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  1. I am trying to slow the speed of the layers midway through my print to increase the strength in this area. Is this possible? I tried using a support blocker with Cutting Mesh and Layer Settings (because it's all I know) but I get a crash when doing so. Is it possible to to do this or is there any way to strengthen a particular area of a model? Some Current Settings: No Infill, 5 Wall Line Count, .4 Line Width Is Tweek At Z still an addon? I don't see it.
  2. When Cura was upgraded to the 5.x path, the maximum Travel Speed was changed from 150mm/s to 120mm/s. That makes for a HUGE jump in print times and is the reason I'm still on 4.13.1. ☹️ Could this either be changed back or could someone official at least explain why this was done? Thanks, Ron
  3. Hi Guys, I have sent this request by e-mail but I want to put more pressure on you to implement this. Request 21543. I believe Marlin now has pressure advance built in. The ultimaker printers should be able to implement this therefore. It would be a very welcome addition and improve print quality greatly. Thanks Hayden
  4. Trying to print a hollow cylinder in ABS. OD is 23mm and wall thickness is 1.5mm. Height 30mm. Having trouble getting bottom without the "(" shrinkage (see photo). Tried raft and brim - no difference. Both raft and brim seemed fused to cylinder (hard to remove). Currently printing at 240 extruder and 105 bed. Printing bottom 10mm at 1/2 normal print speed. Using Anet A8 in enclosure. Cura 3.2.1 is slicer program. I'd keep experimenting, but there are so many variables it would be a big assist if someone could clue me in as to where to focus. BTW, yes, ABS is the much preferred medium for this application - I don't want to go with PLA. Anyways, appreciate any advice.
  5. In the attached pic, the layer that I want to look great is not the top layer. It is the large flat layer. Is there a way to maximize the quality of that layer in Cura? Am I correct in assuming that a skin layer would be added to the very top (in this case non-critical) layer? Thank you.
  6. I think I might have changed profile to cause this and I'm curious what it might be. I have an Ender 3 V2 with Jyers firmware. Between layers, the printer retracts a bit of filament, moves to the start of the next layer, pushes the filament back in... and then just sits there for a couple seconds, before starting to move for the layer. The result is a blob of plastic at the same point in every layer, which adds up to a bump over time. Here's an example of some gcode around a layer transition: ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F1148.9 X118.422 Y80.035 E271.18411 G1 F2700 E266.18411 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F300 X118.422 Y80.035 Z0.6 G0 F7500 X118.207 Y108.056 G0 X117.122 Y108.056 G0 X107.269 Y107.322 G0 X104.322 Y107.31 G0 X104.322 Y108.056 ;TIME_ELAPSED:435.122475 ;LAYER:2 M106 S170 ;TYPE:SUPPORT G1 F2700 E271.18411 ;<--- I think it pauses here G1 F1500 X104.322 Y110.727 E271.27295 G1 X106.536 Y111.836 E271.35531 G1 X106.536 Y109.163 E271.44421 G1 X106.536 Y108.056 E271.48103 G1 X104.322 Y108.056 E271.55467 G1 F2700 E266.55467 G0 F9000 X104.322 Y107.31 The extruder wheel moves and then stops, at which point I'd expect it to start with the next line and start moving, but instead it just sits there for a few seconds. Any ideas?
  7. Hi, I am new to plastic printing and have been running into one problem consistently. This is the that the printed surface directly above the supports often comes out loose and rough. Please see the attached image. I am assuming that I need to play around with the parameter settings in order to improve this surface. I don't ever expect it to be as good as the top or horizontal surfaces but I hope to get it to a point that it is not loose in some areas. Does anyone have common settings they use to improve upon the quality of surfaces printing above supports? Thank you.
  8. Hey guys Been having a MAJOR issue tonight, after printing a select number of files on my Ender 3 printer, the printer and ALL g-code files sent to it, are ignoring the first "slower layers", and seems to be printing the first layer at around 100mm/s. After re-installing Cura, checking all of the settings on the slicer (Nothing has changed from previous), nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. I have attached screenshots of Cura, and have attached a Gcode, if someone can decode what's going on, you'd be amazing. Eggy CE3E3V2_Medium-Flexy.gcode
  9. Since I upgraded to windows 11 the preview graphics of the print looks hella ugly.. its like i dont own a graphics card.. i cant find any settings to improve it. I cant see the layer hight properly on this setting.
