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  1. Hello all, I would like some assistance with a problem I am having with a PLA print, we have printed this model before with no problems, but recently I have tried to print the model and it fails and does not print correctly when printing the legs, the layers do not seem to be complete, I have tried everything I can think of. Temperature in the print room is ok and the material is Ultimaker PLA filament. The photo shows where the print failed firstly (left hand print) this is at 0.2mm layer height, I have tried to print many times and always fails at the same point, the right hand print i
  2. Hello, I installed the new Cura 4.9 and the installation completed but the program will not open. I get the error message shown in the attached screen capture. I am using Windows 7 ( I know it is old) and Cura 4.9 did install and open properly on one of my other Win 7 machines, but not on the computer that I need it on. Also installed on that computer are Cura 15.4, 4.2, and 4.8 and all of those versions work properly. I have reasonable computer skills but I do not know anything about Python, so I am hoping that there is an easy fix for this. Thanks in advance for any suggest
  3. Hi all. We are a VERY small community library who're trying to increase our youth and young adult traffic by purchasing a 3D printer for end user projects. We have a local company who already does a lot of printing and who has volunteered to advise us on getting started and hold our hands as we mature. Based upon their recommendations we've purchased a Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer, which should arrive at the library next week. Our expectation is that we'll also purchase a laptop onto which we can install the suite of software our casual designers will find most useful. My questi
  4. I just installed Cura 4.9 on my windows10 pro machine. I've had Cura 4.8 running just fine until now, so I wanted to use the new cura 4.9 However, once I uninstalled 4.8 and installed version 4.9, I cannot slice anything anymore. Not even a small 20mm cube stl file. As I click the Slice button, it stays there forever, as if stuck in an endless loop. I checked firewall settings (as I saw some posts online hinting to that as the cause) and even set a firewall rule that Opened up cura just in case. No luck thus far, so I will have to either uninstall 4.9 and go ba
  5. Hello, Cura 4.9's slicer is filling in any holes or other open space inside my models. I haven't changed any settings that I can tell, and this is with a completely new project, not one created in 4.8 and opened in 4.9. I'm attaching a 3mf project, so it's not specific to this one model -- I've tried a couple of different .stl's and the same thing happens. This is a model of a replacement knob for an Ender 3 control panel. If you slice and go to Preview you'll see how it has filled in the interior with yellow, and the hole for the dial control is nowhere to be seen. Is
  6. I own two UM3's, normal and extended. I rely on being able to select the specific printer I send my files to since each runs different filaments. Now in 4.9, I cannot choose which printer to send the file to. The selection is disabled for anything besides "Automatic". Worse, I can't seem to target a specific printer from the web manager. Help? How am I supposed to manage targeting a specific printer? I had to spend hours connecting and disconnecting printers to get this workflow figured out in the first place, it's very unintuitive. Cura and digital factory are always y
  7. I recently purchased a .15mm nozzle, which works but Cura makes the nozzle move to the center usually halfway into the print, so that after a layer completes the nozzle stops, moves to the center of the bed, then immediately begins the next layer which leaves a bit of leaked filament on the print ruining the quality and sometimes taking the entire print off of the bed. I got the settings for printing with a .15 nozzle from The 3D Print General's video on using one. I haven't changed his, and just made a new profile using all of his settings. I tested the same model, (A 3D benchy) on a .4mm pro
  8. When using File > Save Project... I don't understand these two entries and would appreciate help please.
  9. Hallo, ich habe mich noch nicht genug mit Cura beschäftigt und weiß daher nicht zu viel. Ich habe das Plug-in freeCAD Integration heruntergeladen, weiß aber jetzt nicht, wie ich es anwenden soll, um eine STL-Datei direkt in Cura zu integrieren. Das Plugin wird also heruntergeladen, aber ich finde es nirgendwo, um etwas damit zu tun. Vielleicht kann mir jemand helfen Danke
  10. I have a problem checking the mantenance in the Digital Factory. When I check tasks it appeared as it were made 2 years ago and I'm not able to modify the date, when uploading files it has no problem, dating them well.
  11. I'm new to Cura. I thought I would run a temperature tower, and I got that to print, but it never changes temperature. Do I have to put in the temperature commands in the Gcode? If so, how do I know where (which layer) to put them in?
  12. I sliced an STL and saved it as gcode as usual. I also then saved it as a 3mf project file. But when I open the 3mf in Cura there is no model displayed. There's a message telling me I need to slice it first - but there is no Slicer button. Where am I going wrong please?
