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  1. As you probably have heard by now; Ultimaker is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, having started in 2011. When we started it was just the 3 co-founders, Siert, Erik and Martijn. Following a continuing demand for the Ultimaker Original after sharing its design they decided to hire a few people to help them out. I don’t think anyone could foresee what lied ahead of them. The continuous demand and extra staff naturally comes with more stock which led to the decision to relocate, and they settled in a very nice location close by. Geldermalsen, The Netherlands. It was an old school building, and I was lucky enough to find my way to Ultimaker the second week they took office in that building, and being the 6th employee for Ultimaker, late 2011, I have been lucky enough to witness most of its history. And I figured, perhaps it would be fun to share some of that history. Here is a picture from that building, seen from the nearby road. We stayed here for a couple of years, until quite literally the building couldn’t hold us anymore. To give you an idea about the surroundings, I took a screenshot from google maps. What you can’t see on there is the now green field right next to the office used to be a corn field (with a path, so as far as I know we never lost any employees in there…), which was excellent for walks, meetings and brainstorming dilemmas. This was the time I like to think where we really build the foundation for what Ultimaker would become. When we just moved in, there was barely anything besides a lot of ambition, enthusiasm and some instructions how to build your DIY wooden Ultimaker. No print profiles, a very complicated slicer and only a small group of users that gathered on google groups to help each other figure out how to work around the previously mentioned missing essentials. But when we left this building we had an Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker Cura, print profiles, a thriving community, some Ultimaker materials, an amazing sales partner network and a team that grew towards somewhere between 100 and 200 people. When we became too big for this building too, we moved to another location in Geldermalsen (right next to a windmill and some sheep. Another amazing and relaxing environment to work in), which most of us got to call home for a few years until we opened another office in Utrecht. Geldermalsen office Utrecht office By the time we entered the Utrecht office, Ultimaker and the network around us matured a lot. But something that always struck me as an amazing feat is that from the group that started Ultimaker, most of them are still with us. The other remarkable detail is that everyone went to a different branch in the company, R&D hardware, Software, Support, Marketing, Quality assurance, UX. Like different fingers belonging to the same hand holding onto that Ultimaker spirit. Do you like to hear more personal reflections on these first years? Matt Griffin interviewed me and you can listen to it via Spotify 🙂 How long have you been part of the Ultimaker family? I know some of you have been with us for many years already! Are you curious to hear about a certain era or detail from back then? Feel free to ask in the comments! I might share some more perspectives on different things from the past later 🙂 Matt has interviewed more people besides me to capture those personal impressions. Curious? You can see the full list of available episodes here and here!
  2. Hi everyone. My name is Scott. My printer: Ender-3 Pro. A bit about myself: Self-employed. I build and sell wooden Platonic Solids. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PlatonicWoodworks I'm also expanding my offerings. I live in Key Peninsula, Washington. I bought said printer to make patterns for cutting pentagons, as well as other shapes, so I can also build Catalan and Archimedean solids. But it will not end there. I will sure find other uses. My business was just the prime motivator for the purchase.
  3. emare


    Hello everybody, I'm new here. I have a 3D printer Flying Bear Ghost 5 See you soon. Emanuele
  4. A Coffee between friends :-) How was Your Day ? Morning guys. I had a nice little idea. When I lived in Ireland, it was very normal for people to ask you how your day was or how yesterday was. It was a simple sign that people wanted to learn a little more about you and were interested in you. I really miss that since im living in Germany. If you ask a german you work with, how was his day... he normally thinks.. why are you asking me this and I dont have to tell you.... its a very different mentality and not a good or happy one.. So because there is such an amazing and warm friends atmosphere here on ultimaker, I thought it would be a nice simple idea to have a tread where people could chat and learn a little bit more about each other. Im sure all our lives are not 100% dedicated to 3D printing and its often really interesting and nice to learn more about the person behind the avatar ! Ian :-)
  5. Hi, it's me, Rob. I have some minor experience with 3D and bought a Ultimaker 2 this weekend. Compared to my Ender 3 Pro's i noticed it makes some noise... a lot. Struggling with Cura and the settings to make my UM2 to work great. Not sure if the nozzle i have is still in good shape. Noticed it makes at the end of the order extra filament going out. Creating a nice blob... Any solution would be appriciated... Using PLA at 210 - 60. Printer has about 600 working hours.
