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  1. Bonjour a tous, J'ai acquis depuis peut une imprimante 3D et je débute en conception de pièces sous fusion 360, j'utilise Cura pour la préparation de fichier a imprimer. Après avoir exporté dans Cura une pièce créée sous fusion 360, je l'ai imprimée. Globalement l'impression est réussie sauf au niveau des couches de départ et de fin ou il manque des zones qui ne sont pas imprimées. Lors du remplissage en diagonale, dans la région d'un trou, les diagonales ne continuent pas après le trou, elle s'arrête dans la première partie et ensuite continuent la pièce sans reveni
  2. Hello, I have some problems to change the property of a support_mesh into support_mesh_drop_down . I always have the Drop down support mesh checked in the Per object settings panel ? Any advice would be welcome. Cuq
  3. I am attempting to use a CPAP fan as a parts cooler for my 3d printer. Since it needs a controller to function (ESC), on my Duet WIFI 2, I cannot just plug it into the fan0 port on the controller board. Good news is that I was able to re-purpose one of the heater pins to behave like a servo and then I can use an M42 command to turn on / off the CPAP fan and increase / decrease the fan speed. For example CPAP fan at 0% M42 P8 S0.4 CPAP fan at 100% M42 P8 S0.7 What I am hoping to accomplish is to re-use the post processing script InsertAtLayerChange to conver
  4. Guten Tag, habe im PC eine neue (SSD) Festplatte mit neu installiertem Windows. Auf die alte Festplatte kann ich noch zugreifen. Wie bekomme ich jetzt meine erstellten Materialien / Filamente ins neue Cura (beides 4.8)? Welche Dateien / Ordner muss ich kopieren bzw. wo ist das gespeichert? Danke für die Hilfe Rainer
  5. When I use the slicer on an object, its preview looks awful. You can see the object, but the lines are very thin and deep color. This only occurs when selecting "force compatibility mode". Note: if I do not select "force compatibility mode" all line types are yellow. I would definitely like to differentiate supports from the object.
  6. When the boolean-difference section of the sample is face up, it can be seen within the slicer-preview. However, if you flip the model 180 degrees so the cutout is facedown, the cutout can't be seen at all. The attached sample was used instead of my actual model because it's extremely basic, and watertight. It also rules out possible causes such as - walls are too thin - boolean difference too small to slice Even with this most-basic model, I can't seem to get Cura to acknowledge boolean-differences, when face down. large-test.stl
  7. I have been searching for a way to remove the CCR10S_ from file name default. Having only one printer this default file name has to be removed each time for my printer to see the file..
  8. Bonjour, j'ai ce modèle de spirale que je n'arrive plus à imprimer avec la version 4.8.0 de Cura, avec la version 4.6.0 même constat, par contre avec Cura 4.4.0 c'est nickel ! En regardant le tranchage fait par Cura de plus près, je me suis aperçu d'une chose bizarre entre les versions de Cura. Regardez l'intérieur de la spirale, il n'y a plus de filament sur le plateau pour la couche 1 avec Cura 4.8.0, contrairement à la version 4.4.0 de Cura !!! Cordialement
  9. Can someone explain why I am getting an extra retraction command right before my skirt starts? When I print, the filament doesn't print for sometime because of the extra retraction. I have tried it in both 3.4.1 and 3.5. Maybe I have a setting that is checked or set wrong. Below is my gcode from 3.5.0 ;FLAVOR:RepRap ;TIME:966 ;Filament used: 0m, 0.239212m ;Layer height: 0.1 ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 3.5.0 T1 M190 S60 M104 T1 S200 M109 T1 S200 M82 ;absolute extrusion mode ;Start G-code ---------------------------------------------- G28 ;Home ;Prime
  10. I'm having this problem with my prints. When the extruder needs to retract to jump between either supports or different areas within the print, I see that there are outer walls missing. This chess piece I printed shows the missing outside walls in the spiral, and in the base and head the missing outside walls go away. I've tried different settings to try to remove them but I can't quite get it to go away. Does anyone know what this issue could be caused by and how to fix it? I have an Ender 3 Pro with TL smoothers and the bullseye cooling duct.
  11. What am I doing wrong that my Pause At Height will not stop my printer during printing. I tried adding a couple of pauses in a print earlier this week and didn't realize that the post-processing carries over to all prints sliced after this, but none of my prints have executed a pause since I added these. Initially the first pause was set to 4mm and every print since then has been much taller than that limit so it should have paused for each print. It seems pretty straightforward from the videos I've seen setting this up in Cura, so I'm quite perplexed. I'm using and Ender 3 Pro printer an
  12. i want to print a swich arcade box. there are 4 files but the sides them wont slice, it says: Nothing to slice because none of the models fit the build volume or are assigned to a disabled extruder please scale or rotate to fit, or enable an extruder. can someone help me with this? nintendo-switch-arcade-box.zip
  13. Bonsoir et bonne fêtes à tous, Il me semble qu'il y a une option dans Cura pour décaler la buse entre chaque couche pour éviter de surchauffer le plastique quand on imprime une tige ou quelque chose de petit mais je ne la retrouve pas, est ce que ça dit quelque chose à quelqu'un ?
