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  1. Not sure whether this is a printer problem or a Cura problem. I have an Ultimaker 3 and am using Cura 4.4.0 as the slicer. The filament I'm using is Ultimaker Sliver PLA (the one that came with the printer). My main settings are:- layer height : 0.2mm Nozzle temp : 195 C Bed temp : 65 C Initial layer Width : 120% Initial layer speed : 18mm/s Fan : Off (first layer) I'm getting what appears to be the nozzle dragging the filament as it comes out of the nozzle but just in a couple of areas (see image). I've raised both the bed temp and nozzle temp slightly (5 deg C) above normal because I was having a problem with some of the initial wall lines not sticking to the bed (as it happens, in the area of the blemishes). The second layer was laid over the blemishes without a problem but on the third layer or so there was a bit of lifting of the print off the bed although it did not look like warping (for a start it was not lifting at any of the corners). What is happening and what do I need to do to fix it? TIA
  2. Hi guys, I started a job at a university and we have a ultimaker 3. We are trying to print this piece for our project but it kept failing. I have attached some images below. First the print turned into a spaghetti ball while using dual extrusion with pva support. Because it's kind of urgent so we thought it might be easier to print with a single extruder. However, it didn't work either, the print start becoming stringy. And we need this piece for project next week. Please help!! fail project 1.3mf
  3. Hello, I am working on some large prints that will require more than one roll of 1kg material. I want to leave this overnight/weekend and will not be able to switch the material manually. Is there a method in Cura (4.4.1) to switch extruders automatically to the other one which would contain a fresh roll of the same stuff?
  4. Is it possible to import/export my Custom profiles all at once? And how about the idea to manage Profiles in the Utimaker Cloud? So every PC with Cura and my printer are able to use the same custom profiles. Its very annoying to update every File on every Pc when something changes...
  5. Hi @all This is my first post here, and I come up directly with a question... I use Cura since a long time, and I'm sure that it has worked in a previous version. I create the supports for overhangs of my object in the 3D Designer directly and don't use Curas support option for it. My problem is, if I create a wall of 0.4mm (same as nozzle size), Cura create a GCode for two lines for this "wall". I have read this Thread here: https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/20759-how-to-get-cura-to-slice-my-04-mm-walls ... But this is not my problem. I can slice the thin walls, but I get allways a print where my support walls will be printed with a thikness of ~0.8mm, because they will be printed with two rounds of the nozzle. I want to have supports like in the spiralizing mode or Curas Support walls, where the nozzle moves only one times for the support wall. In other slicers is this no problem. Why Cura create a gcode where the nozzle drives two times for the wall ? In the pictrues I have attached, only one line is shown for the support wall, but during the print, two walls will be printed. Greetz CR
  6. Just reserving here this thread for questions between users, who are using the plugin. Additionally, feel free to add ideas for improvements, which are important for you as issues to the project page. Looking forward to stimulating and inspiring ideas! Thanks! Website: https://thopiekar.eu/cura/cad/inventor/ -------------------------------------- Special thanks go to: @dxp for testing the plugin in its early stages! ---------------------------------------
  7. Hi All , i have been trying for weeks to print this , would any of the members please have a look and tell me what im doing wrong, or is it the model ? thank you CFFFP_para.3mf
  8. I received my Ender 3 Pro and followed directions to a tee, then tried the dog model and it came out horribly. 