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  1. Has anyone noticed when using the default 0.16 resolution profile that all layers are getting printed at .2? If I use the default 0.12 profile all layers print at .12 For default .2 profile all layers are .2 I only see this issue when I try to use the .16 profile I have noticed this for some time but waited for an update to see if the issue went away but I am still having the issue with Cura 4.5
  2. Hello together, does anybody know when it will be possible to switch off or dimm the lights of the material station? That would be great! Thanks a lot and best regards!
  3. Hello everybody, my name is Michael and I am working with an UM 3ext since About a year. I have printed for a long time with CURA 3.6. Updated to 4.4.1. some time ago without using extensive. Now I tried to do an easy print job asap. But I can not get a 100% infill in the real part. As you can see in the picture, the setting is 100%, but the preview as well as the printed parts have an infill pattern. (in 3.6. is works as expected). Any idea, which parameter I have to change? Thank you in Advance. Michael
  4. Hello, Our UM3 started to push out the bowden-tube from the feeder during printing, destroying the running print. We cut the end of the bowden, this worked for one print sometimes. After doing this several times, we replaced the bowden and the coupling-collet on the feeder-side. This worked for some time, then the printer pushed the bowden out of the feeder again. This happens without visible reason: no clogged nozzle, etc. I would have expect that the feeder would rather grind the filament than push the bowden tube out of the feeder. Any hint? Is this a common problem with Ultimaker printers?
  5. Greetings, I have an Ultimaker s5 with the Air Handler and Material station. Let me start off by saying what a fantastic 3d print system this is. You all did a fantastic job on it. The build quality is outstanding. I am running into an issue though that I would love some help with. I am consistently seeing the ER998 on the touch screen display when printing. It does not appear to effect the print but requires the s5 to be turned off and turned back on again after the print is complete. It seems to happen only on print jobs lasting more than 7 or so hours. It also seems to be cumulative, meaning if I print several 1.5 to 2 hour print jobs, about the 4 print job will result in the ER998. I have filed a support ticket and uploaded many diagnostic logs from the s5 but have received no word on if the dev team has been able to make use of the logs or narrow down the issue. Do you have any updates on this issue or know when a new firmware release will be available? Note: I am running the latest firmware 5.24.7 as of this writing 2020-02-23. Thanks so very much
  6. I've just upgraded from Cura 4.3 to cura 4.4 and found that my profiles have disapeared from the profile dropdown menu, they are still in the profile management list but all have "-not supported" as a suffix. I've put a lot of time in to my print profiles and would be a bit upset to loose all my work, can anyone advise what can be done to restore my profiles?
  7. Bonjour à tous Je cherche à paramétrer cura pour une buse de 0,25, dois-je changer uniquement le paramètre « Line wide « ou paramétrer l’extruder. en sachant que quand je modifie la taille de la buse d’extrudeur celle-ci n’est pas sauvegarder (printer setting> extruder)
  8. Hallo zusammen, ich habe bei Nutzung von Supports das Problem, dass teilweise das PLA mit dem Support zu sehr vermischt wird, sodass ich z.B bei einem schwarzen Druck weiße Stellen drin habe, in denen der Support mit hängt. Wie verhindert man sowas? Das hab ich sowohl mit einem UM3E als auch mit dem S5 Pro. Beste Grüße und Danke!
