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Found 22 results

  1. Hello there. So the Native CAD import plugin sounds really great and useful. I believe I am not the only one who would like to use it, but is held off by the high subscription price. May I suggest to offer another option for users to get access to this plugin? Maybe the possibility to subscribe to this plugin alone?
  2. Our workflow prints a high volume of small parts. We would like to engrave/emboss the file name (which is a "job number" in our workflow) onto an exposed portion of the raft during the print. This would allow us to track the part/job through the rest of our post-print workflow. Having it on the raft would not interfere with the part geometry. This can not be done "In CAD" as a single model is printed in many different jobs. Does Cura have some mechanism to print the job # or file name that we are missing? Again, looking for a method that does not interfere with part geo
  3. Cura 4.10 So I have a really good set-up from a stock Ender 3. Now I have another Ender 3 running RepRap firmware. I need to create a different "printer" for that. Under Manage printers I can ADD, DELETE, RENAME, but I can't duplicate an existing configuration? If I just use my Current MARLIN flavor will there be issue running the G Code in RepRap firmware?
  4. hello freinds , actually I am working on project where I have to configure Cura slicer for hybrid 3-D printer where two independent extruder deposit dielecric and composite material and a laser is attached with one extruder to sinter composit material . assuming laser as extruder how can we make it in cura that it cover same volume or cordinates as cover by composite material. I tried to import two files of same ,model at same place and assign it to seperate extruders but it gives wierd results when I Preview it , It is unclear which part is made by which extruder Can anyone
  5. vPSW_nocontact.curaprofile Hello! I think that I am encountering a bug with how Cura is slicing my model. In my model, I have an interior wave that is enclosed by an outer casing, supported by two beams and a brim. When seeing how the wave prints, Cura extrudes material over the wave twice, resulting in my prints having too thick of an interior compared to its outer casing. I have checked the g-code to make sure that it actually is extruding the second time the nozzle goes over the wave; it is. Does anyone know why Cura is doing this or what to do to stop this?
  6. Everything is in the title. It is annoying and a roll back of that feature as already done in 4.1 or 4.2.... I have done a fresh install of 4.10, but the problem is still there.` I am a bit old fashioned and don't use Digital Factory. Sending the files to the cloud is an issue for Data privacy reason with some of my customers .... Using a vpn to connect to the local network is providing the right level of functionalities and security. So I am using the "print over network" feature with a group of 3 printers were the host is an S5 and two UM
  7. Hello, I am doing some tweaking with support settings trying to dial in a good profile for my lab and, in doing so, learning more about the Ultimakers I work with. I have this little test piece and I am hoping people can identify two things for me. All of my examples are using the default profiles. 1) What is causing the outside support towers I have highlighted in the Capture screen shot. I am sure they serve a purpose but I am also interested in how to remove them, using the support blocker does not work the way I would expect it to. I do not have them when working with other
  8. Hey there, I've run out of options to disable the effect shown in the graphic. It seems when Cura wants to print a line thinner than the nozzle width, it does this zigzag pattern, and there's a bunch of rapid XY motion causing the printer to shake. I've looked through all the settings, but I must have missed something. What's this effect actually called? Is there a setting where I can disable it, and simply print a thin line instead of the zigzags?
  9. Hi. I think for some designs and models, it would be very neat to have the ability to have a random starting point, and still have the settings to hide that seam in a corner.
  10. When I import a .3MF file with lattices, it doesn't load them. The lattices do load in other software. Googling, I saw this PPT that mentions a 2018 lattice extension. Maybe this hasn't been added for CURA yet? I'm using 4.9.1 https://3mf.io/wp-content/uploads/sites/106/2021/02/3MF_Overview_Website_PPT-Updated-July-2020.pptx I can convert my 3MF to STL as a workaround but I'm hoping there is a better solution.
