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  1. This fix is for connecting an Ender-3 Neo to a Mac over USB using Cura 5.2.1. This might work for other Ender printers too. I did not have to install any custom drivers since MacOS comes with them preinstalled. Plug in the printer via USB and open Terminal.app, type in ls /dev (that will list the contents of the /dev folder, which is where all connected devices are listed). Look in the output list for tty.usbserial-10 or cu.usbserial-10. If they are there, then the printer is connected to the OS. Right click on the Ultimaker-Cura.app > Show Package Contents. Navigate to Contents > Resources > share > cura > plugins > USBPrinting and open USBPrinterOutputDeviceManager.py in your favorite text editor (I use Visual Studio Code since it is free). Edit line 86 and change it from port_list = self.getSerialPortList(only_list_usb=True) to port_list = self.getSerialPortList(only_list_usb=False) Save the file and close it. Now open Cura and go to the Monitor tab. You should see a bunch of new menu items that indicate that your printer is now connected. So, what did you change? You edited the only_list_usb parameter from True to False, allowing the serial port scanner to check for usb serial ports that are not listed with the name starting with USB (all caps). Ours start with tty and cu. Hope this helps someone! Happy printing.
  2. I have an UMS5 and am trying to sync some new materials from Cura 5 to my printer. I have confirmed that my printer is on and connected via cloud to Digital Factory. I believe wifi is also enabled. The firewall is off. I start the sync process and it just sits here forever. Any suggestions for things to try?
  3. Hi, when I try to set the size of the sticker in the new version of the program - it doesn't work. I can't set the correct X min and Y values in the printhead settings menu. I can only set negative numbers. How to solve the problem and set the numbers I want?
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble getting my 3D models in to Cura and aligned correctly. I've split my model into two stl's so I can print them on the same layer but in two colours (it's like a yin and yang type design). In 3dsmax my models are aligned perfectly with the pivot points at [0,0,0] , but when I import them into cura they are offset and even if I zero out the positions (in cura) they don't align. it's like the centre point is getting recalculated as Cura imports it. How do I get my models to line up? I'm using Cura 5.1.0 I hope that made sense and thanks for reading. Cheers Dan
  5. I know this subject has been discussed numerous times in the past, but a few things have changed now, with the M1 Macs. And since cura is now supporting M1 Macs, what are the chances it will port across to the iPads ? Id be happy to pay for this app, as it will make my life a lot easier. I'm not sure how cura for Mac is coded, but if it's using native swift code it wouldn't be hard to port it across, as one of the new things about the m1 chips is it uses the same code base as iOS. It's hard to believe no one has created a slicer for iPad yet.
  6. I am having difficulty importing a Fat Dragon profile into Cura 5.2.1. I have two different printers that I use. A Sovol SV01, and a Sovol SV06. I was successful in importing the Fat Dragon profile for the SV01, however when I attempt to install this same profile for the SV06, I get an error stating "Quality type 'Super' is not compatible with the current active machine definition 'fdmprinter'. I have no idea why it imported for the SV01, but not the newer SV06, and I have no idea how to fix this. It seems odd that it imported for the older printer but not the new one. Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  7. My 3D Printer is not listed in the configuration setup for UltiMaker Cura 5.2.1 for Windows 64-bit. Does anyone know what would be an acceptable configuration for a Weedo Tina2 3D Printer - Version 2.16.1 I'm not familiar with some of the selections, when trying to set up a configuration, manually. Here is the link to the manufacturer's product: http://www.weedo.ltd/product-detail/tina2 Below is some basic information concerning the Weedo Tina2 3D Printer - Version 2.16.1 Printing Layer Resolution 0.1mm Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm Build Volume 100x105x100mm Nozzle Speed 40 mm/s Positioning Accuracy Z Axis 0.0025mm; X,Y Axis 0.011mm Mechanical Product Dimensions 210x210x290mm Weight 3Kg Voltage 110-220V Power Supply 60W Extruder Quick Release Single Nozzle Filament Supply External Filament Tray Filament And Software Filament Compatibility PLA Printing Mode USB, TF Card, WIFI Software Wiibuilder 2.1.6, Cura 3.3.0 Supported File Type STL / GCODE/ OBJ
  8. I've just downloaded the latest version of Cura (V5 AppImage) onto my Ubuntu 22.04 laptop but in always gives the following message. My graphics is Mesa Intel® Xe Graphics (TGL GT2) and I've upgraded to the latest drivers. glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version" gives OpenGL version string: 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 22.1.1 - kisak-mesa PPA I'm using Gnome 42.1 on Wayland. Any ideas on what else I can try?
  9. Hello all, I am new to Cura, after having using S3D a long time. I am trying to configure my printer (Tevo Tornado, Marlin firmware) to work with dual extruders. It already works well with a single extruder with Cura, and dual extrusion worked with S3D. Would someone have an example of the configuration scripts used for each extruder? I have made several tries but I don't understand how Cura manages the dual extrusion. For example, I have a test cube, starting full black for 10 layers, then whithe for another 10 layers then back to black etc... But when the print is launched, it makes a tool change on each layer( retract the PLA on tool 1, and reinsert the same ), just to keep the same color and going back to print. If anyone has any advice, it will be welcome. Thank you for reading
  10. Right up until last night I could open up previous gcode projects. But this morning when I tried, I get the error Print setup disabled. G code file can not be modified in the machine settings box top right. I tried several different files from different devices (shared drive, main drive and CF), none will open. STL files open fine. I thought maybe my computer did an update or something so I loaded the new version of cura on to a completely different computer and I get the exact same issue. I am completely at a loss as to how this could happen. Couldn't be viral since some of the CF cards I had files on were only used on the new computer. I attached a file I used last night and it worked but this morning won't. Did all my gcode files get hosed at the same time?? How would that even happen? The files on the card can still print in my Ender just fine but I can't open them to do modifications like I did yesterday. Sanding_Wedge_Screw strong.gcode
  11. After several, several, several times cleaning core, it still is a pit frosty in color. The tip is OK, broke off by me. Surface is smooth by touching and under magnificent looks fine....no rough surfaces.... Thanks
  12. I am currently using a Solov SV02 dual extruder printer with different material types of PLA and PVA filament. When I slice a project and run a print in my machine it keeps defaulting the temperature to 195 regardless of material. I inspected the gcode and am finding that even though I have the material temps set in Cura's material settings at the correct temps, the gcode getting spit out sets the value to "S195" and I am forced to manually correct the code to get the print to function. I saw other threads stating this was an issue in Cura 3.5 and that it was fixed, so if I am missing a setting that needs to be adjusted then would someone mind explaining how to correct?
