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  1. Gaius_Marius

    Trouble installing Cura 3.3

    Hello, For whatever reason I can get older versions of Cura (2.5 I think) to run on my laptop, but not any of the newer versions. I always get this message when i try to run it after downloading and installing. I tried redownloading it, uninstalling and reinstalling, but no cigar. I also tried with 3.2 and the 3.4 beta with the same issue. I'm running a fully updated version of windows 7 right now. If anyone else had this problem or has any ideas on how to fix this I'd appreciate it a lot. Thank you!
  2. Hello dear ultimaker community, Is there by chance a official full 3D model of an ultimaker 2+ Extended? Because I would like to build my own top and front cover and it would really help me if I have the model. Thanks in advance Me
  3. Connor240

    Holes in Print

    I am printing with white hatchbox PLA at 210C with bed at 65C, flow 110%. The top layers are very thin and the texture is not uniform. Walls are also not touching each other. Plaese help
  4. Hi all, I have been using cura off and on for the past year or so but haven't used it in quite a few months. I came back to it and my last settings which worked, no longer do and I cant seem to figure this issue out. It mostly occurs on holes but the perimeters don't touch. Besides not touching, the holes look horrific. With S3D and Slic3r, i can print the models just fine, but there's something off when I try it with cura. I've uploaded a few pictures for you to see. Unfortunately i have recycled the worst ones, and kept the best ones, but the issue is still present. ----- Things ive tried: Increasing/decreasing flow Speed/accel/jerk adjustments Different filament ----- Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!!!
  5. I'd like to download the Solidworks Cura Plugin, but seem to be unable to get any plugin's download to start. Once I hit "Install", it just sits there without showing any sort of progress for hours at a time. The internet connectivity is good and I'm able to connect to my Ultimaker just fine, so I'm assuming connectivity isn't the main issue. Is this more likely to be a bug or just an issue with download permissions? For instance when downloading Cura originally I needed admin permissions, but there is no popup giving me that indication now. If it's helpful I'm currently running Cura 3.3.1, although I had a similar issue with Cura 3.2.1.
  6. Ok, I'll try to stay calm. I just spend €500 on an UM2 to 2+ upgrade, installed the latest Cura, put in a roll of official UM ABS and using the recommended settings. Frankly I bought this machine to print. Not to tinker endlessly with hundreds of settings. But I'll give it another try after 2 weeks of failing to print decently. I made a front/ top enclosure to keep the warmth in. I tried printing cooler and I get get poor layer adhesesion. This print is already way too weak for ABS. I think printing hotter may make support removal even more difficult. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong here? I'd be much obliged. Thanks, Maarten
  7. Ik heb pas een Ultimaker Original. Na het afstellen van de tafel en het herstellen van montagefouten aan de feeder komen er toch al aardige printjes uit. Alleen het probleem blijft om het geprintte voorwerp makkelijk van de tafel los te krijgen, ze zitten elke keer muurvast. Het is een plexiglas tafel met daarop de blauwe 3M schilderstape geplakt. Iemand tips om het verwijderen te vergemakkelijken? Alvast bedankt.
  8. Mosher

    missing top surface

    Hello everyone, i have a problem with my model. i created a model in Sketchup, then exported through STl-Exporter to Cura. In between i double-checked if there are mistakes in my model, with a bunch of different apps. My model looks right after opening it in Cura, but after preparing the G-Code i see some mistakes. Two surfaces in my model does not have a top layer See Images pls. Can you pls help me fix it? I don't know what causes this false G-Code. Thank you all
  9. Pilotltd

    Fan problem

    Printer has two fans, fan0 is hot end fan and has temperature control set and comes on at 45C. Fan1 is print cooling fan. Printing ABS I only want hot end fan on. Untick cooling and it sends M107 which turns off fan0. Is there any way in cura to define fan numbers? Tried on both Cura 3.3.1 and 3.4 beta.
  10. Ming0815

    Propeller Print Problem

    Hello everyone I am a newcomer who has just used the ultimaker cura 3.0. Recently my research project required me to print some propeller models. There are my shaft holes and keyholes in my propeller model. These can be seen in the picture. But when using the software, I found that the shaft hole in the propeller could not be printed. It is filled. Can anyone help me solve this problem or make some suggestions? Is it a problem with my parameter settings? My model is imported using the STL. file. Thanks UMS5_PL-No-5-V3-assemble.stl
  11. 1337Slewis