  11. I went into my Cura 4.5.0 with custom settings that I made a while ago, and it asks me to set up Cura, and runs through questions like it's the first time I ever opened this Cura version. (It's NOT!) Now, I don't have any of my settings from previous and it sais a BUNCH of configuration settings have errors?!?! (see image) It's like it lost all my settings but I have no idea how or why. I had my configurations for my printers setup a certain way but never wrote down all the settings. (Why would I need to, right?) No, I did not install ANY additional software. No, I did not m
  12. I have a cr 10s Pro V2 that is still new and it is my first printer. I seem to have things working according to the startup plans I have found online. I have printed the three files that came with the machine and so I think it works. I have added a magnetic bed and the upgrade to the two Z axis drives. When I get the conditions set in Cura I save the file to the USB drive that contains the mini SD card and it confirms that the file is there. When I put the card in the printer it sees the three files that came on it and the two that I have added to the card but will not see the
  13. Hi, I'm running into a case where if I simply change the orientation of a rectangle, it adds a few minutes to the print. I don't see an x/y acceleration or speed setting anywhere for separate axes. Is it hidden in some other setting panel? I can only understand this through a difference in the x vs y speed. Is there something else afoot that I'm not seeing?
  14. I am setting up on HP envy laptop with windows 10 that is up to date. I have downloaded the software on two browsers and am getting the same result. I can check through the screens on the agreement and on the select folder screen I get an "error opening file for writing" I have two of the computers and it happens on both of them. Whatever I am doing wrong, I am at least consistent. Just setting up a system for on time manufacturing and I seem to be stuck in the starting gate Thanks for your help
  15. Hello, I'm a IT manager at a group of schools. Some of our schools use 3d-printers and Ultimake Cura. I need to distribute and install Ultimake Cura through Intune (like SCCM) , so I need to know how Ultimake Cura can be deployed using an unattended installation (silent installation) . I had no luck finding this essential information in you Wiki (the one on GitHub). So what are the command line parameter to install the Ultimake Cura executable in an unattendedly? OR Is there an MSI available ? Thanks!
  16. Hi to all I have an issue with a part printed in TPU 95A on an UM S5 where I need to print letters carved in the part. Due to the shape of the part, the face with letters must be on the build plate. I have no issue printing the part with the letters at the right dimension (tuned retraction, no supports, some CAD tweaks, negative horizontal first layer expansion, combing on "not in skin", no z hop when retracted) But I still have a line on the build plate when the nozzle moves over the letters when printing the first layer. Z hop when retra
  17. Hi Guys, At work, we have an old WitBox printer (BQ), which used to work perfectly fine. However, a coleague of mine tried to do a firmware update within Cura. At first, the program would not find the printer, while Windows did notice it being connected. When he changed the cable, the printer was found be Cura and he started the firmware update protocol. Halfway through the process, Cura stated that the connection with the printer was interrupted somehow and the process could not continue. Since that moment, the printer won't properly boot up and the display on the print
  18. Cura,Windows 8,10. The horizontal slider Cura is not visible on computer working in local net, while the single computer is o.k.
  19. Hi to all I would like to set up Cura 4.9 for a BCN3D Epsilon, using it only in dual extrusion mode (no duplication nor mirror mode). I am using the BCN3D version of Cura, but it's outdated on many parameters and I would like to benefit from features available on Cura 4.x Is it possible first to set up a dual extrusion system in Cura ? It wasn't possible on previous 3.x version of Ultimaker Cura Is it possible to make it work with the IDEX system for dual extrusion prints ? Thanks for your feedback. David PS : I know the BCN
  20. Hi, i am Cura Slicer huge fan, for all my works, and right now i have one big issue with the devices we use ate University project. We use Microsoft Surface Pro X with arm processor, and we are not able to work with the software, we can install but the software don't work at all. Maybe someone can do some trick or help to all the team been able to use all printers, software and devices. Best Regards
  21. Is there a way to update the Firmware for the S5 remotely using ssh on a closed network that doesn't reach out or have access to the internet?
  22. Ultimaker Professional: Elevate your operation Take the next step with Ultimaker Professional, our advanced software package. Elevating your 3D printing capabilities, you enjoy all the benefits of Ultimaker Essentials, plus more. Extra features include the ability to open CAD files directly in Ultimaker Cura Enterprise (coming summer 2021) so you can skip conversion to STL. With Ultimaker Professional, use the Digital Library for sharing and unlimited storage. Building a company-wide Digital Library increases the number of available applications. In turn, that enables collaborat
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