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  1. I installed Cura 3.5.0 to replace the previous version on Windows 10. After fresh install, Cura launches normally. However, after being closed, Cura won't open again : Cura.exe appears in the task manager (with relevent size : 41MB) but no GUI shows up. Same problem after killing the process and relaunch it. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, it worked one time then again, after closing Cura it won't open again. Log files (C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\cura\3.5\cura.log) are empty for this last opening. Is there another process to kill or something that I missed? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your feedback during the 3.6 beta period. Today the stable release of Cura 3.6 will become available on Ultimaker.com at approximately 11am (GMT+1) Below are some of the highlights of this release: Print core CC Red profile. You can now select our new wear-resistant print core CC Red 0.6 when the Ultimaker S5 profile is active. This print core is optimized for use with abrasive materials and composites, and opens up a range of industrial applications. Use it in combination with... The Marketplace. If you haven’t used it before, the Marketplace (formerly the Toolbox) is a platform to add plugins and download material profiles configured and optimized by leading manufacturers. Download profiles for third-party materials, and profiles will sync to your Ultimaker S5 through Wi-Fi in the background when connected to that printer (note that your printer will need firmware 5.1 for this to work). This feature will also work for the UM3 when 5.1 is available (soon!) Gyroid infill. @smartavionics has contributed this fascinating new infill pattern. Gyroid infill alternates with every layer to distribute strength equally in every direction, while keeping print duration and material use to a minimum. You can find a more detailed overview of 3.6 in my blog and in the release notes. Download Ultimaker Cura 3.6 here. All feedback is welcome! Put it all in this thread. We are attending Formnext in Frankfurt this week (booth C20 Hall 3.1), so if anyone is in the area please come and say hi!
  3. Ultimaker Cura 3.6 beta is available and out in the wild! It comes with new features, bug fixes, and UX improvements. We would really like to have your feedback on it to make our stable release as good as it can be. As always, you can download the beta for free from our website, for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. A few new things that are new in Ultimaker Cura 3.6 beta: Settings refactor. We’ve been working on optimizing the software engine for more stable releases in the future. The CuraEngine has been refactored to create a more testable, future-proof way of storing and representing settings. This makes slicing faster, and future development easier. Gyroid infill. Gyroid infill is a new infill pattern and one of the strongest infill types for a given weight, has strength in multiple directions, and prints relatively fast, with reduced material use and a fully connected part interior. Thanks to @smartavionics for this fantastic contribution. Firmware checker/Ultimaker S5. The update checker now checks when firmware updates are available for the Ultimaker S5, and the code has been improved and tested for more reliable firmware update notifications in Ultimaker Cura. A big thanks to: @smartavionics, @bagel-orb, @ahoeben, adecastilho, KangDroid, kaleidoscopeit, Kriechi, jscurtu, ValentinPitre, stelgenhof, and paukstelis. You are vital to the development and progress of Ultimaker Cura. Want to try it out? Download Ultimaker Cura 3.6 right here. Need more information? Here is our blog. Please note that this is a beta release, so performance may not be perfect. We encourage you to give us any performance feedback here - this will help us to make the stable release (coming mid-November!) as good as it can be. Let us know what you think below ? Questions? Comments? Corrections? Please tell us!
  4. I have a model that *just* fits in the build area when I don't generate support but the build area is reduced by a couple of millimetres when generate support is checked. The model only actually needs support in a small area in the centre of the printer so technically it is printable but I can't get the model to fit to allow cura to slice it to see that it does fit.... As an aside, this is a model I used to print in previous Cura - is the area reduction a new feature of 3.6? Back to the important question, please could someone explain the best way to convince Cura to slice this model? Thank you!
  5. What is the maximum stl file size that i can slice? I have a 5.2 Gb file that was built in Meshmixer I opened it in Cura 3.6 and the slicing look like it will never end. Is there a size limit for the files?
  6. hi, I installed ultimaker cura to my computer and after i put an item into it and press "prepare" it doesn't work. Instead, it writes a message on the screen "Unable to slice, unable to slice with the current material as it is incompatible with selected machine or configuration". (the print screen is attached) I tried to change materials and reinstalling the software and still i cant figure whats the problem.. if anyone know what should i do to solve it i will be grateful! Thank you, Aviv Abuhasira
  7. Hi. I'm new to Cura and the UM3 and today I wondered why I can't use the full build plate in Cura. I tried to create a 200x200x0.2 square to check the level of my bed and I can't get it to slice. Even a 190x190 square I can't fit onto the bed in Cura to get it to slice. Is there maybe a setting I'm not aware of that reduces the available bed size in Cura? Greetings Saij
  8. Labern

