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  1. There seem to be a few problems in the latest and greatest Cura. The first one I noticed when I was printing a model with lots of supports last night. Despite setting "avoid supports when travelling", I was alerted by the sound of my print head skimming the tops of the supports at the rear of the model on each travel move. Fortunately, the supports had been printed on top of a brim, otherwise they would certainly have been knocked off the bed. Shouldn't this setting mean that the print head doesn't try to demolish my supports? Then there's trying to hide the Z-seam. Despite having Z-Seam Alignment set to "Sharpest Corner" and Seam Corner Preference set to "Hide Seam', I get this mess on the outside of my print:
  2. Hi, I was wondering if there is a plugin or possible tweak for me to see only the changes between one profile and another. Currently I have a proliferation of settings and I tweak many options using the expert view. However - I prefer to set up some base configs that are common and then modify only a few settings for a different profile. Currently I have to go through the entire list so I was wondering if there is a way to set up a parent profile that has the whole set of settings and then children in which I see only those that I tweaked for that child profile (e.g. PLA Vendor 1 (parent), PLA Vendor 1 - coarse (child 1 - maybe I only tweaked layer height. So all other settings are masked when I view the child so I know the ones I tweaked), PLA Vendor 1 - coarse no support (child 2 layer height+unchecked Generate support), etc) Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bimal
  3. Hello, To start with first my different machines. First a desktop (self made) with Windows10 Ver. 1903 Build 18362.267. Graphics Nvida Geforce GTX 650. Installed Cura 4.2.1, no problems what so ever. Second a Laptop HP Windows10 Ver. 1903 Build 18362.267 with Intel HD Graphics Driver version Installed Cura 4.2.1, no problems noted. My work Laptop Asus Vivo Book Windows10 Ver. 1903 Build 18362.239 and. 267 after update with Intel UHD Graphics 600 driver version 2420.100.6287. Installed Cura 4.2.1 will not start, reinstalled the previous beautiful working 4.1 splash screen came up until "The configuration will be updated" then disappeared and did not start up. The task manager had three cura.exe showing with 0% working but three different sizes, one had 53.2 Mb, one had 4.6 MB and the last one had 53.0 Mb. Stopped all exe and restarted the laptop. Uninstalled both Cura version and restart the laptop again. Installed Version 4.1 but it do not want to start. Uninstalled 4.1, restart installed 4.0 with the same result, no start. The compatibility with Windows 8 I tried at first, before I started all the rest, I forgot to mention that. Uninstalled 4.0 installed 3.6 and it worked. Then I had a good idea and formatted 😏 my harddrive, reinstalled Windows with version 1903, installed Cura 4.2.1 with the same results as before. Also any version with a 4 will not start anymore. Version 3.6. works beautiful as before but I'm not able to got any Version 4. to work. That was my weekend. If somebody has any idea please answer me. I need a little help now. WillemII
  4. I am running CURA 3.6.18 on Windows 10. I am trying to modify the bed temperature settings before exporting to gcode. In my interface under "Manage Profiles..." I am unable to modify the bed temperature even when I duplicate the profile. Is there another place on the GUI that I need to look for this?
  5. Hi, I had problems printing 2 parts at the same time so I made them print one and then the other. I left, because I had to go shopping for food, and when I came back, one model was nice done ( the first one), but the other was stuck to the print bed like crazy and when I removed it and measured it with calipers in the Z direction, the second model was about 3mm lower than the other and the ultrabase below it was all scratched up and the nozzle will probably need itself being replaced. From what I saw I can surely say that something (probably cura) made the second print start 3mm below the bed level, resulting in my bed being destroyed, luckily on almost the very edge. I had it leveled and when I checked the bed screws, none were loose. Leveling the bed afterwards wasn't necessary, the bed was completely leveled and the distance between the bed and the nozzle was the same everywhere, just the very tip of the nozzle got brushed off. If it is really the Cura's fault, it should be fixed ASAP. I was very lucky I didn't print it in the center and that it was a very small object, so I don't have to replace the whole print bed due to this. Anyone has any ideas what could this be caused by? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Hab mal ne frage zu der Funktion Verwendung von Pfeilern bei der Stützstruktur. Hab die seit geraumer zeit angeschaltet und ich kann mir auch gut drunter vorstellen was das ist aber ich hab Cura in der vorschau noch nie sowas einsetzen sehen. Alle Modelle werden immer nur mit ganz normalem Support gesliced. Gibts da irgendwas das ich übersehe oder noch zusätzlich anschalten muss? Cura version ist 4.2.1. Danke schon mal im voraus.
