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  1. I'm not grasping the method for storing preset settings in Cura. I thought I had made a duplicate of a material preset with my own modifications, but the only changes retained for the duplicate material were its name and brand. For example, I would like to save a speed setting with a material rather than with a profile. Is that possible? If not, what's a workaround? Make many profiles and describe what material presets have been used with each? Vise versa?
  2. I have added a 2nd extruder to my Ender5Plus and want to enable the 2nd extruder. I looked and I can do it with the general printer but I lose the customization for the Ender5Plus. I looked at the profiles and there is no 2nd extruder in the profile. But after some studying the different profiles it appears it can be done. I got it so I could set the material for the 2nd extruder but could not set the nozzle. Are there any directions or has anyone done it and couple send me the modified profiles? The aim is to have the 2nd extruder do the support material that runs at a lower temperatu
  3. Hello there. It seems I found the issue, why some printers rarely have the status "printing" without any progress bar displayed. This appears to happen when the active leveling process at the start of the print failed. Like when one of the nozzles didn't touch the build plate, but the printer somehow thinks so. In this case the printer displays the active leveling as failed, aborts the print job and homes. Most of the times the printer tries the same print job again afterwards. When the active leveling process works in the second attempt the printer works on the print job
  4. Hello there. I have the problem that I can't send print jobs via the cloud-print-function to my UMS3. The printer is visible in the DF, I can check the camera feed via the web-interface. Cura even detects the loaded materials from the printer via the cloud. But when I click on the "Print via cloud" button nothing happens. I noticed that the little blue cloud symbol on the selected printer in the top right disappears for a second after I clicked on sending and changes into a "cloud disconnected" symbol. The blue connected symbol than comes back.The printer stays visible in
  5. Hi, All. I've started experiencing strange filament volumes on Octoprint. I've figured out that since I upgraded to Cura 4.8.0, Cura is adding a "M82; absolute extruder mode" to my start gcode. I checked my printer settings and its not inserted by me to add to start gcode. I do have stuff added to my start gcode for Octolapse and ABL. The start Gcode I added myself starts with "; Script based on an original..." and ends with "G1 X5 Y20 Z0.3 F5000.0 ; Move over to prevent blob squish". I also tried using one of the default profiles in case this was a setting I adjusted but I get th
  6. So I have had my Ender 3V2 for about two months, printed a lot of stuff without any problems. Now it seems I can hardly print anything now without issues on the first layer. Wonder if anybody can give me a clue what is happening. I level it by paper method, then went to the BLTouch and had nothing but problems. Nozzle would slam into glass bed, nozzle would scar the surface of the bed. So I decided to take it off and start fresh. But seems I can't get the bed level anymore., I do have the update springs and new glass bed. Doing the 4 square test print and the skirt is perfect, sticks pretty go
  7. Hey so I spent an hour scaling and moving support blocks on a complex model. So I saved it as a project after that painstaking work. I do not use grouping and avoid it like the plague as it tends to move items around at free will and ruin work. To my horror it chooses to group on save. I ungrouped and sure as ever it pulled them all above buildplate. Is there a way to save the project EXACTLY 100% COMPLETLEY COMPREHENSIVLY in the way I left it? I shouldn't bit it's open source but someone smarter than me make it an option to ruin saved projects?
  8. Hi everyone! Looking for some advice on ABS printing, I'm currently running into issues with bed adhesion and warping. I'll try to make this as concise as possible but include as much info as possible. Using a brand new UM2E+ with an enclosure made of corrugated plastic that sits at 95F-110F (depending on the printer settings) and 3D Universe ABS, which specifies 220-250C on the nozzle, 100-130C on the bed, and no cooling fan. I've tried printing nozzle temps from 230-250C, anything above 230C seems to give me a lot of oozing and over extrusion, mostly prese
  9. I'm stuggling to get the Material Station on my S5 to allow me to use the BASF PET CF15 material. I have installed the profile for it from the Marketplace but it isn't showing up in the materials list when i try and install a spool of the material. I've got the CC0.6 nozzle so all good on that front, just can't get the material loaded to no profile appearing on the actual printer. Any help would be great.
  10. I am relatively new to 3DP but have had some success. I've seen many of the self-help videos and read through the forums. Recently I replaced a fan, and then started to encounter a problem with adhesion (yes, don't see the connection either). Naturally I assumed it was the printer, so I spent hours re-leveling, looking at glue sticks, etc. Then it dawned on me that perhaps it wasn't me or the printer, but the file I downloaded? During the print it always seemed to fail right at a small circular unconnected high feature. So I thought perhaps I could add a brim that might increase my odd
  11. I've set up my printer to activate a camera remote control after each print layer. The problem this leaves is a long string of filament trailing from the camera trigger point to the resumed printing. To get around messing up my print with these strings, I've added a small, additional print object to be the resume object point that doesn't matter if strings are attached. Now I can't figure out how to force Cura to start printing this object on each layer first. It always starts with the support structures, which always forces the stringing across the surface of the print object I'm trying t
  12. After slicing in Cura, and selecting Print to cloud, I receive the confirmation message in Cura that the job was sent successfully to the printer, but the job does not come up in the Digital Factory que.
