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  1. SandervG

    Firmware 7.0

    Ultimaker is proud to announce the release of firmware 7.0 for the Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker S5, and Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. With it, you will enjoy a renewed UI – with improved status information, print controls, and notifications – that enables you to print with better control, more confidence, and improved efficiency. So what are some of the improvements? Well, it is quite the list! Status bar. A new top status bar in your Ultimaker display will always show important printer information, no matter where you are in the interface. This is an especially exciting update, as you can now directly see if you’re connected to the Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and Ultimaker Digital Factory – and if a firewall is enabled. You can also view a printer’s name and are notified with its build plate is hot. Print job status. The main menu’s ‘Status’ icon shows your current print job’s status and progress from anywhere on the menu. For print status, the following notifications may appear: • Print finished (green check mark icon) • Print aborted (red ‘abort’ icon) • Paused (white ‘pause’ icon) • Preparing/resuming (orange progress circle) • Finishing print (white progress circle) Configuration overview. In the configuration menu of the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle, the interface now clearly indicates when materials require your attention. Non-urgent items will turn yellow. Urgent items – if your filament has run out, for instance – will turn red. Additionally, the UI now clearly indicates when a print core is missing – for both standalone printers and those using the Ultimaker S5 Material Station. This is especially helpful for alerting you or other users that two print cores are needed for dual extrusion print jobs. Printer task notification. You will now receive notifications for printer tasks that require attention. Printer tasks are maintenance items that need to be performed on your printer, such as changing the filter in the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager. Printer task notifications are shown through the main menu’s ‘Preferences’ icon and are now also clearly visible in the Preferences menu. There, the following is shown: • No tasks (green checkmark) • Non-urgent printer tasks (yellow exclamation mark) • Urgent printer tasks (red exclamation mark) ..And much more! You can read more about it in our release notes and in our blog. You can find the instructions and corresponding firmware via this link, but when you are connected to the internet, and set your configuration to latest firmware your Ultimaker should also notify you about a new version! Enjoy, and we're looking forward to hear from you in the comments!
  2. Hi Guys, I have just purchased a new UMS5 and when i turn it on it shows the S3 logo. When I visit the about printer setting, it shows as a S3 printer. Would someone be able to take me through rebooting the machine with the S5 software please? Thanks.
  3. Best to start with - I am not a programmer. Am wondering if it is possible in a future upgrade or as a Plugin, have a method to overlay a graphic or photo of our print bed so we can identify areas of our print bed that have damage. My print bed has a few damaged spots - PEI film has broken off or there are large air bubbles under the PEI film that cause local extrusion fails but the rest of the bed is usable. Most of my prints can fit on the print bed with proper placement and I want to avoid those bad spots. If there is an easier way to identify them automatically on the print bed, would make object placement easier. I know that there is a grid that I can count squares but that gets tedious and cross eyed. I replaced the bed recently, printed with TPU and forgot to put down glue stick so I have a small broken area. Anyone wanting to tackle this and make a plugin or consider for an upgrade? Thank you
  4. I am trying to update the firmware for my Ultimaker S5, there are 2 available (6.5.3 & 7.0.2) I assume both need to be updated? I have began the update for 6.5.3 via USB stick and initially all seemed to be going well but the screen has been displaying ULTIMAKER for the last two ours and no other info or change. Is this correct? How long should the average update take? if it has frozen, what can I do to recover it? TIA
  5. Hi everyone, we released a performance and stability update for the Ultimaker S-line printers and products; firmware 6.5.1. In this firmware update you will find a few things. Among others: One at a time mode - We fixed the possibility of your print head colliding with a printed object when encountering an End of Filament while using one at a time mode. Pause at height - When resuming a print that was paused automatically by the Pause at Height plugin, it was possible the extrusion was delayed. Resulting in a failed print. We fixed this. Display print result after reboot - After rebooting your 3D printer after a failed print (usually prompted by an error message), it was possible the display did not display the correct status. We implemented several changed to ensure that after a reboot, the screen will display the correct status like 'Finished', 'Aborted', or 'Failed'. ER65 false positives - ER65 is the flow sensor on the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle which sometimes gave a false positive due to a certain command in the code. We implemented a change to reduce the amount of false positives. Stuck in preparing - For some users, their printer could get stuck in 'Preparing to print' state. This is now fixed. Digital Factory connection - We made further improvements to make a more stable connection between your printer and the Digital Factory. Official release notes can be found here Download instructions can be found here by selecting your S-line printer That was it, we hope you enjoy the new firmware!
