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  1. Hello, I want to run my own post processsing script via a nice tool button in cura. i have it running in file/export ... but this is so much more work 😉 It would be nice to have it on the left side and when i click on and i haven't clicked slice than it starts slicing and when finished it directly starts my srcipt. I don't want to get a file which i have to pass to my script where i have to read and overwrite. It should be possible to directly pipe the stream to my scritp so only one time a file is written. I know its a difficult question, if you need more information pleas let
  2. When using the "Mold" special mode, modifications to Support parameters are not respected in the slice. The slice preview still shows a Support being generated at the bottom of the print, but it reverts from a modified dense zig zag to a very sparse grid when "Mold" special mode is enabled. I might assume the "Mold" special mode has hard coded support parameters? Is this intended? More info: "Spiralize Outer Contour" is required for our workflow We modify the Support parameters to remove the gap between support and print We modify the Support paramet
  3. Hi all. I'm sure I'm missing something basic here and I've tried playing with settings as described on various troubleshooting guides but I'm at a loss so I've come here x I seem to have a gap between walls and the main body of the print. I first assumed it to be not enough top layers but this is 90% gyroid infill and 12 top layers. Holding the print up to the light shows that there only seems to be a bottom layer where the gaps are. I'm sure I am missing a setting, I just can't work out out what it is. I've reset the profile to default and put the temp up in case that
  4. Hello there. So the Native CAD import plugin sounds really great and useful. I believe I am not the only one who would like to use it, but is held off by the high subscription price. May I suggest to offer another option for users to get access to this plugin? Maybe the possibility to subscribe to this plugin alone?
  5. Hi all, Firstly thanks for helping, my printer has just stopped work mid print. I've just completed 4 days of back to back prints and it's stopped on the last part. The material is PETG. I've tried heating the nozzle up and moving the filament but nothing will extrude. The extruder had a large lump on it when it failed mid print. I've removed this carefully. Thanks for any thoughts on why it's still not printing! James
  6. I just realized the only UM with 300mm z- height now is the S5. Will there be a UM 2+ Connect Extended? cheers Kris
  7. im trying to slice my prints but none of them well generate any infills now i reinstalled cura but the still want show like they use to i need help
  8. I have a UM3. It all started with a big print fail, The Material backed upped into the head and in the process of trying to clean it up, I damaged the head. Fortunately, I had a spare AA 0.4 head. I installed the new head, loaded PLA and, as expected, it wanted to calibrate XY. When it printed the test pattern the Y outline looked OK but then it started printing dots. Kind of like the head wasn't getting fed enough material. I have unloaded / loaded material and tried to calibrate numerous times and it does the exact same thing. I tried cleaning the head and the feeder and still get t
  9. how do i make the monitor work on a any cube mega zero
  10. The company I work at has an ultimaker 3s and we are currently attempting to print what are essentially balls in one color with a detailed pattern of another color added to the surface of the ball. I've split the ball in 2 halves and the prints are mostly successful however each island of the small details printed in the second color has bits of plastic sticking out and is generally uneven and weird. Is there a setting in ultimaker to avoid this type of issue ? Sadly I don't currently have any picture to share since all our prints have been sanded down .
  11. Our workflow prints a high volume of small parts. We would like to engrave/emboss the file name (which is a "job number" in our workflow) onto an exposed portion of the raft during the print. This would allow us to track the part/job through the rest of our post-print workflow. Having it on the raft would not interfere with the part geometry. This can not be done "In CAD" as a single model is printed in many different jobs. Does Cura have some mechanism to print the job # or file name that we are missing? Again, looking for a method that does not interfere with part geo
  12. With my Ender 6 (and had it with the CR10s pro as well) if I ender the speed of like 150 or 200, the printer still seems to be working on normal speed. I need to change it by hand on the printer itself. and then i can see and hear the printer go a lot faster. IS there another setting that I need to do? Thank you
  13. It's actually my second machine, I had a S5 Pro Bundle at work for 2 years that was always flawless, now retired I boought my own S5. Despite going through calibration and manual leveling procedure, the first layer is bad.. I tried spinning the glass 180 degrees, printing on the other side, re-doing the calibration... it changes a little but is still uneven about the same way each time.. it goes through the multi-touch drill each time and doesnt fail.. everything looks normal. using UM plain PLA. thoughts?
