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  1. Hello, I've been using cura for several months now and my 3d prints suddenly come up really bad, I have tried many things to correct them but nothing has worked yet. I really need your opinions. The problem seems like it is software based because I can print the cube file that came with the printer really beautifully. Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone know why the Ender 3 V2 won't read a SD card when using an extension cable? TO use the extension cable, the end of the extension cable has to be removed and inserted again to read the card. I wanted to use the extension cable to save wear and tear on the SD slot.
  3. Hi there I am doing a timelapse on my second printer sapphire pro. I am doing it with custom timelapse plugin that i found on ethernet. I have problem with retraction on this plugin. When carriage is going to park to shoot photo, printer is doing artifacts inside that ring on photo. what should i do? i was trying to change retraction speed in thats sript but i cant with my knowladge this plugin is here https://github.com/simonjamain/CustomTimelapseCuraPlugin
  4. Hello forum, I have the following issue: Cura does not print support for very small edges (edges without any chamfer). I know there is the option "print thin walls", which helped with this issue for small edges on the build plate, however, I did not find this option for support. Currently I have to work around it by designing all objects with chamfers, where support is needed. This is somewhat laborious. Can anyone help? Kind regards, René
  5. New to 3D and just purchased an Ender 3 V2 with the stock firmware in the LCD and the latest update (V 1.0.2) on the motherboard. Other than the updated firmware for the motherboard update from Creality is there a better firmware for the motherboard and LCD? Learning that Creality uses Marlin 2.0, but wondering if the Marlin folks have a better update than Creailty that takes advantage of more G code functions.
  6. I am printing guitar pickup bobbins on the Normal Profile in Cura using ABS, I get this surface; As you can see the walls look great, the zig zag infill (100% on the next one) still shows up. The Ironing pattern feature in Cura are Concentric or Zig Zag.. Neither are gonna be as good as that wall. Is there a way to just iron the surface from the inside out, disregarding the walls etc, just as if it was sanded? As you can see, the walls appear this way already..
  7. I have been using Cura for a couple of years now on a CR10-S (sorry). Currently printing thin wall stuff (3dlabprint). Everything has been fine but suddenly the prints are slicing and printing over 30% heavier. No profile settings have changed, I have checked everything including all other normal settings. Currently on 4.6.1 I thought I'd be clever and downloaded 4.8 but that made no difference whatsoever. I just tested what should be a 19 gram print and it sliced and printed at 30 gm which is a massive difference. Now at wits end, you are my last resort! What on
  8. I would like to completely wall off my print in solid PVA support, top and bottom. How do I set this up in Cura? Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle These are my settings now; Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Every time I try to load up a file into cura it claims that the file is corrupt or inaccesible. I've redownloaded the file multiple times, contacted the original author of the file who claimed I should just use a different slicer but I'm rather fond of Cura and the slicer he reccomended did not support my printer. I have attached the File in question in hopes of getting help with this. Wolves_tracker.stl
  10. hi i just got an ender 3 a few days ago and heard that i can get a live feed over usb i have my usb connected and i use cura is it true that you can get a live feed of the print if yes please tell me how
  11. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Cura 3 times. Everytime i try to upload a .stl file i get a error message that reads the destination of my file, and finishes with that it can not be opened because the file is either corrupted or inaccessible. All the files have been downloaded from thingiverse. Not sure what i can do.
