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  1. Hi, I think I stuck some kind of bug in loading gcode and printing from USB. When I try to print from USB and the gcode is generated by Simplify3D, the screen shows the name on the screen. It cannot show any details (just shows ‘loading’. When I select it to print. The screen jumps back to main and then back to the usb file view. And that is it. When I select a cura generated (compressed) gcode gz file, it starts to print. When I select an old gcode file which I am sure I printed in the past, same is happening, it does not work. Is this a bug introduced when we started using that compressed gcode stuff? Is anybody experiencing this too? Is anybody aware of this? Gcode attached, one prints and one does not from USB. I tried the latest firmware but already at latest stable. Another pointer: This might have started around the introduction of Cura connect. Pretty sure I tried to load the gcode into Cura and then sending it off. That doesnt work either for gcode generated by anything else than Cura. Files will be attached shortly. Need my laptop for that.
  2. I overrode the temperature values for PETG in the materials section only to get this code. See inserted image immediately after this line. It looks to me like CURA for some reason always defaults back to the template values. Can someone tell me why? Or am I just Barking up the wrong tree? See inserted G-Code immediately after this line. ;FLAVOR:Marlin ;TIME:753 ;Filament used: 1.22287m ;Layer height: 0.3 ;MINX:132.704 ;MINY:132.703 ;MINZ:0.3 ;MAXX:167.296 ;MAXY:167.297 ;MAXZ:3.9 ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 4.3.0 M140 S80 <this is my override M105 M190 S80 <this is my override M104 S250 <this is my override M105 M109 S250 <this is my override M82 ;absolute extrusion mode G28 ;Home G1 Z15.0 F6000 ;Move the platform down 15mm ;Prime the extruder G92 E0 G1 F200 E3 G92 E0 G92 E0 G28 ; home G1 Z15 F100 ; raise the extruder F100 sets the feed rate M107 ; Turn off fan G90 ; Set absolute G92 E0 ; Set position values specified for E X Y Z M82 ; override G91 put E axis into absolute mode independent of the other axes M140 S50 ; set bed temperature 50 degrees <CURA puts this in and overrides my change M190 S50 ; wait till bed reaches 50 degrees before continuing <CURA puts this in and overrides my change M104 T0 S190 ; Set extruder temperature 190 degrees and continue without waiting <CURA puts this in and overrides my change M109 T0 S190 ; wait for extruder temperature 190 <CURA puts this in and overrides my change G92 E0 G1 F1500 E-6.5 ;LAYER_COUNT:13 ;LAYER:0 M107 G1 F600 Z1.3 ;MESH:F B Covers.stl G0 F3600 X160.992 Y150.025 Z1.3 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F600 Z0.3 G1 F1500 E0
  3. Let me start off with what I was doing - Making a stl file of a lithophane from 2 different sites to see which would produce a better final product (which I thought were the same settings in the online program as I used on the 11th) Loading files into Cura 4..3.0 to have the file not watertight (never appeared after loading but the plugin to evaluate file would run) Repairing stl files online with MakePrintable.com due to file size and poor cpu/gpu on laptop Loading files into Cura 4.3.0 (they were watertight but still never appeared) Loaded files into Slic3r with no changes and I got the top picture below Now I am trying to print from Slic3r but I am use to (and like a lot) Cura while I try to get help with whats going on Below are 2 files that both would not appear after loading into Cura 4.3.0 and before trying to slice. As you can see in the bottom picture, no dimensions show up for the x, y, z but there is a shadow and you can only select the object thru the edit tab in the upper left. It would not slice even though the option was there (slice in dark blue in the lower right). I displayed the about tab in case that was needed by anyone. I am truly at a loss for this strange occurrence and I know I will feel a little less then when someone points out the obvious for the solution. The last time I used Cura, was on the 11th of Oct and it loaded with no problem. I was able to print (had minor tweaking to do to it). I also loaded that same file from the 11th of Oct and Cura produced an image after loading. I have been trying to do troubleshooting for a couple days, but no luck. I think I went down the wrong path because I though it was a file setting problem. I tried 2 different sites for lithophane making - 3dp.rocks and lithophanemaker.com and got the same result. So I tried a different slicer (Slic3r). Well, Slic3r had no problem completing the task, I just had to figure what settings I needed to change for a lithophane. We will see in a few (OK, a lot) of hours worth of printing (150X150X3.5 w 20mm base with a layer height of 0.1 laid vertically). Please HELP!! felicias mom 2 B&W w trees edited slic3r_flat.stlfelicias mom 2 B&W w trees edited slic3r_flat.stl felicias mom 2 B&W w trees edited slic3r_flat_fixed.obj
  4. My problem is that I cannot change the "retraction minimum travel" setting. As of now, my printer operates with no retraction at all. The message next to the setting reads, "this setting has been hidden by the active machine and will not be visible". I've tried changing machine settings, uninstalling and reinstalling, I tried asking ultimaker directly.. can anyone help?!
