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  1. Hello everyone, I need to print 10 small parts on the same build plate and before I start printing them I would like to know if any of you has any tips to give me especially about the setting for the Z hopping. I am using an Ultimaker 3 printer Material is the Ultimaker PC in white The picture of the product is attached. I am looking forward to hearing from you guys :) Thank you in advance. Fulvio
  2. Hi, On the BB side of my printer there is a spring that has fallen through the hole from were the PVA is extruded. It is causing issues when trying to get the print core in and also when the filament is coming down it is getting stuck on it. Is it possible/easy to get this spring back to were it should be?! Would anyone have had a similar experience and maybe instructions on how to do so? Thank you
  3. I've been having an issue with cura connects monitor mode for as long as I can remember, where the status of one of the printers with change every other second, and the other will never show that its available, even when it is. In the screenshots I have attached below, both the printers shown are not printing. This has been an issue that has persisted through multiple updates. I am currently running 3.5.0.
  4. MadGeorge

    Raise3D Pro2 Dual Cura profile

    Hello. Does anyone have Cura profile for Raise3D Pro2 Dual? Cura has build in profiles for all N2 series, but not for the Pro2. I looking through the forum search but did not found any related info about. Maybe some one already had chance to setup custom profile for Pro2?
  5. Guillaume777

    Sujet Balise/Base

    Bonjour à tous et à toutes, suite à une question de base, qui est de "savoir quelle influence à la ventilation sur la dimension de nos objets?" Et la recherche sur les sujets francophones , dans le titre "refroidissement & ventilation". Juste à voir le nombre de sujet à lire ou même simplement lire les titres mon fatigué, c'est juste une grosse perte de temps. Mes recherches sur le forum mon fait réaliser qu'il y a plein de bonne info sur ce forum, mais enfouis dans pas mal de commentaire. Un sujet nommé comme tel "EX : (B) Refroidissement / Ventilateur, ce doit d'être une balise bien fournis sur son sujets et un point de référence pour tous les utilisateurs. Etant seul dans l’atelier et ne parlant pas anglais, ce forum est une aide précieuse. L'idée de baliser un sujet spécifique devient un contraste avec les sujets plus personnalisé , ne rajouteras que de la valeurs à ce forum et notre communauté. Le balisé d'un (B) accentuera le contraste. (B comme balise ou base) Que pensez vous de cette méthode ?
  6. Wanbli61

    the printer is not connected

    Does the 3.5 require a network type of connection to a RepRap style printer, specifically a Tevo Tarantula? As I can not get a direct communication between the two via serial USB - it just says "the printer is not connected"...
  7. Sir_Fruit_Loops

    Weird Extrusion Problem

    tl;dr: brim, shell and infill fine - top/bottom layers screwed up. Also curling and blotchyness. Pls help me :< Greetings, fellow printing enthusiasts! I've been using my UMO+ for a couple of years now and it has always worked quite well. With some fine tuning I managed to get absolutely flawless prints comparable to SLA prints. But the Design of the Extrusion system and Hotend had some design flaws causing an unnessecary amount of filament jams, stripping and failed prints so I exchanged them for E3D's V6 and Titan. This worked quite well and produced good quality prints. Haven't used it in a couple of months, now I took it apart and reassembled it to clean it up and improve some minor things - and now I've encountered a weird problem I just can't put my finger on: The Brim prints absolutely flawless every time but as soon as it gets to filling the bottom layer the lines are way too far apart and all the bottom layers as well as the top layers are this way, appearing underextruded. However the nozzle is not jammed. It has no problem extruding more filament. The outer walls and infill print just fine, it's just the top/bottom. weirdly enough, I have printed successfully before using basically the exact same setup - the only difference being a couple of months of non-usage and me taking the printer apart. But only to give the casing a new coat of painting and implementing the banana tensioner bushing blocks by alan89. Normally I would assume the nozzle was blocked but then the brim shouldn't be as clean. Also I assume a too distant build plate probably isn't the problem because the top layers are underextruded as well and the shell/infill in between looks just fine. I noticed increasing the temperature to 260°C slightly improved the top/bottom quality but this is quite hot and even 5°C hotter than the manufacturers specifications (Innofil ABS). So this can't be the solution, it just reduces the symptoms. The filament is quite old now - it's been out of the box for a year and a half or so. I've had some extremely strange behaviour in the past from filament that was too wet. But I baked it for 3-4 hours at 70°C just a couple of days ago so I'm thinking it should be fine. And I had the same problem with PLA too. I used this test cube as reference model https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1278865 Also the corners came out really blotchy and curled upwards. In one of the standard troubleshooting guides I read this might be due to overheating. So at first I reduced speed and temperature down to 220°C. same problem. Strangely the print came out better when I went up to 255°C, for helping the contour of the Z at the top adhering to the top layer fill lines but still not very good. Sliced with Cura 3.5, using standard ABS settings at first, then changing around initial layer line width/height, flow, temperature and skin overlap percentage etc. but to no avail. Also I feel like the standard settings should be at least somewhat okay since they have worked in the past. So my question is where do you think the problem might lie? Should I buy new filament or might the problem be Cura or firmware related? Or even mechanical? sorry for the long text thanks for reading!
  8. DMC3D

