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Found 25 results

  1. Hello, My UM2+ is having issues which seemed to be pointing towards under-extrusion. As such, after working with UM support and consulting countless posts on this forum, I ran through the normal troubleshooting, cleaning and lubing procedures and replaced parts (see below), I regret to say that the problem persists. My layers are uneven and my edges are not straight (see below). I rely on this machine and it's been down for almost 2 weeks. I would greatly appreciate help from you experts out there. Replaced parts: bowden tube and collets nozzle sensor tfm coupler hot-end isolator heater block new nozzle Thank you, Sam
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a Leapfrog Bolt Pro IDEX printer and I am having trouble with the tool change g code. Issue 1 is that even though I have a M109 and M104 command at the start of the start gcode it will still generate a second set of commands which are after my nozzle wipe movements so this causes oozing before moving to print. I am not sure why it is doing it, I am running Cura master version 20200703. Issue 2 is I am not sure how to get the extruder to retract after the purge/wipe movements, move to start the next layer and then prime the retracted amount. It seems to do it at the very start of the the print before the skirt but not at the tool change and my brain is now fried from trying to figure this out. I have attached the project and the generated g code from a file and the following is my start gcode for my right extruder (left is the same except for x movement and tool selection) M109 S{material_print_temperature} M104 T1 S175 G1 Y-32 F12000 ; move to wipe Y position G91 ; set to relative G1 E15 F200 ; extrude 15mm G4 S2 G92 E0 ;zero extruder G1 X290 F12000 ; perform wipe sequence G1 X367 F12000 G1 X290 F12000 If anyone can fix this for me I will love you for ever and of course happy to pay for the help if it takes up too much time. Styram 1.gcode Styram 1.3mf
  3. When using Cura configured for the S5 printer (and I assume similarly for other Ultimaker products), a rendering of the S5 build plate and surrounding features are surrounding the build volume. See attached image. Is there a setting on Cura to remove this rendering so that the only thing visible is the build volume and the bottom grid?
  4. Hello, I would like to automate the production of 3D printed part. Cura could be useful for few reasons: -when you open a file with cura, it automatically center and orient the part on the bed Here is the command I use: cura cube. stl But then I don't know and didn't find any resources to save this file back to a .stl, which will be positionned and ready to be sliced with a good position and orientation. Is is possible to do that: open a file, center it, orienting the .stl and save it bakc to an .stl file? I did have a look to few posts about command line using Cura (here for example) but I didn't found what I was looking for Let me know if you have any idea 😉
  5. Hi, I noticed there are these green dots along the path of my inner wall which I think is causing some blobs on my surface. Could anyone tell me what they are? I only see them when I import gcode already generated by Cura. When I was slicing it I didn’t see them.
  6. Hi, Has anyone experienced a burned out U6 (voltage regulator I believe) chip on the main control board of an Ultimaker 2? I had the chip replaced and tried it again, but it burned out immediately, so I think there is likely an issue or short elsewhere - perhaps others have had this issue? The printer is about 5 years old and has had moderate use, including a lot of time in a hot box, printing ABS. I first thought that maybe the heat had cooked the chip over time, hence me replacement of U6 was a first try. I want to get the printer working again, as it is great, but don't want to chuck a new board on it before I understand the problem. any help much appreciated. many thanks, Chris
  7. I'm trying to figure out how to change the setting for the raft width in Ultimaker Cura. I can figure out how to make the setting visible, but I have no idea where I can actually see it and change it's value...
