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  1. I have three monoprice 3d printers in my classroom. I recently upgraded the software to Cura 3.2.1 For the most part, it seems to work better, however, I want to control the temperatures within the settings, and I can not find how to adjust the bed and extruder temps. In the "how to" section of your site, you list "Machine" as one of the custom setting options, but I don't have that when i pull it up. What am I missing?
  2. Hi, I am facing the issue that when I start my print job, UM3 move to switch the nozzle. Before it could reach, there seems to have a power trip causing UM3 to stop. See video on YouTube https://youtu.be/Fi_AXEE4Mg4 It had occurred during my last 3-5 prints where it still can print for about 15min before power trip. And now, it just failed whenever I start my print. Need help to debug this issue. Thanks & Best regards Eric
  3. Since I would like to start producing small 3D printed objects by FDM, what is a reasonable hourly rate for an Um2+ printing PLA effectively 12x7 (incl machine costs, replacements, power, excl material)? Tnx, Rein
  4. Today, I ran some tests with default PLA settings, on two Ultimaker 2+ Ext. After the job was done, the nozzle remained on the last layer, at one of the layer's edges. This of course affected the piece's surface as I do not want it to happen. I didn't experience this before. What is wrong ? Setting ? Bug is updated software ? Tnx, Rein
  5. Help with test print

    Hi, I am new to 3d-printing. Like a month ago a bought a UM3E. Since I got it I have being trying to print a test object that I created in Fusion 360. The description to the test print is in the images attached. Also a photo of the final result is attached with the setup given on "Cura". The dimensions are not consistence, missing be almost 0.2 mm on the square and 1 mm on the cylinder. The pointy cone is not being completed and the material seems to not be extruded to the right position. Can I get some help or tips to properly print this test object? Thank you for the help and support.
  6. I have an Ultimaker 3+ This morning I started having issues that the second nozzle was draging on the print while the first nozzle was working, so I aborted the print, did manual leveling, then calibration of X Y offset, and then suddenly the noise started appearing when the printhead would go to 'home' corner. Whilst, the levelling and calibration not fixing the problem.... I tried looking clos to see why it makes that sound but I didn't come to any conclusion? video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JfYDyiKz1JK1MYdZfWak607hywNijqfk
  7. Hallo 3D-Druck-Elite, ich möchte erreichen, dass mein Heizbett und die Düsen zur gleichen Zeit und nicht nacheinander aufheizen. Ich finde leider keine Konfigurationseinstellungen oder Datei in der ich die gezeigten Zeilen "Pre-Header" anpassen kann. Alles ab Zeile mit Code M82 ist im Start-Code für den Drucker hinterlegt und ist anpassbar. Bisher kann ich diese nur in der GCode-Datei manuell anpassen. Schön wäre eine Lösung ohne Post-Processing. Aber notfalls auch gern angenommen. Orginal: Ziel:
  8. Z Offset with BLTouch?

    Hi there, A quick question. If I'm using a BLTouch to level my bed, and lets say for some reason the BLTouch is not calibrated right, hence the first print layers are getting squished. If I set a Z Offset from the Cura ''Build Plate Adhesion'' setting menu, will the printer listen to it, or the BLTouch will override it?
  9. Hello community, I am having an issue with my prints recently where I seem to have overextrusion and the print surface gets rough, but only in certain spots. I have analysed the problem to occur either where two "fronts" meet or where the printer has to make fast direction changes in order to fill the last small spots left in a layer. Its has to be either one or the other of those two. Same with first or last layer it happens on both in the same spots. What I have tried so far is to lower the esteps which didnt help. I increased the printspeed because I thought maybe the printer extrudes too much when he goes too slow in a small area (which would be a calculation issue then), didnt help. I lowered my printbed a bit, didnt help and I am having the issue also on the top layer like I said. I am using cura right now, if anyone wants to see my settings I can provide those If anyone has had this issue or maybe has an idea I would be grateful for any help. Picture for better understanding: I marked the "fronts" I mentioned earlier First layer Last layer (I lowered the esteps here drastically already)
  10. I am having a wierd issue today, where I setup Cura (3.2.1) to set extruder 1 to 210°C. I save the file normally to a USB. Then insert it into my UM3 and print the file. After everything warms up I go to the tune menu to check to see if the build plate and extruder temps are set correctly and 2 of 3 settings are perfect but extruder 1 is not. They should be set to: Extruder 1 = 210°C, Extruder 2 = 220°C and build plate at 60°C. Extruder 2 and the Build Plate are perfect. Extruder 1 only goes to 100°C and that's it? Obviously I could manually edit it up to 125°C, but that is obviously not going to be enough. Do I have some sort of configuration setting issue, or any feedback on what may be going on would be appreciated. Thanks, rkehler67
  11. The last days, my printer stops random during printing. I use the latest version of Cura and print from the SD card. I tryed sevrall things: First I formatted the SD card and let Cura recode the subject. Same Problem. Second I refressed the firmware. This was workiung. Next print nwas OK. Than I run another print, but than the printer stopped during Printing again. I refressed the firmware again, and the nextprint was OK. The following print went wrong again. Please help
  12. Is there any way to turn off the shrink-wrapped model volume (gray outline)? I want to nest parts to maximize build volume, but this "feature" is preventing it. For example if you have two L-shaped walls you can't nest them yin/yang style because the volume runs diagonally from the end of each parts walls rendering that space unusable, or if you have a ring and you want to place a part on the inside to print as well. I can see no reason this would not work. The work around is to nest the STLs files in another piece of software and re-export them as one model, but this is a pain in the butt as you may need to adjust the individual pieces to maximize packing. Am I missing this feature, or does it not exist. Searching the forum has turned up nothing. Thanks. BDub
  13. Data Transfer

