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  1. In the manufacturing process for tape we make a shaft is aired up to 90 psi to expand the shaft. This allows the spools of product to slide off when the air is released. We have been using store bought air gun nozzles (Picture 1 circled in red). We are burning through these every 2-3 days per machine, multiplied by 4-5 machines running 24/7 at $3.50 a piece it adds up. I was tasked with 3-d printing a replacement that was cheaper and lasted longer. I started with just ABS (pictures next to store bought). I realized that ABS won't seal the shaft and therefore won't inflate the shaft. I bought s
  2. Dear all, My name is Pedro Mendonça, Master student from Brazil, in the master program of the School of Industrial Engineering of Federal University of Goias, located in the city of Goiânia (https://ppgep.fct.ufg.br/). My master thesis is based in the principle of analysing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness from 3D printers in a distributed Supply Chain Network, in the context of the project Flexible and Autonomous Manufacturing Systems for Custom-Designed Products (FASTEN - http://www.fastenmanufacturing.eu/). The mission is to develop, demonstrate, validate, and dis
  3. hi guys quick question could u print a inner mold out of pva then vacuum bag carbon fiber over the top or would the resin in carbon fiber attack pva before it set looking at new ways to make carbon race car parts thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I am currently undertaking a dissertation research entitled “Procurement routes for 3D printed facades: Using additive manufacturing technologies to drive supply chain transformation” as part of an MSc in Façade Engineering. The survey is designed for facade professionals and 3D printing professionals respectively. I am interested in understanding the potential of 3D Printing in the façade industry and how would the use of additive manufacturing technologies influence conventional procurement routes. It would be greatly beneficial for this stud
  5. Hey guys, So, I'm onto another avenue which is injection molding, unfortunately it costs about 5-10K just for the mold so that's off the table already. Next thought was a pour-able compound into a 3D printed mold, it seems there are some pour-able materials which might work but will need testing. To do the testing, I'll need to make a mold and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with designing 3D printed molds? from what I saw on Cura, when I clicked the "mold" button it just made it so I could pour something into it but gave me no way to release the
  6. I have an application where I'm trying to get a PETG object to snap onto rails, I've printed one so far and it just snapped the piece being snapped in. What do you guys recommend for making something like that stronger? I made it 2MM thicker but I'm thinking it might not be enough. It was with 20% infill and just 2 walls.
  7. Hi everyone, I am working on gyroid pattern and I want to understand how infill line distance (given in Cura settings) relates to parametrization of gyroid. Is it just the size of 2 by 2 TPMS ? Or size of fundamental patch ? Thanks in advance,
  8. How can the very latest, cutting-edge design software combine with a 5,000 year old manufacturing technique to deliver outstanding weight reduction opportunities? Designing for light-weight parts is becoming more important, and I’m a firm believer in the need to produce lighter weight, less over-engineered parts for the future. This is for sustainability reasons because we need to be using less raw materials and, in things like transportation, it impacts upon the energy usage of the product during it’s service life. Lighter products mean less fuel to move them around, which can mak
  9. Good afternoon can anyone tell me if i could make a plastic product to use as a safety device for psi pressure is this something that can be done. I want to make small disc like shapes to use in a water pump. I need the disc to burst at 15.050 psi. If anyone knows anything about this i would be grateful if you could drop me a note. Thanks
  10. Hello all! I'm trying to figure out how I can acquire Ultimaker data such as print time, material used, etc. This data has important manufacturing/industrial engineering implications that can be used to track & monitor the value of the printers in the manufacturing environment. Has anyone found a good solution for downloading Ultimaker data automatically, storing it in a database, and then visually displaying it via applications like Tableau, etc? I know that certain industrial printers like the Stratasys Fortus can do this easily, but I have not yet found an easy solution for
  11. Hi, I have been busy over the last 16 months upgrading the foundry equipment and have made a few mods to my Ultimaker original. I would very much like to hear from people that have tried metal casting 3d prints, ether from sand moulds or lost PLA. I hope you enjoy the video. Many thanks.
  12. Good morning Everyone, First, if this is posted in the wrong area; I do apologize, Mod / Admin please move to the correct location. Thank you. We have a need to print out replacement laptop keys and the laptop key hinges / scissor jack for our HP Stream 11 Pro G1 - G4 laptops. This project has been created to fulfill that need and I have several students working on modeling now in www.tinkercad.com. We have an Ultimaker 3 Extended; this is going to be some very fine work are there any suggestions on any settings that I should be using in Cura 3.5? Would a
  13. Can anyone advise which is the best setting to use here for dimensional accuracy. Exclusive, middle or Inclusive. Thank's.
  14. I am looking for some feed back for some filament suggestions for hyro-dipping fixtures. I would like to print some masking parts for use in our hydrographics shop. I see polypropylene is available. Has anyone used polypropylene verses a PLA in this style applications? I need something that will be chemical resistant, and withstand a little more heat than the PLA. We had some of the PLA parts warp a bit in front of the heat lamps (we just aren’t baking them now) and we use some solvents in our dip tank that I’m afraid will wear out the PLA over time. Thanks Bryan
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