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  1. Hello! We have some exciting news to share with you so it is time for another update from your dear friends at Ultimaker! What is the Ultimaker Showcase? A one-hour online broadcast where we will share our latest progress with you directly and we'll also be looking forward! What will come next? Be the first to know! Besides the exciting product updates we have for you, we are also aware what is happening in the world around us. We live in unprecedented times that come with a lot of challenges. But challenges often lead to innovation and we have some insights that might help you, as a business, navigate through this VUCA* world. VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. Curious? Visit this page to learn more about the Ultimaker Showcase event All ready? Sign up for free and save the date to ensure you won't miss a second of what we have to say! See you on October the 14th!
  2. Hello, if you are new to the Ultimaker ecosystem or the Ultimaker marketplace specifically let's take a minute and see what you will be able to find there that can be helpful to you. The downloadable plugins and profiles offered by our contributors add a great deal of value to the 3D printing solutions we provide. Most of these contributions can be found in our Marketplace where you can add them to enrich your workflow. You need to be logged in with your Ultimaker account in order to do so. The marketplace contains of 2 sections; Material profiles Software plugins Software Plug-ins. There is a variety of software plugins available that you can chose from. Some are contributed to us by partners and others by dedicated users of our products. There is one thing that unites them all; they provide great value to your 3D printing workflow. The available plugins vary from Custom supports to SolidWorks integration and to a very useful Settings guide. Some regular contributors are @fieldOfView, @ghostkeeper, smartavionics and @thopiekar. Many thanks guys! You can find all the plugins here: https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/plugins If you have any questions about how to use the marketplace, how to install a certain plugin, the amount of plugins or profiles visible for you or anything else related, please leave a comment below or create a new thread. We're happy to help! The thread about the materials and profiles in the Ultimaker Marketplace can be found here
  3. Hi! We’re proud to announce that we’re adding PETG to our list of materials, along with the print profiles for optimal print results. PETG is not just any material, we think it has the capabilities and specifications to become the new go-to material. An honor that belonged to (Tough) PLA for a long time. Available in a variety of colors, including transparent, translucent and fluorescent, it’s perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, thanks it’s properties like good printablility, toughness, chemical resistance, wear resistance and temperature resistance. Why would you use Ultimaker PETG? It’s for anyone – novice or expert. Ultimaker PETG is one of the easiest-to-use 3D printing materials on the market. With good adhesion and print profiles – including engineering intent profiles – anyone can quickly and easily start 3D printing with Ultimaker PETG It enables you to unlock the widest range of technical applications. Compared to PLA and Tough PLA, Ultimaker PETG unlocks the widest range of technical applications, offering the printability of PLA, but with the industrial properties you need. This enables you to create a wide range of industrial parts, tools, and prototypes. Ultimaker PETG offers the ideal balance of properties for Ultimaker users in industrial environments, with good all-around visual, functional, and mechanical properties that can withstand environmental influences such as wear, chemicals, and warmer temperatures It sets the standard for enterprise-grade, industrial use. Ultimaker PETG is one of the most affordable technical 3D printing materials. It is also perfectly suited for different industrial environments – versatile, safe, easy to print, and available in many colors. Together, this makes Ultimaker PETG easy to deploy across your organization – meaning fewer changeovers and increased standardization Curious about the Ultimaker PETG? Read more about it in our blog Download the PETG spec sheet here
