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  1. Hello! Using Cura on my Windows notebook, I saved a .3mf file with all information such as printer profile and print settings. I tried to open it in my Macbook and it didn't import project info, just the 3D model. To test if the problem was my Mac or the file itself, I reinstalled Cura on Windows, without any previous settings and opened this .3mf file. All project settings were loaded properly along with the 3d file. Then, using Cura on my Mac I saved another .3mf project and opened it on my Windows and it also worked fine. I use Cura version 4.6.`1 in both computers. Why isn't my Mac opening .3mf files properly? SavedOnWindows.3mf SavedOnMac.3mf
  2. hi everyone, the home point in cura is by default in the left front corner when in my printer it is in the rear left corner...the consequence is that the prints are mirrored in the Y direction... i try to change the "home-point" position but i couldn't do it...is there a way to do it? Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm working on a plugin based on the CustomSupport plugin. But in this case I'm not creating a cube but a cylinder. I haven't any problem to get the right length ( from the picked point to the base) but I wanted to define the radius as a parameter in order to be able to customize this value. Is it possible to add a customized value ? or to get an existing value for this parameter Ie : support_conical_min_width ? Cylinder.zip
  4. Dear All on the forum, Would anybody be at help for the following? I would like to print a mesh with a cutted hole inside (the model is good, watertight and so on) There is a setting in Mesh Fixes, stating "union overlapping volumes". I would like to have this ON (for another reason). If I turn the model, I can print it fine; wíth the cutted hole (see image 1) If I print the model in the preferred position, I have a problem printing the hole with this setting ON (see image 2). The hole gets visible again with the setting "union overlapping volumes" OFF (see image 3) The reason why I would like to print it with this setting ON, is because I use an external program to make support (in Meshmixer) and therefore the complete print will print at its best. Maybe there are suggestions that helps me out? At this moment I print this models in the position as image 1 (with the hole horizontal), but I would prefer to be able to print the hole vertical as well. Minke
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a solution to get the translation of a label parameter. I can get the label or the description inthe default langage but I don't know how to get it the the right translated text. # layer_height GetVal = Application.getInstance().getGlobalContainerStack().getProperty("layer_height", "value") GetLabel = Application.getInstance().getGlobalContainerStack().getProperty("layer_height", "label")
  6. I am at a loss here, hope someone with better knowledge than me has some advice. I am trying to print with an AA0.8 print head at 0.2 and 0.3 mm layer height to speed things up but the results (surface finish) are pretty bad. Everything is fine when I swap in an AA0.4 print head. I have tried to print with Inofill PET and Polymaker PETG with the same awful result. I have mostly used PET/PETG materials before, with good results. I have tried the factory recommended settings for both and have varied temperature, print speed, fan speed and flow rate, one at a time. Things monstly get worse, so the recommended settings are probably fine, they work for 0.4mm, so no surprise really. I have cleaned the nozzle, pull looks good. I have dried the filaments and I have tested both head positions. I can't see or hear anyting strange with the extruders. I have not used this print head much since I got it, I never got it to work well and thought I needed to spend some time on it to get it right. Well now I have spent quite a lot of time... In close up it looks to me like some kind of inconsistent extrution or as if something moves around. I have looked for something loose but can't find anything strange. What am I missing? The tube on the left is 0.4, on the right 0.8.
  7. As the title says: My ultimaker2 printerhead has started to crash into the frontside. Whenever I start printing everything starts ok. The printerhead moves to the "home position" as it should and stops at the right position. But when the printer head moves to the front, for extruding filament, it doesn't stop it before the end of the rail. Instead it just keeps going and grinds on the belts. After grinding for a second it moves back and starts printing and everything is fine. It stops fine in the other direction. It's only in the back-to-front direction it doesn't stop in the correct posisition. So I have: manually tested the switches and they work. resetted the printer to factory settings. updated the cura to 4.6.1. tightened the bets I have had the printer for many years and never had this problem until a couple of days ago. Any ideas how to fix this?
