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  1. I am attempting to print this flat so it will print...I'm using Cura 4.1.3...see picture. It's the inside of a cell for my son's school project. Thanks.
  2. Moin, ich habe zwei Bauteile die mehr oder weniger die Gegenstücke vom anderem sind. normalerweise benutze ich immer einen Drucker dafür, habe jetzt aber einen zweiten für jeweils eines der Teile genommen. Mein Problem ist jetzt, dass einer der Drucker auf den X und Y Achsen ca. 1,7% größer bzw. kleiner druckt als der andere. Der eine Drucker ist ein UM2 mit O-Block, Bondtech QR und Tinker. Der andere, gleiche Austattung aber UM2+. Ich kann jetzt nicht sagen welcher zu groß oder klein druckt, da ich nicht darauf geachtet habe welches Teil aus welchem Drucker kommt. Es scheint sich auch nur um dieses eine Modell zu handeln, daher gehe ich davon aus es liegt daran dass es einmal quer im 45° Winkel gedruckt wird. Die Datei selbst werde ich nicht hoch laden, aber zwei Bilder. Die Einstellungen sind bei den Druckern identisch, ausser das ein Drucker auf UM2+ gestellt ist, und der andere auf UM2 mit Upgrade. Hast einer von euch eine Ahnung was ich dagegen mach kann?
  3. When using tree supports with the newest update of cura on my Ender 6 looking at the preview shows that the program is making supports that are half inside the print essentially mending the support into the print making them one piece and extremely hard to remove. I’ve linked both a picture of said issue and my settings! Hopefully someone has some ideas!
  4. So here's where I am sitting. I have this model that I ran 'make overhangs printable' on and I like what it did to change the model. But it still needs support. I have not found a way to have it change the model And place supports. So I was thinking if I could get it to give me the model With the changes baked in then I could reslice it with supports on. Any one know if this is possible? I will attach the model if any one wants to play around with it. Thank you for your time Aggro halloween-bottom-flat-base.stl
  5. I am using Cura to slice for a UMO+, equipped with a 1,8mm nozzle (drilled out a standard nozzle). The model I am using to print, is basically a cilinder that has a wall thickness of 1,8mm modeled into it. Needless to say, I want to print this with a single wall of 1,8 mm. When I slice it, Cura sends the nozzle around the circle twice, both times extruding filament, which results in a (sloppy) wall thickness of around 3,6 mm and horrible looking Z scar. As can be seen in the attached image, it isn't printing two perimeter lines next to each other as it would normally do, but printing the same line again in the same layer. It can be seen when clicking the play button in the layer view and when the printer is running. When I use the same settings with a closed solid model and let Cura determine wall thickness etc., it all works like I would expect, 1 perimeter line and nice clean print results. I think I have pretty much tried varying all the settings connected to the wall thickness (number of perimeters, compensate wall thickness, print thin lines, fill gaps etc, line width.) and the calculation of the number of perimeters. Also in the modeling of the wall thickness (tried slightly above and below 1,8). The obvious answer would be to use a closed solid, but I need some of the features that can only be included when modeling the wall thickness. Can anybody tell me why Cura will double extrude these lines? What could I change to get it to cleanly extrude the wall in a single line/pass?
  6. Hallo ich suche hitze beständiges Material bis 95 C. Was empfielt das Forum?
  7. Longer LK4 Pro (amzn.com/B08JPRL5BJ) HATCHBOX PLA (amzn.com/B00J0ECR5I) Fusion360 and Cura v4.11 Each time I print the object below--70 x 32 x 8mm block with a few channels--the thing comes out warped on the plate side as shown in the images. I've generated plenty of objects with this printer using Cura as my slicer with zero issues. I've never experienced this problem before. From within Cura, I lowered/raised printer's plate temp; I increased/decreased Quality/Infill settings; I moved the print location on the plate--same result every time. I'm stumped. This is the extent of my troubleshooting knowledge diddling with Cura settings, and now I reach out out for suggestions leading to a solution.
  8. Hi, Cura erzeugt an gebogenen Wänden selbstständig eine Verstärkung. Das Problem ist, dass oberhalb dieser Verstärkung eine Delle entsteht. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit diese Verstärkung zu beeinflussen? Ich kann sie nur verhindern, wenn ich min. 5 Wandlinien einstelle, das ist mir aber zu dick. Grüße UMS5_Le Coureur neuer Versuch 9a (repaired).3mf
  9. While printing, it almost looks like there are lines across the entire model that doesn’t print well. And there’s really no rhyme or reason as to when it does it or why it does it. Any ideas on why my printer is doing this? I have a Creality Ender-3. The supports I understand I have to beef them up a bit so that’s not a concern. I’m talking about the main body of the print having those separations between the layers. Below I have attached a picture of the print and what I am currently talking about. Thanks, Alec C.