  12. Is it possible to download Cura to my MacBook Pro for use on a Flashforge Adventure 3 £d printer
  13. Hola, actualice cura 4,8 cuando salio la versión estable, y ahora estoy empezando a tener problemas, uno de ellos es el problema que genera el laminador confundiendo partes de la pieza y haciendo lineas de relleno donde no es interior de pieza, y cuando lo imprimo parece que todo va bien hasta que las capas dejan de tener adhesión entre ellas como si faltara extrusión, provocando capas totalmente sueltas. El otro problema se genera cuando debería encender el ventilador de capa y no lo hace, tengo que hacerlo manualmente desde la pantalla de la impresora y toda la configuración es correcta,
  14. So I've got 2 FDM printers and 1 SLA printer. I'm using Cura for both the FDMs, but I only have this issue with 1. When the print is completed, the printer restarts the program, either destroying the print, or sliding the glass bed all over with a gob of burning filament on the end. I've tried looking up the gcode to stop this, but can find anything. I've included the end program code if anyone can find anything I missed. M104 S0 M140 S0 ;Retract the filament G92 E1 G1 E-1 F300 G28 X0 Y0 M84
  15. I have a file that I prepped in Meshmixer, exported as an stl file to Cura, and sliced to download onto my drive. But, no mater what I try, the file does not print. The print head immediately goes to the far right of the belt and makes a grinding noise. I have checked settings on both my printer and Cura, and have even deleted and reinstalled Cura, but nothing works. My 3d printer isn't having any of these problems with my other files. My printer is an anet et5x. 731813933_AET5X_ahahaayitsyaboy.gcode
  16. Howdy Y'all! I can't get my Ender 3 Pro to pause to allow me to insert magnets into my prints. I use the post-processing pause at height feature and set it to the last layer I want printed before insertion, but it only moves the nozzle out of the way for a few seconds before resuming. This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have a lot of magnets to insert, but I simply cannot get them in on time and would rather not have to stare at my printer for hours to try. Any help is much appreciated! I read some things here and there about firmware already, so if that's the case i
  17. I am guessing this is a personal preference question. I have an Ender 3 V2. I am curious about brands of PLA and which ones are better/more consistent. I am new to 3D printing (hobby) and have been using Inland PLA (made in China) as it is sold at a store local to me. Its the only brand they carry. I have been reading up and see that Hatchbox and IC3D are highly rated for quality, etc. Interestingly I see that IC3D is headquartered near me. Was looking to by USA made PLA if the quality is good. I have random issues with the Inland spool being tangled. It also seems to vary as to wh
  18. I've been using cura for a bit now, and I haven't really had any big issues with it. However, today I split one "model" (it was an stl of multiple models) into its separate parts in cura. Having the pieces all as separate models (only 17 small models) absolutely tanked performance. The rest of my computer is still running perfectly fine, and has solid specs, which tells me that the issue is with the software and not my hardware. Anyone have a fix for this?
  19. i have a question about cura, is it possible to get a live representation of what my printer is printing aka can i see a 3d model of how far my print is so i can livestream it and watch it on my phone without having to buy a camera and yes i know cameras are pretty cheap
  20. I am a new user and the only output of gcode is saved as a gzip file. How can I change/stop this?
  21. I am having a terrible time getting the top layer of shelves of my prints to print nice. As you can see in the pictures it even shows in preview mode in cura where it is going to print badly with no shell covering the shelf part of the model. Anybody know why this is happening? I know it has got to be some setting I am missing? Thanks
  22. Hi, I've a Qidi X-Plus printer and am trying to import the printer profile into Cura 4.8. I've attached the .fff file that was provided by Qidi. Are there any converters available that could generate a .Curaprofile from the .fff File? If not, would appreciate any suggestions on how to configure Qidi X-Plus on Cura. Thanks Vijay Qidi Technology X-Plus.fff.zip
  23. When I hover my mouse over the left hand icons I no longer see the labels of the function of that icon, this has been the case since the last two updates, I have tried totally uninstalling the software and re-installing but with no success. Does anyone know of a fix for this bug? or have I turned them off by mistake possibly, I have searched for a toggle function but have not found one. I have the dark theme activated and am running 4.8 on Windows 10
  24. If i change some options in cura and disconnect my pc from the 3d-Printer, do all of the set options stay like i changed them in cura? Or does the 3d printer go back to home optional?
  25. Hello, I'm having a problem printing white NinjaFlex TPU on an Airwolf3D AXIOM Dual Direct Drive printer. I am trying to run some test prints of a face mask ear strap but am having problems with the nozzle clogging shortly after the print starts (within the first 5 or so minutes). What happens is the print will start printing the first layer without a problem, but after printing the brim and the outline of the part, the nozzle starts clogging as it prints the infill for the first layer. I used the recommended profile settings on the NinjaTek product page as a guide for the settings
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