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  1. ppm1951


    o seit heute steht eine Rote 1 beim Marktplatz was Heist das
  2. Gibt es eine Deutsche Übersetzung und wird diese Anzeige auch einstellbar auf
  3. I just recieved my Pro 5 bundle and I had some technical difficulties right off the bat. I now have those resolved and would like to follow the set up tutorial that would normally take you through the set up of the unit. Is there anyway I can get back to that on the touch screen?
  4. anyone have an idea whats up getting this error code on first startup after install .... Entry point not found ?? full error is as follows :- The procedure entry point_crt_atexit could not be located in the dynamic link Library C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.12.1\Cura.exe Help i cant seem to get around it.... Downloaded again even with AVG off still same error ?? Tried different PC same issue.........HELP
  5. Is there a glossary of all the error codes and messages in one place as that would be an easy reference in addition to the qcodes that pop up? For example I had a "height mismatch" error and quickest way to find what it was about was google, but a well constructed, structured and searchable database would be great. If there is one, no doubt I will be told about it, but if there is then it isnt very well publicised! Andrew
  6. bonjour, en vue de me faire la mains j ai téléchargé cura mais au moment d importer un fichier le slicer bug !
  7. Code erreur avec cura j'avais la version 4. 6 j'ai installé la nouvelle version 4.12 quand j'utilise cura quand je quitte cura à il me met code erreur... J'ai réinstallé l'ancienne version impossible de allumer l'ancienne version code erreur automatiquement et s'efface Je suis peut passer à la nouvelle version là j'arrive à travailler avec et quand je quitte code d'erreur je vous envoie les symboles du code
  8. Have to wait 5 to 6 seconds or more to select a model, move it, select material etc....task manager indicates 2% CPU or more with very high to moderate POWER USAGE have to close Cura and reload then it's fine for awhile maybe back to slow again Suggestions?????? Thanks
  9. Hi.. we have updated Ultimaker 3 with firmware 5.3.0 but after installation the printer kept showing that the firmware still needs updating- it kept doing this on a loop. Also after the update the printer lost connection over the network. Sometimes it's connected for a few seconds and then it loses connection. CURA version is 4.11.0. Anyone experiencing this please? And any tips? Thanks
  10. Maybe I'm missing something? Was there ever a search bar on this forum? I have been away for a while. I was hoping to search for some issues I have been having, but can't seem to find the search bar for the furom. Thanks
  11. Is there a reason why suddenly I can't save a sliced object to my SD card. The box tells me 'access is denied'. A couple of days ago I loaded the same file without any problems, I have made a slight modification to the drawing and now the problem has arisen. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. In order to test my bed level correctness, I typically print some one layer test squares at 0.2mm or 0.24mm thickness. However Cura 4.11.0 seems to not generate a gcode for one layer prints less than 0.3mm thickness. I had no problems doing this in Cura 4.5.0 (last Cura version I used). Is there a setting that I am unaware of in Cura 4.11.0 that needs to be changed to allow slicing below 0.3mm thickness for one layer prints?
  13. Bonjour, j ai cree un fichier stl avec fusion 360 je l ouvre avec cura 4.11 ou une autre version je l enregistre sur une sd card en gcode. Si je reouvre ce fichier j ai un message d erreur: l impression est deactivee. Mon imprimante n est pas branchee je suis juste sur la sd card. Pouvez vous m aider merci
  14. I am have problems with getting my projects to be able to be read on my printer after i slice them. After i send them to a SD card, I check to see if it is on there and all it shows are files but nothing that can be printed.
  15. The new printcore has stopped working after only a few hours, the print core seems to be obstructed, and no matter how i try to clean and unblock the nozzle nothing comes out What is the problem caused by? I would not recommend to buy it, another friend with ultimaker had the same problem. We have communicated this issue rapidly to the customer to ask a refund or a substitution in warrancy but we didn't have an answer yet I think this product quality need to be checked by the producer before selling to customer at very high price Hope to receive some kind of answer and explanation soon
  16. Descargo el pluguin desde el marketplace pero cuando quiero acceder para conectar mi impresora no aparece el MKS wifi
  17. Hey! I use because I could not get my retraction to work in cura (4.10) which I used since a year ago of course younger versions then, but since I can now use Matter Control 2.0 where it is possible to adjust retraction and travel speed in cura hands nothing at travel speed and retraction you do not see any major difference. that I have 3 extruders in the same nozzle, in Cura I have made the right profile for my printer can be printed fine but there will be lots of stringing and ozing ... How can I avoid stringing and ozzing in cura .. my printer is a Geeetech A30T I have followed many videos on the subject of Retraction but nothing helps in Cura, Matter Control 2.0 where it is possible to get rid of ozzing and stringing easily ... something is wrong with my cura 4.10... Please Krister
  18. Has anyone found a U.S. supplier for the Ultimaker S5 fan, I need a replacement? SUNON MC35100V2-000U-A99 M Series 35 x 35 x 10 mm 5 V 6.5 CFM 0.38W
  19. i have been trying to tune a new filament by printing vases, but cura won't let me print the vases any faster than 10-15mm/s even when i input all the print speeds to about 65mm/s. Does anyone know if there is a feature that forces it to print slower than it's being told to, or if this problem is a result of some kind of protective feature and if it can be overridden? This problem only occurs when i try to print with a single parameter/wall and no matter what i do cura doesn't print it any faster.
  20. Hi there, I have installed Cura on my mac and tried to add some plugins no go! It doesn't load although it says that the plugin was added even after restart it simply doesn't exist any ideas please?
  21. I am printing with Ultimaker S5 with material station. I was using Orange ABS for a print when it ran out before the print completed. The S5 asks for a new spool of Orange ABS to be loaded which I do not have. Is there a way to force the print to complete with another color of the same material?
  22. Hello everyone, Ive been using S5 for around 1 year, and until recent few weeks it was superb experience. Recently, feeder started to ground the filament similar as explained on the link problem. When that happen on the display appears the message which says that there is not enough material in the feeder and printing process stops. That usually happen 1.5h or 2h after starting the printing process. Nozzle is 0.4 mm diameter, materials I use are PLA or PETG and almost all settings are kept at their default values. Cura slicer is 4.9.1 and S5 firmware is up to the date. Hot and cold pull also are done several times, Bowden tube is clean, rubber cover from the nozzle is replaced, nozzle surface is clean, feeder is also cleaned, tension mark is at the middle. Also, Ive tried to print the same project on to the 2nd extruder, or to switch places of the printing cores, but same problem happened. If anyone has some advice I would be very grateful!
  23. My A20M printer won't print in centre of plate after slicing with Cura. It Starts printing at x=0 & y=0 and only prints one quarter segment of model. If I print the g code of the sample model supplied with the printer it prints in the centre of the plate perfectly. If I locate the model at the far right corner of the Cura platform before slicing, the printer prints the model approx centre of printer plate. Any suggestions?
  24. I am running win 10 64, I have a Ultimaker 2+ and have made sure that my windows is up to date. I have tried opening the Cura 4.9.1 download normally and in admin and I keep getting file corrupt error from the download file. I haven't had this problem with any other download of Cura or any other files. I am running 4.9.0 without any issues. What do I need to do to open 4.9.1? Thanks, Dan
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