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  1. We have been beginning our work creating American Made components, Its been a journey. We are just getting started. After PLA and ABS printing and looking for ways to get the best surfaces, I thought I would share some of it. https://imgur.com/z6X9wpk Matte Black looks great but the surface will require too much post-processing. Copper wire goes around the bobbin but the top surface obviously looks not great. After changing some settings and working with ABS, its maybe a bit soft or not resonant enough so we tried annealing it. Bad Idea! PLA anneals well but it is
  2. Machine: UM2, mark 2 upgrade, olsson block I recently did the mark 2 upgrade and will use the second nozzle for dissolvable supports(PVA). I am worried that the PVA sitting in the nozzle will mess it up. Apparently, the ultimaker 3 BB core has a internal geometry allowing it to print PVA well. Is this really an issue and are there nozzles capable of printing PVA that will fit in my UM2(M6 threads, 2.85mm)?
  3. Hi! I'm experiencing tons of problems using the material station with PVA material. Basically the problems I have are 2: PVA Brokes always somewhere in the path form MS to Extruder Flow sensor Error during print The first case obviously is the worst case, since sometimes in order to restore the printer i have to disassemble all tubes and push with ABS [i.e.] filament through the material station and get rid of broken pieces. This appened a few times using third-party filaments, so i decided to switch to Ultimaker filament of course, bu
  4. I have a fairly new UM3E and the only issue I'm currently having is that printing PVA supports is not working well. I'm only using Ultimaker filament and I've only printed from the same reel of PVA on the BB core. After printing Benchy and a couple of other prints, the PVA printing from print core 2 - the BB 0.4 (extruder #2) that came with the printer, has stopped extruding material. The first time this happened I followed the printer cleaning directions from Ultimaker using Ultimaker cleaning filament. I removed a lot of black carbonized gunk and was able to get the PVA to extrude a littl
  5. Hallo, Voor het eerst gestart met printen met ondersteuning van PVA.. Settings in Cura aangepast (ext. 1 PLA en ext 2 PVA). hij start goed, maar al snel krijg ik de 1e foutmelding: Ultimaker-226d6a. En vervolgens stopt hij en geeft de melding: 'Een materiaalsoort lijkt leeg te zijn. Plaats nieuw materiaal om het printen te hervatten'. Beide spoelen zijn echter nog helemaal vol, happeren niet.. Als ik vervolgens op hervatten klik doet hij dit een minuut of 20 om dan opnieuw te stoppen en dezelfde melding te geven.. Iemand een idee wat dit betekend en
  6. Hi folks The build plate of my brand new Ultimaker S5 undergoes active leveling before each print. It results in either of my 2 extruders over or under extruding. Is there a way i can disable this active levelling process before each print, as i personally prefer manual leveling. The prints doesnt look that cool compared to the price i paid for this printer. Hope there is a solution to this.
  7. Does anyone have any ideas as to the causes of the visible layering in the picture? I'm using eSun PLA+ filament with the settings shown below and Ultimaker PVA (with built-in standard settings).
  8. Wir haben einen neuen Ultimaker S5, welcher mit PLA und PVA ausgerüstet ist. Bei der XY-Kalibrierung wird das X-Kalibrierungsmuster und das Y-Muster mit PLA gedruckt. Nachdem der Drucker auf PVA umgeschaltet hat fährt der Druckkopf alles ab wo gedruckt werden sollte aber es wird nichts gedruckt. Das PVA Material wird dann die ganze Zeit vom Feeder zurück gezogen und dann wieder nach vorne gestossen. Wenn ich allerdings ein Teil mit einer Stützstruktur drucke, dann funktionierts mit PVA. Hat jemand eine Idee was das Problem sein könnte?
  9. Hallo Ich habe schon ein paar Versuche gemacht mit einer Stützstruktur, leider druckt der Ultimaker S5 nicht sauber sondern schmiert das Natural PVA eher hin und es sieht auch aus als ob es zuviel Material ist. Es wird dann auch ins Teil eingearbeitet wo es gar nicht sein sollte. Ich verwende original Filamente, Standard Einstellungen des Druckers und Cura 4.6.0 Was mache ich falsch?
  10. Greetings All, I've had the UM PVA snap in the bowden tubes as the filament enters the coupler (the rectangular thing on the back of the material station inline with the bowden tube) a few times. I've been able to recover, but would rather not have to go through that process too often. I've seen a few posts about this, but not much by the way of fixes. In both my failures they occured in the morning after the printer had been off overnight - material station is left on. I am wondering what the working temperature of the PVA is? I know storage is between 0c and 30c.
  11. Hi Forum, My UM S5 can no longer print with Print Core 2. First I tried to clean the nozzle, but it turned out that a spring prevented the Print Core from being placed correctly inside the Print Head. Please see attached photos. I tried to place the Print Core, using a tweezers to push up the spring, while inserting the Print Core. But still the Print Core cannot print. I also tried with a new Print Core, but still no printing. I guess that the new Print Core isn't clogged, so that cannot be the issue. Does anyone know about this spring? Is someth
  12. I have to buy an Ultimaker s5 and I would like to print the supports with PVA, on the site I found information that I cannot understand, the information is this: BB 0.4, BB 0.8, are they extruders to be purchased separately or are they other objects? Are they present in the package?
