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  1. Hello I'm having a problem with a certain print, it is messing up at the same point every time. This is a simple spacer for an ABS box to make it taller so I can have more room inside. The issue is with a logo. the logo is on both sides, however, only on 1 side it is creating very bad under extrusion. I have changed many settings, layer height, no. of walls 1,2,3, speed of printer, it doesn't seem to make a difference, I also tried turning on/off retraction to see if it would make a difference and it did not. I also tried turning retraction on and setting some prime am
  2. Hi, Been printing with Cura for over 2 years but still feel like a noob at times. The PC I'm using now is in need of an upgrade and I have a material catalog of about 40 materials/colors/temps settings I have built up and can't seem to find a way to export them for use on the new machine. Tried exporting the printer (Non Ultimaker) but that didn't import into Cura on the new system. I'm using Cura 4.8 on both machines for consistency. Any ideas are welcome.
  3. I have noticed a problem when using Hole Horizontal Expansion. I have created a simple tall box with a rectangular hole top to bottom and with circular holes through the sides. With Hole Horizontal Expansion set to 0.3 mm after slicing the internal sides get larger at the top of each hole making an expanding hole as the layers move up the object, with Hole Horizontal Expansion set to zero this does not happen. See pictures. Does anyone else have this problem and if so how can it be fixed. Thank you
  4. Hi, I'm totally new to 3d printing and I don't know why this is happening right now. I spent ages drwing this properly and accurately in blender and it looks good I think but obviously not the best one... Why some lines (like in the back) are broken in layer view? Will appreciate any help, cheers!
  5. Hi there When i used TPU 95A filament, string happen each part. it looks terrible for me. to solve this issue, i reduced, temperature and speed but result is not good. How to improve this issue? please let me know. i need to improve this problem because we use a lot of tpu materials due to industrial characteristics.
  6. Hi It's probably something quite simple but could someone possibly explain something I've noticed? I've taken a screenshot of a model I'm printing, if you look at it from below most of it is showing as light blue which I presume means its touching the bed, a few bits of red where it needs support. The bit I don't understand is the dark blue section, can anyone help? Thanks
  7. I'm at wits end with a problem. I have 5 tenlog hands 2 machines. I'm printing some models that ranges from 3 inches high to 5 or 6 inches tall. The shorter ones print perfect, however, once I get up to, say, 3 inches the prints are failing. I noticed the hot end temp is running at 175 instead of the 205 that it is set for. Same with another machine runs fine to a point then fails and I seen the temp of the hot end trying to print at 160 and in cura I have this to run at 205. Connections to the heads are fine. I'm using Cura 4.8.0. Is there a setting that is causing this? Since it is happening
  8. I have been using CURA 4.10 for a while, but in the last couple of days there was an update for the ArcWelder plugin. I checked github and there are no program updates, so I am curious what the update was. Thanks.
  9. When I rotate a model on the build plate the numbers (for degrees of rotation) display all garbled and unreadable. I noticed the same thing in the preferences panel (screenshot attached) after I clicked around in the panel a bit). Is there anyway to reset how this text is displayed or is it a bug? MacBook Pro M1 Cura 4.10.0 Thanks, Karla
  10. hello, I want to know how to remove the walls connecting the support lines.
  11. Hello, I have just acquired an Optimus P1 printer, but I'm struggling to work out how to add the printer/machine profile to the Cura setup. I have been given a file.def.json, which you add to definitions on a Windows computer, but how do you do that on a Mac? Without that, the machine does not show up on the 'Add a Non-Networked Printer' drop down. Help much appreciated.. Sebastien
  12. Hello there, I want to print that buddha statue for my aquarium; but when I slice the .stl file it doesn't slice properly. Some layers flattening suddenly; but the model seems fine. What can I do to fix this issue? untitled.stl
  13. Hi, I am using an GMAX 1.5 plus 3D printer using Cura Ultimaker 4.10. Loading a part STL format, all the dimensions are on one tenth than are supposed to be. Any idea what setting I have to have to bring it at scale 1/1? I know how I can scale the part, but I want to load the part at 1/1 as default setting. On the previous versions smaller than 4.8 I didn't had any problem like that. Thank you.
