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  1. I have a model that does not have any gaps in the surfaces, but once I slice it, there are holes created. They occur where two surfaces meet, essentially the model is a human figure under a cloak. So where the cloak rests on the arms a hole is formed rather than closing the surface. Is there a setting I should be changing to avoid it functioning like this? I have to use 15.04 since I have a M3D printer and use the Cura Engine in Octoprint. Any advice/assistance is appreciated
  2. I have installed cura 4 beta and have noticed that there is no Autodesk/ inventor plugin in the market place. Since I have installed the plugin for cura 3.5 it lists that it is installed but won't recognize an IPT file. Has anyone noticed this as well?
  3. Hi For some reason every time i switch on the printer i get this message, even though my last printing was ok, i removed the printing, confirmed and switched the printer off. It gives this message even if i switch the printer on, off and on again Do you
  4. Hallo, bin absoluter Anfänger, hab mir einen FLsun QQ gekauft, ist aber ohne belang, das Problem das ich habe war zuerst kein Treiber, hab aber über Amazon Fragen von diversen Leuten die nötigen Einstellungen für Cura bekommen und bei denen funktionierts.... Hab Mir bei Thingsverse und anderen einige STL Dateien geholt, diese dann in Cura bearbeitet und auf die Karte gespeichert, nur leider sind als gcode datei immer nur ca. die ersten 5mm vorhanden und sonst nichts, also nur der Boden, die Basis, Fussabdrücke :)( was mache ich Falsch oder ist Falsch eingestellt... Cura 3.6.0 bin am verzweifeln Philipp
  5. Hello all, I'm at my wits end with this. I've messed with all the settings I can think of, but no matter what I do, there is a small part of the infill that doesn't reach the shell of the print (even with 100% infill overlap). Cura slices it perfectly fine, and it looks correct in the layer view. The gap between the infill and the shell doesn't show up until it actually prints.... - Nozzle: 0.4 mm - Line width: 0.4 mm - All settings that fill tiny gaps, print thin walls, etc are enabled. - Model has even values for dimensions. Here is the layer view, showing no gaps between infill and shell: Despite that, here is what prints out: There a clear, sizable gap between the infill and the shell in ONE specific area. Everywhere else, it connects beautifully. I've attached the model, if you'd like to slice it yourself. Please save my sanity! help! Holder.stl
  6. Hi guys.I have a question and need some help. I printed a model last Friday and when I come back to check this morning, it had ran out of filament. I'm fairly new to this so what should I do? Is it possible to resume the print? I used Ultimaker 3. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I try to start a print job over the API of my Ultimaker 3. I read the example in this post and tried to port the code from python to nodeJS, but the POST request is just hanging. Code: var request = require("request"); var fs = require('fs'); var formData = { "file": { value: fs.createReadStream('C:\\Users\\efentzahn\\IKIMUNI_Schornstein_simple2.gcode'), options: { filename: 'IKIMUNI_Schornstein_simple2.gcode' } } }; request.post( {url: '', auth: { user: '45fa38b52ea5a998c085145930356bd6', pass: '63bb0fc18a39ba7c787805e80f0be1211144f4083de634deb57f7e7819a640ec', sendImmediately: false}, formData: formData}, function(error, response, body){ if (!error && response.statusCode == 201){ console.log("Print started."); } else{ console.log('Code : ' + response.statusCode) console.log('error : ' + error) console.log('body : ' + body); } }); The auth is working. It must be a problem with the formData. Have anyone tried this with nodeJS until now?
  8. Hi, I've been printing for a while now using two Ultimaker S5. The only problem I encountered so far is that when I am printing with TPU, the printer repeatedly stops the print and prompts the message 'one or more materials seems to be empty'. I'm printing with regular Cura settings and does not have altered the tension on the feeder gear. What can I do to prevent this error message? Lowering the print speed or feed rate? It is a real bummer to come back after a weekend and only see some layers being printed and this message on display. Regards, Michiel
  9. Hi there, I am trying to make soap molds from 3d models, what i am thinking is having a 3d model and then slicing it in half making it flat on one side and then making it hollow to fill in with soap, how would i do this? Model example: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/sample-english-bulldog-real-time-3d-model-1155164
  10. Frankachino