  10. Hi 🙂 I'm new to Cura slicer, so please correct me, if I'm understanding things wrong here regarding how cura project files work. A classic usecase of opening old project files in cura imho is to print them on the printer currently configured, with the material currently configured (as this is what is available at the moment in your workshop). Nevertheless, one would want to load the print settings that were once saved to that cura project file to continue, where you left off. At the same time one would likely want to compare these old print settings to the current profile. In contrast to that usecase, at the moment cura either loads everything or nothing from the old cura project file while only providing the option to overwrite current setups or create new setups. This either leads to months-old configurations having your current setup overwritten (who would want that?) or it leads to a mess of profiles, printers and materials. I think, opening an old project file should focus more on the classic usecase described before. Short | The Goal / Request: Assume you want to open an old .3mf Cura project to your current Cura setup. It should be possible to load the print settings profile contained in this old .3mf-file while neither overwriting the current profile nor creating a new profile or changing the current printer and material setup. After the old project file was loaded, its stored old print settings should be shown as temporary changes from the current profile without acually changing the current profile. It should further be selectable to use the current printer and material setup instead of the setup of the old file. Adding one option each in the drop down menu appearing when opening a file should allow this selection and solve the problem. (See details below) If desired, the print settings can still be saved as new profile afterwards. In Detail | My problem broken down to a minimum example and a possivle solution: I have initially created let's say one profile containing print settings one printer preset one custom material I loaded a .stl-file and sliced it with these settings I saved the GCode file and the .3mf cura project file In the following days or weeks I update the print settings profile, the printer preset with improved Start- and End-GCode and the custom material to further improve my cura setup and print, print, print... Weeks or months later, I open my old .3mf cura project file in order to print it (again) with improved settings. Cura gives me the option to either load the model or the project file. (Ok, so far so good.) If I load the model, I can use the current printer and material setup, but I can't use the print settings profile contained in the file. (Ok, so far so good.) If I load the project file, Cura only lets me choose to have the current printer-, profile- and material settings either updated or created new based on the old file. Thus, Cura forces me, to create a new profile, printer and material setup for every file I load in order to not compromise my current setup. This leads to a huge mess. It would be much cleaner imho to add the following options to the dropdown menu (see attatched sceenshot): Printer settings: Use current printer settings Profile settings: Add print settings from .3mf file as changes from the currently active profile (Keep existing profiles unchanged) Material settings: Use current material settings I would really appreciate if it would be considered to facilitate project file handling in the described way or if someone could explain to me, what I'm doing wrong. Thank you very much in advance :-)
  11. Hello, I just bought a geeetech thunder and so far pretty dang good printer for the price. However, I can find absolutely zero info on a profile for it in Mac OS version of Cura. They tell you how for Windows I believe. Does anybody have any info on this? Or is there a geeetech thunder profile for mac os I can get somewhere? Appreciate any info.
  12. Hi All, I have an S5 that has been set up and running for several years. It was configured to run on local network. I could connect to it thru cura, "print to network", monitor it thru cura and the browser. However, since I got back from the Christmas break, some functionality has been lost. In Cura, it still detects the printer on the network, but if I hit connect, it grays out for about a second, like it is trying to connect, then goes back to unconnected status. This means no "print to network" and a blank monitor tab. If I try to connect to it thru the browser, I get the standard welcome screen. It I hit temperature graph, it will display the graph with live data properly, but if I hit digital factory, it just loads and loads but never connects. Connecting to the web cam directly thru port 8080 also works. At this point I am stuck saving new prints to USB and printing that way and lose all remote monitoring (minus webcam) and control.
