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  1. I bought it several months ago and it is well maintained. Used for very short time. The quality of each products it prints are amazing and I am very satisfied with it. It comes everything with the original box. The printer is located at West Virginia, US. Asking for 1500 USD or best offer.You are welcome to DM me with any questions and concerns. Thank you so much!
  2. Our cherished Ultimaker S5, whom we have named Sally, is ready for adoption after our company unexpectedly lost funding. Because we want to see Sally happy in a new home, we have turned to the Ultimaker community to find the perfect new parents. Here are the details: 1) Sally is only about two months old and was used lightly, so her parts are like new. 2) We try not to assign a price tag to our beloved Sally, but here are the price breakdowns for the deal you will get: Ultimaker S5 Daul Extrusion Large-Format 3D Printer ($5,995.00) Safety enclosure kit with activated carbon and HEPA filtration systems ($399.00) Ultimaker Print Core AA (0.25mm) ($114.95) Ultimaker Print Core AA (0.8mm) ($114.95) Several spools of starter filament ($100) TOTAL VALUE: $6,724 DEAL PRICE: $5,799 3) We are located in Birmingham, AL. Shipping is negotiable, but if you live in Alabama or surrounding states and are the perfect new parents for Sally, we are willing to personally drive the printer to your door. Feel free to message us if you are interested or have any questions; we cannot wait to give Sally a new home.
  3. Hi All, I'm selling my Ultimaker 3 Extended. EXCELLENT CONDITION!. The printer is like new, used 5 - 6 times for having a bit of fun with 3D printing. It includes all items it came with when bought. As extra it comes with front cover “see picture”. I created it out of enthusiasm and that handle was the first print :). It’s a beautiful machine, but I realised I have no time for this fun, therefore it’s for sale. Print cores: AA 0.4 and BB 0.4 Extra: one original PVA water-soluble natural material Extra: DIY front cover, see picture Asking price is £2800 Only personal pickup - London, England. No shipping, thank you for understanding. If you need more specific photos, please ask, but consider I’m a busy person 🙂 Cheers, M.
  4. Selling my Ultimaker 3 Printer, I am moving in a different direction and I haven't been using it, this machine deserves to be making excellent prints for a new owner. Comes with accessories and packaging as well as barely used 3D Solex Hard Core Nozzles set - 0.25, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0 Paid $360 plus tax and shipping Also included is a large amount of filament some unopened and the rest in heavy duty sealed Ziploc bags with desiccant. Filament is optional but included free with the purchase. Paid Roughly $950.00 Product Quantity Price Ultimaker 3 1 CAD $4,599.00 Subtotal: CAD $4,599.00 Shipping: CAD $50.00 via Canada Flat Rate - Insured GST: CAD $232.45 Payment Method: PayPal Total: CAD $4,881.45 Asking $3500 CAD plus all shipping and extra packaging costs for the filament. I prefer a local Vancouver sale but I am willing to ship almost anywhere. Buyer is responsible for all associated shipping costs. IF you are in the Washington area I might be willing to meet you at the border. Here is a list of filament: Unopen rolls: Form Futura - Easyfil PLA - Saphire GreyInnofil 3d PLA MagentaInnofil 3d PLA GoldInnofil 3d PLA BlackInnofil 3d PLA YellowMG Chemicals PLA Super Glow naturalEsun PLA Luminous BlueGeneric PLA TRANSPARENT x4Generic ABS silver Partially used with rough % of material left: Ultimaker PVA 40%Ultimaker Breakaway White 95% Cleaning PLA Small Amount Innofil 3d PLA Orange 100% Innofil 3d EPR InnoPET Pearl White 95%Innofil 3d PLA Light Green 80%Innofil 3d PLA Black 75% RollInnofil 3d PLA Red 75% Roll Innofil 3d PLA Pro1 Natural White 60%Esun PLA Blue opened and tested but went with light blue for the print insteadEsun Light Blue PLA 65% RollEsun Grey PLA 25% RollGeneric PLA Purple 90%Generic PLA Olive 80%Generic PLA Red 50% Generic PLA Silver 40% and a few others that are between 5 and 10% left... which could be removed from the spool and sent along as "hot pull" cleaners. Or I could dispose of them here.
