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  1. I noticed that the printer page does not display necessary changes anymore in order to start a print job. Errors like End-of-material and others seem to get displayed fine, but after I send a print job to one of my printers it just told me "ready to print". I had to click on this specific printer to see that changes were necessary. This was used to be displayed just like other errors on the printer page. Did this get changed by purpose?
  2. I've read all the objections in github report 2779, and I have a new proposal that should solve every objection: The rotation dialog box could have a single field for specifying an angle and a pull down for specifying X, Y, or Z (probably should default to Z since I suspect that's most common). Now you can type in an angle and it is absolutely unambiguous what order to apply the rotations since you have to rotate a single axis at a time.
  3. Good day folks, I was hoping to see if this is possible within cura? Gcode statistics as you drag the preview slider around. Then on top of that, a way to click on the gcode live, change a value and see the results of that change right away? Possible? Thanks in advance.
  4. in my ultimaker 3d printer,boden tube is coming out from printer while printing from backside.i have changed the boden tube as well as its coupler(4 teeth holder) still problem is remained unsolved.any solution??please suggest me solution.
  5. Someone please help me, so far I have lost atleast 11 3D prints and a big waste of time. material 1 feeding stops and the print head runs without any material, and thus the print is incomplete. the reason is shown in attached picture, the tube comes out or material flow stops,...... so far I have taken different steps to solve this 1. initially there was Tough PLA Black when this problem first seen, thought tough black has some problem, so changed to PLA blue. but on the new print also , the same problem occurred 2. checked outer tube end portion, thought may be a bit worn out, so I did cut that portion. but problem still continued 3. did reset on factory settings of the machine, but problem still continued 4. did calibration of build plate/glass, but problem still continued 5. continually monitored material flow right from easy of spool rotation, to print head, everything seems normal but still the material feeding stops as the tube comes out as shown in picture. the only thing happened since yesterday is now the feeding stops every 5 mins and things have got more worsen. Not sure what to do. Request your sincere guidance on this issue please @Smithy, @GregValiant, @SandervG, @gr5, @Philler, @RogueWave
  6. Hi, I am looking for the final version of the firmware's sourcecode UM2+, as I intend to add the 'out of filament' function. I see the code on github, but that is as I can read version 1.0.0 Anyone?
  7. HI All, I gave a 3D print on Ultimaker S5, kindly refer below pic wherein you will see that cura did not pick any supporting material, it is printing on PLA blue only. I was just wondering how to take this print out of the glass. so far, on other prints there was initial layers of PVA natural supporting material, once the 3D print is done, I would immerse the print along with glass into the water and after few hours the parts comes out easily. but in this scenario where there is no supporting material, and main PLA blue material is sticked to the glass, now I do not know how to take the part out of the glass. request some guidance on this @Smithy @SandervG @jbrownlee @GregValiant @gr5
  8. Hello all , this model is causing me some problems it prints exactly the way it looks , the green prints in circular i have tried most settings in cura but i am no expert , can anyone explain whats happening please
  9. Do you guys know, if there is an option where cura does not stupidly puts support under bridges? It is so annoying to always add dozens of support blocker because the miniumum support xy distance, minimum support area etc are not helping at all. This is always a problem if I need to support small surfaces but have larger surfaces that can be completely bridged. It takes me forever to manually fix the support if I have multiple parts on my S5 print surface. Why are the support structures on the right so huge without supporting anything? This is how I need it, and how I should be able to automatically generate it: I can only get this result after carefully placing support blockers. An because the part has new iterations, with small changes all the time I have to start all over again and cannot use an old project.
  10. I am wondering if it would be possible to overlap table and print core heating. The temperature rise speed is known for both, so starting the print core heating before the table will reach target temperature will save some time for users. Also to me is not clear why the table warpage measurement cannot be done while heating. I believe the thermal expansion over last 10°C will not bring any additional bending. Also what is annoying, in case I have interrupted the printing while preparing I need to run to the printer just to confirm on touchscreen that I don't want to repeat the print. Could this question pop up remotely or better completely skipped? If needed I can start a print of last model from printer menu.
  11. Hey Everyone, My 3D Printer broke down so now I'm building a Printerhead for my MPCNC. I know about the physical difficulties with weight and speed, but since my place is limited (Even the CNC sits in a cabinet in my room) I'd love to get all done on one machine. I ordered a printbed that is 30x30cm, my machine can do 25x40cm. Before I start making a custom heated bed, I would try to print on the bed put in diagonaly to get the max length of the bed. In Cura I'd love to see a diagonal bed with the unreachable corners cut of. Is there a way to get this kind of custom bed loaded into Cura? Thanks for the help!
  12. From yesterday I cannot print anymore on my UM3x: every time I start a new print (even - tried - some cloud prints that worked perfectly some months ago), while heating up the cores or - in some (latest) cases - during the subsequent auto levelling, the printer resets. I've done a sample video of the behaviour (during heat up): Tried yesterday and today... 10 times, same behaviour. The very last time it seemed to have managed to finish the auto levelling but... on the last check, it did reset. My UM3 and Cura are up to date to the very latest versions (as of yesterday). To note, it's the first time I was printing after the latest UM3x firmware update (5.3.0, coming from 5.2.16). I tried to keep the power adapter detached for 1 hour, to understand if there's a problem with the power brick. But no positive changes. During the heat up I see the led lights "blinking a bit", as if there was some power problem. I'm afraid there's something bad on electronics... How might I do? I saved my UM3 log files on attached ZIP file. Any ideas... really welcome! UM3x_Logs-2021-11-14.zip
  13. 1) On the cover for the filament feeder, like to see a clean plastic cover, to see if the gear is clogged up with filament particales. Taking the cover off and on is not necessary with a clear cover. 2) Cleaning the nozzle consumer a lot of down time. Having a seperate device, for cleaning, while my S5 is printing is a must have item....saves a lot of time 3) Printer stop half way during a 2 day print job, filament not feeding maybe empty spool......problem was a clogged nozzle.....forced to abort job.... have the option to clean/change a nozzle, then rusume printing..... Please consider the about to supplement an already excellent printer to make it a super super printer!!!!!!!! Thank you
  14. I would like a clickable option in Cura, where the fan is turned ON when ever the top layer (of what is otherwise considered an infill area) is being printed. Right now I need to edit the g-code file in order to tun on the fan. But it would be so much more nice, if a general (clickable) option was available. If the infill level is low, then the top layer can be considered as a lot of short bridges. And bridges come out better, if the correct level of cooling is/can be applied when printing the bridge. Any other suggestions, of how to automatically add some cooling to at least the first layer of the top of an infill area?
