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  1. I am trying to print a simple coupler piece, however, when I slice it the inner hole diameter is not consistent. The incongruity occurs level with the side hole for the thread insert. I have the same problem with a bracket piece that has a side cutout for a rocker switch. Any ideas? I have been searching for a while and can't find anything on this. Thanks . Bottom Cover^3800 MR Relay Fixture.STL Coupler.3mf Coupler_short^3800 MR Relay Fixture.STL
  2. I have an UMS5 and am trying to sync some new materials from Cura 5 to my printer. I have confirmed that my printer is on and connected via cloud to Digital Factory. I believe wifi is also enabled. The firewall is off. I start the sync process and it just sits here forever. Any suggestions for things to try?
  3. i am trying to print an infinity cube off of thingiverse, and the details said to disable "ignore small z axis gaps"
  4. I recently attempted to print a bearing out of Ultimaker's PC filament and had to cancel the print half way through. The filament had started to accumulate on the print head which lead to the silicone gasket at the bottom being split into two pieces. I changed the gasket and cleaned up the PC filament from the print head. Was there something wrong in my print settings that lead to this happening or could it be a flaw in the model? I have not played around yet with the print settings of the S5 Pro, just use the default or engineering options on Cura.
  5. I'm trying to figure out how to prevent this striping. The cause is the print head changing direction from clockwise to counter clockwise... and back again. It's so random. Sometimes I can change the orientation of the part and that will solve most of the issue. On some parts, however, sometimes after a hundred changes, changing seam preference etc. there's no stopping the striping. I'd love a feature that says "print clockwise" or "print counter clockwise" or something like that. I'm using Cura 5.2.1. The image attached shows the issue along side a print with no striping. Thanks.
  6. Hi 🙂 I'm new to Cura slicer, so please correct me, if I'm understanding things wrong here regarding how cura project files work. A classic usecase of opening old project files in cura imho is to print them on the printer currently configured, with the material currently configured (as this is what is available at the moment in your workshop). Nevertheless, one would want to load the print settings that were once saved to that cura project file to continue, where you left off. At the same time one would likely want to compare these old print settings to the current profile. In contrast to that usecase, at the moment cura either loads everything or nothing from the old cura project file while only providing the option to overwrite current setups or create new setups. This either leads to months-old configurations having your current setup overwritten (who would want that?) or it leads to a mess of profiles, printers and materials. I think, opening an old project file should focus more on the classic usecase described before. Short | The Goal / Request: Assume you want to open an old .3mf Cura project to your current Cura setup. It should be possible to load the print settings profile contained in this old .3mf-file while neither overwriting the current profile nor creating a new profile or changing the current printer and material setup. After the old project file was loaded, its stored old print settings should be shown as temporary changes from the current profile without acually changing the current profile. It should further be selectable to use the current printer and material setup instead of the setup of the old file. Adding one option each in the drop down menu appearing when opening a file should allow this selection and solve the problem. (See details below) If desired, the print settings can still be saved as new profile afterwards. In Detail | My problem broken down to a minimum example and a possivle solution: I have initially created let's say one profile containing print settings one printer preset one custom material I loaded a .stl-file and sliced it with these settings I saved the GCode file and the .3mf cura project file In the following days or weeks I update the print settings profile, the printer preset with improved Start- and End-GCode and the custom material to further improve my cura setup and print, print, print... Weeks or months later, I open my old .3mf cura project file in order to print it (again) with improved settings. Cura gives me the option to either load the model or the project file. (Ok, so far so good.) If I load the model, I can use the current printer and material setup, but I can't use the print settings profile contained in the file. (Ok, so far so good.) If I load the project file, Cura only lets me choose to have the current printer-, profile- and material settings either updated or created new based on the old file. Thus, Cura forces me, to create a new profile, printer and material setup for every file I load in order to not compromise my current setup. This leads to a huge mess. It would be much cleaner imho to add the following options to the dropdown menu (see attatched sceenshot): Printer settings: Use current printer settings Profile settings: Add print settings from .3mf file as changes from the currently active profile (Keep existing profiles unchanged) Material settings: Use current material settings I would really appreciate if it would be considered to facilitate project file handling in the described way or if someone could explain to me, what I'm doing wrong. Thank you very much in advance :-)