  13. Hello, my UMS5 Bundle disconnects from cloud after some minutes of running. (In Digital Factory and in Cura) If I restart the printer it work again for couple minutes. After some minutes it says "offline" (Screenshot) I think its since the web interface of the cloud has changed some days (weeks??) ago. I changed nothing at the printer or my local network. It worked nice for months with the exact same network and setup.
  14. I have a profile for my printer I got from a forum and for the most part I'm pleased with the results. I run PLA only and have printed temperature towers to get the optimal temperature setting for my material. My machine is a 3 extruder - 1 mixing hotend machine. With the multitude of settings when setting up a Cura profile, is there a go to manual / book to reference to really know how each setting impacts the slice and print result? Currently my profile works well but it needs tweaking. I do get stringing and some rough surfaces on vertical surface; some but not all. The st
  15. I'm having quite a rough time logging in to actually build things I was able to log in to do this however that is as far as it goes please help right now i can only print what is on my card and now i have klien bottles every where
  16. I'm creating a new Polycarbonate + HIPS dual material profile for my Airwolf3D AXIOM Dual Direct Drive printer. This printer has two nozzles and so far, I have been creating profiles to work with only a single material, which has been working well so far. However, I want to create this new profile so I can use HIPS as support material for my Polycarb prints. I tried to print a test part with the profile I've made, which creates a raft out of HIPS to build the part on. But for some reason, though I have the Build Plate Adhesion Extruder set to Extruder 2, it keeps trying to print t
  17. Does anyone know if there is a Cura setting to force the second nozzle to un-retract filament AFTER it is over the wipe tower and not before? I'm doing a dual material print with PC+HIPS (using the HIPS as support) and whenever the nozzles switch, it first un-retracts the filament back into the nozzle (which results in some filament coming out onto my part) BEFORE it travels over to the wipe tower to prime the nozzle. This seems like a simple fix but I'm not sure what Cura settings to change to correct it.... Any ideas? NOTE: I'm using Cura 4.8.0 Here's a short video showing the pro
  18. For my work I am working on a 3D printing project in which impact protectors have to be printed with TPU 85A on our Ultimaker 3 Extended. For this I made a print profile in Cura, where I made a copy of the standard TPU 95A profile and then adjusted the settings that are recommended on the website of the manufacturer of the filament that I use. At first glance, everything seems to be normal: Now every time, when printing the first layer, the lines in the third part are extruded thinner and thinner and eventually no more filament comes out of the extruder during printing
  19. I have a full reel of X STRAND 2.85mm filament - glass-fibre reinforced polyamide 6, GF30-PA6, which you can have if you cover the carriage (UK). Bought in October 2020. Open but stored with desiccant. Cost £70.85 plus VAT. I mistakenly thought I could print it on an Ultimaker 2+. Contact me on derek@blizzardsurvival.com or 07786-437962. Feel free to share or re-post this.
  20. I cannot get Cura to recognize that I have a dual extrusion printer! I have a Geeetech A30 and cannot seem to get cura to recognize extruder #2 Not sure what to do or where to go for help.
  21. Hey all, I've been running a custom build with a MK8 nozzle and an E3D titanium heatbreak for a while now, solely printing PETG. As I'm sure most of you know, often times PETG can make a pretty good mess of your hot-end especially during long prints. I recently went to switch my nozzle from a 0.4 to a 0.6 and when I took my hot-end apart there was filament along the threads of the nozzle and some of the heat break. After dozens of hours of printing I had no issues that would indicate a loose nozzle (oozing filament out of the heater block or flow issues) and it didn't seem to me that any fila
  22. With the new biqu bx and its 9 deg. steppers what profile settings should I use?
  23. Hello fellow makers, New to the 3d printing forums, so I apologize if I have posted this incorrectly. I own two 3d printers and have both of them hooked to a Raspberry Pi 4 (each printer has a RPI). I have been using Cura to send prints to one printer on Octoprint on my wifi network. I do have the two printer profiles in Cura that I've been using before I setup either printer on a RPI . Only recently I hooked this second printer up to a RPI and I'm having trouble getting Cura to recognize two different API keys. In my printer profiles I have changed the api and ip address to match the two
  24. Hello All, I've been working on optimizing an ABS profile in Cura 4.8.0 for printing a small test part (a miniature studded vase in this case), but I am running into issues with the outside surface quality of the first few layers. The part is printed in vase mode (spiralize outer contour) with the following basic settings: Printer: Airwolf3D AXIOM Dual Direct Drive Nozzle Size: 0.5 mm Layer Height: 0.25 mm Line Width: 0.5 mm Top/Bottom Thickness: 1.2 mm Print Temperature: 250 C Bed Temperature: 130 C Print Speed: 80 mm/s Outer wall Speed: 60
  25. Hello, I'm having a problem printing white NinjaFlex TPU on an Airwolf3D AXIOM Dual Direct Drive printer. I am trying to run some test prints of a face mask ear strap but am having problems with the nozzle clogging shortly after the print starts (within the first 5 or so minutes). What happens is the print will start printing the first layer without a problem, but after printing the brim and the outline of the part, the nozzle starts clogging as it prints the infill for the first layer. I used the recommended profile settings on the NinjaTek product page as a guide for the settings
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