  6. Hi everybody, bought me one of these neat Ultimaker S3 printers and started to do "3d art" with it (3d printing beginner). After a couple of month and prints I start to fall in love with this machine 😉 After 25 years as a CGI artist I finally hold my stuff in hands for real 🙂
  7. Madadh


    Hello, My name is Rob and although I have used 3D printers before I have finally bought my own. Printer : Ender 3 pro A little about myself: Retired: 36 years with Dod as a Computer Scientist Married: 40 Years 4 Children 6 Grandchildren Military: 3 years US Army infantry 6 Years New York Army National Guard Living: Texas
  8. Vaomec


    Hello, my name is Adam from Vaomec compani. We are starting in 3D printing and we hope to contribute knowledge in the future. Greetings to all.
  9. Hey there! I am new here so i want to introduce myself. I come from germany and i still study computer-science in the 'technical-highschool-middlehesse' (THM) in Gießen. Im also working there in a smart-Lab project, in which we are also using an ultimaker S5 besides other devices like Sawyer, UR5e, ACI-Laser and so on. I have a little problem with http-digest authentication on RestSharp so i would love to hear some thinkings from u guys. I already created a topic, but for now im waiting for the approvement from the moderation. Have a nice day!
  10. Hello to all members. My name is John , i live in Brighton UK . I was in HM Forces for 21 years . I am a novice at 3d printing , i dont design , just try and print , i pay for my objects to be made , all militaria so far. I look forward to browsing the board for solutions , help, advice and a chat cheers to you all John
  11. Hello there, my name is Carsten and I use a an Ultimaker 2+ extended now for about one and a half years in Darmstadt, Germany. As I work for a pet-cremation company I print Urns in different sizes from 0.1 liter to 2 liter volumes. The material is extrudr Green-Tec Filament so the urns can be burried in the ground and then vanish. Urn and lids: See you!
  12. Outside of the great help you can get from our user experts, there is a fair chance either me or one of my colleagues reaches out with a helping hand as well. We all like to get involved and there is a lot we can all learn from each other. How can you recognize these fortunate people that pop up with their fancy titles? Outside of the seemingly infinite knowledge, you can recognize Ultimaker people by the 'Team Ultimaker' title under their user name. In this post, I would like to invite my colleagues to introduce themselves and write a few words about their expertise. And in the end, we all get to know each other a little bit better
  13. Hi, I'm new to this forum and I first want to introduce myselfe. My name is Jens and I'm from Germany. I'm totally new to the 3D printing topic. I started with a Wanhao D6 at Christmas 2017. Sadly this piece of shit (sorry) broke after 2 days and I noticed that I'm not that kind of guy who forever wants to play arround with settings to finally get a decent print. I was sooooo frustrated that I ordered an Ultimaker 3 one week later in the hope that I get good results without fiddeling arround. Well.... kind of... I'm here to get some help with the fine tuning, maybe the experienced guys are able to see even more problems than myselfe. I want to get a feeling on what is possible and what is acceptable after spending 3.6K. I watched many Youtube videos about 3D printing since I dived into this topic. 3D Printing Nerd, Thomas Sanladerer, Maker's Muse, RCLifeOn... There are many content creaters owning a Ultimaker 3 but not using it as a workhorse and I'm wondering why? I have so many questions on little things but there are only some Reviews...no usefull videos about long term experiences, settings etc... What is your opinion?
