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  1. Guten Tag, ich habe heute meinen Ultimaker 2+ connect erhalten und wird mit dem Druck start. Mein Cura ist auf dem neusten Stand (4.9.1) und der Drucker auch (1.5) Aber kommt jedes Mal egal ob über Digital Factory oder USB das die Datei nicht lesen kann und neu geslicet soll soll? Hatte dieses jemand Problem schon und kann mir weiter helfen? Die Datei wird weder als .ufp noch als .gcode erkannt.
  2. Hello Ultimaker, I am new to Ultimaker. Where do I go to learn to make basic shapes? Thanks. Allen Pitts, Dallas Texas
  3. Hello, I tried to add the cloud functionnality to our Ultimaker 3 printer but it doesn't work. The screen "Enabling cloud connectivity" is loading indefinitely. Here are the logs. Maybe a firewall issue ? Thank you in advance 😉 logs.zip
  4. I've made this cookie cutters with rhinoceros 6 and checked the stl file with Meshmixer and they seem fine. However, when slicing it on Cura 4.8 it creates inner squares as a wall which are not inteded to be there at all. Does anyone know if it is a problem of the modelling, the mesh or the way I'm setting Cura? Does it happen oftenly when modelling with Rhinoceros for 3D printing? To the post i attach the stl file and the pictures of what I 'm reffering to Thank you very much for your help cortante flor capsula 1.stl
  5. Can't reach Digital Factory... "no healthy upstream" Is this global or just my account/printer? Monitoring a long printjob at work from home so bad timing...
  6. i have a print that under extrude at the begin of the layer change. if i turn off fill gap in cura, then the problem is gone, but aother problem such as filament didnt fill the gap the rest of the print. so any idea which setting i need to turn on? if i turn on prime then it would be over extrude for the most of the starting print after retraction. my guess is the filament ooze out when filling gap and there is not enough filament to extrude after that, just couldn't find the setting to get over with this problem. please help. thanks in advance....
  7. my ender 3 pro is not printing on the bed it starts on the front left corner and then proceeds to print on there and off the bed im new to this and im trying to figure this out because i cant print with it like this if you have any ideas please tell me Below is attached picture of my start and end g code and my setting
  8. Greetings Community. I've started my 3d Journey about 2 months ago and it's been a fun ride so far. Puzzling Gcode, finding out settings and filaments, printing usefull and mostly non useful parts... 🙂 modding my Ender 3V2 I Like this stuff One thing I can't figure out... When I import a material profile e.g. extrudr- ASA market place.. It doesn't show up in my list. Have puzzled long and hard what caused it, until i added (just for fun) a Ultimaker 3printer.. (which I do NOT have) Activated it And Voilá!!! All my installed market-place profiles are visible
  9. Hello, I am trying to find my personal profiles, on the MAC. By other thread in this forum was said Library>ApplicationSupport>Cura>4.8. In the 4.8 folder there is no personal profile. Anyone to help me on this? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello, I work for a large global company and we have network security. This of course is blocking me from connecting ulitmaker cura to the marketplace to sync materials. Our IT department is extremely slow at whitelisting any websites. My hope is that there is some way to add a material profile without using the marketplace and linking the ultimaker cura. That, or getting the material profile information so that i can simply create a custom material profile and enter in the same settings. I couldn't seem to find any setting information though. The material i need to add is the Poly
  11. Hi everyone, I am on the verge of giving up with Cura for printing TPU. I have a Sovol SV01 printer and it prints eSUN PLA and eSUN PETG perfectly fine using Cura. When I try my eSUN TPU 95A however, I get large blobs at a distance next to the walls. I have tried tuning retraction distance and speed separately ranging from 3 to 6.6mm (limit) and 18 to 39 mm/s (limit) respectively. I have also tried ranging the temperature from 220 to 230 degrees, various coasting and all combing mode settings (also "Max Comb Distance With No Retract"). Printing speed is with 27mm/s
  12. I have added a 2nd extruder to my Ender5Plus and want to enable the 2nd extruder. I looked and I can do it with the general printer but I lose the customization for the Ender5Plus. I looked at the profiles and there is no 2nd extruder in the profile. But after some studying the different profiles it appears it can be done. I got it so I could set the material for the 2nd extruder but could not set the nozzle. Are there any directions or has anyone done it and couple send me the modified profiles? The aim is to have the 2nd extruder do the support material that runs at a lower temperatu
  13. Hi everyone! Looking for some advice on ABS printing, I'm currently running into issues with bed adhesion and warping. I'll try to make this as concise as possible but include as much info as possible. Using a brand new UM2E+ with an enclosure made of corrugated plastic that sits at 95F-110F (depending on the printer settings) and 3D Universe ABS, which specifies 220-250C on the nozzle, 100-130C on the bed, and no cooling fan. I've tried printing nozzle temps from 230-250C, anything above 230C seems to give me a lot of oozing and over extrusion, mostly prese
  14. I have been trying to get the whole Support Blocker -> Per Section of Model Settings to work and I need some help. It looks like this is still a thing in the software but it keeps crashing on the slicing with any model. It used to work fine. Is this still a real feature or does it not work anymore?