    Cannot add new material profiles

    Hi guys, I am trying to add a new material profile for PETG, but after filling out 2-3 fields the software cancels the adding of a new profile and selects the ABS profile at the top of the list. I have tried duplicating and creating, both same result. I have added material profiles before without a problem, but now it is not playing ball. I have the latest update, restarted PC, everything I can think of. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  12. Hello all and thank you for welcoming me into the fold. Brand new member here with vexing problem. I have a newly installed kraken hotend (4 extruders, but currently running only 2) sliced in Cura. When I try to print a dual extruded print, the machine prints fine for extruder No. 1. When it comes time for extruder No. 2, the bed drops about 20-25mm and extruder No. 2 prints in mid-air. When I start with extruder No. 2, it prints fine and when it comes time to switch to nozzel No. 1, the bed tries to lift 20-25mm, crashing the nozzles into the bed. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Any ideas what's causing this? I don't see any machine settings in cura to compensate for z-axis on dual extruders. Thanks in advance for your help and especially for welcoming me to your forum! Tonydacrow
  13. MasterZerker

    Printing Porshe 911

    I designed a Porsche 911 which is missing some pieces of the layers toward the top but the support material builds as the Porsche's roof were there along with most the roof is displayed. This problem is only shown when in layer view. .
  14. jockspice

    Tinker Firmware and S3D - UM2+

    I updated my UM2+ with the latest Tinker firmware back in April and it has improved the machine no end. I've also been using Cura since then, getting to grips with new settings etc. However, I tried today to use S3D with my standard UM2 profile and I get an error saying the printer is trying to print outside the print area. I tried again on a more basic setting, get the same warning. I was going back to S3D to have some more control for hot end temperatures, so I tried in Cura by changing the firmware flavour from Ultimaker 2 to Marlin, sliced in Cura and then tried to print. Same error, printing outside the print area. Incidentally. I got the usual warning from the S3D sliced object that I was using the slicer to override the machine settings, but also got that for the Marlin slice in Cura. Is there something really obvious I have missed?
  15. I'm new to 3D printing. I'm printing a robotic hand and they gave me the files. Here is the page http://inmoov.fr/hand-and-forarm/. The printing instructions say to me that I need to print some of the objects to 3 Shells or 2 Shell depending. How do I choose this number of shells in Cura Version 3.3.1. Thanks!
  16. I have one roll of Black PLA from ADD3D (made in Sweden) with these parameters in extruder 1: Density: 1,24 g/cm³ Diameter: 2.85 mm Extrude temp: 200°C Retract: 2 mm Retract speed: 25 mm/s Standby temp: 175 °C Fan speed: 100% In extruder 2 I have original yellow PLA from Ultimaker with the predefined profile in Cura: Density: 1,24 g/cm³ Diameter: 2.85 mm Extrude temp: 200°C Retract: 2 mm (also tested with 1mm at 210°C) Retract speed: 25 mm/s Standby temp: 175 °C Fan speed: 100% Heatbed at 60°C and I have a complete enclosure (Top-Hod and front door). The black PLA is printing with exceptional good quality but the Yellow is behaving extreemly strange and produces a full birdnest of strings. Unfortunatly I removed the strings by hand before I took any pictures (doh 😣 ). It seems like it has been feed as it should because there are no marks on the PLA filament indicating otherwise. First print: The black i perfect and even very small details such as the "bolt holes" in the base top surface are perfect. The Yellow PLA from Ultimaker however is not performing at all. These is all aout of the box, no parameters changed. Then I tried to rise the temperature a bit to 210°C and retract to 1mm and it got even worse. The upper half of the second yellow stripe (from the bottom) should be solid yellow without any material change, but that part is the worst. I don't know if this is because of the PLA itself or if Cura has messed it up completley? I have also attached the project file for the first printout. UM3_Tile_Wall.curaproject.3mf
  17. Hello, I bought an Ultimaker 3 one month ago and I have a constant problem of jamming/gindring in Printcore AA with PLA. All 2 hour long prints are half done because of this. Actually, the filament is stuck because of an increase in diameter from 2.85mm to 3mm around the Printcore. Friction in boden tube, retraction prevented, grinding in the feeder, filament jammed. That makes me quite astonished because I haven't changed anything in the Cura profile, nor on the printer. I never had a problem like this on Ultimaker 2+...
  18. Greetings, I have replaced the UMO board with a ramps 1.4 and everything is complete with the exception of the hot end thermistor. on the UMO, there are two thermistors both with three wires, but only two are required for the ramps board. So I can either use the orange yellow and brown or the green peach and tan. My question is, what two wires do I use to connect to H1 Therm, in what order and what about the third wire? thank you in advance PANTERA
  19. I am trying to print a very small, very thin spiraling object. It is basically a model heart stent but I do not know how to go about printing the spiral upwards. I am using solidworks to model the object and cura to slice it. I want to know if there are any special settings or details I am overlooking that will make printing this object simpler. I have attached a STL file of the object I am trying to print. I am initially trying to print this object using normal black ABS. Thanks for any help or feedback. StentConfigurable_rev1.STL
  20. Any Best 3D Printer for the college student? Please tell me some best products.
  21. Hi, I got a problem with the API. I registered my application, got my id+key and verified it with the the proper API commands (Timestamps differ!). After that I wanted to change the LED Color like in the "Inside the Ultimaker 3 - Day 3 - Remote access (part 2)". So I tried {"brightness": 120.0, "saturation": 100.0, "hue": 100.0} even if the "Example Value" said "value" instead of brightness. (Postman API call returned (/printer/led) returned "brightness") The problem was that the color didn't change. Reboot. Again nothing. I logged up the log after the reboot and found this in the log: Jun 08 06:51:30 ultimakersystem-ccbdd3004c87 systemd[1]: Time has been changed Jan 01 00:00:59 ultimakersystem-ccbdd3004c87 connmand[254]: ntp: time slew +1528440630.651671 s Jan 01 00:00:53 ultimakersystem-ccbdd3004c87 flipflop_wsgi.py[413]: 00:00:53 - WAR - app.libs.printer_api:189 - Failed to set the LED color for printer at ... Jan 01 00:00:43 ultimakersystem-ccbdd3004c87 flipflop_wsgi.py[413]: 00:00:43 - WAR - app.libs.printer_api:189 - Failed to set the LED color for printer at Why is the IP different? Or is this just coincidence? The IP changed indeed from 14 to 31, mhhhh Anyway I tried another command, which was also mentioned in the forum post => Changing the name. The example name was "MyUltimaker3", I tried "Ultimaker3" instead. Does anyone got an idea why this is a bad request? Another thing is the old firmware. The log says: Jan 01 00:00:29 ultimakersystem-ccbdd3004c87 python3[226]: 1970-01-01 00:00:29,605 INFO systemUpdate Comparing firmware 'stable' old version '' with new version '' with result: False Are these just bugs? (Updating is not that easy.I have to ask for permission, since I'm not alone exploring the device ) P.S: I'm using Firefox 60.0.2 & Postman 6.1.3
  22. ewok2

