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  1. I'm having some warping issues on larger petg prints. A nice sized brim fixes it 50% of the time. Some times, the brim can't hold it down and it tears. Other slicers have an option to have the brim print for the first 2 layers. Can someone add this to the feature request list. 2 layers are still easy too cut off, but helps pin it too the bed. If there is a work around or plugin though, that would be great. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, As part of my job i run a request system for 3D printing, entirely built in office365 using sharepoint, forms, automate and powerapps for anyone interested in doing the same. Anyway i would like to embed a live feed into my sharepoint request page to enable internal customers a view of their fixtures being printed and as i have embedded videos before i was wondering how i could get a link to the camera feed? Is there a html somewhere i can tap in to? Thanks James
  3. Cleaning the nozzle is very important with PETG. Otherwise the filament will stick to the nozzle. In the case of larger parts, printing will then fail! For Cura / Experimental / Wipe please add these two options: 1. Additional cleaning at the start Should be executed after the "Start G-Code". 2. Additional cleaning at the end Should be executed before the "End G-Code". Thank you
  4. Hello Community I think I have a quite simple question but unfortunately no answer. Is it possibel in CURA 4.0 to modify the color in the mode "Preview" => "Line type" => "Color Scheme"? Currently the Top/Bottom-Layer is represented in a kind of light yellow. The infill is represented in let me say a kind of less light yellow color. As we are all aware about the fact that millions of colors are available I do not understand why this extremly similar colors have been choosen for representation by CURA. E.g. why not follow the PRUSA Slicer approa
  5. Please add the ability to create and store a longer text description for print profiles. This will provide a means for the user document certain profiles, add creation dates, record changes made to the profile, etc. Ideally this long-text would simply appear as a tool-tip, when the mouse is hovered over the profile in the drop-down menu.
  6. Hello! I'm facing a new issue with my UMO+ after years of good jobs: it stops randomly and I can't find why. The prints start normally and before the end of the job almost everytime the printhead suddenly stops moving, the screen becomes blue with nothing displayed for a few seconds, before going back to normal as if I just turned it on, and the build plate can go down. I can get very small prints to the end but when I relaunch it the second time this problem occurs. I've no idea of where it can come from. I wanted to update the firmware but I can't connect it to Cura v
  7. Hello, this is about the Ultimaker 3 from the British Senior school in Leidschenveen, The Netherlands. Where could I find somebody with knowledge of this 3D printer to come and check it? the first prints worked very well but after those we can't make it work. Thank you. Laura.
  8. i have a snapmaker 350 and i cannot find a way to add this pinter to cura 4.7.1 can you help
  9. I use the 3D printer "anycubic-predator": https://www.anycubic.com/products/anycubic-predator-fdm-printer The filament is PETG. That doesn't mean warping. However, after a while the nozzle sticks. Which unfortunately slowly but surely destroys the part! A cleaning brush cannot be attached to the X-axis of the delta printer. Further optional input values are required (shown in red in the picture): 1. additionally required: Y absolute 2. additionally required: Z absolute This gives an absolute starting position X-Y-Z for the wipe move (shown in yellow in the picture).
  10. On our S5 printer we are now experimenting with printing ABS on one extruder. The build plate temperature for this material is higher than that of PLA (85 instead of 60). On the other extruder we are still using PLA. In cura the build plate temperature is set to the material that demands the highest (ABS in this case) for both printer profiles. Due to this one of our pure PLA prints faild miserably due to warping. Is there a way to make this setting switch according to the extruder settings of the objects that are placed in CURA (so that only when ABS is actually selected f
  11. The hot end on my printer is plugged. I’m trying to remove the Bowden tube, but I cannot get the Bowden tube out. I have removed the clip, pressed down on the white ring, and the Bowden tube allows me to move it only about 1/8 of an inch. I cannot pull tube out (and I continue to press down on the tube coupling collet). I also tried to remove the tube from the other end on the back and also can’t remove it from there. There is filament inside the tube. I’ve looked in the forums for this topic and didn’t find it. I’m hopeful that this community may be able to help. Am I missing
  12. Within the settings you can find a checkbox called "Adaptive layering". I think it would be nice if, inside the "Modify settings for overlap" mesh type, the "Layer height" option would be there. This would allow you to set different layer heights for different parts of your model(s), e.g. say I wanted to print a Flexi Rex. Normally, I would set a small layer height so the joints don't fail, but then the whole model would have to be that layer height, therefore taking more time. But if I use this feature, I could add a cube, scale it to fit the joints, and set the joints to be a smaller layer h
  13. So I like my models to be really clean but sometimes I can’t get good adhesion without a brim. So I was wondering why the brim could not be perforated. We could then just peel it off cleanly and do some minor sanding if needed.