  9. Hey guys, I am still rocking an original Ultimaker, heavily upgraded at this point. It is such a solid platform, mechanically, my only wants at this point could be served by a new controller / control board. Current build specs: Official heated bed Upgraded stepper motors, direct driven on X&Y, GT2 belts / pulleys Custom print head with E3D V6 Custom extruder drive with geared stepper Reprapdiscount full graphic smart controller Here is what I want: Quieter operation More integrated fan control options More accurate / smooth stepper motion Network connectivity More processor overhead. 8-bit is pretty lean once you start adding features. Touchscreen support would be nice Some of these items I could get with incremental upgrades (stepper drivers, Octoprint / rPi, etc). But I think buy-once-cry-once on a new controller would put me in a better place. Now that Marlin 2.0 is stable and supports 32-bit controllers, that is an option. I already have it running 2.0.3 at the moment and am familiar with Marlin. That said, some of the "nice" features in Marlin just don't work well for me yet, like [linear advance 1.5]. For K values that make the K-factor test print look perfect on my bowden setup (K=1.8), normal prints don't work at all. The linear advance extruder motions are incredibly chaotic. Even during print segments that effectively have a constant print head speed, L.A. is freaking out, apparently because of the direction change between straight line segments. Not so useful. Since the 32-bit controller support is still pretty sparse, taking Marlin out as a requirement opens more options. The Duet 2 Wifi looks like a good option. People generally seem to like it. The configuration looks very easy, and it appears to tick all my boxes. My only concerns so far, are whether the motion control will be a step forward from Marlin, ideally providing some functional extruder advance to improve bowden flow control. Also, it's a bit unclear whether it supports the Reprapdiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller. I'd prefer to get everything up and running with that existing controller, and I don't want a web-only interface. Some posts show that they had very little interest in developing firmware support, even though the connections are present. But, some more recent posts seem to show the controller working on a Maestro. If anyone has some insights on this, I would definitely appreciate it!
  10. I laid these parts out in Cura 3.6 about a year ago. Printing on S5 every week and worked great. I then upgrade the S5 with the Air Manager and need to reslice with Cura 4.4.1 to add build volume temp settings. Now it thinks the parts won't fit. I really need to over ride this or get it fixed!! See attached screen shots. Thanks for the help, Roland
  11. Hi Community, I'm using Cura (appimage 4.2.1.) since a couple of months on a Linux PC (with a not-brand-new SuSe 13.1) without any problems. Starting just some hours ago the PC freezes after the appimage start (tried it several times). Means, the little Cura windows with the Ultimaker Tobot appears, like always, then the normal Cura window appears very briefly, then the screen gets black, then back to normal but from this point on there is no reaction at all, no mouse, no keyboard interaction is possible, just a restart with the reset button on the PC (VERY seldom with Linux!) Btw: The newer Cura appimages 4.3.0 and 4.4.1 won't start on my system at all... Except a Firefox update a few hours earlier nothing is changed on the PC. Read in another thread, the attached file may be helping for diagnosis?! I cannot do much with it 😞 Perhaps someone has any idea or hint for me? Or do I have to provide some more info? Would appreciate it very much, because I had some plans with my 3D printer the next days 😉 Thanks in advance Alex stderr.log
  12. so i wanna install cura on my pc, i have win 8.1, and it looks like the installer doesnt recognize the disk on the pc....i try to see on the forum but didnt found anyone with the same issue...any idea?
  13. New to 3D printing, have new printer, leveled bed, running test prints to tune settings for quality... Attached pics tell the story Already checked all belts/pulleys. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  14. Hello, I need to print some prototypes with Ultimaker PC material, on our S5 printers. Was curious if anyone tried printing with some kind of Breakaway material as support(I have the one from Smartfill) and had success on small prints. Also, do you have any tips/tricks for printing with it? What settings do you use for support, when using PC as support, not something else. Any other tips? Thanks a lot. Cosmin
  15. Hallo zusammen, der S5 Pro ist öfters nicht erreichbar laut Cura oder App, der Livestream über die IP-Adresse ist jedoch immer abrufbar! Ist das auch ein Bug, der mit auf die Liste kommt? 🙂 Liebe Grüße!
  16. Hello I just recently got my ender 3 up and running again only to find that cura continues to be "unable to slice" all of my files. It isn't file specific and will happen to every file. The only solution I have found is to toggle then untoggle a setting before hitting slice again. Sometimes even that doesn't work and results in a frozen slicing bar. I had this issue in cura 4.4.1 and in the beta 4.5. Im not sure what to do and would appreciate any help. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well.
