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  1. Hello everyone. So, I have an ender 3 v2 with the jyersUI for about 8 months and I'm having some issues when I need to pause a print to change filament for example. What happens is that when I make the pause (in the slicer on directly on the machine) it stops like it's suppose to, but when I resume the print it starts printing too high. About 0.3/05mm higher than the last layer printed. I already saw one topic here on the ultimaker community but it didn't solved my issue. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  2. Hi All! I just got my first 3D printer (Anycubic Kobra Neo) and am excited to start my journey. I'm thinking I want to first make some Pokemon prints. Are there any good sites for finding files/templates (not sure what the right term is, please educate me) that I can start off with? Or if you have some good non-Pokemon resources I'll take those as well--I really just want to get into it as quickly as possible, start playing around and have fun. Thanks!
  3. Hello Everyone! New Kid on the block here....
  4. Just wanted to thank Ultimaker (and maybe brag a little bit 😁 ) I recorded some time lapse video of printing some interesting structures on my Ultimaker 3ex. My company used it in a video on some work we did where you can see my little UM3 working away. https://www.siemens.com/global/en/company/innovation/inventors/additive-manufacturing-computer-aided-design.html Jump to about 4:15. In any case, its a nice product for use in research. Props to the Ultimaker folks. Also, props to those that help me out here in the community from time to time.
  5. what would the best software to cut a 3d file that is 54mb on
  6. Hillbilly


    Hello to everyone in the Ultimaker community. My name is Fred .I am known to this community under the Psodonym "Hillbilly". I am honored to be excepted as member of the Ultimaker community. I hope that I will be able to give help and/or advice as much as recieving help and /or advice. I know that there are lot of people in this Forum that much smarter and have more expieriance with 3D printers than I do. And I hope that in time I will become as savvy with 3D printers as you are. Thank You.
  7. Hi chaps (and chapess', is that even a word? it is now) Kind of new to the 3d print scene even though I've had my printer about a year. I have a 2+ Extended. Made a few things on it so far but struggling to improve quality of my prints so far. That said, I do like making stuff that serves a purpose rather than busts of catwoman or iron man heads etc I reside on the South Coast and have many hobbies, probably too many really. Anyway, here's hoping for a long stay, and I'm sure to speak to some of you at some point. P.S, Make mine with 1 sugar and about 15mm of milk. Thanks
  8. hey guys, I am trying to get a robotics club and 3d printing group in my town. anyone who thinks that is a good idea, message me for a vote. thanks! P.S this poll will close in one month. 😉
  9. Hey everyone, I am a computer science student and I will be attempting to contribute to this open source software. I have used cura for 3d printing for quite some time, but now I am interested in the software side of things. I'm looking forward to joining the community!
  10. Hello Everyone. I am new on the forum and I am a 3D Engineer, I am also happy to be a part of the community and hopefully contribute in the areas that I am specialize on. cheers!
  11. Hello to all: My name is Randy and I am ( of course ) a new beginner. I have 4 lasers and one router, (all cnc ). I have watched several videos on u-tube and never really cared for 3d printing. To slow and for the time involved in making one print, I don't see where you can sell that item to cover your total overhead when it takes 6,8,12, or 16 hrs. to print. Today I am building a new laser where the "Y" travel is conveyor 30" X 42". Which means I am building all my assembly parts out of alum. And I can make them faster than printing. After doing more R&D, I now see that I could print with material that is strong enough to use for my assembly parts. A short time back my big brother told me that he had a printer and I could have it if I wanted. Then my brain starts clicking, I have so much to do that I can print my parts instead while working on other parts and assembly. Big brother said he bought on e-bay about 6-8 years ago. He never got around to assembling it. Brother said the seller built the rig himself. The seller did an overkill on structural strength. If you ran over this thing, you would total out your big Mack truck and never hurt the printer. Completed "frame work" with 3 steppers weighs in at 31 Lbs. This is what I got to start with with. Anyone want to join in on the fun ??? ( One more thing, I know nothing at all about printers !!! ) The seller did "include" a really nice set of inst that he put together. He covers every nut, bolt, screw, all tech stuff on all the steppers, every board and even has every wire coded for placement. His manual is 92 pages long, complete with photos of "everything". I took 20 pics of this thing from every angle to show construction. I finally picked this one it gives you an idea of my new fun project. I forgot that this rig is made with 25 X 25 MM and 38 x 76 MM extruded alum. Randy - I'll give updates to my project as it goes along.
  12. Well after years of glancing at printers and watching prints on youtube, I finally pulled the trigger. I purchased a entry level printer the Ender 3 V2. I ordered a few upgrades that I have yet to install: Anti backlash spring nuts, Dual Z axis kit, bowden tubing, metal extruder, and the cr touch auto bed leveling kit. I also purchased a few spare nozzles and cleaning pins. If i've missed any key upgrades to improve print quality/success please let me know! My first print was a cat that came on the sd card that shipped with the printer, this failed halfway through, i believe this was due to poor adhesion to the bed. I've ordered glue sticks to hopefully prevent this in the future. My second print was a extruder knob with yoda on the top, this failed as well i believe i either had a bad file or i sliced it improperly. My third print was a success however it had a few areas that i thought were printed wrong or poorly. I printed an egg, the front and sides looked great, however there was a line on the back that stuck out the entire way up throughout multiple angle changes. The top also didn't finish out that great. So now comes down to tinkering. I'd like some input from those with experience, should I install the upgrades I've purchased first, or should I focus on playing around with settings to dial in the prints? And more importantly can you recommend a print that I should continue to print over and over until I feel I've reached peak performance from my machine? I realized when I successfully finished my print tonight, I should continue to print the same file until that's dialed before I move on to print other more difficult items. I'm happy to have joined the community, I hope to one day soon be able to contribute with some files of my own! Thanks in advance for the help!
  13. v8rick