    Setting Lock

    I would be nice to have a setting lock in cura. Where in custom settings if you change a value a small padlock comes up next to that block in which you could lock that setting. This will remain there regardless of core, printer or material change etc. A small popup could come up saying that you have locked settings as a warning when you do change printers or cores but you can ignore it if you wish. This could allow some people to keep a setting which they prefer to be altered at all times to remain in place regardless if its a default profile or custom one. A simple click of that padlock would then unlock that setting allowing you to revert back to the default setting.
  9. Just reserving here this thread for questions between users, who are using the plugin. Additionally, feel free to add ideas for improvements, which are important for you as issues to the project page. Looking forward to stimulating and inspiring ideas! Thanks! Website: https://thopiekar.eu/cad-integration/inventor-plugin/ Current release: CuraInventorPlugin-0.1.5.curaplugin Testing release: CuraInventorPlugin-0.2.2.curaplugin -------------------------------------- Installation guide for the .curaplugin files Plugin uninstallation guide -------------------------------------- Special thanks go to: @dxp for testing the plugin in its early stages! ---------------------------------------
  10. REIS

    reglage anti suintage

    bonjour a tous , après la mise au points de 4 umo perso en double extrusion je me heurte au délicat réglage des deux extrudeurs. ces machines fonctionnent parfaitement en single mais en double j'ai toujours une buse qui s'essuie un peu sur la pièce imprimée. je n'ai pour l'instant pas de shéma viable sur Cura pour régler le problème de suintage. j'observe que malgré un réglage des températures de veille des ext en gestion de maériaux l'impression s'enchaine avant que la consigne ne soit atteinte et s'inscrivent sur le lcd des températures qui n'ont jamais été établies donc le pla extrudé n'est pas légèrement solidifié comme il le devrait et suinte . quelqu'un pourrait il m'éclairer sur ce phénomène . Merci .
  11. Hallo zusammen, beim Drucken eines runden Brimbereichs habe ich festgestellt, dass dieser in den äußeren Bereichen gut ausgesehen hat, etwas vom Rand entfernt (nach innen hin) aber Ablösungserscheinungen o.Ä. zeigte. Direkt beim Druck zeigte sich etwas vom äußeren Rand entfernt auch eine "wellige" Kannte. Dachte zunächst, dass es an einer zu hohen Druck- oder Bett- Temperatur lag, aber ein Herabsetzen brachte keine Änderung. Anschließend habe ich den Abstand und das Leveling der Buildplatte geprüft, aber auch das war einwandfrei (Abstand Düse <-> Bett 0,14mm). Folgend dachte ich an eine unzureichende Haftung des Filaments auf der Glasplatte. Eine sorgfältige Reinigung brachte aber auch nichts. Die nächste Vermutung fiel auf das Filament (PLA) was evtl. Wassergezogen hat. Aber auch ganz neu ausgepacktes Filament zeigte das gleiche Verhalten. Nach etlichen Versuchen habe ich dann den Material Flow herab gesetzt und dies machte sich sofort positiv bemerkbar. Nachdem ich diesen schrittweise auf 80% reduziert hatte, wurde die erste Schicht samt Brim sauber gedruckt. Bei dem weiteren Druck zeigte sich dann aber eine gewisse unter Extrusion und der Material Flow musste wieder auf 100% erhöht werden. Anbei einige Bilder. Mit 100% und 90% Material Flow. Ich hoffe man erkennt die unsauberen Bereiche mit den unterbrochenen Linien. Von der optimalen 80% Einstellung habe ich leider kein Bild. Gibt es in Cura evtl. eine Einstellung mit der man nur die erste Schicht samt Brim mit weniger Material drucken lassen kann ? Drucker UM2+, Düse 0,4mm, Schichthöhe 0,1mm, Geschwindigkeit 50mm/sec., Filament PLA, Düse 210°C, Bett 60°C. Grüße, Dirk
  12. Theisborg