  15. I recently purchased a JGMaker Magic printer and one of the features I really like is that the recipe 'loaded' in the printer will have its name displayed in the 'blue' printer LCD display/status window so I know what is running. On occasion, I have loaded a recipe only to discover what I installed the incorrect one about 90 minutes into a 3 hour print. I have looked at the start G Code for the JGMaker printer in Cura and I can't see any command that suggests how this feature is initiated though I am new at this so I'm sure that I have missed something. Any tips or hints on how to create or i
  16. I’m embarking in a patent for a new sneaker related shoe sole but know nothing about rubber type materials not about using any design packages or modules focused on sneaker sole design. I have an Ultimaker S3 and design and print commercial use items using fusion360 and cura. Can anyone kindly share insights in to where to begin. Tx, Tobie
  17. Hi, We printed with PETg, when the print was picked up, the glass plate broke. Get the message from the supplier to use the glue, but when I use the glue the print surface is ugly and unpleasant. what should we do about it? Sander Voorwinden iSense it. 06-42912111
  18. tempete01


    bonjour (bonjour) j’imprime un profil d’aile et j’ai deux parois au lieu d’une seule de 1.5mm je ne trouve pas la raison merci de votre aide
  19. After 4 months of problem free use, Cura 4.8.0 changed. Now models do not position flat. First image shows Z = 0, but model is ~3mm above plate. When I press "lay flat" tool, model positioned at weird angle, not flat. Also, this tab used to have 3 options (until last week). Perhaps Cura had some changes? 1. Can I roll back? 2. Should I reinstall? 3. Is there a configuration fix? Thanks.
  20. Hello, I don't understand why but, after slicing the 3d model, in the layer preview, some parts of the model are missing, changing the quality have "no effect, kind of", same for scaling up. Checking a parameter named make "overhang printable" help a little bit but the model is still not perfect.
  21. can anyone tell me the best supports for printing this , or would you break it into parts , cura 4.7 thank you
  22. Will be great add a option to save output files like .3mf / .gcode in the same place of .stl. Thanks.
  23. Hi I’m having an issue finding the serial number on the silver sticker. Right after “Serial Number” on the sticker is just a bunch of foreign characters. No numbers. Can someone please tell me where the on the sticker is the serial number? thanks
  24. Hey guys, I’m having trouble printing with carbonfil material and I am getting clogs in the nozzle and under extrusion as the print gets further from the bed. I have tried this material at the recommended settings using a cc print core with the ruby tip, and an aa print core with a hardened steel .4 nozzle As you can see in the photo the material starts to extrude less and less and I get further from the bed until it eventually clogs the nozzle. I have tried a range of temperatures from 230-280 (230-260 is recommended), I have also tried less and slower retracti
  25. Many times when I import a .stl file into Cura, it only shows its shadow on the ground. I've verified the model has good normal, and is manifold everywhere. The scale seems fine. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? Please see pictures, and the included .stl files for reference. The '1_fixed.stl' file is the same as 1.stl, but run through Netfab's STL fixer service, just to see if that would work (it doesn't). I would love to figure this out. I like Cura better than other slicers, but I often can't use it because of this problem. 1.stl 1_f
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