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  1. Hi, i am Cura Slicer huge fan, for all my works, and right now i have one big issue with the devices we use ate University project. We use Microsoft Surface Pro X with arm processor, and we are not able to work with the software, we can install but the software don't work at all. Maybe someone can do some trick or help to all the team been able to use all printers, software and devices. Best Regards
  2. Screenshots show when in prepare vs sliced. When the model is horizontal on the bed, Cura misses critical model details. This is the SAME STL imported into Cura 5.2.1 and duplicated - changed orientation, then sliced. you can see it is missing the center debossed area (which is identical depth to the top debossed area), and the holes on the back that are connection points to the a separate STL which is the 2nd part of the model. Is this is Bug?
  3. Hi everyone, i'm under Win11, When I go to the settings for my printer or to add one, when I go to the extruders to add a new material or in Profil, Cura, at best starts to slow down seriously, and at worst, I I have this: Does anyone else have this too when playing in the settings menu?
  4. Hi all, Happy Holidays, I am using Cura 5.2.x. I am useing Petg and I dry my filament. I have a Question about Walls. I will upload a pic of my part I am trying to print. So, if you look at the part it is perfect to the design I am trying to make. Looking at the picture itself, it is self explanatory as to what broke. The pieces that broke are used to hold metal long rods as legs. So, my question is how can I make this stronger? I know there is Crush strength and twist strength. I wanted a combination of both. Since this part is mainly a series of Cylinders there is probably not very much in the way of infill. The rest of the part is really strong. I know that Nylon X would be stronger but I don't think this is the solution because I also, printed out fairly thin walled hollow straight rods. Also, these Rods were very very weak. Almost like I have bad filament. I could crush them with one hand no problem. I am printing at 0.3 layer height. Line Width and Wall line width is set to 0.45. Number iof Wall is set to 5. I added a Pic of some of my settings. Any help will and is appreciated. Because this part is finished if I could figure out this issue. Also z offset is set to 0.3. Printing overall at 100 mm/s. I printed a Drum design out of Petg and TPU both printed perfectly!
  5. Greetings to all, I have a little problem with my walls. As you can see in the picture, the I point is not completely filled. I know it's because of the width of the dot, but with a font it's difficult to set a multiple of the nozzle diameter exactly. I've already found a few posts where the problem is addressed, but I can't find the setting that is supposed to solve the problem. The option should be called "Fill gaps between walls". Unfortunately I can't find this. I downloaded the latest Cura version yesterday. All posts were published during an older version. Does the setting still exist? If so, how do I find them? Is there another solution or another setting?
  6. HI, I was watching a video on tree supports using CURA, Under experimental - I can't find a Tree Supporting setting. I did a search in setting for "Tree" in settings I found the following; please see attached. Could there be another setting which would prevent access the tree supports?
  7. Hi, I have two different computers. One with Win11 and one with Win10. The main - computer ist the one with Win11 (Intel Core i7, 2.9 GHZ, 16MB Ram, Nvidia GForce RTX 2060 super). Problem is, since I installed 5 and 5.1 Cure is extremely slow, when I move an object. Means, I have to wait, say 15 seconds, if I move an object up or down. Curiously rotating is normal speed. The same with preview, very slow and if I change the vertical "line" with the layers, it take VERY long. And sometimes the horziontal layer preview at the bottom is simply not there. I read some stuff about change in the preferences from cura "force layer view compatibility", sometimes this helped, but mostly not. I have never changes something in the graphic card, the drivers were, some version older then the newest. No problems with Blender, or photoshop. Because the problems with Cura I installed the newest drivers, no changing. Means for me, I can not more use Cura now, I can not work like this. Hence I wait on the next version of Cura with the hope, that it is again fine and quick. If not, then I will have to look for another slicer, though I like Cura.
  8. A while ago I printed some bungs in TPU but they were weak and split, so I strengthened them by putting some internal cylinders inside. I know they printed because I could feel them when I squeezed the print. I not tried the same on a PLA print which is snapping, but this time they are not printed. Not in the print visually while printing and not in the cross section in cura. Has this feature been removed in newer versions, or if not how do I turn it on again? Many thanks for your help
  9. I just installed Cura 5.2 on my laptop and started loading models and saving gcode. Much to my dismay, the "Select face to align to build plate" item in the Rotate menu is gone, so I had a helluva time getting the parts sitting correctly. Does anybody have any idea why that option is gone?
  10. Hello, I'm an intermediate 3D printer user and still learning. I have a Creality CR10-S4 3D printer. I downloaded Cura 5.1.0 for the first time and am having problems adding new material like my PLA+ from 3D fuel. First I added my printer from the drop-down list as a 'non-network' printer. Made sure all settings were correct. Then I succeeded in creating a new material for my PLA+ but keep getting a "NON SUPPORTED" message. I searched YT for a solution with no positive results. Either they're using older versions of Cura or 'importing profiles' different from mine. This 'non supported' message is very frustrating. I attached a photo of Cura pointing out my printer type, the 'Exclamation' point in the Material type and 'non supported' message, which I'm sure you are all familiar with. Any help in creating new filaments or resolving this issue would be appreciated.
