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  1. This is why you should not leave a PLA-print in your car in the sun. This was a PLA-mould for casting silicones. I had way overdone chemical smoothing, so in combination with the low-infill, the solvent seeped deeply into the plastic, and slightly warped it. So the mould wouldn't fit properly and wouldn't close anymore. I thought I would straighten-out the warping by clamping the mould, and then putting it in a computer-controlled incubator (=precise low-temp oven) at exactly 60.0°C for a few hours. Just above glass transition temp. Not the best choice, obviously. 🙂 In
  2. After slicing in Cura, and selecting Print to cloud, I receive the confirmation message in Cura that the job was sent successfully to the printer, but the job does not come up in the Digital Factory que.
  3. When I print through the USB port the printing does not reset the software when the item has been completely printed. I have to do it manually before I can start another part printing.. Is this normal or is there a setting I can change in Cura to do this.. Also in the monitor setting where you can set the preheating the bed preheat works fine but the nozzle preheat can be started at first but after the first cycle them it becomes inoperable and I have to go to the printer and select the nozzle preheat. I can close out Cura and restart it and the screen preheat will work.
  4. I am looking for advice how to embed a logo to the surface of a model. Many thanks!
  5. What is the main difference between Ultimake 3D printers compared to other brands? I want to hear some opinions. Thanks!
  6. What is the method to scale a portion of a model? For example, I want to stretch out the bottom part of a model, leaving the upper portion untouched.
  7. I'm using Fusion360 to draw my objects fore 3D printing using Cura latest version. In Fusion I often draw my "objects" as more than one part that when printed has to be glued together as ONE object. In Fusion I can only prepare the G-code file ONE part at a time resulting in TWO (or more) G-code files. How can I 'add in' more than one G-code file to be printed at a time ?
  8. I'm not sure when exactly this problem first occured, but I think it might have come with Cura 4.9. My printer is printing perfectly, until it suddenly stops in the middle of a layer. After slicing the file multiple times and also changing the 3D-Model a little, it still always is the same layer it stops in. Neither does the display freeze, nor does the Printer cool down, it just stops in the middle of the inner wall. I already took a look at the G-Code, but can't find anything (not that I am a Pro in inspecting G-Codes...). I am using an SD-Card, and also had the problem with a prin
  9. Hello, my UMS5 Bundle disconnects from cloud after some minutes of running. (In Digital Factory and in Cura) If I restart the printer it work again for couple minutes. After some minutes it says "offline" (Screenshot) I think its since the web interface of the cloud has changed some days (weeks??) ago. I changed nothing at the printer or my local network. It worked nice for months with the exact same network and setup.
  10. I am very frustrated with the lack of some basic, common-sense features for queue management via Cura, Digital Factory and the Ultimaker iOS app. Surprisingly, the iOS app seems to have the best queue management features of the three. There is no ability in Cura or the Digital Factory cloud interface to select more than one print job to delete or move. It takes three clicks to remove or move each job (and it's slow). While the iOS app has the ability to select multiple jobs, there is no Select All feature. There is no ability in any of these interfaces to clear the e
  11. Hello all, when I updated to Cura 4.9 I lost all of my custom profiles. I was trying to get a hold of the gcode of parts printed with those profiles to see if I could figure out what changes i had. Is there a way to retrieve the gcode or umf files of objects in the recently printed section of the digital factory? If not can anyone think of any other ways I can retrieve the gcode? I was stupid enough to never save the gcodes I always used the print over network feature.
  12. Whenever I export a profile it seems to only save a few of the changes made. I've tried using built in profile export as well as an html export on the marketplace by 5axes. For example, my profile will have a line width of 1 mm, but it will save as .4mm. Any explanation as to why it might be my error or what I could do to fix this.
  13. Updated from 4.8 to 4.9 and trying to understand printer naming. I have a GeeeTech A30T that I created profiles for in version 4.8. I installed 4.9 and I think I used the GeeeTech A20T as a starting point when going through the installation and adding a printer. I've imported my 4.8 profile and printing seems good so far but I'm trying to get the build plate STL file to show and I'm perplexed. I've renamed my printer to GeeeTech A30T but I don't see that name in any of the resources. How do I find the json file to add the "platform": "geeetech_a30s_platform.stl", to the file so the image
  14. Hi all I'm new to the whole 3d printer world but I'm picking it up slowly. I've perfected my prints but I'm struggling with the settings for the bed position My size seems OK but position is incorrect. The settings fo x min and y min can only be set to zero or a minus value it won't allow a positive value I've changed these settings to loads of different things yet it still prints in the same position on the bed any help would be fantastic.