  5. Hello all, Selling my UM3, thinking about switching to other printer or an upgrade. Looking at USD$2950 The kit comes with, Ultimaker 3 (original spool holder and printed holder if wanted) AA core x 2 BB core x 1 Accessories (spatula, gluestick, etc) Several rolls of filament from Matterhacker Original box with foams Local (Los Angeles) sale preferred or buyer pay for shipping
  6. Hi,I am a product designer and have upgraded my 3D printer range, with too little space in my studio for four printers I am selling my Ultimaker Original. With a record of 1,500-2,000 print hours it is still in good operating condition and has a working dual extruder. About a year ago there was a problem with one of the motors skipping but it was easily repaired by adjusting the supply voltage on the motor driver's potmeter. Supplied with the 3D printer are the power and USB cable, an SD-card+controller, dual extruder kit installed, one roll of PLA filament, 10 spare nozzles in various sizes and many other spare parts.Price EUR 349 / US$ 399 excl. shipping. EU buyers preferred.A great starter set so let me know if you are interested! Regards, Ralph Zoontjens - Product Designer - www.id-z.one
  7. Used Ultimaker 3 in excellent working condition available for sale in London. Comes with two spools of filament - One Ultimaker filament 2.85 mm White PLA and One Verbatim filament 2.85 mm Black PLA. Asking price is 2600 GBP, but open to negotiation. Not available for shipment. Only local pickup. Payment can be made through bank transfer or through cash on pickup.
  8. I'm selling my UM 3 Extended as I'm not using it much. Print Time - heads say < 5 days each In original (but tatty) box Included printer with original heads (3 total) 1. a few rolls of ABS material + what is left of original (1 x Black ABS slightly used, 1 x White ABS Slightly used, 1 x Red ABS unopened, Original silver - not much left - original support material not much left.) - all rolls are original Ultimaker. 2. Enhanced Print Kit (1 extra print plates/glass + Front Cover) 3. few head cleaner sticks. Will ship anywhere EU at cost price insured/signed for. Parcel(s) are heavy so not cheap to ship. Payment PayPal (Verified PayPal only or Bank Transfer @ your cost) Printer can be seen/inspected in Kew, Greater London TW9. Company Invoice without VAT (company not VAT registered) - no official warranty apart from it work :) Will be listed on eBay later if no response here: (eBay account : kaz911 - 100% since 1998) Price GBP 2800 OBO/OHB
  9. I'm selling my Ultimaker Original+ with heated bed for $199 or best offer. The last I used it, it worked. Two of the sliding blocks have a little damage but they work. The nozzle will need to be cleared before you start printing. Its a fun starter printer for someone who likes a project. I'm selling it because I bought a Form 2 printer, and now I print everything with that. If interested, let me know your location so I can calculate the shipping.
  10. Hi Guyz, Today I offer you Ultimaker Print cores which I bought some time ago for printing projects. I have two BB0.4 (brand new, never used) and AA0.4 (used once for like 15-20min print) and AA0.8 (used once for like 15-20min print). So all in all, they are new, and I do not need them anymore. Price: 90eur each (negotiable)
  11. Selling our slightly used UM2E+ and will throw in 4 Rolls of material for $1450 or best offer plus shipping -Ultimaker 2+ extended with all original parts and accessories included. -Upgraded hardened micro swiss 0.4mm nozzle -4 rolls of filamentum Rapunzel silver PLA filament - 1 roll of protopasta stainless steel PLA This printer is from a business and we can accept credit cards.. Please reply to thread or contact at work email privately at adam.ostroff@homedics.com
  12. Ultimaker 3 in original box for sale in Stockholm, Sweden: - Firmware 5.2.8 - Printcores: AA 0.4, BB 0.4 and AA 0.25 - Two buildplates (original, glass) - A couple of replacement silicon rings and other sealings for the extruder - A set of unused original spare fans for the extruder - Upgraded to Ultimaker black axle carriages (the white ones are prone to cracks) - Upgraded to stronger Ultimaker print bed spring assembly - Replaced USB-stick - Everything works as it should We have been running the printer for about 2700 hours, see stats photos attached. Suggest a price! Best /Lamin
  13. Selling my used Ultimaker 2 3D printer. Good condition. I purchased it when it come out and I used it for personal and studio projects. Also come with some spare parts. I still have three materials I haven't use. Price: $850USD
  14. FOR SALE: One very new, Ultimaker S5 3D printer in tip-top, excellent condition plus a lot of materials. (Purchased in August 2018) New price: CAD $7895.00--, Asking $7000 for the printer plus all materials --SAVE $895 + $1000 in HST Tax + $900 in materials--- Total savings: CAD $2795 Location: Greater Toronto Area Extra materials: (Approximate value $900 CAD) 1) Innofil 3D, PRO1 - Silver, 2.85mm - 2.5 kgs (opened, some used) 2) Ultimaker Material 1632, CPE Material, White (sealed, unused) 3) Ultimaker Material 1634, CPE Material, Dark Gray (sealed, unused). 4) Ultimaker Material 1642, PC Material, White (sealed, unused) 5) Ultimaker Material 1785, PP Material, Natural (sealed, unused) 6) Ultimaker 3 Print Core AA - 0.25mm - lightly used 7) Professional Quality Unilube - some usage 8) Ultimaker CPE White - 9037 - (sealed, unused) 9) PLA Black 2.85mm - (sealed, unused) 10) Ultimaker Material 1755, TPU95A - Material, White (lightly used) 11) Ultimaker Material 200551 - Breakaway Material, White (lightly used) 12) Yellow/Red/Green Samplers- (unused) 13) Plus two black and one clear material--enough to do several projects with each (see photos) The Ultimaker S5 The Print heads, nice and clean and ready to go! Here are some of the materials that come with this great package Close up of the materials on the left side of the previous picture Close-up of the materials from two pictures previous Another spool of material (this one has been opened) Some of the items made from this printer Two of the items after they were sanded and painted Look at the detail that this printer can do! This dinosaur skeleton measures around 42 inches from tail to snout Please contact me if you are interested.
