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  1. Hello, So I have this lovely issue with my new UMS5, as I am trying to print on it, it keeps popping up this warning and pauses my print: - this error occurs both with native ultimaker materials and with other brands, - this error occurs both with flow sensor on and off - this error is driving me crazy - this error occurs with full rolls of filament Any tips and tricks are welcomed
  2. I'm trying to print a die model that I made in OpenSCAD, but slicing it in Cura creates ugly artifacts on the sides of the cube. I'm using the default profile for the ender 3. Is there something wrong with my model or is this a bug in Cura? How do I fix it? I've attached all relevant files, and the SCAD code is here. CE3_die.gcode CE3_die.3mf die.stl
  3. I have an x86_64 system where I have installed octoprint. A printer with a smoothieboard is on a USB connection at /dev/ttyACM0. Octoprint works perfectly by itself. I have also downloaded the cura appimage (1.12.1) and with octoprint stopped and octoprint plugin removed, it also works perfectly by itself. If I install the octoprint plugin in cura, I can connect to octoprint, but apparently cura and octoprint are still fighting over control of /dev/ttyACM0. I can try to move the print head via manual control and nothing will happen for several seconds, then it (sometimes) suddenly moves. Octoprint gives errors about communication problems with the usb device. Is there some hidden setting I can use in cura to make it never try to talk to /dev/ttyACM0? It shouldn't need to if it is talking to octoprint.
  4. I'm having an issue with the bed level and nozzle offset checks when starting a print. Printer had been working fine up until yesterday. Essentially the printer attempts to do a level check at the start of the print, but the bed is now starting that check about 3/4" from the nozzle. It will either give me an error that the bed leveling failed, or that the nozzle offset is outside the expected range. Where the nozzle used to touch the bed during the check, it now stops with about a 1/4" or more gap between the nozzle and bed. I've tried manually leveling the bed before printing, and also updated to the latest firmware, but without success. Considering doing a full factory reset on the printer, but would also welcome any other areas to check.
  5. Simulation view is crashing Cura in 4.11 and 4.12. It does not crash 4.10, but the object remains shadowed transparent like it had not been sliced. I copied the simulation view plugin from 4.9 over the 4.12 plugin and that lets me at least see a preview. XRAY mode still works when I disable the plugin from the marketplace. Crashing occurs whether a STL is on the build plate or not, and whether it is sliced or not. I simply can't open the mode. Because of the mention of the extruder settings in the bug report, I suspected it was an issue with my custom printer so I did a clean re-install of 4.12 and selected a default Ultimaker printer. This did not fix the problem. I am now thinking something in 4.10+ is just not playing nice with my graphics card. This machine is using an AMD Radeon HD 6700 (which runs solidworks great). I searched the github and the forums and did not see anyone else having this exact issue. Any insight would be most welcome!
  6. Hallo zusammen ich bin noch etwas neu im Python/Cura Post-Processing Script entwerfen. Nun ist es immer sehr mühsam, nach dem schreiben des scripts, dieses zu überprüfen. Bis jetzt habe ich immer cura neu gestartet, das script ausgeführt und getestet bzw. bei Fehlern die .log Datei von Cura angesehen. Geht das auch einfacher? super wäre es, wenn man ohne jedesmal Cura starten zu müssen, dass script testen kann. ist das möglich? oder zumindest einen "super-schnell" start zu erwirken. Das lange warten, bis cura geladen ist, dauert am längsten. ich bin für jede hilfe dankbar.
  7. Hi Ultimaker Community, the Cura Slicer fills ab big hole in a cover plate that I want to print. It is a hole for a antenna of a orangePi Zero. I build a case for this OrangePi in blender. The strange part is that the hole is shown in the cura edit mode but is gone in the preview mode :-/ Can you pleas help me? Cura Version: 4.2.1 Printer: Creality CR-10 OS: Windows 10 LTSC 64bit orange-dach-2.3.stl blender.zip
  8. Using this attached profile in Cura 4.11.0 with Ender 3 Pro with eSun PLA+ 1.75 mm filament. It doesn't matter what I try to print, the result is the same. The handle of my cookie cutter prints fine. The exterior wall prints fine. The opposite side from the picture is fine. The other side of the z seam is fine. I have changed the nozzle and bowden tube. I have tried multiple profiles, changed retraction settings, temperature, coasting settings, and speed and NOTHING changes the outcome. No matter what I change or what profile I use, this issue continues to occur only on the interior wall of the cookie cutter and only on the 1.2 mm blade and only to the right of the z seam by about 20 mm. If I randomize the z seam, then it this issue exists anywhere it placed the z seam in each layer. Any thing I print comes out this way. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Ender 3 Pro Cookie Cutter 0.4mm.curaprofile Cheer_Megaphone_4_In.3mf
  9. Hi, After upgrade Cura to 4.11.0 I have some issues with slicer. If I slice a part with a hole in the middle (vertical), after slice the hole is missing. Attached there can be se same part in 3 way sliced. Cura 4.11.0 sliced horizontal and vertical Cura 4.9.1 sliced vertical How can I slice the part vertical in Cura 4.11.0? THanks IN Advance....
