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  1. I’m going to be printing out stuff for my kid with white PLA and was wondering what type of paint adheres well to it and if a primer coat of some type be a good idea too?
  2. So I designed this lampshade to print on my ender 3 pro with a 0.8mm nozzle and its feeling like a nightmare... I get these few layers at about 21,2 cm that are very slightly shifted to the outside of the geometry plus some change in thickness over a little area, none of this i could identify in Cura 4,7,1. Of course the whole layer looks like %&%& and makes the whole print useless for lighting, Im uploading some pics so you get an idea... I have tried multiple settings, from changing layer height and line width, using adaptative layers, Smooth Spiralized, Maximum Res., Make
  3. I'm using a model that is essentially only a 2D shell and is empty inside. Cura treats this fine for the most part by using walls to build the model. However, I'm struggling with these additional walls (and infill between them) that Cura seems to invent. I want the walls of the model to be uniform and with these additional walls that becomes impossible. The added images show the wall (in red) and the whatever additional walls (in yellow). It seems to have to do with the diagonal overhang of the red walls, although the second image shows that the overhang is hardly an issue. Re
  4. Hello all , can anyone advise me whats causing this . really rough finish , bad photos also , sorry any advise would be welcome
  5. Bonjour, Nouveau dans l'impression 3D depuis un mois, J'utilise Cura et depuis quelques jours j'ai constaté que je ne pouvais plus modifier le % de remplissage ! Je joins la capture écran de ma configuration. Merci pour votre aide.
  6. Hi. I've just bought UM2C, and I have some troubles testing the printer First, It often makes rough corners. (layers don't bond well) Second, I tried some overhang angle test, but quality is kinda sus Here are some pictures about these problems.. I tried changing nozzle and heatbed temperature, print speed, and etc... But these troubles still remains Please help me..🥺 Thanks. (im using ultimaker PLA)
  7. Hi, I would like to make an embossing stamp. So I want to print a picture, once 'lighter is higher' and once 'darker is higher'. But when I choose my file, I cannot select one of the options, Cura always makes 'darker is higher'. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I just got the last version from Cura, 4.10.0 Thanks for your help! Martine
  8. Hi all. I'm sure I'm missing something basic here and I've tried playing with settings as described on various troubleshooting guides but I'm at a loss so I've come here x I seem to have a gap between walls and the main body of the print. I first assumed it to be not enough top layers but this is 90% gyroid infill and 12 top layers. Holding the print up to the light shows that there only seems to be a bottom layer where the gaps are. I'm sure I am missing a setting, I just can't work out out what it is.
  9. Bonjour j'ai installer ultimaher cura 4.10.0 quand je clique sur découper la pièce que je veux imprimer le logiciel indique impossible de découper avec les paramètres actuels. les paramètres suivants contiennent des erreurs 2 hop speed. Quel est la solution ? Cordialement
  10. Bare with me, I am still new to this. I am getting bad layer adhesion with this filament So recently started trying to tune temperature for my Formfutura volcano PLA. The manufacturer settings recommend between 220 and 255. I set up this temperature tower: cube 245 at the bottom is temperature 220 since the first layer I wanted to print the lowest temp to ensure a stable base like the maker who made this tower reccomended. You can see it is by far the best at 220 , I had hoped to print a tiny bit higher to get better layer adhesion like I have read online, since when I printed a test
  11. Hello, I'm wanting to print a hollow hexagonal tube in which the wall thickness in the model is 0.4 mm, the same as my nozzle. (Screenshot (40).png) When I try to slice it, there are many gaps and voids where nothing is extruded. (Screenshot (41).png) When I check the "Print thin walls" option, it does fill in those gaps but instead of the nozzle tracing direct paths between the vertices, it scribbles several of the lines, where the gaps would otherwise be. (Screenshot (42).png and Screenshot (43).png) An interesting note, when I change the surface mode to "Surface"
  12. Can anyone explain why the filament keeps jamming in the print head? Its happened twice and every time i need to take apart the head to get out the stuck/melted piece! Im using PLA at 200C temp.