  4. Hello! Update: Thank you to everyone who attended the Ultimaker Transformation Summit! It was a huge success and we truly enjoyed talking to everyone who reached out to us via the live chat. Having this amazing experience open for only 4 days is way too short.. that is why we're extending the availability of our showroom! Did you miss it, or perhaps you want to rewatch another session or revisit an inspiring application you saw? You can still do that! We won't be there in the live chat for now, but you can reach out to us via the community, social media or any of our forms at any moment! Ready to visit our beautiful virtual showroom? Let's go! ------------------- I hope you are having a wonderful day today. We certainly do, because we have some exciting news to share! On April 20 to April 23 we will host our first virtual event called the Ultimaker Transformation Summit. During this event we would like to share how we are transforming 3D printing today, and tomorrow. We couldn't do this alone, only with the help from you, our customers and our ecosystem partners. We've build a beautiful, interactive showroom to walk around in, and we have prepared a conference filled to the top with relevant presentations. During these challenging times which has so many barriers that complicate having a personal connection, we are thrilled to announce that during this event the Ultimaker team will be available to you via Live chat. We can't wait to hear from you in person so please come by and say hi to us! April 20 On April 20 we will kick off the event with an opening session hosted by our CEO Jürgen van Hollen, supported by Miguel Calvo - CTO and Paul Heijmans - SVP Software. They will kick off the event with their vision and roadmap for our company, how third parties help to unlock the magic of our ecosystem and a guide through new product features that accelerate open innovation and collaboration. Getting excited yet? April 21 - 23 The following 3 days are each dedicated to a different part of the world. April 21 – Europe, Middle East and Africa April 22 – North and South America April 23 – Asia Pacific. Each of these days will have a similar conference scheduled that has interesting topics for everyone involved with transforming the way they work via 3D printing. We have relevant sessions like; Developing for the Ultimaker platform using APIs Transform advanced use cases with Ultimaker ecosystem partners The magic of materials to make functional parts happen Unlock the magic of metal with the Ultimaker ecosystem and much more... Our interactive showroom will be open during each of the days. Join our Transformation Summit and learn how you can make open innovation and collaboration happen with the Ultimaker ecosystem. Curious to learn more? Visit our summit page Ready to register for free? Save your space now Do you have any questions? Please let me know below! You may have noticed I have been quite absent from the forums last couple of weeks. That is because I have played a significant role in developing this showroom and the virtual experience for you. I'm happy to share I will also be in the chat team, so if you are interested in talking to me or any of us, please sign up and come and say hi. I have no doubt you'll find it inspiring!
  5. Solvay AM Cup is a competition aimed to push the limits of Additive Manufacturing with high performance polymers. Target candidates are start-ups and universities. For this third edition Solvay partner's up with Ultimaker and L'Oreal. This collaboration shines through in this year's theme: This year’s challenge is to design a 3D printed real-world industrial application which highlights the potential of AM to revolutionize production line agility. What else is important: Start: The competition will start on September 1st 2021 and run through to mid-November 2021. Prize: The winner will receive a 5.000 Euro prize from Solvay to be reinvested in academic, societal, or entrepreneurial activities, an Ultimaker 2+ Connect printer, and a high-profile tour of L’Oréal’s production facilities. What do you do? Design CURA project file (.3mf) with saved parameters Print job preparation instructions 2 min pitch or 1 pager summary on part design thought process Curious? Click here for more information!
  6. Are you a startup using 3D printing? Perhaps you should continue reading... Together with BASF we are launching the Forward AM Innovation Award - the very first global contest for startups developing new applications with 3D printing! Why apply? The winning startup will receive €100,000 in goods and services*, along with coaching and marketing exposure from top-notch leaders in the industry. Who can apply? Your startup creates products using Additive Manufacturing, is less than 5 years old, and has less than 50 employees. We are looking for 3D printing applications with a strong focus on innovation, sustainability and scalability. Dental aligners, shoes, tools, automotive parts, music instruments, industrial tooling and molding, medical implants, sports equipment, toys, architecture, fashion, construction... all are welcome to join! Do you have an innovative, sustainable and scalable idea that leverages the unique possibilities of 3D printing? Then it is time to apply! More information can be found here. Applications close on March 28th, 2021 * What does "in goods and services" mean? The winner will be able to pick any item from the overall product and service portfolio of the sponsors, e.g. printers, materials, consulting, software... Choose whatever you need to accelerate your startup.
