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  1. Hello everybody, I'm using Creality 10S Pro V2. And we are using ABS filament our prints. But i couldn't find a way to fix this first layer pop up while its printing. It is starting curl and swirl then next line nozzel come and push it down or burn cause its too hot. I have tried almost every suggestions that i can find but couldn't fix it. Btw it is happening when i am printing large skin designs for the smaller ones there is no problem. Any new suggestion or the thing i apply wrong, could you help me?
  2. as you can see the ufp has extruders but the obj doesn't, any solutions? I don't want to spend hours in blender manually placing extruders.... UMS5_keatonmask.ufp UMS5_scene.obj
  3. Dears, would you please be so kind and help me with one topic, I have the box shown in the below pictures and after slicing the part I found a problem with a reduced wall thickness starting with the first line after the holes from the side walls. slicer version is 4.11. there is no draft angle on the part and no difference in the wall thickness. with another slicer I have no longer this problem. thank you in advance, Marius
  4. Hi, I am from india 1.I have a question in selecting machine and material a) I have a one component name is Brakeshoe which is doing in casting (Grey cast iron),Now i want to create the same in 3d printer . b) I would like to know what type of ultimake machine will support.and what type of material i can use in 3d print instead of grey cast iron c) material properties should not change or give better result than the grey cast iron. I have attached the brakes shoe image for your reference Please give me solution . Thanks and Regards K.Suresh kumar MOB-+91-9003092350 MAIL-sukrkskram@gmail.com
  5. This has been going on for some months now. Any time I download Cura to my Ubuntu system I can't open the file and get a messsage "Invalid url:'home/my-name/Downloads/-Ultimaker_Cura-4.10.0.AppImage' given, exiting followed by No':' in the uri
  6. Hello I hope someone has had some experience with this and can help me out. I have an artillery sidewinder, I changed the nozzle to 1mm and to be clear IT WAS WORKING FINE FOR OVER A MONTH. I had a print stoppage because of filament runout (it has a filament runout sensor). I did not resume print and just changed the filament. When I tried the next print, the nozzle slams into the bed when I try to auto level it, home, print. THe probe extends and stays extended when it touches the bed and the whole nozzle hits the bed and pushes it down, then raises and lowers again and then theres grinding noises and it fails, with a "probing failed" error message. It was working fine so I cant imagine it's a code issue or even an offset issue, but what do I know. Just all of a sudden after the runout stoppage it went haywire. Some please please help!!!!
  7. hello i'm new to 3d printing; I have an elegoo neptune 2, and I'm having difficulty making the thumbnail image of the file appear on the printer screen with cura 4.8 that came with the printer, but with cura 4.12 no, would there be any solution for that can make the thumbnails with 4.12? would greatly appreciate the help.
  8. I am trying to print with some ABS plastic from 3D Prima and it seems that it leaves some small plastic balls on the print! Is there any way i can fix that on cura?
  9. Hello all, Bit of a niche question here. I'm looking to control the Z-seam on a part that starts as 2 parts and is joined at the end of the print. See picture below. I have the Z seam alignment set to front which gives me the desired seam on the right side, on the outside. But on the left side the starts are on the inside corners, as would be expected by have the Z seam being oriented to the front, but this is not desirable. Is there a setting that would allow me replicate the Z seam on the right part onto the left part? I don't think this functionality exists in Cura but would appreciate any feedback. -Jason
  10. Hello Is it possible to sende via Python a requests to PHP and get the answer(Data) from PHP?
  11. Hi Can anyone help me, I have a problem with CURA SLICER , when I import a project into CURA it goes onto the plate, but I can’t do anything with it , when it is in pPREVIEW the top right where it should show the profiles, it shows Print setup disabled G-CODE file can not be modified, the envelope on the top left is closed all the time . When I go into PREPARE it vanishes I am very new to 3d printing so I can’t work it out . I have tried to delete it all and reinstall the program but it does the same again. Hope someone can help me proceed. Thank you Mr Williams.
  12. Hello, I am having some issues with the Anycubic Mega X. The problem is that it stops extruding mid-print. I have tried different filaments, increased the temperature, played around with the printing speeds, replaced the nozzle, replaced the Bowden tube, replaced the thermistor, disassembled and reassembled the hotend to make sure there weren't any clogs (There were no clogs), replaced the hotend with a brand new one, checked the fans (they work properly), checked the extruder, disassembled and reassembled the extruder (I cleaned the gears and made sure it grabbed the filament properly), updated the firmware, re-formatted the SD card, re-sliced the part, and tried printing different parts. Nothing seemed to solve this problem. It still stops extruding mid-print. The printer worked fine before and all of a sudden it decided to stop extruding mid print. For example, I printed a test cube (calibration cube) and it printed fine until it reached about 28% completion, then it stopped extruding. This happens with any part I print the only difference is they will stop extruding at different percent completions (Usually above 50% completion they will begin to screw up, but it's happened at around 27%, 30%, 40%, etc.). What caused this and how do I fix it? Thanks in advance.
