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  1. Ultimaker S5 Pro, all components, all my PLA, cleaning accessories, etc. for sale. I'm really hoping for $9,000 USD but will probably take best offer. I'm in Tucson AZ USA. I still have all the original packaging and would be willing to ship if need be. I also have a ton of PLA that will go with it, along with some small accessory kits that I purchased like scrapers, cutters, pliers, etc. Overall, there's been very little usage of this printer since I got it. I bought it back in June, brand new. It had one small issues - the fan failed and material got stuck in the print head - but its under warranty so Ultimaker cleaned the print head and sent me a new fan. Everything works just fine now and I've tested it printing a series of little dragons for a friend. The backstory - I'm a 100% disabled veteran who got this to try and start a small business and bring in some income. However, due to a series of situations, I can't afford the payments on this. I'm actually being forced to move by the end of January and don't want to put this into a storage unit. If someone is interested I would love for them to put this beautiful beast of a machine to good use. For payments I'm fine using whatever makes you feel safe. I would also like to create some form of email correspondence with the person who's interested in buying it to establish something that could pass as a formal contract. This way I don't have to worry about you sending funds and then trying to take them back and you don't have to worry about me taking the funds and not sending the printer.
  2. Single owner. Have used on and off since 2018. Fantastic machine. Fully functional, minor wear. Includes 2x 0.4AA, 0.25AA, 0.8AA, 0.4BB print cores. PEI sheet on glass. Includes original NFC spool holder. Asking $2,250 (shipping TBD)
  3. S5 for sale. no feeder unit or air filter unit. great machine. regrettable sale
  4. This is almost certainly a scam. Won’t say how I know (don’t want to tip off scammer). We’ve seen some scams lately. Strongly recommend pickup printer only (not through mail). If they send you a photo of their license – that’s not good enough to trust them. -gr5 (moderator) I’m selling off my lightly used S5 Pro Bundle. This 3D printer was purchased late Autumn 2019 for a R&D project that was cancelled due to the Covid pandemic, but was pampered as a demonstration device for demonstration purposes. There are no flaws noted with the printer as it prints perfectly and is in impeccable condition. I kept it in the garage out of the elements and only used it a dozen times. This unit will come boxed and with some used filament. I can’t warrant the use of this for the value it is worth so I am selling it, be it begrudgingly. It includes everything needed that was in the box from new, the Air Manager, Material Station, an extra glass build plate, 3 extra extrusion heads (BB 0.4, AA 0.4, CC 0.4), used remaining filaments, all original packaging and is still under service plan for parts etc with Dynamism. If you have any specific questions or would like me to send additional pictures/video, please feel free to pm. Price: $7800 shipped
  5. Hello guys im selling my ultimaker printer, almost 2 year 6 month old running time 960hrs
  6. This is almost certainly a scam. Won’t say how I know (don’t want to tip off scammer). We’ve seen some scams lately. Strongly recommend pickup printer only (not through mail). If they send you a photo of their license – that’s not good enough to trust them. -gr5 (moderator) Interested to sell my S5 It would come with Full sets of all standard nozzles + 1 x 0.6CC, an extra air filter for the air manager and some filament. Pictures of nozzle information are by far the most used. all maintenance done by the book. No damage of any kind and in perfect working order. 4000 € Ships from the Baltics. (the black thing between the doors is just some tape to prevent drafts)
  7. Ultimaker 5s in excellent condition. Only a couple reels of filament pushed through. FYI, in order to use PVA effectively you must have a material dryer running almost 24/7 (unless you unload the PVA and vacuum seal it with dessicant). I will include the dryer I use at no additional cost to you and a filament splicer. I couldn't get the splicer to work, but the people on YouTube certainly did so it is possible. I vacuum sealed all open filament with dessicant. Included are the unused ruby red nozzle, new reels of black nylon, PA/CF (carbon fiber), black PLA tough; partial reels of black PLA tough, PVA natural. I'll add pics of the hours of the print cores and condition of the axles, and print bed (one side of the print bed has a small chip. I ordered an extra bb 0.4 print core, which hasn't arrived yet, it is of course included for free! What a bargain! Brand new, you're looking at over $7500. Right now, the low low price of $5000. I'll do a special November discount, $4,990 for the first 5 people who inquire. Better hurry, it's on Craigslist too (same price) and I've already got interested parties. Don't miss out on the bargain of the century!