  13. Bonjour à tous, Nouveau sur votre Forum, j'espère que vous ne m'en tiendrez pas rigueur si je me trompe de post, mais je n'ai pas trouvé ailleurs pour ma première entrée en matière. J'imprime tout bêtement un pot, genre pot à crayon (rond ) et sur la première couche il se passe un phénomène curieux... la parois interne s'exécute mais au lieu de faire te tour du cercle simplement, des petits rectangles sont accolés à ma première couche et les suivantes d'ailleurs alors que mon STL est un pot cylindrique avec un fond et une parois, point...Pourquoi donc Cura (4.10) irait me rajouter ces (ex
  14. I have access to another UM printer. The UM2 prints the size expected, mine prints differently on the x and y axis (my UM3 prints slightly larger on each, but different percent on each axis. Z seems OK). I will get exact measurements tomorrow, but Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions on correcting? I first noticed this when printing parts for another 3d printer that needs the parts to run. Any assistance or advice is apprecited.
  15. I'd like to add LEDs to my UMO+ that I have running Marlin v2. Some other posts mention the Ultimainboard v2.1.1 used in the UMO+ having an LED PWM output that can be used. It would be nice to buy the correct adapter and solder the LED strip to the adapter for easy install and remove rather than solder the LED leads directly to the board and risk breaking something. There are some pictures on the internet showing the LED PWM connector but I haven't found the name of it yet. I've attached a photo with the port in question circled. What connector type is the LED PWM por
  16. Bonjour, Je tiens par avance à m'excuser si je ne suis pas dans la bonne section du forum pour résoudre mon problème ou si ce type de problème a déjà été traité. J'utilise le slicer Cura (4.8.0) depuis un long moment et j'ai un problème avec une pièce particulière. Comme vous pouvez le voir sur la photographie en pièce jointe, sur certains cotés de la pièce en question, le mur extérieur est imprimé à l'intérieur du remplissage. De plus, deux côtés de la pièce ont été totalement coupés (ne correspondent pas au fichier STL fournis au logiciel). Voici
  17. Hey ya'll, I had this idea a while back to fill a 3d print with concrete to give it some heft and then paint it. That worked great, but I had a few issues. Namely, the stl I had needed some support on the inside to print well. My initial print had a few small holes and when I poured the concrete mixture, it made a bit of a mess. Mind you, this was maybe last year, several months ago at least. So the exact details are a bit fuzzy. Well, I started printing some new models from Scan The World and it got me pretty fired up to try this method again. Figured I'd try the
  18. I am connecting my Creality 3 V2 printer to the usb connector on my computer. But when I try to connect to the processor on the Creality printer, I get no response from the printer. My computer recognizes the connection when I plug in the printer by giving me an acknowledgement tone but the screen shows no connection and says "Not connected to a printer". I set up the printer settings in the application but there is no acknowledgement of an existing printer. I would like to setup my printer using Cura but I may have to go elsewhere. Any suggestions?
  19. Hallo zusammen. Ich möchte ein Architekturmodell drucken. Wenn ich meine Stl-Datei importiere kann ich die Datei nur auf minimal 1% skalieren. Einen Wert unter 1% nimmt das Programm nicht an. Gibt es einen Trick mit dem ich mein Modell kleiner skalieren kann? Danke für eure Hilfe
  20. I can not connect to my anet a8 pritner. In Ponterface the pritner connects but in cura it does not.
  21. Using a Robo 3D R1+, connected with Octoprint. I have updated octoprint to 1.40. Connect To Octoprint plugin version is: 3.5.12 Just started using 4.5 and noticed 2 things in paticular: 1. the preheat box is now blank when i go to the monitor page. - Previously this was populated by whatever temperatures i had set on my material (i thought) now i have to put it in manually. 2. when i put the desired temp in it will send it to the printer BUT it will not give an accurate reading of the Extruder OR Bed temperatures any more once it has sent
  22. Hallo bin neu hier und hätte gleich eine Frage ist es möglich den Z Hop nur im Support ausführen zu lassen?
  23. I am looking for a way to prevent strands of filament being formed by the initial pass on a vertical hole that has a support structure under it. I use the default roof support interface and invariably get strands of filament on the edge of holes as shown in the attached image. I would also appreciate any suggestions to get a cleaner "roof" in parts like this. The spacing of the filament on that first supported layer is so bad that it looks like some of the support is still attached to the part even though it seemed to separate easily.
  24. Has anyone seen this type of issue with their prints? (see attached photos) I'm working with the Ultimaker ABS Black filament, using the default/recommended settings in Cura. Any thoughts on how I can prevent this from happening? thanks!
  25. Hello, I am using a geeetech A10M with a twin extruder single nozzle. During the first layer the nozzle heater turns off allowing it to cool during the print. Once the first layer is finished it pauses whilst it heats up again (Not always to the same setting) I currently have both extruders set to 205 degrees for both printing temperature and initial layer temperature. I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks ToHoverNoBover
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