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  1. cesern

    Low cost good filament

    🙂Hi I have just started 3d printing with Ultimaker 2, I am so happy printing so many things, so easy to use and even pleasant to watch with such an elegant machine😃. I'm now about to finish my first filament spool, have looked at the spool prices and the happy feeling is over😲. Only kidding Still happy but just worry on choosing the right filament. I already made a big sacrifice on buying the printer itself I now need to look for affordable prices but at the same time have good quality. 🙏Could I please ask the community for any recommendations on good quality affordable filaments. The internet has so many companies I don't want to fall victim for cheap stuff. I live in manchester so ideally would like to buy from as near as possible to save on post. Thanks very much for your help
  2. Hi! I have the Anet A8 Mark III 3-D printer. I'm attempting to determine what I should use to get the software to recognize my printer. So far every hardware selection I have made hasn't worked. I'm simply attempting to load the correct drivers, and get the two to interface through the USB 2.0 port. Any recommendations?
  3. For the last several weeks the Cura Connect Print Jobs page - http://192.168.x.y/print_jobs - has been stuck showing me the same finished print and never updates with new print jobs. In the networking console I looked at what http://192.168.x.y/cluster-api/v1/print_jobs/printing is returning.. it's showing 4 jobs, and the one it's showing on screen is the first one in the array (the J_relief_-_Part_1_1 job). The fourth object in the array is my actual current print job, but I guess the Print Jobs page only shows the first one returned? Anyway, I've done dozens of print jobs since this started happening, and it's strange that these first three seem to be "stuck" being returned from the /printing endpoint. Is there a way to clean these up?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a beginner in 3D printing and I bought a Hypercube Evolution model from Scott 3D, but I'm having a hard time configuring the Cure with it because I do not understand correctly how to make the correct configuration and here in Brazil we do not have a tutorial to help beginners. Could someone send me a config so I can try to adjust gradually and understand how I can do it? I need a starting point for a 300x300x300 XY core. Thank you and sorry for bad English. hug
  5. Wanbli61


    Trying to set up for the 1st time, I've identified my printer via the list selection setup, however, under 'manage printers', I'll ALWAYS get the message Connection: The Printer Is Not Connected. Of course I have MKS board connected via USB cable which the host computer has recognized - but Cura will not! What am I missing or what haven't I done?! Cura 3.4.1 Windows 10 (either USB 2.0 or 3.0) using Marlin firmware on a TEVO Tarantula...
  6. arnold4711

    Problem on starting Cura 3.4.1

    Hello, every time if i start Cura i get thiss error message many times: "Ther is no Disk in the Drive. .... Device\Harddisk8\DR8 I already reinstalled Cura and deleted the registry manualy. I also deleted the profile. But the error Message is still comming. The Problem starts after one of my harddrives was broken. Please Help. Thanks
  7. Hi guys, as of today my Ultimaker original+ shows Z-Axis problems. It's no new machine, in fact I have printed many parts without problems. Since this morning, when the head moves to "Home" at start of printing, it seems to not correctly detect "Home" for the Z-Axis. It hits the top position fairly hard and most unnerving, it moves downwards right after and making a real terrible noise like some broken gearbox. That noise is really bad! It won't stop until I hit the main switch to shut it off! Same happens, when I choose "Auto Home" from the controller manue. What could be wrong? Please help! Regards, Uwe
  8. Good evening everyone! I just received my new prusa i3 mega from Anycubic, and after some test prints and tuning settings, I wanted to print this statue: As you can see, for whatever reason, Cura decided that I need support on top of the model, not below it, which appears a little weird to me. I didn't change any settings before loading this model in, and I don't have a single clue what could be the reason for this. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks a bunch and have a great evening!
  9. Hi Ultimaker Community, I just started to use the new Select Mini Pro and ran into the problem that USB printing doesn't work with Cura 3.4.1 It works with Cura 3.2 though! In Cura 3.4.1 the printer never connects, in 3.2 it's immediately connected. I tried to move the USBPrinting plugin folder from 3.2 to 3.4.1, but that sadly doesn't work and wrecks the newer Cura Version. It seems that the plugin got updated in 2018 since in Version 3.2 it shows the last change in 2016. Does anyone have an idea where I could check to get it working with the newest version?
  10. Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir seit ein paar Tagen einen Ultimaker 3 extended zugelegt. Das drucken mit dem PLA direkt von Ultimaker funktioniert einwandfrei. Ich haben mir noch schwarzes PLA von RS Elektronik dazu bestellet, leider haftet das Filament nicht auf der Glasplatte beim drucken. ( Einstellungen zum Drucken Extruder: 225°C, Heizplatte: 60°C) Es rutscht immer nur hinter der Noozle her und haftet nicht richtig fest. Bei der Platte habe ich mehrere Sachen ausporbiert um die Haftung zu gewährleisten: 1. Uhu schicht (wie von Ultimaker empfolen) 2. Glasplatte immer entfettet vor dem Druck 3. Oberfläche etwas angeraut damit es evtl. besser haftet. Leider hat keiner der Versuche etwas bewirkt. Das einzige was etwas gebracht hat ist eine Schicht Kapton-Klebeband auf die Platte zu kleben. Meine Frage ist, habt Ihr irgendwelche Erfahrungen mit anderem Material ( also nicht von Ultimaker direkt). Oder gibt es irgendwelche Tricks die ich noch anwenden kann? Vielen Dank für die Antworten Gruß Robert
  11. Hi all, This is my first time posting here so if there is anything I don't do correctly please let me know. Thanks! So I am working on adding a DIY heated bed to my Ultimaker Original. I am going the route of basically recreating the HBK on my own. By this I mean I got the aluminum build platform and UM2 style heatbed. The heatbed I got stated it had a 100k thermistor built in. My current design consists of the heatbed powered directly from a 24v power supply which is switched via a Solid State DC relay by the Ultimaker board. I have the relay hooked up to the "Heatbed" screw terminals on the ultimaker board. The thermistor wires are hooked into Temp3 screw terminals. I already soldered in the 4.7k resistor into the R4 position on the board. I tried updating the firmware via the Ultimaker firmware builder but was unsure what selection to choose for my thermistor (from the dropdown menu). I am running into issues with the board not recognizing the thermistor which could be a product of this. The LCD reads 100/0 for the bed and when I try to set a temp for it, it immediately clears it back to 0. I have the board currently detached from the rest of the printer (besides the arduino), and couldn't imagine this would cause any problems, but figured it was worth mentioning. So my question is, what selection should work for the 100k thermistor and 4.7k resistor in the ultimaker firmware builder? Or am I better off using something else to do so. I picked one of the 100k thermistor options from the dropdown, but if I did pick correctly where should I look next as the cause of these problems. Thank you all!!
  12. Craftylines