  8. Forsale is an Ultimaker 3 Extended in excellent condition. All components are in work order. Cleaned, greased and maintained monthly. Software up to date, less then 80 prints since ownership. Comes with all original items in box including original box and packaging to move the printer safely. Once calibrated, I’ve never experienced a failed print through sending prints via WiFi or using the USB ports. Accessory Box: Build Plate, Glue, Lubricant, Manual, Calibration Sheet, and USB Hot Time: 23d 9h Material Amount: 67.92m Print Cores: 3x AA 0.4 1x BB 0.4 Filament: 1x Ultimaker PVA Clear 1x Ultimaker Nylon Black 1x Ultimaker PLA Silver 2x Gizmodorks PLA White 4x Gizmodorks PLA Black 1x Gizmodorks PLA Brown 1x Gizmodorks PVA Clear 1x Overture PLA Black 1x MatterHacker Breakaway Support Filament 1x MatterHacker PLA Gold 1x MatterHacker PETG Black 1x MatterHacker PETG White 1x MatterHacker PETG Clear Also have a brand-new Print Dry which has not been used to those who are interested. If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me a message, call or text at (973) 289-4258 Location: Livingston, NJ Price: $3,600 Thank you
  9. This printer is in great shape, cleaned and lubricated at regular intervals. It comes with: 2x AA 0.4 Print cores 1x AA 0.25 Print cores 1x BB 0.4 Print cores Asking price is $2,000, OBO.
  10. Hi All, I have a like new UM3 ext for sale! come with an offer 🙂 Reason for sale is space and that I've got a UM5S instead.
  11. Looking to sell my ultimaker 3 extended. I sold my business and its just been sitting. I have extra abs, pla and nylon along with a polybox and extra storage for filament. Asking 2500 or b/o. Would prefer local pickup in NJ, PA, NY or CT Dave 7325804229
  12. For sale Ultimaker S5 in perfect shapeI am switching from FDM to SLS I have a Sinterit LISA on its way now.The S5 is perfect shape I just paid fbrc8 LLC which is an Ultimaker’ s Official US Assembly & Support Partner to go through this printer top to bottom replacing any worn parts it is fully functional and tested, updated to the newest firmware.Comes with five hot ends and extra build plate and a ton of filament.I will pay Ground shipping 48 states only Over 1088 Positive Feedback on eBay (Same screen name)
  13. Hello Everyone, I'm looking to sell my Ultimaker 3. It's like new, has been used only to print some cookie cutter (yes...what a waste i know) :D I'd say that the printer has less than 50h of printing time(not sure if there is a way to check it ) it comes with all the accessories but no box. bought on 16 gen 2019 (invoice available) I'm available for showing the machine in a video call and make any sort of test :) I'm based in London and pickup is preferred, otherwise i can arrange the delivery ping me here or on whatsapp 07492678443
  14. Selling my UM3X, very good condition, low hours, Bondtech DDGs, top enclosure & door, extra print cores, dual side-mount eSun dry boxes, filament, original box. $2500 OBO colorich@gmail.com Pick-up or ship at buyer’s expense.
  15. I am selling my Ultimaker S5. This machine is awesome! It was hardly used, purchased in 2018. My friend and I wanted to prototype a few things for a '3d printed tissue' business that never got off the ground, while the S5 is a great printer, do not have a use for a machine of this caliber so I am selling it. Has not even used a full reel of filament. Will add photos later this evening or tomorrow night. Price: $4,999.00 OBO Included: - Ultimaker S5 - Ultimaker filament: remaining Black PLA, Natural PVA...probably about 60% remaining - 2 print cores total: AA 0.4 and BB 0.4 - Original box and all items that came with the printer will be provided Will accept cash or Venmo. I am based in the Philadelphia, PA area. We can do pickup or I can ship - we can work out the cost of shipping.