3 days later I've been tinkering with the machine doing these items; Leveling bed Tightening belts Checking PSU, Fan, Extruder After this my prints improved by 20%, now comes the cura settings. I just can't seem to find the right balance as I went as far as to precise printing of small parts at .04. Current Settings; (Cura Profile Attached) 4.5.1 QUALITY Layer Height: .12mm Initial Layer Height: .12mm Line Width: .4mm Initial Layer Line Width: 100% SHELL Wall Thickness: 2 (Tried Lowering and Raising) Wall Line Count: 5 Optimize Wall printing: True Alternate Extra Wall: True Fill Gaps Between Walls: Everywhere Z Seam Alignment: Sharpest Corner Enable Ironing: True (Gives Better Top Layer) Skin Overlap %: 10 INFILL Density: 100% (Before I get slack, I use this because I'm trying to make smaller gears that I don't want to bend easy, Going forward im just gonna get stronger material) Infill Pattern: Grid Infill line Multiplier: 1 Infill Overlap %: 15 Layer Thickness: .12mm Skin Removal: 2mm MATERIAL Temp: 210 Bed Temp: 60 Material: PLA Flow: 130 (Using less gives worse prints, and I don't think it has to do with bed level, im looking into different extruders) SPEED Speed: 45 Wall Speed: 25 Travel Speed: 150 # of Slower Layers: 2 Print Jerk: 20 Travel Jerk: 20 TRAVEL Enable Retraction: true Traction Distance: 6mm Traction Speed: 25mm Combing: Off Retract Before Outer Wall: True ADHESION Build Plate: Raft (Gives better adhesion vs everything else) All Other settings are base or near base (Attached Profile) Images: https://ibb.co/XbXrFWY https://ibb.co/m8rNr0P https://ibb.co/9Z9L80r https://ibb.co/7Gxfymw https://ibb.co/XjFs5Zf Video: https://streamable.com/6laa9 Im still learning alot so feel to correct where needed better.curaprofile
  9. Hi I am fairly new to 3d printign and I am trying to print a 3d Model. It looks like this. when i go into the layer view the model has a lot of errors. I read that the actual outcome can variate from the model if the printer can not print the shape e.g. to small edges. But in my case, huge parts are missing. I set the default profile for fine with 0.1mm layer hight. The model is about 200mm. What am i doing wrong and what can i do to fix that problem.
  10. Hi 3D Printing folks, Got an issue while Printing with Dual nozzle(Chimera type) Whenever i am printing dual colored prints in PLA at 190-220 degrees on both nozzles with prime tower using 4.5-6.5mm retraction settings still the oozing is high. Have tried with different temp & Retraction settings. The first hot end is passing through the print and then going to the prime tower, forming to ooze more, Can some help me how to bring the hot end directly to prime tower with out halting over the Printing part? Have tried with few G-Codes, Please let me know what can be done, Thanks in Advance !!
  11. Bonjour à tous, Nouveau venu dans l'univers de l'impression 3D, je possède une Alfawise u30 et j'en suis très content. Mais malheureusement je rencontre un problème. Avant tout, je n'imprime qu'en PLA. Depuis que j'imprime avec de nouveaux filaments, je rencontre des problèmes avec mes premières couches. En effet, les 5 premières couches que j'imprime présentent des bavures sur la surface extérieure de l'objet. Cela ne se présentent plus sur les autres couches, c'est juste au début. J'ai essayé de résoudre le problème comme j'ai pu, j'ai regardé de nombreux site et forum sur internet mais je n'ai rien trouvé de concluant. Voici ce que j'ai essayé : - modifier la température d'extrusion (210°C, 200, 195, 190,185,180); - modifier la vitesse d'impression ; - modifier l'adhérence au plateau (jupe, radeau, bordure...); - modifier la température du plateau (60°C, 50, 30, 20); Depuis que je possède cette imprimante j'ai ce problème. Pourtant elle marche très bien. Cela se voit plus au moins avec le type de filament utilisé. J'ai essayé 2 marques : E ice et Sunlu. J'ai l'impression qu'il y a trop de filament qui sort. Si vous avez quelques pistes je suis preneur car là, j'avoue je sèche un peu. Je n'ai peu être pas assez accentué certains paramètres par manque d'expérience et je reste donc ouvert à toute idée. J'aimerais vraiment régler ce problème pour faire des impressions plus propres et plus précises. Voici quelques photos de mes impressions et de mes paramètres. Merci d'avance, Hugo
  12. Hi everyone, Ultimaker Cura 4.5 beta just went out into the wild. Get a preview of new features and help us gather as much user feedback as possible. The stable release will go live two weeks from today. The focus of this release is integration with our brand-spanking-new web-based Marketplace. Use the web Marketplace to add plugins and print profiles (a.k.a packages) to your Ultimaker account, completely outside of Cura. When you log in to your account within Cura, you'll be prompted to synchronize packages if differences are detected in your installation. The result? A simplified experience, without the hassle of manual package installs. Synchronize your packages on multiple workstations. Packages are tied to your account, so if you’re logged in within Cura 4.5 or later, (and the package maintainer keeps their package compatible with the latest SDK), your packages will be with you. What about community contributions? This release merges a great deal of pull requests from our community, with various improvements to the CuraEngine, fixes to some persistent bugs, and native compatibility for popular third-party printers (find them in the 'add printer' list). As usual, a special thanks goes out to smartavionics (aka @burtoogle) and @fieldOfView for their valuable contributions. fieldOfview continues to maintain one of the most popular plugins in the Ultimaker Marketplace; the Octoprint Connection plugin, as well as a useful code optimization to make Cura load faster on start, and a lot of other stuff that we are in awe of. Lots of plugins are still being updated to our latest SDK, and we hope to have them in for the stable release. @thopiekar has updated his very popular set of CAD integration plugins, and they will be filtering through to the Marketplace soon. smartavionics made some notable contributions to the CuraEngine, including a new shared heater option in the machine profile menu for printers with one nozzle but multiple extruders, and new settings to add walls into the infill underneath where a skin layer stops, reducing the chance of skin sagging at the edges. Thanks to the help and feedback from our community, we were also able to fix a major Windows bug that would prevent Cura from opening. Proof that sending logs is useful. There are still a lot of PRs in the queue, and we do our best to answer as many as we can, while keeping things on track with our roadmap! Be gentle with us. Release notes will become available on GitHub in time for the stable release. In the meantime, help us out by exploring this release and offering us your feedback. What's the best way to give feedback? This is beta software, so naturally bugs will be found. If you should find one, please let us know, it's extremely helpful to get that feedback so we can produce a quality product. We’ll be able to help you effectively when you follow these guidelines: For Cura-related issues, e.g. "Cura has crashed on startup", post it in this thread, and include as much detail as you can about the issue. The likelihood of us being able to help you is massively improved if you include .3mf project files and logs with your report. You can also post issues you find on GitHub, being sure to fill the issue template completely and attaching logs/zipped 3mf project files. For web marketplace and account-based issues, e.g. "Packages from the web marketplace aren't installing” post in our brand new online services forum subcategory, and our cloud services team can pick it up and talk you through things. See the marketing blog here. Find the beta here (underneath the big blue button). We look forward to your logs!
  13. I have had my laptop for a few months now. It is a gaming laptop that has an intel i7-8750H processor with 16G of RAM and a GTX 1060. It runs Fusion360 like a champ, and can game tremendously well, but for some reason, Cura runs super slow. Anytime I try to adjust the settings for a print, every drop down men I open takes several seconds to open, and when I orbit around the object I am trying to slice, everything is always very laggy. It didn't do this when I first downloaded Cura, but for some reason it is doing this now. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
  14. Hello, I use Cura to create and submit prints to an Ultimaker 5S, purchased last August. It is one of about 6 FFF/FDM-type machines we have in an engineering lab at a small US university. I really like the machine, and it has quickly become our go-to machine, but I am continually having problems with Cura. I thought about posting this in the Feedback section, but that appears to be more for the UM website. Please note that despite the issues listed here, we have printed a fairly wide variety of materials and objects, both for student and research use, and like the machine and tolerate the software. I am using Windows 10, on a new Dell Optiplex 70, with 16 GB Ram, and 256 GB SSD hard drive. Here are some of the problems I am having, and what I have done to address them so far, with a request for what else we can do. Note that our systems are locked down, I have to get a computer tech in to do any upgrades to the software. 1) Cura crashing at random times. I updated to Cura 4.4.1 from Cura 4.4 hoping it would help with stability, but recently it seems to be crashing again. How can I get those to stop? Cura 4.3 seemed to crash a little more. 2) I have a short-cut on my desktop for Cura, and now, since I have upgraded to a new computer, the software won't always come up when clicking on the icon. I get the spinning wheel for a few seconds, then nothing. When I bring up the Task Manager, it shows Cura to be running as a background process. I had our computer tech look, and initially the problem seemed to just need a reboot of the computer (yes, I should have done that, duh!). However, the problem is happening again, and still comes back after the reboot. I went to the folder containing the software, and right clicked on the executable, and found a compatibility checker.... ran it, and the software is kind of running as a Windows 8 package......suggestions? 