  7. Hello everyone, I have a couple of Ultimaker 2+ printers and I’m looking into the idea of converting one of them to take 1.75mm filaments. I produce a variety of models and components for board/tabletop games and have been using eSUN PLA+ almost exclusively for the past few years but recently discovered that eSUN are no longer producing their 2.85mm range due to low demand. While I am still able to find some of the filaments I require, it is becoming increasingly hard to do so and, ultimately, there will come a time when it is not longer possible. I have received a number of recommendations for alternative filaments to try out but in every case there would be some form of compromise on either price, colour range, mechanical properties, etc, etc… not to mention the the time and effort that I would need to put into experimentation and testing while I try to find the best replacement. Given all this, it occurs to me that converting either one or both of my machines to work with 1.75mm filaments might be an easier/faster solution as it would allow me to continue using my preferred brand while maintaining continuity for my customers. I have read a number of articles on this subject but, while it seems clear that it is possible to do, these articles vary widely in their claims from “You don’t really need to do much” to “You need to change everything!”. Some of the solutions I’ve found look like they may cost me a bit and, while I’m ok with this in principle, I don’t have endless cash to throw at this problem so I’d like to be better informed before I taking any action. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has tried this conversion (successful or not) or anyone who uses eSUN products and is facing the same dilemma. Many thanks in advance - J
  8. Hi there - using my new UMS5 Pro Bundle. When selecting a print (sliced in cura) on my flash drive, I have green check marks for everything ACCEPT "unknown" build plate type. Do you know what is causing this? Is there a way to change this setting in Cura? I cannot find a setting that enables me to specify build plate type when slicing. I am using the standard glass plate - which I specified during printer set up.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to migrate a plugin that I use in version 4.X but that had not been updated to version 5. In the QML files the plugin defines some items as: TextArea In QT5 version I have scrollbars and mouse selection: With QT6 this doesn't work anymore ... How can we get back these properties or how to replace these items ? Source code of the qml File for QT 6 : https://github.com/5axes/CuraLiveScriptingPlugin/blob/master/qml_qt6/LiveScripting.qml
  10. Hi All, I have an S5 that has been set up and running for several years. It was configured to run on local network. I could connect to it thru cura, "print to network", monitor it thru cura and the browser. However, since I got back from the Christmas break, some functionality has been lost. In Cura, it still detects the printer on the network, but if I hit connect, it grays out for about a second, like it is trying to connect, then goes back to unconnected status. This means no "print to network" and a blank monitor tab. If I try to connect to it thru the browser, I get the standard welcome screen. It I hit temperature graph, it will display the graph with live data properly, but if I hit digital factory, it just loads and loads but never connects. Connecting to the web cam directly thru port 8080 also works. At this point I am stuck saving new prints to USB and printing that way and lose all remote monitoring (minus webcam) and control.
  11. Cura 5.0.0, my viewport is not working. That is, I cannot zoom or rotate my view. I can rotate objects (with the rotate tool). I can right-click and choose from the menu. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, reinstalled an earlier version. Nothing has changed. I can still bring in stls and slice them, etc. I just can't get the view to change. Selecting a fixed view from the bottom buttons highlights them, but the view doesn't change. The same with the view menu choices.
  12. My 2nd printhead when switched in printing mode is free to move and as such when I try and do the automatic levelling my build plate pushes it into my head and then says the difference is too big levelling failed what controls this. the core is loose I can push it up with my finger when lift switch is enabled, I tried re assembling lift switch. this is a problem as active levelling fails. What should I do to stop this from Happening. thank you
  13. I'm wondering if someone could tell me a way to set my own default entries in the per-model menu bar? By default there are seven pre-selected parameters which appear each time I want to modify my overlap, which are irrelevant to my needs. Typically I just want infill density=100% to reinforce certain areas etc. I know I can dismiss them by ticking the "-" button, but I can't figure out how to make that choice stick for subsequent uses of the menu item. I couldn't find anything in settings or searching online. I suspect I might need to edit a settings file somewhere. Anyone with any suggestions? Thanks. ==>
  14. Hello, My question is simple actually, i just want to stop the table/bed in the middle of printer. Let's say u sent a job to the printer and it finished, bed goes downwards and stops at the bottom. I don't want it to go all the way down. I want to set a Z coordinate manually so, when the job is done table stops there. I did try few things, like trying to add custom "End G-code" and sometimes it works, table stops exactly where i want it to be but eventually it goes down again no matter what. I know that, it needs to check where the table is with the switch at the bottom but it needs to do this in the beginning, not in the end. So, basically i want my printer to be able to stop in the Z coordinate which i will call... and it will stand there until i send a new job. I would be appriciated if you can share any idea/knowledge with me. Have a wonderful day!