  17. Möchte meinen Ultimaker 2+ mit dem Bondtech DDG Extruder Upgrade versehen. Dieser Extruder benötigt eine Anpassung der E-Schritte auf 311. Um dies zu machen möchte ich die TinkerGnome Firmware verwenden. Wenn ich die Downloadnamen der Tinker Software richtig deute, sollte für meinen Ultimaker 2+ die Firmware mit dem Namen Tinker-MarlinUltimaker2plus-18.11.1.hex die richtige sein. Dann habe ich noch eine weitere Frage. Wenn ich diese Firmware installiere, kann ich dann nach wie vor aus Cura heraus Dateien im Gcode-Format auf SD-Karte speichern und diese auf dem Drucker drucken, oder benötigt der Drucker nach Firmwareänderung ein anderes Dateiformat ? Gruß, Dirk
  18. Anybody have any clue as to how this might have started and even better yet, how I can fix it? I can't even open the program anymore, all I get it this message. Running Windows 10. Thanks in advance.
  19. I have found since version 3.6, when you send the sliced file to your SD card etc, you cannot overwrite the file. At times I have realized that a part was not correct, and re-sliced the model and re-saved it to my SD card. The issue or bug is that the original file is not overwritten. This means when you start the print, changes made after the first "version" are not picked up by the file. I think it should be a simple code change similar to how MS Windows overwrites the file, with a warning message that your about to overwrite the file. I have used the 4.5.0 beta since its release, and found it to be an improvement over earlier versions, and this code change will save a lot of problems for new users as well. Appreciate any feedback if there is already a way to resolve this.
  20. Good Morning all , I paid to have this design made , do you think this is printable ? , can it be fixed ? thank you
  21. This "Wait for User" issue is driving be crazy. My printer is a Crealty CR20 using Cura 4.4.1 running under Windows 10 ver 1809 64 bit. This printer works well and has done hundreds of prints. I am trying to make a rotating tool holder. This is the biggest print I have ever done on this printer. It fills the build plate. The tool holder is in 3 parts. The top is full of holes and features and it printed perfectly. The base is solid, and the long print lines seem to have brought out this error. Every few minutes the printer stops with "Wait for User" showing in the printer's LED panel. Pushing the control knob starts the printer again. However a few minutes later it stops again, and again I have to push the control knob on the printer again to start the print. This continues throughout the print. It is impossible to live with, I can't leave the printer for more than a few minutes, and this is a long print job. I have read about this issue emerging with long print lines in a model. I tried lines and zigzag in the Cura profile for bottom layers and first layer. No change. This is a very frustrating issue. I have included a picture of the top part with holes ( no problem printing this ) and the bottom part that is solid and causing this "Wait for User" error. The log file is included as well. See the date 2020-02-24 for the log associated with the problem print. I really hope this can be resolved, and also really appreciate any help you can give me. cura.log
  22. Some objects, e.g. with an uneven bottom or overhanging structures, require the use of PVA as supporting material. It can be solved in water what usually is working. But I now have some objects (printing material PLA) that have very small canals / tubes inside. It is a pity but the Cura slicing software will also fill these canals with PVA. After having printed the object it is now impossible to remove the PVA from within the small tubes (diameter 2mm). 1.) Is there any way of how to enhance the solubility coefficient of the PVA? 2.) Is there any way of how to tell the Cura slicinig software not to uses PVA INSIDE an object but only OUTSIDE (e.g. for an uneven bottom)? Thanks a lot in advance for answering my questions
  23. Hi, Im trying to print with to colors. It is a single object and I cant split it in multiple objects. Is there an option in Cura to change the selected Printcore at layer x? Like the script "Filament Change", but for Printcore/material. Thanks for your time, Fritzi16_2
  24. I made a little mountain and base plate part for a project im working on, and when I put the STL in prepare, it looks normal. However, when I slice and preview, it fills in the through hole in the mountain, but only in certain spots. Anyone have any ideas? Here is the prepare screen after I import the part: Here is the preview layer 21: Here is preview layer 42: Here is preview layer 101: Here is preview layer 171
  25. Hello, The company I work for bought an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and one of our partners wants parts out of PVDF, polycarbonate, and XSTRAND. Polycarbonate should be easy enough, but both my custom profiles and profiles from the marketplace don't allow me to use the material station. I could trick the machine and say it's ABS then change all of the settings, but multiple users run this machine and I'd rather keep this from getting confusing. I tried making material profiles in Notepad++ which resulted in Cura telling me everything was corrupt and that I did a bad job. Has anyone had any luck making totally custom material profiles for the material station? If so, how did you do it? Thank you, Rylan L.
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