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  1. How has PVA been working for UM users? We have Ultimaker PVA and it's been good when users handle it properly. We've found the key is to keep it dry and to warm it up just before using it. Otherwise, it's extremely brittle and will wreak havoc with the bowden drive. More interested in hearing how others have dissolved this material. We've used room-temperature water as well as warm water. Not too warm as to warp PLA parts, however. Still seems to take at least a day to fully dissolve from most parts.
  2. Like to change Unit setting mm to cm or imperial? How is it done? Thanks
  3. So i finally got around to calibrating my extruder after primarily getting to know it (only have it 4 months now). using a flowrate of 100% my CR-10 max was pushing out line widths of 0.52-0.55 with a nozzle diameter of 0.4. After doing flow tests on mutiple pla filaments i have i found out a flow of 85-86% results in walls of 0.4 (to max 0.42). Now i tried to set flowrate per material but that doesn't seem possible initially. Figured i'd go look for a plugin. Found "material settings" and while that DOES let you configure it in material profiles. It's not used in cura itself. The
  4. Hey guyz ! Prints on my Ender 3 Pro are smaller in height (Z axis) than expected. X and Y size however are accurate. I printed some calibration cubes to be sure. Difference is about 4%, the height is around 19.15mm instead of 20mm. I use Cura to slice STL files. I can increase height percentage at around 104% on Cura but for me it's only a workaround and I would prefer a more durable solution than increasing height each time I slice a file. I double checked: E step : perfectly fine Z step : sa
  5. Our Ultimaker S3 is continuing to have issues with filament from spool 1 wrapping around spool 2 and stopping extrusion. Are there solutions for this that anyone is using? If anyone can point me to filament guides or other solutions I'd appreciate it. I've searched the forum and 3D print repositories and haven't anything for the S3 in particular. Thanks in advance!
  6. Been using Cura 4.71 with Anycubic Chiron for some time with success! Took some time to get the best setup. Now I am experiencing Cura shutdowns on long print jobs. I had my first 21 Hr print job and found the printer stopped half way through the build? Thought this may be a problem with something re did .stl file then tried again and the same issue: Looks like Ultimaker had closed on my PC, at least when I turned off the printer and observed the PC I did not see the Cura file open? I have com port settings so port will not shut down -- sleep. PC is also set properly so powe
  7. Hello, I'm trying to print a rapid prototype of a dash replacement that I have been drawing. For some reason cura decides that the last support layer needs to be smaller then whatever it is supporting. This causes the inner shell to not be supported and of course causing a failed print. I have tried a bunch of the support settings, including the support guide and settings list, but I can't seem to figure out why this is the way it is. I'm printing with a 0.8mm nozzle on 0.6mm layer height and 0.8mm line width with E-sun PLA+ at 210°C. Aldoh I don't think this matters allot. (color
  8. No doubt embarrassingly obvious, but I'm just starting on editing 'profiles'. Suppose I've changed a setting such as nozzle temperature. While printing on my Ender 3 V2 will I see that on its monitor? Ditto other parameters?
  9. Hi, i have a serious problem with our Ultimaker 2+. After moving to a new building it was not possible to print any more - no material came out of the nozzle. After some attempts i solved the first problem - the spring in the feeder was worn out. But the change of the feeder didnt help. After some further examination i found out, that the temperture was too low. I had to change the setting for PLA from 200° to 260° (!) to get some print. I went on with my tries, i changed the PT100 to a new one, so i could lower the temperature to 230..240°. Then i tried a new heater, waht didn't change a
  10. Hi, i am using the creality ender 5 printer. The standard setting in cura are not working. I changed the first layer width in to 150% and the printing temperatuur first layer into 70° after the first layer into 60°. That works wel for the first 3 layers. After that the forth layer isnt barely sticking. The rest of the layers do not stick at all. What do i do wrong? Regards Willem S
  11. Hello everyone, New Cura user and this is also my first-time posting. I was curious about the behaviour if Cura on my Mac running High Sierra. I attempted to search the forums and only found one or two posts on this forum related to Cura running slow on High Sierra, which is not what I am experiencing. Cura (latest version as of this post) runs quite fast -and very smoothly- but my slicing preview has become distorted. The first few times I ran Cura, there were no issues and everything was clear and concise (and actually pretty if I may say so), and I even had access to
  12. I lost all settings I had in my Cura, is there a way to have some settings imported from the Gcode generated from this settings? I still have some models I generated using some of my setting. Thanks in advance
  13. I have the S5 and recently updated the firmware from 6.2 to 6.3 . After which my camera stopped working all together. I need to go back to 6.2 . How do I do that?