  14. Cure is my "go to" slicer, however I ran across this strange phenomenon and do not understand what is causing this. My part is manifold, I have checked and verified this via Nettfab. When looking at the layer(s)..there are gaps. (see images) I've included that part stl, screenshots of the part pre and post slicing as well as the cura generated G code. Can anyone tell me what's going on here? Regards, Bart Case Selector Base V4.1 for Bolt (repaired).stl CFFFP_Case Selector Base V4.1 for Bolt (repaired).3mf
  15. out of the blue my cura 7.1 started to give me the above error and i dont know why : Thread 0x000002d8 (most recent call first): File "C:\cura-build-output\build\inst\lib\python3.5\site-packages\UM\Backend\Backend.py", line 161 in _storeStderrToLogThread File "threading.py", line 862 in run File "threading.py", line 914 in _bootstrap_inner File "threading.py", line 882 in _bootstrap Thread 0x000005c8 (most recent call first): File "C:\cura-build-output\build\inst\lib\python3.5\site-packages\UM\Backend\Backend.py", line 149 in _storeOutputToLogThread File
  16. Hi, I would like to print this parts: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4401023 FreeCad shows this parts as they should be: But Cura places an infill: Which setting might I want to change? Also Id like to print one single of those parts. Is there an option I can cut the rest away?
  17. I'm slicing a model and found that when I enable support, some weird support blobs appear outside the model. They don't seem to support anything or anything close to that so I'm wondering what they're for. Because my printer isn't the best, the blobs stick to the main print and that means I have to remove them manually even though I never wanted them on there to begin with. I've attached a picture of the blobs as well as the stl file used. Just enabling support will cause them to appear. Changing the overhang angle to something big doesn't change anything. This might actually be a
  18. Hi all, Firstly, my first post so really appreciate your guidance, as always it's great to have forum resources. Lucky to have got a new laptop for the winter and firing up Cura on it for all my slicing needs, however I've come across and issue.... System details firstly Asus TUF A15 - this has built in radeon graphics and a separate nvidia 1660. Windows 10 Latest Cura 4.8 When I try to start up Cura I get a "loadlibrary failed with error 87". I've tried various internet fixes and the one that works is when I remove the nvidia driver.
  19. Hello, Look at what these guys made! We just launched the Ultimaker Innovators List 2020, a conclusive list of wonderful and inspiring innovations we came across! It even features some people from this community of 3D printing experts! Do you feel like getting inspired? I wrote more about the Ultimaker Innovators List here, and you can find the entire list right here! Do you feel like we missed someone? At the end of this year's list you can nominate yourself or others for the 2021 list!
  20. Whenever I load an STL into Cura it is centered on my the virtual build plate. However when I slice and go to print it on my ender 3 pro; it starts trying to print the center of the object at my printers home which is the front left corner. a temporary fix has been to move the objects into the back right quadrant before slicing but this will only work for small objects. When I look at the empty virtual bed (picture below), I see the marker which I assume is the Home spot for the program, and despite looking over most of the Cura settings i cant seem to find the default home positio
  21. During startup of the UM S5 the following message appears: Communication error with printer head fault code ER34. Ultimaker site for fault code ER34: When this error appears it means that the print head and electronics cannot communicate properly with each other. This is most likely due to a faulty connection between the print head and electronics. If a USB stick was inserted into the Ultimaker S5 when the error appeared, the log files were automatically stored on the USB stick. If there was no USB stick inserted when the error occurred, please insert a USB stick, and navi
  22. I made a video on how you can add a custom printer to Cura via creating your own definition files. this allows the maximum flexibility when it comes to your print settings and works with any printer, including customized printers and machines you made yourself! there are not much material on this topic out there, so I though it might help some of you Cura fans with printers that are not listed in Cura's machine library.
  23. I have been adjusting printer settings to calibrate for printing size. I noticed that if I make a 5.0mm high box and slice it with cura, with the layer height at .2mm and initial height at .2mm, it slices it to 23 layers. At .2mm per layer that makes it 4.6mm. Is there something I'm missing that would cut off 2 layers? Thanks
  24. I Have a Labists ET4 printer. Everything was working fine until i upgraded from 4.7.1. to 4.8. Now when i try to print it won't centre my work. It prints in the front left hand corner, over hanging base. Before it starts to print, i can centre the extruder by pressing the home button. But doesn't centre when printing. I emailed support@labists.com and was informed it's a problem with Cura's software. Any help would be appreciated. Alan (newby of 2 months)
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