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  1. So ive "all of a sudden" after 20 lbs of just haveing a great time in plastic trash am having adhesion problems. Ive had time to understand 85% of how this works and then it just stopped building an adhesion 1st layer without curling up, not sticking and shrinking to fast. (Please dont ask if i leveled my bed and all the bla bla bla stuff please) I witnessed this happen about 100 times in the last 12 hours, trying EVERYTHING u are about to ask me, this is ALL IVE BEEN DOIN ALL DAY! laying down adhesion layers watching them pull up and bla bla bla.... BUT then i noticed something, the ext
  2. When the boolean-difference section of the sample is face up, it can be seen within the slicer-preview. However, if you flip the model 180 degrees so the cutout is facedown, the cutout can't be seen at all. The attached sample was used instead of my actual model because it's extremely basic, and watertight. It also rules out possible causes such as - walls are too thin - boolean difference too small to slice Even with this most-basic model, I can't seem to get Cura to acknowledge boolean-differences, when face down. large-test.stl
  3. Hi - I have read through a couple of posts on this topic, but as most of them are quite dated, I am not sure whether anything has changed. For the first time I tried printing with a 0.8mm nozzle and decided to fiddle with the printing temperature while printing to try and alleviate some of the "cotton candy" stringing I have been experiencing lately. To my surprise I noticed the Nozzle Temp was printing at a staggering 240C as apposed to the 205 set in Cura. After some reading, it seems the Printer G-Code setting needs to be changed to ReRap in Cura away from the Def
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new with 3D printing, but learning fast and enjoying in to the max! Today I ran into a problem when opening a .STL file Cura 4.8.0; the file doesn't open at all. When opening the configuration logs, see below, I noticed the following code. ObjectItemButton.qml:81:9: QML Button: Binding loop detected for property "width" Is anyone familiar with this issue and can it be the reason for the file not opening? Hope you guys can help me further with this. Thanks! cura.log
  5. I have the latest version of Cura. I just built a 3DP. When I import the Benchy model in Cura and set it up and click on the Blue Slicing Button on bottom right, it shows loading, but it doesn't progress. For 2 hrs straight, I waited, it didn't progress. It shouldn't take that long. Please help.
  6. Let's say I have been given an STL model to print (i.e. I am not the designer of the model and don't have access to the original design files). This model is supposed to be printed in two colors, and the instructions say to do a filament change at a certain height. I know I can do an actual filament change (using the post-processing plugins), but since I have an Ultimaker 3 with dual extruders, I am trying to figure out if it is possible to use Cura to slice the model such that it uses one print core for the first X layers, and then uses the other print core for the remaining layer
  7. Hi guys Our UM3 has been serving us pretty well although from time to time it decides to fall apart which obviously isn't ideal. It's easy enough to clip back together and get printing again, but I'm sure this is not a deliberate design feature! Has anyone else had similar issues and have a solution? In the images attached you'll see both X and Y rails completely out of their carriages. Ouch! Thanks.
  8. Each time I want to make a print i have to update the firmware on my Ultimaker original. Can anybody tell me why?
  9. Trying to get my head around why this 3D model I've created in Rhino won't slice in cura. Every time I import it into cura and slice the object for 3D printing it keeps only showing the first and last layers (as shown in the image) Any suggestions on what to try would be much appreciated. chair.stl
  10. I'm a new comer to the 3d printing world. Trying to get myself into it as well as inspire my kids to create and learn a new skill. I have a pulse XE printer from matterhacker. Being such, it wants to use matter control software. It is not giving me good prints as noted by many other user reviews on the software. Like to use Cura to slice it. What I'm not sure about is how to modify the start and end codes correctly in Cura to account for my machine firmware and Z offset (-1.06 currently). As cura doesn't have a pulse setting option, i'm using the Prusa mk2 as the pulse is a clone of tha
  11. Hello, to set up my Snapmaker 2.0 correctly I'd like to install a plugin for previewing. In order to do that I'd need to choose the menu Help --> Show Configuration Folder. Unfortunately that doesn't open any folder. I've also searched for the cura folder on my Windows 10 machine but can't find it. I've set hidden files and folders to visible, so that shouldn't be the problem. I'm very new to Cura and 3D printing in general so please forgive me if this is a dumb question. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. My printer recently successfully completed its last print. I came back to it a day later and the screen was black. I cycled the power, the printhead fan spins for about a second then nothing, the screen stays black the entire time. The LED's remain lit on the olimex board, i have noticed the led highlighted in red below is half illuminated when the power is switched on, then after about 2 seconds it then goes solid green and the fan stops and nothing happens. I have tried individually removed the print head cable, one wire to the heated bed and the bed PT100 sensor however i get the same probl
  13. When I use the slicer on an object, its preview looks awful. You can see the object, but the lines are very thin and deep color. This only occurs when selecting "force compatibility mode". Note: if I do not select "force compatibility mode" all line types are yellow. I would definitely like to differentiate supports from the object.