  13. When I bought my last new printer it took 1.5 to 2 years for its profile to find its way into Cura. Before that, I copied a different printer model of the same manufacturer, with the same print bed size and manually adjusted it a little bit. During that time I was always wondering, if the community couldn't throw together a little BETA profile program that offered me to side-load a proper profile for my printer into Cura? Or if the Devs could just simple add a profile (mark it in the list as Early Bird, ALPHA or BETA) for my printer which would be 10 times better then what I came up with. Also it would make setup so much quicker! Hence my question, shouldn't we make this much quicker? Why force people to manually tinker around if they buy a printer that is not in the list YET. Even popular brands take forever.
  14. Hello everyone. I don't know what's going on with my cura 5.2.1, every time I import a file the drop down model puts the file lower than zero and cuts the document by about 0.29mm. I don't understand why this happens, i can correct file by file but i want to change that.
  15. Hello, I try to find the "object create" side bar menu but for some reason it is missing. I just looking for this menu to show but can't managed to find how to add it - see the picture in the bottom. Is it a plugin or just missing some settings to add in the preferences? I use Windows 11 22H2 and CURA ver is 5.2.1 Here you are the CURA log too: cura.log
  16. Now that the purchase/merger of Ultimaker and Makerbot has concluded, are there any plans to reconfigure the MakerBot firmware to allow for slicing in Cura (Marlin)? It would make sense for Cura to have MakerBot preconfigured profiles for the printers they, as a collective company, produce. Is there a hardware limitation pertaining to the mainboards (updating preexisting MakerBots)? The requirement to use the proprietary slicer has been the main reason (among others) why I have not purchased the MakerBot Method X Carbon Fiber and the fact that the Ultimaker S5 only supports 2.85mm filament has made me hold on the purchase of that printer. I look forward to seeing how the two companies unify to present the next generation of printers. I personally am quite excited.
  17. Hi, I am using Pause at Height to change filament colours. I print a small disc with my actual objects so that when the printer resumes it starts to print on the throw away small disc so as to settle down the filament and not to ruin the actual print. However on some prints the printer resumes at the edge of the actual object and as it squirts filament out at this point, ruins the print. Is there a way to specify the resume position so that I can be sure it always starts on the small disc? Any help on this much apreciated.
  18. Does makerbot replicator 2x work with cura?
  19. Hi all, I wonder if it is possible to connect finder3 to cura via wife using the ip and port? So far I could not find a way to configure the port in cura and without it the software won't find the printer while other software does. Any suggestions?
  20. Just a question really...... Doing "one-off" print jobs isn't really needed, but when you spend a bit of time and place various prints and change a few settings, it may be worth having a "Fail Safe"? The amount of time I've closed Cura and realised, "I wish, I'd of saved that......"
  21. trying to figure out why when i slice a project it says save to disk and I'd like to save it to a file on my laptop to start printing im running it on a chrombook with linux
  22. Hello, Please help After finishing printing the build plate goes up and then down again knocking over the top of the part. Any idea why this is happening? I am using an Ultimaker3 printer and the latest version of CURA. The firmware has been reset but it is still it. See Video I have posted on a Ultimaker support Facebook group: See what happens at the end of the print. The build plate goes up and then down. This was only a small test file and been shorter it is not knocking the top of the part. When printing taller files it seams to be more of a problem https://www.facebook.com/groups/2207556406016768/posts/5365308780241499/?comment_id=5366822856756758&reply_comment_id=5372935906145453&notif_id=1674547822493510&notif_t=group_comment_mention Please I need help if you can think of what causing it. Kind regards Fulvio
  23. In the new Arachne Version i get an seam in outerwall, it correlats with the Wall Transitioning threshold angle, would be nice to set it to 0° lowest value is 1° Is there a way to get a clean outerwall as before arachne?
  24. Hi, I have to run lot of tests with the same model and I am placing it at random positions on the table. I noticed that sometimes a support appears and it's dependent only on the position of the model even with the same settings. I just wonder why it's happening and how to prevent it?
  25. Hello everybody, is there any way to print the second color (starting at layer 29) of the prime tower on the top of the first color (ending at layer 28) in Cura? The first one ends when the second should start, but always, the second color is printed in the air (not printed at all) because the first color is printed on the top of the PT, not leaving any space for the second one. I appreciate your help in advance.
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