    CURA 3.4.1

    I really love cura, but after updating to 3.4.1, the support generator is messed up big time. It likes to add over a day to the print that may only take 4 hours, if somebody would like pictures please let me know. I have been printing for 5 years so I understand almost all settings and how they affect the print. Please do not just tell me that I am wrong, I would simply like suggestions and possibly info if there is a bug I am missing. (setup cura for robo 3d r1+)
  9. winkie03

    Ultimaker 3 wont boot

    When I go to turn on my ultimaker 3, the fans will whirl but that's all it will do. The logo wont appear and no lights turn on. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  10. studioAdhoc

    Plateau à 10cm des buses... UM3E

    Bonjour, J'ai récemment tenté de remettre en service une UM3E qui n'avait pas fonctionné depuis quelques mois. À l'allumage tout semblait bien se passer, le dernier firmware s'est installé sans souci, jusqu'à ce que j'essaye d'imprimer une petite pièce pour la forme. Au moment du nivellement automatique du plateau, celui-ci monte et s'arrête à 10cm des buses, ce qui mène à un échec de l'opération. J'ai tout essayé, réinitialisation avec paramètres d'usine, réinstallation des pièces comme au premier allumage, etc. Rien à faire, même lorsque je met le plateau en position haute, via le moniteur sur la machine, il s'arrête obstinément à 10cm des buses. Aussi chaque impression lancée, même la plus petite, est détectée comme étant hors format. J'en viens même à croire que la machine se prend pour une UM3 au lieu d'une UM3E, mais je ne sais pas comment m'y prendre pour vérifier ça... le plateau en "position haute" Je ne sais pas si l'attribut "unknown" est très bon signe non plus, ou si c'est normal. Si vous pouviez m'aider à refaire fonctionner cette jolie bécane...
  11. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit der Oberfläche, welche auf der Stützstruktur liegt. Ich drucke mit dem Ultimaker 3 und Cura. Als Material muss ich ABS verwenden (Salzwasser). Die Bilder zeigen das Problem ziemlich deutlich. Wahrscheinlich gibt es auch schon einen Thread, allerdings weiß ich nicht so recht, wonach ich suchen soll. Zu meiner Frage: Wie sollte die Einstellung der Stützstruktur aussehen, um die aufliegende Oberfläche so sauber wie möglich zu drucken? Danke für Eure Hilfe!
  12. DaMac

    PVA burnt and raised spots

    hi guys, my pva seems to be laying out okay most of the time but I seem to be getting these burnt raised spots in it. see the picture attached. I have given all the print heads a good clean already with the cleaning filament, does anyone have any suggestions please? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello, I updated Cura from 3.3.1 to 3.5.1 and suddenly the plugins menu disappeared along with the filament diameter setting under the Material menu. I read somewhere that the filament diameter is moved to the machine settings but I couldn't find it there either. Please help?
  14. Using Cura 3.5.1 and Ultimaker 2+ After 5mm I want to change the infill density from 18% to 80% and then remain at 80% until the end of the print. Can this be done?
  15. Why is the print-time higher in Cura 3.5 then 15.04. I am using an UMO+ and I think I have all the same setting in both cura's which are importent. Does anyone know why Cura 15.04 is faster. I would like to use the new Cura but if the print-time is higher I would prefer Cura 15.04
  16. Zarfal

    Layer shift problem

    Hello, to begin with, I am French and I apologize in advance for my English which is not perfect. I have owned a Tevo Tornado since March and I've only had a series of problems! Today, my main problem is the layer shift. As soon as I print a part, (if the printing goes well) I have to do it over and over again so that the printing is done correctly, otherwise the printed part is all deformed. I have already tried to solve this problem by adjusting the tension (V) at the motors, lowering the printing speed, or tightening the belts. Nothing conclusive. So I really need your help to find a solution for my problem!
  17. Hi, I would like to print ultrasound image in 3d but I cannot find sample file on internet. The file is DICOM file or 3d volume file where can I find the file on internet? Thankyou
  18. thomasbennett