  11. Hey, I am trying to reduce the gaps of 100% infill but the parameters I am tweaking does not seem to work. In the Pursa Slicer, there was "Infill/perimeter overlap". If set over 110% it usually vanishes. Would appreciate if anyone can help me out?
  12. I have a small part, which physically can be duplicated into at least 4 x 4 array, but Cura complains about not enough volume even for a single copy. I've duplicated larger parts in the past without problems. What can be wrong here? I scaled this part about x0.25 after loading from file. Is this is a problem?
  13. Hello! I'm finding a bit of an unmet need with Cura and Digital Factory. When I upload multipart prints to digital factory, the association to the stl/ 3mf file on my computer is broken, meaning that I cannot overwrite the file to prompt Cura to refresh the model. I'd like to be able to reload the file, if not through a dialog in cura/ DF, then by finding where the file is downloaded from DF onto my computer to display it and replacing it there. Reason I'm doing this is my application requires me to print parts in similar arrays and quantities- when a part goes through a revision or a new, similar part is needed, I would want to open a project and set up a build plate of parts in the same locations, with the same settings and overrides without having to manually place all the parts and re-do the overrides.
  14. On a Debian Linux operating system, Cura 5.1.0 (AppImage) file names are not offered when saving files, nor the extensions automatically added to the file name in the saving process. I've not had this happen with any previous version of Cura. Is this an issue with the AppImage build? Is there a config file alteration to fix this? TIA!
  15. I am working with a mixing nozzle. I am using Curas ability to setup virtual tools with varying mixes of colour. Good so far. I have written a python script to post process files and apply virtual tool changes depending where the nozzle is in 3d space. At the moment, I can only do this when there is a G0 or G1 command in the output from CURA. The problem comes on long straight lines where there is only a G0 or G1 at the start and end of the line. Now, before I go writing more post processing code, is there a way to force CURA to split long straight line segments into shorter ones? Max deviation does not work as my surface may be flat (top of cylinder say) and so all segments are internal and not affected by deviation. Max resolution, appears to do the opposite of what I want and attempt to lengthen segments on curves. So, is there a way to tell CURA to split long line segments at some resolution (every mm would be ideal). Wont be useful for speedbenchies but for artistic effect this would be very useful.
  16. Hello, As shown below, clearly the outer wall path is a bridge print. and Cura see this bridge as it changes flow for the straight bridging section, however it chose not to coast just for the outer wall, this is physically caused sagging bridge issue on my print. Note** on the contrary, the inner wall bridge path coasts. I've had a lot of bridge and sagging issues with this particular print due to the numerous bridge features. But I was able to resolve most of the issues by tweeking the bridge parameter, but this is a particular feature where the software doesn't coast for me and the issue persist.
  17. Hello, Is there a way to calculate the surface area of a part in Cura? Thank you.
  18. Is is possible to import my Cura made Gcode, make a slight change, like Temperature, then resave it? I am able to do this in Simplfy3D by clicking on the "Edit Process Settings" button. THank you
  19. Currently Cura has zero trackpad support, you can only navigate by emulating what you'd do with a mouse, e.g. you can right click to rotate on a mouse, but on trackpad you have to click and drag with two fingers which is not ergonomic at all. Just copy what Blender had done. It's trackpad support is excellent.
  20. How/where can I get a user manual for Cura Version 5
  21. Cura 5.0 his really painful. Where is the scaling options and others on the left? Just move, measure and supports?
  22. I think my problem is quite unique, since i have not found any other post with the same problem... My calibration is fine, i used callipers and careful movement to get the steps/mm just right. Movement through the "move axis" menu is 1:1, 1cm is 1cm, 10cm is 10cm etc etc. My problem comes when i try to actually print, the X axis will print twice as large, turning a 1cm cube into a 2cm cube only there. The Z axis also seems to be off since after layer 1 nothing sticks, it seems to be moving too much but i havent tested that axis thoroughly. the driver step jumpers are set to: 1/32nd for the X axis 1/32nd for the Y axis 1/16th for the Z axis 1/16th for the E axis I've tried updating new firmware onto the printer through Cura, which works but made 0 difference, the power going to the motors isn't too little or too much either. It only goes wrong when i start any print. I don't have a recording of it at hand (sorry), but ill make one such recording if asked! Thanks in advance, i just want my printer to work as expected again... PS: i will not scale the model in Cura to solve this, that's a band aid solution on a blown truck tire...
  23. I have a Anet A8 printer and this has been working fine with some very good prints. A few weeks ago the prints have been too wide and deep with the height being fine. I printed a 20mm test cube which printed X axis 25mm Y axis 25mm and Z axis 20mm. So I then printed a 10mm test cube this printed X axis 12.5mm Y axis 12.5mm and Z axis 10mm. Any ideas and remedies please but in plain language.
  24. I had problems in Cura 4.13 getting a file to open. So I downloaded Cura 5.0. It is having the same problem getting anything to load. Is there a solution for this? I am using a Creality CR-10spro verion 2. Any help would be appreciated.
  25. On the 3D Platform official website it claims that we can use Cura to slice for our Workbench 200 series printer . However, there are no presets for any of the 3DP products . I am under the impression that means we need to use the custom fff settings . Does anyone happen to have had the same issue and is willing to share the printer , extruder 1 and 2 settings ? Specifically the start and end g-code sequences would be very helpful.
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