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  1. Hello there, we're planning a long press, for 40 hours. Is it manageable for this machine or, for example, is it necessary to give software pause only, etc.? I want to avoid shutting down in the middle of work. Does Cura software have an engine temperature control somewhere? I have no experience with such a long print, so I will be happy for every tip.
  2. Please can someone advise as to slicer setings to change to correct my problem, details given below. I have already tried tweaking as many things as possible and all to no avail. I have tried varying wall counts, vastly increasing the overlap setting and different patterns of infill and top/bottom layers, nothing has helped. I have tried enabling extra blobs to fill gaps, and disabling it, and toggling the "filter out tiny gaps" option. I have edited each of wall thickness and line count and even tried adjusting wall line widths in the quality settings. If this is a printer isue rather than a slicer issue, then please advsie what settings to try in the slicer so as to properly be able to diagnsoe what is wrong with the printer. Problem description: I have a Creality CR20 pro I am using the Cura slicer, version -4.11.0 (linux ubuntu) It seems that the inner walls, such as on the central shaft of this gear test piece, are underextruded and leave gaps between them and the main infill, as well as between them and the top/bottom layers of the part. I've tried prints adjusting about every setting related to wall thickness and top and bottom layer counts, and still keep getting these gaps beside the walls. Yet in cura's preview view nothing looks wrong for any of the options tested. 2 images are attached, two showing the gaps visible from the top side. Holding the printed items up to light shwos many of these gaps run right through to the bottom. Pausing a print halfway through to take a good look also showed that these gaps beside the inner wall are present in layers at infill heights as well as in top and bottom layers. My slicer settings are: The standard cura print profile as shown in image, I couldn't see a quick way to export them as text from cura so took screenshots. This shwos one of the many different combinations for wall thickness, top/bottom layers, top/bottom patterns, infill density and pattern, and support wall line count and infill overlap percentage which i tried. All still have the same issue on multiple different printed objects. Bed is 65C, nozzle is 200C, filament is grey PLA (eryone), print speed and nozzle retraction are at the default values for the CR20 pro, which I think are the same as for the standard Ender 3 profile, but I'm not quite sure how to look those settings up. However I have slowed the speed during the raft phase due to trouble in the past I had with rafts warping up from the bed, this fixed it so I kept low speed for the raft. Thank you for your help
  3. When I expand it, it shows none of my created tags to filter on. The values are also not in the API response, so it's probably a backend issue. The 2nd screenshot shows that I did in fact create multiple tags in my organization.
  4. Hello, I'm using an Ender 3 V2 connect to my M1 Mac via Micro-USB cable and then USB-C dock. I have installed the drivers that came with the SD card as well as trying to find the latest ones on the Chip Manufactures Website such as the FTDI one as well as the CH34x Driver although at some parts in the installation it said it couldn't be added to the system extensions due to the developer needing to update something. The printer does pick up though as the serial ports are listed ('/dev/cu.usbserial-110') and I can specify GCODES through an app called 'Serial Tools'. Pronterface is also able to pick up on it as I can specify the usb serial port. Cura although does not have an option to specify the serial port and cannot pickup on it although I think maybe it's trying to pick up on one called '/dev/cu.wlan-debug' which I've seen happen in other programs. Any help is much appreciated. Many Thanks.
  5. I noticed that the printer page does not display necessary changes anymore in order to start a print job. Errors like End-of-material and others seem to get displayed fine, but after I send a print job to one of my printers it just told me "ready to print". I had to click on this specific printer to see that changes were necessary. This was used to be displayed just like other errors on the printer page. Did this get changed by purpose?