    Printed Laptop Keys

    Good morning Everyone, First, if this is posted in the wrong area; I do apologize, Mod / Admin please move to the correct location. Thank you. We have a need to print out replacement laptop keys and the laptop key hinges / scissor jack for our HP Stream 11 Pro G1 - G4 laptops. This project has been created to fulfill that need and I have several students working on modeling now in www.tinkercad.com. We have an Ultimaker 3 Extended; this is going to be some very fine work are there any suggestions on any settings that I should be using in Cura 3.5? Would any of you suggest this type of project for this printer? Currently we are able to get it to print out a blank key; but for some reason the edge / lip around the key won't print. Please let me know if I should attach some of our test .stl files and thank you for your time. By the way, happy Friday. Thomas
  19. RaimonElctrncs

    Ultimaker 2+ 'bevroor'

    Hallo, Ik heb 1 maand geleden een nieuwe ultimaker 2+ gekocht. Ik ben erg tevreden. Maar nou ik m net startte met printen en hij begon op te warmen, 'bevroor' het systeem. De printer had het bed verwarmt maar, na een hele tijd ging hij niet verder de nozzle opwarmen. Er stond prepairing to heat up.. en ik dacht ik annuleer m maar. De knop abort kon ik niet indrukken. Het systeem was zoals ik het noem bevroren. Ik heb de printer aan de achterkant uitgezet en later weer aan. Alles deed het gelukkig nog. Pff..nou maar weet iemand wat er nou aan de hand was? Ik hoor het graag. Groet Raimon
  20. Cura 3.5 (on Windows 7 Pro PC) opens with 'white screen' and 'white" license agreement popup. Attached is the DxDiag and the opening Screenhot of Cura 3.5. It would be nice if someone could help me with this problem. Any help is welcome. DxDiag.pdf
  21. I installed Cura 3.5.0 to replace the previous version on Windows 10. After fresh install, Cura launches normally. However, after being closed, Cura won't open again : Cura.exe appears in the task manager (with relevent size : 41MB) but no GUI shows up. Same problem after killing the process and relaunch it. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, it worked one time then again, after closing Cura it won't open again. Log files (C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\cura\3.5\cura.log) are empty for this last opening. Is there another process to kill or something that I missed? Thanks in advance!
  22. Bonjour je possède une Tevo Tornado depuis 6 mois jusqu'à présent durant mes test d'impression j'avais aucun soucie du moindre pour l'instant, puis j'ai essayer avec le filament PETG Transprent donc voici l'image Description du produit: Features: 1. Highlight color, good printing effect. 2. Low shrinkage, commonly known as not easy to Alice edge. 3. Low contraction efficiency. Strength and high hardness. 4. Environmental friendly material, can be frgraded onto CO2 and water. 5. Low printing melting point. Spefications: - Materiall: PEGT - Outside Diameter: 1.75mm - Error: ±0.05 (Je comprends pas ce que ça veux dire :/) - Printing Temperature: about 210°~230° (sa fait des pates à case du coup j'ai fait à 275 pour que sa marche) - Application: FDM 3D printer/printing pen - Hot Bed Temperature: about 50°~60° (80 pour mieux tenir) - Remote Extrusion: 2(g/cm³) - Color: black, white, nude Note: *Please allow 1-3CM differs due to manual measurement. Package Included: 1 x 3D printer 1.75mm PEGT Flament Je remarqua le problème étaie que le Filament qui ma était expliquer ne marche pas comme il devrait faire il se décolle de la plaque en vert et même du l'habille du coup je voulais savoir si dans Cura je pourrais savoir comment installé tout les paramètre de se filament dans le Cura et quel conseil vous pouvez me donnée, merci d'avance. PS: même le PolyMaker Plus Rouge ne marche pas 😕
  23. LEGEND_3D

    ERROR - STOPPED..Heater error

    Ultimaker 2 extended... Druck hört nach 1. Schicht auf zu Drucken, und behält dabei die letze position nach Error meldung.. Habe den Drucker jetzt über ein Jahr, bisher ohne schwerwiegende Probleme.. Was kann ich tun, weiß jemand einen Tip..? PLS...
  24. I connect my printer(not ultimaker) via USB cable with cura 3.4. Sometimes it can connect successfully, but sometimes it cannot connect to the machine. I have do many test, but cannot find some regular to connect correctly. What can I do? Is there any help to make the connection 100% successfully. Thanks!
  25. I am totally new to 3D printing and have just purchased a Silhouette Alta which I would like to connect to Cura. I’m using a Mac running High Sierra. Cura can’t see my Alta. Can someone please explain in simple terms how I go about setting this up. Many thanks.

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