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Found 17 results

  1. I am running windows 7 and was using version 15.04.6 and I always click out of update to a new version. Ever since then I have not been able to get any version to work.
  2. New forum, new start. First of all, welcome to everyone on our new community forum software. We hope you'll like it here. We are very happy to have moved to IPboard and make this our new home. As always, we are eager to hear your feedback. If you have any questions or discover any bugs, let us know. If you don't... hearts and hugs are also welcome
  3. Hello, Well been a ver 15.x.x user for few years and happy with it until few day ago when 15.04.6 sliced an stl ok but but the print would not fully print. So i tried ver 3.6 and it sliced and printed the STL just fine, so problem solved. Took me a bit of time to find and enable all the options needed to get stl sliced and printed but after 3hr of searching i got it working. Only problem seems to be is that it sometime does not find the Prusa i3 printer, so have to reboot pc, which fixes it. Only thing i would add/change would be: 1. Import of old cura config at 1st time start up, this would save much frustration. (Create an initial MY BASIC CONFIG) 2. the way the stl object 3D display works is MUCH better on 15.4.6 as it keeps the object in middle of the view port more. Where 3.6 brings it forward and downwards so the print object drops off the bottom of the view port, not nice. As for 4 beta well the print object zooming in/out seems to have same mis-functional issues as 3.6. Although i do like how the slice/print/setup options are accessed eg drop down... Much better. I shall try to see how well it prints tomorrow, keep up the good work and do fix the zooming off bottom of page issue and i think you have a gooden :-) I have attached the STL that 15.4.6 seemed not to print fully. it was on the bed with the two screws holes on the print bed Fully supports at 60 deg, with brim, 30% fill, it printed 2mm or so then just stopped, tried it few time and same problem. I looked and the layer view and one side did not seem to be fully supported, which is where i think the printing froze. Hope that helps Ian Knight Tuner-2-SpacerSupportLeg-1-3.stl
  4. hi all I am a newbie to cura having used some other packages before. I am using cura 3.5 and before that he 15.02 etc Im printing an R2D2 for my daughter and as you can imagine some of the parts are quite bit so it is really annoying and a big waste of filament if part way through the print a command or other gets the printer to unload the filament entirely. it has happened to me before on another print when three times in a row it got to the same point and retracted it all. to fix that I changed the settings a little (so that it was printing support) and it didn't happen again. I just happened to be standing next to my printer a couple of minutes ago and it did it again. interestingly once it had stopped unloading it immediately started to load it again and has been printing fine since so I assume it is something do not being relative positioning or something? any thoughts? should I try to find the problem in the Gcode and delete that line. HELP LOL craig
  5. Yes, I just loaded Cura 5 and found that the z offset has been deleted as an option under build plate adhesion. Is there a reason why? Randy Black
  6. Hi Folks, In the Ultimaker Community Forum, I’ll assume that the roof is high so I go for some thoughts.. When I’ve read this, I do not understand any philosophy behind this. This is the printer that’s known around as the most accurate mono color 3D printer, “the 20 micron FDM printer” and will be in a long time. This is the first “all” metal printer Ultimaker made, having a huge number of printing hour, that’s need to be used and supported because all this experience will benefit the other printers Ultimaker have (3). Well, I'll know UM2's life continue as a UM2+.. What I suggest is this: Why not have a special menu in the UM2+ firmware, where you can select a standard UM2 feeder? This will not be a big issue, as a standard UM2 then can use the 2+ firmware. This will be a big benefit for those still operating a standard UM2. Almost forgot, I’ve been using the Ohlson Block for a Year or so, same standard heater(25 W) and standard PT100. There is no difference I have noticed, -in my way of printing and I can do the full 10 mm3 flow/speed test with max temp only 209 Deg C. Oh yes, I’m using the “original UM2” firmware. I hope this “small thing” can be “implemented” into UM2+ firmware and I’ll think it will be very appreciated by all the owners of an UM2. Thanks Regards Torgeir.
  7. in the past few weeks, I can no longer use Cura 15.04.06..(will not open COM port 3, as it always has in the past). I have not made any changes, but I did install another printing program .IT however uses the same port configuration (COM 3), that Cura does. I have uninstalled the other software program, uninstalled the driver for COM 3, and re-installed the driver, but I cannot open the port. VSRY frustrating..to say the least, can anyone help? It will use CURA 3.4.........WINDOWS 10/64.............
  8. I updated firmware this morning on UM2= and UM2+Ext. The UM2+ extended crashed into nozzle after upgrade. I calibrated table and problem went away. I started UM2+ and crashed into nozzle, also. I calibrated table and keeps crashing. The heater core on my 2+ext is out and have ordered a new one, but now my 2+ is down, also. NEED FIX to FIRMWARE ASAP!!! Thank you, James
  9. I own a Tevo Little Monster and using Cura. Because it didn't included TEVO as a default printer, I need to create one from scratch. Can anyone share their machine settings as screenshots?
  10. Hi, is there a possiblity to change the display name in the Forum? Thanks!
  11. Hello, I just had a pop-up saying 'You cannot add more reactions today' while trying to like a torture print here: According to the 'Activity' tab in my profile, I reacted to 11 things in the past 24h. Which seems quite low given the activity on this forum. Is there a way to remove that number cap on reactions?
  12. Hi. I just plugged my Ultimaker 2 in via usb and when I open Cura There was a click and all of the lights and lcd screen flashed on and off for about three times. Then I tried to do a firmware update which failed about halfway through the bar indicator. Then when I turned around the one fan that is constantly running but everything else has gone dead ? Any help out there ? Cheer's Glenn.
  13. I have ultimaker 2+ & facing the problem of material grinding..i have tried fixing the tension in higher, lower & middle but didn't helped. I even tried cleaning nozzle still after that I'm facing same issues...kindly help me to get it solve
  14. Hello, I am looking to reach out to another community member, and they have not replied to a post on their thread. Their activity shows they were last present in 2017. I would like to send the user a direct message, but as I am a new member (perhaps?) I am not allowed to send messages. What are the criteria to be able to send another user a direct message? Cheers, Adam
  15. Dear Ultimaker Comrades! I am wondering if it would be possible to 3d print a stand for my Ultimaker? obviously in segments.. but would it be possible?
  16. We are getting spammed very badly. I am not sure what the issue is, but it has been happening here a lot since the migration. Uggghhhhhh.......Your paid experts should be able to prevent this crap.
  17. When I click the link in the notification email from UM, the target forum page opens with: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S136/C This happens persistently in Firefox, Opera and Chrome.
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