  8. I suffering to make a good and nice print in vertical, because print speed is not even. You can examine more in software when you lower the travel move. For example I set down every speed factor to 40mm/sec. Why this happen? Am I miss something? Doing wrong any parameter? There is another setting for consistens speed?
  9. Hello, So I have this lovely issue with my new UMS5, as I am trying to print on it, it keeps popping up this warning and pauses my print: - this error occurs both with native ultimaker materials and with other brands, - this error occurs both with flow sensor on and off - this error is driving me crazy - this error occurs with full rolls of filament Any tips and tricks are welcomed
  10. Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well! I have noticed an issue that has been prevalent in many of my prints for a long time. They appear to look like missing layer lines or shifted layers. Here are a couple of pictures:Notice the inconsistencies going horizontally along with 4 faint lines going across the print. Below is a more prominent example: Notice the random lines going across the print. I also want to clarify that I did check the belt tension and tightened it furthur, but it continues to happen. I dont have any idea as to why this is happening, so please feel free to request my slicer settings and if you have any questions, I will be sure to answer them as soon as I can! Here is a bit of a overview: Filament: PLA Bed and Nozzle temp: 60C and 210C Print speed for outer and inner walls: 15m/s Layer height that I normally use: 0.15 or 0.2mm Printer: Creality Ender 3 Thanks and regards!
  11. i start Cura and it just freezes as a white screen on startup (Not responding) Windows 10 how do i fix this? have tried: updating everything compatability-mode for windows 8 unplugging SD card from computer restarting computer re-installing CURA plz help
  12. Hallo liebe Gemeinde, ich bin recht neu in der sache 3D Druck arbeite mich aber durch die vielen Informationen im Netz oder auch hier im Forum recht schnell ein. Ich bin gerade dabei mich am PA6 zu versuchen (Gewindebohrungen klappt mit PLA nur mäßig , gerade die Maßhaltigkeit nervt) ... das ist bis jetzt das schwierigste Material für mich komme aber damit eigentlich gut zurecht... gut ist auch erst das 2te neben PVA Folgendes Frage: Durch die hohen Temperaturen der Düse und des Heizbettes ist mir aufgefallen , das wenn ich den Druck abbreche (Einstellung passen zu Beginn nicht / Warping od. ähnliches) es ca. 10- 20 min dauert (gefühlte Ewigkeit , vielleicht sind es auch nur 5-10 min) bis der Druck dann wirklich abgebrochen hat, dann kann ich einen neuen starten und es dsauert wieder "ewig" bis alles hochgeheizt ist... Nebensächlich ist mir hierbei die Energieeinsparung , aber kann man das irgendwie Beschleunigen (Systemeinstellung) ... habe im Cura nichts gefunden od. ist das über G-Code möglich ?? Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung
  13. Hi guys, I noticed that Cura is doing a strange thing that only happens when i have lots of things in my printer bed. Before I save the files I can visualize them correctly but after i save it to Gcode and reopen it shows strange interruptions on cylindrical walls. Above are some images to show what I’m talking about. I don't know if it's something i should be concerned about but this is a little weird and does not happen when i print (save) part by part. Hope you can give me some thoughts about this, I’m counting on your experience to guide me. Cheers,
  14. "Hello, we've changed a configuration in the registration process of our community. It's now mandatory to list which 3D printer you have, which should help us to answer questions you have more easily. This could mean that you are prompted to list which printer you have, if you didn't specify this before. In the near future this will also be shown next to your profile when you create a post, but this requires some more visual refinement. Let me know if you have any questions about this. Thank you". "Bonjour, nous avons modifié une configuration dans le processus d'enregistrement de notre communauté. Il est désormais obligatoire de mentionner l'imprimante 3D dont vous disposez, ce qui devrait nous aider à répondre plus facilement à vos questions. Si vous ne l'avez pas spécifié auparavant, cela pourrait signifier que vous êtes invité à indiquer l'imprimante dont vous disposez. Dans un avenir proche, elle sera également affichée à côté de votre profil lorsque vous créez un poste, mais cela nécessite un affinement visuel. Faites-moi savoir si vous avez des questions à ce sujet. Je vous remercie," - SandervG
