched a new testing firmware for the Ultimaker S5. Used together with the second beta of Ultimaker Cura 4.0, you will be able to preview some early cloud functionality, and some other things. Details are posted here: https://ultimaker.com/en/blog/52820-firmware-52-beta-available-for-the-ultimaker-s5 We invite you to try it out and log any feedback you have in this thread, which we can then implement into the stable release that will follow soon. Do remember - this is beta firmware and is still under development, so avoid using it for super-important projects!!! Update your Ultimaker S5 by connecting it to Wi-Fi/ethernet, access the maintenance menu, and install the latest 'testing' version (5.2.xxx) Any other questions, please ask.
  14. Hello, I have two Ultimaker 3 printers in use in a lab at my university. Recently, students who have not had training to use the printers have been trying to print for their projects, causing serious damage on several occasions. We cannot restrict physical access to the room and I cannot supervise the printers all day, every day. If we block off the USB ports, Is there any way of controlling who has access to the printers via the network? If not, how do other people control access to their printers in these sort of environments?
  15. Hi, Is it possible to view a list of historic print jobs with print times from Cura-connect? E.g what was printed during the last 10 days or last 20 print jobs? Thanks,
  16. For some reason, and it has been going on since inception, the S5 will kill a print job when detecting a difference between nozzle heights. This is really, really, really annoying as well as a huge waste of time. Imagine if you will, your printer is one flight of stairs and several rooms away. Basically, a big walk. Now, you are sitting there monitoring the printer and it detects the difference (which, by the way can be iffy sometimes). So, you go to the printer and clean the nozzles again, and then have to trek all the way to the monitoring computer just to reload the file. Again. And AGAIN. AND AGAIN, ad infinitum. The UM3(E) firmware will cycle it around for doing a print, while giving enough time to check for issues on the nozzles or plates. Much better realized in concept. Detect, clean, start SAME print job anew. Without all the danged blinking lights and other annoyances. I have literally had to reload my files for 'reprinting' more than ten times sometimes just to get the danged thing to just move on. Sometimes, I do nothing and it works during one of the reprints. So, job killed, detecting difference in nozzles while cleaning in between. Sometimes, just send it back through and it is all fine. ?????? But the lakc of recycling the job the way the UM3(E) does seems to be a regression of approach.
  17. Ultimaker Cura 3.6 beta is available and out in the wild! It comes with new features, bug fixes, and UX improvements. We would really like to have your feedback on it to make our stable release as good as it can be. As always, you can download the beta for free from our website, for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. A few new things that are new in Ultimaker Cura 3.6 beta: Settings refactor. We’ve been working on optimizing the software engine for more stable releases in the future. The CuraEngine has been refactored to create a more testable, future-proof way of storing and representing settings. This makes slicing faster, and future development easier. Gyroid infill. Gyroid infill is a new infill pattern and one of the strongest infill types for a given weight, has strength in multiple directions, and prints relatively fast, with reduced material use and a fully connected part interior. Thanks to @smartavionics for this fantastic contribution. Firmware checker/Ultimaker S5. The update checker now checks when firmware updates are available for the Ultimaker S5, and the code has been improved and tested for more reliable firmware update notifications in Ultimaker Cura. A big thanks to: @smartavionics, @bagel-orb, @ahoeben, adecastilho, KangDroid, kaleidoscopeit, Kriechi, jscurtu, ValentinPitre, stelgenhof, and paukstelis. You are vital to the development and progress of Ultimaker Cura. Want to try it out? Download Ultimaker Cura 3.6 right here. Need more information? Here is our blog. Please note that this is a beta release, so performance may not be perfect. We encourage you to give us any performance feedback here - this will help us to make the stable release (coming mid-November!) as good as it can be. Let us know what you think below ? Questions? Comments? Corrections? Please tell us!
  18. My S5 loses connection many times, buit I noticed today that it is also changing its IP address. Was then and then today I have no idea is this is the S5 or Cura Connect or something else.
  19. For the last several weeks the Cura Connect Print Jobs page - http://192.168.x.y/print_jobs - has been stuck showing me the same finished print and never updates with new print jobs. In the networking console I looked at what http://192.168.x.y/cluster-api/v1/print_jobs/printing is returning.. it's showing 4 jobs, and the one it's showing on screen is the first one in the array (the J_relief_-_Part_1_1 job). The fourth object in the array is my actual current print job, but I guess the Print Jobs page only shows the first one returned? Anyway, I've done dozens of print jobs since this started happening, and it's strange that these first three seem to be "stuck" being returned from the /printing endpoint. Is there a way to clean these up?
  20. Hi! Not too long ago we shared a survey about Cura UX and if you submitted your entry you have helped us greatly! If you haven't.. this is your chance to redeem yourself! ? The input was very helpful, and it inspired our Cura Connect team to also reach out and ask for your input. They work daily and passionately on the products that are available for you and we would appreciate it if you had a moment to spare to tell us what you think of it. And in return, we can make our products even better! Here is a link to the survey. [survey ended] I would like to thank you in advance for your time, have a great day!
  21. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to view and connect to your Ultimaker 3 from anywhere in the world! I do not like how the limited Ultimaker app is especially limited because it has to be connected to the same network that the Ultimaker 3 is connected to, I wish there was a way to connect the my Ultimaker through any wireless connection. To my knowledge, this is not currently possible without hardware modifications (for instance, adding Octoprint), but I may be wrong. If anyone knows a way of contacting the Ultimaker 3 from a network other than the network that the Ultimaker is connected to, please let me know. Thanks in advance!
  22. It's absolutely great that when you select an Ultimaker in the Printers view of Cura Connect, it shows all the necessary maintenance tasks and when they were last done, and allows you to flag individual tasks as done. There are two changes that I think would make this feature even better, that don't seem like they'd require too much work to implement. * For each task in the list of maintenance tasks, there should be a link that takes the user to the documentation on how to perform that task. * In the Printers list, flag printers that are behind on their maintenance. One option: Display "Needs maintenance" in the same place that you currently display "Not available" for printers that have been taken offline (mocked up in pic below).
  23. This is the weirdest issue that I have been troubleshooting for months. I have a lot of trouble connecting to my UM3 both with Cura (all OS X versions) and with Ultimaker 3 android app (v1.0.1). When I load Ultimaker PVA onto the printer it disconnects and refuses all control connections. I can always see it with the manual IP address and pings come back fine. When I remove the NFC PVA and select PVA manually I have no issues. The only exception appears to be after a firmware update it will connect until the printer is restarted. It is almost acting like port 80 (control port) stops listening as soon as the NFC chip recognizes a spool of filament. I have tried resetting the printer to factory defaults and clearing the Cura Connect cache. Does anyone else experience this? I am a teacher on a medium-large network. We are an Apple network but I have an Android S8+ (Oreo). At this time I am no longer suspecting this is a network issue but a weird bug.
  24. We recently published this story about using adaptive layers for business (special thanks to @XYZdesign pro for sharing his story). This is a callout to any other users who have adopted Ultimaker to their workflow. Are there any significant time/cost savings that a particular feature in Ultimaker Cura/Cura Connect has afforded you? Feel free to get in touch and share your story.
  25. Hi, When print jobs are sent to printers Via Cura-Connect the printer will auto-level and then start the print. However if the error: height difference exceeds realistic values, appears the printer will wait for you to confirm. With a normal print you would just restart the print after removing any debris from the nozzle, or just start it again and it will normally work. With Cura-connect you hit confirm, and then it attempts to re-start the print, it says auto level on the screen but instead goes straight to starting the print without performing the level check? Is this normal, or intended behavior? Thanks,
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