    Printer connection problems

    OS: linux mint 19 Hi guys I am having problems connecting to my UM3E. I can find the printer on the network but not connect to it. I have tried cura 3.1 installed from the build in software manager but that did not work. I also tried the following AppImages: Cura-3.3.1.AppImage Cura-3.5.1.AppImage Ultimaker_Cura-3.6.0.AppImage A colleagues also could not get 3.6 to work and recommended 3.3.1 that works on his Ubuntu. I have attached the cura.log file If anyone has any hint on how to solve this problem please let me know how to move forward... BR. cura.log
  13. Hi all, I've been writing a custom profile for my printer, but am struggling to wrap my head around the displayed co-ordinates '(Move (T)' panel and Origin in the main 'Prepare' view. 1. When I load Cura (3.5.1), I can see my build plate displays correctly, but the Origin icon appears at the Front, Left. I know my printer's origin is Rear, Right - but I cannot find any setting to define the Origin icon to display in the correct place. 2. When I load a model, it drops to the center of the BuildPlate/PrintBed and calls that 0,0 despite specifying "machine_center_is_zero" is "default_value": false. :: If I 'Move (T)' the model in X, it's a positive movement to the Right (ie. +100), negative to the Left (ie. -100) :: If I 'Move (T)' the model in Y, it's a positive movement to the Front (ie. +100), negative to the Rear (ie. -100) This behaviour is the same whether I then select 'Origin at center', or not, from within 'Machine Settings' Ideally, I would like the Origin to be displayed in the Rear, Right corner and when moving an object the 'Move (T)' panel would show Front, Left as 200, 200 Is anyone able to assist? many thanks ARWS
  14. alexander71343

    Using Cura with BFB 3D Touch

    Hello, I am a high school student currently taking an engineering class. My school recieved an old BFB 3D Touch printer, and I have been trying to get it working. So far I have been working with the BFB Axon 2 software, which works, but has not been supported in years and has many problems. My school has Cura 3.4.1 installed on our computers, and I have read that Cura has basic support for BFB machines. I have found the setting for a BFB printer, but have no idea what I need to change in the printer settings, and see no option for multi extruder prints. Does anyone have any experience with BFB printers and could help with the setup in Cura? Thanks, Alexander
  15. I'm migrating Cura from Windows to Linux version. I've some custom resource files to copy to Linux Cura: \Program Files\Cura 2.7\resources\meshes\some_custom_printer.stl \Program Files\Cura 2.7\resources\definitions\some_custom_printer.def.json \Program Files\Cura 2.7\resources\extruders\some_custom_exdruter.def.json ... and so on. Therefore the corresponding directories on Linux aren't accessible as they are temporarily created at runtime. How do I add the files to Linux Cura?
  16. Moin. Benutze Cura 3.4.1 und suche die Option ab einer gewissen Layeranzahl die Layerhöhe zu verkleinern. Sprich ersten Layer 0.2 ab Layer 30 nur noch 0,1 aber leider bis jetzt hab ich keine Lösung gefunden. Grüße
  17. bonjour avec la dernière version de cura (3.6beta) en choisissant une imprimante S5, je n'arrive pas à choisir le filament PVA sur du PC ou PLA .... cura fait référence au tableau de compatibilité cura refuse le PVA avec le PLA alors que le tableau l’autorise. quelqu’un a une idée ?
  18. notkevinjohn

    Job Completion Notification

    I'm looking for guidance on writing some kind of script or plugin for Cura that would allow me to send email or SMS notification when a job is completed. My university is opening a makerspace using Cura for 3D printing, and we'd like to be able to notify students to come by and collect their jobs when they are done. I started by looking into Cura's existing plugin architecture, which isn't particularly well documented. The examples I found looked like pre-processors for the generation of the Gcode file which is then sent to the actual printer. I wasn't able to find any kind of documentation on how to hook into some kind of job completion event to run custom logic. Plugin's don't look promising here, but maybe I am misunderstanding them. It would also be fine of Cura triggered some kind of OS level messages that I could hook into to run a custom script. Perhaps there is a way I can configure it to run in verbose mode such that I can listen to the output and write scripts that react accordingly? Lastly, when printing Cura displays a terminal window that has the information I am looking for. Is there a way I might fork that text to another location where I could more easily parse it with a script? This seems like such an obvious feature, I am surprised it doesn't already exist. I can only surmise that most people who might want something like this would go all the way and install a program like OctoPrint; which isn't what we want to do.
  19. Hello! First time posting here. I've used Cura ever since I got my printer, and I've never looked back :) I'm having an issue, and I'm not sure how to fix it. The first layers of my solids are being sliced in a way that I get an "elephant foot". Note that I don't mean I'm getting an elephan foot in my actual print, I know how that can be fixed with some tinkering; I mean the first layer in the slicer is made wider. I'm attaching a picture of a sliced solid to show what I mean. A wall that should be vertical from bottom to top is wider in the first layer. Is this expected behavior? If it is, is there a way to disable it? I made sure that the first layer height is the same as the rest of the print, and that the first layer thickness is 100%. Any help is appreciated!
  20. Hello Guys, My name is Sergey and I am new Cura user. I am printing already about 3 years but i was using ideaMaker printing at Raise 3D printer. Now we bought Ultimaker S5 and I started to print buildings. Of course quality is not perfect but i am trying to improve it all the time. I am open for any advises. Also, cannot figure how to print with support but I don't how to avoid support in window openings. Can somebody help me with this please? ?
  21. thopiekar