  5. I recently switched to and E3D v6 on my Ender 3 and I'm running Cura 4.3. I've never had any issues with stringing until now with PLA, but after the switch it took me a while to get the stringing down to an acceptable level (Small hairs that can be blasted with a heat gun). The changes in my other settings I could make sense of such as shorter retractions and slower retract speeds, but what I can't figure out is why I suddenly need Z-hop to get the same results as the stock hotend. Is there something that I may be overlooking in my Cura settings or a difference in the hot ends that require the z-hop? I'll attach my profile below, any input would be greatly appreciated! Ender3ProfileE3DV6.curaprofile
  6. I am attempting a dual extrusion job. In the design, I have some solid cylinders (material 2) oriented horizontally and spanning several layers within a larger cylinder (material 1) which is vertical. When I slice this, the horizontal cylinders are sliced only every other layer so the printer extrudes "material 2" every other layer while "material 1" is extruded every layer. Any idea of the reason this is happening and how to resolve this issue? Thank you!
  7. I have been wondering why my first layers are not sticking well. I checked my manual leveling using a 0.06mm feeler gauge and it seems fine. I then tried printing a part and turning the printer off at the first layer. I then measured the height (gap) with feeler gauges and measured 0.38mm. I looked at the GCODE file and found that the Z Height was being set to 0.3mm (G1 F600 Z0.3). See the code below: Why does Cura do this? ;FLAVOR:Marlin ;TIME:1127 ;Filament used: 0.595774m ;Layer height: 0.2 ;MINX:79.2 ;MINY:79.2 ;MINZ:0.3 ;MAXX:120.8 ;MAXY:120.8 ;MAXZ:2.5 ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 4.3.0 M82 ;absolute extrusion mode G21 ; metric values G90 ; absolute positioning M82 ; set extruder to absolute mode M107 ; start with the fan off M140 S105 ; Set bed temperature (no wait) G28 X Y F6000 ; move X/Y to min endstops G28 Z F1200 ; move Z to min endstops ; raise the nozzle M190 S105 ; wait for bed temperature to reach target M104 S220 T0 ; set extruder temperature (no wait) G29 ; auto-leveling M420 S1 ; enable bed leveling compensation M109 S220 T0 ; set extruder temperature and wait M300 P200 ; beep to indicate that the temp is reached G0 F5000 X10 Y10 Z0.3 ; move to start G1 F500 X60.0 E9 ; start purge line G1 X150.0 E18.5 ; finish purge line G92 E0 ; set extruder to zero M117 Printing from Cura...; message G92 E0 G92 E0 G1 F1200 E-0.5 ;LAYER_COUNT:12 ;LAYER:0 M107 G1 F600 Z1.3 ;MESH:Nozzle Fan Spacer.stl G0 F2400 X81.795 Y83.534 Z1.3 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F600 Z0.3 G1 F1200 E0 G1 F600 X81.749 Y84.028 E0.02475 G1 X81.804 Y84.495 E0.04821
  8. Dear Community and Experts, I am dying to implement Non Planar 3D printing in our UM3. This is a great feature to great smooth products, without staircase/stepped surfaces. I am referring to the following video and appreciate inputs on how to achieve the same in Ultimaker 3. Regards, Raj
  9. Running Cura 4.3 on Win 10 64 bit OS I need to edit the start gcode to change ESTEPS on my Ender 3. I am changing to a BMG extruder and the start gcode box is too small to even see a whole line and I am not a fan of reloading firmware to make the changes. I saw some other posts on this but no fixes. I tried messing with resolutions for the display and nothing helps. I tried it on my work laptop running the same OS and it does the same thing. I suppose I could switch to a different slicer, but Cura has worked well for me so far and I really don't want to take on a new piece of software. If someone has an actual fix or workaround I would appreciate the help. Thanks for listening.
