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  1. Hello, I work for a large global company and we have network security. This of course is blocking me from connecting ulitmaker cura to the marketplace to sync materials. Our IT department is extremely slow at whitelisting any websites. My hope is that there is some way to add a material profile without using the marketplace and linking the ultimaker cura. That, or getting the material profile information so that i can simply create a custom material profile and enter in the same settings. I couldn't seem to find any setting information though. The material i need to add is the Poly
  2. Bonjour à tous, Sur mon UM3 je tente d'imprimer avec du FlexiFil de chez FormFutura. La pièce est un tube de 25mm x 100mm imprimé verticalement. Buse à 145°, bed à 95°, vitesse 30mm/s, pas de rétraction, ventilation 40% et bordure de 15mm. Le résultat est très propre sauf que l'objet ne colle pas sur le plateau, donc ça commence bien mais ça fini mal. Je pense qu'à un moment la ventilation suffit à faire bouger la pièce. J'ai testé avec la vitre propre et avec du Dimafix mais la pièce se décolle... Avez vous une astuce pour améliorer l'adhésion
  3. Hi everyone, I am on the verge of giving up with Cura for printing TPU. I have a Sovol SV01 printer and it prints eSUN PLA and eSUN PETG perfectly fine using Cura. When I try my eSUN TPU 95A however, I get large blobs at a distance next to the walls. I have tried tuning retraction distance and speed separately ranging from 3 to 6.6mm (limit) and 18 to 39 mm/s (limit) respectively. I have also tried ranging the temperature from 220 to 230 degrees, various coasting and all combing mode settings (also "Max Comb Distance With No Retract"). Printing speed is with 27mm/s
  4. This topic is all over the place clear back to 2012. I just can't get it to work for me. The usual solution being "Check Union Overlapping Volumes" This isn't working for me. Attached is the file. It is a corner piece for a plastic door. It has 2 screw holes and an internal void for a magnet. I already printed the internal cylinder and it is perfect fit for my magnet. The grey spot shows up in Cura but when i click slice the void doesn't exist, cura does regular infill. Any ideas on how to get this cavity to work? This was made in sketchup. I have that file i
  5. My Ender 3 Pro shifts on the y-axis only for certain prints in certain configurations, but when it shifts, it does so consistently, indicating that it is likely a software problem. Attached are pictures of three attempts to print an A and an L. I have laid them out as I printed them to show the effects of my rearrangement within the software. The last attempt I let run all the way until the stop at layer command I put in post-processing, but the other two I stopped as soon as they shifted. I am printing translucent red PETG on a 1 mm nozzle with the attached speed settings. I'd appreciate some
  6. I did a mistake with an abrasive filament. It is possible to change the nozzle ? It is now, or in the future, 0.4 nozzle as spare part for UM3 ?
  7. Hi, if this is not the correct place to suggest a change in Ultimaker Cura, please just point me in the right direction. I was playing with the Pause at Height feature in Cura and I noticed that the gcode inserted switched the print to extrusion absolute mode. My printer uses relative mode, so it took me a while to figure out why it wasn't working. I can manually modify the gcode myself, changing all M82 command to M83, but it would be nice to have the option of switching between relative and absolute in the plugin itself.
  8. Hello everyone I just wanted to share my discovery. I have been having an issue where some .gcode files sliced on Cura were not showing up on the SD menu of my Creality 3D CR-X. I went and updated the firmware and I was still having the issue. Simple solution is to shorten the name of the file. Example: "CCRX_CRXFilamentGuideV3.gcode" will not show up "FilGuide.gcode" will show up Just wanted to save people a headache if they have the same issue 🙂
  9. Got the following message today when powering-up the printer: "Difference between detected height of both print cores exceeds realistic values". See attached image. After reading many posts online with troubleshooting solutions such as 'bad ground causing capacitive sensor to fail' or 'removing at least one print head fixed the problem', I opened the fan door and looked at the capacitive sensor (white PCB with two wires labelled 'sensor' and 'shield'). On both sides are two bent pins coming-out of the plated PCB holes (pins are bent outwards). I guess the company will n
  10. I am getting the following Octoprint error message, yet the file I am attempting to upload is indeed a .gcode file I saved after Cura slicing. (This ended up as an Octoprint issue.) Upload failed Could not upload the file. Make sure that it is a readable, valid file with one of these extensions: .g, .gco, .gcode
  11. Hello everyone, With Cura, do you know if it is possible to change the nozzle route that is automatically generated ? I am printing gears and I would like them to have more mechanical resistance, specifically between the teeth and the main body. By default, for each layer, the teeth are printed first and then the body (the cylinder part of the gear). Here's a picture of the preview : We can see that the teeth are printed separately and it make the thing more breakable. What I would like is to print them as one and unique body. I mean that I would
  12. I am relatively new to 3DP but have had some success. I've seen many of the self-help videos and read through the forums. Recently I replaced a fan, and then started to encounter a problem with adhesion (yes, don't see the connection either). Naturally I assumed it was the printer, so I spent hours re-leveling, looking at glue sticks, etc. Then it dawned on me that perhaps it wasn't me or the printer, but the file I downloaded? During the print it always seemed to fail right at a small circular unconnected high feature. So I thought perhaps I could add a brim that might increase my odd
  13. What am I doing wrong that my Pause At Height will not stop my printer during printing. I tried adding a couple of pauses in a print earlier this week and didn't realize that the post-processing carries over to all prints sliced after this, but none of my prints have executed a pause since I added these. Initially the first pause was set to 4mm and every print since then has been much taller than that limit so it should have paused for each print. It seems pretty straightforward from the videos I've seen setting this up in Cura, so I'm quite perplexed. I'm using and Ender 3 Pro printer an
  14. Hello, So I have this lovely issue with my new UMS5, as I am trying to print on it, it keeps popping up this warning and pauses my print: - this error occurs both with native ultimaker materials and with other brands, - this error occurs both with flow sensor on and off - this error is driving me crazy - this error occurs with full rolls of filament Any tips and tricks are welcomed
  15. Somehow the material (Cards PLA-X3) I printed with did not attach to the build plate. Instead it became stuck between the silicon protection and the print core. What is a safe way to remove this, without ruining the print core? Edit: solved using this technique
  16. i have a ADIMLab-gantry 3D printer and the size of the bed is 315 by 315 by 415 so I set up a custom printer but when i go to print it starts right where its homed to can anyone help me on how I can center it to start to print in the center. Thanks
  17. In using S3D, I almost never worried about the support, which seems to be a unique design and really great. After switching to Cura, I suddenly found that I need to care about setting for support structure. And with the similar top/bottom distance of 1 layer height, very often the support is difficult to remove. Is there anybody know something about the S3D support and the possibility of emulating it in Cura? Thank you!
