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  1. Hey all, Currently printing replacement broken clips for a dishwasher. Planning on using PETG as it should withstand the temps, but just wondering if there are potential food safe issues. Is PETG likely to leech anything, particularly at increased temps, or is this insignificant and not of any concern. Is there a better material option. I have an Ultimaker S5. Thanks and happy printing!
  2. Hi, i use first generation of S5/Material-Station combo. Not sure how much Material station has been improved meanwhile. I am printing a combo of ASA + TPU, and therefore loaded AA4 nozzle into Extruder 1 and 2. I have the odd situation that TPU is loading and printing correctly through Material Station on Extruder 1. But it does not work on Extruder 2 with TPU in Material Station setup for Extruder 2. When trying to print exactly same TPU, with same profile (also tried generic UM TPU profile) loaded into Material Station 2 for Extruder 2, Ultimaker aborts feeding material right when it is half way in the bowden tube between feeder and nozzle. It aborts with an error that "broken filament is stuck" what doesnt make any sense and asks to start the wizard. I tried also material bay B2 and E2, with no difference. Any idea? Is the Material Station only able to deal with flexible materials in path of Extruder 1? Thats my current workaround to print the main part on Extruder 2 and the flex parts on Extruder 1. Thanks, FG p.s. Cura 5.2.1 and UMS5 7.1.3
  3. I have been trying to get a printer profile set up in Cura for a FLSun SR printer which I will receive soon. There are no FLSun profiles in Cura 5.2.1 and I also do not have the option to add a custom printer. What do I need to do in order to be able to use Cura with my FLSun Super Racer?
  4. problem with ultimaker cura g code saving files. If i save g code, then it show saved, (in pc). But if i open the folder, there are no file show up. If i use creality slicer, then no problem, all saevd g codes perfectly in the folder. Some advise where to look this problem to resolve? Thank you
  5. I am unable to open Cura after downloading on a MacBook air with 12.6 monterey... I've tried re-installing/restarting numerous times. It downloads it but just won't open it. Any help is appreciated
  6. The ability to preset most of the critical aspects of a print job based upon the particular filament being used is managed beautifully by the Ultimaker Cura Slicer, however, I must say that I am disappointed with the "pallet" option to select a filament color within the "manage materials" drop down menu. It is tedious to look up a #hex to provide the desired hue sought. It would be nice to incorporate a larger set of basic colors along with a custom color-slider. Just saying...
  7. Please move this posting to appropriate place if needed. I just installed the CURA 4.8 on my Mac ( MacOSX 10.13.6 ). The " Gradual Infill Steps " feature functions perfectly. But, the " Infill Support " feature appears to be a DOA. I have deleted CURA 4.8 and reinstalled twice but the problem persists I didn't know about this feature until I got this video on my daily recommendations:
  8. i need help to resume my print it faild at 93mm high of an 120mm high print how do i reslice to start my print at 93mm high to finish this its still on my bed and had a clog nozzle i have done this before just cant get it to do it again i know that i can just reslice it and glue it but i want to just finish this as one peice SoulsSkull_w-CandleOpening.stl
  9. I just got my M2 iPad Pro. Which mostly uses the same chip as in the Mac Book Air. SO, is there going to be a M1/M2 ipad version. I love using my Pencil and touch screen to move my model around. Much easier than using the Trackpad on my M1-MAX Macbook pro.
  10. Hey After I updated to 5.2.1 I am no longer able to make a perfectly stacked seam alignment On round objects I normaly make a dent or "slit" in my models to help Cura understand where I want the seam. Or to be able to use the "sharpest corner" I still works somewhat... BUT it moves the seam a little which makes a huge difference in the final print. Note that no matter what "z seam alignment" or "seam corner preference" it doesn't get better than the picture (sharpest corner and hide seam) Wish u guys could add an option or perfect the sharpest corner option.
  11. I'm working on a Windows 64 i7 Desktop computer. The last two versions of Cura have a problem with generating support structures. I had the problem in Version 5.1.1 and thought that I'll wait for the next upgrade, hopefully it would have been fixed. I downloaded Version 5.2.0 and the problem remains, although different to Version 5.1.1. In the previous version the structures seemed well formed, but it was only created halfway up to where the support was needed. This time round the support goes to the required height, but builds it where the support is not needed. I have attached photos to illustrate. It makes no difference which settings I choose. Please help.
  12. Good Afternoon Just a quick question, we have a roll of Carbon fibre and I would like to know how I would be able to use and print with this material and do I need to change any settings like nozzle temp, build plate temp etc. Regards David lyle
  13. I've got a couple prints that don't take very long and was wondering how to load them all in one window. is this possible? every time i try to open them all at one it either tells me only one can be opened or opens multiple windows at once. if it is possible to open multiple files in one window some direction on how to do so would be much appreciated. for reference i am using a windows 8.1 for an operating system. (yes I am aware that the OS is a little out of date)
  14. Does anybody know why Cura would tell the extruder to alternate directions (CW then CCW) after completing a layer when printing the wall of a cookie cutter? When it changes directions it causes blobbing in that particular spot. I've played around with settings and adjusting the Layer Height seemed to make it go one direction for some reason but then that causes a small line to form in the inside of the cutter where the wall starts. From research I've done it sounds like most slicers try to make the extruder go in a single direction to aid in cooling so I'm curious as to why Cura is causing it to reverse direction once it finishes a layer. Is there a setting that can help with this? I"ve attached some pictures below of what it looks like when it reverses direction at a single point. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. Doudou10


