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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am new here and looking to learn if ultimaker has a recommended printer (filament or extruder) for biomaterial sourced from food waste (such as chitin/shrimp, citrus rinds, mycelia, peels, nanocellulose). I would like to protoype products with biodegradable and/or recyclable filament or extruder biomaterial, and prefer not to use PLA or its derivatives. Thanks 321Bio
  2. Howdy Y'all, I am trying to to use Cura slicer for WAAM. To say I have hit some hurdles would be an understatement. The first technical challenge I have ran into is overlap setting. For successful laying of welds there has to be a relatively large overlay between beads. I have looked through Cura and can not find any settings that specifically allow me to dictate the overlap between skin and walls. I also am not sure if Cura is capable of calling a weld start or stop opposed to retraction and extrude. I am not super code savvy and do not have the ability to personally modify Cura. Has anyone had luck with Cura for WAAM?
  3. Dear Ultimaker Community, hopefully one of you could help me out with a material choice my current research project. I am involved in the development of an open-source swallowing sensor for Parkinson patients. At this stage I am trying to find the right material for functional prototyping. The sensor will consist of some small parts in a FFF printed housing which will be placed around the neck. Some of the main requirements/criteria for the material choice are: -The material should not absorb to much kinetic energy since vibrations of the throat are used to measure swallowing (so no rubber like material). -Bacterial built-up should be reduced as far as possible. -the material can withstand ethanol and other hospital cleaning agents. -the material should be hypoallergenic and dermatologically safe. Order points worth mentioning. At this stage, the sensor will only be used indoors. an Ultimaker s5 will produce the parts any advice is welcome,
  4. Anyone have idea on the molecular weight of the Ultimaker TPU95A? Need the information for research. Thank you.
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