  14. Hi, I'm part of a workshop trying to automate our printer workflow as much as possible. Since we work with students, I've been trying to investigate Cura Engine from a terminal in the hopes of detecting model errors before printing them - without having to manually inspect the file. However I cannot find any documentation around this. Any leads or alternative suggestions that'd do the job would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂
  15. 3D model that was located in CURA at the middle of the cube floor, was printed in Artillery Sidewinder X1 at the front left edge, in a way that exceed printing bed. Any idea what did I miss?
  16. After updating to the most recent firmware, we have lost the ability to connect to our printer over the network via an ethernet cable (our IT doesn't like WIFI printers). IT seems to think it's a firmware problem and suggests rolling back to the previous version. Is that even possible? Thanks!
  17. I use my printer regularly, powered off 2 days ago with no issues. Today it doesn't work anymore. After powering it on it stays stuck at boot logo. Any chance to unblock it and how?
  18. I don't know if it's me being a dumbass but despite having selected option 1, 2, 3, 4 only option 1 is showing, Is it my fault? Other youtube videos I've seen you can see the options and change values.
  19. Hello, This morning my latest print has failed. In order to hold the filament, someone has slip the end of the filament under another filament spire (big mistake, if you don't know). It has resulted in a knot, stopping the flow and grinding the filament inside the Material Station. Now the Material Station mark this spool as empty (it's not) and do not allow to retire the filament. -I've unlock the S5 Printer feeder but it's still locked on the Material Station feeder, -I've unplug the power of the Material Station in hope to loose the
  20. I'm having trouble with the new Pause at height script in Cura. I like to use it to stop a print to change filaments. I typically accomplish this by using my printer's firmware to retract old filament, I had some initial issues with it due to me not realizing that it was going to drop out the heater, causing my printer firmware to disable the extruder which would prevent me from changing filament, I have solved that with settings. Now I'm stuck on this issue where the extruder goes the wrong direction when the print resumes. It retracts instead of extruding. Further manual pausing
  21. Hi there, We have two ultimakers S5 with two material stations here. In one of the ultimakers, a custom filament type has been configured already and it also shows on the touchscreens in the filament types. I want to know what the correct procedure is in order to upload custom filament types to the printer/material station. I have already created a custom material type profile in Cura, but how do I get this to sync to the printer? I read somewhere it will be synced automatically after closing and restarting Cura/the printer, but I already did that several times, and still not
  22. Hi, I have a S5 bundle. When I change print extruder by load/unload/change on printer menu from lets say an AA04 to an BB04, then it still says AA04. Its also says this in CURA and Digital factory. What do I miss? I belive the printer should recognize if its a AA or BB ?? Any tip? Thanks:) Regards Hans
  23. Hi, I get an error telling that there is no material in extruder 2 when I try to use support for my model. I have 2 materials in the material station. For extruder 1 its a tough PLA, and for extruder 2 its natural PVA. The materials are found when I enter the menu on printer. Printing on extruder 1 works fine, but I cant get the machine to load the PVA. Any tip?
  24. I installed the 3DPrintLog.com extension in Cura 4.8 and I find it very annoying. It pops up a query box every time I save a file. Also I thought it was a local data save. Instead you have to open an account and on and on. Not interested. I saw post somewhere that said to go to the plugins directory and delete the folder with the appropriate name. Cannot find a folder with the same name. Two other folders have similar names, don't want to delete something important. Uninstalled and reinstalled Cura a couple times, deleting settings and not deleting settings. Neither worked.
  25. Hi I'm new to this forum and is seeking help on a very frustrating stringing problem. Closer inspection points to the fact that when printing multiple (separate parts) at the same time, the filament doesn't retract some of the time when traveling between the parts causing severe stringing between the separate parts. I've included pictures to show this. I've monitored the printer closely to find that retraction works fairly well within the individual part. The problem appears to be intermittent during travel between parts. After I completed the parts in the picture, I've printed two stringing t
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