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  1. I have not been able to find how to get tree supports. How do I enable it so I can select it for my prints? I don't think it makes a difference but I am using Cura 4.9.1 with a Monoprice Make Select Pro Ultimate printer.
  2. I need to download the Cura version 2015 for Series 1 printers for a Mac computer but can't find it, the search function didn't find it. Exactly where is it on this website?
  3. Hi ! I noticed when I installed Cura Arachne Beta that, there was the option variable line strategy, witch is pretty good to suppress weird lines ... However in this version I have a problem with the tab : walls ; first when I close it, a part of it stay open and can not be closed, There is also an other problem, the top/bottom lines style (zigzag ...) can not be changed (always line) because it is not show (I take all parameters in my custom selection), and also when I put the French language, not everything is in French as y
  4. Can someone tell me Cura output files can be imported into Carvco Maker software to create Models and tool paths?
  5. Hello! So i created a modell, which is pretty basic, but after a certain hight, the printer gives an ER15 message and stops the printing. ER15 is about problem with the printing head heating or something and to replace it with a new one. I bought a new printing head but the problem havent vanished. It still stops right at the specific layer with the same error. I attached the model, photo of failed printing and screenshot of the model in cura. Do you have any suggestions to fix this problem? I have already try to modify the upper part of the model, completely remod
  6. I love Cura overall, great software, I have recently needed to upgrade to M1 Mac as my last laptop died. I seem to be having a bunch of issues previewing models if they are even a little complicated and if they are moderately complex or worse they will crash the entire application. I know there likely won't be many M1 users for Cura but if there is a beta program I could participate in that'd be awesome, otherwise I am excited for when there is eventually an ARM compatible version available. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get it to run better (Like using Crossover and t
  7. so im pretty new to 3d printing and ive made this row of circles (in shapes of hexagons) in blender, when i put it into cura it closes the circles close to the to when it finishes. i want the entire thing exactly as it looks like on the prepare tab picture i included (hole from one end to the other). also when i try to put in 1 hexagon at a time it still fills in the inner space, couldnt find anything online to fix this. please dont use any big technical words im new to this world.
  8. I hope I am putting this in the right area. I would like to see Cura be able to switch over to the metric system using feet and inches instead of just the Imperial system (I think that is what they call it at least) anyway I use this for portraits and such and I know there are conversion utilities out there on the web but it would be nice to have that availability in the program itself. Thanks Matt
  9. Is there a way to change my display name in the forum?
  10. i have a chromebook and an ender three, and i need cura to slice my files, but i can't find how to open it. it shows up in my downloads. but i can't open it, please help.
  11. i have a chromebook, an ender 3 printer and a bunch of zip files from thingiverse i'd like to print, but ender 3's only take gcode files, i would like to make the zip files into gcodes, can you guys help me?
  12. I am getting the following Octoprint error message, yet the file I am attempting to upload is indeed a .gcode file I saved after Cura slicing. (This ended up as an Octoprint issue.) Upload failed Could not upload the file. Make sure that it is a readable, valid file with one of these extensions: .g, .gco, .gcode
  13. I just finised some maintinance on my 3 ext. and when I when to put the door back on I found the upper hinge had a small piece missing. So now the door falls off. I am hoping there is an upper hinge STL file someone can share. Thanks, Jon
  14. I am connected to my s5 via the ethernet cable but it is not letting me slide the bar to connect. I try and connect through Wi-Fi and that will not allow me to connect either. Can someone assist me to what I am doing wrong? I have a Netgear AX8 router, thank you in advance!
  15. the is standing up and i need it flat on its side can anyone please help
  16. My UM3 stopped during printing ! I have controlled all mechanical reason during 3 weeks without suscess. the last job started on February 28 at 6:33 p.m. and the machine probably stopped around 3:16 a.m. I saw in the Dump logs that the machine decided to stop !! who can help me decipher the problem? please excuse my basic english ultimakersystem-ccbdd30043a1.
  17. Im printing a cup thing and the printer is making ridges and then running them over, and its making the printer sounds horrible and alot of vibrasions, it is making alot of useless moves, circleing the cup and laying down no filiment...it makes ruff bumps, runs them over then circles back and forth before laying down a nice smoth layer, then doing it all over again..i hope the cup stays adhesioned.. is this normal???
  18. Please move this posting to appropriate place if needed. I just installed the CURA 4.8 on my Mac ( MacOSX 10.13.6 ). The " Gradual Infill Steps " feature functions perfectly. But, the " Infill Support " feature appears to be a DOA. I have deleted CURA 4.8 and reinstalled twice but the problem persists I didn't know about this feature until I got this video on my daily recommendations:
  19. My ultimaker 2 extended + have some issue. After factory reset, on the fourth step mention to do the leveling but i cannot enter to the next step. please share an advise a solution to solve the problem. Thank you
  20. Does anyone know the size of the spring used in the Ultimaker 3 lift assembly printhead. I was replace the printhead PCB board and lost the spring. I would prefer to not have to buy a new assembly just for the spring. The spring is used for lifting print core 2 (BB) up and down.
  21. Hi, We've had our S5 for a few years now and have had a great experience with it overall, other than one software issue that's been present for a while now. I've seen the topic of the 'skip cooldown' button not actually skipping cooldown a number of times on here but I've never seen a solution. This didn't use to be an issue before an update a while back that I sadly can't roll back to. Can anyone offer a solution for this? It's costing me a lot of time after every print! Thanks, Jon
  22. i am using Ulimaker Cura as my slicing tool i am new to 3D printing it worked great for awhile now when i save a project now i get g-code toolpath instead of just g-code what am i doing wrong i do not have an ulimaker printer i have a anycubic mega pro which is not even a printer to select please help
  23. Dear Sir I cannot find Add Printer set-up for Geeetech i3 Pro B Can you help ? Many Thanks
  24. I am fairly new to this 3d lark. I cannot seem to get different files to load simultaneously onto the cura slicer so I can slice and print form one place rather than doing several slices and prints. I am sure there is an easy way of doing this. I have tried many times to load files, either just clicking or typing the filename etc but no joy. Please help.
  25. Trying to use the Help group to understand how and why i cant get access to save and export my settings profiles with my CURA Vers 4.5.0 . ???????
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