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  1. Bonjour a tous, J'ai acquis depuis peut une imprimante 3D et je débute en conception de pièces sous fusion 360, j'utilise Cura pour la préparation de fichier a imprimer. Après avoir exporté dans Cura une pièce créée sous fusion 360, je l'ai imprimée. Globalement l'impression est réussie sauf au niveau des couches de départ et de fin ou il manque des zones qui ne sont pas imprimées. Lors du remplissage en diagonale, dans la région d'un trou, les diagonales ne continuent pas après le trou, elle s'arrête dans la première partie et ensuite continuent la pièce sans reveni
  2. Als ich habe mein Ultimaker 2+ schon zwei Jahre. Da ich damals von einem Einfachdrucker aufgestiegen bin , verwendete ich nachdem ich mit dem UM anfangs schon Druckbett Haftprobleme hatte, auch mit dem UM weiter blaues MalerKrepp ! Vor kurzem dachte ich mir aber, was ein Mist , denn das Krepp wird beim ablösen oft beschädigt . Das ist so ein teuerer Drucker das muss doch auch ohne gehen. Und ich verwende fast ausschließlich PLA ! Neuer Versuch , aber es geht nichts , Neue Düse , Druck Bett mehrfach gelevelt , Uhu Papier Klebestick satt aufgetragen. Bett 60 Grad . Selbst wenn ich die Abfangs D
  3. Hello, I'm having an issue where my print is up in the air on one side of a circle, can't figure out what causing this. Using Cura 4.8, Ender 3 v2 Attached is pictures of the print and the settings I am using Any ideas...? Thank you!
  4. Hello I am currently printing a Badge for someone. They want the Logo to stick out at the Top and on the Bottom. Since i cant make it stick out on the bottom, i want it flat on that side. However it just looks weird. I tried changing the inital layer with to 100% but didnt do anything. Any ideas? Top image is how it looks on the bottom, bottom image is how it SHOULD look.
  5. Hallo, ich habe leider keine Antwort auf meine Frage gefunden. Ich habe eine Art Beschriftungsplatte als Object erstellt. Der Text wird dabei von einem Oval umrandet. In der Cura Vorschau wird zunächst die Grundplatte gedruckt (10 Layer). In den Layern 11-13 wird dann nur das Oval (also die Umrandung) gedruckt. Erst in Layer 14 wird dann auch die Schrift mit extrudiert. Im Druck führt das natürlich zu einer extrem bescheidenen Haftung und einem unschönen Druckbild. Am 3D Objekt selbst liegt es vermutlich nicht. Das habe ich jetzt mehrfach geprüft.
  6. Hi everyone ! I have just received my anycubic chiron which is my first 3D printer. I have set it up and print some calibration parts, and since then, I cannot solve an issue I am having on each print. At first I have looked and tweak a lot of settings on Cura such as speed, layer height, printing strategy and other. The prints have become better and better but I am having an issue that I cannot fix. It seems that the printer is doing wider or thinner section, this issue is happening every time at the same height. I have also tried to print other parts and they al
  7. hi, I could use some help. I'm using an UM2+. I went to print the other day and the feeder motor wouldn't turn on to advance my material. Then I noticed that the nozzle and the print bed were not even heating up. I went into Maintenance and was able to manually heat up both the nozzle and the print bed to confirm that they are working. Then I opened up the bottom of the printer to confirm that all wires are well connected, nothing unseated, etc. The machine will let me run a print file, but when I ask it to run a file, it completely skips heating the print bed & nozzle, and so both re
  8. Ist zwar ein etwas komisches Thema für einen, der 3D Druck schon seit Jahren macht, aber mir ist das erst jetzt, durch den Einbau eines Blackprint Systems, so richtig aufgefallen. Ich hab bisher immer mit den Ultimaker-Standard Werten gearbeitet, also 0,27mm erste Schichtdicke, und das ganze hat ja auch super jahrelang gefunzt, aber jetzt dürfte das ganze etwas zuviel sein. Dadurch, dass ich oranges PLA grade verarbeite und die FR4 Druckplatte schön schwarz ist, merke ich dass der Offset ja doch etwas zuviel Spielraum hat. Habe den Wert auf 0,25mm gesetzt, schon be
  9. Buongiorno, vi sarei grato se qualcuno riesce gentilmente a darmi una mano a programmare questo pezzo (common-test.stl) vedi foto "test di prova". La cosa che non mi riesce é saper programmare la parte superiore alla parte cilindrica. Non riesco a capire come far fare le due asticelle sormontanti i 4 pezzi verticali. Stampo con una ANET A6 e come materiale utilizzo PETG. Grazie per un gradito aiuto Marchino rispondere per favore a laoma1955@gmail.com common-test.stl
  10. Bonsoir, Je viens de faire une bonne révision de ma machine avec le remplacement de la carte mère et du moteur de l'axe X. J'ai démonté l'axe Z pour bien nettoyer la vis. Au redémarrage, pas de souci avec la position basse du plateau, par contre lorsque je veux calibrer la tête / plateau ou que je veux lancer une impression, le plateau vient percuter la tête lorsqu'il monte. Il ne s'arrête pas.................on dirait qu'il ne reconnait plus la limite haute qu'il ne doit pas dépasser....................... Comment résoudre ce problème?