  14. This is the model i am trying to print but after slicing it in cura it seems to leave out some of the steps on the outside of the cylinder. It also seems to have made some strange gaps between the upper steps. There is also another model that i have made that goes on top of that one with which i had the same problem, but managed to fix it. As for the bottom piece that remains broken, I don't know how to fix the problems with the missing steps.
  15. Hey, I have a weird issue I'm kind of stumped on. I have a Docker container slicing customisable print jobs with CuraEngine which it then sends to the printer via the printer API. This setup has worked so far, but today I restarted the Docker container and now get a 405: Client Error METHOD NOT ALLOWED error when trying to send the printjob to the printer with requests.post(http://192.168.1.x/api/v1/print_job', files={'jobname': jobname, 'file': gcode_file}, auth=requests.auth.HTTPDigestAuth(ILAUMS5_USER, ILAUMS5_PASS)) Usually a 405 error indicates that the method used
  16. I cant select the "extra fine" resolution in Cura anymore. Suddently it just isn't available to select. It's still there in Cura, but clearly it's greyed out. Why? I'm using ultimaker 3, with brand new 0.4 AA and BB nozzles installed.
  17. I need assistance with my Ultimaker2 printer. I had about 3 hours left on a 40 hour print and the feeder cylinder on the stepper motor came off. I was away from the printer when this happen and when I came back the nozzle was about .5 inches above the plastic part. I paused the printer and would like to know how I can go back and pick up where it left off. Is there a way to access the NC code from the printer? What options do i have? Is there something in Cura that will help? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  18. Hi! I work in a public library and manage 4 3D printers (two 3s and two S3s) which we use to print patron submissions. Patrons are instructed to download Cura, choose settings, and save and submit as 3MF files. Library computers run on Windows 10. In the past, this sometimes worked and sometimes didn't - some patron files would open with all their chosen settings and some wouldn't. Since getting the S3's and updating to 4.8, no files have opened with settings. Attached are some example files patrons have submitted - none have loaded with their settings and I have tried both prefere
  19. Hello everyone. I designed a model which is about 20cm height, and there is two small objects at about 15cm height which need supports to print. If possible, I want to use some kind of support that doesn't origin from the plate and get 15 height just to reach those small objects, I want to make the supports to origin from the body itself. Here is a very good example of what I want, there are nice supports, they are like trees but different from "tree supports" in cura. And they also origin from the body and not all of them origin from the plate. And here is a photo
  20. Hello, I've not operated my Ultimaker 2 since april 2016. I installed the latest firmware of april 2018. Is that the latest version ?
  21. Hi Guys Non idex printer with twin heads - is it possible to set the second extruder as a backup in case the first head blocks/jams/runs out of filament? Many thanks!
  22. Hi, Somehow something was broken in my printer and I wasn't sure of what but the printer was working fine, It was just producing small sounds with Y-axis movement in extruder. I started a new print and actually got into a bigger problem and whole print core is effected now and its in pretty bad shape. Please see attached pics and if you have any suggestions for solution of it that would be really helpful. Thanks in advance. Irfan Mustafa
  23. The screenshot shows the greatest zoom I can achieve to examine my 10mm cube. I'd like to almost fill the window. Is there a setting I haven't found please? Or should I just temporarily change the size to say 40mm or whatever? Terry (Cura novice)
  24. good evening kind people, a quick question please. when i load a model for slicing in to cura 4.8 it is a bright yellow colour as seen in the screenshot. is there any way to change this colour please. thank you
  25. Hi, I have just replaced my S5 print core, as PLA became stuck in my old one, and the same has happened on first use with a brand new print core. With the brand new AA0.4 Print core, I successfully loaded white ColorFabb PLA which extruded ok, and had printed XY calibration OK. Set it to do a weekend long print on Friday and left it while it the first support layer of PVA was printing from the other BB core. Today it looks like the PLA was stuck even before it started printing and I cannot remove it. Looking at the printer closely in
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