  6. hello, today i installed the new firmware and the new cura (mac). big problems now. can´t print anymore. always shows: print failed - and makes restart. is there any other way than to restore the printer via sd card? thanks and best regards
  7. since I was shown that there is a new firmware for the UM3 I'm kinda stuck in an updateloop. It shows me, that there is a new Firmware (5.3.0) and I am using an older (5.3). Okay, lets update this! Nope... After installing it shows the same Message again, that my current version is 5.3 and the newer one is 5.3.0. I already tried it multiple times, but nothing has changed. Pls hotfix 🙂
  8. Hi everyone, Once again a stable release has come around. 4.5 contains a range of useful community contributions to give you better performance and extended features. Some notable ones: Brim distance. This new setting contributed by smartavionics allows you to define a gap between the brim and the model for easier brim removal and reduced chance of leaving a mark on the finished piece. 'Skin Edge Support' settings. It’s now possible to add an extra line inside your infill that supports the edge of the skin better. Two new settings contributed by smartavionics control this feature: ‘Skin Edge Support Thickness’ and ‘Skin Edge Support Layers’. Find these under ‘Infill settings’. Speed up plugin loading. fieldOfview has contributed a code optimization to load plugins faster on start. Mileage may vary, but Cura’s startup speed should see a marked improvement. Support for alpha channels in ImageReader. Added support for images with transparency, such as PNGs. When using an image with transparency, the contours of the transparent layer will be followed. Contributed by BagelOrb. Jobnames less sensitive to being touched. A contribution from fieldOfview has fixed an issue where the jobname in the bottom-left of the scene is no longer made static by clicking on it. If you load a model and change to another printer, the prefix is now correctly updated. Shared heater. A new ‘Shared heater’ checkbox has been added to the machine settings page to support printers that have one nozzle and one heater, but multiple feeders. When enabled, heating and pre-heating procedures act differently so that the nozzle doesn’t cool down for the stand-by temperature or the initial/final printing temperatures. Contributed by smartavionics. Material mixing. A new post-processing script can be used to mix materials if you have a mixing nozzle. Mix materials of different colors in order to print in a different color than either of your currently loaded materials. Contributed by Hrybmo. In addition to this, another ten third-party printer definitions have been added. Want to add a definition for a third-party printer? Find out how here. Internally, we've been focused on adding integration with our new web Marketplace, so you can easily add packages to Cura from outside the software. When you start Cura, packages will now sync if changes are detected in your installation. On a version upgrade, your packages will now follow along, and follow also actions you take using Ultimaker Cloud. As well as this, we’ve also switched over to a new crash reporting system (Sentry) which allows us to catch more crashes and dive into more details. Thanks to the public beta we ran, we were able to catch a major bug in MacOS which caused crashing after a few slices, which is fixed in the stable release. Besides public betas, we have 2 dedicated QA people in the team, and automated tests to catch all the bugs. If any odd behavior still occurs, please let us know in this thread or by opening an issue on GitHub. We’ll do what we can, and we make an effort to look at everything you send us. For plugin issues, please contact the plugin developer. Got a feature that you’d like to implement? Why not make a pull request or develop a plugin? See the marketing blog, or download the latest stable release today. Full release notes can be found here. We hope you enjoy this release.
  9. Hi to all.. i need to invert extruder direction in my ultimaker 3 by putty sfw because i ve installed bondtech qr upgrade, but they works in opposite direction! i ven't right hand, sio i can't change motor's pin in plug... i 'dd prefer to set them in firmware... does Someone know comand line to open correct file in the root where i could change this values? thank you
  10. I have the BQ Prusa I3 Hephestos printer. It worked fine. I decided to replace its firmware with new Merlin 2.0.0... After that LCD shows two lines of "bricks" (even after connecting to the power source), buttons on LCD plate do not work, nothing works... Cura can't control the printer (no extruder movemenet, no parking... no printing) though it can communicate with the printer (in a strange manner)... How can I return the things back (to the state before the new firmware burning)? Maybe I simply need to change some variables in a new *.ino using Arduino IDE? I tried 115200 baudrate, motherboard type 33... no result... Wrong display type? Anything else? Thanks in advance for any useful advice.
