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  1. Just wanted to thank Ultimaker (and maybe brag a little bit 😁 ) I recorded some time lapse video of printing some interesting structures on my Ultimaker 3ex. My company used it in a video on some work we did where you can see my little UM3 working away. https://www.siemens.com/global/en/company/innovation/inventors/additive-manufacturing-computer-aided-design.html Jump to about 4:15. In any case, its a nice product for use in research. Props to the Ultimaker folks. Also, props to those that help me out here in the community from time to time.
  2. Well after years of glancing at printers and watching prints on youtube, I finally pulled the trigger. I purchased a entry level printer the Ender 3 V2. I ordered a few upgrades that I have yet to install: Anti backlash spring nuts, Dual Z axis kit, bowden tubing, metal extruder, and the cr touch auto bed leveling kit. I also purchased a few spare nozzles and cleaning pins. If i've missed any key upgrades to improve print quality/success please let me know! My first print was a cat that came on the sd card that shipped with the printer, this failed halfway through, i believe this was due to poor adhesion to the bed. I've ordered glue sticks to hopefully prevent this in the future. My second print was a extruder knob with yoda on the top, this failed as well i believe i either had a bad file or i sliced it improperly. My third print was a success however it had a few areas that i thought were printed wrong or poorly. I printed an egg, the front and sides looked great, however there was a line on the back that stuck out the entire way up throughout multiple angle changes. The top also didn't finish out that great. So now comes down to tinkering. I'd like some input from those with experience, should I install the upgrades I've purchased first, or should I focus on playing around with settings to dial in the prints? And more importantly can you recommend a print that I should continue to print over and over until I feel I've reached peak performance from my machine? I realized when I successfully finished my print tonight, I should continue to print the same file until that's dialed before I move on to print other more difficult items. I'm happy to have joined the community, I hope to one day soon be able to contribute with some files of my own! Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. Hi all. I am brand new to this I made monofilament for 16 years, 0.011mm for paper making ,1.5mm - 4mm cutting line and bigger stuff for tyres, Shift fitter and manager, if only I had stayed could have run some off on nights (with the right profiles). I have heard someone mention Poly pro, we used to use poly pro by the 25Kg bag to run through extruder to purge out the nylon, poly eth, polyester ect' before we stripped extruder for clean out . I am now looking forward to being a monofilament customer looking for bad winds and "nubs" (lumps in mono)
  4. Whether it's Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Joyous Eid Al-Fitr, or the Shinto, Buddhist, Hindu, and everyone else's equivalent of the season...Happy Holidays to all. A special thanks to @gr5 and @Smithy for the help when I was starting out. To @ahoeben and @ghostkeeper and @tinkergnome for sharing their depth of knowledge. To @nallath and @SandervG for putting up with me. To @geert_2 for his great and well documented experiments and to @cloakfiend for making really cool stuff. And last but not least to @Torgeir and @kmanstudios for laughing at my jokes, and because us old guys need to stick together.
  5. Next to my right foot was an electric motor somewhat larger than an automotive starter motor. On the other side of the front fascia of the truck but directly connected to the front of the motor shaft was a 12" diameter Federal Siren. Directly over my head was an air horn. It wasn't good enough for me so I found a second "robust" air horn and added it. Over on the boss's side was a very large bell. Fortunately, it was mounted outside on the bumper. My boss loved that friggin' bell. I would drive through the streets of Detroit in this lime green and white 1974 Seagrave 100' aerial ladder truck with the siren screaming and the air horns (both) blaring and my boss yanking on the rope and clanging the bell. I would do that an average of 8 times a day, 4 days a week, for 12 years. When I was younger I enjoyed rock concerts. Now we jump forward from "young man" to "old man". When I first started printing on the Ender I had thought it was kind of loud so I went and replaced all the cheap fans with good quality ball bearing fans. The new fans made a huge difference in the noise level. About 2 weeks ago I finally broke down and purchased hearing aids. Now with the hearing aids in - I can finally appreciate what my wife has been complaining about for the last two years. DAMN THIS THING IS LOUD. AM I SHOUTING....YES....BECAUSE I HAVE TOO IN ORDER TO BE HEARD OVER THE DAMN PRINTER! A "Sound Abatement" enclosure is in order. Putting a sound abatement enclosure around the printer because the noise bothers me means that; now, with my much improved hearing, I will never hear the end of "I told you it needed that two years ago!".
  6. Hello everyone, I am new here from Washington. I am graphic designer and freelancer. I run an agency of graphics ( Ideas Animation ). I am very excited to join this community.
  7. I see I've been promoted from a mere member to an 🍺Expert🥂. I'm amazed since I figured it was more likely that I'd get thrown out. Have the standards been lowered? Why didn't I get the memo? With Christmas coming up I was wondering when I can expect to see my virtual raise in my virtual check. It would virtually come in handy this time of year. Thanks, Greg (V as in Virtual) Valiant
  8. I happened to look on Etsy for something and noticed the sheer amount of people selling other people's designs and more to the point people are paying £7 or so for a 3d printed octopus or T-Rex is mind blowing !, i quickly checked and change some of my free toy designs licences on Thingv to non-commercial, but i cannot believe how many people are simply printing the flexible octopus (given by the designer for free) for example and people seem to by buying them !. Maybe i was naive to what people will do in terms of taking other people's work, and surprisingly what people will buy !. Obviously if the design was set to can be used for commercial use, then fair game i guess, but my eyes have been opened. I would not feel comfortable selling someone else work regardless of the licence set Also saw one of my designs on there, my fault, set the wrong licence, changed it now
  9. Being very new to this 3d printing , i decided that designing what i wanted was a bit of a hammering on my brain, so i decided to find a expert designer , who done a few designs for me. These looked brilliant when i looked at them in 3d viewer, then , i bought a printer, and got myself Cura , this is when i found out , not 1 of these designs have printed properly , missing parts , not printing the full item ect. I spoke to the guy and he told me to reduce and remesh them , well , thats beyond me , although i have learned a lot trying. So , if like myself , you are very new to this , dont do what i did and hire someone before going heavy into the designers work and reputation. In a nutshell , back to the drawing board for me....
  10. Hello to all members. My name is John , i live in Brighton UK . I was in HM Forces for 21 years . I am a novice at 3d printing , i dont design , just try and print , i pay for my objects to be made , all militaria so far. I look forward to browsing the board for solutions , help, advice and a chat cheers to you all John
  11. Hey guys, it has been a while since the release of Ultimaker 3 what do you think can we expect a new 3d Printer in the upcoming weeks or months maybe an Ultimaker 4 ?
  12. Just a question about any plans to make a truly large format printer such as along the lines of a build area about (X) 16 inches x (Y) 16 inches by (Z) 24 inches? For future use I am looking at something that will require a large build area for parts that require printing in one large area for structural integrity.
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