    I'm a student from Turkish German University. We have a Cloud-Monitoring of 3d printer project. So how transfer data from ultimaker to pc? We have Ultimaker 2.
  14. hello i wanted to make a temperature tower test, and to be able to modify the temperature i used the RepRap configuration to be able to modify the temperature of by the progress of the print in a UM2. my problem is that after i save the gcode from cura, in the software it shows that is going to use 2m of material but when i go to print it in the printer it shows 0.00m of material and if try to print it, the printer has no flow of material. i am attaching the .obj. thanks test.gcode
  15. i'm having some trouble to get a quality bonding between layers ... someone can help me??
  16. Hey folks, I own an ultimaker 2 for a while. Usually Im using simplify3D + Octoprint for slicing. Now I gave Cura 3.2.1 a try because I really like the octoprint integration and the tree supports are absolutely awesome. However I have problems when Im printing objects which needs a lot of retractions. I am experiencing underextrusions every few layers so I can break the model really easy. Currently I'm printing at 0.1mm layer height with 40mm/s and 20mm/s inner and outer wall speed. I'm retracting 4mm at 25mm/s (Same settings as in simplify3D). I played around with speeds, other filaments (I'm printing PLA) and temperatures. Nothing helped except slicing the model with simplify3D. Do you have any Ideas?
  17. I have seen a few posts about surface quality when using PVA materials. Recently, @SandervG held one of my prints and immediately noticed that the underside of one side was a bit rougher than the other side. I was curious to see if he could elaborate on it as, if I remember correctly, he stated that it could have been due to uneven heating from the buildplate. I thought a bit of info for everybody on what caused this and how to remedy it would be a nice refresher for me, but also good info for all the other people dealing with this.
  18. Hello, I will to develop a post processing plugin to insert gcode at a specific layer of height. When declaring available settings in the function getSettingDataString() is there a specific type for multi-line text field ? I know there's "str" but it won't be usefull to enter gcode since it's a simple edit box.
  19. Problema with 0.006

    Hi guys, I've my Ultimaker 2 with update to 2+ (Olsson block & co.). My problem is the last point every printed file at 0.006 resolution. It stop and melt the prints part as the image you can see. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE? Thanks, >F
  20. Hi, Is it possible to view a list of historic print jobs with print times from Cura-connect? E.g what was printed during the last 10 days or last 20 print jobs? Thanks,
  21. Hi, When print jobs are sent to printers Via Cura-Connect the printer will auto-level and then start the print. However if the error: height difference exceeds realistic values, appears the printer will wait for you to confirm. With a normal print you would just restart the print after removing any debris from the nozzle, or just start it again and it will normally work. With Cura-connect you hit confirm, and then it attempts to re-start the print, it says auto level on the screen but instead goes straight to starting the print without performing the level check? Is this normal, or intended behavior? Thanks,
  22. Ugly bad prints

    Hi Guys Since a few weeks our Ultimaker is making some really bad prints. All the prints look rough and are quite "hairy". I already tried: - Hot/cold atomic pull - Updated firmware and Cura - Cleaned nozzles on the outside - XY-calibration I've attached some pictures of prints I tried to make, but they just look awfull. Anyone got an idea what could be causing this problem?
  23. View print steps option

    hi i don't View print steps option in cura 3.2.1 help me
  24. Backward filament feed

    Hello I have a few Ultimakers extended 2 + today i did a software update to them, after this when i tried to insert material in instead of pushing it forward it will extract it!!! Basically the process of inserting material inverted , same for model printing!!
  25. Github Issue #3451 Application Version Cura 3.2.1 Platform Win 10 Pro, 64 bit Display Driver NVIDIA GeForce 840M Printer Custom printer Steps to Reproduce Select a dual extrusion printer and generate the gcode. Actual Results After the last extrusion toolpath of one extruder, the extruder will stop on top of the 3D print, waiting for the other extruder to reach the Initial Printing temperature, this could be a 5 seconds wait, and will make a little hole on the print. Expected results Move the extruder to a secure place, away from the print. If a Prime Tower is selected the waiting position could be inside the tower. For a Ooze Shield the position could be xx cm from outside of the shield. BEEVC_2.curaproject.curaproject.3mf

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