  15. Hello I´m selling my Ultimaker 3 Extended. On the build plate there is the "BuildTak Flex Plate System" I have also an original build plate. Printtime: First Printcore AA: 5D 1h und 119 Meter Second Printcore AA: 2D 12h und 11,99 Meter Printcore BB: 2D 1h und 8,91 Meter What´s in the Box: Ultimaker 3 Extended 2x Printcores AA und 1x Printcore BB Ultimaker Adhesion Sheets Ulitmaker Cleaning Filament Glue stick Usb Stick Verbatim (16gb) Ultimaker Tough PLA 28m Ultimaker Breakaway 82m Ultimaker Blue PLA ca 80m Ultimaker White PLA 90m Ultimaker PVA (only tested) colorFabb red (new) colorFabb green (only tested) colorFabb yellow (only tested) colorFabb brown (only tested) Rec orange (new) InnoSolve PVA (new) Price: 3899€
  16. Ultimaker 3 Extended only used once. Great condition Ultimaker 3 Extended for sale. 2 boxes PLA and 1 box PVA filament included. Asking for $3500. Please let me know if interested and I will provide further details.
  17. I am selling my Ultimaker 2+ Extended 3D printer. This printer is in beautiful condition and has not been used very much since we purchased it due to work commitments, hence the sale. This printer has been upgraded with a Olsson Ruby 0.4mm nozzle (£96) and the Extrusion Upgrade Kit (£430), in perfect working condition, with no visible damage and all LED lights are working. Comes in original box and packaging with an unused 'Universal Set' of 5 nozzles (all sizes), a levelling card and a sealed box of filament - so that you can start printing right away. The printer on time is 1371:24 and the printing time is 1012:30 material used is 1163m. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am in Scotland, UK (near Edinburgh) £1895.00 + postage or collection in person
  18. Selling my UM 3 in Sweden for 28 000 kr (postage not included ++ shipment included if you live in Stockholm area) - I had the printer for more than a year and kept it in good condition (due to the fact that I barely have time to be at home and play with it). PM for more info - blocket add will come soon. Thanks 😉
  19. Selling my UM2X+ Works fines, no issues. I made some updates. Only in NYC, Queens. I not ship https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F132970915238
  20. Purchased new in August 2018. Printer still in nearly new condition. Only printed a dozen parts. There is still some filament left from the original demo rolls which will be included with the UM3. Total hot time on the print heads ~3 days (BB 0.4mm head) and ~6 days (AA 0.4mm head). Also comes with one brand new (never used) AA 0.4mm print head and PolyMaker dry box. Local pickup preferred. Comes with original box & packaging. Selling as I am going back to school and no longer need the machine. Asking $2800 CAD.
  21. Ultimaker 3 with 6 extra PLA material rolls 2,000 shipped inside USA
  22. Ultimaker S5 for sale in UK. Purchased December 2018 for a project, but the project is not going ahead due to illness. Barely used, so in new condition. Warranty to December 2019. £4,500.
  23. Hi there I'm selling my Ultimaker 3 for 3.199 euros (open to talks) that I bought about 4 months ago. It's still under warranty in an almost new state with a bunch of filaments and accessories for free. You can find all the information about it here. Pictures here. If you have questions in english or french don't hesitate to ask them! Salut tout le monde je vend mon Ultimaker 3 à 3.199 euros (ouvert aux négociations) que j'ai acheté il y a 4 mois. Elle est toujours sous garantie dans un état quasi neuf avec des filaments et accessoires supplémentaires gratuits. Vous pouvez trouver toutes les informations ici. Photos ici. Si vous avez des questions n'hésitez pas à les poser !
  24. I Have a brand new in the box never opened ultimaker 3 for sale. i have a taz 6 that will tide me over until i can get an s5. for now i need the money : ( asking $3000 shipped . i paid $3495 before the $287 tax (tax was including some other filaments i bought ) so im selling at a $750 discount from what i paid . open to all offers above $2500. need to sell asap. thank you.
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