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Found 10 results

  1. I installed 4.9 only to find it won't run. So I deleted it and reinstalled 4.8, which did run before, but now it won't, because it considers the IOS too old. Evidently Cura 4.9 has left something behind itself such that even if I delete it and install 4.8 or even 4.7 it now claims neither of those is compatible with MacOS 10.11.6 either, when I was running them both on this machine at different times. What would that have been? and how do I fix it? Or is there another cause? Presently I cannot use Cura at all. EJP
  2. hello freinds , actually I am working on project where I have to configure Cura slicer for hybrid 3-D printer where two independent extruder deposit dielecric and composite material and a laser is attached with one extruder to sinter composit material . assuming laser as extruder how can we make it in cura that it cover same volume or cordinates as cover by composite material. I tried to import two files of same ,model at same place and assign it to seperate extruders but it gives wierd results when I Preview it , It is unclear which part is made by which extruder Can anyone
  3. Some fonts in dropdown menus are scrambled. System: M1 MacBook Air MacOS 11.4 Cura v4.10.0
  4. I'm trying to work with Matter hackers Build Glow filament, which is abrasive. I've created a profile for it based on the Generic ABS (as there is no profile in the material browser to install). Cura insists, however that the CC Red is not compatible with the ABS profile I created. What should I do so I don't have to wear out my AA cores (which sadly may already have some damage as they have seen a few meters of the filament before I learned it was abrasive!).
  5. Hey, Since the update I have restricted areas in cura. It did not matter until I wanted to print something big. I have a Anycubic Mega X and the print volume is big enough for the model, but it does not slice in cuase of the restricted areas, I will send you a screenshot. I sliced it a while ago (On cura 4.8 it worked perfectly) but I had not the fillament I wanted at the moment and I had the stl so I deleted the gcode and in general this wouldn't be a solution because I want to fix this, I searched for the problem but there was no solution (The solution for the ender 3 did not wor
  6. So, our college has 2 S5 Ultimakers; but, someone thought we needed a bigger platform printer. Thus, they bought a 3DP WorkSeries 100 -- which we were told is supported in Cura and so we could use Cura to slice files to be printed on it. However, I can't find the WorkSeries 100 printer (or any WorkSeries printer from 3D Platform) listed as an option. Any help on configuring Cura to be able to slice a file for this thing would be greatly appreciated. I have a Biology Faculty who want me to print them a skeleton for the A&P lab!
  7. Hello, I'm a IT manager at a group of schools. Some of our schools use 3d-printers and Ultimake Cura. I need to distribute and install Ultimake Cura through Intune (like SCCM) , so I need to know how Ultimake Cura can be deployed using an unattended installation (silent installation) . I had no luck finding this essential information in you Wiki (the one on GitHub). So what are the command line parameter to install the Ultimake Cura executable in an unattendedly? OR Is there an MSI available ? Thanks!
  8. Hi, is it possible to disable the update check, when installing Cura silently via MSI? br Bernhard
  9. Hi. Im not sure is this right place to this bug or have anyone reported this yet. I really dont know what causes this. After i update Cura to 4.9.0 i have this "bug" that skips prints in que. Not sure if it is Cura bug or DF bug or printer firmware bug. Printer start new job, loads the G-code, then start it's "start routine", load materia, levels the bed, ect. like it would and then just stops, lower bed and start next job in que. No "confirm to remove" or no error or anything. In DF it says that print finished and it shows print time like normal, "Finished 3d 11h 02min" even
  10. Hi, i am Cura Slicer huge fan, for all my works, and right now i have one big issue with the devices we use ate University project. We use Microsoft Surface Pro X with arm processor, and we are not able to work with the software, we can install but the software don't work at all. Maybe someone can do some trick or help to all the team been able to use all printers, software and devices. Best Regards
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