  10. Hi, so I'm having a problem with Cura 7.1 all of a sudden. It's that it somehow prints objects smaller than what it says it's going to be. I tested my machine to see if something is wrong with the firmware but it moves a solid 100mm when I tell it to through the USB connection using the laptop as a host. This is the model: Can it be that Cura is somehow producing a scaling error when generating the gcode? What kind of information can I share to find out what's the exact issue here? Thanks for your time. My browser is tripping out after adding in a picture so I hope it's readable when I post this topic.
  11. Hello, I'm coming up to you about an issue I have with a UM3E that I tried to use after few months of inactivity. I installed the last firmware normally via the printer but, when I wanted to start a print, the UM3E failed during auto levelling step. Actually, the build plate stops at 10 centimeters from printheads, even if I try to level it manually. I tried every "normal" ways to solve the problem, user reboot, factory reboot, second setup of the firmware, via USB this time… nothing changed. The printer acts as if it was an UM3 not Extended, but it is… Every print I launch is considered too big for the printer, even the smallest thing. Maybe there is a conflict between Cura, where the printer is correctly set, and the firmware of the printer, set on the UM3 height instead of UM3E height. I really don't know how to check in the firmware and if it is possible to fix my UM3E… Please, help ! Build plate "raised"
  12. I switched printing filaments from white to green, both same type of PLA from the same manufacturer and ordered at the same time. The prints were coming out fine in the white PLA, but I just ran a first test on the green with the same Cura profile as the white and problems immediately showed up. I’m thinking that somehow the pigment is changing the filament just enough to cause issues. These gaps are showing up on the first layer on the underside, that is, the side that is in direct contact with the bed. At first I thought these gaps were caused by under extrusion or a temperature issue. I ran a temp tower, and the best quality is around 205 C, which is the temp It’s been running with both the white and green filament. Played with the flow, upped it to 130%, not much difference, changed the first layer height from 0.2 to 0.24mm, not much difference. Here's some pictures, first a picture of the area with good printing (printed object is 0.2 inches or so across). The next picture shows an area with poor printing. Third picture shows a poor attempt at putting the Cura path lines alongside the print. And finally a closeup of the problem area. I'm out of ideas on this. Any help or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
  13. https://www.databreachtoday.com/thingiverse-data-leak-affects-25-million-subscribers-a-17729 Résumé : si vous avez un compte sur thingiverse (Makerbot), il y a de fortes chances que celui-ci fasse parti des 228.000 comptes se promenant dans la nature... mot de passe compris. voilà, voilà... Merci Makerbot ! Pour savoir si votre adresse email a déjà été compromise, c'est ici : https://haveibeenpwned.com/
  14. New trying to get a 2nd extruder working... I may have something wrong. My setup is a simple Y adapter, two extruder motors, one nozzle and hotend. Cheap as am i. But whenever I have models utilizing the 2nd extruder, save gcode results in an "Error 0". WTF is an error 0? That's supposed to be a non-error, but it's fatal-no gcode. I set both models to extruder 1 and it saves fine. Both to extruder 2 and it error 0 again. I tried another printer profile and also printing to octoprint with same error 0 again. I would attach a HTML of settings but this forum doesn't support HTML for some reason. So I saved it as a ascii encoded txt/"log" file. If I pasted it in this would be a mile long. creality_ender3pro.log
  15. We are aware of the issue of the digital factory outage for the Ultimaker3 Ultimaker-S3 and Ultimaker-S5 (including the pro bundle). We are working on a hot-fix now. We will keep you posted as we progress. Go to http://status.ultimaker.com for the current status. Update - We can now offer a firmware upgrade to get all printers back online into Ultimaker Digital Factory. We have a firmware update in place for - Ultimaker S3 printers - both stable (6.2.3) and latest channel (6.5.2)* - Ultimaker S5 printers with the U on the side - both stable (6.2.3) and latest channel (6.5.2)* - Ultimaker 3 printers - Version 5.3.0 Make sure the printer is connected to the internet and if need be check the 'Maintenance' menu of the printer to trigger the upgrade. For S5 printers with the robot on the side we have a firmware release available in the latest channel (6.5.2)*. We are Investigating changes needed for a firmware release for the stable channel. If your Ultimaker S5 is subscribed to to stable firmware changes you can switch firmware channels to get it back online in the Digital Factory. Alternatively, the method of updating the needed certificates manually is also still possible. Paste the URL below in the address bar of your browser to visit an Ultimaker support page containing instructions. https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/4407583616018 ~ The team
  16. We are aware of the issue of the digital factory outage for the Ultimaker3 Ultimaker-S3 and Ultimaker-S5 (including the pro bundle). We are working on a hot-fix now. We will keep you posted as we progress. Update - We can now offer a firmware upgrade to get all printers back online into Ultimaker Digital Factory. Go to http://status.ultimaker.com for the current status. ~ The team
  17. I was trying to print vase Mode just to test my printer, so I am using spiralized contour with smooth spiralized contour on. The normal procedure when printing is that it should print the base first and then create a spiralized contour all the way up without stopping. But for some reason every 1/3 of the spiral it stopped for a bit and continue, because of that it create blob. I have turned on retract every layer change settings but it didn't retract when it stops. Is there any settings that I missed? Update: found the problem, it was actually the STL file causing the problem, I tried to print it with different version of cura didn't work and i tried other slicer like prusaslicer but still the same results. after trying to find other stl file now it works.