  6. Hi everyone! Currently I'm working on a project in which I'm researching material mixes that are suitable for FDM printing, while reducing energy consumption by eliminating the need to heat material and printbed during the print. This means that the material mixes that I'm working with are paste-like and are able to be printed at room temperature and they dry during and after the print until they're solid. I've modified a normal printer and fitted it with a syringe that is slowly pressed by a stepper motor (the extrusion motor). In initial tests I found that the minimal flow rate that Cura supports (5%) is actually too high. With my first design a flow rate of 0.44% was needed. Since then I've fitted some gears, which increased that value for 7.0% and since then I have bought different lead screw which could further increase this value. Although I've solved the issue, I'm still curious why this lower limit is there in the first place. From a technical standpoint, I feel like a lower flow rate would be easier to deal with for the stepper motors, so why is the limit there? I can understand that it would not be realistic to print PLA or PETG at a 5% flowrate, but still that doesn't explain why it should be possible to choose this lower limit. So my first question is what the arguments would be to install the 5% limit for the flow rate. My second question is if there is any way to surpass this limit and easily edit the G-code to still be able to use lower flow rates. Using the gears for the modification makes the system a little clunkier, heavier and the center point of gravity is less than ideal. A design that doesn't need gears would result in better print result and makes it easier to place the syringe. As mentioned, with the original lead screw, which had a 8mm lead, I would need a 0.44% flow rate and I've now also got lead screws with a 2 and 1mm lead, which would result into 1.76% and 3.52% flow rates. If you have any suggestions how I could easily make G-codes that allow such low flow rates, I would love to hear. Thanks in advance!
  7. I am unable to multiply selected models in Cura - this problem seems to have occurred since upgrading MacOS to Monterey (OS 12.01). I get a message placing objects as shown in screen shot below and it doesn't go away I believe this could be a potential bug?
  8. I'm trying to get a support structure for a small overhang, the area circled in blue: So, I added a custom support: But, when I look at the preview the support structure is not there. When I enable creation of supports in print settings (with or without the custom support structure added), I see this in the preview" Note the support stops about 1 mm below the overhang it needs to support, maybe because of the nearby overhang and associated geometry? Is that 1 mm gap ok? If not, how do I create a support struct for these overhangs?
  9. Hello Evildoers and others... As my printer squeaking it's way through ... A few days ago I doubled up my infill line multiplier to 2, by these steps, clicking the sliding faders icon under Infill to bring up settings viz for infill, checking box next to "Infill Line Multiplier", clicking "Ok". Then I clicked into the box next to Infill Line Multiplier, hit backspace to remove the "1", typed "2" from my keypad. I do not recall if I re-hid it. I started a print that failed so bad I bought another stepper for my E. I open up cura and don't notice but it's still doubling lines, however no matter what I do, I can not access that setting. So HOW can I change it back to 1?! Luckily, the print series I'm working on requires 100% infill, so I'm safe for a few hours....just use 50% but I don't like double infill unless I'm going to put BBs or something in it so it rattles. This is cura 4.11, standard build for windows, under win10. I don't use 4.12 because it refuses to load past splash screen. I looked for it with eyeball and search feature, no result past "Infill Line ". I chose each viz set, including "All". Stopped and restarted Cura. Tired, Matt
  10. Hello, is it possible to add a comment to a job that is (to be) queued/in the waiting list? background: If we have a longer waiting list, it would be beneficial to know when a part is due, so to be able to shift priorities. cheers Alex
  11. Hello I'm a bit lost in the support parameters. Is there any way to define one minimal surface to be supported ? The supports are generated for very small brideged surfaces, wich shall be ok with no support. (like embossed text, or threads) The support removal in such shapes is very difficult
  12. I'm a heavy user of Cura and has been for many years. The one thing that has ALWAYS been an issue for me ( and I know others ) is the failing in transferring profiles between versions. I just installed 4.11 and only got some of my profiles added automatically. Spent the entire morning trying all kinds of stuff but had to settle on export/importing everything manually. I've got a bunch of folders left from earlier versions of cura that I have no idea if any of them contain some important profile or not? Can I delete them or not, who knows. It would be so easy if custom profiles were synced automatically. The whole manage profile function inside cura is outdated as well and would really benefit from getting a remake. Would love to get some more control of the profile handling. Export/import multiple at once f.e. When doing this by manually transferring files, it's easy to get all kinds of errors. Please Ultimaker, why are we stuck with this poor profile management in an otherwise awesome slicer. This is by far #1 on the Wishlist I hope you guys will read this feedback and make use of it. Thanks for an otherwise great slicer
  13. Hi all, I have some problems with the digital factory and its library: If I select a job I can select the printer and click on the arrow and get the promt thta the job was sent to the printer (pic1). but if I look then to the printer there is nothing queued (see pic2). Additionally in the hitory tab, I don't have the option to reprint something, nor do I see a vsualization of the part (see pic3). Any hint what I'm doing wrong? Thanks an cheers Alex
  14. Cura says printer in connected via cloud, Cura says print job successfully sent to printer. Digital factory says printer ready..nothing happens where is the print job???? Evaporated.