  11. Hi, so I've been printing some cookie cutters with a 0.2 nozzle. I chamfer it so it goes from big to small, and on the top part where its the thinnest (where you would be slicing it with) it always breaks off, i think this is because it is too thin. It is 2mm thick with the chamfer starting from the bottom going to the top until it is 0.2mm. Is there any recommendations with what I could do to still keep this sharp edge but not have it break off? My cutter is 12mm high and chamfer is 9, it always breaks off at the top approx. 2mm in. Any help would be appreciated, I've spent all day printing o
  12. hi - hope this is the right spot for my question. i have a fairly new S3 (less than 6 months). Both extruders do not print out. Tried hot and cold nozzle clean, they ome out good, but when i tried to print, material comes out only at times and in very thin strips, sometimes vanishes at all. i played with the feeder tension screw - no help there. I even replaced nozzles,,,, nothing😢 i'm lost. Please help!!!
  13. Do you know how can I get rid of this support structure from the inner holes? Didn’t been removed with support blockers and has no purpose to be there. Support material is ultimaker breakaway and dual extrusion, Cura 4.8. Thank you!
  14. Hello, I am not completely sure how the forums work but I have an Ultimaker Original with a heated bed and wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on how to increase print speed while also keep relatively good print quality. Anything helps, thanks in advance!
  15. Bonjour, voilà l état de mon plateau actuel et je ne sais pas comment je pourrais enlever cette fine couche de PLA, j’ai essayé à la spatule et ça part mal et ça fait des légères éraflures, des conseil ? C est un plateau en verre avec un revêtement buildtak, celui d’origine de la crémait tender 3. merci d avance !
  16. Hallo, Habe vor kurzem dem den ganzen Druckkopf ersetzz. Jetzt zeig er mir diese Nachricht an. Kern 1: Solex Hardcore 0.4 Kern 2: Solex Hardcore 0.4 Danke schon mal
  17. Hello everyone i have recently brought a ctc prusa i3 reprap mk8 DIY kit mk2a and built everything, I'm completely new to 3d printing and ran into a few problems on my 1st layer print (not sticking to the bed, getting knocked off by the nozzle and scraping the bed with the nozzle..you know the normal 1st timer mistakes) well i sorted some problems like adjusting the screw that hits the z end stopper and adjusting the bed (which i think is still not level) and managing to print something at least. but this is proving to be difficult for my brain. im not good with words s
  18. I am new to 3d printing so I apologize in advance if this is a basic question. But every time I start a print during the initial purging of the nozzle, my CR 10s Pro draws this triangle on the bed, I would prefer it to just draw a line down the side so that it doesn't interfere with the Initial layer of the actual print. Does anyone know how to adjust this? I'm using Cura 4.5 as my slicer.
  19. Bonjour tout le monde, Je rencontre un problème curieux. J'imprime actuellement une petite série de pièce en PET-G de chez ICE Filament. Sur les images attachées, la formation de la pointe est probématique si je fais plusieurs pièces en même temps (7 pc), ce qui n'est pas le cas si j'en fais une par une. Mon ultimaker 2+ et cura sont tous deux en mode CPE, vitesse 45 mm/s, 231° C buse. Pour 7 pièces, il faut compter environ 17h30 d'impression (hauteur couche de 0.06 mm) et je crois que pendant la nuit ça commence à se déformer dans la zone illustrée.
  20. Hey guys, Im really new to 3D printing and im tasked with setting up this Taz bot 6 for our company. Its been sitting in storage for about 3 years and now im trying to get it to print with PLA 3mm. Right now the PLA wont stick to the bed and it looks like its extruding to high up. In my settings i have initial layer and normal layer height set to .1mm however the nozzle is about 3mm off the bed. Any help would be much appreciated.
  21. I know this is a common topic, but I couldn't find anything similar to my exact issue. TL;DR: Got some PVA that was wet right out of sealed bag. Tried drying it out for almost two days. Still wet. I bought some Gizmodorks PVA and right out of the vacuum sealed bag it would pop and sizzle coming out of the nozzle. Could even see steam from all the moisture. I tried drying it for a few hours at 55*C, still popped and sizzled. I asked the seller for a replacement, hoping this roll had been exposed to moisture before being packaged. The second roll was just a
  22. Hola, he creado unos moldes para prensar una tabla de longboard con la forma que quiero. Me resultaría muy útil que no imprimiera la capa superior y que quedara el patrón de relleno a la vista . Ya he puesto la opción de "capas superiores" a cero pero sigue extruyendo un fina capa. ¿Es posible eliminarla o es debido al modelo?
  23. Oh my god!!! if someone could please help me out. I bought a 0.2 nozzle, I dont print minis but I make cookie cutters so its not tiny stuff i'm making. The reason I needed this small nozzle was because I need the edges to be as sharp as possible. Cannot find any help with settings online as they are all so different and make my time go from approx. 1.hr to 6!! I have literally no idea about the settings for it because the Cura ones didnt even print anything for me. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you.
  24. Hello Everybody! My brother in law has made a Crealty ender printer 6 profile for Mac and Windows. We have done some test prints and it looks promising. Please give us comments if you encounter any problems. otherwise have fun printing whit this profile!! Crealty_ender_6_printer profile cura_resources.zip
  25. Hi newbie to 3D printing and need help. I cannot seem to get smooth walls and do not knowhow to cure this. Am using Cura, and my printer is anycubic max pro. Please help am almost at the point of giving up 😓 Need help in idiot talk, as am getting so lost with this.
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