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  1. Hi, I have recently started a new job for a company with 2 S5 printers and cabinets. Both these machine seem to have the same to issues, when the tension is centred the feeders grind badly and at any tension the motors for the extruders make a loud noise. I have managed to get one out of 4 to work properly by cleaning the print cores however this doesn't seem to fix the other 3 feeders. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Matt
  2. I have issue with camera in Management Console (Ultimaker S3). When i lost connection with printer (its happened in my company sometimes), camera shows only black screen. After that is necessary to restart the printer.
  3. Windows and Linux both can utilize multiple desktops. I think it'd be extrememly useful if a Cura "project" would include multiple print beds..... A folder of projects of sorts. Then complete prep work can be done within a single file for very large projects while the initial print is taking place! Maybe we could mark a specific print successful or failed (or even specific pieces) to help with transparency within business applications? Big lift, but just spitballing some ideas.
  4. windows 11 installed 5.1.1 a few days ago, everything was OK, was trying to recognize ender 3 pro on usb so closed it today reopened and get the splash screen - everything seems to load - then white page opens left it for a while, never populates updated to 5.2 beta - same rebooted - same
  5. The prepared prints in Cura have imprecision in the X and Y axes. The printer profile used is Anet ET5 (same as my printer) and the profile used for the test is the Draft (0.2), the result is an object that differs from the measurements that can be seen in the preparation of the project, leaving a 20mm test cube with a difference in the Y axis of 98.56% and in the X axis of 100.78% as I could measure, there are no differences in the Z axis. Slic3r no has this problem, so it seems to be a problem in the Cura printer profile.
  6. So for a few days now I have been having issues opening Cura 5.0.0 and it saying that its not responding. browsing around the forums and people were saying that you should try reinstalling into a different directory, which did not work. Then I came across a post that said that there may be issues with 2 screens desktops. So with out changing anything, all i did was unplug the 2nd monitor and now it runs perfect. Can we expect to get this reworked in the future?
  7. Hello, Very happy with my S5 pro bundle at work. It would be great to be able to turn off the printer from home. By any chance is there a mod that can make this happen?
  8. Especially anything marketplace connected. Also with Dual monitor setup all dialog windows (and the startup splash) open on the monitor #2 while the application is on monitor #1 (but that is a unrelated bug)
  9. Have to wait 5 to 6 seconds or more to select a model, move it, select material etc....task manager indicates 2% CPU or more with very high to moderate POWER USAGE have to close Cura and reload then it's fine for awhile maybe back to slow again Suggestions?????? Thanks
  10. This will be my second post about trying to 3D print i got an ender 3 v2 blah blah got cura blah blah now i downloaded a free STL file when i open cura and try clicking the folder icon it doesnt direct me anywhere just stays there so i maually have to open my download folder and drag the STL file onto cura and it will show i coo i click splice it does its thing and then asks to save to disk the moment i click it nothing happens just stays in cura doesnt say save nothing just clicks so i tho hmmm must be the file im using so i was able to download a gcode file dragged it to my USB and put it in my ender 3 but when i click file nothing shows up. im honestly giving up on 3D printing i really need help before i just throw this shit machine away.
  11. Is there a way to save in my online account all the settings of my printer? So if I need to change computer I can only login with my cura account with the other computer? Not only the marketplace plug-in, but also filaments settings, printer profiles, custom start code... ecc... Like all the application with an online account. Thanks
  12. After updating to 4.12.1 none of my Gcode or STL files show the Cura icon. Instead they show a generic icon...see attached file where I point to the icon that is used. I've tried going into properties of one of the gcode and Stl files to see if I can change the icon, but it shows that Cura is the program that this file points to. I then uninstalled and re-installed Cura and made sure I checked gcode and stl files to be opened by Cura but that didn't help. Any ideas what happened and how to get the correct icon to show up on my desktop gcode and stl files?