3) We have repeated problems with the camera on the UM5S not showing pictures, but after reading on this forum, I turn it off, then back on, but that is getting old..... we have had that problem for about 3 months now, off and on. just did that again today. 4) Now, I leave Cura 4.4.1 opened up on my desktop computer all the time, because of the difficulty to get it to come up as a working program, and not as a 'background" program. However, now most all the "Monitor" functions don't work: When I submit a new job over the network, the job gets submitted, but doesn't show up on my top sub-window as having started, sometimes it shows up as queued, but not always. WHen I first had this problem I would click on the little camera icon, and could actually see the machine starting a new build, but now when I click on it, the whole "Monitor" screen just goes gray until I click again. WHen I click on "Manage in Browser" It shows the current and recent print jobs, but not the picture/video from the camera (Update, the camera pic has come back since I turn off/on the UM5S, online, but not in CURA 4.4.1)....Suggestions to fix? 5. It is really iritating to not have a list of print jobs, including the model and profile used, amount of material used, and print time, in CURA. I understand that I can go online and get some of that, but what if I submit a job by USB? It seems everyone would want to track their print jobs..... and if you are trying to go back and diagnose problems with a print, having that data would be useful..... am I missing something? I can't believe such a list doesn't exist somewhere in Cura. 6. the UM App seems to work sporadically. If I am at the university, and on the same WIFI network, I can get pictures/video, other places I sometimes get notifications, sometimes not. I have an app for a Wild Animal camera, for a camera a 1000 miles from me, on a totally different wifi network, and I get pictures from it, video, I can pan and zoom, and with this UM app, it kind of works when I am close enough that I can walk to the machine. Suggestions? Okay, good enough.... on another note, here is a simple decorative coin, using no top or bottom layers, and only infill, with only single bead-width lines that I have developed.... this is the final result after about 10 iterations. We will print out a bunch (slightly thicker) to give out to prospective students. I hope you like it! Thanks, Larry
  15. I am new to Cura software, and would like to import layers, into Cura, which were already sliced through another simulator. The aim is to generate the toolpaths for these layers without any slicing. Your help and assistance, in guiding me to to solve this issue, is well appreciated, thank you very much in advance Abdel
  16. Hi! I am very new to 3D printing. I just set up my Anet ET4 printer. It came with an older version of Cura. I would like to use the newest 4.4 version. Has anyone set up a profile or printer settings that could help me to get Cura to work with my printer? Thank you, in advance! GreggL1962
  17. I have a model which is a 3mm thick square with raised letters above it. The idea was to print it using dual extrusion, so I made it two models, assigned each to an extruder, and grouped them. But when I look at the preview, it's burning a whole lot of time creating skins at the interface. How can I stop it doing this? (Pardon the colors, I gave up fighting cura on choosing what color non-ultimaker filaments are)
  18. It would be great to have another type of infill, one type that works just like the support structure. There are many prints that I would let the infill 0%, but because some little bits of the print that would be hanging if I have 0% infill I must place infill in all the model. It would be great if I could place support structures inside the model to support only the bits that need support, to make even shorter time prints with less filament. Thanks for everyone that reads and is thinking about implementing this in the program.
  19. Bonjour, J'ai une UM2 depuis plusieurs années, mais je ne l'ai pas utilisée depuis très longtemps. Je voulais mettre le firmware à jour, mais j'ai un problème, quand je connecte l'UM2 au pc en USB rien ne se passe, par contre quand j'ouvre Cura 4.4.1 l'UM2 reboot "salement" en boucle genre elle va griller. Est-ce que quelqu'un a déjà eu le cas ? L'option de la connexion par USB ne m'est pas hyper utile, mais j'aimerais la mettre à jour (en particulier pour pouvoir l'upgrade prochainement), il me semble qu'il était possible de la mettre en jour par la carte SD avant, non ?
