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  1. While printing with my Ender 3, I noticed that the print seemingly just stopped for no reason. I was printing direct from Cura via USB cable. When I went to check, I noticed that the layers seemed oddly thin. It seems my bed levelling was not up to snuff and tried to print with the nozzle being way too close to the print bed. Now I have this really thin layer of plastic or scratches on the surface of my bed (1st Picture). I'm inclined to believe it's plastic since there was a ball of it in the lower-right that seemed attached to the rest of the mark. I tried my go-to cleaning strategy of using some isopropyl alcohol on a medical-grade blue cloth (2nd Picture), but that didn't do much to it. I then tried searching my issue, but all I came across were tips on how to remove a completed print from a bed. Stuff like "Use Brute Force or "Run Cold Water Across The Back", that kind of stuff. Would any of you happen to know how to fix something like this? I don't want a failed print ruining the levelling for all of my future prints. Extra question, not nearly as important: How do actually keep my bed's level consistent? I've had a few issues of my bed's levelling now. but it's all been problems with my bed seemingly getting lower in between prints up until now. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  2. Hey I recently purchased a Cr-10 printer and am wanting to start printing clone armor using PETG. What settings would you recommend for me to change in advanced settings to make my prints optimized? They do not need much detail but just want to speed up prints that will be least likely to fail.
  3. I am super duper new to 3d printing, I have a Chromebook and have figured out how to use Linux and install ultimaker cura and I can drag an stl file over to the cura program and slice it but the only option that appears is save to disk even though I have an SD card inserted. When I click save to disk nothing happens. Is there a 'cura for dummies' instruction manual somewhere? Or can anyone provide step by step instructions, I must be missing steps somewhere. Thank you
  4. Hello, I have recently purchased an Ultimaker 2+ Connect and am currently attempting to print from a USB. I have a small model which is only around 28x17x5mm, so should easily fit in the print bed. However, on attempting to print from the touch screen the printer insists that this is too large. My model is a ufp file and is flavoured as Ultimaker 2. Are there any suggestions as to what might be causing the problem? Thank you
  5. Buenas. Me gustaría saber si se puede de alguna manera crear algún perfil con una boquilla de 0.25, existen ya de 0.2 y 0.3, pero adquirí unas de 0.25 y solo se me ocurre falsear el ancho de línea como solución. Muchas gracias
  6. Good afternoon! Tell me, where can I get acquainted with your certified courses, how many hours and the price? Now I'm registered at your academy, I'm taking free courses, I can't find where to download a certificate for the courses I have completed. I need a certificate confirming the completion of training in order to work. I looked at your site, there is a lot of information, but there are no prices and how to sign up for the course: https://support.makerbot.com/s/article/1667412730019 Interested in EXPERT level. Thank you!
  7. Anycubic Vyper, stock rom, no upgrades, Ultimaker Cura Slicer 5.2.1 Running into an issue with infill showing through walls, or walls intersecting. Below are the settings I have tried, but with no success. It is an issue with every print. Also getting some pretty bad bulging at corners, believe acceleration and jerk are to low? .1 through .8 nozzles line widths from .1-.85 Layer heights from .1 to .6 Infill from 5% to 100% Wall thickness from .8mm - 4mm - Higher the wall count the worse it gets. Infill overlap less than and more than 10% Wall optimization on and off Print walls before infill on and off Different speed settings Several different brands of PLA, ABS and Nylon. I printed just a plain block which is the best print I've had in awhile, but still showing some infill. Tracks have been cleaned, wheels tightened and belts, also made 0 difference.
  8. I am running Cura on a two-monitor system under Windows 10. The monitors both run at 3840 x 2160 resolution. Cura consistently opens off screen to the left of the left-most monitor, with the right edge of the Cura window just showing (too narrow to grab with the mouse). I use the ALT-spacebar keystroke to open the Window menu and manually move the window into view using the arrow keys. However carefully I then position the window, and however normally I exit the program, the next time I open Cura, the same thing happens. Any remedy?
  9. Hello forum, I have the following issue: Cura does not print support for very small edges (edges without any chamfer). I know there is the option "print thin walls", which helped with this issue for small edges on the build plate, however, I did not find this option for support. Currently I have to work around it by designing all objects with chamfers, where support is needed. This is somewhat laborious. Can anyone help? Kind regards, René
  10. I am a newby to Cura and need to set the file to start printing at 1mm height I have printed a 1mm high base and want to print a second colour on it.