  13. I'm running a windows 10 PC with Ultimaker Cura 4.10.0 and I have upgraded and chosen to save all of my configuration files. Currently I have two folders in my program files folder and both with files in them. Is it safe to say that I'm going to need to keep the folder Ultimaker Cura 4.9.1 so I don't loose my configuration files or is that removeable? It almost seems like the uninstall of the 4.9.1 version didn't remove the folder. I've included a picture to refer to what I have on my PC.
  14. i have been trying to tune a new filament by printing vases, but cura won't let me print the vases any faster than 10-15mm/s even when i input all the print speeds to about 65mm/s. Does anyone know if there is a feature that forces it to print slower than it's being told to, or if this problem is a result of some kind of protective feature and if it can be overridden? This problem only occurs when i try to print with a single parameter/wall and no matter what i do cura doesn't print it any faster.
  15. Hi guys. I am in need of some help with cura. When I wanted to print this faucet, the base is like a donut shaped and the middle is meant to be hollow. However, when I sliced it, the whole this becomes a solid. I tried poking the filled part but I think it is a solid and cannot be removed. This is not supports as I did not Rick the supports button. Pls help as soon as possible I want to continue printing well. Thanks for your help.
  16. I am running win 10 64, I have a Ultimaker 2+ and have made sure that my windows is up to date. I have tried opening the Cura 4.9.1 download normally and in admin and I keep getting file corrupt error from the download file. I haven't had this problem with any other download of Cura or any other files. I am running 4.9.0 without any issues. What do I need to do to open 4.9.1? Thanks, Dan
  17. I am using Cura and I am now having problems with my nozzle lifting up before it prints. My bed has auto level and everything is good, when I load a gcode the printer and start printing, it will lay down the line then it will lift up making it too high now. I thought it was my printer , so I loaded an older file , and it printed alright. Read something about the error in Cura issues. I am now not able to print anything that is sliced in Cura, is there a fix for this or do we go back several revisions. Thanks
  18. so im pretty new to 3d printing and ive made this row of circles (in shapes of hexagons) in blender, when i put it into cura it closes the circles close to the to when it finishes. i want the entire thing exactly as it looks like on the prepare tab picture i included (hole from one end to the other). also when i try to put in 1 hexagon at a time it still fills in the inner space, couldnt find anything online to fix this. please dont use any big technical words im new to this world.
  19. Trying to download Cura 4.8 from the website but nothing happens when I click the "Download for free" button. Is it just me?
  20. I run MacOS Big Sur 11.0.1.beta on MacBook Air and the beta version 4.8.0 does not start up. 4.8.0 runs fine on previous OSX version like Catalina and High Sierra.
  21. When I open the Cura 4.8 setup/installation window, there is a pop-up that says, "Error opening file for writing." I will include a screenshot at the end of this. Can somebody please help me with this? I am new to 3D Printers, but I do have one that I am going to start with. I am going to use Cura as a Slicer, but I cannot open it. Somebody please help me. 😞
  22. Hi, Urgent help needed. I built my own 3d printer with arduino mega and RAMPS 1.4. Every thing was working fine. But today when i plug ON my printer which is connected to my PC via USB port, my PC suddenly turned off. Plz help me to deal with this situation.
  23. Hi folks I've been printing now for approx 8years+ creating my own drawings in Sketchup and fusion 360, ive updated Cura over the years as and when needed, however i've encountered a problem. I have damaged 2 nozzle my recent software update to 4.2.1 has changed the travel position upon starting the print. On the earlier version of cura 15.04.3 the nozzle was raised slightly above the print bed (start point lower left corner) it then lowered and travelled diagonally to centre of bed starting the print process. The problem i have now is that the print head is virtually at print bed height then travels approx 50-60mm along x axis then travels straight up to centre, it comes into contact with my bulldog clip front left and scrapes the bed glass slightly as the glass is slightly smaller than print bed, however this is not the issue. Is there anyway i can modify the start up Gcode to have it perform like the earlier version mentioned, ie travelling diagonally from start after lowering as it travels. Sorry for sounding long winded, i prefer not to go back to earlier version. The machine i'm using is a Prusa i3, thanks in advance.
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