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  1. Good day, everyone. I purchased a used Ultimaker 2+, it seems to print great and accurate. Even with the stock settings the prints look fantastic. However, it is quite loud with an almost gridding noise. I have included a video link. It doesn't look like anything is rubbing and I lubricated the guide rods. The printer has just over 7000 hours on it and the belts have never been changed. I am new to 3D printing and only have experience on a much cheaper printer. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks https://www.youtube.c
  2. Hi guys, me and my friends are new to 3D-printing. After a few months of gaining experience, we have a question at the moment. Is there a opportunity for us, to download the sliced model with low infill? Our goal is to take that model into the CAD-program to analyze the stability of our part. We would be very happy, if you guys can answer us this question. Many thanks in advance. Emre
  3. Hi Folks first thread here for me, i have recently become responsible for a brand new S5 Pro bundle and have within the last few days started to hear a grinding, gear skipping sort of noise from the material station in bay A which i have only used for Ultimaker PVA support material and still do. I have uploaded a video for your thoughts, the spool does not seem to be controlled by the rollers while i am printing, rather driven from inside the station as if its being dragged. VID_20201015_100630.zip
  4. Uploaded a model from my laptop to an 8gb SD card, and when I start the print my printer will not start printing or even heat up the bed and nozzle. Not sure if this is a problem within Cura, but I've been having numerous problems lately and they were all from Cura that I was able to fix. I anyone else has had this problem please help. Thank you.
  5. Post processing script to park extruder at Z during layer change I realize that in the post-processing script "pause at layer height" I have the ability to park the extruder at both x location and y location. Is there a post-processing script like this that allows me to park the extruder to z height at layer change?
  6. Hi I'm new in the forums and hoping for help : ) I am using Cura as my go to slicer for a heavily modified Creality Ender 3 printer. When I swapped the original board for an MKS GEN V1.4 with the TFT35 touch screen I had the option to add wifi to the printer, which I did shortly after. I installed the hardware module, downloaded the plugin for Cura and at first everything seemed to work perfectly fine - I could send gcode commands, jog the printer and set temperatures, all through Cura as expected. However when sending a print over, Cura seems not to include the starti
  7. Hello! I'm facing a new issue with my UMO+ after years of good jobs: it stops randomly and I can't find why. The prints start normally and before the end of the job almost everytime the printhead suddenly stops moving, the screen becomes blue with nothing displayed for a few seconds, before going back to normal as if I just turned it on, and the build plate can go down. I can get very small prints to the end but when I relaunch it the second time this problem occurs. I've no idea of where it can come from. I wanted to update the firmware but I can't connect it to Cura v
  8. feature request: two extruders printing defined outline number so that we have: outline layer 1: extruder 1 outline layer 2: extruder 2 outline layer 3: extruder 1 infill: extruder 2 outline layer 1: extruder 1 outline layer 2: extruder 2 outline layer 3: extruder 1
  9. Good morning all. I am writing because I am trying to print a dual color item with my Creality CR-X. However, when I go to adjust the color of the extruder to print with it changes the color for both. I want 1 to extrude from left and 2 to extrude from the left but when I adjust it it adjust for both colors. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have added a screenshot of what it looks like. Thank you for any assistance.
  10. I was wondering what was the best room temperature for day to day use, of an Ultimaker S5 printer. I am asking this, because I live in temperate zone. My workshop can get quite cold in winter (about 10°C during the night sometimes 5°C when it's really cold ) In summer it can get quite hot around 30°C (and little more at times) Regarding humidity it's Ok. I have checked. It's more temperature wise that I am concerned. And since winter in approaching, I was wondering if it's the right place to do some printing ? Or should I move m
  11. Hello, I am struggling to change filaments spool with the material station. At least the printer is struggling to recognize which filament I am inserting. (I am using Ultimaker filaments spool) (printer model S5 - September 2020 batch) Steps I take : open the material bay door press + sign on the chosen feeder (A,B, etc...) press "load" button insert the spool with the sticker on the left (filament going down) guide the filament tip into the chosen extruder. the screen show a yellow exclamation mark ==> the filament
  12. It happens when jumps to another surface, that the direction the nozzle goes in, build up some piece of “stick”, which I tried to change a lot of settings with no help. It made some great mess on the hard angle printing. It still works pretty good on regular printing. Cleaning nozzle has no help on this issue.
