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  1. I have the BQ Prusa I3 Hephestos printer. It worked fine. I decided to replace its firmware with new Merlin 2.0.0... After that LCD shows two lines of "bricks" (even after connecting to the power source), buttons on LCD plate do not work, nothing works... Cura can't control the printer (no extruder movemenet, no parking... no printing) though it can communicate with the printer (in a strange manner)... How can I return the things back (to the state before the new firmware burning)? Maybe I simply need to change some variables in a new *.ino using Arduino IDE? I tried 115200
  2. We’re happy to announce that firmware 6.4 is released today for our Ultimaker S-line 3D printers. With it comes increased reliability and compatibility with our newest Ultimaker material; PETG. Release notes: Increased reliability – Improved deprime parameters will reduce the chances of getting certain errors due to material movement for the S-line Pro Bundle, known as ER34, ER35 and ER80. PETG compatibility – This firmware contains the print profile and allows printing with our newest go-to material; PETG. Reboot button on fatal errors – It is now possible to
  3. High I am trying to print PEEK on a CreatBot F430 and I need to set the printing temperature higher than 365, the current max in Cura. Is there any way to override this max temperature? My current hack is to set the temperature to 365, then when the bed is done heating up I manually change the temperature to the value I want. Thanks!
  4. Gi Guys, it seems to me that for what I do Cura is the best slicer for my printer. I use a Anicubic Mega S. But what I look for is a Add-On or feature in Cura that could cut the object into pieces. I saw that in some other Slicer Software, but it did not slice well for my printer and I forgot which one that is. This would make some Prints so much easier without the hassle to bring it into some other 3D Software, rearrange it and bring it back. Imaging, you have a Figurine, cut it in Half or cut off the raised arm, lay it down on the bed and print it without these nasty supports all
  5. With the update from 4.3 to 4.4 when I try to select a part in Fusion to export directly to Cura, it no longer works, the button is pressed and cura no longer automatically opens. Now I have to export as an .stl, wait for it to load then open it in cura. Just wondered if there was a way to relink this as it would save me a great deal of time. Old path for export= Autodesk Fusion 360 > File > 3D Print > Export to 3D Print Utility > Cura Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi there, I've been looking at the Cura output GCODE and the comments are really useful, for example ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER I've been thinking that if the different parts on the bed could be named or numbered and then commented in the GCODE, then it would be possible for CURA (or whatever software is used to actually print (Octoprint in my case) could be used to live splice sections out of the GCODE on a part by part basis while printing - subject to the print software supporting named parts. The use case that I'm thinking of is that on a long, multi-part, print: One part breaks f
  7. Best to start with - I am not a programmer. Am wondering if it is possible in a future upgrade or as a Plugin, have a method to overlay a graphic or photo of our print bed so we can identify areas of our print bed that have damage. My print bed has a few damaged spots - PEI film has broken off or there are large air bubbles under the PEI film that cause local extrusion fails but the rest of the bed is usable. Most of my prints can fit on the print bed with proper placement and I want to avoid those bad spots. If there is an easier way to identify them automatically on the print bed,
  8. Hi everyone, Once again a stable release has come around. 4.5 contains a range of useful community contributions to give you better performance and extended features. Some notable ones: Brim distance. This new setting contributed by smartavionics allows you to define a gap between the brim and the model for easier brim removal and reduced chance of leaving a mark on the finished piece. 'Skin Edge Support' settings. It’s now possible to add an extra line inside your infill that supports the edge of the skin better. Two new settings contributed by smartavionic
  9. Hi, I’m just wondering if Cura will ever come to IOS. I recently switched to an iPad to do my daily stuff, and I can even 3D model on it, but I’ve never been able to find a replacement for Cura, or in fact any IOS or online based slicer. It’s a petty problem, but I find it annoying to do all my work on my iPad, only to have to lug out the laptop, see if it’s charged, wait for Cura to start, then use it for 2 minutes and put it away. I know it would require extensive rewriting, but what if you just did an online version on servers you may already have? Heck, I would even pay for that. I just re
  10. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your feedback during the 3.6 beta period. Today the stable release of Cura 3.6 will become available on Ultimaker.com at approximately 11am (GMT+1) Below are some of the highlights of this release: Print core CC Red profile. You can now select our new wear-resistant print core CC Red 0.6 when the Ultimaker S5 profile is active. This print core is optimized for use with abrasive materials and composites, and opens up a range of industrial applications. Use it in combination with... The Marketplac
  11. Hi. First post here, so why not make it a "bug report"? 😃 I'm a linux user, (More precise Arch Linux), and also active in the linux community. Just got started with 3D-printing with a Ultimaker 2+ Everything is going fine so far with the windows version. So I thought I'd give the linux version a shot. Said and done, I decided to pull it from the github and compile it (according to Arch Linux standards that is) Version 4.1 got compiled in and starts up, and once it has started it presents me a "Welcome screen". At first I had no idea what to do with it, as it
  12. I recently updated Cura to the new version and now when a change something in a profile it isn't saved automatically. I have to click update profile from current settings/overrides in the drop down menu. I am pretty sure that in the older version it was saving the changes automatically and even if i restarted cura i had the last profile that i was tinkering. Is there a way to make it so that when I change the temp for example it is saved to the current profile automatically so that i can either close the program or change profile without forgetting to save??