    too long to print models

    I have suddenly finding that my models even small ones are taking too long to print. ones that used to take about 4 hrs are now showing 1d14hrs etc., what am I doing wrong?
  13. Lavendelbusch

    Silhouette Alta - Filament wechseln

    Hallo und Guten Abend zusammen, ich habe seit Anfang der Woche den Alta von Silhouette. Leider spinnt seit einigen Tagen deren Software und ich kann sie auf meinem PC nicht mehr nutzen. Ein Bekannter hat mir cura empfohlen, was ich auch direkt installiert habe und es klappt super. Einzig: Wie kann ich das Filament wechseln??? Beim eigentlichen Programm klicke ich auf entleeren / anschluss dann laden und es ist geschehen. Aber hier finde ich nichts? Würde mich sehr freuen, wenn mir jemand helfen kann 🙂 Lieben Gruß, Lea
  14. bman

    Tolerance settings

    I have tried to print a few threads that were designed in Fusion 360. The thread size is M6 and 1/4" which is needed to mate a 3D scanner to a tripod. I have printed thread before using Ideamaker and slic3r and both give me a good fitting thread. I would like to use Cura as my regular slicer, but everytime I do threads using Cura they come out too small. Cura is a great program with many options but I am still new to 3D printing and I have not been able to find the best settings to achieve repeatable tolerance. I have printed, on Cura, calibration cubes ( no holes or threads) and they are good. Any suggestions? Thank you
  15. I recently added a 10-Watt laser to my UM2E+ printer. I also have a UM3E printer, which I used to print parts to do this. I have carefully enclosed the printer, ventilated it to outside, added OD3+ door and window for safety, coupled with wearing OD3+ goggles. I've attached a photo of the setup. It functions re asonably well, using both Inkscape and T2Laser software packages. What I would very much appreciate help with now has to do with the printer firmware. I see various comments about firmware mods for related purposes in the community, but I have no experience at all with the software packages mentioned. The particular items that would be most valuable are, first of all, a disabling of the firmware command causing the printer to home the head after each print job. That is no longer possible with the laser attached, since the laser mount would hit the wall just before it gets to the home position. What I do now is simply switch off the printer when it starts to head home. Other items would include the automatic "kickstart" for the fans, I'm using the fan control to provide the control of the laser power. The extra "flashes" when it goes up from zero are not desired. What would perhaps be most useful of all, though, would be the ability to see and control the X, Y, and Z values from the menu and to set the the X, Y, and Z limits that now exist because of the presence of the laser. I will be very interested in any comments or suggestions as to how I should proceed.
  16. Curiously my camera has not been working since the last firmware update. So after some poking around I did a few things. 1) Does my Ultimaker 3 Extended have a IP address (yes) 2) Can I connect to it (yes) 3) Can I view the live stream using the http://<ip_address>:8080/?action=stream (no) 4) Can I view the snapshot of the camera at http://<ip_address>:8080/?action=snapshot (no) 5) Reset cura on the machine (done) Still can't see camera 6) Restart machine (done) didn't help I've also left the machine unpowered for a while (unplugged) and that didn't help either. Although I did have to re-associate the machine to the print group. I can't seem to connect to the camera from any of my PC's nor my iPad / iPhone. Ideas? 🙂
  17. Dunstonuk