  13. I have an Ultimaker 2 and I've replaced the nozzle and the wiring that connects to the thermostat and temp sensor. Now these fight but loosely. Am I supposed to put some type of glue or compound on them to make them fit snugly? Thanks in advance for you time and attention! Scott
  14. Im new here so if i did anything wrong please tell me. So im trying to print this peace on my ender 3 and is should fit on the build plate, but i cant slice it because of the gray areas on the left and right. I tried slicing it in creality slicer and it worked. Only the print qualty of cura is better so id rader use cura, I was wondering does anyone know how to remove/make the gray boxes on the side smaller? I already tried to make the build plate bigger in cura but the boxes stay. Also have removed skirts. And tried changing some suppo
  15. The link Ultimaker.com/app takes you to a page 404. The UK iOS App Store doesn’t have an Ultimaker app available. If you google the app link it says it is not available in your country. Pretty disappointing start as a new Ultimaker user. Step 1 of the setup guide and something doesn’t work already. Anyone know why this is? Has it been discontinued?
  16. There are models that are best printed with a raft and there occasions when the raft is very difficult to remove from the model, no matter what settings are in play. I think (?) it would be good if it were possible to print an interface layer between the raft and the model. With a PVA interface, soaking in water would make the raft much, much easier to remove. Is this a good idea?
  17. So, here is my dilemma: I built my own 3D printer from scratch. Like way all the way from scratch. About a week ago, I flashed the first iteration of Marlin, and have made many improvements. I now have it working well with bed leveling using a Z-probe, homing all axis etc etc. I can move any axis using hard G Code in Pronterface or even through Cura's little "send G Code" box. I have also tested multiple other commands through the week and no issues regarding how the printer responds to the G Code commands (Marlin seems to be working well). The issue comes in to pl
  18. Hi I have got a S5 for about a week. However, when I print some large job, after the 1st layer, I have the error massege on the screen says" material is empty" whilst plenty of material is on the spool. I pull out the filement and noticed there was significant grinding. I did some research and have disassembled the feeder and cleaned it. Set the tension to the lowerest. But the same problem still not solved. So far I am having problems with PLA and tough PLA, haven't tried other material yet. It seems the grinding happened after retraction. My retraction setting
  19. What is the expected lifetime in terms of operating hours of a S5 given the fact that the recommended maintenance plan is fulfilled?
  20. I'm looking to purchase a heated bed to upgrade an existing printer, and currently the Ultimaker Heated Bed for use with Ultimaker 2 is near the top of my list. However, to decide if it is acceptable, I need some details about it that I haven't found online. First off, is it capable of reaching 125 c, or is it limited to 100 c? Obviously this depends on cooling conditions: in this case the unit will be in an enclosed printer, with no significant airflow. If I have the heater board does it accept direct analogue electrical input (say if I have a variable V-I power source),
  21. Hey Everyone, I have 2 spools in the material station. My print is finished and I can see that both materials are retracted up into the bowden tubes approximately 2 inches above the cores. I want to remove these two spools. The eject button lights are blue. The eject button gives no response when I push it. I checked the material menu and all buttons are grayed out. For each material it says it is in use. I have rebooted and have the same situation. What am I missing? I'm sure its something simple. Thank you in advance, Mi
  22. I am trying to clean extra TPU off of an Ultimaker s5 nozzle, and I want to know what the best way to remove the TPU is? Should I just heat the nozzle and wipe it off? Clean it with a sonic cleaner etc. Which is the best way without damaging the nozzle. Also what would cause so much of the TPU to stick to the nozzle? I have attached a couple of photos to show what it looks like. Could this be a calibration problem with the nozzle? Or possible a temperature problem with the special type of TPU I am using?
  23. On our S5 printer we are now experimenting with printing ABS on one extruder. The build plate temperature for this material is higher than that of PLA (85 instead of 60). On the other extruder we are still using PLA. In cura the build plate temperature is set to the material that demands the highest (ABS in this case) for both printer profiles. Due to this one of our pure PLA prints faild miserably due to warping. Is there a way to make this setting switch according to the extruder settings of the objects that are placed in CURA (so that only when ABS is actually selected f
  24. i changed my phone, and lost access to my authenticator app, in addition to that i haven't saved recovery codes, is there any way to regain access to my account? i still have access to my email.
  25. Cura was placing floating supports that were not rooted or crested in contact with my model. Where they were supposed to meet with the raft, they made contact fine. Where they were supposed to make contact with the model, there was a gap. By reducing Z bottom-distance and Z-top distance to 0, I've managed to get the support immediately adjacent to the part, but never quite connected to it. Tree supports do the same thing - not connected to the part. I've returned Cura to "factory settings", and I've even deleted and re-installed cura. Same problem. I'm not sure what else to try? I'
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