  8. Hi and I’m hoping someone in the community can assist me with a printing defect that occurs during some prints, but consistently when it appears on a design (object). The one I’m sharing here is a case that has a filleted grove along the middle of the top edge. I am using: Printer: Ender 3 pro Material: Creality ST-PLA Print Speed: 50mm/s Slicer: Cura 4.6.0 As can be seen in the attached images of the case, there is a layer distortion aligning with the start of the filleted section and is very pronounced on the corner. In addition to this distortion, the final layer prints wider than the width of the underling layers. I’m not sure whether they are related to two separate issues. The wall thickness design is consistent from top to bottom. The only change is the filleted grove within the wall thickness. I’d be interested in any suggestions I can try that may help me resolve the issue. I have also attached the profile I used to help isolate any config issues. Thanks in advance. 0.16 Profile for review.curaprofile
  9. Facts: I have not changed any speed/feed/material settings. Printer is now intermittently seeming to lose steps. A few days ago it printed and looks like in the front to back axis it lost a good number of steps and shifted the whole print forward between 1 and 2mm. yesterday it seems to have dropped the build plate too far by at least that amount. Oddly, the front of the print is significantly more gaped between layers (so the build plate is leaning forward? I have no idea how many print hours are on this machine, the printer does not store that kind of data. My guess is that the increased heat environment is causing issues with the components over time. I also assume the only solution is to slow down my speeds in all directions to reduce the chance of stalling steppers....and start looking for a water cooled printer :D Any other thoughts/experiences welcome!
  10. I have the ender 3 pro and I am trying to upgrade the firmware. I have installed Cura and added the printer, but when I try to select the upgrade firmware button it says it is not connected to the printer. I've tried activating the printer, but nothing seems to happen. Help?
  11. I downloaded the Cura software but cannot open it. I am not particularly computer savvy and every time I click on it a window comes up and asks if I would like to remove the original copy before installing again! It seems I am clicking on the EXE each time but I cannot find how to access the program! Any advice appreciated, thank you. George
  12. I'm using Ultimaker Cura 4.6.1 with a Creality Ender 3 v.2. When I set any nozzle temp in Cura, the printer is not being set when I run the print, the temp has to be set manually. When I create the gcode in PrusaSlicer it works fine. I can see the gcode telling the printer what to do: M140 S60 M105 M190 S60 M104 S200 M105 M109 S200 However, the printer will start unless I manually set the temp on the printer. Oddly there's no issue with bed temp. Any input would be appreciated. Regards, Kevin
  13. Hello everyone! i wondering if any way to solve my little problem here. Im interested in to use surface mode as well but i need a top and buttom layers also. The trouble i get in surface mode is slycing only the single walls, in "Both mode" i get problems crossing walls and surfaces. The only way that I found is the location of the surface edges from the walls at a distance of the nozzle diameter, but this option of moddeling is incredibly time-consuming.
  14. I have a Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. Recently I have 2 problems. 1. At the end of the print the printcore moves away. But when he does that, it moves against the top of the print, so it gets pushed away. The result is the glass plate gets pushed out of the mount! It only happens with higher prints. (say, > 50mm height) 2. After the print is done, the filament is unloaded from the core. It gets pushed into the materialstation, but the filamentspools are not rotating backwards. So the filament pushes into the open space in the material station. I can see the wheels of the material station rotate. But the spool doesn't. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Of what I have to do to fix this? Thanks!
  15. Hello, sorry if this has been asked before but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to search this forum. I noticed that when I turn on coasting (I know it's in experimental) I get holes in the shell as can be seen on this screenshot attached below. Is it known that coasting can create this type of effect? I set the volume to 0.08mm3 as i'm using a 0.2mm nozzle. The rest I had no clue so I left it default (coasting speed at 90% and minimum volume at 0.8mm3). It produces proper slicing for most of the models. Thanks
  16. Hello, im looking for a feature to place my models randomly on the build plate. Is this possible with the normal cura sliced or a plug-in? sincerely Stathogon
  17. Hello, I'm getting an odd defect in a model I'm trying to print, the shells you see in the picture are not supposed to look like this, they are supposed to be straight, as they are straight in other slicers I have loaded the model in. Since I prefer Cura, I'm curious to know what is causing this? This is using the unmodified "standard quality" profile. The result of this is the outer shell having wavy artifacts due to the way these shells are sliced. Is this just the way Cura is going to slice it? I've tried playing around with various options but nothing has helped.
  18. Hello, We have a UM2 Extended (not the + version, the first one), and we recently changed the heater cartridge because we got a "heater error". I heard it is fairly typical after lots of print hours, which we have done, so no problem there. However, after the heater replacement we noticed that the motherboard case gets quite hot, and wanted to ask if that is normal. We never checked the temperatures before so we don't know the normal operating temperatures. We measured 48 ºC on the outside of the electronics case and 67 ºC on the case of the stepper motors. That was with a calibrated contact probe we have so these should be accurate measurements. Thank's in advance, Joan Marc
  19. New to Cura. - Trying to calibrate my extruder in Cura 4.6.1. When looking for flow rate settings, or others I have gone to :- Settings - Configure setting visibility - Checked "all" - then return. But I do not get an expanded set, of settings? Could anyone explain what I doing wrong please. Further if I may. Can I send an "M503" command in Cura to display and check eprom settings at all. Since I would need to read to read the steps/mm to adjust the flow rate. Your kind attention appreciated.