  15. I am trying to use the value of `line_width` in my custom post-processor script, however, the value always returns 0.4, even if I change it to something else in the GUI. I even tried a clean install with only one printer with everything set to something else than 0.4, however, I still get this value when querying line_width. I use the following code (also attached as plugin): from collections import OrderedDict from UM.Extension import Extension from UM.Application import Application from UM.Settings.SettingDefinition import SettingDefinition from UM.Settings.InstanceContainer import InstanceContainer from UM.Settings.DefinitionContainer import DefinitionContainer from UM.Settings.ContainerRegistry import ContainerRegistry from UM.Logger import Logger class TestPlugin(Extension): def log(self, level, message): Logger.log(level, f"TEST: {message}") def __init__(self): super().__init__() self._application = Application.getInstance() self._i18n_catalog = None self._application.getOutputDeviceManager().writeStarted.connect(self._filterGcode) def _filterGcode(self, output_device): scene = self._application.getController().getScene() self.log('d', "trying the global container") global_container_stack = self._application.getGlobalContainerStack() if not global_container_stack: self.log('d', "no global container stack found") return # get setting from Cura layer_height = global_container_stack.getProperty("layer_height", "value") self.log('d', f"Layer height: {layer_height}") I suspect that I somehow the line_width in the global container stack has other values as well, however, I have very little idea of how the container structure is build up. Should I be using a different container? What am I doing wrong? And if somebody could explain to me, what is even a container?? TestPlugin.zip
  16. Hi all. I may have missed it but I haven't yet found the answer. If you have cura set for walls to be two rows thick and the actual wall is 6mm thick with a hole vertical in the wall. This puts two rows around the hole. Is there a way to put more rows around the holes to make them stiffer? I haven't found a way yet. Thanks
  17. Hallo zusammen, mein Ultimaler S5 macht neuerdings Probleme. Plötzlich verfahren die X und Y Achsen nicht mehr. Hab das Troubleshooting lt. Anleitung gemacht, Endschalter funktionieren, Riemen sind gespannt. Wollte den Druckkopf in Homeposition fahren, jedoch ohne Erfolg. Die Schrittmotoren machen kein Geräusch. Fehlermeldung ER33
  18. After a month with my printer broken, I can finally print again, but during that time I upgraded to windows 11 (idk if it has anything to do..) and I was not able to open cura anymore (pretended about my OpenGL version)(I put an external dll in cura folder and it fixed it). The problem is that now cura is really slow, and the preview is really ugly. It seems to be locked into "compatibillity mode". I have a recent system and all my drivers are up to date. What can I do ?
  19. Hi, I'm having trouble getting my 3D models in to Cura and aligned correctly. I've split my model into two stl's so I can print them on the same layer but in two colours (it's like a yin and yang type design). In 3dsmax my models are aligned perfectly with the pivot points at [0,0,0] , but when I import them into cura they are offset and even if I zero out the positions (in cura) they don't align. it's like the centre point is getting recalculated as Cura imports it. How do I get my models to line up? I'm using Cura 5.1.0 I hope that made sense and thanks for reading. Cheers Dan
  20. I am trying to make a multipass first layer mulicolor print.. which I have done before, but my models won't merge probably in line with one another... anyone know if this is a bug or why this may be happening?
  21. Although there is the option to set active leveling to "Never" the printer does not allow me to do so, i get an error i cannot skip. I am on firmware I posted it in firmware because i remeber being able to disable it on an older version ( i would prefer not to upgrade to a newer firmware). Is there a workaround? (i know how to connect with putty to the printer if that helps) I need this since one of my printcores is broken and i don't have another one at the time to replace it.
  22. Hi everyone! I am helping my company in looking for a new 3D printer, and I have heard a lot of good things about the Ultimaker S5 printer. For anyone who uses this model of printer (or any other models by Ultimaker (just curious!)), I just wanted to know: How long have you had the printer for, and how has your experience with it been so far? Have you had any issues with the nozzle getting clogged? if so, is it a frequent occurrence? Thank you so much!
  23. I have a problem with my ultimaker s3, extrusion does not work on the 2nd printer core, I have tried loading and unloading both the printing core and the PLA material but it i still have a problem of it not printing, can anyone suggest something
  24. I have just come across the Ultimaker Air Manager (on post). Previously when purchasing the printer, I briefly considered this - the plastic I like to use, (white Ultimaker official PLA) is non - toxic. The question has arisen again as I have seen this product. As mentioned above, obviously the filter cleans the air of the harmful particles+fumes, but just how necessary is it and is it worth investing in? More specifically, how much usage would warrant one? Working on some more designs and hope to post these soon. Any comments are very much appreciated, Alex
  25. Hallo zusammen, ich habe seit 2 Wochen einen Ultimaker 2+. Die Temperatur der Nozzle schwankt. Wenn ich z.B. 220 Grad für PLA einstelle schwankt die Temperatur von ca. 204 bis 230 Grad. Wenn ich ABS drucken will bekomme ich eine Fehlermeldung und der Druck bricht ab. Habe dann ein PID Tuning durchgeführt. Leider wurde das abgebrochen mit der Fehlermeldung "Temperatur zu hoch". Freue mich auf jegliche Hilfe von euch. Viele Grüße Stephan
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