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  1. Its worked for a few days, But today its not having anything. All my Prints are messing up. So I decide to reslice and add a Bed and supports. But for some reason its only adding a small bed and then the Printer will print over that but no where else. So tried to add supports and its just adding massive blocks and they not touching the bed. Whats gone wrong here? Is it better to go back because I am losing a lot of filament with this.
  2. Hi all. New to 3D printing and trying to add Octoprint to Cura. I have followed the steps and added the Octoprint plug in. It states it is added and after shutting Cura and restarting it I go as suggested to the manage printer and select my my printer but there is only option to Update Firmware or Machine settings. No option for Octo print. How can I link it. Many thanks. Mike.
  3. I'm using Cura 4.6.2 at present and wonder if it is possible to modify the infill generation. Some models I make are basically a 1.8mm plate with something on top. Normally Cura generates an infill that is reflective of what ever is on top. Even with 100% infill the infill does look funny: Ideally what I would like to achieve is an infill pattern, that does not take 'note' of what is on top like this (even if I set the infill to something less than 100%!): I know why Cura is doing what it is doing, but in this case, i would like to use a 'modifier' that tells it to not look ahead and simply fill each level on it's own. I have a solution of sorts, but it involves a convoluted process of making two models, slicing them separately and then joining the gcode with the help of a program I wrote. I hope there is a way to eliminate the extra steps?
  4. Hello, I recently downloaded Cura software and sliced my print project. When I went to load the G-code file to the removable disc in my computer I got the error message "There are no file formats to write with". Can someone please explain, in detail, as to what I need to do to fix this situation? Thank you in advance
  5. Hi I just installed Cura 4.13 and I am trying to slice a mini but the tree supports are being placed through the models legs, I have changed a few support settings around but it doesnt seem to change the issue. please let me know if its a print settings issue or a problem with the slicer. the same model with the same print settings worked before I installed 4.13. I have attached a pic showing the issue. I am using tree supports as they are easier to remove from the model than other supports.
  6. Does anyone know if there will be an ARM version of Ultimaker Cura?
  7. HI Total newbie to this group, so I might be in the wrong section. Please let me know. Below is something I found and I notice it has red marking under arms and coat. What does that mean and how do I sort it. I am assuming that it's nothing to do with the red axis. Regards
  8. Hi, I am new to 3D printing. Originally, I was using the Creality Slicer software that came with the Ender 3 Pro that I got, but for some reason it wasn't generating a gcode when I would try to slice something. As a result, I recently downloaded Cura. I have sliced several models and printed them no problem (though I did notice the slicing was a lot slower than the other software - previously slicing took a few seconds, now on Cura its taking a few minutes). This morning I tried to slice a model with the exact same setting as the last thing I printed, and now the slicer isn't moving past `30%. Layer height is 0.2mm and all the other setting looked fine. How can I fix this? Or how can I speed up the slicing process? Ideally I'd like to be back at the few seconds to slice.
  9. Hi, New to 3d printing. Have created a few gcode files and most things have printed fine, but a couple of models have gone haywire. when used Cura to genrate gcode files and tries printing them, the printer screen is saying speed of over 800% and the printer goes haywire. Some other projects are fine. Am i doing something wrong?
  10. Hi.. Cura 4.11 with BIBQ printer, there is a gap between start and ending point on every layer. How to adjust on the software parameter.?
  11. All, I am a newbie when it comes to printing objects and have found that one of the problems I face is having it print a "ledge" with nothing underneath it. It just spits printer material everywhere. Would anyone be able to help me get my object setup to print as shown? As one may notice the top plate overhangs the cylinder below it and i'm assuming it will just spit material everywhere since there's no support for it. Would love some feedback and help!! Note, I have attached the actual file as well. CE3PRO_Split Ring5 .20 split.3mf
  12. Wenn ich eine GCode Datei in Cura ziehe, ändern sich die Einstellungen rechts oben. Es erscheint: "Druckereinstellung ist deaktiviert. G-Code-Datei kann nicht geändert werden" Bild 1. Nach dem ich denn Probewürfel reingezogen habe erscheint Bild 2. Ich habe einen Benutzerdefinierten Drucker hinzugefügt, einschließlich Start- und End G-Code. Die Datei ist original vom Hersteller. Was kann das sein?
  13. Hello, In relation to my previous post where I was having trouble printing the infill, I found that changing the "travel speed" in Cura changes the speed of the infill printing. Is that a bug, or is there some relationship between infill and travel that I need to learn about? Thanks.
  14. I have a Creality CR-10 S5 PRO that when I try to print something sliced in Cura just wants to print in the extreme front/left corner. I can not seem to get it to start the print in the center of the build plate. I have the "Origin at center" check box checked. The machine specs are set correctly for my printer at 500x500x500mm. Anyone have any idea what I am missing. I should note I know it is not the printer as everything works in the Creality Slicer but unfortunately, I have a file I am trying to load that is apparently too big for that slicer.