    Peut-on modifier les parametres de CURA pour réaliser du dessin?
  16. Doudou10


    Je cherche à modifier Cura pour faire du dessin peut etre que quelqu’un connait moi je ne sait pas ,alors j’attends tous les conseils merci d’avance . Bien cordialement.
  17. It just finished a 24 hr run and when it was finished it retracted the pla material and was timing down the thru out this error. “Print core in head slot 2 is taking too long to warm up”. Have been having multiple issues since firmware 7.0.3 upgrade. Have reformatted the thumb drive and set machine back to factory defaults as instructed. UMS5_D642052_PRINT.3mf UMS5_D642052_PRINT.ufp logs-ultimakersystem-0030d62334e5-7.1.0-20190302130450.zip
  18. Can anyone suggest what's happening here? I think that I have an incorrect setting but don't know which it is. There is a lot of travel inside the model which appears to extend to the outside - shown as white spots on the outer surface. I havent't printed this yet as I thought I'de check with a preview. I'm using Cura 5.1
  19. Bonjour à tous, j'ai en ma possession une ultimaker S3 avec laquelle j'imprime depuis 2 ans sans avoir rencontré 1 seul problème. Malheureusement avant-hier j'ai rencontré un souci avec cette imprimante car mes deux moteur de Feeder (moteur qui entraine la roue dentée afin d'acheminer le filament vers l'extruder) ne fonctionne plus du tout. Je m'en suis aperçu en voulant modifier ma bobine, mais rien ne c'est passé comme prévu. Sur l'écran LCD je pouvais voir que le filament été censé être retiré mais ce n'était pas le cas. Le souci est que c'est venu du jour au lendemain en impacté mes deux moteurs des feeders. je souhaiterais donc savoir quelqu'un avez déjà rencontré ce souci et comment y remédier (de préférence s'en racheter une carte mère). Merci d'avance pour vos réponses.
  20. S5J

    S5 ER86

    Guten Tag Wir haben Probleme mit dem S5 und dem Air Manager. Beim Aufheizen der Plattform bei Ca 55 C°, erscheint die Meldung ER86. Wir haben alles unternommen wie Online beschrieben, aber der Fehler besteht immer noch. Kann mir jemand Bitte weiterhelfen? Danke
  21. With the new trend even of consoles that work in streaming, in the cloud, I believe that ultimaker should work on software that uses the cloud and artificial intelligence to slice the 3d printed parts, due to the physical limitations of an application installed on a machine and the great capacity that has a server, I believe that ultimaker should work with software that uses artificial intelligence and slices the parts on a dedicated server and so the person downloads the part making the application more powerful and also correcting possible problems faster for everyone, without always needing a new updated version
  22. I have an object that is an Arc. So, lets say it is a pipe cut in half lengthwise. No matter what settings I've tried the seam is always on the outside. There is no inside seam since, being an arc, each layer is one line that starts and and stops in only one spot. I would like to move the start point / seam to the inside of the arc. Is this possible?
  23. The prepared prints in Cura have imprecision in the X and Y axes. The printer profile used is Anet ET5 (same as my printer) and the profile used for the test is the Draft (0.2), the result is an object that differs from the measurements that can be seen in the preparation of the project, leaving a 20mm test cube with a difference in the Y axis of 98.56% and in the X axis of 100.78% as I could measure, there are no differences in the Z axis. Slic3r no has this problem, so it seems to be a problem in the Cura printer profile.
  24. Hello, I noticed whenever I set a different infill layer thickness in cura with a concentric infill, cura tends to skip printing infill at lower layers and then start printing infill on empty spaces above areas that ought to have infill. Please kindly suggest what to do. Note: I am printing layer height of 0.1 mm with an infill layer thickness of 0.3 mm Thanks
  25. Circular surface cannot get the smooth result. I tried to adjust z seam alignment the result also the same. Very strange. It happened just right after i updated to the latest version of Cura.
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