  10. Hoe kan ik een derde kleur printen met cura/UM3. 2 kleuren gaat prima, maar ik wil een object opbouwen in 3 kleuren? Graag uitleg hoe dat moet!
  11. I have been losing my mind 🙂 trying to find a plugin to pause at layer. I used to have a plugin that I loaded into cura lulzbot edition to pause at a specific layer, now when it resumes, it doesn't touch the previous layer, therefor creating space and layer does not adhere well. I have both a mini and taz 6. Please help or point me in the right direction. Thank you!
  12. (Hat noch jemand Probleme seit Installation der neuesten Cura Version?) Zumindest seit (ungefähr) diesem Zeitpunkt zeigt sich bei meinem Ultimaker 2+ etwas seltsames. Mitten im Druck wird plötzlich kein Filament mehr extrudiert. Mittlerweile habe ich - das Filament gewechselt - neu gelevelt - Bowdenschlauch gesäubert - Coupler erneuert - andere Datei probiert - Düse erneuert Der Feeder ist stark genug eingestellt. Zumindest hinterlässt er Markierungen auf dem Filament. Er arbeitet ja auch korrekt, zumindest die erste halbe Stunde bis Stunde, dann "gräbt" er sich ins Filament, statt es weiter zu fördern. Woran kann das liegen? Das trat von einem auf den anderen Tag auf, wobei die einzige Änderung zu dem ungefähren Zeitpunkt die neue Curaversion war. Andererseits erklärt das nicht das Feeder"graben" oder. Help!
  13. Hi,I don't know, what I doing wrong. I just want different infill in one part of object. There are two problems. First is shell wall between inner walls. Second is empty infill above correct infill. Any tips?
  14. Hi there, I've got that following issue with cura 4.3 (using Ultimaker S5 Printer) The model i want to print is standing on 4 feets (as you see in the screenshots below) Model 1: Model 2: Now.. the base of the model which stands on the 4 feets obviously needs to be supported. Im working with the standard printer settings except the support structure setting, with is set to Generate Support: YES Support Extruder: Extruder 2 The first layer of the models base is layer 20. So the last support layer is layer 19. I expected the layer 19 to be a "full" printed support layer (so that the models base is supported correctly). What the cura 4.3 slicing output is, is the following screenshots (model color: red). cura 4.3 layer 19 (what the..?!): cura 4.3 layer 20 (...can't print on air..): With cura 4.1 i installed a later version and sliced again with the same settings (pic 5, model color: green) cura 4.1 layer 19: So .. is this a known issue? Are there any mistakes i did? Thanks Timo
  15. Hello everyone, I have a 4-extruder printer. I want to add tool change button in CURA interface which run with one click. (like image) I can use python, but my coding level is beginner. Please, let me know. Thank you for your attention.
  16. Hi guys I have this strange 'problem' when printing with 2 cores. I printed this model with 0.2 mm layer height, but when the second core starts printing it looks like 0.4mm layer height. It looks like one layer is slightly more inwards than the other layer and the second core does exactly the same but on the other layer. I'm sorry for this weird explanation but I don't know how else to say it. 😉 This happens with (1)PLA and (2)PLA but also with (1)PLA and (2)PVA Has enyone seen this before and/or has a solution for this?
  17. Hi everyone, Yesterday Ultimaker Cura 4.3 was released publicly. We'd love to hear what you think, so let us know here. Find out about more features in the blog. Reporting bugs Bugs (that are clearly bugs) are best posted on our GitHub issues page. Talking about "This isn't doing what I want it to do" is perfectly okay in the forum, right here. When reporting a bug, please fill in the issue template and provide logs. We hope you enjoy this release!
