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  1. Hi everyone, I am new to 3d printing. I have this problem. When trying to print this small part(55X35X5 mm) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:31436 the top and bottom layers look terrible. You can literally see right through the holes to the other side of the part. I think the problem is in the cura settings but I can' find the right one. Basically all of my prints have this problem. Does anybody have any idea what is causing this? Thank You for your help
  2. SneakyGit

    Cura won't load model

    Trying to load a .3mf file I have created in cura, it says "Warning: the selected file was too small to load." and won't load it. The model is the same size as other models I have loaded, in fact it will load the same model without some small holes I have put in it. Is this a problem anyone else has had? I cannot find the error anywhere on cura's guides.
  3. I'm trying to set up profiles for a custom printer I am developing and am running into an issue with my variants for the printer. The printer supports 3 materials via a material loader similar to the Prusa Research MMU2.0. So I have 3 materials which are loaded and unloaded into a single tool head. This tool head also has removable tool cartridges similar to the Print Cores on the Ultimaker 3. I have 3 extruders set up and machine variants for all of my different tool cartridges. The issue I'm having is the tool cartridge (variant) needs to be selected manually for each extruder. I'm trying to make it so that when the user selects a tool cartridge (variant) from the drop-down, that tool cartridge is applied to all 3 extruders. As far as I am aware there are no other printers with this type of multi-material setup included in Cura, so I'm not sure if this is even possible to do without modifying the Cura source code. Thank you in advance for any ideas or thought you might have.
  4. Hi, if you are using Linux and feeling like trying the cutting edge of Cura development then head over to https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AAADdYdSu9iwcKa0Knqgurm4a?dl=0 where you will find copies of my current Cura installation. They are based on the Cura master branches + my own additions and tweaks and will contain all known bug fixes that have been merged to master. These are not AppImages but an archive of an installation built on a Ubuntu 16.04.4 system, just unpack and then execute cura/bin/cura.sh. Supplied with absolutely no warranty, YMMV.
  5. It's entirely possible that I'm not a normal 3D printer user. I've been curious about the technology for some years, but I"d been to busy to really invest. Some of you might balk at that statement, but I stand by it --- my very nature is to treat every opportunity as a learning experience. When I finally had time, I researched things on the internet, ordered things on eBay and set about building my printer from scratch. Along the way, I learned about many things. I'm fairly happy with my first effort. And by that I'm not talking about the first thing I printed, but my first printer. I definitely plan to build a more sophisticated printer in the future. And before I get into the meat of the post, I'd like to say that I fully appreciate Ultimaker/Cura for releasing their slicer to the open source community and this post is not IN ANY WAY trying to pour rain on that effort. That-all-said, the surveys are getting to me. The choices are not good. Education _or_ personal _or_ work. Fairly, I would say all three. In my short time as a 3D printer owner, I've made prototypes for work, learned much about how 3D printers work and made some birthday presents. Similarly, I'm asked to choose among prototyping, production, .... and a bunch of things I forget as for what I'm making. I want to honestly chose about 80% of the answers, not one. I don't have any problem at all with your survey-on-download approach, I'm just bummed by your survey. I'm forced to pick random answers that don't really reflect what I'm doing...
  6. ichimo