  14. OK, let’s see if I’ve got this straight. I bought an Ultimaker 2+ for $2,500., which has one of the best reviews out there. In addition, I bought the maintenance kit and the advanced printing kit., the later of which is useless. The person who came up with the idea of using that plastic sheet in the advanced kit with ABS should be required to use it with an ABS print about 8 centimeters square that takes 8 days to build. If he cannot remove the print without damage he should be dismissed from his job. I’m only getting started. So to print ABS you really need a complete enclosure for the printer. I built one out of plywood with a Arduino controlled fan for venting and a heater so the inside temperature can be closely controlled. If the printer is going to print ABS it needs to be enclosed to raise the ambient temperature, so why not manufacture it that way as an option. I’ve also had issues with the filament breaking do to tangles. The spool is mounted 3 centimeters away from the back so the input hole for filament does not line up with the inside of the spool. To fix this problem I’ve got a couple of pieces of thin wood placed behind the spool at the bottom and the outside wall. The spool doesn’t need to be that far out from the back. If it were 5 mm back the in feed would line up with the spool. Next we have the retraction problem. There are lots of questions about this online. It appears to me that retraction doesn’t seem to be much of a problem when the print head is moving from one printed portion of the total print to another. The problem always seems to be when printing support structures. Not all support structures just some. You can get strings from poor retraction all over the place. In addition if the strings get in the way enough the nozzle will knock the entire support structure off the base. See attached photo. The nozzle also seems to hit portions of the support structure when moving around, just enough for you to hear a little snapping sound. Obviously, the people who wrote retraction into the build part of the software aren’t the same people who wrote retraction for support structure. While printing one day the entire feed system came loose from the back of the printer. It’s held in place with two screws. Fortunately I was able to screw it back in place while printing. The Ultimaker people have evidently never heard of Loctite. I read in the forums a lot of things about changing your settings to solve a problem. I have only used Ultimaker filament and when I select the filament in Cura I not only choose PLA or ABS but also the color. I understand different colors behave differently. So, why can’t the default settings print at maximum quality? Why do you need to change settings? It would appear to me the 3d industry is still in its infancy, maybe even prenatal. I hope this gets passed on to someone in engineering who can make a difference. Sincerely, Theron Wierenga
  15. Hello! I would like to introduce myself a little bit. My name is Sven Bruns, 41yr old and I'm living with my family in the northwest of germany nearby Oldenburg. I've started my 3D printing experience 5 years ago with a little reprap to create some small test objects for the company I'd worked that time. The little reprap had to leave and the company decided to buy a leapfrog creatr, because they wanted me to print some larger objects. A few month ago I decided to (try to) earn a little money with my passion for rapid prototyping, so I founded a little one man company called "druckpunkt3d". (you will find my also on facebook, instagram ????) My first own printer was a Raise3d N2 Plus, but finally this was not the best decision... This printer drives me really crazy, approx 85% of all prints failed. Two times I send it back to renew a cuple of parts but this takes no effort. So I decided to say goodby to a very large print area and switched to an Ultimaker 3 Extended. It arrived yesterday I think this weekend I will do nothing else than print print print...
  16. Hello Community. First, sorry for my english. Its not my native language, its german. My name is Udo and i am 47 years old. I have started 3D printing 3 years ago with a Renkforce RF1000. At most i print detailed objects for my hobby. This is RC airplanes with piston- and jetengines. I love to build an aircraft as scale as i can. Lot of details can be printed very well with FDM printers. The scale of the aircrafts i build is around 1/4 to 1/5. I have also printed functional prototypes of wheels for a Focke Wulf 190 A8 in 1/4. All with the RF1000. The major problem with that kind of printer is the huge amount of mass it will be moved. The table slide in Y axis and the extruder (direct drive) withe the NEMA23 stepper slides in X. That circumstances often shift me in trouble with the objects on the table. The print time is not important for me. The finished part is the goal. All my parts i create/custruct by myself with Fusion360 and have a 50W Co2 Lasercutter (800x600 mm travel), CNC gantry mill (550x1050x200 mm travel) and a Lathe (space between center 700mm) too. So i decided to buy a new one. I have hat 3 major features that must be matched. Bouwden extruder, a large building volume and a housing. Heated printbed is also mandatory but 90% standard. I like the way Ultimaker printer works and took a closer look to the UM3+E. That was a short search. It