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  1. I am attempting to use a CPAP fan as a parts cooler for my 3d printer. Since it needs a controller to function (ESC), on my Duet WIFI 2, I cannot just plug it into the fan0 port on the controller board. Good news is that I was able to re-purpose one of the heater pins to behave like a servo and then I can use an M42 command to turn on / off the CPAP fan and increase / decrease the fan speed. For example CPAP fan at 0% M42 P8 S0.4 CPAP fan at 100% M42 P8 S0.7 What I am hoping to accomplish is to re-use the post processing script InsertAtLayerChange to conver
  2. I do not know my way around CAD but I have an STL file that I created from an SLDPRT file, the file has the lower section hollow but I want it to be solid, is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance. Mike 1523717192_TriconeDrillBit(1).stl
  3. Hi, I'm new to 3d-printing so I prefer using the standard settings of Cura. Every print starts with a prime blob. I guess that's ok. But as soon as the prime blob is ready the print bed starts raising at the same time that the print head starts moving. That causes the print head (to be more precise: the bottom of the front fan) to hit the top of the prime blob. If the prime blob is PLA then it just flattens a bit but it stays on its place. But if it is PVA then the prime blob often falls down and sticks to the print head. The print head then drags the blob onto the center of print be
  4. Dehumidifier is not working correctly and performed the recommended steps with disconnected machine and station for more than 1 hour several times and same situation. Should we act somehow - like disassembling it or have to request dehumidifier?
  5. Hello All, In my UMS5 I received, there is in my USB Key a .ufp file which is a Phone/HeadPhone Stand. Do you know where can I find the 3D file, in order to printmorethan one at once ? Thank you !
  6. Hi, I use Cura 4.8 and it shows a weird FLAT form for my Stl file when it loads it without giving me an error. Then when I try to slice it gives me an error : Unable to slice Before I exported to STL I used the 3D print tool box tool to verify it and it did not flag ANY error. I have checked everything I could think of. at this point, any Help would be very much appreciated Thank you! mYGIRL jAN 7 PRINT .stl
  7. Gi Guys, it seems to me that for what I do Cura is the best slicer for my printer. I use a Anicubic Mega S. But what I look for is a Add-On or feature in Cura that could cut the object into pieces. I saw that in some other Slicer Software, but it did not slice well for my printer and I forgot which one that is. This would make some Prints so much easier without the hassle to bring it into some other 3D Software, rearrange it and bring it back. Imaging, you have a Figurine, cut it in Half or cut off the raised arm, lay it down on the bed and print it without these nasty supports all
  8. While printing, I noticed a lack of extrusion and aborted the print, thinking it was a usual clog. However, I found that the print core on the right extruder leaked and filled the entire space between and under the the cores. I am hoping the only problem is the print cores, but I can't remove them. Can anyone help with suggestions? It looks to me like the leakage is contained by the cores, but I can't remove them even if I try to remove both at the same time since the plastic has fused them together. I am guessing that plastic between them must also be fused to the mount for the print co
  9. Hello, I'm batch printing part and I would like to know if there was a way, using Gcode to get rid of the 'remove print from build plate' message appearing after each print, since my print are automatically removed with the print head. BTW I'm using the bulldozer plugin:
  10. Hey Everyone thanks for taking the time to read this. I have created a model using fusion and when imported into cura its too large I scale this down to 10% to print out (fit on build plate) however I get a few error messages. I have also attached the model (i think this may be the issue and a screen shot.) Can anyone help? final test.stl
  11. I have been 3D printing daily for the past 3 months (Ender 3 pro) and it has been a nightmare. Getting the first layer right was near impossible. Getting a successful print was a process of very meticulously leveling the bed, trying to print, stopping it to scrape off the failed layer, releveling and repeating until I get the lucky run where it somehow sticks. I tried 3 different bed surfaces (original, glass, and another magnetic one), 4 different filaments, all ranges of temperatures, a new nozzle, changing nearly every slicer setting, and every possible bed height with no change at all.
  12. There’s difference between filaments. Pla is more stiff on low temperatures, nylon is stronger. So if there’s anything to do, like making something with one layer of pla as top coat on a nylon print? Seems to me that the pla will hold that short period of higher temperature. Then the print probably will be stronger and smoother! something else about layers, there is always the same thickness on the surface in each level. I am in default settings, so it will give 3 layer in a row on each level. But, I think, and believe, that if it make it like, 2 and 3 layers, zigzagged with the filled in,
  13. When setting up a model for per model settings in Cura 4.8, I get the model set how I want, and when I go to multiply the model, when it auto arranges the copied models, it does not take into account the per model settings models. So they can overlap with how close they are to copied models and their settings interact with others. Easy to move things around and fix it, but not exactly auto arrange. 🙂 Would be nice to have it take into account the per model settings models so they don't interact with copied models when auto arranging them.