  13. I'm using Cura 5.2.1 with a Creality Ender 3 Neo printer. I've replaced the original bed with a magnetic PEI plate that does not require clips. The bed size is stated as 235 x 235 and i'm trying to print a circular disc which is 220mm wide total. Cura has a thin grey area at the front of the plate which does not allow me to slice unless i reduce the disc size down to around 213mm. I've found a link that suggests editing the json file and removing the restrictions on printable area but when i try and save the edited file it gives me permission issues which i cannot seem to resolve. Is there a simple fix for this...any help appreciated
  14. I am new to 3D printing as I got one for Christmas this year. while messing around in cura I found out about plugins and decided to download a couple. after downloading it I tried to use them but I don't know where to find them. if anyone sees this please let me know how to find them.
  15. file.gcode Hello. I have anycubic mega zero. Until now it was everything fine but now when I want print something it doesn't automatically start cooling when i m looking on gcode file i cannot fined the command for fan to start cooling. Can someone help me solve this problem pls.
  16. I am using A interface support Density of 30 instead of the default 75. This helps with removing supports. I have the issue of the first layer on top of supports not printing well. Just not making a strong bond between layer lines. I an going to try to adjust the distance between the support and the m,model layer above it. Does anyone have thoughts. And a suggestion on a good setting that works for you.Thank You
  17. Hi I've just installed Cura 5.2.1 and when I Open a current Project it does not bring in the Profile settings with it. What I am doing wrong or did I miss something in setup? Greg
  18. Hi, I tried to use the Cura 5 appimage on Debian Linux. What is stopping me from using it is the fact, that the file name field in the save dialogues for save project and for save gcode file is always empty. This does not change with the custom printjob naming plugin installed. any hints?
  19. Hello, after installing nvidia-graphics-drivers-390 (390.157-0ubuntu0.20.04.1), my Ultimaker Cura 5.1.1 will not launch. Does anyone know how to fix this other than don't install the upgrade drivers? My system information is here: https://termbin.com/kh0t TIA
  20. Hi, I print huge numbers of simple models (all 1mm high, 100% infill). If the print fails, it fails in 100% of the cases because the first layer has a problem for one object. If it fails, the root cause is, that the two outer walls detach immediately after they are printed. It's immediately obvious. Sometimes only this one object fails, sometimes its surrounding neighbors and sometimes the hole print fails and I only notice when I return 10 hours later. The problem is, to make sure the print is a success I have to wait until it printed the whole first layer. Why? Because it prints the walls of the first object and then prints its infill. This takes up to 2 hours. If it would print the outer walls of ALL objects and THEN the infill, I could monitor the print for 10 min. until the outer walls of all objects are printed. It they are printed solidly and there is no detachment, the print will be a success. Always. The question is, how to tell Cura to first print ALL walls of ALL objects before it prints ANY infill? Can another slicer do this?
  21. Not sure what's happening here. My head keeps returning to the purge line after printing each layer. I though I had this before and managed to switch it off but I cannot seem to fix it this time. I have included the gcode in case it helps find the problem and a video link... Any ideas? Bandsaw Fence Gauge v5.gcode
  22. I am suddenly unable to change my camera view , I get no response when clicking on Top View or an of the other views. I can also not change the view with the mouse anymore please help it makes it impossible to see if there are any faults in the model before I print. Thanks
  23. After slicing a rather simple object, I am surprised to see a few discontinuities in the top layer (see snapshot 1). The last but one layer is normal (snapshot 2). Maybe the printing will be fine, but I am curious to know what causes this anomaly and possibily which Cura option (or other tool) I could use to solve this. Note: I also see a few small gaps in the internal face; seen the location they might be linked with inaccurate fusion of objects in MS-Windows 3D builder. (snapshot 3) Fortunately, these are probably too small to affect the printing. Thank you in advance for your advices. Roger Boucle fermée v1.stl
  24. Hi all, I searched around the inet, but did not come up with a solution so far. The problem is as follows: I build an custom 3D printer with a switching extruder constisting of two orbiter extruders each with a e3dv6. Everything is working as expected. The machine code is fine and first dual extrusion kits were printed. For convenience I would like to adjust mit START_PRINT script which is mainly done, but I do not find a simple solution to hand over the temperature of the second extruder: START_PRINT BED_TEMP={material_bed_temperature_layer_0} EXTRUDER1_TEMP={material_print_temperature_layer_0} EXTRUDER2_TEMP={"need_a_cura_variable_here"} It seems that all the cura temperature variables are not directly linked to a particular extruder (just the actiev one). Can you give hint, how to go on with this? Thank you very much, Georg
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