    Tree Supports

    Hi I am trying to print a model that is Hollow inside, every time I load it into Curo with TREE supports it put these supports inside the model as well as outside the model. This will not work as the inside is inaccessible once the model is printed and I do not want a load of support material floating around inside it. How do I stop it putting supports on the inside? Also, how do I get it to raise the print head between movements, as it has caught on previous models and caused them to fall over?
  18. Hello, i am currently printing on my Ultimaker 3 extended with dual extrusion. So both of my print cortes are AA 0,4mm and both of them are printing PLA, just in different colors. So my Problem is, that the outter walls aren`t printing after a couple of layers, so, as you can see in the picture, the first ~ 120 layers are totally fine, but from this moment on, there no outter wall anymore. Thats not the first time this happend, but this is the farest I got. Is there anyone who could tell me what I did wrong or how to solve this problem?
  19. A few years ago I had an app on my android phone, think it was called 123D Catch, and I think Autodesk made it. I only ever made one scan with it, but it was an success in my eyes. Nowadays I'm using an iPhone and thought there would be loads of apps for 3D scanning but all I get is confused when searching app store. Could someone here please share their experiences with 3D scanning software for IOS, good or bad.
  20. Hi One of our Ultimaker 2+ printers has this problem. We have changed filaments, adjusted the feeder tension at all positions. We have replaced the original tubing with a new one, consisting of the same diameters, and even checked the glass plate with a thermonuclear, and the temperatures are consistent across the glass plate However the problem still persists, and we don't know what to do. It is occurring mainly towards the back of the print, and in the pictures it looks stringy and individual layers with gaps between them. But at the front everything looks fine, all nicely stuck together, with the proper consistency. This is only happening on 1 printer. Any help and ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks Greg
  21. Hello, I have installed Cura for the third time, deleting all de necessary cura maps (the profiles also). What do I do: 1. Start Cura and choose my printer (TevoTarantula); change the board size. 2. Set the visibillity settings to advanced, without changing anything yet 3. Load the print figure from Thingiverse 4. Hit the Prepare (slice) button Result: - Cura shows a screen with the text slicing .... (see jpg attachment) - The stderr.log file shows me different?? (see jpg fragment and full text attachment) Can someone tell me what's going wrong. In the earlier version I didn't have this problem. I have a Windows 7 machine. Thanks for any reaction in advanced 😉 John stdout.log
  22. It seems when Cura creates the GCode to be sent to Octoprint one line destroys the process: "N18 G1 Z15.0 F{travel_speed}*49" I get an error in format error. If I remove the {travel_speed}*49 and replace it with say 50 so that it says F50, all is good and the print continues. I cannot seem to find where I can modify the script so that the {travel_speed}*49 does not become part of the gcode. a portion of the data sent to Octoprint follows; Recv: ok Recv: Error:Format error Recv: Send: N23 M105*22 Recv: Resend:18 Recv: ok Recv: skip 19 Recv: ok Send: N18 G1 Z15.0 F{travel_speed}*49 Recv: skip 20 Recv: ok Send: N19 G92 E0*127 Recv: skip 21 Recv: ok Recv: skip 22 Recv: ok Recv: skip 23 Recv: ok Send: N20 G1 X10 Y10*27 Send: N21 G28 Z0*106 Recv: Error:Format error Recv: Recv: Resend:18 Recv: ok Send: N22 G1 Z0.4*72 Send: N23 M105*22 Recv: skip 19 Recv: ok Send: N18 G1 Z15.0 F{travel_speed}*49 Send: N19 G92 E0*127 Any assistance will be appreciated
  23. Cura3.3, I run the project and the application start up. When I add a printer, if I chose "Custom FDM printer", it will break down immediately. But, if I chose "Ultimaker ***", it will start up with no crash. It may be connected to the resources/quality/. What is the reason? Thanks!
  24. so this is my 2nd time using ironing. the first worked well on white pla, with default settings, leaving a very smooth finish. doing it again with black pla and it's creating gaps between the infill and perimeters. i've tried increasing the flow to 20% and 30% and speeds at 20mm/s. anything else i should try?
  25. Hello, I just installed the app as per subject.The Cura manual, under First Use says: However, the app does not show up in the Ubuntu Dash list of apps. Its icon does temporarily show among the others in the Launcher (the desktop left column), where I may try to block it in the Launcher and to add to the Dash, but neither of these actions is effective. I installed the app under /usr/local/bin, so the only way I got to launch it is from a terminal, by command line: /usr/local/bin/Cura-3.4.1.ImageApp If the App desktop registration files were available, I could try to fix this myself, but the AppImage is a binary executable, so I don't know where to find those files. Here is an example of an app desktop file (for the VisUAL ARM emulator, under /usr/share/applications), VisUAL.desktop: So, as you may see, I could easily make a similar one if only I knew where to find the app icon. Could someone please help? Thank you very much, in advance.

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