  7. I've been having issues with some dimensions in my prints where it is up to 2mm out in some dimensions. I have calibrated the printer (S5) a couple times in the past week after already having problems printing PVA supports which were solved. I am printing with PLA as the main structure. Unusually the dimension issues are not uniform. I.e. I printed two items at the same time but one was too short while the other was too tall, both were too thin. Is there a way to view the actual data that was sent to the printer as it seems like it could be some kind of scaling issue? Print settings are on extra fine 0.06mm so I would expect much more accuracy than ±2mm. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  8. I have a dual extruder setup with a Y-splitter (2 extruders, 1 nozzle) so I had to write some scripts for retracting and priming the materials on every toolchange. Photo's of scripts are included. Now when I slice a model, the preview shows that everything is fine, however, when I load the gcode on the machine, it goes to one corner and keeps extruding A LOT of material there. When I inserted the gcode into cura to check, it showed that the nozzle wanted to go off the bed into infinity. The fact that my machine does a similar thing means that this is actually what gets exported. I attached the curaprofile together with all the scripts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dual Extruder Setup.curaprofile
  9. Is it somehow possible to have a separate wall thickness for walls on the inside of my model? I am currently preparing to print a threaded piece with a fairly large diameter and hollowed out the middle of the piece to save material and printing time. However, as I have set a wall thickness of 3mm to make my threads more robust, Cura slices the walls around the hollow space also 3mm wide, which defeats the whole purpose of hollowing out that space in the first place... Any ideas or suggestions? Cheers, Oliver
  10. So, I tried to print the cr-10 v6 heavy duty mount for like 50+ times, with different filaments, various slicings, but it always keeps failing on the same point. I am getting extremely irritated. No print ever failed with s3d, but with cura 4.2.1 I only get fails. The filament at the extruder part gets destroyed and so it stops extruding, everytime. If this won't get any reply I'll report it on github. CCR10S_CR-10_HD-modular-mount-V6_mount.gcode test.curaprofile files.zip
  11. Hi, I'm just learning Cura and have a question about defining walls within the interior of a model. My naive approach was to do this with per-model infill settings, where one model in completely enclosed within the other and used to locally modify the infill density to 100%. This seems to work, but there are many switches and knobs available that I still don't know anything about - is there a better way? For example, the attached model is a simple cube with a tube curving through it...what's the best way to make the walls of the tube solid so as to form an interior passage? What settings are most relevant for this sort of thing? Note that I am not particularly concerned with the printability of this example. Right now, I'm just focused on learning how to use Cura itself. Thanks! UMS5_Cube.3mf
  12. I searched and don't see this topic, so pardon me if this has already been answered. I am running Cura 4.2.1 on Ubuntu via the official AppImage and I am unable to sign in to the Ultimaker Cloud. When I click the "Sign In" button next to Marketplace, a panel pops up with both the Sign In and Create Account options, but neither button functions when pressed. The buttons highlight on hover, but do not function on click. Does any one have a suggestion on how to fix this? Thanks!
  13. I'd like to make some photo-real renders of some 3D printed shapes, and Cura's slice-preview, where you can see all the layers extruded into the model. I've tried to find a way to extrude them, but I've not found a way - is there a plugin or feature that would let me do that? Many thanks!
