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  1. I am looking to purchase replacement O-rings for the print cores. The little red ones that make a seal with the silicon nozzle cover. I used to find them on fbrc8, but not finding them now...
  2. i want to print a swich arcade box. there are 4 files but the sides them wont slice, it says: Nothing to slice because none of the models fit the build volume or are assigned to a disabled extruder please scale or rotate to fit, or enable an extruder. can someone help me with this? nintendo-switch-arcade-box.zip
  3. I am trying to imbed steel weight into a print to make it heavy. It would be nice to have a feature where you can stop the print at a certain layer to then place the metal in. Does this already exist? I currently just babysit the printer until it get to the right layer(s). I have a UM S5 Pro Bundle and use Cura.
  4. Hello, first of all, yes i read tons of articles about this and tried the solutions. i design with openscad then slice with cura 3.6.0, save it on an sd card and finally print with the TEVO black widow. the problem is every now and then i get a layer shift. thirst i tried all the sollutions, but the i started to experiment. - when i start the same print again i get the same layer shift at exactly the same location and the same shift. - when i slice again with cura there could be no layer shift or a new layer shift (this with the exact same setting in cura) so - if it is a loose pully it should happen more randomly.(even if i wanted i could not get a loose pully to skip at axactly the same spot twice at a row) - if it is a defective SD card, it would be solved by changing the card (tried 3 cards withe and without extra formatting) - if it is a setting in cura, it should happen exactly the same after re-slicing withe the same settings - if it is in the printer firmware, it should happen with every print.(re-installed the firmware, and it was the same firmware with the previous cura version wich worked fine) in my opinion it starts to look like a bug in cura, evenmore because it started from cura 3,6,0 and didnt happen in 3.5 or 3.4. now i have a big thing to print (3days printing and a lot of filament) and have to gamble will it print or shift...... and if it shift will it be will it be 0.4mm or 10 cm (both happend, 10cm overnight and we all know the mess i found next day....) anyone any suggestions? Henk
  5. I'm having an issue with the bed level and nozzle offset checks when starting a print. Printer had been working fine up until yesterday. Essentially the printer attempts to do a level check at the start of the print, but the bed is now starting that check about 3/4" from the nozzle. It will either give me an error that the bed leveling failed, or that the nozzle offset is outside the expected range. Where the nozzle used to touch the bed during the check, it now stops with about a 1/4" or more gap between the nozzle and bed. I've tried manually leveling the bed before printing, and also updated to the latest firmware, but without success. Considering doing a full factory reset on the printer, but would also welcome any other areas to check.
  6. Recently, I got a bunch of melted filament jammed around one of the print cores. I wasn’t careful enough removing it and I destroyed the print core. Also, now the door won’t stay closed. I like to think I’m pretty handy so I should be able to fix it. But I can’t see anything wrong with it. Should there be a latch that holds it in place or just the magnets? For now I have to tape it shut but I miss having my printer look like the well-sorted machine that it is (was!). Thank you
  7. Bonsoir à vous, j'ai un problème depuis 2 semaines sur cura avec octopi. Quand je rentre la clef api, car il ne trouvait plus octopi, j'ai ce message. J’ai essayé de relancer un nouvel api, mis a jour tout ce qu'il y avait dans octopi (et octopi lui-même), la je viens de passer a cura 4.10 mais le problème persiste, une idée ?
  8. Good evening to you, I have had a problem for 2 weeks on cura with octopi. When I enter the api key, because it could no longer find octopi, I have this message. I tried relaunching a new api, updated everything in octopi (and octopi itself), I just upgraded to cura 4.10 but the problem persists, any idea? i have test : -reinstall -reinstall plugin -test old version (4.8 4.9 4.10) -manualy reinstall plugin the ip is the correct one, the one I am connecting to. I specify that if I put a false ip address it just notes that the ip address is not good, I have no error report. And if i am wrong just like api no error report just api ko message.