    Hi all Brand new ( Printer hasn't even arrived yet) to this I am normally a fast learner then a helper Thanks for having me
  14. As you probably have heard by now; Ultimaker is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, having started in 2011. When we started it was just the 3 co-founders, Siert, Erik and Martijn. Following a continuing demand for the Ultimaker Original after sharing its design they decided to hire a few people to help them out. I don’t think anyone could foresee what lied ahead of them. The continuous demand and extra staff naturally comes with more stock which led to the decision to relocate, and they settled in a very nice location close by. Geldermalsen, The Netherlands. It was an old school building, and I was lucky enough to find my way to Ultimaker the second week they took office in that building, and being the 6th employee for Ultimaker, late 2011, I have been lucky enough to witness most of its history. And I figured, perhaps it would be fun to share some of that history. Here is a picture from that building, seen from the nearby road. We stayed here for a couple of years, until quite literally the building couldn’t hold us anymore. To give you an idea about the surroundings, I took a screenshot from google maps. What you can’t see on there is the now green field right next to the office used to be a corn field (with a path, so as far as I know we never lost any employees in there…), which was excellent for walks, meetings and brainstorming dilemmas. This was the time I like to think where we really build the foundation for what Ultimaker would become. When we just moved in, there was barely anything besides a lot of ambition, enthusiasm and some instructions how to build your DIY wooden Ultimaker. No print profiles, a very complicated slicer and only a small group of users that gathered on google groups to help each other figure out how to work around the previously mentioned missing essentials. But when we left this building we had an Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker Cura, print profiles, a thriving community, some Ultimaker materials, an amazing sales partner network and a team that grew towards somewhere between 100 and 200 people. When we became too big for this building too, we moved to another location in Geldermalsen (right next to a windmill and some sheep. Another amazing and relaxing environment to work in), which most of us got to call home for a few years until we opened another office in Utrecht. Geldermalsen office Utrecht office By the time we entered the Utrecht office, Ultimaker and the network around us matured a lot. But something that always struck me as an amazing feat is that from the group that started Ultimaker, most of them are still with us. The other remarkable detail is that everyone went to a different branch in the company, R&D hardware, Software, Support, Marketing, Quality assurance, UX. Like different fingers belonging to the same hand holding onto that Ultimaker spirit. Do you like to hear more personal reflections on these first years? Matt Griffin interviewed me and you can listen to it via Spotify 🙂 How long have you been part of the Ultimaker family? I know some of you have been with us for many years already! Are you curious to hear about a certain era or detail from back then? Feel free to ask in the comments! I might share some more perspectives on different things from the past later 🙂 Matt has interviewed more people besides me to capture those personal impressions. Curious? You can see the full list of available episodes here and here!
  15. Hi everyone. My name is Scott. My printer: Ender-3 Pro. A bit about myself: Self-employed. I build and sell wooden Platonic Solids. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PlatonicWoodworks I'm also expanding my offerings. I live in Key Peninsula, Washington. I bought said printer to make patterns for cutting pentagons, as well as other shapes, so I can also build Catalan and Archimedean solids. But it will not end there. I will sure find other uses. My business was just the prime motivator for the purchase.
  16. emare