  15. hallo ich möchte für PETG diese Tower Drucken aber find auf 4.13.0 die einstellung der Temperatur für die Layer ? ein i Bildschirm ausdruck was fehlt ist die layer Umstellung wie ich in dem Vidio von
  16. New-ish to printing. I have had several large and small prints complete without issue and look great for a beginner. I have an Ender 3 V2, no mods, standard software default, using Cura 14.3. I have had several files on the printer where the test strip prints perfectly on the left side of the bed and as the head transitions to print, it speeds up to 500-700% speed. Needless to say it looks terrible so I stop the print. I am able to "Tune" on the menu to 100% and that will fix the issue but when I go back to the main menu the "Tune" goes away and the file speeds up again. I am using PLA on a .4mm nozzle with the following settings: print speed-50mm/s, travel speed 150mm/s, infill 50mm/s and wall speed at 25mm/s. I have also had some files ( I get most from Thingiverse) run the test strip on the right side of the bed at a ridiculous speed and glob up and never proceed to the middle of the bed to print, I also stop those from printing and have chalked those up to bad files (or n00b user error?). I am lost. I don't like leaving the menu on tune where I can't see the status. When I tune down to 100% on the printer everything seems fine. Is there a setting I am missing while slicing the files? Is there a setting/method to set print speed for different sections of a print? I am looking for beginner tips of what to try or see if anyone else has had this issue. I am lost and am not sure what to do, any inputs/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Photos: 1 - Example of a speed up, 711% lower left corner 2- When I tune it to 100%, everything is great but I have to stay on this menu 3 - Great level tune/test, but need to stay on the tune menu and decrease speed before the item begins printing after the test strip.
  17. hi i wondered if anyone could tell me which file contains the code which points cura to machine_instances with the following path C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Creality Slicer\4.8\machine_instances thanks
  18. Is it possible to enable/disable the "Select face to align to build plate" function? It works on my desktop. This function does not exist on the laptop. Version Cura 4.13.0. Horst
  19. I have a Tronxy XY 3SE and I would like to print a puzzle box. Up to this point my prints have not needed the precision required of a puzzle box. So I am now I have the need to calibrate the stepper motors. I have read I need to first obtain printer settings by sending the printer an M503. Can this be accomplished using Cura 4.12.1?
  20. Does anyone have an idea on what is happening with this corner. My guess is that there isn't enough cooling.
  21. Well, over the past few weeks cura 4.12 has started to underextrude - well made gcode files that did so. I finally took a single layer to a caliper and measured. My lines are set at 0.4mm, same as the nozzle, and yet only 2.5 lines are within 1.6mm with much empty space. There should be 4 lines. I don't see an option for space between lines, there's line width and thats it. If it means anything I have a bunch of custom line directions [45,135,15,105,75,165]. I don't think it's the printer because i tried an old gcode I sliced last year, it printed fine with lines approximated. So with the lines overspaced, none of my prints are finishing. I can compensate with flow to like 150%, but then I get artifacts from overextrusion! Please help.
  22. I'm trying to print a temp tower but it acts like the walls are too thin to print without "Print thin walls" setting enabled. "Horizontal Expansion" is at 0 and it doesn't make any difference to lower the line width either. Please let me know what setting could cause this, Thanks. Found the issue, it was outer wall inset.
  23. The attached .STL is just a test piece that is part of a much bigger print. The protrusion is very small. The whole piece is only 6 mm tall, with an arc radius of 1.5 mm. I can print the test piece vertically and it comes out perfect. However, it needs to print horizontally as part of the bigger object. I determined that it needs to print with the smallest layer height possible with supports, but no matter what I do with the supports, it never comes out with a useful print. Are there things I can do with supports to make this work, or am I just asking the impossible? Using a Prusa i3-MK3. P4.stl
  24. As far as I can tell I use the same settings and bridging works for me on the older cura master but not in 4.12 Could someone take a look and let me know if something's up? 3mf attached Thanks MagnetLada_BridgeFail.3mf
  25. Have been having the same issue where cura 4.12 just gets stuck on slicing. couple days ago i fixed it by completely reinstalling cura, including the files in local and roaming. But now that did not do anything anymore. If i look at the logs it looks like it finishes slicing but my program just keeps showing the same slicing... message. am slicing for an ender 3V2 but it doesnt slice anymore on anything now. the model that might have caused this is attached. its a modified bendy rex. Windows 10, very new hardware(if specifics are needed let me know). cura.log Flexi-Rex-improved-Flexi-Rex-tweaked_1.stl
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