  9. This just started after I updated my UM3 with the latest Firmware Ver. In Cura, the Monitor Tab does not update when a job is running or when it finishes. It shows 9% complete all the time even when the job finishes. When I start a new job it updates to show the new part but still shows 9% complete. I'm running Cura Ver.4.10 on a Mac running OS Ver. 11.5.2 and communicating to my UM3 via WiFi. Not that big of a deal. I can look at the status on the web page, but it's kinda odd. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. Hi, I upgraded Ultimaker 2 to Ultimakr 2+ with their extrusion upgrade kit. Watched the video of instructions and did it exactly as per the instructions (Have done a similar thing to an other UM2 printer and was installed successfully). Please watch the attached link for the video After up-gradation kit was installed the firmware was upgraded to version 2.3. Started the calibration process after turning on the printer. After the calibration step is about to complete. The build platform moves not all the way down (Shown in video) and gives an ERROR - STOPPED Z Switch Broken Thought it was an firmware issue. So changed the firmware from Cura 2.3 to 15.04.6. But the problem still exists. Checked the Ultimaker website for troubleshoot 'ER05' and according to it I checked the main board and all connectors to ensure all connections were not loose. Please help me recognize what went wrong during installation. Best, Small
  11. I bought the wife a 2004 Mustang convertible. Nice car with only 50,000 miles (that's 80,500 kilometers for most folks...176,000,000 cubits for us old guys). The convertible top quit working (of course in the down position). No problem, U-Tube to the rescue. I watched three different videos until I get to the proper year. They had this one thing in common so I saw and heard this three times... "Take the rubber plug out of the back of the reservoir being very careful not to break it". So here is the thing I made today. A rubber plug for the reservoir of a convertible-top motor of a 2004 red Mustang convertible. Now you understand the title of the post. (Three times I saw it!) PS: I got the top working right before the rain. I guess it is better to be lucky than good.
  12. Hi, My UM3 and UM3E have not been able to update firmware via network for a while. When I tried to update via a memory stick and upon rebooting both printers froze with vertical lines on the screen. I restarted both printers, the UM3 had updated and now updates via the network. But the UM3E still remains at its previous version and even after a midway update to I still cant update to 6.2.2 as it comes up with the vertical lines again. Any ideas?
  13. Just learned what a slicer does and that its mandatory to convert mods into gcode or printer does nothing. Heres my comp stats, Windows 8.1, 4GB ram, Intel-celeron, 64bit os/x64 based processor, intel hd graphics card I think? So I have tried installing the latest and previous versions I could find of Cura all with the same outcome as they just wont open but gives me an error of "The procedure entry point_crt_atexit could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.10.0\Cura.exe.". Im no code writer but that looks like a main start up command? I have installed it at least 5 times running it as user then admin then creating its own file location for the heck of it, did a compatibility run with an install and lastley updated what the comp told me it had updates for which were several as just knocked the dust off this when I bought the printer and originally it failed to download before I updated everything so now at least I have it. But that's my extent and I hope someone out here knows a simple fix. Thanks in advance and there will be lulls in me answering back due to work and what not but i should touch back nightly. *Update* My PC had all of the C++ programs still installed so I deleted all of them then installed the previous version of Cura and used it to install the 2015 C++ within its program and success! I like older software with bugs worked out so I’m on v.4.9 for now and also just beginning the world of 3D.
  14. Hello everyone I just wanted to share my discovery. I have been having an issue where some .gcode files sliced on Cura were not showing up on the SD menu of my Creality 3D CR-X. I went and updated the firmware and I was still having the issue. Simple solution is to shorten the name of the file. Example: "CCRX_CRXFilamentGuideV3.gcode" will not show up "FilGuide.gcode" will show up Just wanted to save people a headache if they have the same issue 🙂
  15. Hello, I cannot install cura 4.10. When I started up my Cura 4.09, it told me there was a new version available. So I downloaded 4.10, and tried to run it, but it gave me a NSIS error. So I thought I may have to uninstall the current version to use the new one. I uninstalled 4.9, and re-downloaded 4.10 from this website, and tried to install again, but got the same NSIS error. I have added a screenshot of the error popup. What can I do to install 4.10? Thank you for any responses.