  14. I have tried in several times to install Cura on a Windows 7 64 bit machine for a year now. I have searched the internet for this issue and it appears to be all over the place with now real solution. I will install but will not start. No splash screen or anything. IN windows Task manager under applications there is no listing for cura running. Under Processes there are 4 entries for cura.exe. I have installed this on another laptop and it loads but can take 10 minutes or more. The desktop I am concerned with is more convenient to use with my Ender3 PRINTER. All of my graphic cards are up to da
  15. I am having some warping issues with ABS and simmilar filaments that contract a lot. One remedy is to have a heated enclosure for your printer. However i was wondering if there is a cura setting to print the skirt to the full height of the model as a thin single wall. This would act as a draft prevention and keep a higher temperature at the model when using the heated bed. Maybe an idea to implement if not already somewhere in the program. What do you think?
  16. Hi, I use a Creality ender 3 and in Cura when I slice a model only the top layer is sliced. I tried to move the sliders at the bottom and on the right, Re-install Cura in older versions. It affect all stl that I import in cura and I didn't change settings in Cura btw. Thanks for help
  17. My printer is on the other side of the room, so it would be nice if, when you abort a print you didn't have to walk over to the printer and confirm that you stopped the print. Seriously, when monitoring the print it would be somewhat miraculous to open the "manage in browser', click the ellipsis, and select abort print...by accident. Even if they did, why can't there be a popup that asks (like the printer) "Really?". The other nicety would be to confirm removal remotely. I have had instances where I confirm on the printer, go back to the computer, send the print...then realize
  18. Have an ULTI S5 Pro-Bundle We are a manufacturing company, using FANUC, Siemens, Yamasaki controls etc. Had quite a few stumbling blocks in getting the Ultimaker to be able to be trouble shot easily and for it to stay reliable. Granted this may not be an industrial scaled control system, but it seems to lack some basic functionality. Among the features that are missing: Interlock cancel and direct control are not available -Should be able to force reverse feed, or feed with material station -Should be able to look at g-code as its being ran so you can
  19. When i click on the camera button the camera view pops up in the middle of the app window, and cant be moved, it can only be closed. It would be very convenient if this view could be a separate window, at least a floating movable element that stays on top like PiP, while the rest of the app isn't blocked?
  20. Hi Cura People. I use Sprialize Outer Contour Mode alot to print large objects using PETg. Heres some more info: Build Volume = Delta 600 x 350D Print Speed = 8mm/s Line width = 2.5mm Layer Height = 0.7 This thread falls into Feature Requests but let me know if there are ways to mitigate the following issues in the current version. Not Truely Sprialized This issue relates to the bottom layers. Cura starts by printing the outside wall then proceeds to Sprialize from the inside out requiring the need for travel and/or retraction. If multiple bottom layers ar
  21. Hello, Not sure if this has been asked, at least I couldn't find a thread. I am trying to add my Crazy 3d Print (XYZ Printing) CZ300 to my Cura. Yes, I know I probably should not have went so cheap on printer and they have zero customer support. Any suggestions on how to add the printer to Cura?
  22. The new Hole Horizontal Expansion option in Cura 4.8 is a great feature. However, currently the feature is applied to the entire print, so many non-holes areas that are technically 'a hole' are affected as well (see the attached snippet). In the pic attached the centre shaft hole of the gear is too small (but the outside diameter of the gear is the correct size). So we apply Hole Horizontal Expansion to enlarge the diameter of the centre gear hole 0.6mm. The problem is the outside diameter of the gear is now 0.6mm smaller as the hole expansion has been applied to it as well.
  23. Hello everyone, I am running into issues with under extrusion on my outer walls. This can be easily fixed if the inner walls are printed before the outer walls however the setting does not exist. The only thing that comes close to it is "Outer Before Inner Walls". I have tried deselecting that option but in both cases the outer walls are always printed before the inner walls. If you are part of the Cura Team, I would love to see the option in a new update 🙂 PS...I already tried extra prime amount however my piece create inconsistent blobs some are perfect and some are too large depending
  24. I am getting this kind of issues when printing. Printing is not good and I have used super quality settings in the cura software. Need help to get rid of this problem. Kindly let me know how to solve the issue.
  25. Hi I am new to 3d printing. i have 2 ender pro 3 with marlin 0.0.6 software and i would like to know if the software needs updating. If so what software update would i need , also the best way to carry out the update if possible. Any help would be good thanks. Regards KF
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