    Prints Starting Too High Off Bed

    I've been trying to get started on Cura after switching from Simplify3D, and I have been running into the same problem of the print starting about 8mm from the bed. I have the Anycubic Kossel Plus with the auto leveling bed, but it seems that adjusting the Z offset from there does nothing. I am running Cura 3.6 and I can't seem to find any way of fixing this problem. I've tried adjusting the max build area and dropping the model through the bed in the preview, but nothing seems to work. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, it would be very helpful. I have attached the gcode if anyone knows how to decipher it to help me out! AKP_20mmTestCube_repaired.gcode
  11. last week i blown up my motordriver from the main extruder(E1) motor on the ultiboard rev v2.1.4 now i try to set my second extruder port (E2) as main but it doesn't work. first i select the right board (72) from the board list and after that i search for board 72 in the pin tab and change the 3 pinning numbers from E0 To E1 but no power at all do i miss a step? i also tried to change the X/Y pinning and that work the change direction. the extruder morot also work when i put the connector in the Z motor port.
  12. paulcox

    Support blocker

    Hi! new to every one here! my Qustione is the support blocker is squaerish can it be made round?
  13. I’m printing with Hatchbox PLA, but that’s not the problem because this roll was woriking fine before. When I try to test extrude the filament it doesn’t extrude our as much as it should, it is slower than it should be, and it curls up to the nozzle. Added onto that, when it extrudes, half the time it makes a grinding noise and the extruded filament has inconsistent width. The extruded filament- looks really low res here for some reason, but you get the idea. The filament I unloaded after- Does anyone have any ideas what the problem is or how to fix it?
  14. I managed to grop the darn bowden retainer clip into the side of the print head on my UM2 upgraded to 2+, could this melt and cause problems?>Taking the assembly apart is not desirable as I only have use of one hand due to a disability. Thanks Kerry
  15. Does anyone have recommendations on the Cura support material settings that affect the underside surfaces it touches? This is basic PLA on the .4 tip on .15 layer settings. I know that this surface won't be perfect but I know I can get it better than this. After a few YouTube videos, I've only played with the Support Z distance which was set at 0.2. I'm thinking maybe that's too much? Thank you in advance.
  16. I've been using Cura for a little while, I ran into an issue recently where the tool just stopped running. It would attempt to launch, show the splash image then an empty window that would just hang. Tried restarting, uninstalling, reinstalling, nothing worked. Luckily I found a way to fix it... I have a laptop dock with 2 attached monitors. The only different thing (to my knowledge) was I used one of the attached monitors for the first time and it kept trying to launch on that secondary screen. Which It was having trouble doing. I unlplugged the dock and used just with the screen on the laptop. And it opened up! I attached the log of a clean install of cura showing the symptom below if it helps resolve the bug permanently. Hope that helps someone who might've had the same issue I did. It might be display related, unplug all secondary monitors and see if that helps. Cheers. _run1_cura.log
  17. I've been using Slic3r successfully with Repetier and a Prusa i3 clone, but I would like to try Cura. Is it possible to import the configuration from Slic3r to Cura to avoid collecting and manually entering everything into Cura? Thanks!
  18. Roland0308

    Cura startet nicht

    Hallo ich bin neu im Forum und habe bisher noch keine Frage gestellt brauche dringend eure Hilfe. Nach der Installation von Cura 3.6.0 war der erste Start leider nicht so erfolgreich. Mein Laptop hat mir die Fehlermeldung gegeben, dass Cura.exe nicht mehr funktioniert. Auch nach mehrmaligem neu installieren war der Start von Cura nicht möglich. Auch ältere Versionen laufen nicht. Ein paar zusätzliche Infos zu meinem PC: Windows 8.1; Intel Core i5-3210M; 8GB RAM; 64-Bit; NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M Grafikkarte Ich habe bereits die .log datei gelöscht und einen erneuten Start probiert... Leider erfolglos. Meine Grafikkarten treiber sind aktuell. Da mir die Ideeen ausgehen hoffe ich mir kann hier jemand weiter helfen. Vielen Dank im Voraus. 😄
  19. Auffray