  16. Hello, So I have this lovely issue with my new UMS5, as I am trying to print on it, it keeps popping up this warning and pauses my print: - this error occurs both with native ultimaker materials and with other brands, - this error occurs both with flow sensor on and off - this error is driving me crazy - this error occurs with full rolls of filament Any tips and tricks are welcomed
  17. Ciao, è da un po' di mesi che cerco una soluzione per un ingranaggio testando vari materiali tecnici, come Tough PLA, Durabio, Nylon, Policarbonato e CPE+ finalmente ho trovato una soluzione perché il doppio ingranaggio si rompeva sempre nella parte più piccola, ma ho dovuto fare un mix tra la stampa 3D e un altro ingranaggio in acciaio. La stamapante che sto usando è una ultimaker S5, non ho provato con materiali caricati perché attualmente non ho l'ugetto C-C necessario per quei materiali. In questo video trovate i vari test. https://youtu.be/WH3fH85vcqo Saluti Marco
  18. Hi you all, during maintenance I removed the Air Manager and now I'm not sure if the Air Manager is working properly. I needed to clean the feeders and couldn't properly access all screws, notably the feeder tension bolt, so I removed the Air Manager while the S5 was powered off. I used this guide to remove the Air Manager and this guide to clean the feeders. After powering up the S5 the prompt pops up according to the guide: but in the settings menu it still says "Install", so I click it, the S5 then needs to reboot, and after reboot I'm to square one as the same prompt from above pops up. Unplugging Air Manager, turning off S5, turning on S5, plug in Air Manager, Install didn't help. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello, I would like to get the perfect settings for this shell part and I cannot find a solution. I installed Cura 4.9.1 from 4.8.0 and saw no improvement. I see an improvement with KISSlicer64 v1.6.3 - this is a standalone software with only 2.6Mb . Should I attach also the stl Part? Cura, 0.3mm Layer 124 * position 1 and 2: the seam should run continuously. Cura, 0.3mm Layer 680 * the green thick lines pointed by blue arrows are actually double lines. The strange thing is the empty space on the corner. The KISSlicer64 make it perfect on the corners, but has another places where it has minuses. Cura, 0.4mm Layer 43 * almost perfect (the interior green line on the corner should have also a radius) KISSlicer64: * on corners is perfect Cura, 0.6mm Layer 143 * the rounded corners are perfect, but the blue marked corner has a small yellow extra line - I suppose this is not needed - that area could be simply be filled by running the yellow lines straight - but there Cura makes round yellow lines. KISSlicer64 make it perfect - other places are problematic (marked by blue arrow): Also for Cura 0.6mm on layer 20 and 21 I see short lines - these are not needed: Layer 20 Layer 20 detail Layer 21 detail Layer 20 detail Layer 21 detail: Kind regard, Ionut
  20. All of the specifications that I can find on the S5 give the x-y dimensions for the build as 330x240mm. I've also verified that the machine settings on Cura are indeed 330x240mm. However, when I try to load a .stl object with x-y dimensions of 310x220mm (20mm less in both dimensions) the object is 'grayed out' with gray and yellow bars and Cura refuses to slice it. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance.
  21. Hello, I am new to the forum, I recently got an Ender 3 Pro printer. I am using Cura Slicer 4.9.1. My issue is that when I make a model the supports are thicker than the walls of my 20% infilled model. This causes the models to fall apart when I try to remove the supports. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  22. I am setting up on HP envy laptop with windows 10 that is up to date. I have downloaded the software on two browsers and am getting the same result. I can check through the screens on the agreement and on the select folder screen I get an "error opening file for writing" I have two of the computers and it happens on both of them. Whatever I am doing wrong, I am at least consistent. Just setting up a system for on time manufacturing and I seem to be stuck in the starting gate Thanks for your help
  23. CURA seems to be introducing gaps in my model between the fins and the fuselage. I am not sure why it is doing this. Here is the .STL along with the .3MF: Rocket Earring Mk 3.3mf Rocket Earring Mk 3.STL
  24. Bonjour a tous, je cherche un profile pour ma Ender 6 car dans Cura elle existe pas, et j’ai peur de crée un profile pourrie si je prend la Ender 5 avec uniquement les tailles de modifier une personne avec une Ender 6 a un profile nickel a me donnée svp ?
  25. I have printed with PETG many times with different printers and it is one of my favourite materials I currently use an Ultimaker 3. The glass flake problem was a constant problem so recently i had a metal supplier make me some 3mm thick titanium plates the same size as the glass plates and i print on them instead, i use Dimafix on the plate and when i need to release I lift up with a thin spatula when cold, it can also help to pour a little water on the plate to soften the Dimafix. Top Tip! - I have also found that as Dimafix is water soluble I just add a few drops of water to the plate and use a plastic "puck" to smear the melted goo back around the plate, it is then good to go and this can be repeated for quite a few prints before adding another squirt of Dimafix, this works for Petg and many other materials but not all as I think some respond to the matt finish of the sprayed product but give it a try!. Mike
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