  15. There are 2 types of TFT panel fitted to the Chiron that require different versions of firmware they are not interchangeable. The original machines have a white/blue colour scheme on the panel and must use Anycubic firmware v1.3.0 More recent machines have a blue/yellow theme on the panel and must use Anycubic firmware v1.3.5 The version in Cura and on the Anycubic website is v1.3.0, you can only get v1.3.5 on request. Alternatively you can build official Marlin onwards using the Anycubic Chiron config files. I wrote in support for both types of panel. It may be safer for now to remove the Chiron firmware from the build.
  16. Hello I can't access the "Marketplace" -> "Plugins" from within Cura, without getting that error message (see post title). I do went to Windows settings -> "Allow an app through Windows Firewall" and ticked boxes for Ultimaker Cura, clicked "ok" to apply, relaunched Cura, but nothing. Also tried to restart the PC but still no access. 1) Did I miss something or ultimaker servers are down? 2) Is there a way to add a package to Cura manually ? Adding from https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/plugins says I have now added the desired plugin but my local client doesn't have it... 3) My goal is to separate a group of models within a .STL , can I do it with Pruca slicer / simplify ? Can one of these automatically read my cura profiles? By thanking you PS : signing up for the first time on the forums to post, asks for what printer the user has, and take infinite time if one doesn't reply an Ultimaker-branded one, maybe this is also a bug?
  17. I have a project open, I slice then send to a connected printer. I want to then quickly switch printers in the project and send the same print to that printer. Trouble is when I switch printers the project settings change. Is the a way to freeze the settings?
  18. New to 3D printing here. Any ideas how to adjust Cura settings for a smooth/fluid curve? Even if there is a way to minimize the appearance of these edges so they seem smoother would be progress. Attaching a photo within Cura.
  19. I am currently enjoying my 3D printing life with the Ender-3V2 with Volcano 1.0mm nozzle. Using the Cura, I am trying to print shapes where "support" is essential. I'm using it with the "support infill speed" set to 150mm/s and the "support interface speed" set to 20mm/s. In version 4.11.0 of Cura, it is not possible to set the "support wall speed" separately from the "support infill speed". By setting the "support infill speed" faster and the "support wall speed" slower, you can get a faster and cleaner print. This is a huge advantage for many 3D printer users. Please add "support wall speed" to Cura.
  20. On the monitor page there is the estimated time left. I have to look at the current time and then figure out the actual time of day the job would be finish. It would be nice if the program would simply display the actual clock time of day the job is finished. If the job would take to the next day, it should display the date also. Example: Printing Time: 05:21:37 Estimated time left 04:52:35 The print job will be done 2:45:30 PM September, 16, 2021
  21. Can we please get a option to disable the lighting glare on the slicer please. I can't see my prints sometimes.
  22. I have recently replaced my main machine. Now, every time I print from Fusion to Cura, each component is treated as a separate object. This creates all sorts of headaches in Cura, because objects are pushed down to the build plate and lose their joints to each other. I am not sure whether this new behavior is due to some updates, or (more likely) to some erroneous setting in either Fusion or Cura. Can anybody shed light on this?
  23. I installed 4.9 only to find it won't run. So I deleted it and reinstalled 4.8, which did run before, but now it won't, because it considers the IOS too old. Evidently Cura 4.9 has left something behind itself such that even if I delete it and install 4.8 or even 4.7 it now claims neither of those is compatible with MacOS 10.11.6 either, when I was running them both on this machine at different times. What would that have been? and how do I fix it? Or is there another cause? Presently I cannot use Cura at all. EJP
  24. hello freinds , actually I am working on project where I have to configure Cura slicer for hybrid 3-D printer where two independent extruder deposit dielecric and composite material and a laser is attached with one extruder to sinter composit material . assuming laser as extruder how can we make it in cura that it cover same volume or cordinates as cover by composite material. I tried to import two files of same ,model at same place and assign it to seperate extruders but it gives wierd results when I Preview it , It is unclear which part is made by which extruder Can anyone help me out ,I will be very thankfull
  25. Some fonts in dropdown menus are scrambled. System: M1 MacBook Air MacOS 11.4 Cura v4.10.0
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