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  1. I Have a Labists ET4 printer. Everything was working fine until i upgraded from 4.7.1. to 4.8. Now when i try to print it won't centre my work. It prints in the front left hand corner, over hanging base. Before it starts to print, i can centre the extruder by pressing the home button. But doesn't centre when printing. I emailed support@labists.com and was informed it's a problem with Cura's software. Any help would be appreciated. Alan (newby of 2 months)
  2. Hello, I have an problem to manage / link Quality Changes containers in one of my new Plug-in. I don't have any problem to get the Quality changes containers associated with a machine by using the findInstanceContainers function. But I get at least two containers for each profil : one for the Extruder ( if it's a single extruder machine ) and one for the global stack. But I don't know how is made the link between this two containers and how we can detect if it's an extruder container or a global one. The only possibility is to analyse the Id. But this doesn't look a very clean
  3. Can someone explain why I am getting an extra retraction command right before my skirt starts? When I print, the filament doesn't print for sometime because of the extra retraction. I have tried it in both 3.4.1 and 3.5. Maybe I have a setting that is checked or set wrong. Below is my gcode from 3.5.0 ;FLAVOR:RepRap ;TIME:966 ;Filament used: 0m, 0.239212m ;Layer height: 0.1 ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 3.5.0 T1 M190 S60 M104 T1 S200 M109 T1 S200 M82 ;absolute extrusion mode ;Start G-code ---------------------------------------------- G28 ;Home ;Prime
  4. Hi everyone, Previously, under Cura 4.7 and mac OS Catalina, there was no issue slicing and previewing the print. After upgrading to the official released of Cura 4.8 and mac OS Big Sur, however, I can still slice the model, but there is no play back button to preview the print. Any suggestions to fix?
  5. Ahlala ! CURA n'arrive pas à "trancher" le magnifique objet que vous avez mis tant de temps à modéliser avec Sketchup : WTF ? CURA c'est de la m%@&e ! Le problème vient plus surement de Sketchup que de CURA, explications : Retour aux sources. Avant de parler de Sketchup et de CURA on va parler STL. Les fichiers STL décrivent des objets par leurs surfaces externes. Cette surface doit nécessairement être fermée et définie par une série de triangles. cf. : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier_de_stéréolithographie Prenons pour exemple un des objets les plus simples que vous aurez
  6. I have a QID X-Smart, which is a single extruding 3D printer with a bed size of 170mm x 150mm x 150mm. Originally, I was using the QIDI slicer that came with the printer, but I eventually switched over to using Cura. The QIDI printers are not in the listed compatible printers with Cura, so I made a custom printer to fit the one I have. I had version 4.7 installed and all my prints came out perfect. However, I just updated to version 4.8, and I can’t seem to get a successful model anymore. In the attached pictures, you will first see a Cura model showing how the part I printed should come
  7. When I open the Cura 4.8 setup/installation window, there is a pop-up that says, "Error opening file for writing." I will include a screenshot at the end of this. Can somebody please help me with this? I am new to 3D Printers, but I do have one that I am going to start with. I am going to use Cura as a Slicer, but I cannot open it. Somebody please help me. 😞
  8. So i have had two S5 printers (one was replaced as it was damaged in delivery but i managed to get one print off it) and it appears they both have exhibited the phenomenon of the prints not being square. The print from my first printer (i dont have a photo on me for evidence) can be seen by eye to be very slightly not square. Attached you should find a couple of images of an item i printed last night. this needed to be quite precisely square but as you can see, it is not (i added some right angles to the image for clarity). the second image also shows that the print has
  9. hi guys iam new in 3d printed and i have problem in my model, when i tried to print the model have not infill even have not the inner walls, i tried to make a face in blender to make it solid but didnot work. i attached the model i hope to help me thanx,,
  10. Hello everyone I just wanted to share my discovery. I have been having an issue where some .gcode files sliced on Cura were not showing up on the SD menu of my Creality 3D CR-X. I went and updated the firmware and I was still having the issue. Simple solution is to shorten the name of the file. Example: "CCRX_CRXFilamentGuideV3.gcode" will not show up "FilGuide.gcode" will show up Just wanted to save people a headache if they have the same issue 🙂
  11. hi guys, is there a way to make the custom profile added to the printer via SDcard (material.txt) stick so it isnt lost on reboot? I work in a university and i have to do this every single day and its driving me mad, often you forget when its like 7am and then you lose the print due to bed adhesion temperature being way off, so then its stop the machine, remove the bed, clean it off etc etc, its tedious... i need to have a higher bed temperature for ABS. There must surely be a way to get a custom material to stick in ROM? i am unable to connect the machine to a computer
  12. Hi All, Total NOOB to making here so please be gentle. I’m making some interlocking pieces. Basically a rectangular box made from 6 panels with tabs around the edges. I printed one out to measure; the overall measurement of the piece is .4mm bigger and all the tabs around the outside edges are .4mm wider than specified. And the area between the tabs is about .3mm narrower than specified. STL attached.I printed it with a .4mm nozzle using the default .2 mm print setting. If I print it using the fine setting can I expect better results? I have smaller nozzles but I can't select the siz