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    Just reserving here this thread for questions between users, who are using the plugin. Additionally, feel free to add ideas for improvements, which are important for you as issues to the project page. Looking forward to stimulating and inspiring ideas! Thanks! Website: https://thopiekar.eu/cura/plugins/cad/solidworks/ Latest version: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.5.5.curaplugin ------------------------------ Plugin installation guide (using .curaplugin files) Plugin uninstallation guide Reporting issues using a log file ------------------------------ Tested by community members and Ultimaker: @drayson @AbeFM (SWX 2016) @poolec4 (SWX 2017) @XYZDesignPro (SWX 2018) .. and other members, who want to be anonymous or simply wrote by mail.
  22. peixoto

    Regular Fan Speed at Layer

    Hi, i'm using Cura with an BQ Hephestos 2 but the part is not sticking to heatbed. I checked that the problem it was when the colling Fan starts working and i would like to reduce the fan speed or just activate it at 5mm height. So i configured the "Regular Fan speed at Layer" setting, but nothing happens, the fan starts working just after the first layer. What i'm doing wrong? another thing i realized is that i configured 4 slow layers but it starts to work faster after the first layer too. I'm not finding the problem, so i decided to ask you some help. You can find a snapshot of parameters in attached files. Thanks in advance.
  23. grapher

    Layer timestamp

    hi, i have model with several cavities, where i allways stop the print by script (extensions->post processing->modify G code-> stop at height), manualy insert magnet into it, and continue printing. point is, that i dont know WHEN the stop will ocure. I know layer number, but im unable to read from CURA information about what time will be the layer printed. so my question is, if there is such information, so i can better plan the print (for example, so the pause will not be 4AM ;) logically, the information must have CURA available, if there is total time printed, and the time is +- accurate.
  24. Hi all - I've been using Cura for a few months but this issue where the top and bottom layers of my prints are not printing or even attempted to be printed just recently started occurring. See the image I've attached for two examples. Its a little hard to see but there are visible gaps between the wall layers where my older prints would be covered with a top layer producing a nice finish. Otherwise than the top and bottom finish, my prints are just fine. I've tried changing the shell settings to many different top and bottom layer thicknesses and number of top and bottom layers but it all seems to look the same. I am using Cura 3.4.1. I tried another slicer program and am experiencing similar issues. What settings should I look at changing? Any advice would be helpful! Thanks
  25. Hello, I'm relatively new to the 3D printing scene and have been going through the learning process of setting up my first printer and printing a few of my engineered parts/ etc. I'm very familiar with scripting and have found my issue in the gcode, and is not a firmware or mechanical problem on the printer. I'm using Cura 3.2.1 and been having an odd issue where, on particularly large prints, the absolute extrusion value will be defined to some extremely far off value and then proceed to eject all the filament, just for it to continue that section of code (for example an inner wall) - then finally return back to the extruder value where it should have been working off from. This results in huge retractions (which i had OFF in cura, retractions were disabled) and then also where the filament re-catches...extrudes meters of filament just to "catch up" resulting in a blob of where the event occurred. Sometimes the retractions and "catching up" happens in reverse order. See pictures: (Find "Z144" and scroll down in Gcode) Is this a bug? I've tried various settings and this happens on different models as well. I've tried with and without retractions as well as combing On/Off. Layer view looks normal and also inspected at the affected layer with playback: GcodeFail.gcode

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