  20. I am trying to develop a new plugin for the latest Cura (4.3 currently) I've found the wiki page with some basic information (https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/wiki/Plugin-Directory) but could not find any info on how to debug/log during plugin development. How do I place breakpoints? How do I log to a console? Thanks!
  21. Hi, we try to print a support with overhang which needs support. Unfortunately, Cura does not put support on the whole area but leaves an area with no support in the middle. I assume, that Cura wants to save support material and thinks, that the printer will use bridging. This works in 20% of the prints, in 80% not. The first layer which is placed on the support fails quite often. I attached some photos and some cura screenshots. Is there a possibility to improve the slicer in a way, that it does not leave areas with no support? Or can one improve bridging? We are using Ultimaker PLA material for print and Ultimaker PVA for support. Does this bridging fail because of bad adhesion of PLA on PVA? As already mentioned, I attached photos, screenshots of slicing and of the support settings (basic settings from Cura) Thanks in advance for your help and ideas :)
  22. Hey, We have just upgraded our Ultimaker 3 to 5.2.11 Firmware and we are using Cura 4.1. When we try to connect to the Cloud through Cura connect it stays on the 'trying to connect' screen for ages and does nothing else until we cancel (I have waited for over 30 mins). We have a port ope so we can view the camera stream from offsite over a VPN and so was wondering if anyone else has had issues or know of any reason why this or our Firewall could cause a problem. I'm happy to provide further details if you want or need them. Thanks Adam
  23. I have set up a dual extruder printer as a custom fff with marlin, ticked off dual extruders and I am trying out a start script. This works fine: M140 S{material_bed_temperature_layer_0} ; set bed temp as expected becomes: M140 S105 ; set bed temp This fails: M109 R{material_print_temperature} T1 ; Cura set extruder temp and wait Results in Extruder T0's print temperature This from all the examples I have found, also fails: M109 R{material_print_temperature_1} T1 ; Cura set extruder temp and wait That line stays the same in the gcode file I have also found this reference to all placeholders but without a solution: http://files.fieldofview.com/cura/Replacement_Patterns.html Am I using the wrong placeholder?
  24. Hi Guys & Gals. I have encountered an interesting "Phenomena" where Cura (4.4.1) almost intentionally leaves certain overhangs unsupported when printing the support material with core 2 (PVA). Printing with an UM3, AA 0.4 and BB 0.4 cores, PLA and PVA. I have played around extensively with the parameters and settings and haven't found any solution yet. For the attached illustrations- I have set everything to default/standard: Model: Here is the model and the specific area of interest for me with the standard settings visible. Slice Preview: Here the preview SEEMS fine with more than enough PVA support all-round (Yes, I can set the XY ofsets ect to print less PVA blah blah but that's not the point of interest here) Problem: Here you can see that it leaves a big chunk of support out where it really SHOULD be putting support...? (Note here that I kind off despise the "Gradual infill steps" setting but understand how it can be beneficial but i mostly set it to 0). I mostly hope that it is me missing something extremely obvious, but it gets interesting; When I SWAP the extruders.... It supports it correctly. Swapping printing Extruders: Note that I only instructed cura to use extruder 2 for the model and extruder 1 for the support: I have tried multiple permutations of settings to try and get the PVA in the same manner as the PLA (eg making gradual infill steps 0, grid as support structure, density same as infill density ect ect ect but I am always left with this mysterious gap when trying to support that overhang with PVA.. Even tried putting the PVA BB core in Slot 1, and PLA AA to Slot 2 but the slice will still result in the unforgiving black-hole of "NO-SUPPORTNESNES" So for now I'm left with a dead light-bulb floating over my head until I can figure it out. Anybody maybe know what the obvious solution is that I am missing?? Okay love you guys, Cheers!
  25. I really need help, I have been having these wierd problems, and I do not know how to fix them. I have been pulling my hair out over this for the past 2 weeks.
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