  7. Hello! 2020 is almost at its end, and that is usually the time to reflect upon ourselves and the world around us. Look back at all we did and were able to achieve. For all the things that might make 2020 an infamous year, there was also a lot of innovation, growth and progress we witnessed. At Ultimaker we wanted to celebrate all the innovation we’ve been blessed to come across. Not only in 2020, but also beyond. Together, this formed the foundation for the 2020 Ultimaker Innovators list. The Ultimaker Innovators list. We wish to celebrate and honor the innovators that push forward the field, technology and world. We opted to not present it as a competition or ranked list. Every innovator has earned his spot on that list in their own way. We also look at the 3D printing industry as a whole and not limit the list to those only using Ultimaker. How did we select this year’s list? For 2020’s Ultimaker Innovators list, entries were nominated by colleagues from all over Ultimaker. The final list was compiled from those nominees by Ultimaker’s Community and Content Marketing teams. Do you feel like we missed someone? You can nominate yourself or others for the 2021 list at the end of this year's list. Who are the Ultimaker Innovators? They represent a very diverse group of people, creating innovation on many different levels. Like: Innovation; Achieving new things with additive and distributed manufacturing that are beyond the industry standard Impact; Benefits for customers, colleagues, and communities – in particular positive environmental and social impact Inspiration; Encouraging or facilitating adoption of 3D printing and nurturing skills of others Diversity; appliance of 3D printing in new areas and applications From architecture to manufacturing, from automotive to healthcare to art – and everywhere in between – we believe the 2020 Ultimaker Innovators list is a great way close 2020 – and start a new one. Ready to meet this year’s Ultimaker Innovators? Visit the list on the Ultimaker website and get inspired. Do you feel like we missed someone? Nominate yourself or others for the 2021 list at the bottom of this page
  8. Boss, Am I the only Ultimaker Cura having issues with the 4.8.0 software? Following a select to Quit Ultimaker the software locks up and I have to initiate a Force Quit. Dan
  9. Done, please keep in mind I've been working with Matterhackers for the past year and based my experience on this.
  10. Hello there, Listening and being connected is important! We continuously listen to our customers when we talk at events, via our support network, this community and when we send out surveys. And occasionally there is a really important survey, like this one. It is meant t gauge overal NPS (Net Promoter Score), which reflects customer satisfaction. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary but would be highly appreciated. It would take around 8-10 minutes to complete. As a token of appreciation for sharing views and information with us, we will be giving out 50$ Amazon gift vouchers to 10 randomly chosen participants. Kindly provide your email address where you can if you allow us to contact you. Link to the survey
  11. Hello all, Last Friday you may have read the news already, Ultimaker appoints a new CEO. After years of warm, friendly and strategic guidance Jos Burger will hand over the steering wheel to Jürgen von Hollen. I am happy to share that Jos will advance to the advisory board. Jürgen's leadership will go into effect on January 1st, 2021. Jos Burger joined Ultimaker in 2014 and we've been able to transform the company from a start-up to a global player in the 3D printing industry under his guidance. Jürgen has the experience to take over from Jos and guide us to the next era. Exciting times ahead! If you are interested to read more about what Jos and Jürgen have to say, you can find the press release here. A deep thank you to Jos, and a warm welcome to Jürgen!
  12. Hi, We’re always busy trying to improve our products and create the best 3D printing experience around. To make sure our products meet your standards, we want to involve you in the development of new products. If you would fill out this form you give consent to be contacted by us in either of 2 scenarios: Validate product concepts. Addressing concepts at a very early development stage Beta-test new products. Addressing products later in the product development cycle. Usually closer to the release date By being part of this process, you can contribute to how our future products will work and what features and capabilities they offer. Interested to help validate or test future products before they are released? Fill out this form! Fair warning: It is quite a lengthy form, this is so we'll be able to filter for the right type of user for the product we wish to test. Participating requires a signed NDA. You will receive a copy to sign when we reach out.
  13. Hello, if you are new to the Ultimaker ecosystem or the Ultimaker marketplace specifically let's take a minute and see what you will be able to find there that can be helpful to you. The downloadable plugins and profiles offered by our contributors add a great deal of value to the 3D printing solutions we provide. Most of these contributions can be found in our Marketplace where you can add them to enrich your workflow. You need to be logged in with your Ultimaker account in order to do so. The marketplace contains of 2 sections; Material profiles Software plugins Material profiles. In the material profile section you can find profiles for all materials that have a tailored printing profile for the Ultimaker S-line. Both Ultimaker materials and a wide range of third party materials. All profiles that belong to a third party material are the result of the Material Alliance we’ve established together with the largest and most relevant filament manufacturers. It currently contains over 150 different materials! You can find all profiles here: https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/materials Tip: Use the filter to search for properties you are interested in! Do you have any questions about the material profiles in the Ultimaker marketplace? Feel free to ask them below! We're happy to help. The thread about software plug-ins in the Ultimaker Marketplace can be found here
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