  13. I would like to know if its possible to print a skirt and raft in cura as it allows us to choose one of the two but not both. Has anyone tried doing this ? any success.
  14. Hi everyone, Ultimaker Cura 4.5 beta just went out into the wild. Get a preview of new features and help us gather as much user feedback as possible. The stable release will go live two weeks from today. The focus of this release is integration with our brand-spanking-new web-based Marketplace. Use the web Marketplace to add plugins and print profiles (a.k.a packages) to your Ultimaker account, completely outside of Cura. When you log in to your account within Cura, you'll be prompted to synchronize packages if differences are detected in your installation.
  15. Hi, if you are using Linux and feeling like trying the cutting edge of Cura development then head over to https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AAADdYdSu9iwcKa0Knqgurm4a?dl=0 where you will find copies of my current Cura installation. They are based on the Cura master branches + my own additions and tweaks and will contain all known bug fixes that have been merged to master. These are not AppImages but an archive of an installation built on a Ubuntu 16.04.4 system, just unpack and then execute cura/bin/cura.sh. Supplied with absolutely no warranty, YMMV.
  16. I like to tweak my setting often however this sometimes ends up in changing something too much, at which point I would like to go back to setting say for a specific model or date or set of settings. It seems the best way to do this would be to have proper version control instead of having a million profiles with the names like: final_new_new_lastfinal Has someone created a plugin like this? Or at least something similar? Also are is there any documentation on the process of creating/installing a plugin locally to test. I've tried adding the package folder (from these E
  17. Cura 4.2.1 It strikes me that the optimal path for bridges ought to be horizontal because a) shorter distance, and b) start and end on existing walls with solid foundations. Please see layer 41 towards the end when bridging starts, we have long diagonals ending on a very weak line at the top of Y, and naturally the whole layer droops at the top of Y. Would be handy if someone could recommend improved settings, else is this worthy of a software bug/feature report ? Thank you in advance Tim X_carriage_-_modified_MK3_fan_blower.stl modified_MK3_fan_blowe
  18. Hello ! I'm having trouble with my prints, as you can see on the pictures there are a lot of fails on the outer walls of my benchmark of the boat. I don't really know on which settings i should play in order to make it better. I've hear things like retractation and other stuff but i'm a little lost. I have circled in red the main problem on the print. Can somebody help me a bit ? I'm new to the 3d printing world but i've watched quite a bit of videos on youtube. All the parameters were set on defaut on Cura with a standard quality. Thank you
  19. I've installed Cura 4.2.0 on 2 computers, and can't get it to work on either one. The first time I launch it, the splash screen loads, and hangs at 'Updating configuration.' If I kill the process and try to launch Cura again, the icon appears briefly on the taskbar then disappears. I get no splash screen, and the only way I know that it's running is that cura.exe is still listed in task manager. Both computers are running Windows 10 v1903 x64. One of the computers had Cura 4.1 on it previously, which was uninstalled automatically when prompted by the Cura 4.2.0 installer. Th
  20. Release: Teaser: Rumors, thoughts and comments are welcome!
  21. I'm printing with the S5 and would like to print a single piece in 2 colors by switching between the 2 extruders at specific layers. Is there a plugin that exists to add these changes? I'd like to avoid dividing my model into mu ltiple pieces or doing manual filament changes if possible.
  22. Hello, I think I have found a bug in the way Cura scales the models. When slicing one of these objects found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2753230 I wanted to do an EUR version and tried to "scale X and Y to 99.57% and Z to 101.3%" However whenever doing that it scales also other Axis or ...welll... hard to explain - generally scales incorrect values/axis. Try by yourself. Tested on Cura 4.0 x64 for Windows and Cura 4.1 x64 Beta - the result is the same. I worked it around by scaling with the size in mm instead of % even though it updates the
  23. After 3 months sleeples nights finally I solved the problem. Just watch the video ;))
  24. Hi All, This is Baha Abunojaim CTO of Mixed Dimensions, the company behind MakePrintable. We are currently in the process of finalizing a new plugin aiming at enhancing Cura with features that will ensure print-ability and reduce the time and cost associated with a print, these are the features planned for the next release: Unlimited local repair of 3D files. Optimal orientation to reduce support and print time. 3D packing. Hollowing. We are planning to introduce also the ability to create advanced workflows from nodes directly from within Cura bu
  25. The title of this thread pretty much says it all. Every "download" link takes me to descriptions of the new version but I would really love to download it. I've been going in circles for an hour or so!
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