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  1. Does anyone know how to remove the extra wall Cura adds to top/bottom layers when filling the skin? Because I don't have any infill there isn't anything underneath that wall to hold it there once I begin the top layers. So, it will begin to sag and the skin will also sag with it because it sticks to that wall. I would like the skin to stick directly to the inner wall instead. (Or maybe Cura can begin printing the extra wall one layer before this and have it be 50% overlapping from the inner wall so as to build a layer of support before the first top layer gets printed.) I am a
  2. I love my Ultimaker printers, but I'm always horrified by how wasteful the filament spools are in terms of packaging material and the super-heavy plastic spools. I throw the spools and the cardboard packaging into the recycling bin, but the more I read about problems with plastic recycling, the more I realize that we need to drastically reduce single-use materials instead of relying on recycling. Ultimaker, please stop using such heavy plastic spool for your filaments - either make the plastic spools much, much lighter, to reduce the amount of plastic waste, or switch to something
  3. I am trying to slice a large print with cura and it freezes approx 1/3rd of the way into the slice; I have been sitting for the past 3 hours and it is not moving I tried this lastnight and had the same issue?
  4. hello freinds , actually I am working on project where I have to configure Cura slicer for hybrid 3-D printer where two independent extruder deposit dielecric and composite material and a laser is attached with one extruder to sinter composit material . assuming laser as extruder how can we make it in cura that it cover same volume or cordinates as cover by composite material. I tried to import two files of same ,model at same place and assign it to seperate extruders but it gives wierd results when I Preview it , It is unclear which part is made by which extruder Can anyone
  5. Hello everyone, how have you been? I have a question to solve that do not find nothing on net to resolve. I really have a NOZE of 1.2mm to place on extuder, and I use Cura on Ender 3 with Marlin software to slice. The problem is, my CURA don't have a preset noze of 1.2mm aloyed and i do not find where is the place to insert this. My cura is the last lauched version. can anyone helps me explainning how to insert it?! Above th prints of mi settings machine. Thanks :)
  6. Error report for Cura 4.10.0 I've noticed an issue for a while now, for over two years, where sometimes when printing large flat areas, the next layer up will significantly under-extrude. I went through so much troubleshooting with so many people across facebook, reddit and other circles, and after everything was tried, the answer given was "Sounds like it's just your printer". Well now I have a new printer and I am still getting the error. I had an Ender-3 and now I have an Ender-3 V2 and I still have the issue. I have attached photos. In the photo called combing (I b
  7. I tried to slice dnd mini on cura and it worked fine, than I switched it to BIQU B1 printer and it got does scarring which makes these areas 3 layers thinner Does anyone know how to take care of it?
  8. Longtime user and lover of ultimakers here since the start: I personally own an original, X2 UM2gos (the best ones IMO) and a UM3 and at work I manage a large fleet of X2 UMs5, X2 UM3, X2 UM2go, X8 UM2+ and now we just got X4 UM2+ Connects. We also have about 10 other "pro level" (expensive) printers. We have around 30 printers total. We run the Tinkergnome firmware (ver16, anything newer has a fatal bug, please fix that Mr. Tinkergnome) on all the 2+ versions, this firmware makes them my most used printers out of all of them, yes including the ones that cost between 30k and 80k. T
  9. Cura is nice but when you want to upgrade to a new version, it's allways a problem to have your own profiles up and running. I have exported my profiles from a previous Cura version, when I want to import them it's often not possible. As found somewhere on this forum, this is a way to solve it: 1. Set material type to generic PLA and the nozzle size to 0.6mm. With these settings were my profiles shown. If you can't see yours try all the nozzle sizes and even then might my work around still work. 2. To have all my profiles shown with 0.4mm nozzle the followin
  10. i have been trying to tune a new filament by printing vases, but cura won't let me print the vases any faster than 10-15mm/s even when i input all the print speeds to about 65mm/s. Does anyone know if there is a feature that forces it to print slower than it's being told to, or if this problem is a result of some kind of protective feature and if it can be overridden? This problem only occurs when i try to print with a single parameter/wall and no matter what i do cura doesn't print it any faster.