    Hello everybody, I'm new here. I have a 3D printer Flying Bear Ghost 5 See you soon. Emanuele
  17. A Coffee between friends :-) How was Your Day ? Morning guys. I had a nice little idea. When I lived in Ireland, it was very normal for people to ask you how your day was or how yesterday was. It was a simple sign that people wanted to learn a little more about you and were interested in you. I really miss that since im living in Germany. If you ask a german you work with, how was his day... he normally thinks.. why are you asking me this and I dont have to tell you.... its a very different mentality and not a good or happy one.. So because there is such an amazing and warm friends atmosphere here on ultimaker, I thought it would be a nice simple idea to have a tread where people could chat and learn a little bit more about each other. Im sure all our lives are not 100% dedicated to 3D printing and its often really interesting and nice to learn more about the person behind the avatar ! Ian :-)
  18. Hi, it's me, Rob. I have some minor experience with 3D and bought a Ultimaker 2 this weekend. Compared to my Ender 3 Pro's i noticed it makes some noise... a lot. Struggling with Cura and the settings to make my UM2 to work great. Not sure if the nozzle i have is still in good shape. Noticed it makes at the end of the order extra filament going out. Creating a nice blob... Any solution would be appriciated... Using PLA at 210 - 60. Printer has about 600 working hours.
  19. Hi everybody, bought me one of these neat Ultimaker S3 printers and started to do "3d art" with it (3d printing beginner). After a couple of month and prints I start to fall in love with this machine 😉 After 25 years as a CGI artist I finally hold my stuff in hands for real 🙂
  20. Madadh


    Hello, My name is Rob and although I have used 3D printers before I have finally bought my own. Printer : Ender 3 pro A little about myself: Retired: 36 years with Dod as a Computer Scientist Married: 40 Years 4 Children 6 Grandchildren Military: 3 years US Army infantry 6 Years New York Army National Guard Living: Texas
  21. Vaomec


    Hello, my name is Adam from Vaomec compani. We are starting in 3D printing and we hope to contribute knowledge in the future. Greetings to all.
  22. Hey there! I am new here so i want to introduce myself. I come from germany and i still study computer-science in the 'technical-highschool-middlehesse' (THM) in Gießen. Im also working there in a smart-Lab project, in which we are also using an ultimaker S5 besides other devices like Sawyer, UR5e, ACI-Laser and so on. I have a little problem with http-digest authentication on RestSharp so i would love to hear some thinkings from u guys. I already created a topic, but for now im waiting for the approvement from the moderation. Have a nice day!
  23. Hello to all members. My name is John , i live in Brighton UK . I was in HM Forces for 21 years . I am a novice at 3d printing , i dont design , just try and print , i pay for my objects to be made , all militaria so far. I look forward to browsing the board for solutions , help, advice and a chat cheers to you all John
  24. Hello there, my name is Carsten and I use a an Ultimaker 2+ extended now for about one and a half years in Darmstadt, Germany. As I work for a pet-cremation company I print Urns in different sizes from 0.1 liter to 2 liter volumes. The material is extrudr Green-Tec Filament so the urns can be burried in the ground and then vanish. Urn and lids: See you!
  25. Outside of the great help you can get from our user experts, there is a fair chance either me or one of my colleagues reaches out with a helping hand as well. We all like to get involved and there is a lot we can all learn from each other. How can you recognize these fortunate people that pop up with their fancy titles? Outside of the seemingly infinite knowledge, you can recognize Ultimaker people by the 'Team Ultimaker' title under their user name. In this post, I would like to invite my colleagues to introduce themselves and write a few words about their expertise. And in the end, we all get to know each other a little bit better
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