  15. Hello Is there an extension or configuration I could use to batch generate gcode files from a number of stl files. The optimum solution for me would be to point Cura to a folder of stl files and the program would slice each one using the settings in the project I currently have open and save a gcode file for each either to the same or different folder.
  16. Hi Please make it possible to use "Print Sequence - One at a time" setting with dual extruders on the S5. Thanks!
  17. Hi Ultimaker Community, We are a company with 7 Ultimakers (6 UM2+ and 1 UM3). We are in need of some service on our printers, we don't have the expertise nor time to service and maintenance all of our printers. Do any of you guys know is there is any 3D service and repair workshops in the Copenhagen Area? Thanks in advance, Peter Ravnsbæk
  18. I like fuzzy skin and I cannot lie, You other brothers can't denyThat when a prop prints off with a pretty pretty faceIt's a beautiful thing! Except when it's not. Fuzzy skin really is a cool thing. I'm thinking it shouldn't be experimental at all. Say if I'm printing something that has a threaded part that is how it attaches to another object. I want the fuzzy skin everywhere except where that threaded extension is. Or an object that has a screw hole for affixing to something. I want fuzzy everywhere but inside that hole (so the dimensions of that hole are accurate). I know there is a setting to just have fuzzy on the outside only or everywhere. What I want is more control AND/OR blockers for fuzzy. With fuzzy blockers (More than one per model), it would be possible, with work, to accomplish a lot. With a couple more settings AND blockers it would be super fast to accomplish a lot quickly. examples: fuzzy on outside and top fuzzy everywhere except holes under a certain diameter but even those won't do what I want without also having a fuzzy blocker. I have a part from a kickstarter project (see attached images). The zone in orange is where I need extra control. It has screw holes and also an open channel that needs to not be fuzzy. But the rest of the part would have a really awesome appearance if it was fuzzy. The rest of the project it goes with would greatly benefit from the same treatments. So I really hope, Cura gets these features added to fuzzy skin. Sincerely, Kelly I snippedimages from Frame Theory 3D SongBird Mk.3+, myminifactory , I think it's okay to put these images on this forum and it's okay with them if I attribute it. It's not my design.
  19. Hi, I have an idex machine. On dual color prints I would like to add 2 functions to the "dual extrusion" tab. 1: Heat the nozzle before moving to the part 2: split prime tower in 2 parts
  20. I'm guessing I'm like most users and keep the frame light only on when printing option enabled. Problem is it should really be on when there's any interaction with the printer like Set Bed Level. Kind of tough to do that in the dark and it'd be nice if the frame light woke up for those types of interactions possibly?
  21. Something I really like about Ultimaker printers is the frame lighting, they help to see what's printing very well. But I don't need it to be on all the time. That is why I like that on printers such as UM3 and S5 there is an option to have the frame light on only while printing. However, this is no option at the UM2+ connect. It can only be set on and off continuously and it cannot even be toggled during printing (no options in GUI during printing). This results in me being unable to switch on the frame light if I didn't do so before starting a print. 1. Can there be an option to have the UM2+Connect frame lighting on only while printing? 2. While we're at it, I know through the API that the LEDs are RGB and can be set to a different color and intensity in this API. It would be great if this is also possible in for example the digital factory.
  22. Hi, on first glance .mf3 aka project in cura seems to be a possibility to “can” a printjob. This does not work. If you load a .mf3 aka project cura gives you two possibilities. ⓐ import models. This only loads the models not the settings. So this is not a canned printjob. ⓑ open as project. This will, on default-settings, permanently overwrite your machine settings (p.e. gcode, etc) and the material definition. So this is not a canned print-job either. It is a reset to old settings. There is no warning, that if you proceed loading this project, you will need to use your backup. Technically loading projects in cura works, from a usability point of view it is severly broken.
  23. Hello, Using S5 pro bundle. A TPLA spool is loaded on way 1, in "standby" position a few centimetres above the print head 1. On the screen, the line connecting the material station and the print head is blue. There is absolutely no way to remove the material: - The appropriate buttons are grayed - Removing and/or changing the print head don't help - Rebooting don't help - Updating the FW don't help I have already mentioned this bug more than one year ago : post 6 This issue happens regularly. Sometime changing the print head help. Sometime not.
  24. Seen a lot of hype around the Multi Material Painting for Prusaslicer, and was wondering if there is something in development for Cura? Seems like the majority of these add-ons are provided via plugin, but haven't seen anything of its kind yet. Has anyone tried taking the file from Prusaslicer and placing it into Cura? Or Paint on support? Also, it would be nice if the gcode editor was integrated fully into Cura so that the changes in gcode are shown in the layer timeline too. Or, i guess it doesn't.
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