  14. Hi all! I'm experiencing an issue where suddenly combing is not working. I've tried every combing setting but they are all giving me the same results. 3DV_CalibrationTest_HorizontalExpansion.gcode 3DV_CalibrationTest_HorizontalExpansion.3mf
  15. Hello there, I am new to this forum, I have been 3d printing for a few years so far and though I have been reading this forum in the shadows now I registered to try to get some answers. Hope I can keep learning from you and contribute a bit with my little knowledge now that I am registered 😃 Having said this, the problem is: I have been experiencing Y-axis layer shifts on different 3d printers, several Anet E12 and my new Creality CR10-s Pro. Belt tension is ok, iddle pulleys, teethed gears, jerk control both disabled and enable at lower mm/s, smooth carriage movement, and everything that comes to your mind after reading the dreaded y-axis layer shift, basically hardware stuff has been double-checked hundreds of times. The point is that it all started after updating to Cura 3.6, then I downgraded to 3.5.1 thinking that it could be a bug (i've read quite a few comments about people experiencing the same issues with 3.6) but the point is that I still have it, Y-axis layer shifts at same heights (and sometimes at different heights) The point is that I SOLVED the problem simply by using Repetier Host with Cura Engine as a slicer, and it prints as a charm. However, the question that is driving me crazy is: WHY? Why can't I print without a bloody y-axis layer shift using Cura instead? Please find attached 4 pictures printed today with Cura 3.5.1: at 0.1 layer height and 60mm/s at 0.1 layer height and 40mm/s at 0.2 layer height and 60mm/s (shifted 2 layers then got back to its original position) at 0.2 layer height and 40mm/s Prints at 0.1 layer height have the layer shift earlier and at slightly different heights Prints at 0.2 layer height have the layer shift later on and at exactly the same height. I'd appreciate some help and comments on this topic. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi everyone! Today we've dropped the stable release of Ultimaker Cura 4.2. Thanks for your helpful feedback during the beta phase. Some notable features of this release: Orthographic view. A new orthographic view brings Ultimaker Cura more in-line with many popular CAD design packages, so you can easily compare the dimensions of your model before you invest time into a print. Find the new view in View > Camera view > Orthographic. Layer view line type. The line type color scheme in the layer view has been tweaked with new colors for infill and support interfaces so that they can be distinguished better. Infill lines now show as orange, and support interfaces are distinguished from regular support with a distinct shade of blue. Nozzle switch prime distance. Certain materials “ooze” more than others during retraction and long moves. vgribinchuk has contributed a new setting that lets you finetune the restart distance, so that the full extrusion width is achieved when resuming a print. Smart Z seam. A new option to increase the aesthetic quality of your prints has been added to custom mode, under Z seam settings. Smart Z seam works by analyzing your model’s geometry and automatically choosing when to hide or expose the seam, so that visible seams on outer walls are kept to a minimum. Read all about it This release has received internal QA testing as well as a two-week public beta, but if you should encounter bugs, the best place to report them is on GitHub (please follow the issue template and provide logs so that our developers can help you more effectively). We hope you enjoy this release!
  17. Hallo Miteinander Ich habe ein kleines Problem, die Nachbearbeitung des Gcodes mit Pause at Heigth funktioniert nicht so wie gewollt. Habe alle drei Versionen einmal durchprobiert, bei einer hat er einen kurzen Stopp eingelegt, aber dann weiter in der Luft gedruckt. Also kann man sagen, das Pause at Height nicht funktioniert. Kann mir vielleicht jemand sagen was schief läuft oder ob es bei euch überhaut funktioniert? Getestet habe ich das ganze auf einem Ultimaker 2+ Mark 2 mir der Software vom @tinkergnome. Im Cura 4.2.1 Grüsse zpm3atlantis
  18. Hello and Hi ,i have been having this problem where cure fills the shaft hole with a skin and for the life of me cant seem to fix it or remove it i have sliced it with replicator g40 and comes out ok but not great i have asked all kind of communitys to assist but no luck if anyone can help i will really apritiate it i have attached a picture of how it looks on Cura and with the Build preview Regard Matt !0 tooth sprocket (7).stl
  19. Hello, printing "once at a time" seems tricky: the preview was perfect, but in the end, the last part (in the lower left) was cut in half. The cutting area was even closed with a nice wall! Pics are included as is the 3mf and gcode. The number of extruders was set to 1. I'm not asking for help, just for some hints of how to avoid that. (And yes, these prints are ugly, the TPU95A must be dried.) There was a thread in 2016 with the "print once at a time" topic, now i'm calling for @nallath or @gr5 🙂 The printer setting: UM3E_pUFFER-5er-Gruppe.3mf UM3E_pUFFER-5er-Gruppe.zip
  20. Dear Ultimakerists, I am having an issue using the full print height of our UM2E+. The model is just under 300mm, and I am printing from 0 i.e. not raft. The preview (below) shows that CURA (4.1.0) believes it will print but I have tried twice and the print stops at 225mm and the printer throws a "ERROR: tried to print out of printing area". I can see how the print might fail closer to the Z height limit but 75mm short seems strange. I have checked that the Printer Settings are set to 305mm Z height. It is very possible I am missing something very obvious, so ahve attached the project file. Any help is greatly appreciated. UM2E_part.3mf
  21. I am currently attempting to print a Nylon part through the ultimaker cura app. I have exported the part as an STL file from Fusion 360 and placed it in the middle of my Cura workspace. As i slice the part, an extra, or "ghost" part seems to appear in the Preview tab. Any thoughts as to why this may be happening?
