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  1. Hello, I'm wondering if there is any way to output print settings from Cura to a text file of any kind? As I am experimenting with printing TPU and ABS I would like to print out on paper my settings for every 3d print, so I could establish a hardcopy "Printing log" that I could reference for further 3d prints. I am aware that I could just do a print screen, but it would be super helpful if I could output settings from Cura to txt file so I could manipulate the data easier. Thanks for your help, Regards, Brian
  2. Bonsoir à tous, Il y a environ deux ou trois semaines, j’ai changé ma buse de 0,4 mm pour une buse de 0,8 mm. J’ai en effet changé de buse afin d’obtenir des gains de temps sur mes impressions sans pour autant sacrifier totalement la qualité de celles-ci — bien que l’utilisation d’une telle taille de buse puisse impacter un peu l’aspect visuel des pièces. Seulement voilà, j’ai vite commencé à rencontrer des problèmes non-négligeables rendant souvent les pièces méconnaissables — par rapport au dessin de base et à l’aperçu du slicer. Je ne sais pas trop commen
  3. So... I have yet another problem I've not been able to solve on my own. For the past two weeks, I've only had one successful print (out of 14), and the worst part is that I have no idea why. The problem is simple: The printer just randomly stops mid-print (usually in the first 40%). Things I have tried: I've attached a reliable power supplies, I've checked the steppers and the drivers (all OK), I've tried to use a different sd card and today I updated cura to cura 4.0 and tried to print via USB. Nothing worked, but the last time I tried (with the USB) Cura gave me a crash report⬇️. In case it
  4. I'm using cura for paste extrusion profile and when i load the model it shows the message " unable to slice due to some per model settings. the following settings have error on ne or more models; Retraction Retract speed, Retraction Speed, Retraction Prime speed" I already change the settings for Retraction Retract speed, Retraction Speed, Retraction Prime speed, but it doesn't work. plz suggest what to do? its urgent.
  5. I recently bought a prusa i3 pro w, im using it just fine selecting the "prusa" printer in the cura settings. Just one little thing, my bed size is so wrong. I find myself forced to print in a smaller size because of this. I'm new to the 3d printing world and I struggled with other softwares, ultimaker cura 4.7.1 is perfect for my printer and what I want to print, the problem with the bed size is the only thing stopping me from going big. Thanks in advance for you help 😞
  6. Hi! I'm experiencing tons of problems using the material station with PVA material. Basically the problems I have are 2: PVA Brokes always somewhere in the path form MS to Extruder Flow sensor Error during print The first case obviously is the worst case, since sometimes in order to restore the printer i have to disassemble all tubes and push with ABS [i.e.] filament through the material station and get rid of broken pieces. This appened a few times using third-party filaments, so i decided to switch to Ultimaker filament of course, bu
  7. Bonjour à tous, Vous allez vous dire, encore un nouveau qui n'a pas réglé son plateau ni regardé ses paramètres, ni regardé si un topic existait déjà... Nouveau, ici je le suis effectivement. Mais j'ai écumé pas mal de topics, forums, vidéos ici et ailleurs et je n'ai pas trouvé de solutions à mon problème. Contexte : Je suis en train de me fabriquer une CN avec de nombreuses pièces imprimées en PLA. J'ai une Ultimaker 2 (oui elle commence à dater un peu) Je n'ai jamais touché aux réglages de base. J'utilise les derniers firmwares. Et comme
  8. I inhereted gcode models from a previous colleague. However, the models are no where to be found. I'm trying to see if I can export the model from the gcode file. I've tried stl, obj, etc. but keep getting an error message, "There is no mesh to write". Does anyone have any suggestions? How can I export the data to a usable format? This was created with the Ultimaker 2, and we now have the Ultimaker 3. There is no separation in filament types. The current model allows for a dissolve-able filament, while the previous one didn't (to the best of my knowledge). I've also seen th
  9. Hi All, Total NOOB to making here so please be gentle. I’m making some interlocking pieces. Basically a rectangular box made from 6 panels with tabs around the edges. I printed one out to measure; the overall measurement of the piece is .4mm bigger and all the tabs around the outside edges are .4mm wider than specified. And the area between the tabs is about .3mm narrower than specified. STL attached.I printed it with a .4mm nozzle using the default .2 mm print setting. If I print it using the fine setting can I expect better results? I have smaller nozzles but I can't select the siz
  10. Hello Community I think I have a quite simple question but unfortunately no answer. Is it possibel in CURA 4.0 to modify the color in the mode "Preview" => "Line type" => "Color Scheme"? Currently the Top/Bottom-Layer is represented in a kind of light yellow. The infill is represented in let me say a kind of less light yellow color. As we are all aware about the fact that millions of colors are available I do not understand why this extremly similar colors have been choosen for representation by CURA. E.g. why not follow the PRUSA Slicer approa
  11. Hi all, Could some body please help, I am having a problem with Cura, when printing a part using supports, I am experiencing layer skipping at the transition between support and part. Printing with a 0.2mm layer height, I have the 'Support Z Distance' set to 1 layer height, ie also 0.2mm, but during printing there is layer skipping on the printed part as if Cura was skipping the entire layer not just the space above the support. Does any one have any ideas as to why this could be happening as I am at a loss. Your help will be most gratefully rece
  12. Hi there, This is my first post. I've had no issues with cura, but 4.7.1 seems to be slicing this model (downloaded from MyMiniFactory) improperly. So, layer 318, I think, is on the bed. What could be causing the issue? Thanks
  13. I have a fairly new UM3E and the only issue I'm currently having is that printing PVA supports is not working well. I'm only using Ultimaker filament and I've only printed from the same reel of PVA on the BB core. After printing Benchy and a couple of other prints, the PVA printing from print core 2 - the BB 0.4 (extruder #2) that came with the printer, has stopped extruding material. The first time this happened I followed the printer cleaning directions from Ultimaker using Ultimaker cleaning filament. I removed a lot of black carbonized gunk and was able to get the PVA to extrude a littl