  18. I just finished a print that had an estimated material usage in Cura (v4.8.0) of 412g but the actual material used is 290g. What would cause this/How do I fix it? I have been 3D printing for a few months now so I'm fairly comfortable with it. My print settings are pretty dialed in and are producing beautiful prints at 0.12mm layer height with PETG. I have also created a custom profile for the Overture PETG that I am using and I feel as though it's spot on. Switching the selected material to the generic PETG increases the estimated material usage to 437g. Custom Material
  19. out of the blue my cura 7.1 started to give me the above error and i dont know why : Thread 0x000002d8 (most recent call first): File "C:\cura-build-output\build\inst\lib\python3.5\site-packages\UM\Backend\Backend.py", line 161 in _storeStderrToLogThread File "threading.py", line 862 in run File "threading.py", line 914 in _bootstrap_inner File "threading.py", line 882 in _bootstrap Thread 0x000005c8 (most recent call first): File "C:\cura-build-output\build\inst\lib\python3.5\site-packages\UM\Backend\Backend.py", line 149 in _storeOutputToLogThread File
  20. Hi, I'm currently trying to print a model, but everytime I multiply it Cura gives me this first layer's "bug": As you can see both top and bottom multiplies are ok with a all filled initial layer, but the models in the middle are missing some lines in the first layer.. Anyone knows why this happen? Thanks!
  21. I'm sure this has been asked before but I cant seem to find a straight answer. I'm new to printing and Cura so I figured I'd just ask the forum. I'm using Cura 4.8 and I have made a custom profile for myself, as well as custom materials profiles (PLA and PETG). My issue is when I switch from one material to the other, the temp and retraction settings don't update in the profile. I found out that this is because the profile settings override the material settings if you change them. But is there any way to keep the settings in my profile I want modified, and then just have the temp
  22. Hallo, ich versuche grade mit meinem UM2+ mit einem Extruder ein zweifarbiges Bauteil zu drucken und habe dafür das Cura-Skript "Change filament at height 3.4" verwendet. Der Code wird auch in den gcode eingefügt, aber mir ist nicht klar wie das dann funktionieren soll. Der Drucker hält an der entsprechenden Stelle an und fährt den Druckkopf weg und im Display steht "heating extruder". Aber wie soll ich denn jetzt das Filament wechseln? Dazu müsste ich ja ins Menü gehen, aber wie sag ich dem Drucker dann, dass er an der alten Stelle weitermachen soll. Irgendwie check i
  23. I'm currently trying to print out several ABS little rectangular prisms. I'm printing them with "one at a time" sequence selected. The back row always fails in a weird way and was wonder if anyone has ever experienced this and how to solve this issue. I have performed a manual bed level and I can print the objects in the same position by themselves without any problems here are some pictures to show the problem and good units (I flipped them upside down so you could see the bottom). It appears the first layer isn't getting a good squish but i don't know why or how it is so uniform.
  24. Dear all, this is my first Thread as new owner of S5 Pro Bundle, when I start a print job, regardless of whether it is from the cloud or a USB stick, the printer stops immediately and says the print job is finished. Why is that, especially since I've been printing permanently for the last 10 days. Since just now, as soon as I want to start a print job, the waiting circle on the display starts to rotate, rotates 360 ° and says done! even though he hasn't even started printing. Also when staring at an XY offset calibration, the same thing. he turns the waiting clock once and sa
  25. Hello! I'm having an issue with the top layer of slices in Cura. Even though my model is supposed to be flat on top, the slices form globby, uneven layers. I hope the pictures do a good job of showing the problem. I am very new to Cura and 3D printing in general. I have had my printer since yesterday, and only downloaded Cura today. I printed some items from Thingiverse (a Chess Rook, a Benchy, and a Companion Cube) and they all came out fantastic. I read that Cura can import PNGs/illustrations, so I wanted to try making a little stencil thing from my logo. (I am a digital artist s
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