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  1. Tried Cura 5.2.1 and at first it worked well printing good quality prints on my CR-10 printer. But after 4 different successful parts it now refuses to load a .stl file at all. Just saying unresponding. Tried reinstall several times but same thing. Tried going back to v4. 8 but same thing. What do I have to do to get it to work again please? Regards Alistair Macfarlane
  2. My newly purchased Ultimaker S5 prints will a slight skewed effect on parts. I have tried to run a XY calibration but this has not fixed the issue. This effect can be see in the attached images, a square paper is used below the build plate for reference. Does anyone know how to fix this or the potential cause?
  3. Hi I'm sure some of you have also come across this issue. Vertical lines on vertical, 2D curved, surfaces. Can this be overcome (Cura 5.2.1)? I tried a few things: high res STL, max travel resolution & deviation, speed, layer thickness between 0.06mm and 0.1mm. Nothing changed this. I guess it has to do with how the printer approximates the curvature. Cheers Kris
  4. Slicer: Cura 5.1.1 Printer: Heavily moded Ender-6 Hi everyone, I'm struggling to get a decent print of this simple model with two round-edges on the base: The rounded edges have a radius of 10mm so the vertical transition and overhangs don't seem very steep to me (or am I wrong about this?) The problem in a nutshell: instead than getting the expected curved surface, the first 20-30 layers look flat much like a straight bevel (sorry about the quality of the pictures, the model is small and black so hard to photograph): I don't think it's an under-extrusion issue (the pics make it look like that, I know), but all my other prints come out smooth and nice enough (including one with vertical curves and domed curves). Yet this specific geometry just gets messed up somehow and I can't figure out why that is 🧐 After tinkering with this for about a week and trying numerous different settings (inc. resolution, wall thickness, print speeds, and even slightly modified geometries), I'm almost certain that this issue is caused by some slicer setting(s) that somehow modifies the mesh to create this particular defect. Here are the original stl and Cura project file below for reference round_base_10mm.3mfround_base_10mm.3mf round_base_10mm.stl Does anyone have any suggestions on what settings might improve/solve this defect?Insert
  5. when i check settings it doesn't show up in my settings tab?
  6. Cura is showing white dots on the model and after printing there are such small dots, what is the reason? Thanks in advance for help ?
  7. I need parts with several different measurements, these measurements are not multiples of the nozzle diameter. For example, I have a 5mm square, Cura makes it 4.8mm. (nozzle 0,4mm) Where do I configure Cura to keep only the measurement of the part?
  8. So recently I have upgraded to direct drive on my Ender 3 v2. I have been printing lithophane before the upgrade with pretty good results. Now that I've switched to DD i haven't had any luck with it. I have done many calibrations and i am still having problems. Maybe someone out there can help guide me or let me know what the issue can be. I have included the old unit print and DD unit print as you can see the difference in quality.
  9. Anycubic Vyper, stock rom, no upgrades, Ultimaker Cura Slicer 5.2.1 Running into an issue with infill showing through walls, or walls intersecting. Below are the settings I have tried, but with no success. It is an issue with every print. Also getting some pretty bad bulging at corners, believe acceleration and jerk are to low? .1 through .8 nozzles line widths from .1-.85 Layer heights from .1 to .6 Infill from 5% to 100% Wall thickness from .8mm - 4mm - Higher the wall count the worse it gets. Infill overlap less than and more than 10% Wall optimization on and off Print walls before infill on and off Different speed settings Several different brands of PLA, ABS and Nylon. I printed just a plain block which is the best print I've had in awhile, but still showing some infill. Tracks have been cleaned, wheels tightened and belts, also made 0 difference.