  14. I saw someone print on fabric using the Ultimaker, anyone know how it's done?
  15. Let me explain as best as I can and forgive me if the answer is already found in the forums (it's a big site and hard to put the concept into a few keywords) So I am printing some lego style blocks as counting blocks for teaching grade 3 math. They are usually called "Base 10 Blocks" and built with square blocks. This is a 10x10x1cm 100's unit. The bottom 3mm has a recess for the 2mm tall studs when stacking blocks on blocks. So the majority of the 3D model is solid so I can use the CURA generated infill (20% cubic in this case). Printing on a Creality CR-6 SE.
  16. Hi guys! I'd like to ask for your help. One of our client reported that his UmS5 can't boot up, after powering it up it shows the linux logo. This started happening after the last two firmware updates. I guess the second update got interrupted. Now on the Um3 you can reflash the firmware from a recovery image using a micro sd card and the "hidden" sd card reader on the bottom of the olimex board. I'd like to ask if the same is possible on an S5 and if so could you point me in the right direction to the S5 recovery image file, please. (Pictures show the Um3)
  17. Hi! Hope somebody might be able to point us in the right direction. We have 2 Ultimaker printers, both S5. We have them on the same firmware update (4.8.1) with the same setup for extruders. Now we printed a gcode file, for which we used extruder 1 with AA0.4 nozzle and a PLA filament. Both printers exactly the same setup and gcode file, but still the outcome is different > see images attached. One model is really rough on the edges, the other one (from the other printer) has smooth edges. We hope somebody might be able to help us figure out
  18. I have a Sunlu S8. I have downloaded the file curaprofileforS8.curaprofile, which Sunlu says is the configuration file for Cura. How do I get Cura to load it? I have put it in several folders, but Cura still does not list it as a printer when I try to select printers.
  19. I am running Cura 3.6 and it says that under material should be the Build Plate Temperature but I can't see it to change. It is checked in the Setting Visibility window but when you hover over it a window says it's hidden and why, but I don't know what it means. Any clarity would be appreciated. Oh and I know I can do it right on the UM2E+. See screen shots for message.
  20. When I startup my Ultimaker it default temperature is 50 degrees. This causes bad extrusion of course. Do I need to buy a new temp sensor? or is something else wrong? Thanks
  21. Hallo zusammen, wir haben folgendes Problem mit unserer Materialstation Der Fehler ist während dem Materialwechel im Druckprozess entstanden. Material im Fach A wurde leer, so hat die Station angefangen das Material rauszufördern. Beim rausfördern kam dan dieser Fehler(siehe Anhang) Jetzt wird immer noch Material im Fach A angezeigt, obwohl kein MAterial drin ist. Sobald wir das System (Drucker + MS) einschalten, fängt das Fach A an sich zu drehen um Material rauszufördern. Anschließend kommt dann wieder dieser Fehler. Wir hab
  22. I am trying to get rid of those waves / ripples on the straight part of the outer wall of my print (see left print in image). I have partly succeded in doing so by disabling compensate wall overlaps, however this resulted in a slightly smaller gap (see right print in image). I need to fit the part on a second print, so the gap needs to be fairly accurate. I have also tried different combinations of: - Line Width - Compensate Outer Wall Overlaps - Compensate Inner Wall Overlaps - Horizontal Expansion but I cant seem to get the right settings to have both a clean outer w
  23. Möchte meinen Ultimaker 2+ mit dem Bondtech DDG Extruder Upgrade versehen. Dieser Extruder benötigt eine Anpassung der E-Schritte auf 311. Um dies zu machen möchte ich die TinkerGnome Firmware verwenden. Wenn ich die Downloadnamen der Tinker Software richtig deute, sollte für meinen Ultimaker 2+ die Firmware mit dem Namen Tinker-MarlinUltimaker2plus-18.11.1.hex die richtige sein. Dann habe ich noch eine weitere Frage. Wenn ich diese Firmware installiere, kann ich dann nach wie vor aus Cura heraus Dateien im Gcode-Format auf SD-K
  24. Hi everyone, i'm trying to use Ultrafuse 316L BASF filaments with Ultimaker support filament (i.e breakaway). Is there any chance i can print the entire first layer with breakaway filament? Basically, i would that my component does not touch the built plate, but only the support material. I hope i explain my problem correctly. Thank you, Mattia
  25. I purchased the DDG Bondtech extruders due to worn out feeder wheels from abrasive material. My issue is I am having difficulty getting in to change the new updated firmware; 5.2.11 that is now installed. I have followed Bondtech's instructions; https://www.bondtech.se/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Bondtech-DDG-Ultimaker-V2.0.pdf I am on page 10 in this manual and I am successfully connected to my UM3+ printer (in developer mode) and there is no command line associated with my 5.2.11 firmware download. The manual offers to copy and paste one of the command
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