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  1. The cura documentation said "You can mirror your model along its X, Y, and Z axes". A model can mirrored by a plane. How can it be mirrored by an axis? Thank you for some clues!
  2. Hello, I would like to plug multiple printers in the pc and use cura to directly control them, using one or more open applications of cura. I have seen posts asking about this, and i have seen some solutions, non of which properly work for my application, even rolling back to 4.0 and using the COM port selector does not work reliably, EG: once you connect them you cant really connect them again, its like a 15% chance it works, this is the multiple application way. My question, is there an actual way to print with multiple printers over USB in cura, or is it
  3. I am trying Cura looking for better quality prints on my Duplicator 4 printer. I am using a simple model I have printed with other software before. I have added Wanhao Duplicator 4s from the ADD a printer list. I prepare and slice the model and save it as X3G file. then copy it to a SD card. Once my extruder & printer bed have heated I set the printer to run from the SD card, the process starts as the printer LCD screen changes and shows progress as 0%, filament used as 0 and elapsed time starts counting. Beyond that the extruder does not extrude or even move. Nothing happens except t
  4. Hi all, Is it possible to add customized non vertical supports? When importing tree supports created by Meshmixer and selecting "Mesh type: Print as support", or rotating a support created with the plugins "custom support" or "cylindric custom support" I'm getting in Cura unnecessary supports underneath it. Disabling a support, or choosing overhang angle:90 doesn't help. I would appreciate any help.
  5. I've created a profile for PLA, PETG, ABS, but when I created a profile for Nylon the profile always shows as not supported and refused to give me a quality selection. I'm not sure why this is. I've tried Versions 4.6 4.7, 4.8. I also can't seem to import a Matterhackers NylonX profile either. Not sure if this has anything bearing on a solution. Any ideas?
  6. Googling the top slicing programs leads to competent programs, but also suggests slice it up at 'home' program. Any thoughts on efficient productivity with these two schools??
  7. I am trying to print very large items that do not require a lot of detail on the Z-axis. Because of this, I have an Ender 3 V2 (4.2.2) running Marlin 2.0 setup with a 0.8mm nozzle. I have seen a lot of information that printing up to 0.6mm heights should be fine with the nozzle however in testing some more challenging pieces of a larger print, I have discovered that I get some pretty unsightly issues at anything over 0.4mm layer height.The main issues I have are.1. Anything over 0.4mm layer height produces blobs on most of the Z seam.2. Anything over 0.4mm layer height produces inward bowing o
  8. Hi I have a 3D printer , in the controller never have show up the print from SD card . insted show NO TF CARD . so from there Im blank , please help me . Thanks
  9. I have a Samsung Galaxy Book S and keep getting "This app can't run of your PC" notification. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Laptop Specs are Galaxy Book S OS Windows 10 Home/Pro Display 13.3’’ FHD TFT (16:9) Touch: 10-point multi-touch screen Body 305.2 x 203.2 x 6.2-11.8 mm, 0.96 kg AP Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Compute Platform 7nm 64-bit Octa-core processor (Max. 2.84 GHz + 1.8GHz Memory 8GB RAM (LPDDR4X), 256/512GB + MicroSD slot (up to
  10. I am hoping that you can help me out. I updated the firmware on my two S5 today and they are still frozen after reboot. I powered on/off the machine many time and they’re still frozen. I just have the black screen with the ultimaker logo. I cannot access any menu options and the machine is not connected to my network. It's essentially frozen on this screen.
  11. Hi, I use Cura 4.8.0 and have a small part placed on the builtplate. Now I want to scroll closer to the part. If I use CTRL and Plus (on keypad) then it zooms in a huge step. The same happens if I use the mouse wheel. The following screenshots show one single scroll step: If I rotate or pan the movement is much smoother compared to zooming. Is there any way to make the zoom happen in more finer steps? Thanks...
  12. After updating to the most recent firmware, we have lost the ability to connect to our printer over the network via an ethernet cable (our IT doesn't like WIFI printers). IT seems to think it's a firmware problem and suggests rolling back to the previous version. Is that even possible? Thanks!
  13. Is it possible to set cura up that the top under the wall are closed? So that the printer not need to make little gap fills and the top looks nicer.
  14. Hi All, I have a .png image that is a circle only. Is it possible to use cura to generate g-code that does not have Z depth? I just like to convert image (circle track) to g-code, such that I can input for printer to do circle print only.
  15. My Cura shows odd fonts in Preferences. Is it possible to change it? Thanks!
  16. Hello, we had our UM3 Extended under maintenance at IGO3D. The printhead was replaced. As it turned out, this is a new version of the Silicon Nozzle Cover. The old ones don't fit anymore. There is a new version for the UM3 series. Contrary to a first statement, those from the UMS3 do not fit. Now ours is broken and we have not been able to produce for three weeks because Ultimaker cannot deliver this new cover. I think that's impossible !! We then bought a UM2 + Connect as a backup. But with its possibilities it does not come close to the UM3. Print image is worse! Th
  17. Hi everyone, I'm still new to cura and really need a help. I have a plant pot model. There's a bit of floating part at the top of the inside pot. Although I ticked a support, the support will only be applied to the outer part so the inside floating part has lots of strings which looks very messy. Could anyone advise me on how to add support inside of my pot? Thank you
  18. so I've been using Cura 4.8 for a few weeks now with no issues. Been working great. Even installed a couple of extensions ( Octoprint connection, thingibrowser, Settings guide ). All of a sudden today, when I load it up, it looks like a mostly blank screen with a couple of the buttons showing. Menus work, but it's almost as if the resolution on my monitor is too low ( if I go into preferences, I can't see the bottom buttons ).... I re-installed and that actually fixed the problem... for a bit...now the problem is back... not sure what is going on?! (see attached image )
  19. My ultimaker 3 extended is making a cracking sound right at the start of printing. I have a video of it in the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18QAjhxYC2Xy78odw2MmHF-RyHaRjvn3W/view?usp=sharing Any help would be really appreciated. Cheers, Ibnul.
  20. Hello, I have some problems to change the property of a support_mesh into support_mesh_drop_down . I always have the Drop down support mesh checked in the Per object settings panel ? Any advice would be welcome. Cuq
  21. Hi guys, I have an Ultimaker 3 extend here and after a couple failed print with dual extrutions, the BB0.4 nozzle is blocked by the botched up PVAs and I cannot flush out the block with hot pull even after multiple attempts. Here are the photos showing how far the cleaning fillament will go in marked with a black marker. Any chance I can unblock the nozzle? thanks
  22. I normally use PrusaSlicer but due to a limitation in print bed size and some other issues I would like to give Cura a try. Right of the bat it seems fine and there are a lot more settings. I do however have a major problem regarding how it moves. In prusaslicer normally the speed is constant without any jerky movements. In cura everything is far from smooth. Every minor change of direction causes jerky movements. I have tried different values in "enable acceleration control" and "enable jerk control". but nothing seems to change anything. I see the jerky
  23. Sometimes my printer filament gets stuck. When I investigate I see a thick plug of plastic stuck in the end of the boden tube where it attaches to the hot end. It looks as though a large amount of melted material is retracted into the tube and then cools to form a plug. Is this a setting problem? how could there be so much melted material at the hot end that gets retracted into the tube? Thanks.
  24. So i've been using Cura slicer for several weeks now and I'm starting to experiment with adding a webcam to make time-lapses. However Cura loads the STL file facing the back of the printer and I end up having to remember to rotate it 180 degrees or my camera ends up just getting a timelapse of the back of the object, Is there a way to change which direction is the "front" of the build plate in Cura?
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