  13. Hi, so I'm having a problem with Cura 7.1 all of a sudden. It's that it somehow prints objects smaller than what it says it's going to be. I tested my machine to see if something is wrong with the firmware but it moves a solid 100mm when I tell it to through the USB connection using the laptop as a host. This is the model: Can it be that Cura is somehow producing a scaling error when generating the gcode? What kind of information can I share to find out what's the exact issue here? Thanks for your time. My browser is tripping out after adding in a picture so
  14. Hello, I would like to automate the production of 3D printed part. Cura could be useful for few reasons: -when you open a file with cura, it automatically center and orient the part on the bed Here is the command I use: cura cube. stl But then I don't know and didn't find any resources to save this file back to a .stl, which will be positionned and ready to be sliced with a good position and orientation. Is is possible to do that: open a file, center it, orienting the .stl and save it bakc to an .stl file? I did have a
  15. Hi, I have a Creality CR-10s Pro V2 and every time I start a print via USB using your software, it does its auto bed leveling but then starts to draw these weird lines on the left side of my bed and then goes completely to the very left front corner and hits the tabs holding my build plate on. I dont know why it does this seeing as if I use the Creality Slicer after bed leveling it goes straight into building the model at the center of the build plate, but on your software its drawing weird lines on the left and hitting the build plate tab at front left. I took a video of this and posted on yo
  16. I have used Cura in the past and never noticed any issues with dimensions but now I have printed a few small parts with the latest version and have noticed some issues. I am not an expert but it seems strange when I open an stl file that is 2mm thick and slice it and print it, it measures 0.045 inch instead of 0.0787 and if scale it in Cura, it still comes out incorrect. I tried another part at 5mm thick and it too is way undersize in the thickness. Any ideas? Using a CR10S with a 0.4mm nozzle and PLA. Thanks, schemer
  17. Hello, So I have this lovely issue with my new UMS5, as I am trying to print on it, it keeps popping up this warning and pauses my print: - this error occurs both with native ultimaker materials and with other brands, - this error occurs both with flow sensor on and off - this error is driving me crazy - this error occurs with full rolls of filament Any tips and tricks are welcomed
  18. I have 3 printers; a Hictop, an FLSun, and a Tronxy. If I load an STL file into Cura and switch between the profiles of these three printers, it reports different print times for each one. The Tronxy print time is usually about double that of the other two. This is with all having the same print speed, travel speed, layer thickness, etc. There is apparently some other difference between the printer profiles that I can't find. Where should I look?
  19. I'm working on a part and have run into an issue with it's strength. If i print it as a solid item, it does the job perfectly but it's obviously using a lot of material. If I print it with infill (50%), it's great except for one crucial point which breaks on every test. So the question I have (which I think I already know the answer to) - is there any way to print a part with 50% infill overall, but have a section(s) where it's solid ? If this is not possible currently, perhaps this is a feature that can be implemented ?, possibly something similar to the current sup
  20. Hallo liebe Gemeinde ich habe eine generelle Frage, ich bin mi den Ecken meiner Bauteile unzufrieden und hätte ein paar Fragen. (gedruckt mit Cura StandardFast 0,2, 0,4mm Düse) Ich habe dazu ein Bild angehängt und die betroffenen Stellen markiert, wie man erkennen kann sind an den Außenecken nicht im 90° Winkel gedruckt. Vermutlich läuft an den wird an den Stellen zuviel Material raus und es bilden sich diese Wölbungen? Allerdings passiert das ja in den Innenecken nicht ? Muß man hier in den Ecken schneller drucken, oder mit weniger Material ...
  21. Hallo, bin ein absoluter 3d Druck Neuling, besitze einen Anycubic i3 mega und wollte cura verwenden da es überall sehr gelobt wurde. Leider komme ich mit der Bedienung nicht zurecht. Im Moment versuche ich einen heat-tower zu drucken und ihn an meinen Drucker anzupassen. Habe auch ein tolles Video gefunden, leider sind die entscheidenden Klicks außerhalb des sichtbaren Inhaltes und die Version 4.7.0 ist wohl noch zu neu. Nach dem slicen kann sich der Macher des Videos die Schichten anzeigen lassen, leider fehlt in meiner Version diese Anzeige. Vermutlich mache ich
  22. I was trying to print vase Mode just to test my printer, so I am using spiralized contour with smooth spiralized contour on. The normal procedure when printing is that it should print the base first and then create a spiralized contour all the way up without stopping. But for some reason every 1/3 of the spiral it stopped for a bit and continue, because of that it create blob. I have turned on retract every layer change settings but it didn't retract when it stops. Is there any settings that I missed? Update: found the problem, it was actually the STL file causing the problem, I tried
  23. Hi all. I may have missed it but I haven't yet found the answer. If you have cura set for walls to be two rows thick and the actual wall is 6mm thick with a hole vertical in the wall. This puts two rows around the hole. Is there a way to put more rows around the holes to make them stiffer? I haven't found a way yet. Thanks
  24. I've tried multiple things to try and ix this but nothing seems to work. How do I make this smooth and not have this ugly lines that race down the top of the print.
  25. Hi, if this is not the correct place to suggest a change in Ultimaker Cura, please just point me in the right direction. I was playing with the Pause at Height feature in Cura and I noticed that the gcode inserted switched the print to extrusion absolute mode. My printer uses relative mode, so it took me a while to figure out why it wasn't working. I can manually modify the gcode myself, changing all M82 command to M83, but it would be nice to have the option of switching between relative and absolute in the plugin itself.
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