  14. Does anyone know how to get the machine name to append to the end of the file name instead of the front. When I save gcode, it will give me machine_originalModelName but OriginalModelName_machine would be so much more useful. I know that the machine tag is in there so people with more than one machine don't accidently use the code on different machines with very different flavors of gcode. But with it in front, it ends up taking up a lot of my printer's view screen and makes it difficult to choose the right print. If it were in the end of the file, I'd basically only see it while transferring
  15. Hi All, Trying to print with PVA (In extruder 2) and was wondering why Extruder 2 is creating more supports than Extruder 1? Setting are exactly the same. Thanks in advance
  16. Hi! Cura is an amazing tool with such a strong community so that over the course of the last three years I'm doing 3d printing, I always very quickly found a solution on the web for any question I had. So I never needed to bother you here in the forum, before 🙂 Background: I'm ultimately trying to 3d print RC model aircrafts with a single wall and a highly custom infill (for weight reduction). Additionally, there might be openings in the print. There are quite a lot of tutorials on this topic and I had some success by applying the suggested 0.45mm thin
  17. Hello, I use a 2in1out hotend, and i really like the print function one at a time. Until no i have set my printsettings to one extruder because with two or more this function is not possible. So i use my own post processing script to set extruder values afterwards. If this function cannot be realised for all, can you give me a hint where i can tweak this check to get arround this? kind regards
  18. Hi, even though I'm still new to 3D printing I know my way around Linux relatively well. I purchased the UM2+ Connect based on my requirement for openness and tinkering. I understand the printer is new but still despite some searches I didn't manage to find information on developer mode. I tried to applied what worked for other models (maintenance, diagnostic, enable dev mode) with the hope to get ssh access, if not root. Unfortunately I didn't see the option there. Did anybody manage to connect (pun intended) and if so how? PS: scanned ports with nmap and didn't notice
  19. Hello all, I've encountered an annoying problem on my brand new S5. It happened to all my first 3 large prints (ran a small test and it worked fine) - the extruder motor keeps pushing the material but the hot end decides to stop spitting filament mid print, resulting in this huge mess of entangled filament on the back. The pushing force is so strong that it dislodges the feeder tube. Please see attached images - (sorry for the sideway pics)... Everythiing was set properly. AA for PLA, no BB in use. The printer doesn't even send an error message, shows it was done printi
  20. Just learned what a slicer does and that its mandatory to convert mods into gcode or printer does nothing. Heres my comp stats, Windows 8.1, 4GB ram, Intel-celeron, 64bit os/x64 based processor, intel hd graphics card I think? So I have tried installing the latest and previous versions I could find of Cura all with the same outcome as they just wont open but gives me an error of "The procedure entry point_crt_atexit could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.10.0\Cura.exe.". Im no code writer but that looks like a main start up command? I have installe
  21. 3D-Printer: Ultimaker 2+ Connect Firmware Version: 1.5 Cura Version: 4.10 TLDR: Does Ultimaker 2+ Connect (Firmware 1.5 / Cura 4.10) support the g-code M0? Pause at height does not pause. ----------- I added the "Pause at height" post processing script with the following settings. With the method Marlin the printer correctly moves the print head to the configured coordinates, moves the build plate down and retracts the material BUT will immediately resume the printing process, meaning build plate goes up again, the print head moves to the last
  22. Hello, I'm using CPE+ a lot and the results are really great. However, with fresh spools it happens quite often that the filament slips off the spool and entangles somewhere. That happend on a UM3 and on a UMS3. I'm using the ultimaker CPE+ filament. And with PLA or other materials I never observed this issue. Does anybody have experience with this behavior and knows how to avoid it? Thanks in advance! Johannes
  23. Hello all, Ive been running into an issue where I am printing many small beckets (all the same) with a brim and im having them all delaminate and curl really bad. I originally placed one part, and multiplied it, allowing the cura software to orient them as it pleased. (see attached photo). My question is I want to space them out, and orient them in rows and columns, but I havent figured out how to do that yet, or if its possible to choose how it will multiple. I can move each one by hand, but would prefer to be able to do it all at once. Thank you for any
  24. I use Blender to design all of my 3D prints and Cura to slice them. It has never bothered me that the things I design don't come out to the precise measurements I see in Blender. Now I am working on a project where the parts need to fit precisely and I am doing many test prints to get the fit right. Is there something I might be doing incorrectly, or is this a common experience? Thanks
  25. The crossbars on which the print head sits ride on pairs of brackets, each bracket attached to its drive belt. All of a sudden, both of the crossbars are loose in their brackets and can become entirely disengaged, which obviously causes a print failure. Haven't seen any mention of this. Has it happened to other people? Any recommendations for a fix?
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