  22. I've installed Cura 4.2.0 on 2 computers, and can't get it to work on either one. The first time I launch it, the splash screen loads, and hangs at 'Updating configuration.' If I kill the process and try to launch Cura again, the icon appears briefly on the taskbar then disappears. I get no splash screen, and the only way I know that it's running is that cura.exe is still listed in task manager. Both computers are running Windows 10 v1903 x64. One of the computers had Cura 4.1 on it previously, which was uninstalled automatically when prompted by the Cura 4.2.0 installer. The other computer did not have a prior version of Cura. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Edit: Cura.log attached. The last lines of the log are: 2019-07-31 09:47:10,075 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.Backend.Backend._logSocketState [171]: Socket state changed to Listening 2019-07-31 09:47:11,708 - INFO - [MainThread] UM.Backend.Backend.startEngine [81]: Started engine process: C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.2\CuraEngine.exe 2019-07-31 09:47:11,715 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.Backend.Backend._backendLog [101]: [Backend] Calling engine with: ['C:\\Program Files\\Ultimaker Cura 4.2\\CuraEngine.exe', 'connect', '', ''] cura.log
  23. Ultimaker Cura 4.2 beta is now available. Check out the blog for some feature highlights, or download it now to discover what’s new. During the beta phase, user feedback is really valuable to us, and our developers are on hand to answer any queries you have. Feel free to tell us what you like, and please report any bugs you encounter so that they can stabilize the next release. We’ve hosted the beta version on GitHub for now. This is because our product pages have just switched over to a new platform. We’re working to reimplement beta hosting on the product page eventually. Reporting bugs Bugs (that are clearly bugs) are best posted on our GitHub issues page. Talking about "This isn't doing what I want it to do" is perfectly okay in the forum, right here. When reporting a bug, please fill in the issue template and provide logs. We hope you enjoy this release!
  24. After upgrading to Cura 4.2 and then to 4.2.1 I can't seem to get per-model settings to work anymore. The toolbar button just never enables. I've still got 4.1 installed and there the button enables whenever a model or support blocker is selected. Am I missing some change in how things need to be done now or is this a bug? Cheers, Oliver
  25. Hi, I'm building a a somewhat unusual 3D printer. It uses 3 hotends at the moment, but the final goal is to have 6. While slowly exploring the world of dual/multiextrusion with my tools of choice, OpenSCAD and Cura, I wanted to have a better integration between both. Current Issues: * OpenSCAD exports only one mesh at a time. No big deal with single extrusion, but multi extrusion part often require changes to multiple meshes. Right now I'm using '*' or '!' in OpenSCAD to control which parts of a design are rendered and then exported. The whole process is error prone and tedious. * Some of my designs require special slicer settings, like wall thickness, top/bottom layer etc. It happened a few times that I forget these changes when I had to print another part after a few weeks. * Features like 'anti overhang mesh', 'support mesh', etc. are really hard to use as they require even more meshes to be exported for a single part. I started to work on a Cura plugin some days ago (alpha stage at best right now), to see if it is possible to overcome some of these limitations. The Idea is to embed export and slicer settings as comments in OpenSCAD files and have a FileReader plugin that opens a file, scans for such comments, renders the objects via openscad and uses 'Per Object Settings' to override profile defaults on the imported objects. The slicer settings are written back to the OpenSCAD file whenever G-Code is saved. Examples: /*cura{'ring(30, 20, 10)': {'extruder': 'toolchanger_0 #2', 'speed_print': 120}}*/ This would create the object 'ring(30, 20, 10)' from the imported SCAD file, assign the created mesh to extruder 0 and change the print speed to 120mm/s for this object. /*cura{ 'ring(10, 5, 6)': { 'extruder': 'toolchanger_0 #2', 'top_bottom_thickness': 1.6}, 'ring(15, 10, 5)': {'extruder': 'toolchanger_2 #2', 'wall_thickness': 1.6}}*/ Same here, but two meshes are created, assigned to different extruders and grouped into a single object. Please note that there is no need to remember the syntax and slicer parameters. Adding a comment like /*cura {'ring(10, 5, 6)': {}}*/ is sufficient to get it imported in Cura and all the settings are written once the G-Code is saved. Clearly missing is a feature to keep track of the global state of the printer, like material assigned to extruders, loaded profil and unsaved changes to the profile and to show a warning after import. One significant drawback is render time. OpenSCAD only allows one mesh to be exported, this means that internal mesh caches are not preserved between the render processes. I haven't yet tested with anti_overhang or cutting_mesh an the like, but have no doubt that it could be used for this purpose as well. If I sparked your interest, don't hold your breath. The plugin will take some time till release. But I'm curious for your feedback. Am I missing obvious enhancements to the process? While talking about and in case one of the devs just reads this. Some really useful settings are not available per model, most notable are all the "use extruder X for feature Y' options (like outer_wall_extruder).
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