  18. Hi everyone, I have been struggeling with 3d party material profiles for the S5 with material station for the past weeks. One point I'm not quite certain about is the relationship between the material profile on the printer and the one in Cura. I am wondering in particular about how the material settings are processed regarding the Z-offset? Do offset settings in the printer and cura profile add up? Is only one used - if so which one and why would I need the printer side profile in the first place? Do I have to create the initial profile without offset have Cura send it to the printer and then alter the setting afterwards? If that is the case shouldn't Cura update the printer side material? Oh, I forgot: Thank you very much for the z-offset Plugin fieldOfView! Thanks for any hints dtose
  19. Does anyone knows why in almost each layer cura decide to put these useless lines? (See attached file). Before passing to the next layer the 3d printer extrude that lines causing problems.
  20. I am looking to purchase replacement O-rings for the print cores. The little red ones that make a seal with the silicon nozzle cover. I used to find them on fbrc8, but not finding them now...
  21. i want to print a swich arcade box. there are 4 files but the sides them wont slice, it says: Nothing to slice because none of the models fit the build volume or are assigned to a disabled extruder please scale or rotate to fit, or enable an extruder. can someone help me with this? nintendo-switch-arcade-box.zip
  22. I am trying to imbed steel weight into a print to make it heavy. It would be nice to have a feature where you can stop the print at a certain layer to then place the metal in. Does this already exist? I currently just babysit the printer until it get to the right layer(s). I have a UM S5 Pro Bundle and use Cura.
  23. Hello, first of all, yes i read tons of articles about this and tried the solutions. i design with openscad then slice with cura 3.6.0, save it on an sd card and finally print with the TEVO black widow. the problem is every now and then i get a layer shift. thirst i tried all the sollutions, but the i started to experiment. - when i start the same print again i get the same layer shift at exactly the same location and the same shift. - when i slice again with cura there could be no layer shift or a new layer shift (this with the exact same setting in cura) so - if it is a loose pully it should happen more randomly.(even if i wanted i could not get a loose pully to skip at axactly the same spot twice at a row) - if it is a defective SD card, it would be solved by changing the card (tried 3 cards withe and without extra formatting) - if it is a setting in cura, it should happen exactly the same after re-slicing withe the same settings - if it is in the printer firmware, it should happen with every print.(re-installed the firmware, and it was the same firmware with the previous cura version wich worked fine) in my opinion it starts to look like a bug in cura, evenmore because it started from cura 3,6,0 and didnt happen in 3.5 or 3.4. now i have a big thing to print (3days printing and a lot of filament) and have to gamble will it print or shift...... and if it shift will it be will it be 0.4mm or 10 cm (both happend, 10cm overnight and we all know the mess i found next day....) anyone any suggestions? Henk
  24. Recently, I got a bunch of melted filament jammed around one of the print cores. I wasn’t careful enough removing it and I destroyed the print core. Also, now the door won’t stay closed. I like to think I’m pretty handy so I should be able to fix it. But I can’t see anything wrong with it. Should there be a latch that holds it in place or just the magnets? For now I have to tape it shut but I miss having my printer look like the well-sorted machine that it is (was!). Thank you
  25. Bonsoir à vous, j'ai un problème depuis 2 semaines sur cura avec octopi. Quand je rentre la clef api, car il ne trouvait plus octopi, j'ai ce message. J’ai essayé de relancer un nouvel api, mis a jour tout ce qu'il y avait dans octopi (et octopi lui-même), la je viens de passer a cura 4.10 mais le problème persiste, une idée ?
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