  14. Hey there, I've run out of options to disable the effect shown in the graphic. It seems when Cura wants to print a line thinner than the nozzle width, it does this zigzag pattern, and there's a bunch of rapid XY motion causing the printer to shake. I've looked through all the settings, but I must have missed something. What's this effect actually called? Is there a setting where I can disable it, and simply print a thin line instead of the zigzags?
  15. Win10 Machine, been using Cura 4.9.1 for a while now, no issues. Upgraded to Cura 4.10 a couple days ago, can't get it to slice. It WAS crashing when i opened an STL file... and then when i did a fresh install, no profiles/plugins ETC... it crashes just clicking around.... 1. i've fresh installed 4.9.1 again, and it does the same thing. 2. fully updated windows 10, patches/drivers etc. 3. Windows Event log screenshot of the error and my cura.log file are attached Hopefully someone can help me! cura.log
  16. I have been reading up on the "stack" structure of Cura's print settings and how it layers things like base config, machine config, material config, quality config, and user overrides, and I think I at least have a basic understanding of how that all interacts. However, I can't seem to find any way to change which "layer" of the "stack" a particular settings change goes into. For example, I am using the Linear Advance Setting Plugin to add linear advance K-factor control to my gcode. However, the only way to save this setting seems to be as a custom quality profile. This doesn't really mak
  17. so im trying to slice this bushing and cura keeps filling in the base. it slices just fine with vura 4.8, but 4.10 is filling it in. need some help please.
  18. Hello: I have noticed a small issue which is creating a weakness in my thin parts where the two materials join (I am printing two colours of PLA). If I slice the model in any version of Cura (I have tried 4.7 through 4.10) I have noticed a bit of variance in the initial layer for both extruders depending upon the adhesion type selected, notice the gap between the B and the stick, the only change made between screen captures here is the adhesion type. My goal is to have the two models connect as in the second image with the adhesion type set to Brim but I do not want a brim on the print as remo
  19. I primarily use touchscreen & pen on Windows tablet, and I notice there is no support for touchscreen navigation (orbit uang finger, zoom by pining etc). Any idea if support will become available at some point? I know there is support for pen in combo with keyboard but its super clunky. Thanks
  20. Hi All, Im Erik and im new here.. Over the last couple of days I think I have run into a strange problem with (what I believe has to do with Cura) induced deformations of shapes. Are more people experiencing this? In the image below, the left two parts are fusion 360 design and section, to the right two of the results. In Cura though, the object seems identical to the fusion design. Any info or help as to whats causing this greatly appeciated! Thanks Erik
  21. For some reason I keep getting this error message no matter what I'm trying to slice. "printer setup disabled, gcode cannot be modified" Even when I try to open STL files that I have sliced before using the same settings and software. Even if I try to open GCode files already sliced with Cura, I get the same error message. It was working just fine two hours ago, and now it won't slice anything. Please help!
  22. I'm new to 3d printing and I bought myself the Monoprice Cadet. A couple of months back I downloaded Monoprice Cura, and I was able to print pretty well until a couple of days ago. After I updated to bigSur, I was not able to open Cura. I read all of the discussions where you have to click open in finder, and then right-click to and choose open, but that does not work for me. It does not still open, does anyone have any ideas about what might be wrong? Thanks!
  23. I am trying to write a python script to play subsequent beeps at the end of a print so i can hear when it's done. I have already got it to show up in Cura (a feat on its own), and now I'm trying to make the script run like I want it to. Here is the script: # SEEKMSMSMSM # Script to play beeps from typing import List, Dict from ..Script import Script import re class Soundy(Script): version = "1.0.0" def getSettingDataString(self): return """{ "name": "Soundy", "key": "Soundy", "metadata": {},
  24. So I am at a loss to find out what these lines are. They only appear in this model and I just can't seem to find an answer. The Blue / Purple lines just above the support lines.
  25. I would like to add support filling in gaps/spaces in the attached shape 4 gaps at the front of the case, 1 gap at the rear and multiple holes at the top and bottom of the case Can anyone please reco,mmend the best solution
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