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know of a plugin for Cura that provides multi-layer or custom brim configurations? I'd like to have a much more beefy brim in lieu of a raft for two reasons 1) less material 2) better bottom layer finish. Thanks! Rich
  16. Hi, New to the site so apologies if I've broken any form norms. Had a search in the forum and didn't turn up anything that looked related, so sorry if I've made a newbie mistake. Have a reoccurring issue when trying to slice models that don't have a suitably large enough flat spot for standard bed adhesion. Tried with all support options in the settings (standard, experimental, adding user blocks..) and with combinations of bed adhesion options (none, brim, .. but most specifically raft) . Even tried turning off the drop to bed setting. However in all combinations of theses setting I'm still get a distortion in the lower portion of the model! Had hoped (since I've already paid for the model) that it could be printed without the need to go to an editor and chop it to more amenable chucks. Note the above is in the case where the model is not dropped but hovers ~1-2mm above the bed with a raft and tree support enabled. Any other suggestions would be gratefully received. Thanks Again let me know if there's some convention I've tramped on or vital information lacking from the post.
  17. Hello, I'm Still figting with Python , this time I'm looking for a solution to modify a parameter in a profil. The following Code doesn't return any error . But it doesn't change anything. id_ex=0 global_container_stack = Application.getInstance().getGlobalContainerStack() extruder = global_container_stack.extruderList[int(id_ex)] # Define support_xy_distance definition = extruder.getSettingDefinition("support_xy_distance") new_instance = SettingInstance(definition, extruder) new_instance.setProperty("value", self._UseOffset) Any Help would be welcome
  18. Hello, I'm still working on a new plugin and I'm wondering if there is any difference in the python langage between : from cura.CuraApplication import CuraApplication and from UM.Application import Application
  19. I had problems with Cura 4.6.1 to find and connect my Ultimaker S5 over the network. Cura does not find the printer automatic and manually also doesn't work. The IP is correct and working with a browser. The Cura-Log show me these lines: 17x... 2020-05-18 14:58:58,696 - DEBUG - [MainThread] cura.Machines.Models.DiscoveredPrintersModel.checkManualDevice [161]: Could not find a plugin to accept adding manually via address. 2020-05-18 14:58:58,924 - DEBUG - [MainThread] cura.Machines.Models.DiscoveredPrintersModel.checkManualDevice [161]: Could not find a plugin to accept adding manually via address. With 4.5 it works fine.
  20. Just wondering, for people who deal with tight fittings that require sub mm accuracy, is there a way to compensate for first couple of layers spreading out a bit? ( I'm guessing due to the constant heat from the heated bed) Or should I just reduce the temperature in the profile and put more glue instead?
  21. Noch eine Frage an die Community: Ich habe die Glasplatte im UM3E+ ersetzt durch eine 2mm Carbonplatte für ABS Druck. Ich bemühe mich seitdem vergeblich, die Platte richtig auszurichten. Mache ich die manuelle Nivellierung mit 1mm dann die feine mit 0.15, sitzt der Druckkopf immer zu tief. Das Brim ist hauchdünn, übereinanderliegende Schichten wulsten sich teilweise rechts und links. Also gefühlt mindestens 0.1 mm zu tief mit 0.4er Düse. Vor dem Druck macht der eine Auto Nivellierung durch das System. Verstehe das nicht, die müsste das doch ausgleichen. Mir fällt insgesamt jetzt wenig dazu ein. Wie schaffe ich eine saubere Ausrichtung? Würde Ausrichten mit Bügelmesschrauben gegen das Druckbett (unten gegen Oberkante Carbonplatte) funktionieren? Sind die durch die weniger dicke Carbonplatte verloren gegangenen 2 mm zur Glasplatte das Problem? Ich würde da auch gern mal mit einer digitalen Messuhr / Fühlerhebelmessgerät ran. Aber ich finde keine geeignete Kopfbefestigung für so eine Uhr am UM3. Gibt's sowas (Thingiverse, STLfinder, STLBase etc.)? Ich bin für jede Anregung dankbar, die mich da weiterbringt.
