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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there, Most of my info is in the attached picture but as people here will know 3D printing and ultimakers well here is some extra info: I have upgraded this UM3 with some of the newer parts that are available - the latest print head cable clip fitting and the new style of print head undersling which uses the newer S5 version of the silicon covers. I bought these upgrades from the UK ultimaker distributor so they are all official. The printer has also been serviced multiple times by the same distributor (I sent it in about once a year), hence why it has the newer colour of LED in the button. Ideally I would like to sell to someone in person to avoid faff of delivery but I'm willing to discuss delivery as I realise finding someone nearby is unlikely. I have been working with ultimakers for multiple years professionally now so feel free to reach out to me with any questions.
  2. SOLD For sale in Belgium, but will ship at buyer's expense; Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle Unlock easy, always-on 3D printing with automatic material handling, efficient air filtering, and filament humidity control. From 2020. Looking for 7500€ SOLD
  3. SOLD Ultimaker 2+ in really nice condition with low hours. Includes printer, power supply, unused nozzle kit, and original box. No filament included. Available locally in the Tempe AZ area or will ship to the USA lower 48 states for $1250 shipped.
  4. SOLD Ultimaker 2 Go in good used condition. Includes printer, power supply, storage/carry case, spare feeder assembly. No filament or SD card included. The OEM feeder was horrible so I changed it out for an "improved" 3d printed design but it still requires some fiddling to get it feeding happily. I included a new OEM feeder assembly if you want to go back to stock. Available locally in the Tempe AZ area or will ship to the USA lower 48 states only for $550 shipped. Will be cross posted for sale starting next week.
  5. Occasional home use only, selling due to now using SLA printers. comes with some spares and a range of different filament materials Specification; Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) Dual extrusion print head with automatic nozzle lifting system and swappable print cores Build volume 215 x 215 x 300 mm Down to 20um layer resolution Heated glass build plate Active build plate levelling Automatic Ultimaker material recognition Wi-Fi, LAN, USB ports Camera for live monitoring Also included; 1x extra AA 0.4 print core/nozzle 1x extra BB 0.4 print core/nozzle 1x extra glass build plate with black Buildtak film applied 2x unused sheets of black Buildtak film Original accessories (oil, grease, scraper, alignment cards, screwdriver) Power supply and cable Ultimaker PLA 2.85mm filament; 1x 750g reel blue, opened but unused 1x 750g reel red, 10% used 1x 750g reel pearl white, 5% used 1x 750g reel green, 50% used 1x 350g reel silver metallic, opened but unused Ultimaker PVA 2.85mm filament; 2x 350g reels, 15% used on each Ultimaker CPE Copolyester 2.85mm filament; 1x 750g reel white, 25% used FormFutura PLA 2.85mm filament; 1x 750g reel black, 25% used I am asking $1700 which is actually a steal compared to how much I got it. Please Pm me for inquiries/pictures. Thanks for looking.
  6. I'm a hobbyist tinkerer, and I'm selling my UM2+ so I can upgrade to a UMS3 to begin working with soluble supports. My UM2+ is well cared for and in great shape with new Bowden tube, new .80 and .40 nozzles, new PTFE coupler, and a BuildTak spring steel magnetic bed surface (this is a nice upgrade). It is incredibly reliable. Once a part is dialed in with the slicer, it prints perfectly every single time. There is a small chip out of the bottom rear corner of the right side panel, cosmetic only and not really noticeable (see photo), and a few of the LEDs are out. I print with it almost every day; I'm now printing 12-15 protective face shields per day to donate to hospitals. The light blue face shields in the pics were printed over the weekend with the .80 nozzle and .40mm layer height. They take 1:10 each to print. The gray face mask was printed a few days ago with the .40 nozzle and .20mm layer height. Both colors are Matterhackers Tough PLA. $1,500. I'll pay for FedEx 3-day shipping anywhere in the continental US. Feel free to call me at (too oh ate) - for won too - 99 six niner if you have any questions. I'm in Mountain Time. Gordon
  7. UM3. £1600 Boxed no upgrades. No Cores included. Spare Print Head 1 x reel of pvc on NFC Reel 1 x spare NFC pla reel. In very good working order.
  8. Ultimaker 3 Extended - $2500 Too many printers and CNC mills and looking to downsize since we mostly use SLS and DLP printers due to material constraints. Will ship to the lower 48 states. Nozzles: 1x AA 0.4 2x AA 0.8 1x BB 0.4
  9. For sale is our very lightly (non-pro) used Ultimaker S5, a total of approximately 1.5 kg filament run through it. Too much else going on at the moment to properly appreciate it, hence the sale. Comes with original packaging and plenty of UM tough PLA . Best offer. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, but also able to ship since original shipping packaging is intact. Thank you, Jorgen. ***Addendum*** I did a quick inventory of the PLA and printheads that will accompany the sale: 1: AA 0.25 1:BB 0.4 1: AA 0.8 2: AA 0.4 Unopened 750 g. UM Tough PLA: 8 rolls (1, green, 2 red, 2 white, 3 black). One unopened 350 g. UM PLA natural. About half a dozen various rolls of UM PLA in sealed plastic bags with desiccants.
  10. I am selling my Ultimaker 3, very good condition ~95 days printing. For $2500 + Shipping (US Only) It has the Bondtech DDG upgraded extruders (for both extruders) as well as the parts for the original extruders. Its in great condition with all original factory parts including 2x AA 0.4 and 1x BB 0.4 print cores. Here are some photos of the printer and a small sample of what I have printed with it: This is a print that I finished minutes before posting this topic:
  11. I am selling my Ultimaker 2+ for $1500 USD Its in great condition and has two aftermarket upgrades: A Bondtech Extruder, and a 3dSolex V3 Block. I will only ship to locations in the US. I can take pictures, or videos, if desired.
  12. I have an Ultimaker 2+ for sale. All original tools and accessories included. Also including 5 reels of filament. Printer has approx 105 hours of printing through it. The 0.25, 0.6 and 0.8 nozzles are completely unused. The 0.4 nozzle has a small amount of scratches on it where I've needed to remove material from it. I have lost the original collet from the the hot end end of the Bowden tube. These are easily printed from existing projects Collet clamp. Images of Ultimaker, accessories and filament -https://imgur.com/a/Ople0 1 x near full reel of Orange PLA (Ultimaker original filament) 1 x 3/4 reel of Silver metalic PLA (Ultimaker original filament) 1 x full unopened reel of Green PLA (Ultimaker original filament) 1 x near full reel of Black ABS (Ultimaker original filament) 1 x near full reel of translucent PLA (Ultimaker original filament) I am looking for £900 I am based in the South West of UK and willing to travel part way to sell.
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