  15. I have started to print more complex models that can require substantial supporting features (eg, blue whale with "all over" supports). Sometimes when I break out the supports it can damage a delicate feature of the model. What advice can help me out with adjusting support settings focused only in those areas? Thanks
  16. Hi guys, I have a problem when I want to print with my printer in vase mode. No matter which printer or file, it looks like an over-extrusion after the first layer after the initial bottom layer. Do you know how to reduce this? I would really appreciate your help.
  17. A suggestion for a bug fix, or a patch. The spiralize feature will not initiate when "Print each item separately" is chosen.
  18. can you please help i have a xvico printerx3s3d printer i use cura to get my models ready for printing but when i go to add printer i cannot find it on any list can you advice how to get round this problem regards
  19. I'm not grasping the method for storing preset settings in Cura. I thought I had made a duplicate of a material preset with my own modifications, but the only changes retained for the duplicate material were its name and brand. For example, I would like to save a speed setting with a material rather than with a profile. Is that possible? If not, what's a workaround? Make many profiles and describe what material presets have been used with each? Vise versa?
  20. I have added a 2nd extruder to my Ender5Plus and want to enable the 2nd extruder. I looked and I can do it with the general printer but I lose the customization for the Ender5Plus. I looked at the profiles and there is no 2nd extruder in the profile. But after some studying the different profiles it appears it can be done. I got it so I could set the material for the 2nd extruder but could not set the nozzle. Are there any directions or has anyone done it and couple send me the modified profiles? The aim is to have the 2nd extruder do the support material that runs at a lower temperatu
  21. Hello there. It seems I found the issue, why some printers rarely have the status "printing" without any progress bar displayed. This appears to happen when the active leveling process at the start of the print failed. Like when one of the nozzles didn't touch the build plate, but the printer somehow thinks so. In this case the printer displays the active leveling as failed, aborts the print job and homes. Most of the times the printer tries the same print job again afterwards. When the active leveling process works in the second attempt the printer works on the print job
  22. Hello there. I have the problem that I can't send print jobs via the cloud-print-function to my UMS3. The printer is visible in the DF, I can check the camera feed via the web-interface. Cura even detects the loaded materials from the printer via the cloud. But when I click on the "Print via cloud" button nothing happens. I noticed that the little blue cloud symbol on the selected printer in the top right disappears for a second after I clicked on sending and changes into a "cloud disconnected" symbol. The blue connected symbol than comes back.The printer stays visible in
  23. Hi, All. I've started experiencing strange filament volumes on Octoprint. I've figured out that since I upgraded to Cura 4.8.0, Cura is adding a "M82; absolute extruder mode" to my start gcode. I checked my printer settings and its not inserted by me to add to start gcode. I do have stuff added to my start gcode for Octolapse and ABL. The start Gcode I added myself starts with "; Script based on an original..." and ends with "G1 X5 Y20 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move over to prevent blob squish". I also tried using one of the default profiles in case this was a setting I adjusted but I get th
  24. So I have had my Ender 3V2 for about two months, printed a lot of stuff without any problems. Now it seems I can hardly print anything now without issues on the first layer. Wonder if anybody can give me a clue what is happening. I level it by paper method, then went to the BLTouch and had nothing but problems. Nozzle would slam into glass bed, nozzle would scar the surface of the bed. So I decided to take it off and start fresh. But seems I can't get the bed level anymore., I do have the update springs and new glass bed. Doing the 4 square test print and the skirt is perfect, sticks pretty go
  25. Hey so I spent an hour scaling and moving support blocks on a complex model. So I saved it as a project after that painstaking work. I do not use grouping and avoid it like the plague as it tends to move items around at free will and ruin work. To my horror it chooses to group on save. I ungrouped and sure as ever it pulled them all above buildplate. Is there a way to save the project EXACTLY 100% COMPLETLEY COMPREHENSIVLY in the way I left it? I shouldn't bit it's open source but someone smarter than me make it an option to ruin saved projects?
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