  22. Hello everybody ,I got a Ultimaker 2+ extended at work and since my upgrade to Cura 4.5 (i also tried the beta 4.6) I cannot acces my nozzle temp and my builtplate temp (which are fundamental)+ a load of other setting. And cannot find the old version of the software. Those are locked and the "error" message is not the same for builtplate and nozzle but still... I dont really know what to do, I've tried pretty much all I found on this subject but still nothing solved my issue. Currently my only option is setting those nozzle and builtplate setting on the printer itself Please Help. Thank you and take care :)
  23. Hi! I have a small circular feature with a hole in the middle for a M3 screw to screw on, and I was checking the preview and found that it was following a weird movement pattern. I have a wall thickness of 1.2 (3 walls with a 0.4 nozzle) and these features are 1.88 mm thick, so they should be printing in a solid block... How do I make so it prints in a circular motion rather than that jerky mess? Here's a video of my issue for more clarity and below is a picture of the meaning of each color: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qjmnpsbwkwyl6qr/video_2020-05-13_04-51-32 compressed.mp4?dl=0
  24. I have run into the problem of trying to print large items that are close but not quite the full size of my build plate. My build area is 220mmX220mm. The model I am trying to print is circular and shows as 210mmX210mm in Cura. However Cura shows the model greyed out and will not slice it. Playing with the scaling function in Cura I can print it at 200mmX200mm but not 205mmX205mm. It will print at 203mmX203mm but not above that. So Cura is leaving 17mm on each side of the model as a reserve that is non-printable space. This seems excessive. I should be able to print my model full size at 210mmX210mm. A 10mm reserve is surely enough. I have checked my printer settings in Cura and the build surface is set to 220mmX220mm. I don't see anything in the settings that allows me to set a smaller unprintable space on the outside edges. Is there any way to do this?
  25. Brand new Ultimaker S3. Upgraded to the latest firmware (5.3.10). Printing its first Print. Setup was REALLY ROUGH. I spent $4K on this so I would not have to continually tinker with a 3D Printer like I do with my Prusa i3 MK3, but below are the issues I encountered. The one that is blocking for me is that I do not see anything through the camera in either Cura Monitor or the Web Manager. In the web I get a totally black rectangle. In Cura, when I click the button, I seem to get a faint lightbox over the app window but no video image. Any ideas? Problems Encountered: 1) Wifi Setup Would not work. First time I connected to the printer from the computer I chose a 5Ghz network because it was in the list. It never finished configuring on the printer. The next time, I did not get the printer's SSID in the list on the computer. I went with a hard wire connection instead. 2) Clogged AA. After initially loading both the AA and BB and seeing extrusion, when I did my first print (Benchy), the black stopped extruding after a couple of minutes. I never got it unclogged. I used the other AA print head and that worked OK. I ordered cleaning filament in the hopes I can recover the glogged AA head. 3) Printer complained it was out of calibration, so I did the calibration. This time the PLV would not extrude so it ran through the whole calibration without extruding filament. 4) PLV would not unload. I had to figure out how to do this manually, but I got it out. The gears had dug a grove in the filament so it could not get a bite. 5) I unloaded both filaments to start over. The Black filament would not load automatically, after it did the big motor noise to load, the filament did not move. I had to unlock the gear and do it manually. I assume I did not have it in the box enough, so that was probably just simple user error. 6) I got both filaments loaded and ran through the calibration. I had a very hard time telling between the a few of the lines. But I think I got it. 7) No Camera while printing. I have Not finished my first print, so I am hoping that goes well but it is 30 minutes in and things look good. If this was a real first date, it would not have gone well. I already paid $4K, so I am going to see if I can smooth things out and be happier down the road. I think I fussed with the Prusa for a lot longer to get it to print Benchy, so there is that. Any help on the camera would be great.
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