  13. I don't normally ask questions on boards, because most of the answers are already out there, or I figure it out myself. This one has stumped me. I like Cura and don't want to change. I have already asked about this on the Fusion 360 board (https://forums.autodesk.com >> multiple-components-to-stl-have-shell-walls-between-components), the response was: For completeness, I've included the information from that post: I've been struggling to work out how to export multiple components to STL, and I hope someone can help me. I've searched extensively o
  14. I cannot see why CURA always wants to print Objects One-by-One 😞 In the screenshot attached I have the correct setup.
  15. Why is the support always generated down to the printbed, even if it is not required? Is there a way to avoid this?
  16. Hey there, so basically I'm trying to print a round object with a diameter of 210mm on my Ultimaker 3 Extended. The Problem now is that Cura is unable to slice my object because "It doesn't fit the build volume". According to the spec. sheet of the Ultimaker 3 Extended, the build volume for single extrusion should be 215x215x300 so I should be able to slice and print this without any problem, since I'm not even close to some safety margin. I have already disabled my skirt/build adhesion and checked the machine settings for the correct plate dimensions. I have also tr
  17. Hi, I have just replaced my S5 print core, as PLA became stuck in my old one, and the same has happened on first use with a brand new print core. With the brand new AA0.4 Print core, I successfully loaded white ColorFabb PLA which extruded ok, and had printed XY calibration OK. Set it to do a weekend long print on Friday and left it while it the first support layer of PVA was printing from the other BB core. Today it looks like the PLA was stuck even before it started printing and I cannot remove it. Looking at the printer closely in
  18. Hi, I have used various 3D printers over the past ten years. I was in charge of two prototyping labs at universities. I have a Prusa i3MK3S but I am unsatisfied with its print quality and the amount of time required to tinker the machine which may or may not fix the issues. How is the S3 and S5? Are these more expensive machines better?
  19. Hello you, I love Cura. But one thing constantly drives me to despair: the material and print settings, saving and managing them. The thing is that I like to adjust small settings here and there per material, which should be saved to the material. But this is not possible without further ado. The material library has only a few settings like temperature and retraction. But what about the hundred other settings? While the material library can be selected very distinctly, the print setting is very rigid, without subfolders or logical groupings. I also find the message very
  20. So i finally got around to calibrating my extruder after primarily getting to know it (only have it 4 months now). using a flowrate of 100% my CR-10 max was pushing out line widths of 0.52-0.55 with a nozzle diameter of 0.4. After doing flow tests on mutiple pla filaments i have i found out a flow of 85-86% results in walls of 0.4 (to max 0.42). Now i tried to set flowrate per material but that doesn't seem possible initially. Figured i'd go look for a plugin. Found "material settings" and while that DOES let you configure it in material profiles. It's not used in cura itself. The
  21. Hi, strange thing, Im making a key handle, with text sunk in on the face. When i preview the model in cura I see that the first layer of the text and the top layer are rendered, but the layers between are solid. Wondering why this would be. Thanks.
  22. im running a davinci pro 3in1, and yes i know thats my first problem. ive been running cura for a few months now and have had little to no problems until this. last week i clogged my nozzle to the point of needing to disassemble my entire hotend three times in one day. on closer inspection i noticed that instead of my usual 6.5mm retraction, it was pulling the filament out of the hotend and partially into the bowden tube before running it back in again. no bueno. i tried adjusting my retraction to 6mm on the off chance the decimal place wasnt registering, but to no avail. i also tried just t
  23. Hello everyone, New Cura user and this is also my first-time posting. I was curious about the behaviour if Cura on my Mac running High Sierra. I attempted to search the forums and only found one or two posts on this forum related to Cura running slow on High Sierra, which is not what I am experiencing. Cura (latest version as of this post) runs quite fast -and very smoothly- but my slicing preview has become distorted. The first few times I ran Cura, there were no issues and everything was clear and concise (and actually pretty if I may say so), and I even had access to
  24. Both cores of my ultimaker 3 are no longer recognized. If I put a core in its slot, the message keeps reading "empty slot". When I press with some force on either of those cores, pushing them towards the pcb in the print head, they do temporarily connect. So there must be some kind of gap between these cores and the pcb. However, the pcb is locked in place. At the bottom its "extension" is in the hole meant for this extension. At the top is is screwed to the back of the print head, as it should be. So assuming my pcb is in the correct place, what can I do about this?
  25. Ran a print in my Ultimaker 3 and came back about four hours in to find that the model popped off the build plate which then plugged up the area where the nozzles protrude through the fan housing. Eventually the build up of material popped the fan housing down, forced the glass off of the build plate and left me with the mess in the attached photos. The printer happily printed away shoving the glass around the build plate extruding more and more material. At the moment both nozzles are firmly cemented into the printer and I knocked off one of the fan power ports for the main board. A
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