    ABS aderence inter couches

    Bonjour Je tente d'imprimer une piece en ABS sur une Ultimaker 3. Pour les pieces fines (proche du plateau chaufant, pas de pb. Mais quand je "monte" j'ai des probleme d'adesion d'une couche a l'autre. J'ai tenté - d'augmenter la T° - d'imprimer plus vite - de jouer sur l'epaisseur 0.1, 0.2 , 0.3 sans succés Pour info j'utilise la buse 0.4 Apres plusieurs tests j'ai eu l'impression que le "decolement" de couche etait assez régulier... environ tous les 8/9 mm Une idée sur la maniere de resoudre le probleme ? Merci
  23. Hi there, I've bought an Ultimaker 3 Extended and it's going to arrive soon. I was wondering how much filament I need to buy and what types I should look for. How much filament will I get through in a month, for example? It will be used maybe once or twice a week for an object about 20cm cubed. I will need to use a build material and a water soluble one together. Thanks for your help
  24. I build cura-build-environment 3.3.0 cmake is done and no error. but, during nmake there are some errors. as following picture shows. I have tried to solve it, install visual studio 2010. But, it does not work.
  25. Hi folks, I'm looking to disable the auto reset that happens when you open the serial port on my UM2+. On the other printers I've got it was a simple case of removing the capacitor on the DTR line of the FTDI chip and then I can send commands to the printer and read back the status while printing from an SD card. Is there a similar capacitor on the UM2+ that can be removed? Cheers Jamie

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