    Affichage Température 205°C

    Bonjour, Bien que j'ai réglé une température différente de 205°C (matériau=PLA) pour l'extrudeur, l'affichage de l'Ultimaker indique 205°C dans tous les cas. Sauriez-vous pourquoi? Merci de votre aide.
  20. Hi guys, had someone of you some issue with Z-axis movement on UM2? My one doesnt move in normal way, its just randomly moving and just in down direction. When I try to move screw manually it goes pretty easy so it seems to be an electrical issue. I ve measured stepper resistance and both coils have the same resistance. When I try to swap stepper from Y-axis to the Z-axis driver it does the same weird movement. The pcb around all drivers has an yellow shade, probably caused by high temperatures. Does it mean I have broken complete board?? 😕Thank you very much for any advice. Happy printing 😉 And I forget to say I got the ER06 error but the limit switch is well connected and also function is ok.
  21. Bonjour à tous, Je ne possède pas d'imprimante Ultimaker, mais une Creality CRX et une 10-S. J'essaie de trancher un fichier STL dans Cura 3.6 avec une tour de purge (donc deux extrudeurs). Malheureusement, après découpage, le premier layer commence par imprimer la tour sur le premier extruder et ne purge pas sur le second extruder. Apparement, la purge est décalée d'un demi-cycle (comme vous pouvez le voir dans l'image jointe). J'ai fait de nombreuses recherches sur le net mais n'ai pas trouvé de solution à ce problème. Quelqu'un aurait un indice (paramétrage dans Cura)? A noter qu'avec la version Cura 15.04, cela fonctionne très bien. Merci d'avance.
  22. Hello everyone, I am having trouble with some strange underextrusion. In some prints, maybe 1 out of 10 and in only certain parts, the PLA is extruded in little pulses that increase in frequency untill they turn into a smooth line. This always happens at the beginning of a new layer, after z-hop and retraction. Due to this the print is massively weakened at these parts and shows striations on the surface. I managed to capture this on video and also have a picture of it, but I have no idea what could be causing this, especially because it only shows up every now and then. I would be very grateful for tips and help regarding the issue. Here is the link to the video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/G3TLKveMsLNRQmgv7 Thank you very much!
  23. Hi, my UM2E would intermittently throw an ER3 error in the middle of a print. I've read many of the related posts and followed their suggestions. I have checked (visually, connections, moving the wires, and measured the resistance (about 25 Ohms)) the heater cartridge and it seems to be fine. If I reset the system, it would start heating up again but not always. Sometimes when I tried to preheat the nozzle and measured at the heater 1 terminals, the voltage was zero. Another time while preheating, the system would get out of the preheat mode by itself. I have tried Cura 3.3.1, 3.4.1, and 3.5.1 but the problems seem to persist. Any ideas on what's wrong and what should I do to troubleshoot next? Could there be multiple issues? Thanks for the help.
  24. What settings are needed to get Ultimaker Cura to generate ALL of the support for this model? There's plenty of support under the wings however the tail is unsupported. Support settings used are the default for support. I played around a bit and it made zero difference so better to ask than manually attempt the billions of settings variations. Thanks Dragonfly_t.stl
  25. gwatson1990

    Weak PETG

    I've recently made the transition to PETG from PLA on my Ender 3. I've been printing with eSun PETG at 240c nozzle, 80c bed, 40mm speed, 20mm initial layer and around .95-.97 extrusion multiplier. My prints have been looking good however, long story short if I do a drop test on a project of mine, the PETG breaks before the PLA everytime. I've been printing anywhere between 230c - 245c range but the results have been the same. Isnt PETG supposed to be stronger and less brittle? I'm always reading about how tough it is so I'm assuming there must be some user error somewhere, but I'm out of ideas at this point. The PETG has been breaking across the grain and delaminating before the PLA even with a 6 layer wall and bottom thickness as opposed to the PLA at 2 layers. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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