  11. i have bought ultimaker 3d printer before 5 year,for last few days it automatically gets shut down when i choose any file to put on print.i want to repair my 3d printer as soon as possible.please provide me solution to fix it.in given link there is video of problem that i am facing.waiting for reply and solution. https://drive.google.com/file/d/12h3UxObZZHgWSTE9FUYh7SJ8VlrOjJS3/view?usp=sharing
  12. I have a Lotmaxx Shark v2 and was told to download Cura and select the Lotmaxx Shark profile. Im very lost. I got Cura downloaded but cannot find anything about Lotmaxx printers. have had the printer for three weeks and only been able to print the 3 g code files it has on it. bout to send it back. the lotmaxx program that came with the printer failed to work multiple times. please help
  13. I have been reading up on the "stack" structure of Cura's print settings and how it layers things like base config, machine config, material config, quality config, and user overrides, and I think I at least have a basic understanding of how that all interacts. However, I can't seem to find any way to change which "layer" of the "stack" a particular settings change goes into. For example, I am using the Linear Advance Setting Plugin to add linear advance K-factor control to my gcode. However, the only way to save this setting seems to be as a custom quality profile. This doesn't really mak
  14. I would like to request you set up a Generic in Material type for PETG that could be selected on our UM printers. I have a UM3 with the latest firmware. Thank you for your consideration.
  15. I primarily use touchscreen & pen on Windows tablet, and I notice there is no support for touchscreen navigation (orbit uang finger, zoom by pining etc). Any idea if support will become available at some point? I know there is support for pen in combo with keyboard but its super clunky. Thanks
  16. Hello, I'm from Germany so please forgive me my crappy English. Today I wanted to change the 5V hotend fan as I unfortunately noticed my UM2 shutting down. After a second it restarted but the display stays dark and there's no connection to PC possible anymore. The White LED Lights are still working. The PSU delivers 23V. The yellow LED indicator is on. Has anyone an idea or suggestion what to do or check? A new board is soooo expensive. 😞 Greetings from Germany
  17. I cant seem to get larger files to slice for cura 4.9.1. I made sure that the engine could get through the firewall but still wont slice. I have attached the log file. Someone please help thanks again. cura.log
  18. Looking to print w ABS on my S3. What are the recommendations/experience for compatible support materials? Seems to me, to be limited to BVOH or UM Breakaway. Ether removal process is fine w me, just looking for insights, brands, tips etc. Not interested in using HIPS. I may consider a switch to Tough PLA, but I really like the surface quality properties I get with ABS in my UM 2+
  19. It would be nice to have a Search feature on this website in order to find specific topics. Thanks.
  20. First time post I don't know if this is unique to my workflow, but I run in to it all the time. I load the model, set up my settings, put in some support blockers or other customizations, and then in the preview I see something that I need to tweak in the part design. After I've made the changes it would be great to be able to re-load the new design and keep all the settings, but my CAD workflow means that the tweaked version has a different file name (rev_01 vs rev_02). Since I'm picky about keeping track of which exact version this is that I'm printing, I have to redo all the
  21. Hello everyone, im new to the community but have been printing for a while now. When i first use Ultimaker Cura, i was extremely surprise how good the software is and how much you can control everything, more than 500 settings. Bit of history: (not important, but maybe interesting) I have a CR-10 printer and i use ABS (for lots of reasons), always had problems with overhanging but i was blaming the material limitations... until i had some overhanging problems with a cylindrical model, ALL on 1 side of the model, "this is not material problem, I have Hardware problem", turns out the extr
  22. Bonjour à tous, J'essaye de faire un raccord pour tube et demande à Cura un remplissage concentrique à 100%. Le problème est qu'il me laisse parfois un ligne centrale avec un remplissage plus linéaire que concentrique avec beaucoup de retrait. On a l'impression qu'il me croise mes remplissages alors qu'ils devraient être circulaires. En jaune, on a normalement les couches hautes et basses qui sont elles aussi paramétrées en concentriques. Exemple du haut à la couche 3, la 2 et la 4 sont parfaites Couche 5 Couche 98
  23. Dear Community, I received the ultimaker S5 yesterday and would like to install the printer as a network printer. I have a Windows Server 2012 print server. in the manual there isn't anything about this point. In the FAQ idem. In dowloand section there is not a section drivers. I found only this guide: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012609519-How-to-connect-your-printer-to-the-network but it really simple and not enough guide. So is it possibile to configure the ultimaker S5 in a printer server? if yes, how? W
  24. I just unboxed and assembled my new Anycubic Mega S 3D printer, and found Cura as the interface software. The first thing it asked me was to select a printer. However mine was not one of the choices. The following are the settings that I was able to glean from the manual... obviously incomplete. Can someone help me correctly complete this? Machine settings: Printer Printer Settings X (Width) [210 mm] Y (Depth) [210 mm] Z (Height) [205 mm] Build plate shape [Rectangular] [ ] Origin at center [x] Heated bed Gcode flavor
  25. Hello! I would love to have control over the direction bridges are generated in across sparse infill (under the experimental bridging settings). Or an option to set the Top line directions relative to the center of the model (maybe with a checkbox or as [r45, r135]). Why? I have a circular model consisting of hundreds of blocks that I'm printing without infill. This makes the top of every block effectively an unsupported overhang, and using normal settings results in ugly scars where the first top layer starts. A solution is under the experimental settings where you can generate
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