  10. Hi All, I'm having problems with the quality of a first layer on a fairly simple 3D print. I have a bevel al the way around the bottom layer once the print is completed. The bevel is uniform and seems to be the result of a setting rather than a bed sticking issue. I have attached some photo's showing the effect I'm seeng: IMG_1642 - Bottom of Print showing bevel IMG_1641 - Bottom of Print showing bevel and pattern of 1st layer IMG_1640 - Top layer with ironing showing nice square corners and no beveling I'd like to get the bottom layer flat and remove the bevel that I'm seeing Has anyone any ideas on how I can remove this bevel and get a flat first layer? Many Thanks, Andy
  11. Hello I recently purchased an Ultimaker 2 extended, second hand. It is 6 years old, but It makes good looking prints. However, it does keep stringing, especially whilst travelling over long distances. It also makes tracks on surfaces, whilst travelling over solid objects. I have cleaned the entire machine and made sure that the extruder/feeder is free from debris . I have also tried adjusting the temperature, the retraction speed and length, but no matter the setting, the stringing is the same. Could it be the nozzle or the coupler for the bowden tube? The settings that I have been using is pretty much the recommended settings provided by Cura. The settings that I have fiddled with is: Temperature range between 200-210 degrees celcius. Retraction length between 4.5-6.5. Retraction speed between 25mm/s - 30mm/s I have been watching my prints closely and it seems the feeder retracts properly in most areas, but fails to stop the flow of filament from the nozzle. The attached photos show some objects with stringing in between. The benchy is a test to show the retraction failure, which is visible on the bottom layer between the characters, and on the top layer in the back of the boat, where tracks (from retraction failure) on the surface are visible. A picture from the side of the benchy shows signs of ringing. Any good advice? Best regards Oliver
  12. Hey! I'm trying to print a warship turret with quite thin guns, I don't understand why if I put the model in a smaller scale the guns show up (in the preview section) and in my desired scale they won't show up (see the picture below). Can I solve this problem? And by the way if I print it in vertical the guns show up, but I don't want to print it in vertical for practical purposes. This model of the turret has the guns empty inside, I think that's the problem... but I have no way to solve it 😞 Thanks
  13. I've been having issues with printing angled walls where the printer seems to be underextruding and causing gaps in the print wall. Vertical and sharply angled walls are fine. Its on walls that are under 45 degrees that they issue appears. Anycubic Vyper PLA 190 print temp 60 bed temp
  14. Hey Guys! So to make it short: Im fairly new to 3D Printing, since i got my first one for Christmas. I have some problems with walls being rough, but thats another topic. Yesterday i wanted to print my 20th Calibration Cube with new settings, so i sliced it in Cura 4.13 and started printing it. Midprint i heard some loud rattling in the room next door and found my printhead completely burried in a half printed Cube. I stopped the print checked the printer, but couldnt find any damage. So i turned on my Computer again and looked a little bit a the G-Code of the crashed cube. There i found a sudden change from Z13.3 to Z9.175, near the end of a "fill" routine. Now i wanted to know, if this is something, that happens quiet frequently, or if i was just very unlucky? And is there anything i could do to prevent this in the future? (If i now slice it again with the same settings, there seems to be no problem and it prints completely fine) Thanks! 🙂
  15. Hallo allerseits ich bin neu hier, habe mir einen Ender 5 Plus zugelegt. Mein Problem ist, dass der Ender 5 Plus immer in der Standard-Geschwindigkeit druckt. Auch die ersten beiden Layer, welche ja Standardmässig mit 20mm/s gedruckt werden sollen. Ich habe in Cura schon Inital Layer Print Speed und alles angepasst, ohne Erfolg. Egal, ob ich via USB oder Datei auf Stick drucke. Wenn ich nach dem Slice in der Vorschau die Geschwindigkeitseinstellungen anschau, scheint alles OK zu sein. Es werden auch die Post Processings ignoriert, dort habe ich Display Filename And Layer On LCD sowie Filament Change aktiviert, damit er bei einem bestimmten Layer stoppt. Der Drucker ignoriert sämtliche Einstellungen 😞 Standard Firmware V1.70.2 mit Cura 4.12.1 Was mache ich nur falsch? Danke euch allen, Tom
  16. This is my first post, Woah whooo! Really hoping someone can help, as I have searched everywhere but I have no idea how to describe what is going on... I designed this "little snow man tray thing" in sketchup (and yes it is a solid group) but when I bring it into Cura and look at the different layers, you will see that after a couple full skin layers, it starts to outline the upcoming walls in the final layer of skin prior to the walls going up... As I said, I can't explain it but hopefully the pictures can explain it! Thank you all! this is layer 2, and looks good this is layer 3 and you can see the nozzle changes directions for wallsand here is layer 4.. this is what I would expectzoomed in on the damn layer that I cant figure out!