  11. We’re happy to announce that firmware 6.4 is released today for our Ultimaker S-line 3D printers. With it comes increased reliability and compatibility with our newest Ultimaker material; PETG. Release notes: Increased reliability – Improved deprime parameters will reduce the chances of getting certain errors due to material movement for the S-line Pro Bundle, known as ER34, ER35 and ER80. PETG compatibility – This firmware contains the print profile and allows printing with our newest go-to material; PETG. Reboot button on fatal errors – It is now possible to reboot a printer using the touchscreen interface when you ran into a fatal error Digital Factory connection prevents if host of a printer group – Grouping printers is no longer supported. Connecting a printer to the Digital Factory will automatically remove it from the group it was in. If a printer is the host of a group, it must first dissolve the group before it can get connected. And we also fixed some bugs: Added delay between ER34 occurrence – This should lead to more success in recovery from the error code, leading to a decrease in fatal error occurrence Added delay between ER80 occurrence - This should lead to more success in recovery from the error code, leading to a decrease in fatal error occurrence Fixed a bug for Digital Factory leading to repeated error messages - Error messages were wrongly displayed multiple times in the Digital Factory. This is fixed Ready to use firmware 6.4? USB Update (.swu file): o Ultimaker S5-R1 o Ultimaker S5-R2 o Ultimaker S3 Recovery image (.img file): o Ultimaker S5-R1.img o Ultimaker S5-R2.img o Ultimaker S3.img
  12. High I am trying to print PEEK on a CreatBot F430 and I need to set the printing temperature higher than 365, the current max in Cura. Is there any way to override this max temperature? My current hack is to set the temperature to 365, then when the bed is done heating up I manually change the temperature to the value I want. Thanks!
  13. Gi Guys, it seems to me that for what I do Cura is the best slicer for my printer. I use a Anicubic Mega S. But what I look for is a Add-On or feature in Cura that could cut the object into pieces. I saw that in some other Slicer Software, but it did not slice well for my printer and I forgot which one that is. This would make some Prints so much easier without the hassle to bring it into some other 3D Software, rearrange it and bring it back. Imaging, you have a Figurine, cut it in Half or cut off the raised arm, lay it down on the bed and print it without these nasty supports all and everywhere. Lot of Material saved. If some smart one could do this, that would be awesome. I have no idea, if this is a impossible task or not. I am a little over 60, I started with a VC 20, programmed a shitload of things in my younger years, but nothing with 3D and now I am to old for that anyways nor do I have the tools for it. I used to be a chef, chefs do normally not need any programming skills....
  14. With the update from 4.3 to 4.4 when I try to select a part in Fusion to export directly to Cura, it no longer works, the button is pressed and cura no longer automatically opens. Now I have to export as an .stl, wait for it to load then open it in cura. Just wondered if there was a way to relink this as it would save me a great deal of time. Old path for export= Autodesk Fusion 360 > File > 3D Print > Export to 3D Print Utility > Cura Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi there, I've been looking at the Cura output GCODE and the comments are really useful, for example ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER I've been thinking that if the different parts on the bed could be named or numbered and then commented in the GCODE, then it would be possible for CURA (or whatever software is used to actually print (Octoprint in my case) could be used to live splice sections out of the GCODE on a part by part basis while printing - subject to the print software supporting named parts. The use case that I'm thinking of is that on a long, multi-part, print: One part breaks free. At the mo, that's a failed print - the spaghetti will ruin the rest of the parts, cause a domino effect With a live-splice capability the user could dump that part from subsequent layers. Obviously the print management software would need to support the live splice capability, but part one of this is the gcode comments identifying the various parts by name or by number etc.... Coupled with this, it it possible to force an ooze/wipe tower even on a single nozzle setup? Thoughts? Crazy?