  16. Greetings all, I have an UM3 for sale, it does have an accessory door on the front with a latch that broke though I think I have a replacement (or I can send the file to print but I would use ABS which I'm out of). I am upgrading to an S3 or S5 in the next few weeks and will not have use for this one. It was recently serviced by FBRC8 for a screen splitting issue which it will do about once every few weeks when using WiFi (if you use Ethernet its fine, same with USB, I'm trying it now with an ethernet bridge which seems to have resolved the issue as well; I was told its my router that is the issue... Eero). Everything else is in great shape, comes with 0.4 AA and BB both of which will have just a few days of use. I have an UM2 box that FBRC8 used to send it to me (they evidently wanted to keep my UM3 box) but it has been a workhorse over 2 years. New belts, tubes, freshly cleaned and lubricated and calibrated. Asking $2500 plus shipping or you can pick up in Vegas. I'll throw in the ethernet bridge for no cost. happy to send some photos and show you want is printing if you like
  17. Hi Ultimaker community! I am selling my trusty Ultimaker S5. The printer has lived only in my home studio environment, with just one owner and carefully looked after. The printer has been carefully used and is in great condition. location - Cardiff, Wales. Price - £4,950 all in (or best offer). Preferably collection only due to bulk and value of the item, but this can be discussed. Please refer to the images for usage time specifics. There are no known mechanical issues with the printer and it is working perfectly. There are no cosmetic blemishes either and the printer is in ‘like new’ condition. The printer comes with filament (see images), 6x print cores (all used), a hood with HEPA filter and one unused filter. It also comes with the original accessory box, one used glass bed, along with one brand new unused glass bed. I can provide example prints if the buyer requests and sends a file over for proof of functionality!
  18. UM3 extended: In very good condition. Core 1 - 16d, core 2 - 37d. Comes with everything you can see on the picture. Asking 1600 € + shipping cost. Location Estonia
  19. I have an S5 Pro with the material station and the air handler. It's about a year old and will include pretty much everything it came with. I'll throw in all the filament I have too (TPU, PLA, ABS, PETG). I have the original boxes for all 3 components. $7000 OBO
  20. Hello all, Selling my UM3, thinking about switching to other printer or an upgrade. Looking at USD$2400 obo The kit comes with, Ultimaker 3 (original spool holder and printed holder if wanted) AA core x 2 BB core x 1 Accessories (spatula, gluestick, etc) Original box with foams Also with some filaments (pictured below): Matterhackers Pro Series PLA - Gold, Translucent Red, Glow in the dark (new - 1kg) MatterHackers - PVA (new) MatterHackers - Gray (used some) Ultimaker - PVA and Tough White (both used) Local (Portland OR) sale preferred or buyer pay for shipping
  21. $5000 obo: Used S5 with Air Manager, in great condition, I have only used it a handful of times. Comes with two (2) AA .4mm print cores, (1) BB .4mm print core, and the "Ruby" Red .6mm print core for use with more exotic/durable filaments. Also have a bunch of little accessories that come with it (oil, screw driver, glue stick, etc.) + a lot (9-10 rolls) of unused filament, many unopened. Located in San Diego, California. Thanks, Matt
  22. Hi Fellow Ultimaker Hackers! I made a large number of mods to my UM2 almost as soon as I purchased it. The parts pictured below have seen <20 hours of printing time and are essentially new. Asking $100 + actual shipping for everything! (FYI just the hot end pack runs for $85). These are all original OEM parts. I am also listing this on Ebay so if interested, we can deal through Ebay so that you have peace of mind in buying.
  23. Looking to sell one of our s5 pro Bundles never installed or used. 7700 obo pickup preferred but will ship since boxes have not been opened. Text 812-296-3569 for more info
  24. I bought it several months ago and it has been well maintained. Used for very short time and has no defects. The quality of each products it prints are amazing and I am very satisfied with it. It comes everything with the original box. The printer is located at West Virginia, US. Looking for 1000USD or best offer.You are welcome to contact with me for any questions and concerns. Thank you so much!
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