    Disconnected Parts

    I understand that this has something to do with the model itself as large parts and layers are missing but show if I enable the disconnected options, but that's a problem for the sturdiness of the print. The missing parts aren't connected by a small gap and I need to know if there's a way to fix it or just remove the entire design on the front.
  7. Hi, I'm building a a somewhat unusual 3D printer. It uses 3 hotends at the moment, but the final goal is to have 6. While slowly exploring the world of dual/multiextrusion with my tools of choice, OpenSCAD and Cura, I wanted to have a better integration between both. Current Issues: * OpenSCAD exports only one mesh at a time. No big deal with single extrusion, but multi extrusion part often require changes to multiple meshes. Right now I'm using '*' or '!' in OpenSCAD to control which parts of a design are rendered and then exported. The whole process is error prone and tedious. * Some of my designs require special slicer settings, like wall thickness, top/bottom layer etc. It happened a few times that I forget these changes when I had to print another part after a few weeks. * Features like 'anti overhang mesh', 'support mesh', etc. are really hard to use as they require even more meshes to be exported for a single part. I started to work on a Cura plugin some days ago (alpha stage at best right now), to see if it is possible to overcome some of these limitations. The Idea is to embed export and slicer settings as comments in OpenSCAD files and have a FileReader plugin that opens a file, scans for such comments, renders the objects via openscad and uses 'Per Object Settings' to override profile defaults on the imported objects. The slicer settings are written back to the OpenSCAD file whenever G-Code is saved. Examples: /*cura{'ring(30, 20, 10)': {'extruder': 'toolchanger_0 #2', 'speed_print': 120}}*/ This would create the object 'ring(30, 20, 10)' from the imported SCAD file, assign the created mesh to extruder 0 and change the print speed to 120mm/s for this object. /*cura{ 'ring(10, 5, 6)': { 'extruder': 'toolchanger_0 #2', 'top_bottom_thickness': 1.6}, 'ring(15, 10, 5)': {'extruder': 'toolchanger_2 #2', 'wall_thickness': 1.6}}*/ Same here, but two meshes are created, assigned to different extruders and grouped into a single object. Please note that there is no need to remember the syntax and slicer parameters. Adding a comment like /*cura {'ring(10, 5, 6)': {}}*/ is sufficient to get it imported in Cura and all the settings are written once the G-Code is saved. Clearly missing is a feature to keep track of the global state of the printer, like material assigned to extruders, loaded profil and unsaved changes to the profile and to show a warning after import. One significant drawback is render time. OpenSCAD only allows one mesh to be exported, this means that internal mesh caches are not preserved between the render processes. I haven't yet tested with anti_overhang or cutting_mesh an the like, but have no doubt that it could be used for this purpose as well. If I sparked your interest, don't hold your breath. The plugin will take some time till release. But I'm curious for your feedback. Am I missing obvious enhancements to the process? While talking about and in case one of the devs just reads this. Some really useful settings are not available per model, most notable are all the "use extruder X for feature Y' options (like outer_wall_extruder).
  8. kasko73

    Cura 3.4.1 on a S5

    Once I open a file in Cura is there a quick and easy way to make a copy of that file. Copy/Paste does not work and the icon which I believe would do this is ghosted out and I cannot click on it
  9. thopiekar

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.5)