  10. With the latest version of Cura it includes the gyroid slicing model that I really like. It speeds up the printing on my rather slow 3d printer pretty well. I found it recently and started using it but lately I may have found an issue. I created a part that I wanted to print and it printed very quickly using the gyroid on 25 fill. Since I was prototyping the part i did not include any through holes for mounting the part to another object. I then added two mounting holes with a counterbore to recess the mounting screws. The printer stared losing steps as it got to the hole. At the same time I wanted it to print faster so I reduce the infill to 10 percent. I then reset the infill to 25 percent the reprinted, The same happened only worse. The last print I change back to cubic infill and the part printed normally with no step loss. I've fine tuned this printer very excessively and it does not normally lose steps. I really don't know if this is a bug in the gyroid code but it seems to be a weird interaction with the stepper motors. Is anyone having this issue?
  11. I have added a 2nd extruder to my Ender5Plus and want to enable the 2nd extruder. I looked and I can do it with the general printer but I lose the customization for the Ender5Plus. I looked at the profiles and there is no 2nd extruder in the profile. But after some studying the different profiles it appears it can be done. I got it so I could set the material for the 2nd extruder but could not set the nozzle. Are there any directions or has anyone done it and couple send me the modified profiles? The aim is to have the 2nd extruder do the support material that runs at a lower temperature then the primary filament. Thanks in Advance, Todd
  12. do you have to completely start over if something happens while you are printing? or is there a way to pick up were you left off? im using a monoprice mini v2 and cura 5.1.1
  13. It would be nice if we could have Processes like in Simply3D where I could divide up a model between certain layers. To better change settings. I want to add extra cooling for my top layers but there is no really easy way to perform this task. Other than to just Ramp up the Fan speed. But I want to have the fan speed set to 10% and then for the top layers set the fan speed to something like 50%. But just for the top layers. Also it would be nice to do things like slow down the print speed at X layer height, etc. Maybe I can add a Marlin Gcode line to do this in the mean time. But not the best option.
  14. As the title says what is the difference between "initial layer flow vs initial layer bottom flow?" These seem in the description to be the same thing. And should I set both to 120% or 200% for PETG?
  15. I literally just started printing today with the purchase of a brand new Ender 3 Pro, did a test print and figured out the fastest I could print with good quality, then went to Thingiverse and found the files for an ODST helmet I want to print. Got the file in Cura right now and scaled so it fits the plate, but it isn't slicing. Says "please review settings and check if your models fit within build volume, are assigned to an enabled extruder, and are not set as modifier meshes" Send help I'm going crazy it's been 45 minutes..
  16. Bonjour, je n'arrive pas à imprimer avec la dernière version de cura. Mon imprimante commence à imprimer mais elle ne fonctionne pas. L'imprimante imprime très bien avec le Cura dans la carte SD. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi. J'ai tout essayé, changé la carte sd, réinstallé cura, modifié le profil. ça ne marche pas J'ai installé Cura 5.2.1, j'ai sélectionné mon imprimante mp mini delta v2. je suis à Pla ;(**** start.gcode pour MP Mini Delta V2****) G21 G90 M82 M107 M104 S170 G28 X0 Y0 G28Z0 G29 Z0.4 G1 Z15 F300 M109 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0} G92E0 G1 F200 E3 G92E0 G1 F2000 ;(**** fin.gcode pour MP Mini Delta V2****) G28 ; (coller le morceau) M190 S0 ; (Éteignez le lit chauffant, n'attendez pas.) G92E10; (réglez l'extrudeuse sur 10) G1 E7 F200 ; (rétracter 3mm) M104 S0 ; (éteignez la buse, n'attendez pas) G4 S300 ; (délai de 5 minutes) M107 ; (Éteindre le ventilateur partiel) M84 ; (Éteignez les moteurs pas à pas.) Je ne comprends pas ce qui ne marche pas, j'ai réussi à imprimer avec la Sd version 4.3.0 mais impossible avec la 5.2.1 Comme je l'ai décrit Je n'ai aucune information sur l'imprimeur et l'impression fait la première forme de la structure puis continue à tourner sur la même ligne. ce qui ne se passe pas avec le même modèle sur la version Sd