  16. Hi, I’m just wondering if Cura will ever come to IOS. I recently switched to an iPad to do my daily stuff, and I can even 3D model on it, but I’ve never been able to find a replacement for Cura, or in fact any IOS or online based slicer. It’s a petty problem, but I find it annoying to do all my work on my iPad, only to have to lug out the laptop, see if it’s charged, wait for Cura to start, then use it for 2 minutes and put it away. I know it would require extensive rewriting, but what if you just did an online version on servers you may already have? Heck, I would even pay for that. I just really want something equivalent to Cura (preferably actual Cura) to be available on an IOS device. Do you have any plans to do this ever, or is it just a lost cause?
  17. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your feedback during the 3.6 beta period. Today the stable release of Cura 3.6 will become available on Ultimaker.com at approximately 11am (GMT+1) Below are some of the highlights of this release: Print core CC Red profile. You can now select our new wear-resistant print core CC Red 0.6 when the Ultimaker S5 profile is active. This print core is optimized for use with abrasive materials and composites, and opens up a range of industrial applications. Use it in combination with... The Marketplace. If you haven’t used it before, the Marketplace (formerly the Toolbox) is a platform to add plugins and download material profiles configured and optimized by leading manufacturers. Download profiles for third-party materials, and profiles will sync to your Ultimaker S5 through Wi-Fi in the background when connected to that printer (note that your printer will need firmware 5.1 for this to work). This feature will also work for the UM3 when 5.1 is available (soon!) Gyroid infill. @smartavionics has contributed this fascinating new infill pattern. Gyroid infill alternates with every layer to distribute strength equally in every direction, while keeping print duration and material use to a minimum. You can find a more detailed overview of 3.6 in my blog and in the release notes. Download Ultimaker Cura 3.6 here. All feedback is welcome! Put it all in this thread. We are attending Formnext in Frankfurt this week (booth C20 Hall 3.1), so if anyone is in the area please come and say hi!
  18. Hi. First post here, so why not make it a "bug report"? 😃 I'm a linux user, (More precise Arch Linux), and also active in the linux community. Just got started with 3D-printing with a Ultimaker 2+ Everything is going fine so far with the windows version. So I thought I'd give the linux version a shot. Said and done, I decided to pull it from the github and compile it (according to Arch Linux standards that is) Version 4.1 got compiled in and starts up, and once it has started it presents me a "Welcome screen". At first I had no idea what to do with it, as it was impossible to interact with it. No buttons. No inputs or anything on the welcome splash. I remember from the windows version that there's supposed to be buttons at the bottom of the welcome screen, so one can proceed. These buttons are missing completely with the linux version, making it impossible to interact with the welcome screen. See screenshot. I also attached a console log. If you need anything else, I'd happily provide it. Thanks for a great work so far. linux-cura-stuck-at-welcome-because-buttons-are-missing.log
  19. I recently updated Cura to the new version and now when a change something in a profile it isn't saved automatically. I have to click update profile from current settings/overrides in the drop down menu. I am pretty sure that in the older version it was saving the changes automatically and even if i restarted cura i had the last profile that i was tinkering. Is there a way to make it so that when I change the temp for example it is saved to the current profile automatically so that i can either close the program or change profile without forgetting to save??
  20. I would like to know if its possible to print a skirt and raft in cura as it allows us to choose one of the two but not both. Has anyone tried doing this ? any success.