    Just reserving here this thread for questions between users, who are using the plugin. Additionally, feel free to add ideas for improvements, which are important for you as issues to the project page. Looking forward to stimulating and inspiring ideas! Thanks! Website: https://thopiekar.eu/cura/plugins/cad/solidworks/ Latest version: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-0.5.5.curaplugin ------------------------------ Plugin installation guide (using .curaplugin files) Plugin uninstallation guide Reporting issues using a log file ------------------------------ Works and tested on the following SolidWorks versions: 2016: @AbeFM and a secret but a trustable source 2017: @poolec4 https://github.com/thopiekar/CuraSolidWorksPlugin/issues/48#issuecomment-366527143 2018: @XYZDesignPro
  10. Hey, I'm trying to get a GCODE from a STL via invoking CuraEngine.exe. From cura.log i can see that it's sending a whole bunch of parameters to a socket instead of the command line and returns all the settings value. I could copy/paste all these parameters but it's way too long for Windows and hit the limit of args for a process. I also see that it's using fdmprinter.def.json instead of ultimaker3.def.json. I've tried doing this : CuraEngine.exe slice -v -j "C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 3.0\resources\definitions\ultimaker3.def.json" -s material_bed_temperature_layer_0="80" -s material_print_temperature_layer_0="235" -s layer_height="0.1" -s layer_height_0="0.27" -s material_diameter="2.85" -e0 -l "C:\Users\***\Desktop\cura\screw.stl" -o "C:\Users\****\Desktop\cura\test.gcode" But the generated GCODE is pretty different from the one generated by CURA (the UI) ~20k more lines in the one generated by CURA. Is there a simple way to generate a GCODE equivalent as CURA for the ultimaker 3 for a preset like ABS - Fine - no support - generate build plate adhesion - using CuraEngine.exe ? Thank you.
  11. Ultimaker Cura 3.4 is available! We’re happy to share that Ultimaker Cura 3.4 is now available to use. What do we have in stock for you this time? We have included new plug-ins, UX-enhancements and some improvements to the slicing engine. You can find more information about Ultimaker Cura 3.4 in our blog. I am happy to share some of my favorite improvements with you below. What are yours? Plugin updates! Cura Backups — Yes, this is great! When you have installed this plugin you’ll be able store settings, material and plugin backups in the cloud. You can do this using your Ultimaker community account if you prefer to keep 1 profile or create a separate new account. You’ll be able to access your configurations from every computer and location around the globe (..with internet) More integrations — You’re now able to use the following files directly in Ultimaker Cura: (thanks to @thopiekar!) Autodesk Inventor Blender OpenSCAD FreeCAD Slicing engine upgrades Infill support — When you enable infill support the Cura engine will only build support structures where it is necessary to support walls or top layers, like internal supports. This may result in faster print times without caving walls. (thank you @bagel-orb) Controlled retractions. New options to control retraction like: Max combing distance with no retract. When set to a non-zero value, combing travel moves that are longer than that distance will use retraction, to maintain optimal nozzle pressure for better print quality. (Thank you @smartavionics !) Maximum combing resolution. Combing travel moves are kept at least 1.5 mm long to prevent buffer underruns, for better print quality. Avoid supports when traveling. Added setting to avoid supports when performing travel moves. This minimizes the risk of the print head hitting support material, improving print (Thank you @bagel-orb!) Support wall line count —Added setting to configure how many walls to print around supports. UX-enhancements Settings filter timeout. For a better performance, the settings filter is now triggered on enter, or after a 500ms timeout. So you should expect Cura to run smoother while using it. Anonymous data sharing. We have changed the ‘Send anonymous data’ button so you can see more information first, and then decide to enable or disable. We’ve also added logging for the new events. This data can be used to benchmark performance on different machines. Third-party printers and stability fixes We’ve included a lot of Ultimaker Cura 3.4 bug fixes and enhancements to improve your user experience: Empty file name — If an empty filename job was sent to Cura Connect, Ultimaker Cura would report it as sent, but it would not appear in the Cura Connect queue. Empty job names are now detected and set to "unnamed" to prevent this from happening. Curaproject naming — Fixed bug related to two "curaprojects" in the file name when saving a project. We've recorded a video explaining some of the video's more in-depth: There is even more included in Ultimaker Cura 3.4. We owe a lot of gratitude towards: @thopiekar , @ahoeben, @smartavionics, @bagel-orb, jwalt, ohrn, ngraziano for their contributions. Without them, Ultimaker Cura wouldn’t be the same today. Thank you! Can't wait to get started? Download Ultimaker Cura 3.4 here!
  12. CURA ne supporte toujours pas le 2 eme écran d'un ordinateur... quand CURA est positionné sur le 2 eme écran il "frezze" Ce n'est pas nouveau, mais cela ne semble pas résolu... Pour info : depuis que j'utilise CURA j'ai déjà réinstallé win,10 il est jour, tous les drivers sont à jour
  13. this is extension used to tune bed level on i3 printer on 5 points and send command up and down , preheat from cura. works with 2.4 BedlevelPlugin.zip
  14. Hello, I am printing a small part. in linux cura 3.4.1 (nozzle 0.25mm), as you can see in the screenshot of cura at top and in the brim (lower left), parts of the part are missing. Do you have any ideas? Regards. UM2_version-simple-pb.3mf
  15. Bonjour à tous, J'utilise un vieux CURA (15 et des poussières en 32 bits car sur un vieux PC W7 dont proc limité en 32 bits!) et j'ai voulu installer le tout dernier CURA en 64 bits. J'ai remis en service une machine assez ancienne mais 64 bits (E6300 2Go, SSD 128MB et un contrôleur graphique type GeForce 7500.LE) sous W10 dernier carat. J'ai installé le dernier CURA (3.4.1) et à la fin de l'installation, comme la case "Launch CURA" était cochée, CURA s'est lancé.... Le premier démarrage a commencé..chargement de ceci et cela...puis CURA s'est planté. Je l'ai relancé via "programmes" et là, CURA démarre et me présente une fenêtre "User Agreement" transparente (rien dedans!) qui se fige (je ne peux rien faire...si je la déplace, elle se démultiplie sur l'affichage à l'infini ??? Le PC lui n'est pas planté et je peux aller tuer la tâche via le gestionnaire de tâches. Après plusieurs essais infructueux, j'ai désinstallé CURA 3.4.1 et j'ai installé CURA 3.2.1....mais même comportement, plantage sur User Agreement! J'ai cherché sur le forum une ressemblance avec mon cas et n'ai rien trouvé sauf que dans l'un des fils, j'ai vu qu'on pouvait avoir accès au LOG de CURA dans %APPDATA%. Dans les deux logs (Cura 3.4.1 (pourtant désinstallé!) et 3.2.1, je vois bien à la fin du fichier (en pièce jointe pour l'un des deux): "2018-09-19 23:48:33,595 - INFO - [(4768)-MainThread] UserAgreementPlugin.UserAgreement.didAgree [41]: User did NOT agree to the user agreement" comme quoi je n'ai effectivement pas validé l'agrément, et pour cause, je n'ai plus la main! J'ai regardé vite fait dans le fichier mais ne vois pas d'autre erreurs évidentes( ???). Est-ce que quelqu'un a une idée de ce qui peut se passer ? Pour ma part, en lisant le log, je me suis demandé si cela avait à voir avec les drivers graphiques (pas mal de chargement apparemment dans le log) et pouvait être en rapport avec ma vieille carte graphique car je sais que j'ai peiné à trouver les drivers pour la faire accepter par W10 mais cette carte se comporte apparemment bien avec d'autres applis récentes (Firefox, etc...))? Merci en tout cas pour toute piste qui me permettrait d'avancer sur ce problème! Bonne nuit!😀 cura.log
  16. I am attempting to bring in a Solidworks assembly into Cura. When I bring the assembly in, all the components lose orientation and I need to manually realign them. For simple models this is achievable, but for complex models it will not be. I watched the demos I saw on-line about importing assemblies and how to use the "Arrange all models" feature but this results in all the models being placed side by side. Is there a way to import the components of an assembly into Cura and have them retain their orientation relationships? Is there a work around or can Cura not handle Solidwork Assemblies?
  17. varazir