  14. I've set up my lights so they're on during printing and off otherwise, which is what I prefer. However, when I'm doing things like changing the build plate or applying glue, I'd like to be able to quickly switch the lights on so I can see what I'm doing. Currently I have to go into the settings and turn off the "only on during printing" option. It would be nice to have a button in the corner on the home screen to just turn the lights on or off, preferably available during prints as well! I'm not sure what the behavior should be when the printer performs an action that would change
  15. I am trying to use the Special Mode: Mold to print a mold for my model. The feature works as intended, except for the top of the model; instead of following the set Mold Roof Height, it cuts off right at the top of the model so that the final layers of the model actually protrude through the mold shell. This doesn't allow for any room for the molding medium (silicone in this case) to cover the model's tip. Attached is a pic of this and my model settings. Is there a way to make the top of the mold extend past this point? Likewise, is there a way to print ONLY the mo
  16. In my job I print a lot of objects with overhangs with round profiles needing support. The current support patterns tend to follow either a path concentric to the perimeter (which results in some layers of the overhang to be supported while leaving others to sag and cause irregular surfaces) or a rectangular path (which results in some sections of a round overhang to get support that intersects each layer of the overhang while other areas get nearly tangent support lines that touch only a few of the overhanging layers and leave the others to sag). Neither of these patterns works well for overh
  17. I have been using the old 15.04.6 version of Cura for a long time. I have been advised to upgrade to the beta to check out the new features and so far am impressed with the 4.0.0 beta. However, I like my bed and extruder to heat up at the same time and these added lines of G-Code prevent that when I slice. M140 S{print_bed_temperature} M105 M190 S{print_bed_temperature} M104 S{print_temperature} M105 M109 S{print_temperature} M82 ;absolute extrusion mode Where do these lines get added, because I used to be able to heat both at the same time with 15.04.6 with the following code. M107
  18. Is it possible to vary the wall thickness in a model in specific areas? I want to thicken one side where erosion will occur to say 2-3mm, while leaving other walls at 1-2mm.
  19. Hi, i have just updated to Cura 4.7 and i'm having a problem. When trying to run through the setup, cura just closes! ive uninstalled 8 times, checked windows for updates, reinstalled.... but it still closes. i cant get it to work. does anybody have any idea of what can be causing this issue? Thank You Danny
  20. Horizontal Expansion, Initial Horizontal Expansion and Hole Horizontal Expansion should use a ratio value instead of a fixed length. The Horizontal Expansion changes depending on the dimensions. This means the bigger the measurement, the larger the Horizontal Expansion needs to be and vice versa. My request is to change the fixed length offset to a ratio, depending on the dimensions of lengths and holes.
  21. Is there a way to bypass the material station when running materials that have not been optimized for it? Also, It would be very nice to be able to run head 2 on bypass, but still have head 1 fed from the material station.
  22. Hi all! I have noticed that sometimes NFC recognition of the spools in the material station is a bit tough. I mean: if i push the spool on the left of the bay is easier for the sensor to recognize the material spool, but even if the spool is recognized, when you turn off and then back on the printer, sometimes it recognizes wrong some spools and you have to unload and re-load back the material. It would be nice to have an "override" feature (just for ultimaker materials of course), where you can manually set the spool type and color when NFC does not work go
  23. Howdy, I'm using Cura 4.5, I looked through the changelogs for the more recent versions and have not found anything addressing this; my apologies if I overlooked something: Could we get wipe or coasting options available for supports? From the "preview" tab, it shows the coasting settings not carrying over to the supports. I rely on wipe / coasting to help me solve stringing issues, and would appreciate these tools for support also; in my specific application I'm using a single nozzle, dual-material extruder to print a 100% density support interface in PVA. It'd be sweet to hav
  24. Hello! Does anyone know where to get a good quality but relatively cheap 0.4 mm nozzle? I ordered some from amazon but they are too short and are not the best even though it had good reviews!
  25. So I have recently come across this issue on my ender 3/ender 3 pro using Marlin 2.0.x using SKR E3 mini where very visible holes on the edges and lots of stringing have been happening. I touched up some settings with the help of another person and the before and after print looks like this. Nozzle size is again 1mm. Material is wood filament from Priline. Supports are tough to take out even at 5% Overall Settings: Layer Height: .2 Initial Layer Height: .25 Infill: 30 Nozzle Temp: 210 Bed: 50 Speed: 45 Listed Below is
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