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  1. Bonjour je n'arrive pas à installer le profile de l'Appolox X de FormFutura comment doit-je faire Merci
  2. I am trying to print a flexible TPE. The filament extrudes well from the nozzle except that it tends to curl at one side sticking to the nozzle peeling off every thing printed. I changed 2 nozzle sizes already 0.4 initial then 0.6 mm then 0.8 mm. I also tried to reduce the z-off set even though not needed by other materials... just to squish the avoid curling but of no use unfortunately Any reason why it curls and stick to the nozzle? and how to solve it?
  3. Do you know how can I get rid of this support structure from the inner holes? Didn’t been removed with support blockers and has no purpose to be there. Support material is ultimaker breakaway and dual extrusion, Cura 4.8. Thank you!
  4. Every time a print finishes it gets stuck in the hot end and I have to do the stuck procedure. How can I stop this?
  5. Hello forum, I have the following issue: Cura does not print support for very small edges (edges without any chamfer). I know there is the option "print thin walls", which helped with this issue for small edges on the build plate, however, I did not find this option for support. Currently I have to work around it by designing all objects with chamfers, where support is needed. This is somewhat laborious. Can anyone help? Kind regards, René
  6. Hello to you all... I have a Windows 7 32 bits computer and I would like to know which version I have to download for installing on my laptop. Thanks a lot for your replies and comment... Regards
  7. I am printing guitar pickup bobbins on the Normal Profile in Cura using ABS, I get this surface; As you can see the walls look great, the zig zag infill (100% on the next one) still shows up. The Ironing pattern feature in Cura are Concentric or Zig Zag.. Neither are gonna be as good as that wall. Is there a way to just iron the surface from the inside out, disregarding the walls etc, just as if it was sanded? As you can see, the walls appear this way already..
  8. Ultimaker 3_ SN BPP-017174-060274 When the printer changes from AA extruder to BB extruder it causes a crash and jump on the hot bed. The extruder/fan door pops open and seems to be too low on the bed. I have downloaded the latest firmware. Removed and reinstalled the extruders, cleaned the rods and feeders. Cleaned the nozzles. Done active and manual bed leveling over and over. Reset printer. XY Offset done
  9. I would like to completely wall off my print in solid PVA support, top and bottom. How do I set this up in Cura? Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle These are my settings now; Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Hi there, Jericho Guitars here, We just got 2 Ultimaker printers. S3 & S5 Pro Bundle. As we get set up, we have started printing sound diffusion panels and experienced some issues. I have tried a few ways to get the cubes out, settled on importing cubes and choosing "Spiralize Outer Contour" It has the least volume, doesn't require support, and will be good enough to put together as a diffusion panel. Why are there these weird lines going through the print??
  11. Bonjour. Après avoir importé un fichier STL et traiter le GCODE avec CURA, il manque systématiquement 1,5mm en dessous de la pièce. A première vue il manque les premières ligne des GCODE (an début d'impression). Si quelqu'un à une idée ... Merci d'avance. Olivier
  12. As stated,I have to close windows and add Cura everytime I try to upload.I just went to Brave because of the heavy political garbage from Windows and they won't let it go!
  13. I have an S5 with material station. I am printing using generic PLA but the amount of filamant on the real is not enough to complete the job. I would like to know how i can manually change the filament whist in job. I cannot find the answer to this. I found a work around but it very problematic. Hold the filament when it is about to run out and the S5 automatically changes the filament based on the same loaded profile on the material station. There has to be a way of doing this manually? Please help
  14. Hi There i have been printing for about 8 months now with craftbot flow idex, just wondering if any of you kind people would have the setup profile for me to use my machine in cura. Many thanks tim.
  15. brand new to the 3D printer world. Downloaded Cura because of all the awesome reviews I’ve read. But having issues with it. I uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times with same results. As soon as I try to import a file it crashes and closes. Should I download an older version? Is that even possible?
  16. Hello, I am having some issues with the Anycubic Mega X. The problem is that it stops extruding mid-print. I have tried different filaments, increased the temperature, played around with the printing speeds, replaced the nozzle, replaced the Bowden tube, replaced the thermistor, disassembled and reassembled the hotend to make sure there weren't any clogs (There were no clogs), replaced the hotend with a brand new one, checked the fans (they work properly), checked the extruder, disassembled and reassembled the extruder (I cleaned the gears and made sure it grabbed the fila
  17. Hello, I recently bought about 10kg of 1.75mm pla from 3D printing Canada. The problem is that it has inconsistent filament diameter. I measured the PLA with my caliper and got readings as high as 1.80mm. This is a problem because I have a 2 Bowden tube printers and one direct drive printer. The Pla works fine on the direct drive printer because there's no tube for the pla to get stuck in, but on the Bowden tube printers, there's a lot of friction and it prevents proper extrusion. Is there a way to fix this, so I can get proper extrusion on the Bowden printers? Would putting in 2.
  18. Hi, I am trying to identify which nozzles are extruder 1 and 2 on my BIBO 2 touch when using CURA 4.8.0. This is my first dual printer and watching videos it looks like the nozzle on the right when looking at the front of the printer is extruder 1. I'm just not sure. Probably seems like a silly question. Can anybody help please.
  19. HI Ultimaker forum, I am relatively new on this 3D journey and although doing is the best way of learning, I am running into some issues. Some thinner support towers are failing but not others. I have done a level test a few times and can't figure it out... Can someone please give me an idea on why the below errors are occurring? Colorfab PLA nozzle 215 bed 65 .4 nozzle .2 layer height - other settings below.
  20. Hi. Any chances to implement also this very useful method of slicing/printing?
  21. Hi everyone, I just bought a filament roll from FilaFlex (70A, 2.85mm, 500ge) and I have these printers available: Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3 I want to print some special washers out of this filament. Does anybody have some tips for me, how to print in the best way?
  22. I printed in PLA two similarly shaped components, one with a 5cm by 5cm right angle triangle cross section extruded by 1 cm and the other the same but with a slight parabolic concave on the hypotenuse (ie slightly less volume). I set the infill density to 90% and so was surprised that the latter parabolic one weighed 50% more than the triangle. It should have weighed 18% less. I cleaned the nozzle before printing the parabolic one which may have meant the triangular shape was using less PLA and certainly the print looked less smooth. Are there any other explanations why the weights woul
  23. Hello community, how are you? First of all I would like to apologize for the poorly written English. I'm from Brazil. I have a big problem. Please, would anyone have any idea why the fill lines are unable to connect correctly? This happens not only with this piece of the image, but with any other. I've tried to change all possible settings and nothing changes. I also have a Simplify3D license and this problem does not happen there (I put an image of the slicing in Cura and another in Simplify3D), however I prefer to use Cura due to its numerous additional features. Ps: I'm using vers
  24. I have an Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle at the office connected to the VPN network. Due to the current situation I can only go to the office a limited number of days per week, thus the remote printing becomes very handy. Normally I can connect to the printer with Cura from home and submit jobs flawlessly , and I can connect to the camera to monitor the printing. However, many times the printer appears 'unreachable', meaning that I cannot pause or abort the print: I can still connect to the camera and see the printing, which becomes particularly annoying when the
  25. Hello, I realized that the dimensions of my 3d printer is not the same as Cura shows me about it. I saw in Cura the object seems to fill the whole area of the bed but when printing there is a space that I can't see in Cura. My 3d printer is an Any Cubic 4 max pro. Does anyone else have the same problem?
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