  17. Hallo liebe Community, seit kurzem besitze ich den Ender 5 Plus, den ich etwas umgebaut habe 😉 Nun gibt es ein kleines Problem mit Cura, wenn ich mehr als einen Extruder aktiviere. Es äußert sich wie folgt... Wenn ich den 1. Extruder (T0) betreibe, wird der Start G-Code, sowie der Ende G-Code in den G-Code geschrieben. Der G-Code Extruder-Start wird auch geschrieben, aber NICHT der G-Code Extruder-Ende! Das ist aber unbedingt nötig!!! Kann mir da bitte jemand Hilfestellung geben? Vielen lieben Dank für eure Hilfe!
  18. Bonjour à tous, Une des 4 faces de mon modèle crée des irrégularités lorsque la buse se déplace rapidement sans imprimer, elle laisse alors tomber des "petites crottes de PLA". J'ai réalisé deux essais, mais le problème survient dans les deux cas. Savez-vous d'où vient ce problème ? Merci.
  19. Hallo, mein Cura stürzt momentan immer wenn ich eine Datei laden will ab. Wenn ich auf Datei öffnen gehe und dann einen Ordner anklicke stürzt es ab. Ich habe es bereits deinstalliert und wieder installiert, das Problem bleibt aber weiterhin bestehen. Ich kann mir nicht erklären, warum das nicht läuft, vor einer Woche lief alles noch bestens. Habe die aktuelle 4.10.0 Version. Hätte evtl. jemand eine Idee, waurm das die ganze Zeit passiert? Hat vielleicht jemand das selbe Problem? VG Raphael
  20. Hi Yesterday I installed the 3DSolex Kit - heater block, 0.4 nozzle, PTK spacer and I2K insulator, original heat cartridge with thermal paste. It states that I can print with a lower temperature but with the same temp than before I am getting heavy skipping steps. I have a UM2E with original extruder stepper motor (0.9º) coupled to a DDG Bondtech via a adapter found on YouMagine. When I installed the DDG I don’t know why I got missing steps also - I could never understand why, since the Bondtech DDG is geared. I’m running the last stable Tinkercad firmware. Any clues? Thank you.
  21. Looks like the print is not printing fully to the edge? Any suggestions? Many thanks 😊
  22. I am using a Creality CR6 SE and Cura 4.13. If I set the printing temperature below 200C the nozzle heats up to the set temperature initially but then resets to 200C before printing. I can print at over 200C without a problem. I have set the default temperature of the PLA filament to 190C. I can print at the lower temp. using PRUSA slicer. Any ideas why CURA won't let me print at the lower temperature?
  23. mafser


    Hola a tod@s como en todo hay un principio, nunca me atrevo hablar. Pero hoy tocó preguntar ya que llevo horas intentando Iniciar la sesión desde windows 10 a Cura, y no he sido capaz de hacerla funcionar. Tras hacer clic en la aplicacion de escritor x64, version: 4.9.1, se abre una web en chrome a una url que termina en https://account.ultimaker.com/app/auth-error Puedo asegurar que le di a permitir pero no sigue dando el error He probado a desactivar antivirus/Firewall etc., revisar los puertos de salida ("http://localhost:32118/callback?error=invalid_request....")
  24. Buenos días, En el cura hay una opción de anular uno de los extrusores para la impresión, el problema es que aunque anule la otra boquilla la calienta igualmente. No se como hacer para que no lo caliente, he probado incluso de bajarle la temperatura, pero la calienta a su temperatura. Hay otra forma de anular un extrusor? Gracias
  25. Grüße Leute! Ich drucke momentan wieder mit einer 0,8mm Düse und Vase-Mode. Die ersten Vasen kommen super raus, jedoch hab ich bei zwei Stück an einer Eck-Stelle ca. 2-3cm hohe Druckfehler, bei denen anscheinend die Haftung flöten ging oder die Temperatur zu hoch war. Jedoch nur bei zwei und die waren von Thingiverse, könnte auch Daten-Schmarn sein. Bei den Vasen von Clockspring3D kommt alles perfekt raus. Meine PLA Settings von den verschiedenen Düsen: 0,25mm: 200°C 0,4mm: 205°C 0,6mm: 210°C 0,8mm 215°C Ist das eventuell zuviel oder passend? Das sind zumindest die Settings die auch mit den Speed-Settings passen. Nach allen Drucken die ich mit PLA nun schon gemacht habe, wurden kurzerhand aus 3 Materialprofilen in der Maschine ein einziges gemacht, da der Unterschied minimal war.
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