  11. I'm slicing this model and on layers 23 and up (using standard 0.2mm layers) you will see that the the skin on the bottom of the spool holder is not printed. I believe it's because they are too close and Cura just skipped the skin. How can I fix this? PrusaSpoolHolderModified.stl
  12. I have added a 2nd extruder to my Ender5Plus and want to enable the 2nd extruder. I looked and I can do it with the general printer but I lose the customization for the Ender5Plus. I looked at the profiles and there is no 2nd extruder in the profile. But after some studying the different profiles it appears it can be done. I got it so I could set the material for the 2nd extruder but could not set the nozzle. Are there any directions or has anyone done it and couple send me the modified profiles? The aim is to have the 2nd extruder do the support material that runs at a lower temperature then the primary filament. Thanks in Advance, Todd
  13. I have window 11 how to find Best Easy Way to Connect Printer in our Company Laptops how? Company
  14. It would be nice if we could have Processes like in Simply3D where I could divide up a model between certain layers. To better change settings. I want to add extra cooling for my top layers but there is no really easy way to perform this task. Other than to just Ramp up the Fan speed. But I want to have the fan speed set to 10% and then for the top layers set the fan speed to something like 50%. But just for the top layers. Also it would be nice to do things like slow down the print speed at X layer height, etc. Maybe I can add a Marlin Gcode line to do this in the mean time. But not the best option.
  15. As the title says what is the difference between "initial layer flow vs initial layer bottom flow?" These seem in the description to be the same thing. And should I set both to 120% or 200% for PETG?
  16. Hi there. I’m new to 3D printing and I’ve ran into this issue. It seems like my printer (Ender 5 Plus) isn’t printing the walls of some layers. The infill seems to be printed, but the walls aren’t being printed, at least I think that’s what’s happening. In the slicer (cura) this should all be one smooth piece. Would love to know how to fix this issue, thanks very much for the help!!
  17. Bonjour, je n'arrive pas à imprimer avec la dernière version de cura. Mon imprimante commence à imprimer mais elle ne fonctionne pas. L'imprimante imprime très bien avec le Cura dans la carte SD. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi. J'ai tout essayé, changé la carte sd, réinstallé cura, modifié le profil. ça ne marche pas J'ai installé Cura 5.2.1, j'ai sélectionné mon imprimante mp mini delta v2. je suis à Pla ;(**** start.gcode pour MP Mini Delta V2****) G21 G90 M82 M107 M104 S170 G28 X0 Y0 G28Z0 G29 Z0.4 G1 Z15 F300 M109 S{material_print_temperature_layer_0} G92E0 G1 F200 E3 G92E0 G1 F2000 ;(**** fin.gcode pour MP Mini Delta V2****) G28 ; (coller le morceau) M190 S0 ; (Éteignez le lit chauffant, n'attendez pas.) G92E10; (réglez l'extrudeuse sur 10) G1 E7 F200 ; (rétracter 3mm) M104 S0 ; (éteignez la buse, n'attendez pas) G4 S300 ; (délai de 5 minutes) M107 ; (Éteindre le ventilateur partiel) M84 ; (Éteignez les moteurs pas à pas.) Je ne comprends pas ce qui ne marche pas, j'ai réussi à imprimer avec la Sd version 4.3.0 mais impossible avec la 5.2.1 Comme je l'ai décrit Je n'ai aucune information sur l'imprimeur et l'impression fait la première forme de la structure puis continue à tourner sur la même ligne. ce qui ne se passe pas avec le même modèle sur la version Sd
  18. I have been doing a series of stringing tests on eSun Silk PLA and noticed that for some reasons the nozzle travel is going well outside the workpiece. I am confused by this as it obviously makes the job take considerably longer and also causes unnecessary stringing. Have I missed a setting here somewhere?
  19. Hi how do you make straight lines for infill? thanks mike
  20. Currently, the only printer capable of showing Material Configurations UI is the Ultimaker S5, having a documentation would allow developers, as me, to implement it for any other printer. Does anybody knows if there is a documentation of this? What is the object returned when the S5 is added from the cloud enabling the material configurations? E.j.: {printer : {id, model} materials : [{id}, {id}]}
  21. I have tweaked many settings and getting fairly nice prints. But I have a part with a vertically printed m5 thread that is printing badly, with extra messy plastic/string running all the way up it in some sides which should not be there (as perfectly designed thread). I know the part can be perfectly 3d printed as it's a replacement for a part I already had printed in the past in a different 3d printer / but with settings for cura I don't have. What setting tweaks can be made to fix this issue as seen in the photos. The part will then have its own second hand screw with internal thread to match made. My 3d printer is MALYAN M200 V2 (Also know under Monoprice re branding)
  22. I just downloaded Cura on my chromebook and can't figure out how to upload a file to the build plate, can someone help please? Sorry if this is a dumb question I'm new to Cura.
  23. Does anyone know of a return option to the previous task in the printing cycle for the S5? You know, the task that was going fantastic just before it went dumfounded and didn't print anything!
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