  17. I have recently changed to cura and love the extensive settings it offers. My problem is cura is generating G0 commands and not extruding. The prime blob and skirt prints fine but then the printer just moves without printing. looking at the gcode the first bit of the file has g0 command with no E values. my printer is properly calibrated so there is no issue with bed leveling or blockages ect. anyone come across this problem before. any help is much appreicated. please see attached the gcode file im using tree.gcode I have solved my problem. incase anyone has this issue, my reason for this happening was combing mode was on. my model to print is a tree so in order for the printer to to not cross walls it traveled along the the outline of the tree even on the first layer when there was noting to avoid really so it appeared to not be printing. turing this setting off fixed my problem
  18. Currently, the only printer capable of showing Material Configurations UI is the Ultimaker S5, having a documentation would allow developers, as me, to implement it for any other printer. Does anybody knows if there is a documentation of this? What is the object returned when the S5 is added from the cloud enabling the material configurations? E.j.: {printer : {id, model} materials : [{id}, {id}]}
  19. Hopefully a simple question, but after spending a bunch of time customizing my profile, I'd like to know how I can track my changes better. So, let's say I start with a profile that comes built-in. Now, I want to make a modification to something, say the wall thickness, so that it changes from 2 walls to 3 walls. I then save it as a new custom profile. When I export my custom profile and look at the contents in a text editor, it doesn't show ALL the settings, but a fairly small subset. How does Cura decide what to do with the other parameters that aren't listed? Does it fall back to the built-in one? Any advice here is helpful.
  20. I have been really struggling to get a decent print using the Ultimaker TPU on my S5 and S3. I have used both the red and blue version of the Ultimaker TPU95A, and I am using all the suggested slicer settings in Cura 4.13.1 for the Ultimaker TPU profile, but the end result of my prints is still unacceptable. I am attempting to print some flexible vent lines for an assembly mockup. The print typically starts off fine, but it will almost always stop because of the flow sensor error. When this occurs, i unload/reload the TPU and that will typically get it to start running again, but i think i get the poor print quality after that. Anyone know what is causing the flow sensor errors? This past time, i just got fed up with the print stopping every 30 minutes so i disabled the flow sensor and the print was horrible after that. Below are some pics of the slicer setup and the end results after printing. The bottom parts of the hose and the support look great, but after a certain height, it turns to garbage quickly. I will also attach the obj files for these hose assemblies. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you DT-internal-NOclip part b.obj DT-internal-NOclip part a.obj
  21. I got 3 different GITD filaments and haven't gotten a successful print out of any of them. I figured it might be the settings, but don't know what to do. I use an Ender 3, glass bed & hardened nozzle printer. Been using Cura 5.1.0 standard settings. Pls help
  22. Hallo. Ich habe Cura vollkommen vom PC dienst. bzw. löschen müssen. Wie komme ich an meine Backups aus der Cloud?
  23. New to printing. Test printed some stuff from the test files and everythings calibrated on the printer it self (so I think). I have a : Ender 3 S1 So my current issue is trying to print some TPU and slicing it on Cura w/ the right Filament selected and also a Print Profile that would be ideal for TPU. However, even with it selected properly and I slice it, it seems like the print profile does not carry over to my Ender. The ender wants to print on the DEFAULT SETTINGS like if it were to have no print file. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advanced.
  24. Hi how is everyone. Ok I konw everyone thinks this is a repeat of a prior issue but the issue was never really answered. So I hope someone will actually be able to help me. Ok I do alot of 3d printing with cura, flash print prusa and superslicer to name a few. Here is my issue these past few months and I dont know why this happened in both cura and flash print I can no longer use then becuse when I go to rotate my print it changes my scale on all axis. I tried putting blockers that doesnt work. I know its a world and local space thing because I use prusa and and super slicer and I have no issue cause they give you the option to change the model over into a local space allowing the model to rotate and scale properly please I just want a fix so I can use cura and flash print again please anyone. Thank You' Peter
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