  20. Hi All, I am just starting of in 3d printing. I have a monoprice select mini and barring the small bed size I am really stoked with it for the price. I designed a stamp in Tinkercad, did a make solid in Mesh mixer. I have changed the machine setting for a nozzle to 0.3 to accomodate the font. The model is oval at a height of 17mm. the font is about 3mm raised. I started by using a layer height of 0.088 , single wall, nozzle 195, bed 55, print thin wall enabled, speed 20mm/s with the model lying face up. This was the base setting..I have tried to play with a myriad of settings based on what I am reading but on slicing the font face always gets messed up. Even when I increase the model size to 200 % the results are not spot on. Can someone tell me what exactly if anything can be done or is it just that the walls being so thing, a high resolution print is not achievable. Would appreciate some reasoning behind any suggestions please. Thanks in advance for reading. The font is Lucida Calligraphy bolded. Here is the stl https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoUWQzbLDC9wyX7JZj2nLzaUUmTv?e=ZdESHO
  21. jens55 27 Jun 2020, 18:26 I am experimenting with dual material printing. I find that I have a lot of oozing during extruder switching due to a significant temperature difference between standby and active mode. I had anticipated to compensate for this by using the Cura feature "nozzle switch extra prime amount". After waaaay too much screwing around, I seem to have determined that this feature is only available if you use a prime tower (no mention of this in the little help text and the feature is not grayed out when no prime tower is selected). Is there a magic incantation that makes the extra prime amount feature available without having to enable the prime tower? Using a prime tower wastes a lot of material and also causes excessive switching of extruders (every second layer) which causes things to slow down drastically.
  22. Got the S5 bundle a coupe of weeks ago. I'm able to get WiFi going, but I'm in the outskirts of our WiFi's signal so it's iffy. When I try to enable the Ethernet, the little slide-button on the touchscreen goes green, then goes back off a half-second later. No indication on what the issue is.. I verified the Ethernet is working by plugging it into my laptop so, I'm stumped. Is it possible to check the IP address? My network is not using the typical usually seen with consumer stuff... maybe that's the problem?
  23. I am using Infill to give support to the thin 0.5mm walls. With the settings shown (Infill Line Distance = 8mm). The fill shows in the first case as below. But in this case it does not? Is it the stl file or the printer settings that is giving the problems? Thanks Sandy Base Skin (Meshed).stl
  24. (Using Cura 4.5.0) I ran across this behavior, which I'm sure is correct, but I would like to know what Cura is thinking... Relevant screenshots are collected in the attached .jpg. I modeled a simple cylinder sitting on a box in Blender. They are two separate objects but meant to be printed as one object (they are not boolean'd together or anything). The bottom face of the cylinder has the same z coordinate as the top face of the box. Both objects were exported together to a single .stl. (Select both objects and export selection). (To be clear in what follows below: I always expected Cura would print these two objects as a single object. That is, I never expected to get two loose objects off the printer! I know that Cura seems to do its own union of multiple objects before slicing) Now, when sliced, I thought that the four top-layers of the box would have been completed before any sign of the cylinder showed up. But it seems the cylinder starts appearing in the first top-layer of the box. The screenshots will show what I mean. It is not like the cylinder ends up printing 4 layers shorter. Rather, it looks like Cura is somehow anticipating the start of the cylinder 4 layers ahead of time. I am happy with the behavior, but just want to know why it happens as it may affect structural decisions in future prints. Thanks!
  25. What is going on with this support material: I'm trying to print this Marvin model but the support material is showing up really weird in Cura's preview. I haven't yet attempted the print as it's a long print and uses quite a lot of filament but the weirs support material definitely starts and stops in both the preview mode and layer by layer animation. What on earth is going on?
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