  18. I installed Cura 3.5.0 to replace the previous version on Windows 10. After fresh install, Cura launches normally. However, after being closed, Cura won't open again : Cura.exe appears in the task manager (with relevent size : 41MB) but no GUI shows up. Same problem after killing the process and relaunch it. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, it worked one time then again, after closing Cura it won't open again. Log files (C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\cura\3.5\cura.log) are empty for this last opening. Is there another process to kill or something that I missed? Thanks in advance!
  19. Using Cura 4.3, and after slicing any model, sending to print over network, i get an expected 'override needed' (non-UM filament). Overrides fine in the app, then a message pops up stating "no group host", and to click link to resolve. However, the link leads to "print_jobs.com", obviously not by Cura / UM... what is going on here?
  20. I am printing a simple ABS shape, a square with five holes that is 2mm thick. I am printing with a Monoprice MSP printer running the ADV3ii firmware. Both V3 and V4. I am using Cura V4.3.0 to slice the STL file. Nozzle Temperature: 230 C Bed temperature: 105 C Bed is PEI sheet over glass. The printer is in a box with the ambient temperature at 40 C When I watch the printer on it's first pass, It does not deposit the filament for the whole circle so that the resulting shapes are a "C" (See attached video & Photo). I have also attached the GCODE file (zip). I have changed the retract distance from 1mm to 0mm with no effect. I think my adhesion is good since I have to use a scraper to get the filament off the PEI sheet. (The PEI is the best for adhesion with ABS as I don't have to use any other glue, hairspray, or black magic ) If anyone has suggestions I am open to try anything. Here is a link to a video I just uploaded. Nzl Fn Spcr_ABS-02-Grd-i20-R00.gcode.zip
  21. For those owning a CreatBot DX 3D printer and want to use Ultimaker CURA 4.2.1 instead of CreatWare; I have added here a zip file (CBDX_resources.zip) having a set of definition (json), and the configuration (cfg) files which will allow to include this 3D printer under the “Add a non-network printer” CURA’s category. This set also includes the platform/bed definition (STL file) that enables the 3D presentation of the CreatBot-DX 3D printer in the nice CURA GUI environment. For more details about it, and download such files, just go to this thingiverse thing link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3868940 Enjoy it! CBDX_resources.zip
  22. I created a item in sketchup 2016. basically a 6"x8" rectangle 3/8" inch thick with four holes in each corner. each hole was 1/4" deep. exported the stl file to cura 4.3. opened up the file in cura and the four holes were very apparent in the opening view. slice the file and in the resulting image, the holes were gone. xray view showed the holes, but the holes on the surface did not appear. thought maybe the view was incorrect....so printed it, but the holes were never created with no evidence that any attempt was made to create the holes throughout the print. Is there setting that would cause this or is this a slice error? thanks dave PS. have done this process with a similar image print using Cura 4.0, and everything including holes appeared in cura and the final print. tried to print this new file with 4.0 and then updated to 4.3 and same thing occurred.
  23. When I want to print a model of a container, such as a vase, the inside fills in , so that the model is one solid piece. How can I print it hollow? I would appreciate some help.
  24. I'm using Cura 4.3 and can't seem to find where you set your nozzle size. I see a nozzle size option under the Material selection at the top of the screen but I can only select a material, the nozzle size drop down doesn't do anything (clicking the carrot doesn't display anything). Is there some other place you need to go to set the nozzle size you're using? Appreciate any help. '
  25. Hi. This is the best stringing test result I've had so far in 2 years. I switched to BMG extruder, tried V6 and Chimera, ptfe lined, all metal, titanium polished bore, high temp PTFE, high rpm 40x40x20 heatsink fan and thermal paste on the heatbreak (it is ambient temp). Estep and Flow are calibrated. I tried all materials from different brands and also tried again drying them. I tried all retraction distance from 0 to 15mm and all speeds from 15mm/s to 80 mm/s and all temps, for PLA from 180 to 230. I even tried coasting and disabling part cooling fan. It didn't make any visible difference. Travel speed is 200mm/s... Any idea on what the hell could the issue be??? Because I am exhaust... It initially was a creality cr10S before all the mods I did trying to solve this.
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