  13. Printer: Ultimaker S5 Issue: After running the cleaning option I was able to unclog the AA 0.4 core in slot 1. But the BB 0.4 core in slot 2, which has PVA loaded, will not unload, and therefore cannot be removed, and also is preventing any printing. When we try to disable core 2 in Cura and just print with core 1, PLA via AA 0.4, it still says that core 2 is overheating. We might not be able to get this serviced for several days to a week, so we're looking for a way to at least get the filament out and the core out. Our hope is to then just use our two AA cores to
  14. My company purchased an Ultimaker S5 for a job and we have been printing parts consistently for a few months now with the same print profile. All of a sudden, prints are beginning to be super inconsistent and most commonly coming out like the picture below. It is very important to resolve this issue as soon as possible as the deadline for the project closes in and we are falling behind on print time. I have tried doing (tons) of hot and cold pulls on the print cores. I have also switched the print cores out with replacements and run into the same issue. We currently have a new set
  15. Hi, we try to print a support with overhang which needs support. Unfortunately, Cura does not put support on the whole area but leaves an area with no support in the middle. I assume, that Cura wants to save support material and thinks, that the printer will use bridging. This works in 20% of the prints, in 80% not. The first layer which is placed on the support fails quite often. I attached some photos and some cura screenshots. Is there a possibility to improve the slicer in a way, that it does not leave areas with no support? Or can one improve bridging?
  16. Hi Guys & Gals. I have encountered an interesting "Phenomena" where Cura (4.4.1) almost intentionally leaves certain overhangs unsupported when printing the support material with core 2 (PVA). Printing with an UM3, AA 0.4 and BB 0.4 cores, PLA and PVA. I have played around extensively with the parameters and settings and haven't found any solution yet. For the attached illustrations- I have set everything to default/standard: Model: Here is the model and the specific area of interest for me with the standard settings visible. Slice Preview:
  17. Hi there, Last week, I started working with a UMS5, after some former experience with a UMO/UM2E. The first models, I did in TPLA, supported by PVA. After dissolving the support, I sometimes have a very unconsistent and warped layer. The bottom of my model that faced the build plate (rounded corner in the left is warped as well) looks quite terrible: Unfortunately, I don't have the gcode files saved. The settings in Cura are like this (translation below): Translation: Generate support / Support extruder / Support interface extruder / Support r
  18. Hallo Zusammen, Ich habe zwei Teile mal zu lange im Wasser gelassen um das Stützmaterial weg zu waschen. Dabei haben die Schichten angefangen sich voneinander zu lösen. Ist das Normal oder ist da ein Fehler beim Drucker/Cura?
  19. Hi ! I use an Ultimaker S5 and I have recently started having problems with preparing a part that requires PVA support. As you can see in the picture below, the support structure isn't convering the entire section of the part, it leaves a gap between the structure. I have been browsing around for other options in cura's support configuration but I can't seem to find anything that will fix this. I generally use Cura's default profiles for materials. Currently using Ultimaker CPE+ and Ultimaker PVA. - I am using Cura 4.4.0 BETA at the moment and
  20. Hi ! I use an Ultimaker S5 and I have recently started having problems with preparing a part that requires PVA support. As you can see in the picture below, the support structure isn't convering the entire section of the part, it leaves a gap between the structure. I have been browsing around for other options in cura's support configuration but I can't seem to find anything that will fix this. I generally use Cura's default profiles for materials. Currently using Ultimaker CPE+ and Ultimaker PVA. - I am using Cura 4.4.0 BETA at the moment and
  21. Hallo zusammen, ich bin neu hier und habe eine Frage an euch. Ich habe bereits einige Modelle gedruckt, jedoch habe ich immer wieder das Problem, dass die Stützstruktur aus PVA sehr bescheiden aussieht und teilweise garnicht mehr gedruckt wird. Um diesem Problem entgegenzuwirken, habe ich mir die eSun Box zur Trocknung und Lagerung des Materials besorgt und die Einstellungen in Cura angepasst. Wie im Anhang zu sehen ist, hat der Druck ca. die ersten 10 Stunden ganz gut funktioniert, anschließend aber komplett versagt. Der Extruder bewegt das Material b
  22. Hallo Zusammen, Wenn ich im Cura die Teile Lade zeigt es mir zum Teil bei den ersten paar Layern an dass das Part mit Beiden Materialien gedruckt wird (siehe Bild). Habe ich eine Einstellung fallsch oder könnte das am Modell selber liegen?
  23. Hi, Everything works fine with Cura 3.6.0. Now, I just installed Cura 4.4.0 as I was interested in the Profiles, first and foremost the Engineering profile. I use Ultimaker filaments, black tough PLA and normal PVA, but it is not located at the back of my Ultimaker 3E, but in a Polybox. Unfortunately, Cura 4.4.0 says "profile not supported". I suspect Cura require that the printer recognize the filament at its back. What to do?
  24. Hello everyone, I am using ultimaker S3 with PLA and Natural PVA - as a support material(both ultimaker brand filaments), and I have been an issue where the BB 0.4 printer head is not extruding PVA, sometimes printing air in between the layers. Which will result in PVA not sticking on the print. The printer and materials are new and in good atmosphere condition. I have looked into the issue by: - cleaning the printing head BB 0.4 by means of cold pull/hot pull - reload the PVA through the feeder - adjust the tension on the feeder I have restarted the print
  25. hiya all. there are all sorts of solutions. I created a drum that went round the reel as a starter for ten. I have designed a case which I am yet to order the plexiglass for. however, I decided to try something different. A FOOD DEHYDRATOR. so I went for it, found one for £23,-. Initially I thought it would be a main section and had tiers inside it. however that wasn't the case. It is all made up from layers. So ok, I decided to keep 2 with their grated bottom and removed the rest of them. Idea is to contain 2 spools. I then designed a spool mount so they would sit nicely i
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