  13. Situation: I loaded Ultimaker PVA Natural through print core BB.4. It started flowing smoothly, but it never flowed straight from the nozzle, it always had a slight curl to it as soon as it extruded. I was a little concerned, but it was brand new straight from the box provided, so I didn't think too much of it. I started my first print with the PVA and noticed it was barely adhering to the bed (magigoo applied beforehand and a heated glass bed of 60C for the Tough PLA I was using through print core 1). Upon further examination, the PVA coming out of the print core was wrapping around the nozzle. I aborted the print. I had some issues getting the PVA to unload. After finally getting it out, I decided to re-load the PVA and run it through longer, thinking it might clean out the nozzle (if that was the issue). It never flowed straight and kept curling upwards (worse than before). I unloaded the material, it removed easier this time, however, it looked like the image below, long thin section near the tip and an area that seems to have been ground down by the knurled loading wheel. Note: The PVA has been in a dry box for 3 days, and sitting at a 10% humidity and 23 C. It was put in there as soon as I opened the bag it came in. It is also set up to pull from the box as it prints. I was using the pre-loaded settings in Cura for the PVA. Question: What is the issue, tension on the loading wheel, nozzle/print core needs to be cleaned, or something else? What's the best way to fix this?
  14. Hey guys I am working for a health engineering startup and we wanted to print a pre model for an implant. Does someone know how PA6 is working with the Ultimaker 3? We wanted to use the 0.25 nozzle. Also we need to know how its behaving in the sunlight on long term. Thanks Valentin
  15. I printed this mew but I got this lines As you can see are the same lines and I don't know why this is hapenning Same above Please help me I'm new, I have ender 3 pro i bought it 3 weeks ago.
  16. Hi all! I am very new to 3D printing and loving it so far, I have a few projects I really want to do but the issue is the do not fit on the bed of the printer. I was wondering how I could separate pieces into manageable sized pieces? I have already used the mesh tool to split them but I still need them smaller. Thanks
  17. Dear all, I am trying to use PVA in my prints, but have not yet managed to get is working well. See the attached images. The printing temperature is set to 215C as per the instructions. Using a BB 0.4 print head on a Ultimaker S5 What can I do to get this working? Thanks,
  18. Can't reach Digital Factory... "no healthy upstream" Is this global or just my account/printer? Monitoring a long printjob at work from home so bad timing...
  19. Since I’ve updated to 4.11 now files that I could’ve printed before the download won’t slice the files. Keeps showing Z Hopper error. Then turn on in setting and still says the same thing. Help please. Want to go back to older version, and all links go to 4.11 Anyone else having this issue? How do I fix. Can’t print
  20. I am currently enjoying my 3D printing life with the Ender-3V2 with Volcano 1.0mm nozzle. Using the Cura, I am trying to print shapes where "support" is essential. I'm using it with the "support infill speed" set to 150mm/s and the "support interface speed" set to 20mm/s. In version 4.11.0 of Cura, it is not possible to set the "support wall speed" separately from the "support infill speed". By setting the "support infill speed" faster and the "support wall speed" slower, you can get a faster and cleaner print. This is a huge advantage for many 3D printer users. Please add "support wall speed" to Cura.
  21. Hi Ultimaker people, I've had no end of trouble with prints not sticking to the bedplate, PLA in particular, thoroughly washing the glass with washing up liquid and water, IPA and so on, rising it down with water but prints just kept lifting. UNTIL that is; I started washing and rinsing the glass bedplate with water from my Britax water filter. Now it works perfectly every time. I simply give it a good scrub with a washing up sponge and fairy liquid and then a good rinse, only using filtered water from my Britax water filter. Anyone else had the same problems, I'm assuming the salts in tap water were depositing themselves in a thin layer on the top surface of the glass
  22. in this object If I slice on cura and print it horizontally the top nozzle does not appear and dont print (The "TOP" show ghost in cura) But if I slice at vertically appear correctly and after print ok. What happent? I would like to print it horizontally for more resistance to the forces it will receive Stl file and freecad ⁠https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12mamf73Ix2Y6qpzryt_gt9Jrok4c1mNs?usp=sharing⁠ My cura version MacOS
  23. Hi All, below is the pic of the cura where I am setting up a new part to be printed. when sliced we see that thee is lot of support on vertical walls through PVA material. I just want to limit the support upon to base only, that is 10-15% from bottom, and the rest of the walls could be built without the PVA support. could someone please guide me how to do this, restrict the PVA support to bottom. PVA support not required on walls
  24. Hello, I was looking for a script that would allow me to change colors with sound. Unfortunately, the implemented templates "Filament change" and "Pause at height" do not work with my CR-6 SE, printing simply continues. Finally I found the following script: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3945021 It works great, as long as you match the time and press pause. Apparently my CR-6 SE cannot output any sound, maybe. a user knows a technically solderable idea. It would be nice if such a function were implemented in Cura. Which also offers the possibility to determine WHEN the filament needs to be changed. Which shows the current layer and the remaining time until the next change. Shouldn't be difficult and this time it would be a real benefit !! The current 10 is no better than the 4.8.0. The 4.10.0 will definitely not continue to run under W7, errors regarding Python are driveled in the log.
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