fits my needs and all i expected as addon. Now i have the Ultimaker 3+ Extended in my basement shop since 1 month The need of fine nozzels i solved with two 3DSolex AA HardCore Pro. But Cura recognize the HardCore hardware but not the nozzle. It's ok because they are exchangeable. But i stuck to tell Cura wich nozzle size i currently have installed. I am a little tired about it. One guy here have done things in resources/variants. But if i duplicate the ultimaker_extended_aa04.inst.cfg to ultimaker_extended_aa25.inst.cfg and change the content the HardCore dont appear after startig Cura :( I need the fine nozzle really bad for my fine constructions to be printed very fine. The origina AA0.4 Core is very impressive in details but i need the full range what the UM3 is able to do. Any help is appreciated and maybe i can pay it back in a while. Here the complete Main wheel for the FW 190 Best regards, Udo
  17. Through this post I want to welcome all new registered community members to our forums. It is mid-August and holiday season seems to be coming to an end. We had a lot of new community members signing up to the Ultimaker forums and I find myself in the office writing this post on a(nother) very rainy day. Got to love those Dutch summers! Hopefully, everyone who just registered will be able to find what they are looking for here. We have a lot of knowledgeable users, and Ultimaker also puts a lot of effort in the resource pages. Feel free to check them out! If you stick around, you’ll find yourself becoming one of those expert users yourself and knowing all about Ultimaker inside and out. The moderators and I keep a close eye for new posts to make sure none go unanswered. We want to help everyone! But still, there are a lot of new members who go by without getting to know Team Ultimaker, or all the other gems in this wonderful community. Hopefully this post will be a first step in getting to know each other better. Ensuring we can all enjoy our time here. With that said, welcome to the Ultimaker community! Each of you have access now to the countless of experts here and online resources available. Use it wisely A great way to get started is to introduce yourself. We would like to hear from you! Please tell us something about yourself, like; What 3D printer do you have Are you 3D printing for your business or personal use? Are you already working on a project? What would you like to learn here? Since a better world starts with yourself, I’ll go ahead: I’m Sander van Geelen, the community manager at Ultimaker. I have an Ultimaker Original+ and an Ultimaker 2+. I use them mostly for printing objects around the house that broke and I’m in the process of converting illustrations I like to make into 3D models. Finally, what I would like to learn is what you fine folks are up to Without further ado, here are: @DJsSnowCones, @Drdave, @Limath, @Oatmeal0, @Morf, @paeteacher, @Fozzy, @jonathan9232, @loman, @OTeTe, @dwilleby, @kattyisis, @maxime78, @KevinWood, @tredog, @LesF, @AntonJohnsen, @griffnbarr, @clover3dworks, @CEV3D, @bobbyverlaan, @jdumas, @Emdjeee I’ll also introduce our moderator team (your best friends): @IRobertI, @Didierklein, @Flowalistik, @Gr5, @Neotko, @Nicolinux Oh, and as a closing note; some links you might find useful: Useful links to get started Coffee corner If you are looking for a guiding hand through the forums, check out this link If you want to tag someone, write @ and their username; you should see: @SandervG Looking forward hearing from you!
  18. Every week I’m happy to see how many new visitors register to our forums. I’m always keeping an eye out for their posts to make sure they don’t go unanswered and consider it an opportunity to get to know each other a little bit. Still, there are a lot of new members who go by without getting to know Team Ultimaker, or all the gems in this wonderful community. I want to introduce our new friends in this category, welcoming them to our forums and hopefully it will be a first step in getting to know each other better. Ensuring we can all enjoy our time here. With that said, welcome to the Ultimaker community! Each of you have access now to the countless of experts here and online resources available. Use it wisely A great way to get started is to introduce yourself. We would like to hear from you! Please tell us something about yourself, like; - What 3D printer do you have - What do you (plan to) use it for - What would you like to learn? Since a better world starts with yourself, I’ll go ahead: I’m Sander van Geelen, the community manager at Ultimaker. I have an Ultimaker Original+ and an Ultimaker 2+. I use them mostly for printing objects around the house that broke and I’m in the process of converting illustrations I like to make into 3D models. Finally, what I would like to learn is what you fine folks are up to Without further ado, @pbackx, @ViperJet, @LynG3, @YvesRossignol, @OOZYM, @ppowers, @agentpickle, @Raybo, @energyguyoly, @Orange_42, @SirKri5, @Margarida, @brolman, @nicoddl1, @stuart13, @Kurtenbach, @bioscope, @Sakata3d, @Ermanno … the floor is yours! I’ll also introduce our moderator team (your best friends): @IRobertI, @Didierklein, @Flowalistik, @Gr5, @Neotko, @Nicolinux Oh, finally, some links you might find useful: Online resources Useful links to get started Welcome!
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