    Unnecessary travels

    Hello, I'm trying to print a model I have designed in Fusion 360 ( STL attached ) When looking at the travels for this part it's a lot that shouldn't be needed. There are 2 outer walls and a inner. Seam settings is set to Sharpest corner and Hide seam. Don't know what settings you want so please let me know and I'll post them. Flower Pot MK II v22_Flower Pot MK II v22_OuterPot_1_Body1_OuterPot.stl
  18. RobHowdle

    Cura 3.4.1 crash problem

    Hi all, new here and wondered if anybody gets this issue, I go to load up Cura and about 3-4 times a month it crashes, can’t open and has to be reset to default settings. I have since learnt to export my profiles but it’s extremely irritating and wondered if anyone else has this issue and if anyone knows why it might be happening? theres not update available for me to download at the moment attached are some screen shots thanks Rob
  19. ThePullOutCouch

    Cura wont set part fan speed properly.

    Recently cura has begun to not enable my part cooling fan, after looking at the g-code it sends a M107 reagardless of what I have my fan speed set to. I have switched active printer profiles and it still does it.
  20. Hi I am using CR-10 at the moment. A beginner. Tried to use Cura to set a particular infill for only a part of a model. Simply3D can use variable setting wizard, has Cura got something like that? I know there is per object setting, but I have to create many objects from one model. Or the swapatZ plugin? Thanks Tom
  21. I have a part that i need to print for a project i am working on and i am just looking for some advice. The part i have drawn up in inventor is round but when i put it into Cura it gives me a helical shape, i played around with settings to try and get it round but have not succeeded can anyone give me some advice or steps to follow to fix this? RSA_Drue
  22. Guten Morgen zusammen, ich rätsel jetzt seit ungefähr 2 Wochen ob es möglich ist bei einem Druck 2 Objekte aber mit unterschiedlichen Einstellungen zu drucken. Als Beispiel wäre das für ein Benchmarking oder Optimierung der Druckeinstellungen gut. Was stell ich mir vor: Objekt A ein Würfel wird mit Geschwindigkeit 60 mm/s gedruckt und Objekt B ein Würfel wird mit 120 mm/s gedruckt. In Cura an sich gibt es diese Einstellung nicht soweit ich weiß, sobald das zweite Objekt hinzugefügt wird übernimmt es die Einstellungen des ersten Parts automatisch. Hat jemand eine Idee? Lg TIm
  23. if in last cura set flow 100% and start gcode M221 S90, what is the value that take Cura?
  24. I am testing with vase mode, and tried to print the standard rocket. For some reason, the g code stops about a centimetre from the top of the rocket. I am running Cura 3.4.1. Looking at the screen shots that I have, the truncated rocket appears to be the correct height, for some reason I think it is adding to the radius.
  25. I try to restore an online backup a colleague created on windows on my Cura 4.3.1 Mac. Just after click on "restore" on the profile, Cura crashed Since I can't start it, it crashes at launch. Does anyone succeed in restoring a "windows made" profile on a Mac ?

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