  21. Hi everyone, Ultimaker Cura 4.5 beta just went out into the wild. Get a preview of new features and help us gather as much user feedback as possible. The stable release will go live two weeks from today. The focus of this release is integration with our brand-spanking-new web-based Marketplace. Use the web Marketplace to add plugins and print profiles (a.k.a packages) to your Ultimaker account, completely outside of Cura. When you log in to your account within Cura, you'll be prompted to synchronize packages if differences are detected in your installation. The result? A simplified experience, without the hassle of manual package installs. Synchronize your packages on multiple workstations. Packages are tied to your account, so if you’re logged in within Cura 4.5 or later, (and the package maintainer keeps their package compatible with the latest SDK), your packages will be with you. What about community contributions? This release merges a great deal of pull requests from our community, with various improvements to the CuraEngine, fixes to some persistent bugs, and native compatibility for popular third-party printers (find them in the 'add printer' list). As usual, a special thanks goes out to smartavionics (aka @burtoogle) and @fieldOfView for their valuable contributions. fieldOfview continues to maintain one of the most popular plugins in the Ultimaker Marketplace; the Octoprint Connection plugin, as well as a useful code optimization to make Cura load faster on start, and a lot of other stuff that we are in awe of. Lots of plugins are still being updated to our latest SDK, and we hope to have them in for the stable release. @thopiekar has updated his very popular set of CAD integration plugins, and they will be filtering through to the Marketplace soon. smartavionics made some notable contributions to the CuraEngine, including a new shared heater option in the machine profile menu for printers with one nozzle but multiple extruders, and new settings to add walls into the infill underneath where a skin layer stops, reducing the chance of skin sagging at the edges. Thanks to the help and feedback from our community, we were also able to fix a major Windows bug that would prevent Cura from opening. Proof that sending logs is useful. There are still a lot of PRs in the queue, and we do our best to answer as many as we can, while keeping things on track with our roadmap! Be gentle with us. Release notes will become available on GitHub in time for the stable release. In the meantime, help us out by exploring this release and offering us your feedback. What's the best way to give feedback? This is beta software, so naturally bugs will be found. If you should find one, please let us know, it's extremely helpful to get that feedback so we can produce a quality product. We’ll be able to help you effectively when you follow these guidelines: For Cura-related issues, e.g. "Cura has crashed on startup", post it in this thread, and include as much detail as you can about the issue. The likelihood of us being able to help you is massively improved if you include .3mf project files and logs with your report. You can also post issues you find on GitHub, being sure to fill the issue template completely and attaching logs/zipped 3mf project files. For web marketplace and account-based issues, e.g. "Packages from the web marketplace aren't installing” post in our brand new online services forum subcategory, and our cloud services team can pick it up and talk you through things. See the marketing blog here. Find the beta here (underneath the big blue button). We look forward to your logs!
  22. Hi, if you are using Linux and feeling like trying the cutting edge of Cura development then head over to https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AAADdYdSu9iwcKa0Knqgurm4a?dl=0 where you will find copies of my current Cura installation. They are based on the Cura master branches + my own additions and tweaks and will contain all known bug fixes that have been merged to master. These are not AppImages but an archive of an installation built on a Ubuntu 16.04.4 system, just unpack and then execute cura/bin/cura.sh. Supplied with absolutely no warranty, YMMV.
  23. I like to tweak my setting often however this sometimes ends up in changing something too much, at which point I would like to go back to setting say for a specific model or date or set of settings. It seems the best way to do this would be to have proper version control instead of having a million profiles with the names like: final_new_new_lastfinal Has someone created a plugin like this? Or at least something similar? Also are is there any documentation on the process of creating/installing a plugin locally to test. I've tried adding the package folder (from these Example plugins) to the plugin folders of cura both at the install and in the appdata folder, but I cant seem to get them to showup Thanks in advance
  24. Cura 4.2.1 It strikes me that the optimal path for bridges ought to be horizontal because a) shorter distance, and b) start and end on existing walls with solid foundations. Please see layer 41 towards the end when bridging starts, we have long diagonals ending on a very weak line at the top of Y, and naturally the whole layer droops at the top of Y. Would be handy if someone could recommend improved settings, else is this worthy of a software bug/feature report ? Thank you in advance Tim X_carriage_-_modified_MK3_fan_blower.stl modified_MK3_fan_blower.3mf
  25. Hello ! I'm having trouble with my prints, as you can see on the pictures there are a lot of fails on the outer walls of my benchmark of the boat. I don't really know on which settings i should play in order to make it better. I've hear things like retractation and other stuff but i'm a little lost. I have circled in red the main problem on the print. Can somebody help me a bit ? I'm new to the 3d printing world but i've watched quite a bit of videos on youtube. All the parameters were set on defaut on Cura with a standard quality. Thank you
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